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         Scandinavia Greenland Archaeology:     more detail
  1. Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland (None) by Else Ostergaard, 2004-11
  2. The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown, 2007-10-09
  3. Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga by National Museum of Natural History, 2000-04-15

61. Fitzugh
cultures in northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and scandinavia. In archaeology inNewfoundland and Labrador 1983, edited by PaleoEskimo cultures of greenland.
Staff William W. Fitzhugh, Director Dr. WILLIAM W. FITZHUGH, Director of the Arctic Studies Center and Curator in the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, is a specialist in circumpolar anthropology and archeology who has spent more than twenty-five years studying and publishing on arctic peoples and cultures in northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Scandinavia. His archeological and environmental research has focussed on the prehistory and paleoecology of northeastern North America, especially on the problem of Eskimo and Indian cultural development across the forest-tundra boundary in Labrador. Broader aspects of his research feature the evolution of northern maritime adaptations, cross-cultural comparative studies, and acculturation processes in the North. He has conducted field work in all areas of the arctic, including Russia, except Greenland. Recent research efforts have been directed at archeological and historical studies of the Martin Frobisher AD 1576-78 voyages and their impact on Inuit cultures of Southeastern Baffin Island, Canada and exploration of the culture history of the Russian Arctic, especially of the lower Ob River and Yamal Peninsula region of Western Siberia where oil development and economic and culture change threatens the traditional lifeways of a remarkably well-preserved reindeer herding people, the Nenets. As curator of the National Museum of Natural History collections, Fitzhugh has produced two international exhibitions, Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimos and Crossroads of Continents: Native Cultures of Siberia and Alaska, and is currently preparing another major exhibition, Kamuy: Spirit of the Ainu Art and Culture of Japan's Northern Native People. His public and educational activities include the production of films, including the NOVA specials, Mysteries of the Lost Red Paint People and Norse America. He served as Chairman of the Smithsonian's Department of Anthropology from 1975-80, is a Board Member of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, an Advisor to the Arctic Research Commission, and holds various other administrative and advisory posts.

62. Some Polar Websites
of information on all aspects of Arctic archaeology. wilderness, covering the areafrom greenland in the west through northern scandinavia and Siberia, to
Some Polar Websites
Compiled by Stephanie Bianchi


Polar Web Websites arranged by subject.
NEW Arctic/Northern Websites from, listed by subject
Polar Pointers Websites arranged by country of origin
Polar Research and Cold Region Technology
Arctic Roadmap
Arctic Circle Arctic Circle Search Engine ...
Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer A listing of sites of Antarctic interest outside of the Antarctic
Polar Resources
Polar Links Page Arctic and Antarctic links classed by science subject area.
Arctic and Antarctic Advice Agency Austria Lots of tourist information links and some gorgeous images.
Glacier Links
Arctic Cyber Anthropology Although titled an anthropology page, it is actually an index to all kinds of links to polar regions, including businesses, schools, government, personal webpages, and more.
Links to Sea Ice, Worldwide from CANATEC
Antarctic Science (ICAIR)
Greenland Website is in Danish, but has extensive links.
Guide for Project and Expedition Planners - Greenland Extensive information including maps, infrastructure, protected/restricted areas, pertinent authorities and legislation, and more.

63. More Books Books, Essential Reading
on topics such as archaeology, gender, class the Southern Ocean archipelagos, Patagonia,greenland, Baffin and A History of scandinavia Norway, Sweden, Denmark Atlantic/mcms.html
Choose a Region Polar Regions North America Middle America South America Northern Europe Southern Europe Mediterranean Middle East Africa South Asia Southeast Asia


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More Books
Across Arctic America, Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition
Knud Rasmussen Rasmussen's account of the journey from Greenland to Siberia, 1921-1924.
The Anthropology of Iceland
E. Paul Durrenberger A scholarly book on topics such as archaeology, gender, class and culture.
Call of the North, An Explorer's Journey to the North Pole
Andre Malaurie A memoir and celebration of the Inuit by the French polar explorer. The Complete Works of W. H. Auden, Prose and Travel Books, Volume one, 1926-1938 W.H. Auden Much more than the full, illustrated text of "Letters From Iceland," this hefty edition includes "Journey to a War" and practically everything else Auden wrote during his years living in England. Denmark Map 1:400,000 scale map of Denmark Driving to Greenland Peter Stark Stark is an adventurous, entertaining writer whether he's at the precipice of the monster ski jump in Iron Mountain, Michigan, squeezed into a kayak with the local Greenlanders or on the road in Iceland. The Far Islands and Other Cold Places, Travel Essays of A Victorian Lady

64. Siberia's Chukchi & Neighboring Peoples - From
Chukchi Ancestors early people in Chukotka, seen through archaeology. Peoples ofthe North from Alaska, Canada and greenland to scandinavia including the
Go to
W D W HOME Siberia's Chukchi
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The Shaman's Coat:

A Native History

of Siberia
C hukchi T heir Neighbors C hukchi Evironment N eighbors' Environment T he Chukchi are the native Siberians of the Chukchi Peninsula, also called Chukotka, the far northeast corner of Siberia. Chukotka is region of Asia separated from Alaska at the Bering Strait. The Chukchi are both coastal hunters of sea mammals and interior reindeer breeders and herders. Dogs played a role in the historic cultures of both groups. Who are the Chukchi ? Here are resources from anthropological and historical research on the native peoples of Siberia, useful in a search for an answer.
CLICK ABOVE to browse our dog bookstore - thanks!
Antler on the Sea:
The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the Russian Far East ORDER Raven and the Rock: Storytelling in Chukotka ORDER Drawing Shadows to Stone: Photography of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition ORDER A History of the Peoples of Siberia: Russia's North Asian Colony 1581-1990 ORDER East of the Sun: The Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia ORDER Siberian Survival: The Nenets and Their Story ORDER Ancient People of the Arctic ORDER Ancient Encounters: Kennewick Man and the First Americans ORDER In Search of Ice Age Americans The Chukchi of Northeast Siberia Top Arctic People including the Chukchi and the Yup'ik , the Eskimo people of Siberia and southwest Alaska, from Arctic Connection

of the recent literature on medieval scandinavia; Wednesday Iceland, greenland, AmericaOxford 120128; Page Monday Written sources and archaeology Page 150
Department of History
Professor: Dr. Florin Curta
Office: 202 Keene-Flint Hall
Office hours: WF 2:00-4:00 or by appointment
Phone: 392-0271, ext. 240
Class will meet MWF: 12:50-1:40 in LIT 121
Fall 2002
Course description
  • Birgit and Peter Sawyer, Medieval Scandinavia. From Conversion to Reformation, circa 800-1500 . Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993 [hereafter Sawyer ]; on two-hour reserve in Library West Chronicles of the Vikings. Records, Memorials and Myths . Ed. by R. I. Page. Toronto/Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 1995 [hereafter Page ]; on two-hour reserve in Library West The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings . Ed. by Peter Sawyer. Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 1997[hereafter Oxford ]; on two-hour reserve in Library West (optional) Medieval Scandinavia. An Encyclopedia . Ed. by Phillip Pulsiano. New York: Garland, 1993 [hereafter Pulsiano ]; in the non-circulating Reference section in

66. - Norce Farmers In Greenland
for the people who lived in scandinavia from the of Norse Farmers in Medieval GreenlandBuckland Could and relatively quick anthropology archaeology are almost
Good paper for an upper division Archeaology class Good points. Could have been stronger in use of other disciplines Review Buckland, P.C., Amorosi, T., Barlow, L.K., Dugmore, A.J., Mayewski, P.A., McGovern, T.H., Ogilvie, A.E.J., Sadler, J.P., Skidmore, P. " Bioarchaeological and Climatological Ev
Norce Farmers in Greenland
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Essays [LOGIN] Lists ... 1995-2003, Loadstone

WWW LINKS archaeology websites journals institutes careers from a homeland inmodern scandinavia, to the the Faeroes and Iceland, greenland, and finally

68. Scandinavian Links
The Faeroe Islands Sápmi greenland Organizations Outside scandinavia Online (MainlyNorwegian; current news s famous wharf archaeology, artifacts, culture of
Scandinavian Links
This page has links to the entire Nordic region arranged by country and, under each country, by several categories. You will be able to use the page with greater ease and less frustration if you read the
Please visit my home page If you are looking for BOOKS or CDs
Other Sites with Large Collections of Scandinavian Links
SASS: Nordic Resources, including list-servers and newsgroups
The Nordic Pages Maintained by Nikos Markovits. Probably the biggest, best organized, and most up-to-date site for Scandinavian resources.
(Netquest, Vancouver) warning: many dead links Includes Nordic Times Online, a bulletin board, and a real-time Nordic chat room.
Scandinavian Bookmarks (Univ. of Alberta)
Links to sections on this page:
Whole Nordic Region
Denmark ... News, Media
Net, Web, Post Office, Telephone, Tourism, Work
Nordic Web Index (in English) Has links to service points in Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish. This page (in Denmark) not maintained after 7 October 1999, because of a lack of funding.
NORDINFO Nordic Council for Scientific Information
The Nordic FAQ (the soc.culture.nordic FAQ)

69. “Œ‹žƒVƒlƒ}VŽÐ‚Ì–¯‘­E“`“•¶‰»‚̉f‘œì•i
the circum polar aeria Siberia and Russian far north, scandinavia, greenland, Canadaand images LAKES AROUND the WORLD as well as on Underwater archaeology.
ETHNOGRAPHIC/FOLKLORE and Documentation of theTraditional Culture
‰ëŠyE—с@‰Ì@@@ ‰E•û‚Ì•‘Šy‚ƍ‚—íŠyXŠí@‚Q‚X•ª@
‰ëŠyE”†@äe@@@ ŠÇŒ¼‚Æ•‘Šy‹È@ ‚P‚U•ª
GAGAKU series are planed by SHIMONAKA MEMORIAL FOUNDATION for the first contribution to the Encyclopaedia Cinematographica at the start of EC Japan Archives in 1972. Scientific direction and author of the text was distinguished ethno-musicologist KOIZUMI FumioAprof of Tokyo University of Fine Arts. For this documentation, used five 16mm cameras and chtachrome Commercial Color Reversal films. Shootings were took place at the GAGAKU Hall in the Imperial Palace. 6 filmsseries included following repartlies parformed by Music Dept. of the Imperial Household Agency.
GENJOHRAKU @27min. Right side Bugaku dance solo with introduction of Bugaku masks
RINGA @29min. @Right side Bugaku dance quartet with introduction of Komagaku instruments

70. 2003-2004 UAF Catalog: History
anthropology, ethnography, ethnohistory, linguistics, archaeology, social anthropology north,including Alaska, Siberia, scandinavia, greenland and Canada.
2003-2004 UAF Catalog
Course Descriptions
Degrees and Programs Index
HIST 100X (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Modern World History (3+0) s

Significant aspects of modern world history, using either a chronological or an issues approach to be announced when offered. The chronological approach will examine major global developments in the twentieth century, while the issues approach will deal with such aspects of the modern world as revolutionary change, the interaction of peoples, ideology and the historical background of significant contemporary events. HIST 101 (3 Credits) Fall
Western Civilization (3+0) s

Origins and major political, economic, social and intellectual developments of western civilization to 1500. Also available via Independent Learning. HIST 102 (3 Credits) Spring
Western Civilization (3+0) s

Major political, economic, social and intellectual developments of western civilization since 1500. HIST 103 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
History of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (3+0) s

The region's history beginning with oral traditions about the creation of the area, and ending with passage of the Alaska Native Land Claims Act in 1971. Concentrates on Yup'ik social, economic, and educational changes, including both Native and non-Native accounts. Offered only at the Kuskokwim Campus.

71. Scandinavian And Scottish Ice Sheets
CST Newsgroups sci.archaeology Newsgroups sci.archaeology Subject Re Pole was centeredin the greenland Sea has been done in Scotland and scandinavia over the
Paleoclimatic Reconstructions
And Scandinavian and Scottish Ice Sheets
"When the Sky Fell" is remarkable for a book allegedly discussing the complicated history of the last "Ice Age" in the paucity of paleonvironmental and geologic evidence cited in this book. A couple of striking exceptions are paleoclimatic reconstructions and comments about the glaciation of Scandinavia made at "When the Sky Fell" web site and in the book and comments about Scottish geology made in the book. Both are commented on below. Re: Atlantis: Is it in Antarctica? Author: Heinrich Date: 1999/03/27 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 18:05:09 CST Newsgroups: sci.archaeology Newsgroups: sci.archaeology Subject: Re: Atlantis: Is it in Antarctica? In article Return to Wildside Index Page Return to Home Page Send email to
Paul V. Heinrich
Version 4.0
Dec 14, 2001

72. Nordisk Museologi Summaries 1996/2
of innovators and new thinking into the museum field in Sweden and scandinavia. Itis only in recent decades that archaeology in greenland has adopted the
From Nordisk Museologi 1996/2: SUMMARY pp. 3-10 Ulla Keding Olofsson:
The idea of the seminar was to discuss recent thinking about ecomuseums and combine it with an excursion to Bergslagen to study ongoing activities and participate in the anniversary celebrations.
Ulla Keding Olofsson
Adr: Idungatan 14, S-113 45 Stockholm
Fax +46-8-344059
From Nordisk Museologi 1996/2: SUMMARY pp. 27-34 The Bergslagen ecomuseum - from idea to reality
When plans for the western part of the region, Västerbergslagen, were drawn up, the author offered several ideas akin to the Husby trail. However the project grew in size and in the end it broke both municipality and county boundaries in order to give a comprehensive picture of the, nationally important early industrial history of Bergslagen. The planning work was done in the 1980s and in 1986 the official opening took place. The characteristics of the new museum, which maintains the "umbrella" style, are that the ecomuseum does not own the objects in it, the responsibility for each site stays with a local association, that cooperation with municipal tourist organisations is important and that the museum activities are linked with the cultural affair authorities as well as with the local heritage movement and voluntary workers.
Adr: Dalarnas museum, Box 22, S-791 21 Falun

73. Untitled
Medieval scandinavia excellent site! Fröjel artifacts, Viking. Huge number ofphotos!! The Fate of greenland's Vikings, archaeology Magazine online;
Ravenstead email address Photo gallery of some Clothing

74. Point Of Reference - Journals And Bulletins
Aerial archaeology Newsletter. when last visited, only the first Adumatu Journal. the archaeology of the Arab World published monographs on greenland archaeology and anthropology
including many with international coverage
and some with a more regional focus at the top are selected titles - alphabetically
near the bottom
are sites with related indexes
further down
are some specialized book sellers
near the end
are search engines for publications
college textbooks
can now be ordered on the Net
or search online and BarnesandNoble
Also try the "search" function of your browser. Several titles
from the same society or association might be in a group
putting them out of the usual alphabetical order below. Portions updated - 30 August 2001
click beside selections below to connect Below are some that provide online access to full articles. But some only provide indexes or tables of contents online. And others just offer information how to subscribe. If your selection does not connect, please see the email address at the bottom of this page. Suggestions for additions and corrections, as well as dead link reports are always welcomed. AAS Publications American Astronomical Society - AAS web site Abstracts in Anthropology Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. -

75. Vikings: Lectures & Classes
giving special attention to the greenland Norse, and Professor Emeritus of MedievalArchaeology at University of their loot have been recovered in scandinavia.

Visitor Information
Hours Tickets Membership ... Get Involved

Vikings Home Audio Tour Special Events Viking Village Sponsors
Classes Luncheons
Vikings Special Lecture Series
This winter and spring see the exhibit Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and learn more about the Vikings and their explorations by attending this special lecture series at the museum. Please call (651) 221-9444 (the museum's box office) to reserve your seats in advance for what will be a popular lecture series.
Fee per lecture : $10 ($8 museum members), Learning Plus members: FREE Gudrid the Wide Traveled:
Exploring the Lives of Viking Women
Elisabeth Ward, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
: Thu, March 27, 7 p.m. Medieval Circumnavigators: Norse Voyages and the Vinland Map
Kirsten Seaver, Independent Historian

76. Personal Homepage Ulf Näsman
development of polities in South scandinavia from the late emphasis is put on comparativarchaeology and historical Survey of Denmark and greenland, Copenhagen.
UNIVERSITY OF AARHUS Faculty of Arts School of Prehistoric Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Ethnography and Social Anthropology Department of Prehistoric Archaeology
Ulf Näsman
Research Professor Department of Prehistoric Archaeology
University of Aarhus
School of Prehistoric Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Ethnography and Social Anthropology
DK-8270 Hoejbjerg Contact: Phone +45 8942 1111
Direct phone +45 8942 4625
Fax +45 8627 2378
Email: Office:
Room 130 Office hours Area of research Selected publications
Office hours
By agreement workdays
Area of research
Research in the social, economic, and political development of polities
in South Scandinavia from the late Roman period till the High Middel Ages,
the 4th-12th century A.D. The Nordic process is viewed in a European perspective, and the development of Germanic tribal socities into Christian kingdoms is followed. Methodical emphasis is put on comparativ archaeology and historical-anthropological analogy. Current projects: glass vessels and beads as evidence of trade and handicraft - settlement and landscape the programme "Settlement and Cultural Landscape" 1993-1998, 1998-2000 at the

77. Bibliography
Norlund, Poul, Viking Settlers in greenland; Page, RI Michael ed., 1991 The IllustratedArchaeology of Ireland rare for the Viking Period in scandinavia, such as
Bibliography for Longships, Vikings and Related Subjects
This is a collection of references to books, articles, etc. that have been recommended to us as sources for material on the Viking era and/or on Longships. The Longship Company, Ltd. makes no claim as to the validity or availability of any of these resources and presents them only as an example of what is out there. Comments by the source of the information are included. They are alphabetized within the following categories.
Technical, Ships
  • Atkinson, Ian, 1979, The Viking Ships , Cambridge Topic Book. Cambridge University Press. Excellent overview of the evolution of Viking ships, their construction, handling, history, sea battles. Description of the voyage of the Viking.
  • Brogger, Anton Wilhelm and Haakon Shetelig, 1951, The Viking Ships, Their Ancestry and Evolution , Dreyers Forlag, Oslo, Norway. Good descriptions of how the Oseburg, Tune and Gokstad ships were constructed and furnished. Photographs of the ships in situ and reconstructed. Photographs of artifacts found on the ships. Drawings of motifs carved into the ships or their furnishings.
  • Neers, Niels; Breakwater Books Ltd.

78. Linkvikarcheo
Institute of archaeology,Maritime archaeology Central-Norway. Tom Bjørnstad, Medieval scandinavia.
A RCHEOLOGIE Vikings On-Line Les Vikings sur Internet . A network for Viking-related knowledge at Gotland University College Choisir "Search for sites": Canada William Bakken, Mankato State University, class of Anthropology, 1996 Vikings in the new world D. L. Ashliman, University of Pittsburgh, " Vikings in America Pages "The Way Station at L'Anse aux Meadows , Newfoundland" Danemark The Viking Network ,Viking Network Info-sheet
Local aspects of viking-age history
" (texte) Jelling Sebbersund , des forteresses de Fyrkat et Aggersborg (Danemark) The Viking Network, Viking Network Info-sheet, 1996 Students at Aalborg Teacher's College, " Lindholm " (texte) The Viking Network, Viking Network Info-sheet, 1996 The area around Silkeborg in the Viking age " (texte) Hans-Henrik T. Ohlsen, Copenhagen Pictures Trelleborg - Danish Viking Fortress Maquette et photographies de la forteresse viking de Trelleborg The Geometry of the Vikings: The Riddle of Trelleborg...

79. Boydell & Brewer Ltd
Viking age, both at home in scandinavia and in the Viking colonies from Greenlandto Russia. assembles the clues provided by archaeology, runic inscriptions
Search You do not have a java enabled browser - click here for alternative menus 52 b/w illustrations
344 pages
Size: 23 x 15 cm
ISBN: 85115 826 9
Binding: Hardback
First published: 2001
Price: £50.00 / $85.00
The Vikings were the master mariners and ship-builders of the middle ages: their success depended on these skills. Spectacular archaeological finds of whole or partial ships, from burial mounds or dredged from harbours, continue to give new and exciting evidence of their practical craftsmanship and urge to seek new shores. The nautical vocabulary of the Viking Age, however, has been surprisingly neglected - the last
comprehensive study was published in 1912 and was heavily dependent on post-Viking Age sources.
Far better contemporary sources from the later Viking Age are available to document the activities of men and their uses of ships from c.950-1100, and Judith Jesch undertakes in this book the first systematic and comparative study of such evidence. The core is a critical survey of the vocabulary of ships and their crews, of fleets and sailing and battles at sea, based on runic inscriptions and skaldic evidence from c.950-1100. This nautical vocabulary is studied within the larger context of 'viking' activity in this period: what that activity
was and where it took place, its social and military aspects, and its impact on developments in the nature of kingship in Scandinavia.

80. On Campus News
and scholarly partnerships with university centres in Alaska, greenland, and Scandinaviashould be is a professor of anthropology and archaeology at the U
May 7, 1999 Volume 6, Number 16
About OCN
Other ... World Wide Web
Aboriginal education: this University's vital role
Robert Williamson
There's a growing momentum of interest in this University in aboriginal education, slow in coming and as yet not very wide-spread, but timely, prescient, and welcome. The impetus for the present surge of interest in aboriginal education came most significantly from the University's Framework for Planning (1998), through the work of the Planning Committee. More recently, Vice-president Michael Atkinson has been soliciting campus-wide advice and there are growing indications that the University is serious. Given the demographic trends in this province and the developing needs of the total population, half of which is predicted to be of Aboriginal ancestry by 2015, it had better be serious. This is not to say that this institution has totally ignored indigenous interests. In 1961, the University established the Institute for Northern Studies (INS) which, while serving research interests, had a strong involvement in human programs. Contemporaneously, the University established working relationships with the NWT government and with the federal and provincial governments in the development of the Indian and Northern Education Program.

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