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         Scientists Biographies General:     more books (100)
  1. R.A. Fisher - The Life of a Scientist by Joam Fisher Box, 1985-10-31
  2. Prominent Scientists: An Index to Collective Biographies by Paul A. Pelletier, 1993
  3. American Women Scientists: 23 Inspiring Biographies 1900-2000 by Moira Davison Reynolds, 2004-10-12
  4. Florence Sabin: Scientist (Junior World Biographies) by Robin Campbell, 1995-04
  5. From Priestess to Physician: Biographies of Women Life Scientists (Lives of Women Scientists, V. 2) by Kevin A. Nies, 1996-12
  6. Women Scientists in America: Struggles and Strategies to 1940 by Margaret W. Rossiter, 1984-08-01
  8. Scientists Who Believe: 21 Tell Their Own Stories
  9. Cosmic Anger: Abdus Salam - The First Muslim Nobel Scientist by Gordon Fraser, 2008-08-15
  10. Out of their Minds: The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists by Dennis Shasha, Cathy Lazere, 1998-07-02
  11. Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist by Guy Consolmagno, 2001-02-12
  12. Pierre Simon Laplace, 1749-1827: A Determined Scientist by Roger Hahn, 2005-10-24
  13. Rabi: Scientist and Citizen With a New Preface by John S. Rigden, 2001-12-15
  14. Aiming At Targets: The Autobiography Of Robert C. Seamans, Jr. by Robert C. Seamans, 2004-11-30

41. Biographies Of Scientists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Engineers
Journal of scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers ANC News Animals BiographiesBiology Chemistry Free Updates general Science Headlines
Journal of scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors, nature, biology, technology, animal kingdoms, and science projects.

ANC News



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True Story:
At the height of World War II, in 1942, the British Navy had a sudden breakdown in radio communications. The British became convinced that it was a German trick. It turned out to be disturbances caused by sunspots over 93 million miles away.
The True Story of Black Hawk Down

Cosmos Collector's Edition Boxed set - VHS
Carl Sagan's COSMOS is one of the most influential science programs ever made. Q. Does the moon have a dark side? A. The moon does have a far side which is impossible to see from the earth, but it doesn't mean that it's always dark. Each side of the moon is dark for no longer than 15 days at a time. Q. Where does sound come from? A. The air is always filled with sound waves. All things give off vibrations, but some have a low frequency which most cannot hear. The reason: it may take 3 minutes to make a single vibration. They may be caused by earthquakes and storms. Did You Know?

42. LSU Libraries--Chemistry Library-- Chemical Biography: Guide To Selected Resourc
Relevant general headings include s scientists. s Chemists. s Chemists Biography. s Chemists History. s Chemistry biographies.
Select a Link About Hours Resources Indexes/Databases Ejournals Collection Development Events/Displays Departmental Links Subject Guide for
Guide to Selected Resources General Science Biographical Sources

General Science Biographical Sources
Chemical Biographical Sources Other Things to Look For ONLINE CATALOG Chemical biography can be divided into two areas: the past (those dead) and the present (those living). This guide offers a list of possible sources for finding biographical information on chemists, with the emphasis on the past. While chemistry has a rich and extensive historical record, biographical information is often limited to brief notes about dates, education, employment, and major accomplishments. Substantial background information is rare, unless the person is very famous. American Men and Women of Science.
(formerly called: American Men of Science.) Q 141 A47 1986 Current editions in Middleton Reference, Chemistry Reference.

This is the primary "Who's Who" of science but is limited to scientists who were alive and working at the time of publication. Included: basic biography, positions, awards, research specialties, and addresses. Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

43. General Science Resources
Academic Search Elite covers general science magazines and MasterFILE eighteen volumeset provides lengthy biographies of important deceased scientists.
General Science Resources
Encyclopedias Indexes
Biographical Sources
... Call Numbers The following resources are reference materials and are shelved in the Reference area of the Science and Engineering Library (5th floor), unless otherwise indicated. Dictionaries
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology. Academic Press, 1992.
At 133,007 entries, this dictionary is the largest English-language scientific dictionary published. It has clear, one or two sentence definitions.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms . 5th ed. McGraw-Hill, 1994.
This dictionary has one sentence definitions for 105,000 terms.
Foreign language scientific dictionaries are at Q123 and T10.
8th Edition. McGraw-Hill, 1997.
This twenty-volume set has 7,100 entries. The articles are lengthy and well-written. Each includes a short, well selected bibliography.
. McGraw-Hill, 1962-present.
Each volume provides approximately 500 pages of encyclopedia entries on scientific developments over the prior year.
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology.

44. Women In Science And Mathematics - General Information
Women in science and mathematics general or overview on fairness and discriminationissues for women scientists. biographies of women in science and medicine
zfp=-1 About History Women's History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
Women's History
with Jone Johnson Lewis
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Women in science and mathematics: general or overview information on women in the sciences, plus information on fairness and discrimination issues for women scientists. About Women in Science and Medicine
Elizabeth Britton, botanist; Caroline Herschel, astronomer; more. Biographies of women in science and medicine, from your About Guide to Women's History. Nobel Laureates Women who have won the Nobel Prize, including for medicine, chemistry, physics. Women and Science Gayle Olsen, About Guide to Science and Nature for Kids, presents resources on women scientists.

45. The Educational Encyclopedia, Scientist
scientists general overview, Scientist alphabetical list. the 16th and 17th centuriesa collection of 631 detailed biographies on members Chemistry scientists.
Resources Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia Glossaries ... Resources Scientists General overview Scientist: alphabetical list Biographical dictionary this dictionary covers more than 28000 notable men and women Biografieën Catalog of the scientific community in the 16th and 17th centuries a collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts about each individual and their contributions to science Chemistry scientists Encyclopedia of philosophy Eric's treasure trove of scientific biography encyclopedia of scientific biography, encyclopedia of science, dictionary of scientists, scientists, a tip Famous scientists greatly contributed to "electro" science: electricity, electromagnetism, electrical technology, electronics, electrical telegraphy, radio, electrochemistry, electromedicine, etc. Gallery of electromagnetic personalities Great mathematicians Cartan, Euclid, Euler, Fermat, Fourier, Gauss, Hermite, Hilbert Space, Legendre, Leibnitz, Mandelbrot, Noether Emmy, Pascal, Poincaré, Riemann, Stokes, Taylor, Gauge Great thinkers and visionaries Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand,Isaac Newton, Stuart Kauffman,Terence McKenna, George Gilder, Marvin Minsky, Hans Moravec, Noam Chomsky, Buckminster Fuller, Eric Drexler, Robert Heinlein, Stanislaw Lem, Nobel, Kolmogorov, Douglas Hofstadter, Arthur Clarke, Robert Anton Wilson,Timothy Leary, Bruce Sterling, Peter Russell, Howard Bloom, Alvin Toffler, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking

46. Canadian Inventors And Inventions
general Resources List of Inventors The Inventor Archives are of Fame This page containsshort biographies on many great Canadian scientists and engineers
Gander Academy
Canadian Inventors
And Scientists
General Resources
Alexander Graham Bell Wilfred Bigelow
Gugliemo Marconi
... Teacher Resources
General Resources
  • List of Inventors
    The Inventor Archives are now organized alphabetically by inventors' last names.To view inventors, click on one of the blue letters above.To search by invention, click here, or, try a search of the Invention Dimension.
  • Canada: A Country of Innovation
    Canada is a country of inventors, but we don't seem to know it! Canadians have been involved in the invention of everything from the jet airliner to insulin to the telephone.
  • Index of Inventors From Edward Goodrich Acheson to Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, this site lists about a hundred inventors: some famous, some not.
  • Canadian Inventors This page containbs links to the following Canadian inventors and those who distinguished themselves while living in Canada including Alexander Graham Bell, Reginald Fessenden, Guglielmo Marconi, Sir Frederick Banting, Dr. Charles Best, Sanford Flemming, Joseph Bombardier, Abraham Gesner and James Williams.
  • Canadian Inventions
  • Great Canada Scientists "This short list of great Canadian scientist in depth profiles was developed from the longer list in the Reference Section to reflect a balance of discipline, region and gender."
  • 47. Biographies
    Astronauts Authors general biographies Government and History Mathematicians Miscellaneous Musicians scientists Women. general biographies.
    Web Sites for Students
    Art Science Math Social Studies ... Cool Sites
    African Americans Artists Astronauts Authors ... Women
    General Biographies
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    • The Artchive - Over 2,300 scans from more than 230 artists. By clicking on an artist's name, you get a collection of his work. Jim's Fine Art Gallery - At last count there were 4539 artworks, by 351 artistsand he's adding more all the time. If you know the artist's name, you can search an alphabetical list or a chronological list.
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    Astronauts and Aviation

    48. Biographies - Hoover Library, McDaniel College
    general Collections of biographies Academic Universe (LexisNexis) Interviews,profiles scientists' biographies Dewey call numbers for biographical books on
    Biographies Catalog Site Search Home McDaniel College Text in BROWN indicates that the item is located in Hoover Library Biography Indexes
    • Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI) . 2nd edition. 1975 to present.
      • (Call number: R 920 B615)
        An index to publications with biographical information, both current and retrospective. Indexes only reference books containing multiple biographies; it does not index periodicals or books about only one individual. More than 12 million biographical sketches in total are indexed, emphasis on Americans.
      Biography Index 1946 to present.
      • (Call number: Index 016.92 B615)
        No cumulative index. Must check each volume. Mainly Americans.
      World Biographical Index (Braunschweig University, Germany)
      • K.G. Saur Publishing's database of biographical sources. Better for historical figures.
      General Collections of Biographies

    49. Directory Of Manhattan Project Scientists
    21 thumbnail group photos of Manhattan Project scientists; access to fullsized photosand biographies. VISIT OUR NEW ATOMIC BOMB general STORE - T-Shirts
    Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association
    The Scientists Web Master's Note: We have the most comprehensive array of photos and biographies of nuclear physicists and chemists on the Internet. Please make your selection below! Nuclear Science Pioneers Directory I - 31 scientists who laid the foundation for nuclear physics in the early part of the 20th century! Manhattan Project Hall of Fame Directory II - 90 scientists and administrators who played a major role in the Manhattan Project, including 20 Nobel Laureates! Women Nuclear Science Pioneers Directory III - 8 women scientists who played a prominent role in the advance of nuclear physics and chemistry. Hall of Fame Photo Gallery I - 10 thumbnail photos of the top scientists of the Manhattan Project; access to full-sized photos and biographies. Hall of Fame Photo Gallery II - 10 thumbnail photos of the top scientists of the Manhattan Project; access to full-sized photos and biographies. Hall of Fame Photo Gallery III - 10 thumbnail photos of the top scientists of the Manhattan Project; access to full-sized photos and biographies.

    50. Library Of Congress, Collections Policy Statements, Sci/Tech, Chpt B, Science, G
    and general science serials. These include directories of research institutions,laboratories, and scientists, histories of science, biographies, works
    SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, CHAPTER B: SCIENCE, GENERAL (Subclass Q and selected portions of Z)
    I. Scope
    II. Research strengths
    III. General policy and collecting intensity levels I. Scope
    This section of the Collections Policy Statement on Science and Technology covers the subclass Q (Science, General) and applicable subclasses of Class Z . The Library's collections in this class encompass nearly 44,000 titles. In addition, some of the numerous abstracting and indexing services, catalogs of other scientific libraries, specialized bibliographies, and finding aids for general science are classed in Z, those relating to the role of science in the developments of civilization are classed in CB, and those relating to the telecommunication aspect of information theory are classed in TK5101+ II. Research Strengths
    The Library's collections in general science are particularly strong in the history of science, scientific exploration, the lives and contributions of scientists, and the role of science in society. For a discussion on collecting guidelines in the history of science, please consult Chapter A, History of Science and History of Technology Another area of distinction in the Library's general science collections is its holdings of materials summarizing the contributions of scientists to the community of knowledge. This multi-faceted/multi-formatted collection of biographical materials recording the scientific accomplishments, achievements, and the personal and public lives of scientists is vast and covers all periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times. While book-length biographies, autobiographies, and membership directories are usually classed by subject, collected biographies, those appearing in the publications of scientific societies, institutions, and organizations, and biographical memoirs are generally classed in Q. Also classed in Q are the chronologies, milestones and landmarks of science, most of which are directly tied to the triumphs, conquests, and achievements of a single scientist or groups of scientists.

    51. Harapan's Bookshelf: Biographies & Memoirs
    Awardwinning biographies. Classical, general, Directors, Vocalists, Instrumentalists. Business,Military Spies, Sociologists, Social scientists Psychologists.
    Search Now: Search: English Books Japanese Books Both Keywords:
    Japanese customer service Shipping Information Are you in Japan? Are you interested in Japan? English Books in Japan Books in Japanese last updated on Award-winning Biographies's Bestsellers General Audiobooks Historical General U.S. Holocaust British General King Henry V King Henry VIII King Edward VII ... Scandinavian Leaders Political Religious U.S. Presidents U.K. Prime Ministers Major, John Thatcher, Margaret Churchill, Winston Lloyd George, David ... Disraeli, Benjamin Royalty General Princess Diana Prince Charles Elizabeth II ... Pop Classical General Directors Vocalists Instrumentalists Professionals Academics Business Sociologists Educators Philosophers ... Medical Specific Groups General Women Special Needs Criminals Sports General Baseball Basketball Football ... Soccer Regional U.S. General New England Mid Atlantic Midwest ... Other Search Now: Search: English Books Japanese Books Both Keywords: Harapan's Best Hits Japanese Mire's purchases list We use cover art images as an associate with permission from Please refrain from copying.

    52. People: Biographies
    For more, please visit my general USA History Builders Titans TIME 100 scientists Thinkers Mathematician biographies Women Mathematicians For more, please
    Updated February 10, 2002
    Biographical Dictionary
    Who2 Homepage

    Famous Birthdays

    Past TIME Men of the Year
    Biographies - Important People

    Zarate's Political Collections (ZPC)

    Political Leaders, 1945-Present


    Women Leaders of the World
    ... The Political Graveyard For more, please visit my Country Information and General World History pages. FAMOUS PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY Famous Historical Americans Who's Who in American History USA: index to biographies-area Meet Amazing Americans ... AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY: BIOGRAPHY OF THE DAY For more, please visit my General U.S.A. History 50 states From Colonies to Revolution 19th Century America ... Presidents , and TEXAS pages. BIOGRAPHIES BY ETHNICITY FAMOUS AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS ASIAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS HISPANIC AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES ... Famous Hispanics in the World and History For much more, please visit my Non-Western Cultures African Americans Native Americans , and Meso and Latin America pages.

    53. Bibliography Of Biographies Of Ocean Scientists
    Bibliography of biographies of Ocean scientists. The following is a partial listof works consulted to compile this bibliography. general Works. I. Web Sites.
    Bibliography of Biographies of Ocean Scientists
    The following is a partial list of works consulted to compile this bibliography. General Works I. Web Sites Annelida Biographies and Obituaries
    Australian Science Archives Project
    Biographical Etymology of Marine Organism Names
    Concologists-Malacologists Biographies
    4000 Years of Women in Science
    Zoology Record Biographies of Biologists
    II. Books and Articles Aldrich, J. A 1987. Moses and the Living Waters: Victorian Science in Newfoundland, In Early Science in Newfoundland and Labrador, edited by D.H. Steele, 86-120. St. John’s : Sigma Xi, 1987. Brush, Stephen G. And Helmut E. Landsberg. 1985. The History of Geophysics and Meteorology: An Annotated Bibliography. New York; London: Garland, xvi, 450. Cox, Donald W. 1968. Explorers of the Deep: Pioneer Oceanography. Maplewood, New Jersey: Hammond, 93.

    54. Bibliography Of Biographies Of Ocean Scientists
    list all substantial autobiographies, biographies, festschrifts and scientists, andother scientists who worked to brief entries in general biographical sources
    Bibliography of Biographies of Ocean Scientists
    This bibliography attempts to list all substantial autobiographies, biographies, festschrifts and obituaries of prominent oceanographers, marine biologists, fisheries scientists, and other scientists who worked in the marine environment published in journals and books after 1922, the publication date of Herdman’s Founders of Oceanography . The bibliography does not include newspaper obituaries, government documents, or citations to brief entries in general biographical sources. Items are listed alphabetically by author, and then chronologically by date of publication under a legend that includes the full name of the individual, his/her date of birth in European style(day, month in roman numeral, year), followed by his/her place of birth, then his date of death and place of death. Entries are in author-editor style following the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 14th ed., 1993). Citations are annotated to list the language if it is not obvious from the text. Annotations will also indicate if the citation includes a list of the scientist’s papers, if there is a relationship between the author of the citation and the scientist, or if the citation is written for a particular audience. Diacritical marks have been stripped out to facilitate word searching and web display; see the Microsoft Word version below for diacritical marks. This bibliography of biographies of scientists of the sea is based on Jacqueline Carpine-Lancre’s bibliography of biographies first published annually beginning with issue 4 of the History of Oceanography Newsletter (September 1992). It was supplemented by a bibliography maintained by Eric L. Mills and citations in the biographical files of the Archives of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD.

    55. Reference
    Homework general Science Fairs Careers Resources AskA Sites biographies biographies, Hallof Fame, Short biograhies of historic Canadian scientists.

    56. Kimbel Library--Services--Reference Shelf: Biographies
    approximately 20 of these scientists can be members; presidency highlights; Internetbiographies; historical documents Top of Page general Resources Biography



    Interlibrary Loan

    Government Info.
    Media Collection

    Reference Shelf: Biographies Reference Shelf main page The Sciences The Humanities General Resources
    The Sciences
    "Collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries. The vital facts about these individuals and their contributions to science can be found here".
    Faces of Science: African-Americans in the Sciences
    Biographies of African American's "who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering". Search using the alphabetical index or by field of contribution .
    Great Canadian Scientists
    Brief profiles of more than 150 Canadian Scientists are located in the 'Reference' section of this web site. More detailed profiles on approximately 20 of these scientists can be found in the 'Profiles' section.
    History of Mathematics
    Inventor's Hall of Fame

    57. Science Links
    top. Earth Science. general Earth Science Links. Caves. Historia Women scientistsin History Provides biographies of women scientists throughout history
    Back to the Lab Links Page
    Animals Earth Science Energy ... Inventors and Inventions
    also see Scientists Science Fair Scientists
    also see Inventors and Inventions Seasons Space
    General Science Links top
    General Links
    Earth Science
    General Earth Science Links

    58. Ryerson Library - Reference Shelf - Biographies
    Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries writers, politicians,business people, scientists and more People There is a general list of

    Reference Tools Biographies
    Artistic Lives Entertainment/Media Lives General Lives Historical Lives ...
    Womens' Lives
    Artistic Lives
    • Artists' Biographies
      One of the most comprehensive sites for information about painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, designers and other artists. Of the more than 16,000 biographies lists, some 15,000 are derived from articles in The Grove Dictionary of Art.
      There are two primary search options; biographies of 20th century and contemporary visual artists from an alphabetical list or artist's name from a list organized by art movement, style or medium. Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)
      ULAN is a structured vocabulary "that contains around 220,000 names and other information about artists". The scope is global and the periods covered are from antiquity to the present.
    Entertainment/Media Lives
    • All Media Guide
      This site provides information on all types of musicians, with biographical details presented in six languages, information on recordings, tours and history, listings and links to major influences, and a summary of the artist's/group's achievements.

    59. Antkowiak's General Genetics Sites
    Ms. Antkowiak's general Genetics Sites Biology 2001 mature flower, cross fertilizationContains pictures and animations along with biographies on scientists.'s general genetics.htm

    60. Biography Subject Guide For History 1302
    Q141 .B53; Distinguished African American scientists of the Illustrated contains morethan 46,000 biographies and obituaries or in one of the general indexes, ie
    Kingwood College Library
    This brief site has really terrific links to people dead and alive!
    Don't forget the library is still the best place to find information about people.
    FINDING PEOPLE IN REFERENCE BOOKS In Kingwood College Library which uses Library of Congress cataloguing, biographies are generally shelved in the area in which the subject does his/her work, i.e., John Steinbeck in Literature, Cezanne in Art. Use the NHMCCD Library Catalog to locate these books by SUBJECT KEYWORD , using the person's name in the subject field, or by combining the occupation with the term biography, for example, BIOGRAPHY MATHEMATICIANS. The following are examples of Reference books you may find helpful in your search for information about a famous person. General Works including biographies of people from a variety of disciplines. Using the indexes in the multivolume sets will help locate the biography you need.
    • Current Biography - REF CT100 .C8 - Noteworthy people from the current year. Indexed by 5 year groupings as well as each volume independently.

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