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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (100)
  1. Helicobacter Pioneers: Firsthand Accounts from the Scientists who Discovered Helicobacters 1892 - 1982
  2. Atomic Bomb Scientists: Memoirs, 1939-1945
  3. John James Audubon: A Biography by Alice Ford, 1989-03
  4. Mary Renault: A Biography (A Harvest Book) by David Sweetman, 1994-07-15
  5. Reentry Programs for Female Scientists by Alma E. Lantz, Marna C. Whittington, 1980-04-15
  6. Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists by Michael H. Morgan, 2008-06-17
  7. The Great Melody: A Thematic Biography of Edmund Burke by Conor Cruise O'Brien, 1994-03-20
  8. Life Among the Scientists: An Anthropological Study of an Australian Scientific Community by Max Charlesworth, Lyndsay Farrall, et all 1990-02-15
  9. Year of the Comets: A Journey from Sadness to the Stars by Jan DeBlieu, 2006-11-01
  10. El cientifico rebelde/ The Scientist as Rebel (Spanish Edition) by Freeman Dyson, 2008-11-15
  11. The Magus of Freemasonry: The Mysterious Life of Elias Ashmole--Scientist, Alchemist, and Founder of the Royal Society by Tobias Churton, 2006-06-27
  12. Another Way Home: A Family's Journey Through Mental Illness by John Thorndike, 1997-05-01
  13. Justus von Liebig: The Chemical Gatekeeper (Cambridge Science Biographies) by William H. Brock, 1997-07-13
  14. Not Much of an Engineer: An Autobiography/R 12 by Stanley, Sir Hooker, 1991-12

1. ICONnect FAQs - Biographies
To find a specific biography, you can either use the See this site for biographieson NASA Astronauts, Cosmonauts, and other space scientists.

2. MEL: Biography
Library of Congress cataloguing, biographies are generally shelved in the great Canadian scientists. College and Universities Faculty Information - Find a specific college or Home
HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Reference Desk About the Reference Collection Back to the Reference Collection Index

3. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Biographies
by a subject specialist, a subjectspecific bulletin board, and details of related of Mathematics Archive biographies. biographies of over 1400 scientists and mathematicians, many
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
Index Titles Descriptions
  • 4000 Years of Women in Science
  • A B Jackson
  • About Leo Tolstoy
  • Jazz ...
  • Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    4000 Years of Women in Science
    Biographies of over 125 of the most notable women in science and technology over the past 4000 years. Biographies are listed by discipline. Photographs are available for some of the entries.
    Author: Deborah Crocker and Sethanne Howard, University of Alabama
    Last checked:
    A B Jackson
    Biographical information and a selection of poetry including Feathers, The Chemical Wedding, and Parting on Henry Street, composed by Andrew Jackson. Images said to have inspired various poems published in his 2003 book Fire Stations are shown.
    Author: A B Jackson
    Last checked:
    About Leo Tolstoy
    Provides HTML versions of selected writings by Leo Tolstoy (1928-1910), including Anna Karenina, The Kreutzer Sonata, and Polikushka. Also offers a biography of Tolstoy, discussing the authors' moral philosophy.
    Author: Thais Lindstrom and Leo Tolstoy
    DeweyClass: Location: cocos islands, asia
  • 4. National Agricultural Library Kids' Science Page
    Lists of books, articles, and websites on specific agricultural subjects. Also includes related science fair projects, biographies of leading scientists, and 4H projects.
    Learn About NAL
    Kids' Science Page
    National Agricultural Library
    Explore Subjects...


    General Science


    Find Info On... 4-H Projects Basics of Scientific Research Beginning A Science Project Biographies of Scientists ... Videocassettes
    Hey kids! Do you like to eat ? What's your nutrition IQ? Do you really enjoy animals Insects too? Do you like veterinary medicine ? Is engineering what you want to do? Interested in plants or ecology ? Does chemistry excite you? These are all part of the food and agricultural sciences . If you have a special interest in any of these, maybe you are headed for a career in agriculture . Welcome aboard! Agriculture Kids, parents and teachers often contact us to ask about kids' books on agricultural topics or science fair projects. So, we created this Kids' Science Page containing lists of children's books and articles on specific agricultural subjects, science fair projects and supplies, careers and biographies of leading scientists, and "learn by doing" 4-H youth projects. Discover more ideas at these U.S. Department of Agriculture sites:

    5. Practical Activities To Aid In The Teaching Of Scientists Biographies
    achievements and contributions of scientists. B. specific Content. 1. Science biographies from the Core Knowledge

    6. MRC Library Internet Subject Guide - Biographies
    Auteurs quebecois Canadian Portraits Canadian scientists Canadian Theatre A Celebrationof Women Writers biographies of Women Subject specific biographies.

    7. Biography Index
    Lives, the Biography Resource, linking to thousands of biographyrelated sites including autobiographies, journals, letters, diaries, memoirs, biography collections, etc. Sorry, no specific homework or research help is provided. 5. To find the biographies of groups of people (for example, U.S. presidents or women scientists), look in one of
    Defending the Christian faith beginning with Genesis AiG Worldwide Creation Education Prayer Good News ... About Us Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.
    AiG Speakers
    Present Creationist Scientists

    Past Creationist Scientists

    Return to Event Calendar
    Many historians, Refute the current arguments for evolution! Refuting Evolution
    Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

    A general critique of the most up-to-date arguments for evolution to challenge educators, students, and parents. Thus it provides a good summary of the arguments against evolution and for creation. It also exposes the flat earth myth and corrects misinformation about the Galileo affair. (High School–Adult) See review MORE INFO / PURCHASE ONLINE of many different religious persuasions including atheistic, have shown that modern science started to flourish only in largely Christian Europe. These historians point out that the basis of modern science depends on the assumption that the universe was made by a rational creator. An orderly universe makes perfect sense only if it were made by an orderly Creator. But if there is no creator, or if Zeus and his gang were in charge, why should there be any order at all? So, not only is a strong Christian belief not an obstacle to science, such a belief was its very foundation. The book on the right provides more information. See also a refutation of the argument Newton was a creationist only because there was no alternative?

    8. Biography Subject Guide For History 1302
    Mathematical biographies biographies of prominent mathematicians. of in depth profileson great Canadian scientists. Information - Find a specific college or
    Kingwood College Library
    This brief site has really terrific links to people dead and alive!
    Don't forget the library is still the best place to find information about people.
    FINDING PEOPLE IN REFERENCE BOOKS In Kingwood College Library which uses Library of Congress cataloguing, biographies are generally shelved in the area in which the subject does his/her work, i.e., John Steinbeck in Literature, Cezanne in Art. Use the NHMCCD Library Catalog to locate these books by SUBJECT KEYWORD , using the person's name in the subject field, or by combining the occupation with the term biography, for example, BIOGRAPHY MATHEMATICIANS. The following are examples of Reference books you may find helpful in your search for information about a famous person. General Works including biographies of people from a variety of disciplines. Using the indexes in the multivolume sets will help locate the biography you need.
    • Current Biography - REF CT100 .C8 - Noteworthy people from the current year. Indexed by 5 year groupings as well as each volume independently.

    9. Please Update Your RCPL Bookmarks
    The list includes sites on specific scientists, and broader 4000WS/summary.shtml Verybrief biographies of women display/faces.html The scientists listed here
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    Check your library account, place books on hold, search for titles, and check availability of materials throughout the county library system. Launch Catalog in New Window
    Online Materials
    Read and print thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. Search special databases. Free With A Library Card!
    Go To Online Materials Please Update Your RCPL Bookmarks Thank you for visiting the Redwood City Public Library Web site. The page you are attempting to visit is no longer active. Our new address for our site is ; please click on the link to visit the new site. Thank you!
    Go to Home Page services events join us about us ... PLS

    10. They Changed The World!
    The scientists biographies of scientists. Mark Rosen's Biography Links - Links to famous scientists. specific Sciences
    They Changed the World!
    An Internet Hotlist on Famous Scientists created by Jan Dohner
    Maltby Middle School
    Introduction Biography Links to Scientists Specific Sciences ... Women Scientists
    In addition to using books and magazines to find out about Famous Scientists, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.
    The Internet Resources
    Biography Links to Scientists
    Specific Sciences
    Women Scientists

    Content by Jan Dohner

    11. The Scientists Of PhosphoSolutions
    biographies below, we think that you'll agree that our team of scientists are expertsin protein phosphorylation and the production and use of phosphospecific
    Dr. Czernik Dr. Haycock Dr. Ahn Dr. Browning Meet our Scientists a common goal All of the scientists at PhosphoSolutions share a common goal: to be the best providers of custom-made phospho-specific antibodies in the world. To be the best at producing these antibodies, it is necessary to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and we have two important advantages: First, the quality of the phospho-specific antibodies produced at PhosphoSolutions is unmatched by any other company in the world. Second, none of the competition has the scientific expertise in protein phosphorylation to match PhosphoSolutons. After learning more about our team of world-renowned scientists in their biographies below, we think that you'll agree that our team of scientists are experts in protein phosphorylation and the production and use of phospho-specific antibodies.
    our scientists
    Dr. Andrew Czernik: Dr. Czernik previously worked with Paul Greengard, Nobel Laureate in 2000 for studies of protein phosphorylation in the CNS. Dr. Czernik authored the seminal methods paper describing the phospho-specific antibody technique that has revolutionized the study of protein phosphorylation. He has identified more than 35 phosphorylation sites and produced more than 20 phospho-specific antibodies. Dr. Czernik is Chief Science Officer at PhosphoSolutions.
    Dr. John Haycock:

    12. QRSP Research Guide
    Follow the pattern below to search for biographies of scientists in specified fields.Keep in mind that you should try the most specific terms applicable first
    Guide Outline:
    Reference Materials
    Books in OLLU's Collection Internet Resources Books in Area Libraries ...
    Resource Summary
    Reference Materials
    • American Men and Women of Science (17th ed.) Q141 .A474 , V. 1-8 Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology: The Lives and Achievements of 1195 Great Scientists from Ancient Times to the Present (1972) Q 141.A7 Biographical Dictionary of Scientists (1982) Q 141.B528 Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists (1981) Q 141.B53, V. 1-2 Concise Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1981) Q 141.C55 Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1970-1980) Q 141. D5, V. 1-18 World Who's Who in Science: A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Scientists from Antiquity to the Present (1968) Q 141.W7
    top Books in OLLU's Collection
    Use WebCat, OLLU's library catalog, to identify books in the OLLU collection on the subject you've chosen. Consider the following search tips before you use WebCat
    • Follow the pattern below to search for biographies of scientists in specified fields. Keep in mind that you should try the most specific terms applicable first; then go with broader terms only if your results were too few in number.

    • Search Webcat now
    Internet Resources
    Getting good results from an Internet search can require time, considerable skill, and solid understanding of the available search tools and their use. Minimize time spent floundering in the Internet's current by starting with either of the two alternatives below.

    13. African American Scientists
    biographies of Minority scientists. http// back to the top. WORLD WIDE WEB specific People.
    AFRICAN AMERICAN SCIENTISTS BIBLIOGRAPHY California Academy of Sciences Library Web Sites:
    Web Sites:
    Specific People
    ... Audio/Visual WORLD WIDE WEB - General African Americans in History A site hosted by The Institute for African American Studies listing brief biographical sketches of several key figures in African American history. African American Odyssey The exhibition "The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship," showcases the incomparable African American collections of the Library of Congress. African American Scientists A site that compiles the biographies of several African American scientists. African American Women The On-line Archival Collections from the Special Collections Library at Duke University featuring the major players in the history of African American women. African-American Women Inventors

    14. Reptiles & Amphibians Teacher Resources - NBII
    information about amphibians for both scientists and the it does offer teachers plentyof endearing biographies and color photos of specific turtles who
    Grades K-3
    FrogLand Although this site doesn't have much in the way of curriculum content, it offers a good introduction to amphibians, their life cycle, and care. There are fun froggy jokes, a coloring book, and weird frog facts, all of which can supplement a unit on amphibians for younger learners. FrogWeb This Web site, an inter-agency initiative amongst federal, state, and non-profit agencies, and the education and conservation communities, provides comprehensive information about amphibians for both scientists and the general public. Keep abreast of the latest information about amphibian declines and deformities, volunteer your class for various amphibian monitoring activities, and check out the "Educational Resources" and "FrogFun for Kids" areas for a variety of classroom projects and activities. Turtle Trax Although this non-profit organization's site does not contain lesson plans, it does offer teachers plenty of endearing biographies and color photos of specific turtles who have lived in the Honokowai Marine Preserve in Hawai'i, an overview of threats to marine turtles, and actions that everyday citizens can take to help preserve them.
    Grades 4-6 Birmingham (AL) Zoo's Animal Omnibus: Amphibians A collection of links to specific Web resources for dozens of species of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders, plus links to general amphibian information. If you need information about a particular species, this is a good starting point.

    15. Biographies And Background
    site has a lot of lively information about scientists from the biographies searchpage This will often give you a person's dates It is not specific to science.
    Humanity in School Science
    A resource site
    and discussion forum
    arranged by members of the
    British Society for
    the History of Science
    Biographies and background
    Where to get information about particular scientists
    and episodes in science
    Other useful sites include:

    16. Biographical Information
    For individual biographies of specific individuals try For example KEYWORD biographyAND hispanic KEYWORD biography AND scientists KEYWORD women authors
    There are many biography resources which include Web sites, books and encyclopedias. Some biography sources focus on famous people while others focus on people who are related to a specific subject area for group of people. Select the resources you need depending on the person you are researching.
    Locating Books through Web Pals
    For individual biographies of specific individuals try a KEYWORD SEARCH on WebPals in the Library Catalog under the name of individual you are searching for. For example: KEYWORD: biography AND hispanic KEYWORD: biography AND scientists KEYWORD: women authors KEYWORD: afro american OR black writers
    Browsing the Collection
    For biographical information browse the Reference Collection and the Circulating Collection under the following range of numbers in the Dewey Decimal Classification System:
    • for general biography: 920 for biographies of scientists: 300, 509, 810 for biographies of authors: 808.8-899. Note: In this range, biographical information is often found with criticism of the author's work. See also the pathfinder Literary Criticism
    Selected Reference Sources
    If the individual is a famous figure in history or well known for some noteworthy accomplishment, s/he may be in a

    17. Finding Biographical Information
    Many sources of brief biographies are dedicated to specific subjects, suchas writers, scientists, politicians, etc. When Did the Person Live?
    Locating information from full-length books to brief Internet resources.
    How Much Do Information Do You Need?
    The first step when searching for information about a person is to decide how much information you want. This will have a major effect on where to look, because there are sources with brief factual information all the way up to full-length books with deep analysis. If you need a full-length biography, read the section in the box to the right. The sources listed below have briefer information, anywhere from a paragraph to several pages. These are a mix of print and online resources. If you have questions about how to access any of these, contact a library The second step in looking for biographical information is to focus your search. Many biography sources specialize in their coverage. Think about the following factors. Why Is the Person Famous? Many sources of brief biographies are dedicated to specific subjects, such as writers, scientists, politicians, etc. When Did the Person Live? Some sources only cover living people, some only dead, some are a mix. Also think about how long a living person has been famous. The more recent the person, the less likely it is they will appear in reference sources. Magazine articles and the web are probably going to be more useful.

    18. People: Biographies
    Builders Titans TIME 100 scientists Thinkers THE MILITARY biographies Militarybiographies Biography Information Contents SELECT A specific TOPIC OR
    Updated February 10, 2002
    Biographical Dictionary
    Who2 Homepage

    Famous Birthdays

    Past TIME Men of the Year
    Biographies - Important People

    Zarate's Political Collections (ZPC)

    Political Leaders, 1945-Present


    Women Leaders of the World
    ... The Political Graveyard For more, please visit my Country Information and General World History pages. FAMOUS PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY Famous Historical Americans Who's Who in American History USA: index to biographies-area Meet Amazing Americans ... AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY: BIOGRAPHY OF THE DAY For more, please visit my General U.S.A. History 50 states From Colonies to Revolution 19th Century America ... Presidents , and TEXAS pages. BIOGRAPHIES BY ETHNICITY FAMOUS AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS ASIAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS HISPANIC AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES ... Famous Hispanics in the World and History For much more, please visit my Non-Western Cultures African Americans Native Americans , and Meso and Latin America pages.

    19. For Kids Only: Homework
    People of the Old West. top. specific Sites. Authors. top. Celebrities top. scientists Inventors Astronaut biographies; Benjamin Franklin Glimpses of
    Click picture to visit another page:
    Homework search engines, subject guides, and resources Click here to find homework help sites and electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    General Authors Celebrities Discoverers/Explorers ... Women General Sites: FT=full text of articles is available online
    (if asked to login, type in your library card number and password) top Specific Sites Authors top Celebrities: top Discoverers/Explorers top Multicultural

    20. Hall Biographies - Biography About Leaders, Professionals, Academics And Royalty
    Philosophers; scientists; Social scientists Psychologists; Sociologists. BrowseBiographies Memoirs Books. Collections; Regional US; specific Groups; Sports
    Browse Leaders Books Browse Leaders Bristish Books

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