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         Skaters Biographies Men:     more detail
  1. Superstars of Men's Figure Skating (Male Sports Stars Series) by Pohla Smith, 1998-03
  2. Gold!: The Todd Eldredge story by Alicia Styles, 2000
  3. Rolaboi - Renegade Skater by Jayson Sutcliffe, 2004-11-30
  4. Facing the Music (Charnwood Library) by Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, et all 1996-12
  5. Zero Tollerance : An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Revolutionized Figure Skating by Toller Cranston, Martha Lowder Kimball, 1997-10-25
  6. Torvill & Dean: The Autobiography of Ice Dancing's Gold Medal Winners by Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, et all 1998-02
  7. Torvill & Dean: The Autobiography of Ice Dancing's Greatest Stars by Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, et all 1996-09
  8. Icebreaker Spanish Edition: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo by Rudy Galindo, 1998-06-01
  9. Skating for the Gold by Chip Lovitt, 1997-10-01
  10. Going for the Gold: Apolo Anton Ohno by Thomas Lang, 2002-05-01

81. Miscellaneous Sports
The Figure Skating Page Pictures of today's figure skaters. Women in Track and FieldBiographies of women who Professionals of Canada Covers men's and women's
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Miscellaneous Sports
Table of Contents



  • Archery: Sport of Champions

  • This ThinkQuest site goes over the sport's history, techniques, and the science behind the bow and
  • Federation of Canadian Archers

  • Information on this organization, history of archery, events and more.
  • MSN Encarta - Archery
  • Encyclopedia entry offers history and a description of this bow and arrow sport.
  • National Archery Association
  • Official site for U.S. Olympic Archery. Includes info on how to join and the history of archery.
  • Olympic-Style Archer's Corner
  • Individual archer presents target scoring format, equipment details, and educational articles. Find related links.
  • U of T Archery Club - Links
  • A comprehensive site with links to archery sites world wide.
  • "Victoria Bowmen"
  • A site with a wealth of information about archery, including: history, types of archery, equipment, events and more. (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • Badminton Canada's Homepage
  • Site includes athlete profiles, a list of champions, tournament results, a newsletter, badminton links and more.

    82. "the People's Paths!" First Nations - First People In Sports
    for Lang Tchernyshev Figure skaters Naomi Lang Syracuse University Orange LacrosseMen; Syracuse University over 1,000 images and biographies, and covers

    There is a second URL for the People's Paths the original
    Cherokee language version
    English translation version
    First Nations - First People In Sports
    • "Naomi Lang, born in Arcata, California, makes her
      home in Allegan, Michigan. Naomi is Native American,
      an enrolled member of the Karuk Tribe of California."
    • Cory Witherill Cory Witherill Racing, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA
      "Navajo, Cory Witherill, was the first full-blooded Native American to
      run in the Indy 500 , famed as the largest sporting event in the world."

    (Short inspirational biographies) told he was too small and that male figure skaterswere not but won a gold medal and repeatedly won the men's figure skating

    Directories Archives Links ... Contact Us
    April 7, 2001
    Issue No. 35
    Welcome to "Snippets"
    "Snippets", a free ezine devoted entirely to Wise Old Sayings, is written by Betsy and Tom Sullivan and published twice a month.
    Special Request
    If you know anything about the following sayings, please let us know at - The meaning and origin of the saying "They don't set horses". - The meaning and origin of the saying "Have you earned your red wings". - The origin or story behind the saying "That's easy as pie". - The origin and meaning of "Oh my stars and garters".
    Saying for the Week
    "Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches."

    George Herbert (1593-1632)
    Chin Ups
    (Short inspirational biographies) "ADVERSITY IS A GIFT" Rosalie Griesse is not a famous person and to the casual observer looks like a typical middle-class woman in her 70's with a pleasant disposition. Only those who have heard her story appreciate all she has been through and marvel at her positive attitude. At a young age, Rosalie was diagnosed with scoliosis, a disease of the spine, that could only be corrected by several back operations over an extended period of time. As if that wasn't bad enough, six months before her first operation, her father was murdered in their home one night by an intruder. Then she had to spend nine months alone in the hospital for two back operations and wasn't allowed to see her mother or brothers. In those days it was thought that it would be too painful for young patients to have to keep separating from their families, so they theorized that it was better for them not to see their families at all! So for nine long months, twelve-year old Rosalie had to lie in bed in a body cast amongst total strangers while still grieving her father's death.

    84. Biographies
    THE SKATERS Name: Cindy Hsieh (
    Executive Position: President
    Year: Senior (Class of 2003)
    Hometown: Charleston, WV
    2000 National Collegiate Championships: 7th - Junior Ladies
    2000 Collegiate Team Nationals Results: 1st - Novice Ladies, 2nd - Novice Team
    2001 National Collegiate Championships: 6th - Junior Ladies
    2001 Collegiate Team Nationals Results: 1st - Junior Ladies, 1st - Junior Team, 4th - Novice Dance
    2002 National Collegiate Championships: 7th - Junior Ladies
    Starting at the age of 12, Cindy Hsieh began her skating career at the Civic Center Ice Arena in Charleston, WV. She has excelled in several aspects of the sport, including a gold medal in moves and her junior free in freestyle. Currently, under the guidance of Priscilla Hill and Paul Dulebohn, she is training competitively for her second National Collegiate Championships in Colorado Springs, CO and the 2002 South Atlantic Regional Championships to be held in Aston, PA. She is also a member and officer (Competition Secretary) of the Precisionaires, University of Delaware's Collegiate Synchro Team. Academically, she is pursuing a double major in Biology and English with the hope of attending medical school in the future. On the side, she looks forward to working in journalism for a magazine or screenwriting for an entertainment venue. Name: Melissa Parker (

    85. The Figure Skating Corner - World Championships 1997 - Report Men
    World Figure Skating Championships Lausanne, 1997 Report men. All the top skatersdid extremly well, alltogether nine competitors did a clean triple axel
    TV Schedule

    DIALOG Discussion Forum
    Partner Search

    Recreational Skating


    SOURCES Photo Directory
    Figure Skating Links

    References / FAQ

    Nutrition / Eating disorders
    ... Useful Links ARCHIVE Result archive Photo riddle archive CONTACT Contact TFSC NEWSLETTER Newsletter-Abo! Bitte befolgen Sie den Inhalt der Bestätigungsmail. Name: email: SITE INFOS Site Map Search FAQ (in German) Awards ;-) (in German) Help
    World Figure Skating Championships Lausanne, 1997 - Report Men
    "Dragonheart" Elvis Stojko hunts down the gold
    by Tatjana Flade
    "After the short I dreamt of being fifth or sixth. I never thought I'd be third. It's like a present for my birthday which was two days ago," Alexei Yagudin said. The nervs, again, got in Ilia Kulik's way, Third after the short, the Russian didn't do a combination and doubled, then singled the flip. He had to touch down after his first triple axel, but had a good one out of a spread eagle. He finished fifth. German Champion Andreis Vlascenko came back after a faulty short program - he had doubled the lutz and was only 10th - with a clean performance that included seven triples. He two-footed only the second jump in his triple salchow/triple toe combination and moved up to rank 6.

    Provides a comprehensive collection of bios, photos and news articles relating to figure skating, with a particular emphasis on Canadian skaters.
    Contains: What's New Site Overview by Nation by Discipline ... Competitions Shows Contacting Skaters Collector's Guide Skating Paraphenalia Other Links of Interest
    What's New (as of Saturday, 01-Jun-2002 00:48:43 PDT)
    • Nothing has been new for a long time. I'm currently doing a sweep to remove broken links.
    Site Overview
    Figure Skating from a National Perspective

    87. Fan Pages And Pictures Of Artistic Inline Figure Skaters - Bios, Fan Pages, Info
    Home skaters Pictures of Artistic Inline Figure skaters. Picturesand Bios of skaters Artistic Inline Figure skaters. Results
    Link Directory
    Inline Skating and Quad Roller Skating
    Articles and News Help support by shopping at Kathie's newest Web site: Free Email Skating Newsletter: Subscribe Unsubscribe Past Issues Top 10: Articles Visitors Home Skaters > Pictures of Artistic Inline Figure Skaters Free Email





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    88. Nihon Skating Institute
    Archives. Four Continents Championships Season 1 World Championships Season1, men's, Ladies', Pairs'. Four Continents Championships, 3rd/9, 13th/14, 6th/6.
    Archives Four Continents Championships Season 1
    World Championships Season 1
    Men's Ladies' Pairs' Four Continents Championships World Championships

    89. Choreography And Style For Ice Skaters Book - 0312054017 BooksMags
    Choreography and Style for Ice skaters Rating List price $12.95Our price $10.36 You save $2.59 (20%). by St. Martin's Press
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    Women's Interest
    Product Search: All Products Books Magazines Home Books Sports Winter Sports ... Choreography and Style for Ice Skaters Rating: List price: Price: Buy Used From by St. Martin's Press Release Date: March, 1991 Sales rank: Catalog: Book Media: Paperback Author: Ricky Harris Usually ships within 24 hours Product Reviews: a modest book with an incredible depth of artistic content! View Shopping Cart What's New 2003 Calendars Animal Posters Movies Posters Related Products: Conditioning for Skating : Off.. List price: Our price: The Inner Champion : A Mental .. Price: Figure Skating: Championship T.. List price: Our price: Figure Skating School: A Profe.. List price: Our price: The Complete Book of Figure Sk.. List price: Our price: Specials Sale Price: $17.86 Buy Now Sale Price: $13.97 Buy Now Home PlazaHardware Advertising ... Privacy

    90. Women Olympic Skaters - Speed Skating - Figure Skaters - Ice Dancing - Olympics
    Olympic skaters Speed Figure Skating. Women figure skaters, speed skatersand ice dancers who have won Olympic medals, whether gold, silver or bronze.
    zfp=-1 About History Women's History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
    Women's History
    with Jone Johnson Lewis
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    Women figure skaters, speed skaters and ice dancers who have won Olympic medals, whether gold, silver or bronze. From the first woman to win at a world championship to recent well-known medalists. Women Olympic Skaters
    A history of women in Olympic figure skating, speed skating and ice dancing, including lists of top women in the sport. Figure Skaters and Ice Dancing An index to women figure skaters at the Olympics, from early world championship Madge Syers to more recent Olympic medalists. Speed Skating Women's speed skating at the Winter Olympics: a directory of medal winners and information on the sport.

    men. Abt, Alexander. Cerez, Thierry. Dmitrenko, Dmitry.

    Event Results


    Skating News

    Sports News

    SKATERS Pairs Dance
  • Abt, Alexander Cerez, Thierry Dmitrenko, Dmitry Eldredge, Todd ... Yagudin, Alexei
  • Women
  • Corwin, Amber Currie, Michelle Diewald, Andrea Drei, Alisa ... Suguri, Fumie
  • Pairs
  • Abitbol, Sarah Bennebose, Paul Berezhnaya, Elena Bernadis, Stephane ... Zimmerman, John
  • Dance
  • Anissina, Marina Averbukh, Ilia Barany, Kornelia Cao, Xianming ... Help
  • 92. Figure Skating Profiles
    Figure skaters Online Multiskaters (US) official pages. Figure Skating Biographiesby IceCalc - Figure Skating profiles for the 2000-2001 season.
    Home Articles Forum Sitemap ... Contact
    Figure Skating Profiles Ladies Men Dance Pairs
    Have a site you'd like listed? Submit it here All About Figure Skating
    Results, photos, profiles, and more. Black Ice
    Dedicated to the love of figure skating, this site is designed to celebrate and spotlight the artistry, talent, power, and strength of minority figure skating and those that help support the sport. Canadian Athletes
    Skate Canada profiles. TRAxel's Turf - Skating Fan Page
    Site dedicated to Canadian figure skaters. Figure Skaters Online
    Multi-Skaters (U.S.) official pages. Figure Skating Biographies
    by IceCalc - Figure Skating profiles for the 2000-2001 season. Figure Skating Divas
    by Kristen Koester. Figure Skating Corner
    by Tino Eberl. Figure Skating in Quebec
    A French-Canadian site with profiles, bios, results and more. (French with translator on site) Figure Skating in Uzbekistan Profiles and Bios of Uzbek skaters. Various profiles of skaters by Daphne Kitchin. IceSkate Cafe A virtual meeting place for ice skating fans. Ice World Andrea's figure skating corner.

    93. Skaters
    Janet Lynn 1973 World Professional Champion. All information on thiswebsite is copywrited material and may not be reproduced or copied.
    Janet Lynn
    1973 World Professional Champion
    All information on this website is copywrited material and may not be reproduced or copied.
    © 2001 SFX-Candid Productions Inc.

    94. Webwinds Ice Skating Photo Gallery By Tracy Marks, Figure Skating Photos, Photog
    Want to buy books about figure skating and figure skaters? Pleasehelp support the time and costs of this site by buying books on
    Webwinds Figure Skating Gallery
    Ice Skating Photos by Tracy Marks
    About My Skating Photography
    Philippe Candeloro,
    Men Skaters

    Women Skaters

    Pairs Skaters Index

    Ice Dance Index
    Books and Videos

    Purchasing Information:
    Since Webwinds is not a commercial site, I may not sell my photos here, but interested buyers may contact me at I also sell dozens of skating photos at Ebay auction (in sports, memorabilia, ice skating), listed under the name torreyphilemon or on my Ebay About Me page. More are also at's auction site in collectibles under tmar Do sign my guestbook at Webwinds or Windweaver! Tracy Marks, Arlington, Massachusetts
    Related Links Figure Skating Sites Skating Photography Tracy Marks' Sites Recommended Books and Videos (via Windweaver) ... Skating Books and Videos at Figure Skating Centers Online: Useful Links! Figure Skating Tv Schedule Discover Card Stars on Ice Tom Collins' Campbell's Soup Champions on Ice Blades on Ice ... CTV Sports Skating Competitor Biographies Web sites on Skating Photography N.Y. Institute of Photography: Tips for Skating Pictures

    95. Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics
    Meanwhile, 18 yearold Danny Kass took the silver in the men's halfpipe Canadian figureskaters, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, skated a nearly perfect routine
    The Pros
    Xtreme Sports

    Sports Extra

    Off The Wall
    Gear Up

    2002 Winter Olympics
    It was 16 days of skating scandals, hockey heroics, kick-ass kids and freaky fashions. Here's a look at the good, the bad and the bizarre from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. American Boarders
    The country that invented snowboarding schooled the rest of the world in Salt Lake City. Americans won five medals in snowboarding - including gold medals in the halfpipe from Kelly Clark and Ross Powers. Canadian Hockey
    Canada made up for a 50 year drought by winning the gold medal in women's and men's ice hockey. The Canadian girls beat the US 3-2 to revenge a loss in the gold medal game at the 1998 Olympics. The men's final featured two teams made up of NHL All-Stars. The Canadian lineup included Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic and Paul Kariya. The American team featured such super snipers as Brett Hull, Brian Leetch and Mike Modano. The Canadians won the game 5-2, causing wild celebrations across Canada. The last time Canada won a gold medal in ice hockey was at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway. Ghosts and Skeletons
    Jimmy Shea used the death of his grandfather as inspiration and won gold in the men's skeleton race.

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