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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (100)
  1. Lyell in America: Transatlantic Geology, 1841-1853 by Professor Leonard G. Wilson, 1998-10-06
  2. The Hancocks of Marlborough: Rubber, Art and the Industrial Revolution - A Family of Inventive Genius by John Loadman, Francis James, 2009-11-23
  3. Inventing Modern: Growing up with X-Rays, Skyscrapers, and Tailfins by John H. Lienhard, 2005-06-09
  4. In the Arms of Africa: The Life of Colin Turnbull by Roy Richard Grinker, 2001-11-01
  5. Spirit Alive: A Woman's Healing from Cult Ritual Abuse by Jadelinn, 1998
  6. Adam Smith by Francis W. Hirst, 2003-04-24
  7. Good Chemistry: The Life and Legacy of Valium Inventor Leo Sternbach by Alex Baenninger, Alex Baenninger , 2003-10-15
  8. Strange Blooms: The Curious Lives and Adventures of the John Tradescants by Jennifer Potter, 2008-05-01
  9. Goethe (Life & Times) by Peter Boerner, 2006-05-01
  10. J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life by the late Abraham Pais, 2006-02-17
  11. Surviving Madness:A Therapist's Own Story (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies) by Betty Berzon, 2002-04-21
  12. The Man Who Ran the Moon: James E. Webb, NASA, and the Secret History of Project Apollo by Piers Bizony, 2007-05-22
  13. Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology: Volume V
  14. Red Cosmos: K. E. Tsiolkovskii, Grandfather of Soviet Rocketry (Centennial of Flight Series) by Dr. James T. Andrews Ph.D, 2009-10-28

81. Biography Pathfinder
To find a biography on a specific person choose of Past and Present This site hasbiographies of women There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state
Biography Reference Resource s
Reference section- non-circulating books , find according to LC# - check for the red dot on the spine
To locate books at Quinn Library in ALICE
General Biography Reference books (non-circulating):
  • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner do a SUBJECT search of biography dictionaries (it will break down to a list of LC Subjects - just choose Biography Dictionaries)
More specific Biography books (circulating and additional reference books):
  • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner do a SUBJECT search on Biography this will bring up list of LC Subjects note that a lot of these books are in the LC# (Library of Congress call number) CT. You can also browse that section in the stacks. Or, do the KEYWORD search: biography, then limit the search to Book/English - this will reap a wonderful list of specific biographic titles.
To find a biography on a specific person
  • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner

82. Biographical Collections
technologie Troyes Quelques biographies des grands Xavier Bataille NaturwissenschaftlerScientists Niester Personen Relation between the specific Gravities of
Biographical Collections Minorities in Science LSU
4000 Years of Women in Science: Biographies

Great Chemists who aren't dead white guys

Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography

Famous Scientists
Index of Inventors
Inventure Place
FECS Millennium Project: 100 Distinguished European Chemists

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Chemical Achievers
The Chemical Heritage Foundation
The History of Chemistry
1992 Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute
Biographies: The Scientists
Peter Landry Index to Biographical Entries : The Columbia Encyclopedia Nobel Prize Winners Chemistry McGraw-Hill Europe’s favourite chemists? Timeline Chemical Society A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries PBS The Nobel Prize Internet Archive (chemistry) Indexes of Biographies GAP St. Andrews Female mathematicians GAP St. Andrews Seismic Scientists... Allegheny Energy Underground International Association of Mathematical Physics R. F. Streater

83. North Bethesda MS
that bring you to the most specific sites on Black Biography; Grolier Library of InternationalBiographies; Distinguished African American scientists of the 20th
PROJECTS 6th Grade Science Percy Julian Pathfinders will help you find information on the Internet and in the Media Center about your topic. Search as many places as necessary in order to gather information for your research. To help you with this process, refer to the Search Engine Strategy Plan which will make your list of hits more on target. In the media center students will learn about the resources available to them. They will follow the steps below and then then access the print and non print information. Notes will be taken on their worksheets. Step 1: Choosing key words Step 2: Using specialized Internet sources - online services Step 3: Using Internet Links Step 4: Using search engines Step 5: Using Media Center resources Step 6: Citing electronic sources Key Words Remember that you are searching for specific information on your African American Scientist. You will want to use key words that bring you to the most specific sites on the Internet. For this assignment, using the person's name will probably take you directly for information. Use last name first. For example, "Julian, Percy." Or, you can also try using a key word combination such as "soybeans AND Percy." Specialized Internet Sources - Online Services Use these on-line sources right from this page to find information about your

84. Browse Ads
Audiobooks. biographies Memoirs . Business Investing. Regional US. SpecificGroups. Sports Recreation. Travel. scientists. Social scientists Psychologists.

85. - United States - New - Library - Sciences - General Science - History
pages of astronomers and related space scientists. 25. offers this collection ofbiographies of influential html USNO details the specific contributions made

86. Homework Help With Science: From Anatomy To Weather, Including Biographies, Expe
Muslim scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomers before the European Inventions andInventors (see alsoBiographies The World of Ben Franklin specific Thingies.

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General Science Resources
Bill Nye the Science Guy makes science fun. Really! Dr. Matrix Science Web World: Junior Scientists is one of the best overall sites you will find. Groovy graphics, too. Explore Science is a virtual science lab devoted to scientific theory. Shockwave needed. Mad Scientist Network connects you to the experts. Questions submitted must be science related and are usually answered within seven days. There is a searchable archive that dates back to 1995. Science Friday Kids' Connection is one of the coolest science sites. Hosted by National Public Radio, here you can perform online experiments to learn about everything from gravity to plastic, read about emerging diseases, insects, and just about anything else you can think of. The Science Learning Network "explores how telecomputing can support inquiry-based science education." Sounds boring, right? It isn't, though. I wonder who's eye they're about to cut open there? Scientific American: Ask the Experts will answer your questions by email. The site also contains archives of information about astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, math, medicine, and physics.

87. Psyography: Biographies On Psychologists
of behavior, 19 of which were shared by men and animals, and the other eight specificto humans Both religious leaders and scientists were offended by his work




Franz Josef Gall Researched and written by : Dennis T. Cheng

I attest that the following biography is a product of my own original work. Biography
One of the most well known scientists of the 18th century, Franz Josef Gall was a renowned anatomist, and physiologist. He was most widely known for his concepts of localized functions in the brain, and cranioscopy (later referred to as phrenology). Gall’s main goal was to develop a functional anatomy and physiology of the brain as well as a revised psychology of personality as “organology” (
Gall’s Life
Franz Josef Gall was born on March 9, 1758, in the village of Tiefenbronn in Baden, Germany to a family of devout Roman Catholics ( Gall began his education with his uncle, a catholic priest, then continued in schools in Baden and Bruchsal. In 1777, at the age of 19, Gall went to Strasbourg and began medical studies under Jean Hermann. It was here that Gall developed his interest for research, particularly the natural sciences and comparative anatomy.
Gall also married a young woman named Miss Leisler, (whose first name was not recorded) while he was in Strasbourg ( Even though Gall was married, he had a number of mistresses, one of whom eventually gave birth to his son, Hamann ( Because of this, Gall’s marriage was not a happy one, but he would not let this interfere with his work. Gall was quoted as saying, “Neither sin nor friends will ever leave me” (as cited in

88. Chandra Press Room :: Scientists Observe Light Fighting To Escape Black Hole's P
gas surrounding a black hole, called an accretion disk The scientists captured bright peaks(emission lines) where light shines brightly at a specific energy.
Scientists Observe Light Fighting To Escape Black Hole's Pull
June 28, 2002
This illustration represents the immediate vicinity of the black hole, with the event horizon depicted as a black sphere.
Credit: NASA Scientists have found new evidence that light emanating from near a black hole loses energy climbing out of a gravitational well created by the black hole, a key prediction of Einstein's theory of general relativity.
Black holes are celestial objects with gravity so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape from them once past their boundary, called the event horizon. This makes a black hole invisible, but black holes reveal their presence by their strong pull on matter that is close to but not beyond their event horizons.
Astronomers want to observe the regions near black holes because they believe that a black hole's powerful gravity will warp the space and time next to it in accord with the bizarre predictions of Einstein's theory.
This observation of warped space, made with the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the XMM-Newton satellite, also offers a novel glimpse inside that chaotic swirl of gas surrounding a black hole, called an accretion disk: The scientists captured bright hotspots in small, localized regions within the disk, a crucial step needed to map such a region.
Dr. T. Jane Turner of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is the lead author of an Astrophysical Journal letter published this week discussing these results.

89. BUY.COM -
Books biographies Audiobooks Billy Billy Our Price $13.26 You Save $5.69Buy Billy Books biographies Audiobooks Now a favorite of American

90. ASU Noble Library - Scientific Biography
Science Reference Room Biographical Information in Science, Health and Engineering TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION GENERAL BIOGRAPHY Biographical information about individuals in all fields of endeavor. SCIENCE BIOGRAPHY IN GENERAL Biographical
Science Reference Room
Biographical Information in Science, Health and Engineering
    Biographical information about individuals in all fields of endeavor.
    Biographical information about individuals in all fields of science and engineering.
  • INTRODUCTION Listed below are a series of sources that should be useful in locating biographical information on scientists and engineers. Reference books and web sites have been included. The listed reference books can be found in the Science Reference Department of Noble Library and in the Reference Department of Hayden Library. The call number of the book indicates the location. This is not an exhaustive list GO TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Although not devoted to science this web site offers a wealth of biographical informational sources in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It is offered by the Hayden Reference Department at ASU.
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