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         Seminole Tribe Native Americans:     more books (25)
  1. Tribes of Native America - Seminole
  2. Native American Tribes in Florida: Alachua Culture, Battles of the Seminole Wars, Black Seminoles, People of the Seminole Wars
  3. Oklahoma Seminoles Medicines, Magic and Religion (Civilization of the American Indian) by James H. Howard, Willie Lena, 1990-02
  4. Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes of Southern Florida, The(FL) (Images of America) by Patsy West, 2003-03-26
  5. The Black Seminoles: History of a Freedom-Seeking People
  6. The Seminole Freedmen: A History (Race and Culture in the American West) by Kevin Mulroy, 2007-11
  7. Native American Tribes in Florida: Choctaw, Indigenous People of the Everglades Region, Seminole, Calusa, Timucua, Tequesta, Apalachee
  8. Coacoochee's Bones: A Seminole Saga by Susan A. Miller, 2003-12
  9. Creeks and Seminoles: The Destruction and Regeneration of the Muscogulge People (Indians of the Southeast) by J. Leitch Wright Jr., 1990-09-01
  10. The Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes: A Critical Bibliography (Bibliographical Series : Newberry Library D'Arcy Mcnickle Center for the History of the) by Harry A., Jr. Kersey, 1987-11
  11. History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842 by John K. Mahon, 2010-03-24
  12. Removal Aftershock: Seminoles Struggles Survive West by Jane F. Lancaster, 1994-10-20
  13. Those of Distant Campfires: The Unconquered Seminoles by Sandi Towers, 2001-11-12
  14. Nations Remembered: An Oral History of the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles in Oklahoma, 1865-1907 by Theda Perdue, 1993-10

1. Native American Home Pages - Nations
Every year across the nation native americans gather for powwows which are First Nations. The seminole tribe of Florida. native American Navigator. native American Guide
Last update - March 27, 2003
Maintained by Lisa Mitten
This section contains links to pages that have either been set up by the nations themselves, or are pages devoted to a particular nation, and are ALPHABETICAL BY TRIBAL NAME. Pages maintained by Indian Nations or individuals are indicated with this symbol: . Pages without this symbol are primarily ABOUT specific nations, but not by them. Included are both recognized and unrecognized tribes. First Nations Histories - a good source for student papers! Dick also has a listing of tribes , both federally and state recognized, as well as those with no formal governmental recognition at all. Added 8/3/99; updated 5/15/00. A-C D-H I-L M-N ... T-Z

2. Native Americans
native americans back to social studies link index Tribal Websites Animal seminoleIndian History Read about the seminole tribe, the native peoples who
Native Americans back to social studies link index Tribal Websites
  • Animal Legends and Symbols Animals played an important part in Native American tradition. This site shows you some of those animals and offers examples of their symbolic meanings. American Indian Law This page is designed for Indian law practitioners, Tribes or tribal members, law students, and anyone interested in Indian law. Features of this site include a list of the best law schools for Indian law, links to researching Indian law issues, and links of organizations related to Indian law. American Indian Resources American Indian Web page American Indians and the Natural World Through exploration of four different visions of living in and with the natural worldthose of the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, the Hopi of the southwest, the Iroquois of the Northeast, and the Lakota of the PlainsNorth, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World examines the belief systems, philosophies, and practical knowledge that guide Indian peoples' interactions with the natural world. Though all of these peoples have chosen different pathways and strategies for making a life in their various environments, one similar concept is voiced by allthat a reciprocal connection exists between people and the rest of the world. Authors - Native American First Nations Histories excellent data about many different tribes. Author proposes to add more tribes - as many as 200.
  • 3. ReferenceResources:NativeAmericans
    Hopi tribe. How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World. Hopi Indians native americans of the Southwest Chief Plenty Coups, Sequoyah, seminole Leaders, Famous Lakota Sioux Leaders,
    Reference Resources: Native Americans Native Americans FIRST AMERICANS: NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS Old World - New World Archaic Period - Spreading Out and Settling In Paleo Indian Period and Tradition Formative Period ... Who Were the First Americans and How Did They Get Here? ANASAZI Anasazi Anasazi, Desert People Anasazi Archaeology Explore the Anasazi Culture ... Who Were the Anasazi POWHATAN Powhatan Nation Powhatan Indians of Virginia Powhatan Indian Village Tell Me About the Powhatan Indians ... Virtual Jamestown: Powhatan THE WAMPANOAG Plymouth Plantation: A reconstructed Wampanoag Village The Wampanoag People Life as a Wampanoag Wampanoag ... What You Need to Know: Wampanoag Indians First Nations of Canada Canada's First Native Groups : Brief information about: Abenakis, Algonkins, Chippewas, Crees, Haida, Hurons, Inuit, Iroquois, Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl), Maliseet, Micmac, Montagnais, Naskapi, Nuu-Chah-Nulth (Nootka), Penobscots, Salish, Sioux, Tlingit, Tsimshian

    4. Gold Ridge Native Americans
    The Blackfeet Nation Comanche History native americans in North Osage tribe PamunkeyIndian tribe Pawnee Nation of Quapaw Website The seminole tribe of Florida
    NATIVE AMERICAN LINKS INDEX General Sites 4th Grade Tribes Northwest Indian Sites Southwest Indian Sites ... Biographies General Sites Look Back Indian Cultures The First Americans Index of the North American Indian ... Native Americans of Northern Michigan NORTHWEST INDIANS SITES The Northwest Indian The Cherokee, Trail of Tears Northwest Culture Life with the Haida, Journal of William Sturges ... Kwakiutl SOUTHWEST INDIANS SITE The Navajos The Southwest Culture Desert People of the Southwest Zuni ... Apache PLAINS INDIANS SITES The Plains Indian Culture Buffalo Hunt Osage Kiowa ... Comanche Page NORTHEAST INDIANS SITES Virginia Indians Chief Joseph Wampum The Oneida Indian Nation ... Cherokee EASTERN WOODLAND The Woodland Indians Woodland Tribes Scenes from Eastern Woodlands Huron - Canadian Heritage Library ... Huron (Wyandot) Great Lakes Indian Sites Miami Huron Ottawa Chippewa Individual Tribes
    The Apache
    Accohannock: Native American Living Village
    Sipapu-Chetro Ketl Great Kiva ...
    Southern Ute Indian Tribe
    Ms. Stainer Pomo Tribe California Pomo Pomo Culture Pomos Pomo ... Cloverdale's Pomo Pomo Pomo, Native Americans of N California, belonging to the Hokan branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock. The Pomo were the most southerly Native Americans on the California coast not brought under the mission influence of the Franciscans in the early 18th and 19th cent. The Pomo have been especially noted for their basketry arts, and many of their works are now valued art objects in museums and private collections. Of these arts, the Pomo developed feather-covering, lattice-twining, checker-work, single-rod coiling, and several other specializations. They now occupy several reservations in N California; the reservation near Clearlake Oaks is the site of gambling casinos. In 1990 there were about 5,000 Pomo in the United States.

    5. Exploring Florida Early Native Americans Web Sites
    World History Archives native americans of the resources about different nativeAmerican populations Indians seminole tribe of Florida - The Official Home
    Home Web Sites Site Map
    Florida Web Sites: Pre-1513
    Many of the following Web sites will be of interest to Florida educators. Please be aware that links may change at any time, and that neither the Florida Center for Instructional Technology nor the Florida Department of Education is responsible for the content of external Web sites. You will need to use your browser's back button to return to Exploring Florida, or better yet, set a bookmark to Exploring Florida before leaving the site.
    Ais Indian
    Describes the "Ais Cacique" or Indian Chief of the Ais tribe. Includes an illustration, informative summary, and a list of artifacts associated with the Chief.
    A brief encyclopedia article from Britannica. Mission San Luis
    A very comprehensive Web site about the Apalachee Indians and their village, the San Luis de Talimali. Includes information on the tribe's agriculture, art, council house, political structure, and social activities. Northwest Florida Place Names of Indian Origin

    6. Overview
    The Multnomah County Library Homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. PBS Series - The native americans. http// tribe, culture, and government. seminole seminole Nation of Oklahoma. http//
    Awesome Library Star Rating
    Compact History

    Geographic Overview When complete these Histories will encompass approximately 240 tribal histories (contact to 1900). They will be limited to the lower 48 states of the U.S. but also include those First Nations from Canada and Mexico that had important roles ( Huron Micmac , Assiniboine, etc.). Each history's content and style are representative. At the end of each History you will find links to those Nations referred to in the particular History you have just read. It is my intent to use the Internet so as to solicit feedback regarding these Histories and I want you to feel free to comment or suggest corrections via e-mail. Working together we can end some of the historical misinformation about Native Americans. Now, having said that, I would like to present the outline which will provide a glimpse as to how I intend to address these Histories. While there has been some initial jumping around, I do intend to present each History in the order to be found below. I look forward to your comments...

    7. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Seminole (Native Americans)
    BEYOND United States History State Histories Florida native americans seminole. seminoletribe of Florida Culture; seminole tribe of Florida Timeline;
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  • World Book Online Article on BLACK SEMINOLE
  • World Book Online Article on SEMINOLE INDIANS
  • Brief Summary of Seminole History (Florida)
  • Overview (Columbia Encyclopedia) ... Contact Us
  • 8. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Seminole (Native Americans)
    SCHOOL United States History State Histories Florida native americans seminole. seminoletribe of Florida Culture; seminole tribe of Florida Timeline;
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  • World Book Online Article on BLACK SEMINOLE
  • World Book Online Article on SEMINOLE INDIANS
  • Brief Summary of Seminole History (Florida)
  • Overview (Columbia Encyclopedia) ... Contact Us
  • 9. Homework Help--Countries & Native Peoples--Native Americans Today
    Countries native Peoples native americans Today. Inupiaq Inupiaq Inupiat ┬ľAlaska native Cultural Profile seminole The seminole tribe of Florida The
    Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
    Native Americans Today
    Tribes/Cultures General
    American Indians

    From Information Please, this Web site provides a variety of facts about American Indian tribes and reservations, and about Alaskan Natives and Eskimos.
    American Indian and Alaskan Native Populations

    From the U.S. Census Bureau, this Web site provides census statistics about American Indian and Alaskan Native populations.
    Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
    Selected from a publication of the North American Vexillological Association, an organization dedicated to the scholarly study of flags. Choose a tribe, view their flag and read details about the flag and the tribe.
    National Congress of American Indians

    From the National Congress of American Indians, this Web site provides information about current issues related to American Indians and Alaskan Natives.

    10. Charter
    The Utah NAC membership is comprised of native americans of all tribal affiliationsand Members of the Black seminole tribe are recognized by the Utah NAC as
    Charter of the Utah Native American Church
    The Utah Native American Church is an intertribal, nonprofit organization that provides an environment for cultural interaction and fellowship for Native Americans in Utah Valley. The Utah Native American Church is not affiliated with the North American Native American Church. The Utah NAC membership is comprised of Native Americans of all tribal affiliations and religious practices. MEMBERSHIP To become a card carrying member of the Utah NAC, you must meet the requirements specified below: You must be a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe, Nation, or Community of Indians, and present either a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) or Tribal Membership Card with a Valid Roll Number. Photocopies are NOT acceptable. You must also provide at least two other forms of identification, and one of them must be a photo ID.. Membership in the Utah NAC for Indians is for life and is non-revocable. Indians can request to be voluntarily removed from the church rolls of the Utah NAC, or can request to be transferred to another NAC branch, or Christian Church. Such a request must be submitted in writing to the Utah NAC, at which time the Utah NAC will cancel or transfer your membership. There is no blood quantum restriction of any kind related to membership in the Utah NAC for Indians or Indian descendants.
    Members of the Black Seminole Tribe are recognized by the Utah NAC as bona-fide Indians and are eligible for membership if they can provide a tribal membership card.

    11. Links On Native Americans In The Southeast
    information about the tribe's history in Virginia and links to other sites aboutNative americans in Virginia and Maryland. The seminole tribe of Florida http
    Native Americans in the Southeast The Catawba Naiton:

    This official homepage includes information on Catawba history, education, pottery traditions, reservation life, and more. The Cherokee Nation Homepage:

    The official site of the Cherokee Nation, this page offers extensive historical information (including a bibliography, important dates, treaties, and a great deal of information on the Trail of Tears) as well as links, cultural information, and important events. Eastern Band of Cherokees Homepage:

    This is the official site of the Eastern Band of the Cherokees, which is located in western North Carolina. The Chickasaw Nation Homepage:

    The official homepage of the Chickasaw Nation, this page includes the text of the Chickasaw constitution and information about Chickasaw government, history, customs, legends, and events. On one section of the page, you can see and hear a number of Chickasaw words, including numbers, days of the week, the names of animals, and the words for relatives. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Homepage:

    12. Native American
    In March 2000 he became the native americans Special Emphasis Program Manager. Mostof his work has been with the seminole tribe of Florida.

    13. Native Americans
    funds was allocated for the seminole tribe, Big Cypress Trust in Tallahassee awardedthe tribe $50,000 and to assist 1520 native americans with disabilities

    14. Native American Heritage
    But two or three hundred surviving native americans took refuge in the Everglades,a and drafted a constitution and charter for the seminole tribe, which were
    FLAUSA Home Interests Multicultural Heritage
    Multicultural Home
    ... Driving Tours
    Use myTrip to create a travel plan. Register now.
    In 1500, more than 100,000 Native Americans lived in Florida. These people included the Appalachee, the Calusa, the Timucuans, Tequesta and other tribes. By the 1700s, warfare and European diseases such as smallpox and measles had wiped out most of the original inhabitants. Therefore, Spanish Florida was an inviting place for other Native Americans to resettle. People known as the Lower Creeks moved into north Florida from Georgia in the 1700s. In 1767 Upper Creeks from Alabama moved into West Florida and the area around Tampa Bay . More Lower Creeks arrived in 1778. The remaining Appalachees and other native people were absorbed into this group. After the Creek War about 3,000 militant Upper Creeks moved into Florida. The Upper and Lower Creeks were joined by a few Yuchis, Yamassees and Choctaws. By 1815, about 5,000 Native Americans lived in Florida. The Lower Creeks of north-central Florida were the first to be called Seminoles. This name came from the Spanish word

    15. Odin's Castle Of Dreams & Legends
    native americans of the United States Celtic Button Choctaw Home Page. Celtic ButtonDelaware tribe of Indians. Celtic Button The seminole tribe of Florida.

      eet the proud and noble race of people who populated the New World long before the coming of the white man. Here are the Native Americans, both North and South, and here also is their story. A story which ranges from the very dawn of man, to those dark days when the white man "found" this new world. Unfortunately for them, this was the beginning of the end of their way of life. Here you'll meet Crazy Horse and Montezuma as well as Sitting Bull and the Inuit. You'll find Cheyenne and Aztec, Apache and Inca, Sioux and Maya and all the other tribes. From the cold, snow covered lands of the far north to the cold and wind blown shores of Tierra del Fuego in the south, this is their story. It was their land before it was ours, and we owe them much..................
      Native Americans, Pre-Columbian:
      The Land Called Beringia The History of the Conquest of Mexico The Chronology of Mesoamerican Archaeology End of an Empire: The Spanish Conquest of Mexico Pre-Columbian Archaeology Related Links Maps of the Americas Mesoweb - Exploration of Mesoamerican Culture Mystery of the Maya Ancient Mayan The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project Mayan Hieroglyphic Syllalary The Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico Mexico: It's History Lords of the Earth: Maya/Aztec/Inca Center Spaniards vs. Incas and the Fall of the Inca Empire

    16. SOFIA - SFRSF - People, Land, And Water - Restoring South Florida's Future - Liv
    These native americans had escaped forced relocation by the More native American newsis available in the establish themselves as the seminole tribe of Florida

    Main story
    No Park is an Island The Everglades Restudy The South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force ... Multi-Species Recovery Plan Living in the Everglades: The Native Americans Forum Showcases Restoration Science Freshwater Future USGS Research Aids South Florida Restoration Water-Quality Issues ... Download PDF version of entire article (26 MB)
    Last updated: October 11, 2002
    Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary Gloria T. Mora, Bureau Editor
    Living in the Everglades: The Native Americans
    Susan D. Jewell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Two hundred years ago, South Florida was a very wild place, flooded with water for most of the year, teeming with wildlife, and nearly devoid of people. The Everglades was twice as large, a land of endless marshes and swamps, inhospitable to all but the savviest humans. The original inhabitants, the Tequesta and Calusa Indians, had already disappeared due to the earlier arrival of the Spanish explorers. White settlers shunned the area, which they considered a wasteland. During the Seminole Wars in the early and mid-1800s, a small band of Indians was driven hundreds of miles from their homeland to the place the white man didn't want. These Native Americans had escaped forced relocation by the government and wanted to live quietly without disturbance. They were descendants of the Creek Indians, who lived in northern Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. It was the English, upon encountering these natives living along low-lying creeks, who dubbed all the Indians of various Southeastern tribes as Creeks. Later, the band that diverged to south Florida became known as the Seminoles, after a corruption of the Maskoki word "siminoli", which means "free people", since they had never been dominated by the English or Spanish.

    17. Native Americans INDEX
    of Tlingit - Toltec - Trail of Tears - tribe - Tsimshian - Tula War, Queen Anne'sWar - Wars, native American - Wars, seminole - Washa - Washakie
    Index Shades Native Americans Pre Columbian Religions Index Inuit ... Guestbook visitors since
    (be sure to scroll down this page!) In the above mentioned chapter you'll find the history of Native Americans, including: Index Native American Territories
    Introduction - Early Population - Physical Traits - Earliest Migrations - Major Culture Areas - North America - Mesoamerica - South America - Traditional Way of Life - European Contact and Impact - Initial Reaction to Europeans - Native Americans in Contemporary Society A Abenakis Aboriginal Place Names (Canada) Accominta Acolapissa ... Aztec Empire B Battle of Point Pleasant Battle of the Fallen Timbers Battle of the Little Bighorn Battle of Tippecanoe ... Boats, Skin and Bark Boats

    18. Native American Links
    woodland2; native americans Cherokee Indians; Cherokee Indians; History of theCherokee; seminole. seminole; seminole Nation of Oklahoma; seminole tribe of Florida.
    Native American Web Resources
    3rd Grade, Phillips Brooks School
    Eskimo-Inuit Nez-Perce Shawnee Chippewa ... Email Us!
    Arctic Peoples

    19. Great Sources For Native Americans
    seminole. The seminole tribe of Florida This site is dedicated to thehistory and culture of the seminole native americans of Florida.
    Great Sources for Native Americans
    An Internet Hotlist on Native Americans created by Mrs. Chase
    Crane Middle School
    Introduction Aztec Seminole ... Plains
    In addition to using books and magazines to find out about NAmer Native Amer, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.
    The Internet Resources
    • The Aztecs - This site was set up by a history teacher and offers links to lots of information about the Aztec Indians.
    • About the Hopi Indians - This is a site with a brief overview of the Hopi culture, especially their religion.
    • Hopi Indians - This site offers information on several different areas of the Hopi culture. Includes: language, dwellings, food, religion, etc.
    • The Hopi Indians - A site with lots of information and links to different parts of the Hopi culture.

    20. Homework Center - Native American Sites
    Cherokee native americans in North Brief history of the tribe,culture, and seminole seminole Nation of Oklahoma http//
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ... Tareas Escolares
    Native American Sites:
    Native American Megasites
    Individual Tribes

    Northwest Tribes
    Native American Megasites
    American Indians and the Natural World
    This site from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History illustrates how native people are connected to the natural universe. The museum selects a few specific tribes to illustrate this.
    Compact History: A Geographic Overview
    History, location, names, language, sub-tribes, culture and population and more on many tribes throughout the United States. More Northeast tribes are covered at this site.
    Stones Unturned
    This site from the Canadian Museum of Civilization presents Native American clothes, toys, and musical instruments and also highlights seven native tribes of Canada.
    First Nations Histories
    This site includes basic information on the history, culture, language etc, of 48 Native American tribes.

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