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         Scandinavia Greenland Archaeology:     more detail
  1. Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland (None) by Else Ostergaard, 2004-11
  2. The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown, 2007-10-09
  3. Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga by National Museum of Natural History, 2000-04-15

21. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
is a look at one facet of art, archaeology, music, history A Guide to 11th CenturyScandinavia by Julie Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and greenland), as well
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World History

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Used Hardcover List Price $45.00 The Viking World by Jam Graham Campbell Review YA This pictorial history presents a rich resource for exploring Viking life, art, and technology. Organized into four sections, it focuses on origins, ascendancy in Scandinavia, overseas adventures, and decline. Numerous full-color photographs show... read more about this title check for other copies Sale Trade Paper List Price $20.00 The Sagas of Icelanders by Ornolfu Ed Thorsson Synopsis Among the great world literatures, the medieval Sagas of Iceland rank high in the opinions of 20th-century poets such as W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes, and Seamus Heaney, but they have remained relatively obscure when compared to other national epics such as... read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $16.95

22. Norse Project VII
on exchange of various commodities from scandinavia and Western nausts and maritimeactivities in Norse greenland; Underwater archaeology in shallow

Cultural History

TRADE AND COMMUNICATION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC By Dorte Veien Christiansen The Norse societies in Greenland were dependent on exchange of various commodities from Scandinavia and Western Europe. The written sources as well as the archaeological finds do indeed testify that the Norse settlers kept contact with the other North Atlantic and European communities until the depopulation in the late 15th century. According to the "Description of Greenland" by the Norwegian priest Ivar Bardarsson from the mid 14th century an international harbour named "Sandhavn" (i.e. sandy harbour) was situated near the Norse farm Herjolfsnæs in the southern part of the Eastern Settlement. The harbour must, according to the description, be interpreted as a "port-of-trade". In Greenland the existence of such an institution at the time heavily differs from the general impression we have of a decentralized and redistributive Norse economy. It may indicate that a concentration of power had emerged in the late Norse Greenland, maybe as a result of the Norse submitting to and becoming a more integrated part of the Norwegian Crown in 1261. The project "Trade and Communication in the North Atlantic" aims at examining the dynamics in the organisation of trade and communication in Norse Greenland through the approximate 500 years of Norse presence in Greenland.

23. Archaeology Department UCC
the Faroes, Scotland, Iceland, greenland and North module, Spring Semester) The archaeologyof the in central Europe and scandinavia; Megalithic architecture
Options for Overseas Students Archaeology Modules available to visiting students 2002-3
First Year
AR1001. The Archaeology of Ireland in Context (15 credit module, Full Year)
The third part of the course deals with the archaeology of the people of Ireland, from their earliest settlements c. 8000 BC, to modern times. The course is taught through lectures and tutorials and all students participate in a one-day field trip.
This module is available only to students who will be spending the full academic year at UCC. AR1111 INTRODUCTION TO THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF IRELAND Weighting ; 10 Credits Teaching period Second Period Timetable 3 lectures per week: Mon. 11-12 (S2) Tues. 9-10 (S2) Weds. 2-3 (AL10) Two 1-day excursions (schedule to be arranged) Module co-ordinator Lecturer Module Objective The goal of this module is to provide the student with an introduction to the archaeology of Ireland from the time of the earliest settlement of the island to the post-medieval period. The course aims to provide a greater understanding of the modern physical and cultural environments in Ireland by tracing the development of the populations that have inhabited the island and their interactions with the landscape. Module Content The module follows the career of human groups in Ireland from the time of the earliest settlement in the aftermath of the last glaciation to the radical cultural, political and demographic transformations of the 17

24. UCC Book Of Modules, 2002/2003 Archaeology
the Faroes, Scotland, Iceland, greenland and North Milliken, Department of ArchaeologyModule Objective central Europe and scandinavia; Megalithic architecture

25. ANT299 Archaeology Of Medieval Europe
scandinavia Nordic Underwater archaeology Bryggens Museum (Norwegian language) Frõjel FotevikensMuseum The Fate of greenland's Vikings by archaeology Magazine
Instructor: Dr. Gerald F. Bigelow
Winter 2003
Department of Geography-Anthropology
University of Southern Maine
Journals with Medieval Archaeology Papers
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

Medieval Life: The Magazine of the Middle Ages

England, Scotland and Wales
British Archaeology

Current Archaeology

Jorvik Viking Centre

University of York: The Cottam Project
Wharram Percy
Nordic Underwater Archaeology
Bryggens Museum (Norwegian language) Bornholm Medieval Center Fotevikens Museum ... The Fate of Greenland's Vikings by Dale MacKenzie Brown. Archaeology Magazine. France Williams College: Psalmodi Monastery Excavations Laboratoire d'Histoire et d'Archéologie Médiévales (French language) La Toile de l"Archéologie Médiévale (French language) Archéologie musicale médiévale : APEMUTAM (French language) Ireland Network for Underwater Archaeology Dublin: Temple Bar Site General Syntheses of Medieval Culture History The Medieval Experience: The Medieval Life and Times Research Unit General Databases and Lists of Relevant Websites NetSerf Classical and Medieval Archaeology About.Com's Medieval Archaeology Index

26. Comparative Archeology And Paleoclimatology: Sociocultural Responses To A Changi
Climate and the End of Norse greenland. Breaking Unnatural Barriers ComparativeArchaeology, Climate, and the Middle Bronze Age of Southern scandinavia.
Added December 5, 2002. Updated March 15, 2003 hours. March 15, 2003 This page will be updated occasionally to add and revise information. Table of Contents th WORLD ARCHAEOLOGICAL CONGRESS THEME: Past Human Environments in Modern Contexts SESSION: Comparative Archeology and Paleoclimatology: Sociocultural Responses to a Changing World SESSION ABSTRACT ABSTRACTS Douglas Frink: Transforming Linear Limits into Dynamic Solutions: Changes in Environmental Constraints and Cultural Adaptations. Ralf Vogelsang: From Hunter-Gatherer to Livestock-Keeper: Economic Change in Northeastern and Southwestern Africa. Olena V. Smyntyna: Early Prehistoric Migration as Sociocultural Response to a Changing World. Joel Gunn: Dangerous Regions: A Source of Cascading Cultural Changes. Dean Snow: Population Movements and the Archaeological Record. Michael Adler: The Poverty of the Settlement Abandonment Concept in Archaeology: Ancestral Pueblo Landscape Use in the American Southwest. Thomas H. McGovern: It got cold and they died? Climate and the End of Norse Greenland.

27. Czech-American Rmíz Research Program: 1998 Activity Report
for the first appearance of copper in scandinavia (3600/3400 archaeology of EasternNorth America 206779 (1992 Since 7000 BC from the GISP2 greenland Ice Core
Added September 15, 1998. May 19, 2001 hours. Revision 2.3
Czech-American Rmíz Research Program: 1998 Activity Report©
Maximilian O. Baldia, Christel Baldia and Douglas Frink
Table of Content
  • Research Purpose Research Area Cultural Affiliation and Chronology The Fortified Sites of Central Moravia ... Related Links
  • List of Figures
  • Map of Central and Northern Europe Location of Rmíz, Czech Republic The Funnel Beaker culture area Relative chronology of Central Europe Baalberge radiocarbon dates from the Czech Republic and adjacent region Location of Neolithic enclosures in Europe indicating their concentration in Moravia Location of Moravian Funnel Beaker culture enclosed central sites Topographic map of Rmíz Aerial photo of Rmíz with the Sumice river in the foreground Loom weights and spindle whorls from the collections at the Olomouc Museum Charred textile fragment from Rmíz/Kremela I Mound 2
  • Tables
  • The first OCR dates from the Czech Republic
  • Activity Report of the 1998 Czech-American Rmíz Research Program (CARPRO)
    Research Purpose
    It is the purpose of this report to inform you of the ongoing research progress of the Rmíz Project with particular focus on the Rmíz textile. The fieldwork took place from June 8, 1998 until June 29, 1998.

    28. Publications List For Ogilvie, A.E.J
    12 AmSVaria 25, Museum of archaeology, Stavanger (R) (keywords historical sea iceIceland greenland). AEJ, 1993 “Climate.” entry in 'Medieval scandinavia'.
    Climatic Research Unit Publications By author
    Publications list for Ogilvie, A.E.J
    Please address corrections to Jones, P.D., Ogilvie, A.E.J., Davies, T.D. and Briffa, K.R., 2001
    295pp Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
    (keywords: historical climate change global warming impacts instrumental records wind hydrology glacier agriculture economic Europe UK France volcanoes fish health) Ogilvie, A.E.J.,, 1996
    In: North European climate data in the latter part of the Maunder Minimum period A.D. 1675-1715 (Ed. E.S. Pedersen), pp.9-12 AmS-Varia 25, Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger. (R)
    (keywords: sea ice) Buckland, P.C., Amorosi, T., Barlow, L.K., Dugmore, A.J., Mayewski, P.A., McGovern, T.H., Ogilvie, A.E.J., Sadler, J.P. and Skidmore, P., 1996
    Antiquity 70(267), 88-96 (R)
    (keywords: climate change historical agriculture Greenland) Ogilvie, A.E.J., 1995
    (keywords: climate oceans sea ice Iceland historical) Ogilvie, A.E.J.,, 1994
    In: Climatic trends and anomalies in Europe 1675-1715 (Ed. B. Frenzel), pp.9-22 European Science Foundation, Strasbourg. (R)
    (keywords: climate historical iceland) Ogilvie, A.E.J., 1994

    29. Linkvikhistoire
    Political and Social Structures in Early scandinavia British archaeology, n° 35,June 1998. Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, greenland and America
    H ISTOIRE Vikings On-Line Les Vikings sur Internet Biographies Sources Histoire nationale: les Vikings au Danemark ; en ; en L'expansion: les Vikings en Islande ; en Grande-Bretagne ; en France (les Normands) ; au Groenland et au Vinland (Canada) Divers
    Medieval Scandinavia
    Arne Emil Christensen, University Museum of National Antiquities, Oslo Les Vikings ODIN - Norway in English, About Norway, " The Vikings The Viking Home Page Page " The Viking Age. 793-1066 Sverre Moe, The Viking History Web (site en construction) Page " The Vikings Jeff Clarke (Hafgrim Gunnarson Status in the Viking world The Viking Heritage, Articles Stefan Brink, Dept of Archaeology, Uppsala University: " Political and Social Structures in Early Scandinavia . A Settlement-historical Pre-study of the Central Place", 1996 Viking Age Club, Valhalla's Svar Articles, Nordic Society and Culture Garfield Matson, "

    30. Northern Studies Bookmarks
    Long list of links about the history of First Nations and the Polar Regions provided by Yukon College.Category Regional North America Society and Culture History...... ARCUS Home Page Bibliography of Alaskan archaeology CircumPolar Studies Network Colonialismin greenland An Inuit Perspective Danish Polar Center scandinavia.
    Northern Studies Links
    AGHP More NOST links NOST 202 History Circumpolar History Timetables, 35,000 BC to AD 2003
    Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Alaska Native Knowledge Network Alaska Natives and the Land Claims Settlement Act of 1971 Arctic Circle ... Welcome to Natchiq, Inc.
    * Welcome to Live from Antarctica 2 * British Antarctic Territories Live From Antarctica
    Richard Hakluyt, discourse of Western planting, 1584 Sir John Franklin
    First Nations
    Aboriginal and Other Cultural Minorities Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Electronic Data Archive Alaska Native Knowledge Network Anthropology Resources on the Internet ... The Canadian Indian
    ArcticCircle: Related Information - History and Culture Country maps from W3 servers in Europe Scott Polar Research Institute Library Guide Sustainable Resource Management and Development of The Circumpolar Northern Region ... The Polar Regions
    Colonialism in Greenland: An Inuit Perspective Danish Polar Center Photos of Iceland The Nordic Book
    Images of Canada Closeup: Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories

    argues Dr. Charles Schweger, an archaeology professor at like Eskimos, or moving— to greenland's southern tip, to Iceland or to scandinavia, where they

    32. : : : Material And Ideal : : :
    scandinavia, the Middle East and the Far East 19671980. Arctic expeditions (geologyand archaeology) to Svalbard and greenland from 1965. Ordinary archaeology
    front intro sessions program ... Invited speakers Christian Keller Centre for Viking and Medieval Studies,
    University of Oslo, Norway title:
    Production of the Past.
    On Management of Cultural Monuments in Norway, Past, Present and Future abstract:
    Christian Keller, professor of archaeology, Centre for Viking and Medieval Studies, University of Oslo, teaching (in English) on the Center's international, cross-discipline master program. . Adjunct staff at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) Cooperating on running an international archaeological fieldschool in Northern Iceland together with The Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, and NORSEC (Northern Science and Education Center), City University of New York, USA. Born in Oslo 1946, magistergrad in Archaeology 1974 on underwater archaeological methods. Curator at the University Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo, CRM work (Cultural resource management) concerning road construction from 1974 to 1989. Doctor Philos 1989 on an analysis of Norse Medieval Greenland. Professor of Archaeology from 1990, attached to the Medieval Centre since 1998. Field-work on underwater archaeological sites in Scandinavia, the Middle East and the Far East 1967-1980. Arctic expeditions (geology and archaeology) to Svalbard and Greenland from 1965. Ordinary archaeology in Norway from 1965 to 1997, since 1998 working with archaeology of Viking- and Medieval farms in Iceland. Co-founder and board member of NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organization), a research network of more than 200 members across and around the North Atlantic, Homepage:

    33. H-SKAND May Conference
    Fantastic archaeology. Tu 11/7 The North Atlantic Colonies greenland (cont'd). Th11/30 Romantic Interpretations scandinavia, England, and the Continent in
    Course at Harvard University
    Stephen Mitchell
    This course, "The Viking World and the Vinland Question," is the successor to a slightly different course I used to teach here at Harvard that focussed more strictly on the period 800 to 1100. As you will see on the syllabus, in addition to the more obvious issues associated with the Viking Age, this course looks to examine the "ongoing reinterpretation of this era in later periods.
    Course syllabus
    Scandinavian 151: " The Viking World and the Vinland Question Prof. Stephen Mitchell 69 Dunster Street; 5-4788
    I. Description:
    "Reviews the historical events in northern Europe A.D. 800 to A.D. 1100, and the literary legacy that resulted from these activities; special attention paid to the development of the North Atlantic colonies, particularly those in Greenland. The evidence for 'viking' activity in the New World (e.g., the Vinland sagas, the archaeological record)- and the fabrication of such evidence (e.g., the Kensington rune stone, the 'viking' city of Norumbega)- carefully considered."
    II. Objectives:

    34. Danish Polar Center
    in their past and a renewed focus on Arctic archaeology in scandinavia has provideda from the conference The PaleoEskimo Cultures of greenland held at
    Danish Polar Center Strandgade 100 H DK-1401 Copenhagen K Denmark
    phone +45 3288 0100 fax +45 3288 0101 News Publications Library Photos Polarfronten About DPC Open Local Menu ... Publications Monographs on Greenland MoG - BioScience MoG - GeoScience MoG - Online shopping MoG - Offline shopping MoG - Titles 1879-1979 MoG - Editorial Board MoG - Info to authors Technical Reports Report # 1 Report # 2 Report # 3 Report # 4 Report # 5 Report # 6 Report # 7 Report # 8 Report # 9 Reports - offline shopping Other publications Greenland Law Reports DPC Annual Report Other - offline shopping Digital on-line Encounters with Wildlife How to Handle a Bear

    35. - History Of The Vikings - Viking Chiefs
    The Vikings and Their Origins scandinavia in the First Eirik the Red founded a colonyin greenland and his son An overview of the archaeology of the Vikings in World Royalty European Royalty Scandinavia > Vikings > Viking Books Viking Magazines Search
    The Vikings
    The Vikings were Scandinavian warriors who raided and settled in various parts of Europe, including England and Ireland , between the ninth and 11th centuries. The nations of Denmark Norway , and Sweden arose from Viking kingdoms. A Viking called Rurik of Jutland founded Russia 's royal Rurik dynasty. The Normans (or Northmen), who conquered England in 1066, came from the French duchy of Normandy, which had been founded by the Viking leader Rollo. Even the elite palace guard of the Byzantine Empire was made up largely of Vikings called Varangians. Vikings discovered and settled Iceland in the ninth century. They founded the first European settlement in Greenland in the 10th century. The short-lived 11th century Viking colony of Vinland was probably located in what is now Canada. By the 12th century the Viking Age was over, but the wide-ranging Norsemen had helped shape the modern world.
    Books About the Vikings
    Unless otherwise noted, these books are for sale at

    36. Geomagnetic Secular Variation
    and Postglacial age have been investigated in Denmark, S. scandinavia and in W. andN. greenland. may be useful as dating tools in geology and archaeology.
    Geomagnetic Secular Variation Back to: Geo- and Palaeomagnetism Geophysics Earth Sciences University of Aarhus Contents: Objectives Tools Results Relevant publications ... Contact

    Over the years a number of sites of Late- and Postglacial age have been investigated in Denmark, S. Scandinavia and in W. and N. Greenland.
    Apart from the Historic record (since ca. 1600 AD in Denmark), the regional geomagnetic secular variation may be determined by subsampling and measuring the remanent magnetization of oriented specimens from archaeological sites, from vertical sediment cores, or from open sediment profiles of known age.
    The purpose of these studies are to provide us with knowledge of the magnetic secular variation (declination, inclination and intensity) for the area back in time, which may be useful as dating tools in geology and archaeology. They also provide us with information of the properties of the geodynamo.
    Relevant publications
    Palaeointensity of West Greenland Palaeocene basalts: Asymmetric intensity around the C27n-C26r transition. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. xx, yyy-zzz.
    Magnetostratigraphy of Palaeocene basalts from the Vaigat Formation of West Greenland. Geophys. J. Internat. 137, 774-782.

    37. Niels Abrahamsen: Non-reviewed Articles
    N., 1998 Palaeomagnetic results from greenland and Denmark. of Scientific Methodsin archaeology 1993, 227245 O. (ed.) Aspects of Maritime scandinavia AD 200
    University of Aarhus
    Niels Abrahamsen Publications and Meeting Abstracts Niels Abrahamsen Contents: Peer-reviewed articles Meeting Abstracts Other publications Non-Reviewed Articles
    Abrahamsen, N. (ed.) 1999
    : Proceedings, Nordic Palaeomagnetic Symposium, Aarhus University. Aarhus Geoscience 8, 1-126. ISSN 0909-3486. (abstract: a1999/vip/na/01) Abrahamsen, N., 1999 : A view on Rock- and Palaeomagnetic investigations in Greenland. In: Abrahamsen, N. (ed.) 1999, Proceedings, Nordic Palaeomagnetic Symposium, Aarhus University. Aarhus Geoscience 8, 3-11.
    (abstract: a1999/vip/na/02)
    : 2D-Model of the Refraction of Magnetic Field Lines in Palaeomagnetism. In: Abrahamsen, N. (ed.) 1999, Proceedings, Nordic Palaeomagnetic Symposium, Aarhus University. Aarhus Geoscience 8, 53-58. (abstract: a1999/vip/na/03) : 2D-model of the refraction of magnetic field lines and different aspects of inversion. Proceedings, Interdisciplinary Inversion Workshop 6, 1-10; Dept. of Earth Sciences, Aarhus University. (abstract: a1999/vip/na/04) (abstract: a1999/vip/na/07) : Paleomagnetism of the South Greenland Gardar Province (1320 –1120 Ma). In: Abrahamsen, N. (ed.) 1999, Proceedings, Nordic Palaeomagnetic Symposium, Aarhus University. Aarhus Geoscience 8, 105-108.

    38. Encyclopedia Of The Arctic: Unassigned Entries
    History and archaeology. Trade, historical. Research centres and institutes NorthAmerica and greenland. Research centres and institutes scandinavia and Europe.
    Encyclopedia of the Arctic List of Unassigned Entries January 2003 EntryCategory Entries Wordlength Climate Polar mesosphere Climate Sub polar gyres Countries and Political Subdivisions Iceland Countries and Political Subdivisions Krasnoyarskiy Kray Countries and Political Subdivisions Tyumenskaya Oblast’ Countries and Political Subdivisions United Kingdom Countries and Political Subdivisions Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area Ecology and Environment Dioxins Ecology and Environment Marine primary production Economics Fisheries (commercial) Economics Forestry Economics Gas exploration and production Economics Gas hydrates Economics Hydroelectric power Economics Metallurgy Economics Natural resources Economics Nuclear power Economics Population and labour resources Explorers and Exploration Campbell, Robert Explorers and Exploration Wolf, Theodore History and Archaeology Archaeology of the Arctic, Eurasia and Iceland History and Archaeology Bering Sea Culture History and Archaeology Dawkins, W. Boyd History and Archaeology Devon Culture History and Archaeology Lyschander, Claus C

    39. Encyclopedia Of The Arctic: List Of Entries A-Z
    History and archaeology. 1000. Alphabets and writing, North America and greenland.Languages and Linguistics. 2000. Alphabets and Writing, scandinavia and Iceland.
    Encyclopedia of the Arctic List of Entries A-Z Switch to List of Entries by category Entries EntryCategory Wordlength Aasiaat Towns and Settlements Aasivik Sociology and Anthropology Aboriginal identities Sociology and Anthropology Adamson, Shirley Political and Cultural Figures Adaptation Ecology and Environment Adoption Sociology and Anthropology Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears Explorers and Exploration Aikio, Pekka Political and Cultural Figures Aikio, Samuli Political and Cultural Figures Ainana, Lyudmila Political and Cultural Figures Ainu Peoples Air routes Economics Akureyri Towns and Settlements Alaska Countries and Political Subdivisions Alaska Beluga Whale Committee Organizations Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission (AEWC) Organizations Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Organizations Alaska Highway Economics Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) Acts and Treaties Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Acts and Treaties Alaska Native Language Center Languages and Linguistics Alaska Native Review Commission Organizations Alaska Native Science Commission Organizations Alaska Natives Peoples Alaska Peninsula Regions and Mountains Alaska Range Regions and Mountains Alaska Treaty (Convention for the Cession of the Russian Possessions in North America to the United States) Acts and Treaties Albedo Climate Alert Towns and Settlements Aleut Peoples Aleut Corporation Organizations Aleut International Association Organizations Aleutian Islands Islands Aleutian Range Regions and Mountains Aleutian Tradition History and Archaeology

    40. The American-Scandinavian Foundation
    The most extensive studies were in greenland, where the archaeology at Viking andNorse sites in the Shetlands Viking history and culture in scandinavia and its
    Join our e-list:
    The American - Scandinavian Foundation

    at Scandinavia House
    58 Park Avenue
    (between 37th and 38th St.)
    New York, New York 10016
    Telephone: 212-879-9779
    Vikings Arrive In America - Again!
    by William W. Fitzhugh
    The discovery of the New World by Leif Eriksson one thousand years ago will be celebrated this year when Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga opens at the Smithsonian lnstitution's National Museum of Natural History on April 29, 2000. Eight years after the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' first voyage to the Caribbean, the exhibition seeks to educate the North American public about an earlier episode of European history in the New World by focusing attention on the contributions made by the Vikings and their Norse descendants, who continue to inhabit North Atlantic regions into the modern day. It turns out that educating the public about the Vikings and their relevance to North America is more necessary than one might imagine. North Americans know surprisingly little about this subject, even though it is one of the most popular topics taught in secondary schools (right after the history of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and American Indians). What little is presented about Vikings in North American schools only serves to reinforce the stereotypic view of Vikings as crazed warriors bent on mayhem and destruction as they careen about the coasts of Europe in their "dragon-ships," harrying defenseless monasteries, laying siege to towns and cities, and carrying off plunder and slaves to their homelands in Scandinavia. This image has been reinforced by movies, such as the famous Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis film

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