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         Seismology Geology:     more books (100)
  1. Elementary Seismology (Books in Geology) by Charles F. Richter, 1958-06
  2. Founders of Seismology (History of geology) by Charles Davidson, 1978-06
  3. Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology: With Sample Data, Exercises and Software by Jens Havskov, Lars Ottemoller, 2010-05-24
  4. Seismology, (Prentice-Hall geology series) by Perry Byerly, 1942
  5. Arrays and Array Methods in Global Seismology
  6. Historical Seismology: Interdisciplinary Studies of Past and Recent Earthquakes (Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences)
  7. Seismic Facies and Sedimentary Processes of Submarine Fans and Turbidite Systems (Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology)
  8. California Geology (2nd Edition) by Deborah Harden, 2003-11-14
  9. An Introduction to the Theory of Seismology by K. E. Bullen, 1985-11-27
  10. Geology of Earthquakes by Robert S. Yeats, Kerry E. Sieh, et all 1997-01-02
  11. Perspectives in Modern Seismology (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)
  12. Seismology by Hugh Doyle, 1996-08-24
  13. Greenstone Belts (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics)
  14. Seismic Images of Modern Convergent Margin Tectonic Structure (Aapg Studies in Geology)

1. Vulcanology & Seismology Geology And Palaeontology Q Of The Earth Brian J Mitche
Vulcanology seismology geology and Palaeontology Q of the Earth BrianJ Mitchell. Vulcanology seismology geology and Palaeontology
Title: Q of the Earth
Author: Brian J Mitchell
Beatrix Ruf Ugo Rondinone...
Zdenek Felix Andrea Zittel...

Ulrich Krempel Christoph Rihs...

Silke Krieger Confucianism and...
Bartkowski Oliver DVD Guide d...

2. Vulcanology & Seismology Geology And Palaeontology Seismic Waves In Laterally In
Vulcanology seismology geology and Palaeontology Seismic Waves in LaterallyInhomogenous Media Ivan Psencik. Vulcanology seismology
Title: Seismic Waves in Laterally Inhomogenous Media
Author: Ivan Psencik
Jorg T Epplen DNA Profiling an...
J C Lacal Microinjection...

Rochat Herve Animal Toxins...

L Gordon Letts Inflammatory Pr...
Bartkowski Oliver DVD Guide d...

3. Petrology Geochemistry Mineralogy Vulcanology & Seismology Geology And Palaeonto
Petrology Geochemistry Mineralogy Vulcanology seismology geology andPalaeontology Enclaves and Granite Petrology J Didier. Petrology
Title: Enclaves and Granite Petrology
Author: J Didier
Richard M Peters Perioperative...
Tawfik Jelassi Decision Suppor...

M Husek Recent Progress in Gen...

M S Zhdanov Geotechnical Metho...
Jammers Antonius, Klemp Egon...

4. Geophysics Vulcanology & Seismology Geology And Palaeontology Anatomy Of Seismog
Geophysics Vulcanology seismology geology and Palaeontology Anatomyof Seismograms Ota Kulhanek. Geophysics Vulcanology seismology
Title: Anatomy of Seismograms
Author: Ota Kulhanek
John B Braden Measuring the De...
G Baeten Advances in Explorati...

S Li Freshwater Fish Culture i...

S S Bhojwani Plant Tissue Cult...
Jammers Antonius, Klemp Egon...

5. A J Mendecki Seismic Monitoring In Mines Vulcanology & Seismology Geology And Pa
AJ Mendecki Seismic Monitoring in Mines Vulcanology seismology geologyand Palaeontology. AJ Mendecki Seismic Monitoring in Mines
Seismic Monitoring in Mines
A J Mendecki
Biopsy Pathology of the Prostate...

Implementing Systems for Supporting Mana...

Advanced IT Tools...

Analytical Population Dynamics...

6. Magmatic Processes And Plate Tectonics Structure & Properties Of The Earth Vulca
Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics Structure properties of theEarth Vulcanology seismology geology and Palaeontology CR Neary.
Title: Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics
Author: C R Neary
M Kamaluddin 100 F-16s and AGN...
E W Hutchings Hammer and Tongs...

A K Ghosh India's Defence Budg...

Jarg Malkeet Singh After the B...
Gehrke Rudolf Anekdoten von F...

7.427 7.428 7.431 7.432 7.433 7.463 7.466 7.481 7.483, Metamorphism, Structure andTectonics Engineering Geology Exploration seismology geology and Geophysics
Updated: May 14, 2001 Course descriptions are listed under Undergraduate Courses. For additional information contact the Department of Geological Sciences at (204) 474-9677. NOTE : The General Calendar of the University of Manitoba, which is the official document describing the University and its programs, takes presidence over any material listed here.
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours Additional The Dynamic Earth 7.134 (with lab - B)
7.144 (without lab - B) One of:
  • The Evolving Earth
  • Environmental Earth Science
  • The Earth in Space

Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology 7.123 (B) Physical and Historical Geology (7.123) is offered as a combination of "The Dynamic Earth and "The Evolving Earth". Earth and Planetary Science 7.124 (B) Earth and Planetary Science (7.124) is offered as a combination of "The Dynamic Earth and "The Earth in Space". Electives A Science background is recommended. Six (6) credit hours from the Faculty of Arts, which should include the "W" course. YEAR II Course Name Course Number Credit Hours Additional Geophysics Environmental Geology Structural Geology Intro. Mineralogy

8. Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics Group
Chapter 03. seismology geology. Surely if the Earth was hollow then seismologists would have discovered it by now?

quakes. Because it relates directly to the energy released by an earthquake,it has become the standard in modern seismology. mainshock
    Any earthquake which occurs after a larger earthquake (a mainshock ) within one rupture-length of the original fault rupture and before the seismicity rate in that area has returned to the background (pre-mainshock) level is generally considered an aftershock. For some earthquakes, a specific "aftershock zone" may be defined, in lieu of the one-rupture-length rule given above.
    Aseismic slip, very similar to creep , that occurs along a fault ruptured by a large earthquake in the months following that event.
    Loose material clay, silt, sand, gravel, and larger rocks washed down from hills and mountains and deposited in low areas.
Alquist-Priolo Act Basin and Range
    An area of the southwestern United States characterized by roughly parallel mountain ranges and valleys, formed by a series of tilted fault blocks, and brought about by tectonic extension of the region. As is true of any region experiencing crustal extension, normal faulting is common here. (This name can apply generally to any zone of similar landforms and tectonics.)
blind thrust fault
    A shallow-dipping reverse fault which terminates before it reaches the surface. When it breaks, therefore, it may produce uplift, but never any clear surface rupture. Many still-unknown blind thrust faults may exist in southern California. Two examples of known blind thrust faults: the Elysian Park Thrust, which runs underneath downtown Los Angeles and the Northridge Thrust Fault, which ruptured in the 1994 Northridge quake.

10. Ask An Earth-Scientist
Experts at the U of Hawaii answer questions about volcanoes and igneous rocks, earthquakes and seismology, natural disasters, geochemistry, the environment, pollution, hydrology and water quality, minerals, gems and crystals, geophysics, sediments and sedimentary rocks, and just plain ol' geology.
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  • 11. Ed Rogers Rare & Out Of Print Books - Rare Paleontology Books
    Also including books on paleontology, mineralogy, mining, explorations, early surveys, volcanology, seismology and meteoritics.
    Ed Rogers
    Geoscience Books
    PO Box 455
    Poncha Springs, Colorado 81242 USA
    Web Catalog: "When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glueyou sell him a whole new life." -Christopher Morley THIS IS NEW CATALOG, SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR BOOK LISTINGS
    Mineralogy/Geology (L to Z)

    Paleontology (A to K)

    Paleontology (L to Z)
    ... Terms
    New Catalog (paleontology, mineralogy, meteoritics, mining, railroads) Updated March 11, 2003 See terms for ordering instructions. 1. L'Abbe de Witry; Memoire sur les Fossiles du Tournaisis et les Petrifications en General, Relativement a leur utilite pour la vie Civile. Memoires de L'Academie Imperiale et Royale,,,Bruxelles. Bruxelles, 1780. Quarto, pp. 34, 4 engraved plates of fossiles. In contemporary calf, six spine panels, gold tooled titles, red spine edges, marbled end sheets. rubbing to binding, text and plates exceptionally clean. Very rare, $1000. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR OTHER EXPANDED VIEWS 2. Abbott, George;

    12. Geology 651 Index Page
    Department of geology. Reflection seismology / geology 651 / Spring 1998
    Department of Geology Reflection Seismology / Geology 651 / Spring 1998 Instructor E-Mail Term paper instructions Texts ... Links Geology 651: Reflection Seismology Dr. Philip Carpenter Davis Hall 506B/(815) 753-1523 Office Hours: TTh 1:30-3:30 p.m. E-Mail Return to top of page Required/recommended text : Sheriff, R.E. and L.P. Geldart, 1995, Exploration Seismology , Cambridge, New York, 592 p. Course policies GRADING: 50% for 3 exams (these may be in-class or take-home) 25% for 2 short research papers (possibly including oral presentations) 25% for lab exercises, data analysis projects, graded problems Research papers, exercises, problems and projects must be handed in by the due date. Scores on late papers, exercises and projects will be reduced 10%/day to a minimum of 30% of your original score. Some problems may not be scored. You will be responsible for working out these problems and checking your answers or procedures with the key. Exam problems will be very similar to assigned problems, data analysis projects and labs.
    SYLLABUS (revised) Class Week Subject Jan. 12 Elastic wave propagation review

    13. Seismology=Geology
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    14. CICESE | División De Ciencias De La Tierra
    Research and study programs by the Centro de Investigaci³n Cient­fica y de Educaci³n Superior de Ensenada. Focus on seismology, geology and applied geophysics.
    Esta página usa marcos, pero su explorador no los admite.

    15. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program-Northern California
    Gateway to US Geological Survey web resources on earthquakes, including information on recent quakes, Category Science Earth Sciences Earthquakes Seismicity Reports...... Earthquake Research Current research activities and results in seismology,crustal structure and deformation, geology and borehole physics.
    skip navigational links Latest Quake Info General Quake Info Earthquake Research ... Search You are here: Quake Home Other USGS Earthquake Websites USGS Earthquake Homepage Central United States Pacific Northwest Southern California World - NEIC External Research Program USGS Menlo Park, CA Open House
    Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1 2003
    "Safety and Prosperity Through Science"
    Real Time Earthquake Maps

    (with fault names)


    ... Real-time Shaking Maps
    For California earthquakes of Magnitude 3.5 and larger Earthquake Probabilities for the San Francisco Bay Area
    USGS and other scientists conclude that there is a 70% probability of at least one magnitude 6.7 or greater quake, capable of causing widespread damage, striking the San Francisco Bay region before 2030. Frequently Asked Questions
    Have a question? We probably have the answer.

    16. Index.gif
    Research areas in geophysics, hydrology, structural geology, planetary geoscience, seismology, and geochemistry.

    17. Yellowstone's Seismology
    by Bob Smith from the University of Utah geology and GeoPhysics Department
    HTTP 200 Document follows Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:16:38 GMT Server: NCSA/1.5.2 Last-modified: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 22:06:47 GMT Content-type: text/html Content-length: 7140
    University of Utah
    An Interdisciplinary Academic Program in Earth Science
    Bob Smith's research interests are in seismology, tectonophysics, crustal deformation using GPS (Global Positioning System), and active tectonics. Current research projects include: 1) geodynamics of and evolution of the Yellowstone hotspot and the Yellowstone caldera, 2) seismicity and volcanic hazards of Yellowstone and operation of the Yellowstone seismograph network, and 3) crustal deformation and earthquake hazards of the Wasatch and Teton faults using GPS and fault modeling. Teaching includes tectonophysics and elastic waves, theoretical seismology, earthquake seismology and earthquake hazards, and introductory earthquakes and volcanoes. See detailed information on my courses and research below. Teaching Research Publications Graduate Student Research ... Image Gallery
    Above, from left to right: Teton Range, Wasatch Range, Steamboat Geyser, and Teton fault scarp
    Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
    The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO) was established in May 2001 to study and monitor the Yellowstone Volcanic Field. The Observatory is a collaboration between the University of Utah, the U.S. Geological Survey, and Yellowstone National Park. For more information, visit

    18. Geochemistry/Geology/Seismology Hot List
    GEOCHEMISTRY/geology/seismology LINKS. (Jump to Earthquake, Societies/Associations,or Volcano) American Geological Institute American
    (Jump to Earthquake Societies/Associations , or Volcano)
    (Jump to top , or Volcano Links on this page)
    (Jump to top or Volcano Links on this page)
    (Jump to top Earthquake or Societies/Associations Links on this page)
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    19. EQNET: Earthquake Information Network
    Links to the web sites dealing with earthquakes and earthquake engineering.Category Science Technology Earthquake Engineering...... seismology/geology/Geophysics seismology; geology; Advanced Technology ; Geodesy;Plate tectonics; Seismic Networks; Data Centers; Strong Ground Motion
    Recent Significant Earthquake Events: The February 24, 2003 Southern Xinjiang, China Earthquake The January 22, 2003 Colima, Mexico Earthquake The November 3 and 21, 2002 Northwestern Kashmir earthquakes The November 3, 2002 Central Alaska earthquake
    New Additions
    to EQNET since 01/01/2003. Search EQNET: Search Organization Name Search Keywords Show Descriptions No Yes Advanced Search Earthquake Information Directory: EQNET was last updated on April 04, 2003 Earthquake Information Services
    Library/Information Services
    Databases Directories ... Statistics ; Slides/ videos ; Press releases/ media services Agencies and Associations
    (Federal/State/Local); Regional National International Civil/structural engineering associations ... Seismic Safety Boards ; Project Impact Structural Engineering
    Earthquake Engineering Research
    Codes/Standards Lifelines ... Nonengineered Construction ; Nonstructural; Critical Facilities; Steel Frames ; Wood; Wind; Nuclear Education/Professional Development
    Curricular Materials
    ; College; Secondary; Higher Education; Continuing Education Funding Opportunities Job Listings Internships ... Geotechnical Engineering/Engineering Geology
    Liquefaction/site effects; Soil structure interaction; Microzonation; Landslides

    20. Geology Of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Home Page
    Sunset Crater geology home Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument home Sunset seismology geology field trip Education resources Geologist’s
    Tremors shook the Earth, issuing a warning to Sinagua people living nearby. Then, just over nine hundred and thirty years ago, a blink of an eye on the geologic time scale, Sunset Crater Volcano rumbled to life. Fiery lava spewed up from a central vent, drawing molten rock from ten kilometers beneath the surface. Fountains of glowing liquid lava rose hundreds of meters into the air, falling to Earth as cinders.
    virtual field trip
    seismograph Sunset Volcano button to get the details you're looking for. Sunset Crater Geology home Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument home
    Sunset seismology
    Geology field trip ... NPS Park Geology Tour home
    This site is a cooperative endeavor of the
    US Geological Survey Western Earth Surface Processes Team

    and the National Park Service
    Please share your comments and suggestions with us!
    This page was last updated on 7/9/99

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