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         Python Programming:     more books (99)
  1. Python Programming with the Java(TM) Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython (v. 1) by Richard Hightower, 2002-07-08

141. O'Reilly Interview Guido Van Rossum
python's creator discusses features and future of the programming language.

142. DevShed - Python
Object Oriented programming with python Articles in this series Object Orientedprogramming With python (part 1) As a true objectoriented language, python is

143. Python Topic Guides
Give overviews of resources associated with specific topics. Written by volunteers interested in making such resources easier for all to find. Topics databases, scientific computing, Tkinter, Web programming, XML.

144. Learning Python
By Mark Lutz, David Ascher. Samples from O'Reilly book. Has manipulating data structures, files, programs; internet programming; Jpython, now Jython, python implementation for the Java platform.

145. The Whole Python FAQ
Official FAQ, searchable, maintained by community. Entries on programming, extending, and building python; known bugs, using on varied operating systems, language design, real world use.

146. Python And Tkinter Programming
By John E. Grayson; Manning Publications, 2000, ISBN 1884777813. For users knowing python who must make programs with GUIs; GUI design tools for fast development, prototyping. Has threads, ODBC; Tkinter reference. Manning Publications

147. ActiveState - Applied Open Source
ActiveState Tool Corp. Providing a Win32 Perl-port, Perl for ISAPI, a graphical Win32 Perl-Debugger Category Computers programming Languages Perl Win32 Ports......ActiveState Open Source programming tools for Perl, python, Tcl, PHP,XML and XSLT. Quality development tools for programmers, systems

148. Python For Beginners
New to programming? This page lists some places that can get you started quickly.

149. Internet Programming With Python
, contents, sample chapter, ordering information for this standard reference guide. FSB Associates......By Aaron Watters, Guido van Rossum, James C. Ahlstrom; M T Books, 1996, ISBN 1558514848, has CDROM.

150. Cameron Laird On Python And The Web
Discusses both clientside and server-side Web programming.

151. A Quick Tour Of Python
Short overview of some basics, for users with some programming knowledge.

152. Python Web Programming
By Steve Holden, David Beazley; New Riders Publishing, 2002, ISBN 0735710902. For extant programmers, introduces building networked, webbased systems, in OO framework, use libraries to save effort, maintenance. Asks for reader comments, contributions. author website

153. GUI Programming With Python QT Edition
By Boudewijn Rempt; OpenDocs LLC, 2002, ISBN 0970033044, has CDROM. Full text of first book on python and Qt. Covers PyQt basics, details of real program design, BlackAdder IDE use, some python basics. OpenDocs LLC, Open Publication License

154. How To Think Like A Computer Scientist Learning With Python
By Allen B. Downey, Jeffrey Elkner, Chris Meyers; Green Tea Press, 2002, ISBN 0971677506. Teaches general principles of programming, via python as subject language. Thorough, indepth approach to many basic and intermediate programming topics. Full text online and downloads HTML, PDF, PS, LaTeX. Free, Green Tea Press

155. Python How To Program
By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jonathan P. Liperi, B.A. Wiedermann; Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0130923613, has CDROM. Full introduction for courses in programming basics, python, Web, object-oriented, GUIs. Prentice Hall,4096,0130923613,00.html

156. FreeTechBooks Python
s, publishing information, links.......Annotated list of free online programming books. Topics range from beginner to advanced.

157. Sams Teach Yourself Python In 24 Hours
By Ivan Van Laningham; Sams Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0672317354. Split into 24 handson, 1 hour lessons; steps needed to learn topic syntax, language features, OO design and programming, GUIs (Tkinter), system administration, CGI. Sams Publishing{567517C6-BFED-439A

158. Learning To Program
By Alan Gauld. Teaches programming for beginners, with heavy python emphasis. Starts with simple topics, ends with several intermediate subjects, including GUI programming using python Tkinter module. author website, online

159. Tutor
For folks who want to ask questions regarding how to learn computer programming with the python language.

160. Liquidlink Python, Programming Language, Programming, Resources
Liquidlink Graphic Directory for design lovers about python, programmingLanguage, programming, Resources,. Liquidlink Graphic

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