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         Semiconductors Hardware:     more books (100)
  2. TELCOM SEMICONDUCTOR ADDS LOW-POWER VOLTAGE REF WITH OP AMP.(TC1026 power controller)(Product Announcement): An article from: Electro Manufacturing
  3. Semiconductor Circuits: Worked Examples: 1st Edition. 1966 Edition by Abrahams & Pridham, 1966
  4. The Semiconductor IP Handbook by Steve Deeley, 2006-09
  5. MHDL: a window to the future. (Microwave Hardware Description Language)(Special Editor's Report): An article from: Microwave Journal by Vladimir G. Gelnovatch, 1990-05-01
  6. The Semiconductor Data Book Supplement 2: 1967 Edition by Motorola, 1967
  7. Processors combine control, communications, data acquisition. (Computer Hardware & Software).(new from Online Development): An article from: Plastics Engineering by Hope Molinaro, 2003-05-01
  8. Efficient reversible Montgomery multiplier and its application to hardware cryptography.(Report): An article from: Journal of Computer Science by Noor Muhammed Nayeem, Lafifa Jamal, et all 2009-01-01
  9. 19-in. Unit Sets Desktop Standard.(Samsung Semiconductor)(Product Announcement): An article from: Display Development News
  11. VITESSE DEBUTS IC'S FOR SONET/SDH OC-48 TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS.(Vitesse Semiconductor VSC8131 multiplexer)(Product Announcement): An article from: Electro Manufacturing
  12. Rugged sensors; hardware for hostile environments. (includes related article on torture testing): An article from: Mechanical Engineering-CIME by Bill Evans, 1989-11-01
  13. Integrating Technology Simulation into Semiconductor Manufacturing - Bridging the Gap between TCAD and Semiconductor Manufacturing by Rainer Minixhofer, 2008-03-18

61. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Computers > Hardware > Components
Principal components consist of siliconbased semiconductors etched with complexpatterns Computers, hardware, software and solutions since 1991.

62. Semiconductor -
Search for more hardware and systems terms . . . semiconductor semiconductors makeit possible to miniaturize electronic components, such as transistors.
White Papers IT Jobs Events Research ... Media Kit CIO Update CodeGuru Update CrossNodes Networking Instant Messaging Planet Text Instant Messaging Planet HTML Practically Networked Text Practically Networked HTML Enterprise Storage Forum Text Enterprise Storage Forum HTML Optically Networked Text Optically Networked HTML Intranet Journal Update Datamation IT Management Careers Datamation IT Management Update Update Gamelan Java Update Goodies to Go Javascript Weekly Text Javascript Weekly HTML JARS Java Update OpenSource Update SysOpt Tech Notes Grid Computing Planet Text Grid Computing Planet HTML E-Security Planet Text E-Security Planet HTML IT Management
Subjects Computers News Opinions Peripherals ... SysOpt
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The Web
Search for more hardware and systems terms . . .
semiconductor Last modified: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 A material that is neither a good conductor of electricity (like copper) nor a good insulator (like rubber). The most common semiconductor materials are silicon and germanium. These materials are then

63. Siti Utili - Produttori Hardware E Datasheets
Actel, Datasheets. Adaptec, Datasheets. Advanced hardware Architectures, Datasheets. MitelSemiconductor, Datasheets. Mitsubishi semiconductors, Datasheets.

64. Atomic Scale Design Home Page
http// Instituteof semiconductors, Chinese academy of sciences; Institute of Software Micro Electronics Atomic Scale Design Subscribing How to join the list About the List Rules ... Send E-mail to List Administrators
This page lists links to microelectronics, nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, etc. resources on the internet. They are grouped as:

65. T A T A   E L X S I - P R O D U C T   D E S I G N   S E R V I C E S
Automotive Consumer Office Products - Network Telecom - semiconductors -Media - Storage - Scientific Applications - hardware Design - DSP Software
Tata Elxsi offers its customers access to world-class IC design expertise. We have expertise in the quick and accurate single ASIC design, or the complex task of building multi-million gate SOC designs.
What sets us apart is our team of experts with leading edge product design expertise in FPGA's, ASIC's, 0.12 or 0.13 micron technology, verification of processors, developing of behavioral models and technology migration.
Tata Elxsi Inside the Box™ processes and methodologies that are specifically designed for hardware design workflows.
Our Inside-the-Box™ Services
The Tata Elxsi Chip Design Center offers a comprehensive suite of services to help IC manufacturers go from paper to wafer. Tata Elxsi services are tailored to suit the needs of semiconductor manufacturers at different stages of the life cycle from product conceptualization to deployment, as shown below.
Tata Elxsi's ability to deploy technology in a product setting defines one of its core competencies. We bring significant value to relationships by going beyond silicon design to help semiconductor manufacturers target their chips to specific markets and assisting them to build reference designs and proof of concept end use applications.
ASIC/SoC design

FPGA design

Chip Support Tools

Board design
Network Telecom
Semiconductors Media Storage Scientific Applications Hardware Design ... Platform Expertise

66. 线Ë÷ÖÐ国 - Computer_and_Internet/Hardware/Semiconductors
The summary for this Chinese (Simplified) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Computer and Internet
Hardware > Semiconductors
  • NetcomponentÈ«Çòµç×Ó²¿¼þÊý¾Ý¿â
    - NetcomponentÈ«Çòµç×Ó²¿¼þÊý¾Ý¿â ×ÛºÏÐԵĵç×ÓÁãÅä¼þ´æ»õ×ÊÁÏ¿â¡£




  • ºêÓî°ëŒ§ów¹É·ÝÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾
    - Œ£˜I°ëŒ§ówœy?S, ®aÆ·°üÀ¨®aÆ·.»ìºÏ®aÆ·. ów. ¸ßîl®aÆ·¡£

  • - ÖÂÁ¦ÓÚ·ÉÀûÆÖ°ëµ¼ÌåÔÚ¹úÄÚµÄÍƹãºÍÏúÊÛ µ¥Æ¬»ú¼°ÍâΧI2CÆ÷¼þ¡¢CAN×ÜÏߵ緡£

67. TotalTech: Hardware
semiconductors Chip Investments Not Rosey Capital investment for their Home Communications Developer hardware Industry Servers Software About Us
AFFILIATES 3D Accelerated CFX Web Cydoor DICE Exams Online Lost Circuits Nugbar PC Guide PC Pitstop Penstar Systems Planet Source Code Real World Tech Searchhound Site Experts Web Builder Zone
Higher Detail Delivery
Sturdy Offering Includes Barcoding Tough Portable Debuts New Fab Finds Home ... MORE ON HARDWARE ACQUISITIONS
Holographic and diffraction gratings manufacturer Hyperfine has been acquired by Zolo Technologies, who engage in dense wavelength division multiplexing components. These companies have worked together previously, with the former supplying gratings to the latter for their firstgen photonic offerings. Many companies involved in the optical equipment market have initiated actions to ensure they have ample supplies of gratings, as such are key components for active photonic components. DISPLAYS
Higher Detail Delivery
Sturdy Offering Includes Barcoding
More info
More product details NOTEBOOKS
Tough Portable Debuts
More details
New Fab Finds Home SEMICONDUCTORS Optical Transmission Set Gets Going SEMICONDUCTORS Chip Investments Not Rosey Capital investment for their semiconductor operations have been sharply trimmed by Toshiba. Their planned expenditures for equipment and plant spending has been dropped about 30 percent from earlier pronouncements this year to around $805 million. Projections were originally based upon a chip turnaround during the second half of this year when PC sales were expected to rise from the ashes... now such positive inclinations are in doubt. Toshiba is but the first of what analysts see as a parade of announcements from other Japanese chip manufacturers all reducing their investment spending.

68. TotalTech: Hardware
semiconductors Talk Ain’t Cheap Licensing is the subject of Home Communications Developer hardware Industry Servers Software About Us Advertise
AFFILIATES 3D Accelerated CFX Web Cydoor DICE Exams Online Lost Circuits Nugbar PC Guide PC Pitstop Penstar Systems Planet Source Code Real World Tech Searchhound Site Experts Web Builder Zone
No Temporary Fab Closure
A More Mobile Java Boost For Itanium Thin Means Speed ... MORE ON HARDWARE DVD
With their Malaysian manufacturing facility set to pump out 70 percent more output, and Japanese and Mexican–based plants also "on alert", Sony has indicated their DVD player output is going to jump 60 percent this year, with some 7 million units expected to be produced. Sony has already accounted for 25 percent of the already sold 16 million DVD systems, and with pricing expected to drop as much as 30 percent this year and next, the additional production capabilities will be sorely needed — and tested. SEMICONDUCTORS
A More Mobile Java
Boost For Itanium
Thin Means Speed
No Temporary Fab Closure
SEMICONDUCTORS SERVERS Better Late Than Never SYSTEMS The signs seem to be pointing toward the end of the current "cube era" at Apple Computer. This PowerMac G4 model debuted last summer, but there have been slower than expected sales on the model and the stock in retail outlets is definitely declining. Many retailers still have Cube stock on hand, and those ordering new systems are not given an exact ship date for the models. However, looking at Apple’s history, one never knows if an iteration of this system is in the works! An additional Apple habit is to create "special bundles&#quot; for systems that may soon be changed or cancelled... this is the case for their iMacs with printer deals and other incentives to get folk to buy them. This form factor has been around since the spring of 1998, so a change may well be in the works... an iMac PDA Hmmm?

69. ITP Corporate {Group Businesses : ITP Recruitment}
semiconductors/hardware/Systems. At the very core of our technologyenabledworld economy is labyrinth of hardware systems. Our clients
var eObj = "group" var eSubObj = "recruitment" var eSubSubObj = "recruitindustry" @import url(/components/css/structure.css?cDate=20030206_3);@import url(/components/css/default.css?cDate=20030206_3); Technology Business Consumer Communications ... Contact Us the ITP network - select cellLoad(eObj,"lnon",1);cellLoad(eSubObj,"sublnon",2);cellLoad(eSubSubObj,"sublnon",3) home group ITP recruitment
ITP Recruitment
Industry Sectors
Information Technology
The ITPR Technology Practice leverages nearly 20 years of experience in the GCC, we have moved quickly to create the speed, mobility and innovative approaches essential for today's technology driven markets. The ITPR Technology Practice is about industry and functional knowledge - our team has significant experience helping our clients solve their human capital needs in the technology space. By staying on top of the industry and partnering with our clients, we are able to anticipate trends and produce substantive, measurable results.
The ITPR Technology team has a background in technology, covering Technical Architecture, Consulting, Sales and Marketing from within the largest multi nationals in the IT market today.

70. Nikkei BP AD Info--Table Of Contents
begun to attempt to secure the leadingedge semiconductor process technology andthe capability of mass-producing semiconductors. hardware manufacturers are
Home Table of Contents Index Nikkei Electronics May 06 2002 Issue
Nikkei Electronics
May 06 2002 Issue, vol. 821 This English-language summary provides a guide to the May 06 issue of Nikkei Electronics.
What's New - Domestic and International . . . p. 24
  • From Mobile Phones to Cars, Worldwide Fuel Cell Development is Overheating Optoware Takes the Initiative in Holographic Memory by Releasing 200GB Technology RIAJ Establishes Recommended Digital Copy Protected CD Mark Hitachi Places the Future of Its Semiconductor Division on the Line with "SH-Mobile" "A Server in the Palm of Your Hand;" Toshiba's Mobile Server for Delivering Video and Music Omron Looks to Easily Accessed Network Based Preventive Medical Devices and Services The Reasoning Behind the Merger of IBM's and Hitachi's HDD Division
Leading Trends US Satellite Radio Operators Appeal to the FCC to Limit 2.4GHz Wireless Networks . . . p. 53
Wireless networking technologies using the 2.4GHz frequency band - such as IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g, Bluetooth, and Home RF - are finding themselves threatened. This is because U.S. satellite radio broadcasting firms, which use frequency bands in the neighborhood of the frequency value, have filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), demanding that regulations on out-of-band emissions from 2.4GHz equipment be made much stricter than now. As the available spectrum becomes more constrained, applications of wireless systems used as means for ubiquitous communications are expected to show rapid expansion. The expansion, however, is likely to increase collisions with existing wireless systems.

71. > Applications > Semiconductors > Software > Simulation Software
iSYSTEM Develop and market a broad line of in-circuit emulator hardware andan Material data of other semiconductors can be easily added by the user. Applications Semiconductors Software ... Email page to friend
    ABI - ABI's PC-based Micro Universal EPROM Emulator / ROM Emulator System (µU-REM) is aimed at a broad range of ROM based programs and data including embedded systems, BIOS, video games, robotics, printer drivers, graphics controllers, postscript interpreters, character font libraries, and other ROM based applications. Ansoft Corporation - Ansoft offers state-of-the-art Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software used in high performance component, circuit and system design. Ansoft's simulation tools utilize electromagnetic principles to provide the levels of accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use demanded by designers of leading edge microwave, wireless, electronic, communication, motor, and solenoid systems. ANSYS, Inc. - ANSYS, Inc. continues to develop, market, support and deliver collaborative analysis optimization software tools that enhance not only product designs, development processes and time-to-market, but also, ultimately, each customer's bottom line. Apollo Photonics, Inc.

72. > Applications > Semiconductors > Software
hardware and software for moving, storing, protecting and managing data in desktopand networked environments. Oak Technology Makers of semiconductors and Applications Semiconductors Software ...
  • Test Software Abinition, Inc. - Manufacturer of AutoServer TM, is a suite of software products that enables you to integrate all your semiconductor manufacturing systems quickly and easily, enhance your MES, and optimize your internal operations to meet today's manufacturing demands. The AutoServer modules provide the full range of capabilities needed for a complete automation solution, including seamless integration with PROMIS, complete SECS protocol support, Oracle database access, and much more! ACARD - ACARD provides the adapters and chips for IDE and SCSI as well as field proven software and the complete solution with fully technical support. Accelent Systems, Inc. - Engineering consulting company providing services for FPGA/ASIC, board level, and software design. Accelerated Technology - Accelerated Technology provides embedded developers with a complete Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), source code, no royalties, and a focus on service that is unmatched in the embedded systems market. Accelerated Technology supplies Nucleus embedded software with complete source code and without charging royalty fees. Adtec Corporation - Specializes in plannning, production and sales of machines and equipment for semiconductor Processes. Development of hardware and software for microcomputer applications. Production and sales of industrial robot control equipment for industrial microcomputer units.
    IDT, IC Solutions. Infineon, semiconductors. Intel, CPU. Metrowerks, Softwareand hardware Development Tools. MSystems, Flash-Based Data Storage Products.
    international sites Press Releases ARM10 support now available from Nucleus RTOS New Nucleus support for the TI OMAP architecture ... Press Releases Archive
    Contact Email Customer Service Tech Support Sales/Accounts Strategic Alliances ... Webmaster
    Product Families:
    Nucleus RTOS XRAY Debugger Microtec Compilers Special Features:
    FREE Seminars

    and Devices
    Training Program

    FREE Downloads+ Login or Sign-Up
    Hardware Partners
    Abatron AG , BDM and JTAG Debug Tools (BDI Family) Agilent Technologies , Test, Measurement and Monitoring Devices; Semiconductor Products and Chemical Analysis Tools Altera , SOPC solutions AMD , Integrated Circuits for the Personal and Networked Computer and Communications Markets Analog Devices , Analog, Mixed-Signal, and DSP ICs used in signal processing applications
    ., MPC860T Viper Board Applied Microsystems Corporation (AMC) , Software Visibility, Debug, Emulation, Measurement, and Analysis Tools, Technologies and Services for Single Unit and Multiprocessor Systems, Software/Hardware Integration, Development, and Test ARC , IDE, Debugger, and the C/C++ Compiler ARM , 16/32-bit Embedded RISC Microprocessor Solutions AXYS Design Automation , Integrated Processor and SoC C/C++ modeling and Simulation Solutions for the development of SoC devices ChipWrights , DSP/RISC Microcontroller for the rapidly growing, Digital Imaging Markets Cirrus Logic , RTOS Cogent Computer Systems , Design and Manufacture the Cogent Single Board (CSB) series as well as custom Development Boards for the major Semiconductor houses

    74. - United States - New - Computing - Hardware - Network Hardware - Integ
    19. MUSIC semiconductors http// Best known for CAM chipsets,this company also designs routing coprocessors and multilayer switch chipsets.

    75. Electronic Hardware: Companies And Devices
    Electronic hardware Companies and Devices, B A Products, RF adapters, capacitors,resistors, semiconductors, cases, power supplies, radio receivers and
    Electronic Hardware: Companies and Devices
    Distributors EE Freeware and Source Code EE Tutorials Utility Sites Electronic Industry Knowledge Net IEEE Std. Free Trade Zone The Chip Center ... EE Design Center (Questlink) Standards Yahoo's EE Links IC Master Search Patents ... Sam's Photofacts Home Projects Audio Amp Nothing Box Whistle Switch Power Supplies Constant Current Dual Tracking Switching Two-Day Projects Oscilloscope 68HC11 Function Generator
    All Electronics

    Allied Electronics

    Digikey Catalog

    Internet Electronics
    Mouser Electronics

    Components Products for circuit design. (Use your brower's EDIT and FIND function to search this page.) ALT Aavid Heat sinks, adhesives Actel FPGA devices, FPGA design tools, IP core information Your ad here.
    for rates Adaptec SCSI, RAID, fast ethernet, 1394, CD-R, Cables, Macintosh Products ARRIS
    Featured Products AHA TPC Forward Error Correction RS-Viterbi, ALDC Compression, DCLZ, Forward Error Correction, Reed Solomon, StarLite Compression, JBIG, CADC Color Image Compression Alpha Varactors, PIN diodes, Schottky diodes, attenuators, GaAs FETS and PHEMTs, amplifiers, directional couplers directional detectors, 90 degree hybrids, millimeterwave amplifiers, passives, DC/DC converter, mixers, FETs, Ceramics, Magnetic and Dielectric materials, Coaxial resonators, dielectric resonators

    76. Atomic Scale Design Home Page
    http// Institute of semiconductors,Chinese academy of sciences; Institute of Software , Chinese Micro Electronics Atomic Scale Design Subscribing How to join the list About the List Rules ... Send E-mail to List Administrators
    This page lists links to microelectronics, nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, etc. resources on the internet. They are grouped as:

    77. Broadband Week Library: Wireless Communications Hardware
    device. Topics Laptop Computers PDA semiconductors WirelessCommunications hardware Wireless LAN hardware, by InStat/MDR.

    78. Company List On Hardware Web (R)
    National Semiconductor. Analog. Philips semiconductors. Samsung Semiconductor. RAM. GotoHardware home page Goto EEPEL home page. (c) copyright 2000 by JungIk Ha.
    Company list on Semiconductors
    Company Datasheet Product Contact Actel Corporation FPGA Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) CPU Altera EPLD CN Korea Analog Devices DSP,AD/DA Atmel PLD,Flash,EEPROM Burr-Brown AD/DA. Mixed, Analog Cypress Semiconductor PLD Harris Semiconductor Analog Hewlett Packard Opto Hitachi Inverter Hitachi Semiconductor MPU, Memory, discrete, logic Lattice PLD Linear Technology PWM,SMPS Maxim Mixed, Analog Microchip Technology, Inc. PIC, u-controller Mitsubishi Electronics IGBT, IPM Motorola DSP, Analog, Digital, discrete National Semiconductor Analog Philips Semiconductors Samsung Semiconductor RAM SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics Sharp Opto Siemens USA Texas Instruments DSP, AD/DA, analog Texas Instruments (FTP) BBS Toshiba America IGBT Unitrode PWM, linear Xilinx, Inc PLD Zilog CPU, UART
    P lease help me to keep this list up to date. Mail me new links and/or errors. I can't check all the addresses nor can I determine the goals of a particular company.
    Goto Hardware home page
    Goto EEPEL home page

    79. New Synchronicity Software Connects Hardware And Software Developers
    Philips semiconductors is already using Synchronicity's DesignSync andProjectSync products widely to manage our hardware design flow.
    NEWS Press Releases Coverage Events Background Articles ... Media Contact
    New Synchronicity Software Connects Hardware and Software Developers
    DesignSync 3.0 Enables System-Level-Design Collaboration and Management Synchronicity, Inc. today introduced a new version of their flagship Internet-based design management and collaboration tool, DesignSync. Among a range of enhancements, DesignSync v3.0 increases operational speed and adds significant new branch and merge functionality to support parallel development. Parallel development is widely used by software engineers to enhance productivity and Synchronicity not only now offers similar productivity improvements to hardware engineers, but more importantly, offers a unified solution for the collaboration and management of system-level-design. Philips Semiconductors, a leader in system-level design, helped to specify and is among the first to adopt the new parallel development functionality. In parallel development, a design is partitioned into pieces that can be worked on concurrently to increase productivity. Branching and merging are the primary requirements enabling this. Branching is where a new line of development is separated off of a base line. Branches may be long-lived for different members of a product family, or short lived to test a speed enhancement. The work on a branch can then be merged into another branch or simply discarded.

    80. Oya's Directory Of Recruiters - Semiconductors
    through teamwork and integrity, specializes in semiconductors and integrated circuits.MasterTeam, Inc. jobs for software, hardware, semiconductor, and test
    Wow. You have a fantastic resource!!
    Dr. Randall S. Hansen Quintessential Career and Job-Hunting Resources
    A Gem of a Recruiting Resource Barbara Ling , HRToday
    Company Information
    Terms of Use
    Recruiters By Specialty

    Recruiters By Location

    RECRUITERS Recruiters By Specialty: Engineering Electronics Semiconductors See Also: Hardware Electronics Optical Photonics ... Semiconductor Capital Equipment - specializing in the placement of technical professionals in the semiconductor, hybrid, microwave, and vendor equipment industries. ChipHelp Davis Search Group - a high technology search firm with particular expertise in the Information Technology and Semiconductor Equipment, Materials and Electronic Chemicals industries. Duran Human Capital Partners, Inc. - High Technology Recruitment and Employment Services Essential Solutions, Inc. - Executive and Technical with an emphasis in Wireless Telecommunications, System Semiconductors, Multimedia, Networking and Internet related industries Harry R. Sacks, Inc.

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