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         Scandinavia Greenland Archaeology:     more detail
  1. Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland (None) by Else Ostergaard, 2004-11
  2. The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown, 2007-10-09
  3. Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga by National Museum of Natural History, 2000-04-15

Society The Vikings Links Medival scandinavia Get close Hvalsey church, greenlandFate of the greenland Vikings. of Man Guide Manx archaeology Vikings - Leif

42. Archaeology
Alaska, Canadian tundra, greenland, coastal Quebec, Labrador Medieval ArchaeologyAn Encyclopedia, by Pam Crabtree of medieval Europe from scandinavia to Italy
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Julia Hayden. Search over 1,000 sites or browse 13 categories: alternative theories, archaeology, art, buldings monuments and cities, daily life, general resources, history, inspired by the ancient world, institutions and organizations, language and literature, law and philosophy, mythology and religion, and science. Anthropology and Archaeology

University of Pennsylvania Library. The

43. Plurabelle - Scandinavia
Bain, R Nisbet scandinavia A Political History of et al War Below Zero The Battlefor greenland. (archaeology Series) 152p cloth, plates, illus, bibliogr
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Eighteenth Century


American Studies


Lists updated Thursday, January 23, 2003
101 books in list (last updated Thursday, January 23, 2003) Pivcevic, Edo: Ironie als Daseinsform bei Sören Kierkegaard. Gütersloh: Mohn 1960. 140p cloth dj, bibliography, hardly used, VG PKM 54193 Popperwell, Ronald: Norway. Benn 1972. (Nations of the Modern World) 335p large cloth dj, index, photogr plates, bibliography, VG PKM 53352 Kvavik, Robert: Interest Groups in Norwegian Politics. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 1976. 206p pb, notes, tables, bibliography, VG PKM 52901 Törnudd, Klaus: The Electoral System of Finland. Evelyn 1968. 181p blue cloth, index, appendices, tables, nice and clean pages, VG PKM 52898 Engdahl, Elisabet [Ed]: Constituent Questions. The Syntax and Semantics of Questions with special Reference to Swedish. Dordrecht: Reidel 1986. (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy 27) 350p as new, cloth, dustjacket, never used PKM 51321 Strindberg, August:

44. Location Of Scandinavian Materials In Wilson Library
History, archaeology, general bibliographies and reference works, DL1DL43 scandinavia;DL101-250 Denmark 948-949.104, scandinavia, Norway, etc. 998, greenland.
Location of Scandinavian Materials in Wilson Library
Please inquire at Reference Desk, (612) 626-2227, for exact location of materials.
First Floor
Reference Collection National bibliographies Z2520 Finland;
Z2561-Z2574 Denmark;
Z2590 Iceland;
Z2591-Z2600 Norway;
Z2621-Z2649 Sweden Language bibliographies and dictionaries PD1183-PD2205, PD2376-PD2437 Icelandic and Old Norse;
PD2483 Faroese;
PD2608-PD2988 Norwegian;
PD3580-PD3670 Danish;
PD5570-PD5689 Swedish;
PH14-PH308 Finnish Literature dictionaries, bibliographies PT7017-PT7083 Dano-Norwegian, Scandinavian;
PT7103-PT7262 Icelandic; PT7601-PT8085.7 Danish; PT8350-PT9039 Norwegian; PT9217-PT9983 Swedish; Finnish, see PH14-PH308 ArtScandinavia: Folklore, ethnology: Women's studies: History, archaeology, general bibliographies and reference works

45. AU: Publikationer 1995 (hum/forhisto)
Society from the Cultural Landscape South scandinavia between Sacral Territoriesin 1994, and in greenland in 1993 archaeology Reports; (16.) 8893, 1995.
@import url(/scripts/auie.css); @import url(/scripts/auie55.css); STIKORD SØG HJÆLP IN ENGLISH
Publikationsliste Vælg år INFORMATION OM: Aarhus Universitet Nyheder Uddannelse Forskning ... Personer og bygninger Valideret 09.08.2002 Årsberetning
Indholdsfortegnelse Instituttets
forskning forbrug
Publikationerne kan søges i
Den Danske Forskningsdatabase
  • Kark Nyhedsbrev; (3.): 4-28, 1994.
  • ; Wachholz Verlag, : 11-50, 1994.
  • . Oslo. Produksjon og Samfunn.; 1995.
  • Fabech, Charlotte: Reading Society from the Cultural Landscape: South Scandinavia between Sacral and Political Power; (Vol.X.), 1995.
  • Madsen, Torsten: Archaeology between facts and fiction. The need for an explicit methodology. Papers in Honour of Evzen Neustupny. Whither archaeology? ; Institute of Archaeology, 1995.
  • ; Wachholz Verlag: 227-237, 1994.
  • Madsen, Torsten: Recension: Jan Albert Bakker. The Dutch Hunebedden. Megalithic Tombs of the Funnel Beaker Culture. Germania ; 1994, 2.Halbband.(72.): 616-617, 1995.

46. Where Do Finns Come From?
archaeology reveals the age of ancient settlements. along the coastal strip of Norway(1). scandinavia was conceivably much like greenland is today
Mainpage NewsRoom Site Map Contact us About this site Search:
General information National symbols History International relations Way of life Famous Finns Picturebook Events in Finland Travel information
Where do Finns come from?
Written for Virtual Finland by Christian Carpelan,
Licentiate in Archaeology and a researcher at the University of Helsinki. bioanthropology , the science concerning itself with the biology of human populations; philology , which examines linguistic evolution and its cultural origins; and my own field, archaeology , the study of ancient sites and the buried remains of past cultures.
Bioanthropology: tracing our genetic roots
We humans inherit the genetic material contained in the mitochondrion of our cell cytoplasm (mitochondrial DNA) from our mothers, as the DNA molecules in sperm appear to break down after fertilization. Since the 1980s, tests on mitochondrial DNA have enabled scientists to establish the biological links and origins of human populations by tracing their maternal lineage. DNA tests confirm that Homo sapiens originated in Africa roughly 150,000 years ago. From there modern man went forth and conquered new territory, eventually populating nearly all seven continents.

47. The Internet International Directory: A
Region Siberia, US, Canada, greenland, Iceland, scandinavia, Russia. Arqueologia.Information from Arquelogia, a Mexican magazine on archaeology. Type WWW.


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See also Anthropology Architecture Crafts History ... Religion Into digging up artifacts, studying the relics of prehistoric cultures, or investigating dinosaurs and other long-extinct life forms? If so, sites in this section might interest you. Hypermedia seems like a natural match for a field where interrelated text, graphics, and video can provide a much richer world of information than the typical textbook or popular-science magazine. Being able to see ancient cities in detail onscreen with many levels of text is a treat unmatched on the printed page.
Ancient Palestine
Want to take a walk through the buildings of ancient Palestine? Take a look at this Web site, which will let you take animated tours of various sites reconstructed by archaeologists. Includes Biblical references. Type: WWW Address: Region: Israel, Palestine, Syria
Ancient World Web
This is an excellent place to start, for professional or student archaeologists and interested laypeople alike. These pages feature a frequently updated collection of links in archaeology proper, anthropology, religious studies, ethnography, and other related disciplines. There are also links to archaeology-related stories in the news.

48. Acta Index
Ethnicity and traditions in Northern Fennoscandinavia. discourse of eastern CanadianArctic Paleoeskimo archaeology. Fog Dorset dwellings in West greenland.
! Index Acta Borealia Back Top Volume 1(1), 1984 Bertelsen, R.: Farm mounds of the Harstad area. Quantitative investigations of accumulation characteristics. 7-25. Helskog, K.: The Younger Stone Age settlements in Varanger, North Norway. 39-70. Mathiesen, P.: The Disappearance of the "Västersjøfinner" from Ringvassøy. Some problems of terminology, methodology and data in the study of Sami history. 71-84. Jahr, E.H.: Language Contact in Northern Norway. Adstratum and substratum in the Norwegian, Sami and Finnish for Northern Norway. 103-112. Volume 1(2), 1984 Engelstad, E.: Diversity in Arctic maritime adaptions. An example from the Late Stone Age of Arctic Norway. 3-24. Bratrein, H.D.: Fra samisk "overhøyhet" til norsk i Tromsen len på 14/1500-tallet (From Sami to Norwegian dominance in the county of Tromsen in the 15th and 16th century). 25-45. Hansen, L.I.: Trade and markets in Northern Fenno-Scandinavia A.D. 1550-1750. 47-79. Nielssen, A.R.: Animal husbandry among the Norwegian population in Finnmark c. 1685-1705. 81-112. Top Volume 2(1-2), 1985

49. DELIRIUM :: ARCHAEOLOGY :: Vinland Map ::
Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the map shows Europe (including scandinavia),Northern Africa will, after a long voyage from the island of greenland to the
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Scientists Determine Age of New World Map
"Vinland Map" parchment predates Columbus's arrival in North America Scientists from the University of Arizona, the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Smithsonian Institution have used carbon-dating technology to determine the age of a controversial parchment that might be the first-ever map of North America. In a paper to be published in the August 2002 issue of the journal Radiocarbon , the scientists conclude that the so-called "Vinland Map" parchment dates to approximately 1434 A.D., or nearly 60 years before Christopher Columbus set foot in the West Indies.

50. Vikings Lectures 1999
They colonized England, greenland, Russia, and Iceland Medieval scandinavia The Vikings Wednesday,March 24, 1999 700 pm Viking Age archaeology in scandinavia lectures/vikings99.html
UNM Homepage Medieval Scandinavia: The Vikings and Their Culture
March 22nd - 25th, 1999
Dane Smith Hall, Room 125

Wave over wave of Vikings cut through the North Sea and the Atlantic. In the east they portaged across Poland, penetrating Russia as far as the Caspian and Black Seas to the Mediterranean. Greed for glory and plunder, lust for freedom and land lured them to England, Sicily, Greenland, Ireland, and as far as Newfoundland in the New World. They colonized England, Greenland, Russia, and Iceland. Between the eighth and eleventh centuries, bands of scandinavians whom we have come to call Vikings played a significant part in reshaping the medieval world from Russia and Byzantium in the east to the Atlantic Islands and Newfoundland in the west as well as on the European continent.
"Medieval Scandinavia: The Vikings and Their Culture," is the theme of this year's series. The lectures will examine the Viking Age as a vehicle for the transmission of political, social, and mythological structures and will correct some misperceptions of the Viking world. All of the lectures are free to the public.
Lecture Schedule Monday, March 22, 1999 7:00 p.m.

51. Vindex, De Vindplaats Van Het Nederlandse Web
and culture of Norse settlements in greenland. the archaeological record of tenthcentury scandinavia. Anglia, writes Andrew Rogerson in British archaeology.

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Verwante Rubrieken Society:History:By Time Period:Middle Ages:Vikings Links Birka and Hovgården Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Archaeology Periods and Cultures ... Viking Omschrijving: UNESCO describes this archaeological complex which illustrates the elaborate trading networks of Viking-Age Europe. The Rise and Fall of the Vikings and the Little Ice Age Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Archaeology Periods and Cultures ... Viking Omschrijving: Illustrated, scholarly study by Scott Mandia on the impact of long-term climate changes on the Viking civilization in Greenland and Iceland. Jorvik Viking Centre Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Archaeology Periods and Cultures ... Viking Omschrijving: Built on the site where the York Archaeological Trust found the amazingly well-preserved remains of part of Viking Jorvik (York). A massive range of evidence was recovered and has been used to recreate every last aspect of everyday life.

52. Search Engines - Vikings And Norman
Helga Holm; Leif Eriksson greenland - Vinland 1000 Ship Reconstruction - Historyand archaeology of the and Squaresails in scandinavia; Vikingskipet Mjøsen
Vikings and Norman - Ship Archaeology
  • Nordic Underwater Archaeology
  • Marinarkaeologisk Nyhedsbrev fra Roskilde
  • The Viking Ship Krampmacken Vikings and Norman - Ship Archaeology
  • Nordic Underwater Archaeology
  • Marinarkaeologisk Nyhedsbrev fra Roskilde
  • The Viking Ship Krampmacken ...
  • Marinarkaeologisk Forskningscenter
  • 53. Dark Bibliography | Textiles | Non-Fiction
    weighted Looms in Iceland and greenland, Gudjonsson, EE, Textile Techniques in Egyptand scandinavia, Hald, Margrethe, Bender, Journal of Danish archaeology 3 124
    Textiles - Non-Fiction
    Title Author Publisher ISBN Comment Birka I, Die Graben Arbman, H Stockholm, 1944 A New Method for the Analysis of Ancient Dyed Textiles Abrahams, David H, and Sydney M Edelstein, 1964 American Dyestuff Reporter 53:19-25 Craft habits, Part I: Loom Types Suggested by Weaving Details Bellinger, Louisa The Textile Museum: Workshop Notes, no 19, 1959 Craft Habits, Part II: Spinning and Fibers in Warp Yarns Bellinger, Louisa The Textile Museum: Workshop Notes, no 24, 1959 En trondensk jernaldergrav med tekstiler Blindheim, Charlotte Viking, 1946 History of Domestic Mammals in Central and Eastern Europe Bokoyoni, Sandor (auth)
    L Halapy and R Tringham (tr) Budapest, 1974 Identification of Dyes on Textile Fibres Clayton, Ellis Bradford, Yorkshire, 1939 The Techniques of Sprang Collingwood, Peter London and New York, 1974 Birka III: Die Textilfunde Geijer, Agnes Uppsala, 1938 A History of Textile Art Geijer, Agnes
    R. Tanner (tr) London, [1972] 1979 Studies in Textile History Gervers, Veronika Toronto, 1977

    54. Vikings
    Homosexuality in Viking scandinavia; Norman Conquest@; Ravensgard in Southwest Sweden,The archaeology dealing with into Norse religion in greenland, by Chris

    55. History: Europe: Scandinavia
    by a specialist in Viking and late Celtic archaeology. and The Editors of LIFE ScandinaviaPublisher Time and settlement to Ireland, greenland, and America

    56. Artzia: Viking Videos
    archaeology. settled by explorers who had bravely sailed across the treacherous NorthAtlantic from their homes in scandinavia, the greenland outpost grew
    Vikings Magazines History Books ... More Products
    Viking Videos
    Arts About Literature Music ... Millennium Doo Wop Party Rhino Records.'s price: $14.99 Minnesota Vikings: Purple Pride Alphabet City Rec.'s price: $10.98 Best of the Del Vikings Hip-O Records.'s price: $11.98 Dell Vikings Collectables.'s price: $12.98 Vol. 3-Whole Lotta Shakin' Dominion.'s price: $5.97 Dell Vikings For Collectors Only Collectables.'s price: $25.98 Dell Vikings, Vol. 2 Flyright Records.'s price: $16.98 Come Go with Me [Dot] Flyright (UK).'s price: $16.97 Keep on Rocking Time Life Records.'s price: $11.98 prices were correct at 21:28 Sunday 8 December 2002 but are subject to change.
    Click on image for Amazon's page, title for customer reviews etc.
    NOVA - The Vikings (2000)
    This riveting two-hour special investigates a new image of the Vikings that goes far deeper than their savage stereotype as raiding marauders. Faithful replicas of their magnificent ships, life-like computer animation and fascinating recreations reveal the Vikings as canny merchants, expert shipbuilders, superb artisans, and bold colonizers of lands that lay beyond the edge of the known world. Secrets of the Dead - The Lost Vikings (vol. 2)

    57. B Online Viking Resources /b
    Medieval scandinavia; Explore North. Vikings in greenland; Viking 1000, photos,ships, games. archaeology Archaeological Links; AngloSaxon, Viking, and Irish
    SCA Topics Links Write Us
    Online Viking Resources
    This is my attempt to make as comprehensive of a list of resources on the internet for Viking information as possible. I am trying to make this list of sites that contain good information or links to other sites that do. If you see any dead links or have a website that is not listed please email me . Thank you.
    General Link Pages (pages with links to other sites) Articles Archaeology Literature Merchants (those who sell reproductions)
    Note: These businesses are listed here as a resource, not as a recommendation.

    58. University Programs In Archaeology - Keywords
    Great Lakes Great Plains Greece greenland Guatemala. Portugal PostRoman Public archaeologyPueblo societies. Sardis Saudi Arabia scandinavia Scotland Sculpture
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Archaeology Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with K. Kris Hirst
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    University Programs in Archaeology
    Keyword List A Acheulean

    Acoustic prospection

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    59. ORB -- Finding Information On Scandinavia
    and the collection on scandinavia are quite Ireland, Orkney Islands, Shetlands, Scotland,greenland, Vinland, Russia For archaeology If you are interested in
    ORB Online Encyclopedia
    Finding Information
    Tamsin Hekala This article is the third in the Scandinavian sources series. The first article is on the primary sources, the second article is on the theoretical filters found in secondary sources, and this article is a case study on how to navigate around the sources and data on a research project. So here are some guidelines and tips on how to do research on a common topic, Vikings.
    You would think that finding information on such a broad topic would be relatively easy. Although there is certainly a great deal of scholarship on Vikings it is not neatly categorized. Nor is it located in any one place or under a couple of key terms. The first criteria for doing your research will be patience. While the first step is knowing how to find, or discover common alternate terms for an area of interest. One useful tool for alternate terms is the Guide to the Listings of the Library of Congress . This guide provides topic listings used by libraries to categorize information. The guide and discussing your project with the reference librarian for additional ideas will assist in making your research project a success.
    A second step is understanding the current state of information be it on-line, CD, or traditional. Critical to the success of a search is an awareness of the current limitations for on-line or CDrom databases. While the information is increasingly more available on-line it is not perfect nor complete. Never assume that if it isn't on-line it doesn't exist. At least half of the research work you will do will be in the older bound sources. The United States the National Union Catalog series pre 1956 is still a good starting place for primary sources and odd collections. Another useful source is the 1988 listing of archives in the United States. A third source for information is the Encyclopedia of Associations which lists professional groups by interest and any related publications. All offer alternate routes to finding the information on your topic.

    60. Arctic Social Sciences - Arctic Studies Center
    expanse of land from scandinavia through Eurasia to Alaska, Canada, and greenland,native people disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, sociology, political
    Vikings Looking Both Ways Arctic Wildlife Crossroads/Continents Yup'ik Masks Alutiiq Dance Arctic Social Sciences Repatriation Yamal Ainu
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    O V E R V I E W Living in the Arctic Dr. Noel D. Broadbent Humans have thrived in the Arctic for at least 15,000 years. In the continuous expanse of land from Scandinavia through Eurasia to Alaska, Canada, and Greenland, native people developed sophisticated cultures and survival technologies. Because of their traditional dependence on hunting and fishing, arctic communities evolved near lakes, rivers, estuaries, and along ice-free coasts. Today, subsistence hunting and fishing remain an important component of daily life and cultural identity, although the major sources of income are oil, mining, and commercial fishing activities. Human experience in the Arctic reflects both a successful adaptation to changing and often harsh environmental conditions and the effects of modern development on small societies dependent on natural resources. Outside of regional centers like Anchorage and Fairbanks, communities in rural Alaska and other parts of the Arctic tend to be small and isolated. Most families rely on a mixed strategy of subsistence harvesting, wage labor, and commodity production. These communities use traditional knowledge while adapting to the global economy and modern technology. Change has become a way of life in the North. Economic development in the Arctic has brought new occupations and with that changes in wealth and income distribution, community and family patterns, and even health and safety.

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