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         Reincarnation Metaphysics:     more books (212)
  1. If You Plant Roses, You Don't Get Carnations: An Introduction to Spiritualism by Cynthia A. Christman, 2008-01-21
  2. Concepts of Transmigration: Perspectives on Reincarnation (Studies in Comparative Religion, V. 6)
  3. Reincarnated: A Life of Choice (Reincarnation Trilogy) by Daryl D. Readman, 2009-07-20
  4. Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn by Nell Gavin, 2002-02-24
  5. Man's Unending Quest: Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul (Personal Consciousness Series) by Robert Allan Stewart, 1991-05
  6. LA Reencarnacion/Reincarnation (Spanish Edition) by Anthony Ribb, 2000-03
  7. The meditative and past life journal by Bettye B Binder, 1987
  8. Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz, 2009-03-24
  9. Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation by Noel Langley, 1981-02
  10. Cosmic Perspective: Evolution & Reincarnation - The Demise Of Big Bang Theory by Harold W. G. Allen, 1998-05-01
  11. African Belief in Reincarnation: A Philosophical Reappraisal by Innocent C. Onyewuenyi, 2009-09-22
  12. Audrey Rose by Frank DeFelitta, 1976
  13. Journey of a Skeptic by Jack F. Acker, 2002-08-21
  14. Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story of Reincarnation (Signet) by Gina Cerminara, 1967-11-01

21. Reincarnation
reincarnation. Why is there so much variety in the world? So manyspecies? The Vedas (Rig, Yayur, Sama) say it is to accommodate
Weddings Other Services Metaphysics Knowledge ... Contact Us Reincarnation Why is there so much variety in the world? So many species? The Vedas (Rig, Yayur, Sama) say it is to accommodate the many levels of consciousness to our souls and suggests that there are 8.4 million types of consciousness on this world alone that is repeated on 14 other planes of creation. There are over –
  • 1 million animal species, 3 million insect species, 400,000 human species
Each has its corresponding level of consciousness. There are 400,000 levels of consciousness in the human species alone that determine our corresponding body and environment. There are 14 planes (Bhuvanas) of creation with 10s of thousands of worlds within each plane:
  • Seven are high planes of consciousness called God’s Spheres (Lokas or Swargas) Seven are lower planes called Man’s Spheres (Patales or Chackras)
The lowest sphere is gross matter. Above it is the ethereal plane. We go to earth to accumulate karma that allows us to choose our life in this and future transitions based on our level of consciousness. Everything is by “right of consciousness”.

22. Metaphysics Tools, Dialogues, Lessons, Poems
Introduction Group Rituals Tools Study Programs. metaphysics Tools. Affirmations.All Saints Day. Breath. Praying. Realization. Science of reincarnation. Sabbats. Songs.
Weddings Other Services Metaphysics Knowledge ... Study Programs Metaphysics Tools Affirmations All Saints Day Breath Circles ... What is Spirit Created 6-4-95 by One Spirit Ministries, One Spirit Church aka God's Church , Rev. H. Heinz Hollyrose Web Studios

23. Independent & Interdisciplinary Studies - Including Metaphysics & Esoteric Studi
by School of Interdisciplinary Independent Studies at CIU, including Metaphysicsand Esoteric Studies, Parapsychology, Regression and reincarnation Studies.
i British West Indies distance degrees What's New GET YOUR CATALOGUE NOW OUR FREE E-ZINE = under construction School of Independent and Interdisciplinary Studies (including Metaphysics and Esoteric Studies) Calamus International University (go back to degrees NEW DEGREE SUBJECTS - see What's New Director - Dr Morris L Berg BA and BA (Honours) Liberal Arts/General Studies (by independent study). B.Phil. Independent/Interdisciplinary Studies (by assessment of prior learning and research project). BA Regression and Reincarnation Studies Aimed at the regression hypnotherapist, transpersonal psychologist, student of religious experience or anyone interested in this popular field, this course focuses on reincarnation from an interdisciplinary perspective including hypnotic regression, techniques and rationale of regression, conscious past life recall, philosophy of reincarnation, reincarnation in literature, religion and culture, children's past life memories, recovered memory studies, reincarnation in religion, problems and special issues in regression, past life memories of the Holocaust, the abduction phenomenon, plus complementary studies in psychology, spirituality, parapsychology and personal development. Diploma in Parapsychology For comprehensive details of the Diploma in Parapsychology

24. The Metaphysics Of Suicide
THE metaphysics OF SUICIDE How many unbearable. . Suicide is not an optionI tell them. Do you believe in reincarnation? I ask. for
THE METAPHYSICS OF SUICIDE How many times have I heard in my practice such phrases as "I simply cannot take it anymore, I'm checking out of this hellhole called life." or "I cannot go on without my loved one who just passed on. Without this one person in my life, the one who understood me, who loved me unconditionally life is unbearable." Suicide is not an option I tell them. "Do you believe in reincarnation?" I ask. for some the answer is "yes, yes, I know if I commit suicide in this life I will only have to come back where I left off, but I don't care. I'll take a break and come back again and finish this business another time. Maybe I can take it then." For others it is "No, I'm a Christian, we don't believe in reincarnation." "Well, Christians believed in it once upon a time," I tell them. "It was even in the Bible until 564 a.d. but the Roman Emperor of that time, Constantine, desired to go down in history forever as a king and so he ordered the pope to have all reference to reincarnation removed from the Bible. The people of the time were ignorant but they were not stupid and the emperor Constantine knew his people would not respond well to his greedy directive, so he told them instead that the belief in reincarnation was placed in the Bible by heretic Christians, that it was heresy and therefore evil. Within a couple of generations such belief in reincarnation by the Christians was all but forgotten." So, if you believe in reincarnation and you are considering suicide, then consider this: yes, you will have to come back just where you left off, but the reality of existence is such that in order to destroy yourself, your energy will slide downward to such a very low point that you will actually be sliding back in virtual life-times! The vibrational level you then exist in at the very instant the soul leaves the physical body is the same vibrational level you will return to on your next go around. Realize this: You may be repeating many, many life-times just to get back to ground zero!

25. Page3

N UMEROLOGY R EPORTS Numerology Reports compiled upon request by certified Metaphysician.

A. R. E.

GLOBAL RENAISSANCE ALLIANCE ... MONROE INSTITUTE REMOTE VIEWING (Remote viewing is where you direct your consciousness to go to a certain place or time while your body stays in the same place.)

26. E-zine-list: Keyword: Metaphysics
mysticism, philosophy, destiny, books, Crowley, psychology, meditation, consciousness,metaphysics, holistic healing, Tantra, reincarnation, alchemy, Kabbalah
about Angelemail
Letters from an Angel "Communications with the angels based on the writings of the ebook Letters from an Angel. An enlightening experience available free of charge." Frequency: monthly Formats: ASCII, Web Keywords: books Christian entertainment fantasy ... metaphysics Access: Web: Sample: To:
Subject: request zine
Text: optional Subscription: Web: Staff: Oscar Castagna (director) Contact: Editorial: Ocastagna Phone: Voice: Postal: P.O. Box 3955, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA Awakening into Awareness
Reflections on the Nature of Reality and the Experience of Realization "Based upon an extraordinary experience of spontaneous "awakening" – a sudden, direct insight into the nondual nature of Reality – the Awakening into Awareness ezine is dedicated to the Realization of the fundamental, essential nature of Reality. Described by Vedantists as "Advaita" ("not-two") and by Tibetan Buddhists as "Dzogchen" ("The Natural Great Perfection"), the essence of Reality is revealed within the timeless moment of Realization." Frequency: every 4-8 weeks Formats: ASCII, Web

27. E-zine-list: Keyword: Reincarnation
religion (70) , existentialism (3) , meditation (19) , metaphysics (15) , mindbody(2) , mysticism (9) , New Age (23) , spirituality (40) , reincarnation (2).
about Bridging Realities "Bridging Realities is a free monthly ezine published by the Pure Mind Foundation. It is a resource for transcendence beyond mind consciousness through spiritual meditation. Original articles by students, teachers, and guest authors unveil Ultimate Truth, the true purpose of human life, and how it translates to everyday life. Regular features also offer a deeper understanding of the Pure Mind Practice. No ads." Frequency: monthly Formats: ASCII ISSN: Keywords: philosophy religion existentialism meditation ... reincarnation Sample: Web: Subscription: Web: Publisher: Pure Mind Foundation Staff: Stan Stitz (Editor)
Nelwyn Richardson (Assistant Editor) Contact: Editorial:
Contributions: Phone: Fax: Postal: 1228 Westloop, PMB 320, Manhattan, KS 66502, USA Submission guidelines: We encourage readers to submit poetry, articles and questions by fax or email. No attachments please. Cosmological Colloquium "This e-zine provides information on the metaphysical topics of: astrology, auras, biographies of metaphysicians, chakras, dreams, energy wellness techniques, geomancy, reincarnation, synchronicity. A metaphysical query column provides insight into particular issues brought up by readers."

28. Metaphysical News Groups
metaphysics, Lightwork, reincarnation Good place to get channelings, not very frequent,you might find like mindedpeople there for questions or discussions
Metaphysical News Groups
Metaphysics, OBE, Lightwork, Healing, UFO, Yoga, Mystic: General discussion about consciousness
Metaphysics, Yoga, Veda, Reincarnation, Mystic: Very recommended but not so busy newsgroup with a lot of good posts according different yoga-paths and their understandings; good place to ask spiritual questions
Metaphysics, Mystic: Very good place to read posts, but not very busy
Metaphysics, Healing, Mystic, Reincarnation, OBE, Yoga: Good place, not very frequent, but good people to ask questions
Metaphysics, Light-Technology:
Metaphysics, OBE: Very good place to contact people to ask specific problems arround OBE and Astral Projection
Metaphysics, OBE, Meditation, Yoga: Very good place (like soc.religion.eastern) to ask spiritual questions and joining deeper conversations
Metaphysics, Mystic: Best place to ask specific questions and listening people on energies and rituals; not all people have spiritual background, but are very knowlegable

29. Metaphysics Made Easy
Buy books,pendants,candles or your birth chart interpretation from this site.Category Society Religion and Spirituality New Age Shopping...... Get a daily dose of metaphysics at Daily Quote. covered Emotional First Aid MeditationGuardian Angels, The View from the Universe, reincarnation, soul mates
Home Angel Stories Astrology Daily Quote ... Books
Metaphysics made Easy
Open your mind and explore the possibilities
Tell us what you are thankful for today in our Gratitude Journal Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? Tell us about it in Angel Stories Visit the wealth of information in Astrology This section will tell you what sign the planets are in, any planetary transits that are happening and monthly horoscopes by rising sign. There is also information on Sun Signs, Rising Signs, planetary aspects as well as Celebrity Birth charts and Compatibility charts. Get a daily dose of metaphysics at Daily Quote Relax for a few minutes in our Meditation Room Get away! Our latest meditation is a Healing Visualization. Take in a Metaphysical Tutorial We have a new tutorial on Astrology. Find out what makes up a personal birth chart and why people are so much more than their Sun Sign. Astrology Tutorial
Previous tutorials covered Emotional First Aid Meditation Guardian Angels The View from the Universe reincarnation ... manifesting and divination . More tutorials to follow on crystals, psychics ... or whatever you ask to learn about!

30. Introduction To Reincarnation
Stories Astrology Daily Quote Meditation Room metaphysics Chat Room
Home Angel Stories Astrology Daily Quote ... Books
Previous Tutorials Mediumship Chakras Meditation Tarot Cards Shamanism Manifest Divination Soul Mates Reincarnation Guardian Angels View from the Universe Emotional First Aid Meditation Astrology Metaphysical Q and A
Ask questions or offer answers
Reincarnation happens when a soul(person) comes back to Earth multiple times, each time as a different person in a different period of history. Most of us have been through many incarnations spanning centuries. Usually souls have lifetimes as a man and as a woman. Sometimes a lifetime can be short and for a specific purpose, such as experiencing poverty, war or severe illness or deformity. A soul wants to experience these things to learn or sometimes just for the experience. When you were young, how many lessons did you have to learn by experience, rather than listening to those more experienced than you. It is the same with souls, you have to experience poverty to really understand what it is like and learn the lessons.
Practice Makes Perfect
Once we have been through several learning incarnations, then we start striving towards our 'calling' - our unique gift. For example, if teaching is your calling you will have had several lifetimes in various teaching capacities. Same thing if you are a healer, politician, warrior, thief, or whatever.

31. Encyclopædia Britannica
Features notes on related organizations, support groups, publications, and saints.Also covers reincarnation, metaphysics, meditation, and spiritualism.

32. About Metaphysics, Mysticism, Oneness, Spiritism 2
as a mountain of Gold, then maybe our true potential, will finally begin to unfold. .reincarnation? Is reincarnation Is it from this reincarnation
More ... Musings of a meandering mind - 2
Reincarnation? Creation / Evolution? Judge me fairly ... The three amigos ...
"Creation... gives the 'Creator' a 'Name',
and fits 'Creation' into a short time frame. Evolution... leaves the 'Cause'... very imprecise,
each person's own belief system... will suffice."
"When Humanity... values a Mosquito,
as much... as a mountain of Gold,
then maybe our true potential,
will finally begin to unfold."
Reincarnation? Is reincarnation... a black and white issue?
Either we don't reincarnate... or else we do!
Is our bod's death... the absolute end of this trip?
Are we just a frivolous... superfluous... blip? Does our personal persona... keep rolling on...
after our present bod'... back into dust has gone?
Are there other alternatives... somewhere between, endless incarnations... or... uniquely pristine? When we are conceived... is it really... you or I? Is Life*... just manifesting Itself*... through thy? Is Life*... just a Divine elemental force... in a continuous cycle... from... unto Source*? Is each entity... just a bunch of molecules

33. The Definition Of Metaphysics
There are many areas in metaphysics, the study of Karma, the science of Astrology,the study of reincarnation, extrasensory perception, psychic and spiritual
The Definition of Metaphysics This topic, broadcast on September 28th 1987 defines the term Metaphysics, its relationship with Astrology, and some of the related philosophies. When we examine the word Metaphysics, it is essentially two words: Meta and Physics. Meta means change, like Metamorphosis, or after; higher; beyond, like in metaphysics. Physics is the science dealing with the properties and relationship between matter and energy in the known Universe. So when we speak of Metaphysics we are talking about things beyond matter and energy. I like to think that I am more than just an Astrologer, that I am a Metaphysician. Because I've studied and taught others, I think I am qualified in this field also, more than just in Astrology. Our focal point in the club is Astrology and selling charts, and it is a humanistic science that discusses the path of the Soul, and the Karma involved with the evolution of the Soul. Metaphysics if the science of being, the science that is beyond matter and energy, or overcoming the illusion (which many agree that the third dimension is). In my opinion it explains what is not readily obvious. What may seem to be real, but in essence is not, or a discussion, or a search, which is beyond reality, or a further reality. People like to claim that they have researched, analyzed or discovered truth, but most of these metaphysicians are open-minded, and they believe that there is no truth but that there is further truth. Because whatever you believe to be truth, you can always look farther and find more truth or further realities. The mistake many scientist's make is that they claim to be experts or they claim to analyze, diagnose, and discover reality through their burden of proof formulations and we are supposed to accept this stuff, just because it is printed in a book at school, as the truth. However, as time passes, and more is learned, we find there is more to the Universe than what we sense. It's like the discovery of anti-matter, first came matter then came anti-matter. After gravity came anti-gravity, or, if you look at magnets, they might attract to each other at one end, and repulse each other at the other end, and this is akin to anti-gravity.

34. Keywords Phantom
Consciousness, Sexuality, metaphysics, Angels, Channeling, Philosophy, Yoga, reincarnation,Alchemy, the Enneagram, Kabbalah, Tantra, Auras, Chakras, Meditation
hypnosis, free hypnosis,hypno,seduction,how to hypnotize,hypnotise,hypnosis,new age,psychic,meditation,astral,hypnotherapy, native american, metaphysics, spiritual, psychic, books, gifthealing, self-help, personal gros, holistic, occult, wth, consciousness, superconsciousness, spiritual awakening, new age, astrology, philosophy, psychology, meditation, tarot, magic, magick, pagan, yoga, numerology, esoteric, mystical, inspirational teachings, astral projection, OBEs, UFOs, extraterrestrials, dreams, lucid dreaming, tapes, CDs, tantra, channeling, mythology, folklore, Kabbalah, Cabala, mysticism, palmistry, herbs, candleburning, ancient wisdom, crystals, jewelry, candles, incense, magazines, crafts, essential oils, reincarnation, pagan, witch, aura, angel, Wicca, Celtic, divination, alchemy.
hypnosis,free hypnosis,hypno,seduction,how to hypnotize,hypnotise,hypnosis,new age,psychic,meditation,astral,hypnotherapy, native american, metaphysics, spiritual, psychic, books, gifts, holistic, occult, healing, self-help, personal growth, consciousness, superconsciousness, spiritual awakening, new age, astrology, philosophy, psychology, meditation, tarot, magic, magick, pagan, yoga, numerology, esoteric, mystical, inspirational teachings, astral projection, OBEs, UFOs, extraterrestrials, dreams, lucid dreaming, tapes, CDs, tantra, channeling, mythology, folklore, Kabbalah, Cabala, mysticism, palmistry, herbs, candleburning, ancient wisdom, crystals, jewelry, candles, incense, magazines, crafts, essential oils, reincarnation, pagan, witch, aura, angel, Wicca, Celtic, divination, alchemy.

35. New Age Chat - The Paranormal, Metaphysics, Alternative Thinking Chatrooms
where you can chat about metaphysics, the paranormal, astrology, alternativelifestyles, eastern thought, reincarnation and beyond. Have fun!
Welcome to our New Age chatroom selection... where you can chat about metaphysics, the paranormal, astrology, alternative lifestyles, eastern thought, reincarnation and beyond. Have fun! Psychic Chat Network
And now, for something completely different.... Chat with psychics, mediums and clairvoyants (and lots of those curious about such "New Age" things at this new chatroom. Fairly active chat site that seems to attract lots of 25+ singles. Several chatrooms to choose from. Java.
Morgana's Observatory
REALLY interesting web site put together by Morgana. Chatroom has scheduled chats on such mysteries as reincarnation, ghosts, the origins of mankind, prophecies and more. Ya gotta love those willing to explore the edges of what is known where mystery and mystics begin.
The Ascention Network New age chat for those interested in wicca, alternative spiritual paths, metaphysics and all things... well, New Age. Several chatrooms to choose from. Registration required. Fast loading, easy to use chat technology.
Psychic Contact Chat
One of the top psychic and tarot chat sites on the Internet. Psychics available to chat with live, online. Psychic chat readings available. Excellent.

36. Project Aristotle - Philosophy - The Eternal Recurrence And Buddhist Reincarnati
imperative as arising out the metaphysical reality of reincarnation, Nietzscheused with suffering, but differences in determinism and metaphysics (or lack
a new way of looking at... philosophy >> the eternal recurrence and buddhist reincarnation - 10
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Both views generate purpose where there is none. Conclusion

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science , trans. Walter Kaufmann (New York: Vintage Books, 1974), 273. The symbolism will be addressed later in the cosmological interpretation discussion.
Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo , trans. Walter Kaufmann and RJ Hollingdale (New York: Vintage Books, 1967), 160.
Robert Morrison, Nietzsche and Buddhism , (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997), 8. The authors and books aren't important, but serve to show that views on Buddhism were not accepted facts.
Ibid. 7. Ibid. 9. His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, The Heart of the Buddha's Path , (London: Thorsons), 157.

37. Dualist Metaphysics
The metaphysics of the Dialectical Dualizm (DD) considers all significant changes spiritof individual determines his/her body of reincarnation and abilities
    The Dialectical Dualizm assumes that all principal events in the Dialectical Reality are caused by the fight of Good (Light) Forces against Evil Forces. In this fight, upper Good and Evil Forces search ways to increase their influence on Humanity. Jews are considered as the people chosen by Good Forces for the expansion of their influence through the Humanity and sacrifices. The most important tragedies in the Jewish history are considered as various sacrifices in interests of upper Good Forces. The reasons of the sacrifices of Jesus of Nazeret and Joan Darc are analyzed. The metaphysics of the Dialectical Dualizm (DD) considers all significant changes in the Objective Reality as the result of the fight of Good Forces against Evil Forces. This fight takes place at all dialectical levels of the Objective Reality (see Part 1), and both sides aim to gain more power in the Dialectical Reality. Every individual in Objective Reality is characterized by the following main features:
  • - his/her dialectical level obtained due to his/her precedent evolution (series of reincarnations);

38. Journey Into The World Of Metaphysics - Volume One
JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF metaphysics. Volume One. 25 Prophecy And Its Significance.26 reincarnation And Karma. 27 reincarnation And Karma II.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites
Volume One
Dr. J.S. Chiappalone Presented by:
Annwn Publications
P O Box 28 Malanda, QLD, Australia, 4885
First printed and published 1987 by Dr J S Chiappalone and The Centre of Knowledge and Supremacy P.O. Box 28 Malanda, Queensland, Australia 4885. The Centre of Knowledge and Supremacy ISBN 9587952 1 5 CONTENTS
1 Introduction 2 Defining Reality The Key The War 5 The Body in Which the True Beings Were Trapped 6 Mechanisms Of Programming 7 Programming Of The Body 8 Further Aspects Of Programming 9 Other Agents Of Programming 10 Programming By Drugs 11 Programming By Alcohol And Tobacco 12 Programming Of The Body Through Food 13 Programming Via Sex 14 Programing Effect Of Affluence And Poverty> 15 Programing By Microbes Including AIDS 16 Programing By Crystals, Talismen And Other Objects 17 The Mechanism Of Thought Implantation 18 Psychic Phenomenology 19 Channelling 20 Mechanisms Of Clairvoyance And Prophecy 21 The Effects Of Drugs On Experimental Psychic Phenomenology 22 Entities Which Can Effect And Invade The Human Consciousness 23 The Existence Of Evil 24 Notes On The Underworld 25 Prophecy And Its Significance 26 Reincarnation And Karma 27 Reincarnation And Karma II 28 Factors Affecting The Rate Of Reincarnation 29 The Classes Of Consciousness Using The Physical Bodies (Shells) On Earth At This Time

39. New Acropolis Cultural Association - Philosophy And Metaphysics Course
A 16week course Introduction to Philosophy and metaphysics. the Human Being - Theteachings of the Ancient Egyptians and Indian Sages reincarnation, Karma and
Boston Events
Ft. Lauderdale Events

Miami Events

About New Acropolis
Contact New Acropolis
A 16-week course
Introduction to Philosophy and Metaphysics Start dates
See your local events page:
Boston Events

Ft. Lauderdale Events

Miami Events
The class meets once a week, from 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm. The first part, from 7:30 pm until 8:20 pm, is an interactive presentation of the topics (see syllabus below). From 8:20 till 8:35 is a coffee break. The second part, which lasts from 8:35 until 9:00, is dedicated to exploring how the various traditions put the teachings into practice. It consists in meditation, visualization, exercises for improving concentration and attention, etc. Syllabus Visible and Invisible Dimensions in Nature and the Human Being - The teachings of the Ancient Egyptians and Indian Sages Reincarnation, Karma and Dharma - Universal Laws of Nature The Bhagavad Gita - Major concepts from the East including Reincarnation, Yoga, and Right Action

40. Home Page For
Guided meditation and pastlife regression CDs. Includes available titles and expected benefits.Category Shopping Health Meditation Tapes and Audio Programs...... sexual orientation and reincarnation, depossession, meditation, guided meditation,Reiki classes and treatments, reincarnation, metaphysics, metaphysical, past
free love life advice, on-line past life regression, Reiki, past life regression, Denver, Colorado, hypnosis, Metaphysical counseling, Your Love Life and Reincarnation, Stephen Petullo, self-past life regression, on-line past life regression, on-line counseling, regression CDs, meditation CDs for love and life, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, spirit release, gay, bi, sexuality and reincarnation, sexual orientation and reincarnation, depossession, meditation, guided meditation, Reiki classes and treatments, Reincarnat metaphysics, metaphysical, past lives, 80209, spirit release, spirit releasement, depossession, possession, meditation, hypnotherapy, numerology Welcome to Stephen Petullo's Home Book CDs Services/Rates ... Contact PRODUCTS
s About the Book
s Past Life Self-Regression and Meditation CDs FREE SHIPPING
s Order Book / CDs
s Intuitive Tarot Readings
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s Spirit Release
s Reiki
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Self-Regression Guidance
FREE INSTRUCTION s Meditation FREE INTRODUCTION s Learn and Track Your Love Cycles INFORMATION s Past Life Regression and reincarnation s About Stephen s Interview With Stephen s Links s Press Room s Contact Soul Mate to Make the Most of Your Love Life Stephen Petullo Are you ready to see clearly?

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