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         Singapore Culture:     more books (102)
  1. Singapore - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture by Angela Milligan, 2006-09-05
  2. CultureShock! Singapore: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Culture Shock! Guides) by Marion Bravo-bhasin, 2009-11
  3. Singapore: Wealth, Power and the Culture of Control (Asia's Transformations/Asia's Great Cities) by Carl Trocki, 2006-03-06
  4. Cultural Tourism & Tourism Cultures: The Business of Mediating Experiences in Copenhagen and Singapore by Can-Seng Ooi, 2002-05
  5. Renaissance Singapore? Economy, Culture and Politics
  6. Dynamic Governance: Embedding Culture, Capabilities and Change in Singapore by Neo Boon Siong, Geraldine Chen, 2007-07-03
  7. Singapore (Culture In…)
  8. Singapore (Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette) by Joann Craig, 2001-06-01
  9. New Place, Old Ways: Essays on Indian Society and Culture in Modern Singapore (Studies in sociology and social anthropology)
  10. The Media, Cultural Control and Government in Singapore (Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia Series) by Terence Lee, 2010-06-17
  11. Theater and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Singapore by William Peterson, 2001-08-15
  12. Malays in Singapore: Culture, Economy, and Ideology (East Asian Social Science Monographs) by Tania Li, 1989-05-25
  13. Responding to Globalization: Nation, Culture and Identity in Singapore by Selvaraj Velayutham, 2007-09-24
  14. The Media Enthralled: Singapore Revisited (International Communications and Popular Culture) by Francis T. Seow, 1998-03

1. Singapore Culture And Information Homepage
culture info Singapore is known for its rich and vibrant arts scene fromAwesome music to Zen-inspired drama, you can find a quick overview here.




The fastest way to connect to all things Singapore is through our national homepage, the Singapore Infomap!
We're the Singapore ASEAN COCI Secretariat. COCI stands for Committee on Culture and Information. Check out our operations chart, activities and more.
Singapore is known for its rich and vibrant arts scene - from Awesome music to Zen-inspired drama, you can find a quick overview here.
Media has taken a new spin with the advent of Internet, check out the buzzling IT, broadcast and print media industry in Singapore!

2. Singapore Culture And Information
Introduction to local art forms and artists from the Ministry of Information and Arts.Category Regional Asia Singapore Arts and Entertainment......singapore button about us button culture button information button. dance music theatrevisual arts hot links icon, film auction writers world performances icon.

3. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Singapore | Culture
singapore culture. Despite rapid industrialisation, the majority of Singaporeanscelebrate the major festivals associated with their respective religions.
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Despite rapid industrialisation, the majority of Singaporeans celebrate the major festivals associated with their respective religions. The variety of religions found in Singapore is a direct reflection of the diversity of races living there. The Chinese are predominantly followers of Buddhism and Taoism (deity worship), though some are Christians. Malays are overwhelmingly Muslims and most of Singapore's Indians are Hindus; there is, however, a sizeable proportion of Muslims and Sikhs amongst the Indian population. The four official languages of Singapore are Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English. English is widespread and is the language which unites the various ethnic groups. Children are taught in English at school but also learn their mother tongue to make sure they don't lose contact with their traditions. The only communication problem English-speakers are likely to have in Singapore is with older Singaporeans who did not learn English at school, though trying to understand the unique patois called Singlish - which uses a clipped form of English mixed with Malay and Hokkien words - can be taxing. The use of Malay is mostly restricted to the Malay community. Chinese dialects, such as Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese and Hakka, are still widely spoken, especially among the older Chinese, but the government's long-standing campaign to promote Mandarin, the main non-dialectal Chinese language, has been very successful and increasing numbers of Chinese now speak Mandarin at home. Tamil is the main Indian language, though Malayalam and Hindi are also spoken.

4. Singapore Culture - Asia For Visitors
Philippines. Singapore. Thailand. Vietnam. These groups often congregated into theirown districts, giving Singapore areas with distinctive buildings and styles.
Asia for Visitors Your complete online travel resource for Asia Edited by Michael Holland
Thailand for Visitors Suggest a Site About Us
Cambodia Hong Kong Indonesia Laos Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam
Asian Flavors
The British imported Chinese workers as well as peoples from other parts of the empires. These groups often congregated into their own districts, giving Singapore areas with distinctive buildings and styles. Take a walk down Arab street, where you'll find fabrics from across Asia. Not far from here, along Serangoon street, is "little India." Of course, there's also a Chinatown. Over the last few years or so, numerous "historical" areas have been developed, such as Bugis Junction, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Tanjong Pagar. These are very tourist-oriented areas, where the development has a Disneyland quality to it. The buildings have been completely gutted, and some even built from scratch, to conform to an ideal of what we think old Singapore should look like, rather than what they really were. That doesn't make them bad places for eating a relaxing dinner, though. Our favorite is Clarke Quay. It has the requisite compliment of far too many restaurants to choose from easily, but unlike Boat Quay just down the river, it also has carts and small curio shops to poke around in while trying to decide what kind of food you're in the mood for. Not that Boat Quay is without its own charms. Almost all the dining area is right on the river. Across the river, the neo-classical museum is brightly lit at night, making a highly romantic setting for an intimate dinner. After dinner, take a stroll down past the end of Boat Quay where the plaza of a large modern office complex affords many places to sit and watch the lights play on the water. At this point you're not far from what is currently the most popular club in Singapore, Centro.

5. Singapore Culture And Information
AMRI) in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Ministers requested the ASEAN Committee on Culture andInformation and The Arts, Mr Lee Yock Suan led the Singapore delegation to
The Sixth ASEAN Ministers Reponsible for Information (AMRI) Meeting, 11 to 13 Oct 2000, Hanoi, Vietnam by Ms Nooraini Hamzah
ASEAN Information Ministers have agreed to work together to advance and reinforce a positive international profile of ASEAN. At the recent Sixth Conference of ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Ministers requested the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI) to carry out projects which promoted a positive image of ASEAN. Minister for Information and The Arts, Mr Lee Yock Suan led the Singapore delegation to the Conference, held from 11 to 13 Oct 2000. The biennial Conference provides a forum for ASEAN Information Ministers to discuss and exchange ideas on information issues relating to broadcasat and print media, Internet and public communication matters. During the three-day Conference, the ASEAN Information Ministers also signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the implementation of the National Communication Plans to Promote ASEAN Awareness and Understanding. The MOU, among others, stipulates that each ASEAN member country shall establish an ASEAN National Information Desk to coordinate the implementation of its national communication plan to promote ASEAN awareness and understanding. During a round-table discussion at the Conference, Minister Lee said that improving ASEAN's image was a constant process of winning hearts and minds and required the support of everyone concerned. Minister Lee also informed the meeting that Channel News Asia (CNA) had launched its Regional Channel in September 2000. He added that ASEAN now had greater opportunites to be heard through CNA's TV programmes, which covered more news in ASEAN countries and interviews with ASEAN leaders.

6. Singapore Culture And Information
The Thai and Singapore delegations also participated in a cultural visit to LuangPrabang of Lan Xang Kingdom, which is also touted as the seat of Lao culture.
The Third Meeting of the ASEAN COCI Sub Committee on Culture, 25-27 September 2001, Penang, Malaysia The write-up will be posted soon. Meanwhile, if you are interested, you may wish to read about last year's meeting in Lao PDR. The Second Meeting of the ASEAN COCI Sub Committee on Culture, 1-3 August 2000, Vientiane, Lao PDR by Ms Kwok Toi Chi
The Second Meeting of the ASEAN-COCI Sub-Committee on Culture was held at Vientiane, Lao PDR from 1-3 Aug 2000. The meeting was attended by delegates from the 10 member ASEAN countries, the ASEAN Secretariat and 2 representatives from Australia's AusHeritage. ASEAN Declaration on Cultural Heritage
The meeting noted the milestone achieved by ASEAN, with the official signing of the ASEAN Declaration on Cultural Heritage by the ASEAN Foreign Ministers at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting held in Bangkok on 25 July 2000. The Meeting noted that with the Declaration, ASEAN COCI shall have an unprecedented opportunity to reinforce its efforts in the preservation and protection of the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia and harness its resources in a more coordinated and focused way. New Project Proposals
A total of 24 new projects were mooted, of which three were proposed by Singapore. The various projects fall under CulturaL Heritage, Cultural Promotion, Cultural Showcases or Capacity Building programmes. These projects will be considered at the next (36th) COCI Meeting to be held in Phuket, Thailand. The Meeting was held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN cordiality and solidarity. The next (3rd) Meeting of the ASEAN COCI Sub Committee on Culture will be held in Penang, Malaysia in July 2000.

7. Asia On Demand : Singapore : Culture And Society
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8. Asia On Demand : Singapore : Culture And Society : Events
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9. Singapore Culture And Society
http// SingaporeCulture and Information Homepage. Access Home Global Center


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International Relations
Asia/Southeast Asia: Singapore

10. Singapore Students' Association
organization for Singaporeans faculty, staff and students in Indiana Universityand for other faculty, staff or students interested in singapore culture.

Being a multi-racial country, Singapore has no specific cultural dance, food or music. Instead, it enjoys a mix of culture that borrows from the many different races in Singapore. However, we do have a national costume, the "Orchid Dress" which is made from fabric with orchid prints on it. We celebrate all the different holidays of the different races and these holidays include Good Friday, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali. Singlish, best explained as Singapore English, is the unique way we speak. It springs from English, mixed with a dash of Chinese, a spoonful of Malay, a sprinkle of Tamil and a generous serving of dialect, garnished with a distinct Singaporean accent. If you are new to Singlish, you most probably will not recognize we are actually just speaking English, and it doesn't help that we speak at a very fast pace (or so we have too often been told). Singlish was developed over the years against the backdrop of a multi-racial society. Here's a collection of Singlish you may find handy on your visit to Singapore or during your next conversation with a Singaporean.

11. Singapore Arts And Culture Links
Singapore Online Guide find out about singapore culture here, especiallyfor visitors. Asean COCI visit this site for some

12. Singapore Students Association
SSA presents its annual singapore culture Night. This year, we are producing Seventy Candles — an interactive dinner theater event.
SSA presents its annual Singapore Culture Night. This year, we are producing "Seventy Candles" — an interactive dinner theater event. Come learn more about the Wang Family below... VENUE: EMU Fir Room DATE: April 7, 2001 (Saturday) 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM VENUE: EMU Fir Room DATE: April 7, 2001 (Saturday) (C) 2001. Singapore Students Association.
Designed by Christian Tan.
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13. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Singapore Culture And Information
MetaSearch results for singapore culture and information (1 to20 of 68), this singapore culture and Information Homepage - Culture and Information&b

14. WorldRover - Culture Of Singapore
Culture of Singapore. singapore culture and History Books. Nations Online Acomprehensive portal to sites in various countries throughout the world.
Culture of Singapore
Welcome to WorldRover's listing of country history and culture for Singapore. Check out the links below to find more information on the people and history of a country. On the right you can also find flag clip art and maps available for free download. Embassy information is also available for a number of countries around the world, however, please confirm all information. We hope to add additional links regarding the culture of Singapore as they become available. If you have a site or know of a site that should be added, please let us know. Thanks for visiting WorldRover's history, people, and culture site.
  • Singapore Culture and History Books
  • Nations Online - A comprehensive portal to sites in various countries throughout the world.
  • Anthropological Studies Center - A non-profit center at Sonoma State University dedicated to cultural resources management, education, research, and public service.
  • EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
  • Ethno-Net Africa - A network for comparative studies, monitoring and evaluation of ethnic conflicts and social transformation in Africa.
  • 15. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Singapore Culture"
    Popular Web Sites for singapore culture . Search Results 1 10 Ranked by Popularity,Next . Ask Jeeves a question about singapore culture Search the Web for Culture

    16. ITravel | Singapore Culture/Conduct Reviews
    Singapore, Singapore Culture/Conduct, change city. Singapore home, reviews,contacts. Why don't you write the first Culture/Conduct review for Singapore?
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    17. Singapore Culture & Peace Forum
    singapore culture Peace Forum,

    HELP US CONTACT US NEWSLETTER ... SPONSORS Whichever country you are from, please take a few minutes to share with people all over the world information about your culture, in the forum for your country. For example, describe:
    • Your favorite activities growing up The big events in your country's history What people in your country value What are the big national issues your country is facing What the geography of your country is like (mountains, desert, tropical, etc.) The weather. Is it hot? Do you have hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.? How you spend your free time What kind of job you want when you're older What your favorite foods are What your family is like Any religious beliefs or traditions you have Who you look up to, and why (include historical figures, too) Who inspires you to be peaceful, and why
    And please, also share your thoughts on how the people of the world can come together and live in harmony. How can we create global peace?
    Please feel free to reply to the comments in the forums from any of the countries, but only post a message to the forum for your country
    Thank you very much for helping make Love And Peace Mission 2000 the place for our global family to come together as we all work to create peace!

    18. Search Engine Singapore – Map Singapore, Travel Singapore, Hotel In Singapore,
    For Singapore flag map news history culture airlines map flag news hotel Singaporehistory news airlines flag hotel singapore culture hotel Equant airlines
    Search Engine.Search Engine Singapore – Map Singapore, travel Singapore, hotel in Singapore, tourism, travel, map, hotel, search engine. Search for map Singapore, travel Singapore, hotel in Singapore, tourism, travel, map, hotel search engine . Search the world with Planet Search Full list of Countries Search Engine Query Select Country Search Engine Search The World Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belgium Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Caribbean Chile China Columbia Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt England Estonia Fiji Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Kuwait Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Madagascar Malaysia Malta Mexico Monaco Morocco Mozambique Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Northern Ireland North Korea Norway Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Tunisia Turkey Ukraine UK United Arab Emirates Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam Wales Yemen Yugoslavia Zambia Zimbabwe Search The World 'Any Country' plus

    19. Internet Resources On Singapore
    History Culture. ASEAN COCI singapore culture Information, Singapore ASEAN COCISecretariat's overview of cultural assets information sources in Singapore.
    Singapore General Information News Media Government Offices General Information American Association of Singapore Catcha Singapore Expatriates in Singapore "resource for anyone looking for information on visiting, working & living here": history & law; relocation tips; shopping, entertainment, etc. Library of Congress Country Studies: Singapore One of the Area Handbook Series Who's who; Singaporese; place names; who was who Singapore InfoMap Singapore WWW VL The Singapore section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, edited by Suzanne McMahon Statistics on Singapore TechnoFIND - Singapore Search Engine Yahoo! Singapore News Media The Electric New Paper Lianhe Zaobao Online A Chinese language daily Singapore Business Times Online "a comprehensive & concise package of corporate, financial, economic & political news, analysis & commentary" The Straits Times Interactive English newspaper with focus on Asia Government Offices Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) Ministry of Education Information on Singapore's educational system Ministry of Finance, Revenue Division

    20. Culture In Singapore
    Culture in Singapore. 8 DAYS entertainment and television guide. Singapore Categories.Banking. Companies. Culture. Dining. Entertainment. Finance. Government. Hotels.
    Culture in Singapore 8 DAYS - entertainment and television guide. : 8 DAYS - entertainment and television guide.
    BigO - English music magazine
    : BigO - English music magazine with news, reviews and a film guide.
    Flying Inkpot
    : Flying Inkpot, The - featuring reviews in the areas of theatre, cinema, books, television, poetry and mainstream and classical music.
    : Happening - entertainment and arts guide with feature articles and reviews; also events calendars for art, film, music, and the performing arts.
    : L-Paradigm - develops web-based learning systems for schools, institutions, and corporations
    Manja Online
    : Manja Online - majalah hiburan termasuk muzik, film, television, dan lain-lain lagi
    : - e-learning site providing business and IT education and corporate training as well as education-related online services.
    Singapore Institute of Architects
    : Singapore Institute of Architects - information for professional architects, architectural students, and more
    TheVirtual Mall
    : TheVirtual Mall - women and men's lifestyle magazine covering nightlife, dining, and automobiles

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