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  1. The Myth of Post-Racial America: Searching for Equality in the Age of Materialism by H. Kaplan, 2011-01-16
  2. A History of Online Information Services, 1963-1976 by Charles P. Bourne, Trudi Bellardo Hahn, 2003-09-14

1. Search Strategies: Search With Peripheral Vision
"affirmative action", specific, accepted meaning in word cluster have NO distinctive words or phrases you thinking about your topic before you start searching is to determine what
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial Recommended Search Strategy:

UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops About This Tutorial Table of Contents Handouts Glossary
The Five-Step Search Strategy We Recommend
Step #1. Analyze your topic to decide where to begin
Click here for a printable FORM you may use to Analyze Your Topic (pdf file). PDF files Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software, which is available free from Adobe if you need it. Does your topic...
have distinctive words or phrases?
methernitha , unique meaning
"affirmative action" , specific, accepted meaning in word cluster
have NO distinctive words or phrases you can think of? You have only common or general terms that get the "wrong" pages.
"order out of chaos" , used in too many contexts to be useful
sundiata , retrieves a myth, a rock group, a person, etc.
seek an overview of a broad topic?

2. WTMS: A System For Collecting And Analysing Topic-Specific Web Information
J. Carriere and R. Kazman. searching and Visualizing the Web through Connectivity. FocussedCrawling a New Approach to topicspecific Web Resource Discovery.
WTMS: A System for Collecting and Analyzing Topic-Specific Web Information
Sougata Mukherjea
San Jose, Ca, USA
With the explosive growth of the World-Wide Web, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to collect and analyze Web pages that are relevant to a particular topic. To address this problem we are developing WTMS, a system for Web Topic Management. In this paper we explain how the WTMS crawler efficiently collects Web pages for a topic. We also introduce the user interface of the system that integrates several techniques for analyzing the collection. Moreover, we present the various views of the interface that allow navigation through the information space. We highlight several examples to show how the system enables the user to gain useful insights about the collection.
Keywords: World-Wide Web, Topic Management, Focussed Crawling, Information Visualization, Graph Algorithms, Hubs, Authorities
1. Introduction
The World-Wide Web is undoubtedly the best source for getting information on any topic. Therefore, more and more people use the Web for topic management ], the task of gathering, evaluating and organizing information resources on the Web. Users may investigate topics both for professional or personal interests.

3. ItrainOnline: Resources For Trainers - Topic-Specific
topicspecific Resources for Trainers. A good resource for Excel trainers with specificquestions and techniques to improve your Internet searching, (iii) Review

Recursos en Español

Ressources en Français

Other Languages

... Home
Topic-Specific Resources for Trainers
Basic Skills
Computer Basics - General
File Type Extensions Developed by: Computer User High-Tech Dictionary
Type of resource: Web page
Target audience: General, Trainers
Cost: Free or open source These extensions at the end of a filename refer to the type of file it is. This information is used by your operating system to launch an appropriate program when you click on the filename. Example: file.txt is a text file and can be opened by a text editor program.

How to Back up Data Developed by: CompuMentor
Type of resource: Article Target audience: General, Trainers Cost: Free or open source How effective would you be if your email, word processing documents and contact database were wiped out? How many hours would it take to rebuild that information from scratch? Backing up your data regularly is vital insurance against a "data catastrophe." This article by CompuMentor explains how to protect your data and improve the performance of your computer.

4. Searching For Information On A Specific Topic
searching for Information on a specific topic. AllIn-One Search Page;Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Resource Guides; CUI W3 Catalog;
Searching for Information on a Specific Topic
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
Updated November 1995

5. Using And Understanding The Internet: Searching The Internet
Guide to Effective Internet searching An indepth guide to searching. ArgusClearinghouse Offers links to topicspecific directories.
Searching the Internet
It's been said that the Internet is like a huge public library with no card catalog. These collections and search tools represent the efforts of many individuals and organizations to improve access to information on the Internet. Each one is organized or searches differently, so the choice is yours to decide which one works the best for your style of inquiry. Some provide references across many applications (like the WWW, Gopher, and FTP) and others concentrate on cataloging the growth of the World Wide Web only. Think of each link below as a jumping off point, as they all provide hundreds (some thousands) of choices of where to go next. How to Search the Net Subject Directories
Search Engines
Meta-Search Engines ... What's New
How to Search the Net
The Mystery Solved: Exploring the Differences Between Search Engines and Directories
Kathy Schrock has created a simple slide show explaining the different types of search tools and when to use them. For instructions on how to search see another slide show entitled Effective Search Strategies . Although this site is made for teachers, any beginner will find it helpful.

6. Welcome To BrightPlanet
Crawling A New Approach to. topicspecific Web Resource Discovery1 of web documents on specific topics, using modest desktop and/or refine specific topic nodes in the taxonomy,
Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet Section 1: Searching with Internet Provided Resources Your ability to find the information you seek on the Internet is a function of how precise your queries are and how effectively you use search services. Poor queries return poor results; good queries return great results. Contrary to the hype surrounding "intelligent agents" and "artificial intelligence," the fact remains that search results are only as good as the query you pose and how you search. There is no silver bullet.
There are very effective ways to "structure" a query and use special operators to target the results you seek. Absent these techniques, you will spend endless hours looking at useless documents that do not contain the information you want. Or you will give up in frustration after search-click-download-reviewing long lists of documents before you find what you want.
This tutorial is organized to proceed from the basics to more advanced topics. It is divided into two sections: "Searching with Internet Provided Resources" and "Using a Powerful Desktop Resource: LexiBot

7. Searching For Specific Alumni
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8. Clip Art Of Everything And How To Find It Plus Creation Tutorials And The Help C
Choose clip art topics when searching for general topic specific images. Chooseclip art topics when searching for general topic specific images.
zfp=-1 About Web Clip Art Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Web Clip Art
with Bobbie Peachey
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects BUYER'S GUIDE Before You Buy
Top Picks

Flower Gifts and Products
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Advertising Free Credit Report
Free Psychics

Clip Art of Everything: How To Find It
Guide picks Clip art of everything and how to find it, holiday clip art, Web page basics and extras, plus creation tutorials and the help center.
The Big List of A - Z Clip Art
The big list A-Z clip art on one large page. When clicking a link on this list you may reach a page of links where you will need to browse the link annotations to find the specific clip art image you want. Example: clicking on Hot Air Balloons will take you to the Air Vehicle Clip Art index. Browse the link annotations to find sites with hot air balloons. Clip Art of Everything New An expanded list of main indexes of clip art and all the related clip art categories in each main index. If you are looking for sports clip art, cursor down the list to Sports to find all the sports clip art categories. Clip Art: Holidays and Special Occasions New Locate holiday clip art and special occasion clip art by browsing these indexes and categories.

9. CNET's Ultimate Guide To Search - Software Reviews -
topicspecific Search Sites Even the best metasearcher or search every corner of theworld and on any topic. reviews and more From Search IQ searching tips and

tech sites: Price comparisons Product reviews Tech news Downloads ... Site map
In Internet utilities In Software All CNET The Web CNET Software Internet utilities Search tools CNET's Ultimate Guide to Search
Topic-Specific Search Sites

Even the best metasearcher or search engine in the universe can't find everything. Sometimes you need a search site that focuses on the subject matter you're looking for. Vertical portals, or vortals , such as and WebMD, cover certain topics so that you don't waste time culling through larger search sites. To help you find vortals for your needs, we've come up with a partial list of what's out there: Site Focus Bible Gateway The Bible (an online concordance) Biolinks Scientific articles, journals, Web sites CitySearch Regional information such as traffic, restaurants, movies, and weather Recipes, cookware Deja news Postings on Usenet newsgroups Dr. Koop Health information eHow Tips and how-to information on many topics EMusic Downloadable MP3s Expedia Travel Recipes, restaurant guides

10. Of All Other Smaller Directories On Different Sp
specific Web Search Learning Query Modifications (Correct). Learnable Crawling An Efficient Approach to topic-specific Kleinberg - 1998. 98 searching the world wide web
Directory of Topic-Specific Directories We list smaller directories on many special topics. Make your search easy!!
Bookmark this page: hit Ctrl+D or click here ( IE users)
Premium directory Español Français Deutsch ... Add URL is a collection of smaller directories categorized by specific topic.
Here you can get the information you would never find on search engines. Make EASY money smarter-not harder! NOTE:
search option does not produce accurate result
Choose category

Relationships All categories Romance/Marriage Adult Wedding Other related Choose category
Business All Categories Stock Market Banks Bus.opp/Marketing E-zines/Classifieds Real Estate Construction Lawyers Office/Furniture Products/Services Import/Export Communications Oil/Gas/Minerals Agriculture/farmers Other related Choose category
Entertainment All categories Games Music Movies/ Video Tickets Casino Radio TV Photography Art Jokes/Comedy Other related Choose category
General All Categories Free Stuff Auto/Moto/Boat Home/Garden Choose category Printed Media All Categories Newspapers/News Books Publishers Other related Choose category Career All Categories Job Schools/Universities Other related Choose category Global Search All Categories Search Engines Other related Choose category Leisure All Categories Travel/Geography Sport/Fishing Hotels Airlines/Airfare Other related Choose category Computer

11. CNET's Ultimate Guide To Search -
topicspecific Search Sites Specialized sites help you track down specific information,from long engine reviews and more From Search IQ searching tips and

tech sites: Price comparisons Product reviews Tech news Downloads ... Site map Internet Services Domain Names All CNET The Web
Internet CNET's Ultimate Guide to Search
By Yael Li-Ron
If your Web searches turn up nothing but nonsense, read on. 1. Pokemon 2. Britney Spears 3. Dragonball 4. The WWF 5. Eminem 6. Tattoos 7. Napster 8. Pam Anderson 9. Mother's Day 10. Victoria's Secret According to Lycos's top 50 queries, the ten most popular searches are all about entertainment, games, and sex (from the Lycos 50 Daily Report , May 20, 2000). More than 119 million U.S. households have Internet access. And, after email, research (which includes general Web searches) is the next most popular reason people use the Internet, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' 1999 Consumer Technology Survey . But for many of us, it's harder to find information on the Web than it is to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. Whenever we search online, we get either hundreds of irrelevant and out-of-date links or no results at all. Fortunately, with the right search site at your side and a few pointers to help you narrow down your searches, you can find any tidbit of information on the Web. We'll show you where to find the best search sites, explain how the different sites work, and teach you how to make them perform for you.

12. Citations Focused Crawling A New Approach To Topic-specific Web
A new approach to topicspecific web resource discovery. In Proceedings of the EighthInternational World Wide Web Conference, 1999. searching the Web - Arasu

13. Focused Crawling A New Approach To Topic-specific Web Resource
Dom , title = Focused crawling a new approach to topicspecific {Web} resource sourcesin a hyperlinked environment - Kleinberg - 1998 98 searching the world

14. Cybergrrl Tech Tips: Searching The Web: 5 Easy Tips
You will, for instance, eliminate all xxx sites so often found in search enginesas soon as the word woman is used, searching in this topicspecific directory.

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Cybergrrl Tech Tips continued
Searching the Web: 5 Easy Tips
If you are searching to learn more about a topic in a specific topic area, you can often be very successful very quickly by using a directory about that topic from the start. Femina is an example of a directory of sites for, by and about women. You will, for instance, eliminate all xxx sites so often found in search engines as soon as the word woman is used, searching in this topic-specific directory. You can also search in Yahoo! for the topic and the word Indices (cars + indices) to find lists of sites that are directories for a specific topic. If you are searching for a specific phrase, you may want to go right to a search engine and use Boolean logic to search for the phrase. If you are looking for information regarding a specific business or school, you can often guess the URL and head directly to the home site. For instance, most universities are the name of the and many businesses are the name of the while many organizations are the name of the "And last but not least, share, share and share your searches with friends and colleagues."

15. Fagan Finder > Searching > Topic Clustering
however when you get very specific the folders WiseNut WiseNut's topic clusters, calledWiseGuide Categories link which is equivalant to searching the whole web
Fagan Finder Searching > Topic Clustering Payday Loans Calling Cards sponsors Note: The terms cluster, group, subject, category, topic, and folder, all mean generally the same thing within this page. In This Page:
What is the Point of Topic Clustering?

What is Clustering?

How does Topic Clustering Work?

Northern Light

What is the Point of Topic Clustering?
are edited and organized by humans, and all websites are listed in a hierarchy, grouped according to their topic, and sub topics are listed within topics. Search engines' databases have no such structure, which would help to focus in on a topic. Many words and phrases have multiple meanings, and this is not a problem for directories, but it is for search engines. Homer was a Greek writer and is also a character on The Simpsons . To solve this problem, many search engines are enhanced by also using a directory. For example, a search for Homer on Google will have two categories listed, Homer the Greek and Homer Simpson (I have shortened the directory folder names). However, when you browse these categories, you are just using a directory and have lost the benefits of a search engine. The solution to all this, is topic clustering. What is Clustering?

16. Fagan Finder > Searching > Meta Search Tools
tools for different topics, which include topicspecific sources including The MetaSearching Trend With more and more are meta searches on most topic pages on
Fagan Finder Searching > Meta Search Tools Payday Loans Calling Cards sponsors See Meta Search Engines to use meta search engines. In This Page:
What are Meta Search Engines?

How do Meta Search Engines Work?

What Makes a Good Meta Search Engine?

The Meta Searching Trend

What are Meta Search Engines?
True meta search tools do not have their own database. They send your query to several search engines or directories at once, and consolidate all the results onto the same page. The point is to save time by using several search engines at the same time, helping you find obscure items. The term "meta search engine" is often misused. Some tools which do not consolidate results, but just stitch together results pages from various search tools are not meta search engines. Even websites similar to Fagan Finder have been called meta search engines, however they are not. How do Meta Search Engines Work?
Meta search engines will perform your search on each of the sources they include. They will go to the results pages, and parse (extract) the results from them. They record all this, and then manipulate this data however they want, such as removing duplicates. After they have processed the results, they create an HTML page with them listed, which is what you see. What Makes a Good Meta Search Engine?

17. The University Of Queensland Library Internet Search Tools
Search engines If you need one specific piece of information on a topic you can areall different, so you need to become proficient in searching the one you
UQ Home Search Maps Contacts ... Library [ This page is yet to be modified. ]
Getting Started on the Internet
Think carefully about what you are looking for before you start.
  • Is your topic specific or broad?
  • Are you looking for a general introduction to a subject or for one specific
    piece of information?
These decisions will influence your choice of search tool. This is important, as no single search tool is right for every type of Internet search. Subject directories
If you are searching for information on a general topic, start with a subject directory . These provide browseable categories, e.g. Health, Business, Computers. You can also search by word within the index. The Library provides links to four types of subject directories
providing links to the most popular directories, e.g. Yahoo
providing links to directories compiled by librarians or designed more for academic use, e.g. BUBL
Subject-specific directories
providing links to a directory on one specific topic, e.g. law, medicine
Australian-only directories
providing links to sites within the Australian part of the Web
Search engines
If you need one specific piece of information on a topic you can identify in a few well-chosen words, you can try a

18. Internet Searching
Subjectspecific directories Browse subject sites on one topic, Australian-only Business/companyinformation searching and directories, People finders Email
UQ Home UQ Search UQ Maps UQ Contacts ... Library C YBRARY Internet Searching World Class: Be Part of It Search: Cybrary Ask IT All UQ for:
QUICK LINKS Ask aCybrarian
IT ...
Learning to Use the Net

ON THIS SITE Catalogue
Course Materials

eJournals ... Internet Internet Searching Getting started with searching
General subject directories
Browse sites arranged by topic

Academic subject directories
Browse subject sites compiled by experts

Subject-specific directories
Browse subject sites on one topic

Australian-only search engines
Search for Australian sites
Search engines
Search by name, word or phrase
Meta-search engines
Search using a range of engines
Business/company information
Searching and directories
People finders
Email, phone/fax, street addresses
Government information
Search Australian and international government web sites
Invisible Web
Find Web-based bibliographic, statistical and other databases inaccessible to search engines
Newspaper search
Search Web-based newspaper archives
Online discussions
Search newsgroups, discussions, Web forums

19. Things To Know Before You Begin Searching
be on any topic, can be trivial, commercial, taskspecific, or a rich treasure devotedto your topic. databases; and sometimes by keyword searching in general
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial About this new look Things To Know Before You Begin Searching
UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops About This Tutorial Table of Contents Handouts Glossary The URL of this page is
What are you really searching?
Types of search tools currently available (table)

Where should I begin?

What other tools exist to find information through the Internet?
What are you really searching?
Finding the Web documents (a.k.a. Web "pages" or " sites ") you want can be easy or seem impossibly difficult. This is in part due to the sheer size of the WWW, currently estimated to contain 3 billion documents. It is also because the WWW is not indexed in any standard vocabulary. Unlike a library's catalogs, in which can use standardized Library of Congress subject headings to find books in most large, general libraries in the U.S., in Web searching you are always guessing what words will be in the pages you want to find or guessing what subject terms were chosen by someone to organize a web page or site covering some topic. When you do what is called "searching the Web," you are NOT searching it directly. It is not possible to search the WWW directly. The Web is the totality of the many web pages which reside on computers (called "

20. The Spire Project: Searching The Web
Not all search engines are global, and the regional or topicspecific searchtools are valuable in searching a more tightly focused collection.
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Search Engines


Unified Global Search Engines by
Recognizes and translates title: url: domain: and link:
Altavista All-the-Web HotBot Debriefing Google Global Directories
Yahoo Open Directory Project Looksmart W3 Virtual Library
W ebpages are often of unknown age, of only guessed at quality and potentially the easiest information to retrieve. There are many points of entry to web resources but search tools differ. Try to match your search tool to your question. To start, you will need to learn something of the different tools - introduced below - and four basic search techniques: Boolean Proximity Field Searches Truncation I nternet
Global Search Engines
When searching for a topic with precise descriptive terms, use a large international search engine. Always place the Boolean symbol before each search word (like this: ) to insist all words appear in the results. Quotes keep words together ( ). These two simple steps dramatically improve results. Keep adding words and search limits until the number of matches is reasonable. Altavista , among other tools, has a very large fast search engine. Allows for

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