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         Speleology General:     more books (33)
  1. Caverns of Magic by Hal G.P. Colebatch, 2006-04-10
  2. Encyclopedia of Caves
  3. The Big Cave, early history and authentic facts concerning the history and discovery of the world famous Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico by Abijah and Joe N. Long Long, 1969-01-01
  4. Missouri Caves in History and Legend (Missouri Heritage Readers Series) by H. Dwight Weaver, 2008-01-26
  5. Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth by James M. Tabor, 2010-06-15
  6. Entering the Stone: On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark by Barbara Hurd, 2003-08-05
  7. The Underground Atlas: A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions by John Middleton, Tony Waltham, 1987-09
  8. The Complete Caving Manual by Andy Sparrow, 1997-09
  9. Caving Basics: A Comprehensive Manual for Beginning Cavers
  10. Cavers, Caves, and Caving by Bruce Sloan, 1977-05
  11. A Guide to Speleological Literature of the English Language 1794-1996 by Bill Mixon, Ken Ingham, et all 1998-08-01
  12. A Man Deep in Mendip: The Caving Diaries of Harry Savory 1910-1921 by Harry Savory, John Savory B.Sc.Ph.D., 1990-02-01
  13. Caving: The Sierra Club Guide to Spelunking by Peggy Larson, Lane Larson, 1982-06-12
  14. Texas Caves (Louise Lindsey Merrick Natural Environment Series) by Blair Pittman, 1999-09-01

21. Brief Presentation Of The Romanian Speleological Federation
secretary general, secretary, treasurer, technical director and federal trainer.The RSF is affiliated to the IUS (International Union of speleology).
Brief presentation
The Romanian Speleological Federation (RSF) was founded on May 28, 1994 when the Central Commission of Speleology, the Romanian Society of Speleology and Karstology, the Transylvanian Speleological Society, the Speleological Society of Banat and the Group for Underwater and Cave Exploration joined into a single organization. In 1920, the Romanian scientist Emil Racovita established in Cluj the first Speleological Institute in the world. Through the years, this spurred increasing interest in scientific research focussed on biospeleology and other related branches, as well as "underground world" exploration. Dozens of speleological clubs appeared resulting the exploration of more than 12,000 caves. In 1972 the Romanian cavers were gathered into a national forum called " Speosport ". Since than, this became an annual event, organized by the Central Commission of Speleology. In 1990 the speleological clubs created several confederate structures. Finally, the common passion for the underground world has lead to the creation of the Romanian Speleological Federation in 1994. The aims of the RSF are:
  • to promote speleology and its related disciplines to promote the research and the study of the underground world to protect and conserve the caves' environment and the karstic landscape
The RSF activity is structured on national and regional programs within the frame of three main subjects:
  • science and education environmental protection and conservation sport, tourism, outdoor recreation activities

22. BCRA Publications: Speleology
If you have any comments or contributions to make, please send them to you have any general comments about BCRA's plans, Im sure
B CRA Publications: Speleology
pubs_cover-3.doc last saved 18-aug-02 15:51
notes by David Gibson
Also see:
BCRA Publications: the Plan for 2003
BCRA's New Periodical: Speleology
Planning for the NCA/BCRA Consolidation: BCRA's Policy

Back to : 'New National Body'
BCRA is planning some changes to its publications. Essentially, the main change is that is going to be replaced by a new publication, called Speleology . These notes explain how the proposed changes affect the various editors, SIGs and regional correspondents. A quick summary of the situation is as follows...
  • BCRA Council has issued a 'policy statement' regarding the proposed 'consolidation' between BCRA and NCA. In brief, Council is agreeing to curtail BCRA's national body activities and to concentrate on cave science. As part of the curtailment of 'national body' activities, responsibility for a national 'glossy' magazine - - is likely to pass from BCRA to the new national body. and so we have decided to replace with a new periodical which will concentrate on 'popular science and technology' for caving.

23. Studies In Speleology (Subjects)
British Isles general Topics -. Paul's Grotto, Malta, Vol 3 (1) pp 29 -32. Dublyansky VN Ilyukhin VV, speleology in the USSR, Vol 7 pp 5 - 15 (F).
Studies in Speleology - Subject Index
Caves and Karst of: British Isles Europe Africa America ... Australasia Specialist Topics: Cave Biology Cave Chemistry Cave Physics Cave Sediments ... Cave Conservation Historical Speleology: History of Speleology Caving Bibliography Obituaries Cave Surveying ... Cave Photography Miscellaneous Topics: Expedition Logistics Miscellaneous Topics
Author Title Reference Caves, karst and exploration in The British Isles - South West and Southern England - Fossilized Caves of Mendip Vol 2 (3/4) pp 93 - 102 (P) Hooper J.H.D. The Study of Horseshoe Bats in Devon Caves; A review of progress, 1947 - 1982 Vol 4 pp 59 - 70 Price G. The Caves of Fairy Cave Quarry; their long term preservation or destruction Vol 4 pp 71 - 75 (P) Stanton W.I. Digging for Mendip Caves Vol 4 pp 77 - 83 Price G. The Conservation of Caves in Great Britain: 6. The Mendip Hills Vol 6 pp 27 - 30 Cawthorne R. The Conservation of Caves in Great Britain: 7. Devon Vol 6 pp 31 - 36 Geophysical Surveying at Joint Mitnor Cave, Buckfastleigh [Devon] Vol 6 pp 51 - 61 Worrell D.J.

24. Ah! Mexico : Mexico : Recreation And Sports : Speleology
Mexico / Recreation and Sports / speleology Home Business Travel Education Real Estate Culture News general Information Contact Us.
Ah! Mexico: Speleology
Mexico Recreation and Sports / Speleology Home Business Travel Education ... Contact Us Other Countries:
Costa Rica
Belize Panama Guatemala ... Mexico
Ah! Mexico
E-mail us at Advertise with Us

25. IGCP/IGCP299/1993/93.46.htm
general KARSTOLOGY. and lakes of karst regions, karst of chalk, hydrothermal karst,529pages, by GA.Maksimovich, Perm Institute of karstology and speleology.
IV NEW DEVELOPMENT OF KARST RESEARCH IN THE FORMER USSR Yuan Daoxian During my visit in Russia, July, 1992, I talked to many karst friends from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. I saw meanwhile, a lot of karst publications. Most of them are written in Russian, and may not be known outside. I found there have been great progress in karst research in the former USSR during the past couple of decades, both in foundamental and practical aspects. A general view could be got through the available publications as follows: GENERAL KARSTOLOGY 1. Foundamentals of karstology, vol.2, problems of karst hydrogeology, rivers and lakes of karst regions, karst of chalk, hydrothermal karst, 529pages, by G.A.Maksimovich, Perm Institute of karstology and speleology. 1969.
2. Karst, N.A.Gvozdetzeky, 215 pages. Masli Publishing House, Moscow,1981.
3. Terminology of karst, by D.A.Temofeev; V.N.Dyblyansky; T.Z.Kiknadze,259 pages. With English and Russian indices. Science Press, Moscow, 1991.
4. CAVES, Transactions of the Institute of karstology and speleology,154 pages. Perm, 1990.
5. Speleology, terminology, its relation with other sciences, classification of caves, V.N.Dyblyansky, V.N.Andreytchuk, 34 pages, Kungur, 1989.

26. GIRC-Links
Other sites of general interest. About Bats International Union of speleology SpeleologicalAbstracts Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL LIPU Lega Italiana
Useful links
GIRC links page
Here is a list of bat-related sites. As you konw, it is impossible to have all sites listed, and it may happen that some link will break...
Help us keeping this page updated!
a link! Other sites Bioacustics Bat detectors Bat Detectors FAQ ... References
Other bat sites
Jim Buzbee's Bat House : one of the best bat sites!
The Bat Page
- "All about Bats"

Chiroptera Neotropical
- Newsletter
Flights of Fancy

Life History and Ecology of the Chiroptera
- University of Berkeley
Kiroptera Webzine
, LPO Loire et Muséum de Bourges. (in French)
Model Systems in Neuroethology - Echolocation in the Bat

New Mexico Bat Survey and Acoustic Library
Order Chiroptera - The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology's Animal Diversity Web Peter Redfern's Web Page about Chiroptera Pictures of Bats-[Chiroptera] by Wernher Krutein / Photovault Riserva Naturale Onferno Order Chiroptera - Taxonomy of Life - The University of Edimburgh The Bat Cave Texas Chiroptera UK Batabase Willie's Chiroptera Page ... Bats General information by Cislunar Aerospace Bat images Bat images All About Bats! by R. Battenfeld

27. Sibios Links To Speleology - Liens Spéléologie
Translate this page This page open links to societies, institutions, general topics related to SPELEOLOGYCette page ouvre des liens en direction de sociétés, associations
Speleo - Links - Liens
This page open links to societies, institutions, general topics related to SPELEOLOGY
35(1996)+CD-ROM2 / 36(1997)+CD-ROM3 / 37(1998)+CD-ROM4 / 38(1999)+CD-ROM5 / 39(2000)+CD-ROM6 / 40(2001)+CD-ROM7
- The French Speleological Federation
Publications Commission Environnement : Contact Christophe Tscherter
Ollioules (Var) 7-8-9 Juin 2003

Contact Gilles Collin [SGH] - Swiss Speleological Society [SSS] - Italian Speleological Society Contributions wanted !! Please snd your own informations to the webeditor
Written by Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
SIBIOS, 2002
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28. Pengelly Trust, Newsletters Page.
Part 2 Volunteers Sought; Grants Received; Studies in speleology;Third Annual general Meeting; Publications for Sale; More News of
Main Site About 1960's 1970's ...
William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust
Newsletters 1960's
Newsletter No. 1 , May 1963
Newsletter No. 2, March 1964
  • Title of the Newsletter
  • Progress at the Pengelly Cave Research Centre during 1963
  • Plans for the Centre during 1964
  • News of the Association of the Pengelly Cave Research Centre
  • Visit from Dr K. Kowalski
  • The Hon. Secretary's visit to the USA
Newsletter No. 3, October 1964
  • Progress at the Pengelly Cave Research Centre during 1964
  • The Centre's First Guide Naturalists' Training Course
  • Development of Higher Kiln Quarry
  • Mr B Metters and Miss M Goodman
  • News of the Association
  • 1. Report on the Geophysical Survey
  • 2. Geological Report

29. SSJ Speleo Link
general Speleo Information in Japan Japan Speleo Page The contents of the widerange are handled from Museum in Japan ( It relates to speleology, karst etc
Speleo Link
relation club or site
  • General Speleo Information in Japan
    • Japan Speleo Page
      The contents of the wide range are handled from limestone cave to the volcanic cave. This site which handles much information on the foreign countries
      This web site about the cave photograph. There is a link to cave photograph web site of the world country.
  • Link site
    Science Group in Japan
  • Academic Society in Japan
  • University laboratory in Japan
  • Museum in Japan ( It relates to speleology, karst etc.)
    Speleo Group in Japan
  • 30. Speleology (Cave Science) Publications By J.D. Wilcock
    10 (2), 7398. general speleology/Caving/Potholing - locating new cavesetc. 2001. Wilcock, JD 2001. Some further hypotheses concerning
    Speleology (Cave Science) Publications
    Speleology - hydrology
    Wilcock, J.D. 2001, Spreadsheet modelling of the Peak/Speedwell hydrology, The CREG Journal 45 (September 2001), 18-21 Wilcock, J.D. & D.J. Lowe 1999, "On the origin of the thermal waters of Bath, United Kingdom: A sub-Severn hypothesis", Cave and Karst Science 26(2), 69-80 Wilcock, J.D. 1997, "Conceptual model of a cave system", "Cave flows", "Modelling in Excel [for cave simulation]", in Bedford, M.D. 1997, "Role models", Computer Shopper, December 1997, 943-946 Wilcock, J.D. 1997. "Simulation of cave hydrological systems using modern computer software: Practical case studies from the UK", in Jeannin, P-Y. (ed.), Proc. 12th International Congress of Speleology 5, 61-64, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, 10-17.08.1997 Wilcock, J.D. 1997. "Simulation of cave hydrology using a conventional computer spreadsheet", in Kranjc, A. (ed) 1997, Tracer Hydrology 97, Balkema, Rotterdam ISBN 90 5410 875 4, 443-448 Wilcock, J.D. 1996. "How to Excel at Hydrology", Cave Radio & Electronics Group Journal 26 (December 1996), 11-14

    31. AKAKOR GEOGRAPHICAL EXPLORING Onlus - English - Publications
    1997) Proceedings of the 12 th International Congress of speleology, (vol. Createdby Soraya Ayub (general Coordinator), Willian Sallum Filho, Nilson Bernardi
    Document last update: In this page you can find all of the pubications created by AKAKOR GEOGRAPHICAL EXPLORING Onlus members and collaborators. For each publication you can see the languages for which it is available. AKAKOR PROJECT
    Underwater Speleology Report of Mimoso Cave, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Underwater speleological touristic programm for Mimoso Cave, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Document demanded from IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), DIREC (Ecosystems Directory, Brazil) and CECAV (National Center for the Study, Protection and Management fo Caves, Brazil). Created by Lorenzo Epis.
    Geological and speleological preliminar study of caves of South area of the "Serra da Bodoquena", Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (1996).
    Special pubblication of Geology Institute of São Paulo University, Brazil. Geological and speleological report of Bonito '95 Expedition, in portoguese language, with abastract in english and italian version. Created by Soraya Ayub (General Coordinator), Willian Sallum Filho, Nilson Bernardi Ferreira, Ana Elisa Silva de Abreu, Luiz Guilherme Poggio Teixeira and Theodor Stephan Hupfeld Eleuterio.

    32. AKAKOR GEOGRAPHICAL EXPLORING Onlus - English - Bonito '95 Expedition's Members
    José Sabino, Biologyst Brazilian team of underwater speleology. Lorenzo Epis,Bonito '95 Expedition general coordinator STL Speleosub Team Lecco.
    Bonito '95 Expedition's members
    In this page you can find the names of all Bonito '95 Expeditions Members. Alessandro Anghileri Coordinator of the Italian team of exploration
    Italian team of underwater speleology
    STL - Speleosub Team Lecco Ana Elisa Silva de Abreu Brazilian team of geology - San Paolo University Ana Tereza Martins Bonito town council representative Andrea Calligaro Filmmaker
    Italian team of underwater speleology
    Speleosub Cai Foligno Andrea Russo Italian team of underwater speleology
    Speleosub Cai Foligno Adriano Bertoletti Italian team of exploration
    Gec Genepy Calolzio Arthur Jarbas Cardoso da Silva Brazilian team of geology - San Paolo University Aurora Moreira Palhano Bonito town council representative Brazilian exploration team
    Gescamp - Campinas Speleological Group Beroaldo Brazilian exploration team
    Gescamp - Campinas Speleological Group Brazilian team of underwater speleology Domenico Venturino Italian team of underwater speleology
    STL - Speleosub Team Lecco Eduardo Gloria Brazilian team of geography Edemir Stroppa dos Santos Bonito town council representative
    Driver Eduardo Nogueira Vinhaes Coordinator of Brazilian team of underwater speleology Eliana Aquino Paranhos Bonito town council representative Health secretary Responsible for the expedition's electrical generator Enrico Carnati Italian team of exploration Gec Genepy Calolzio Ernesto Augusto Lerche Brazilian team of geology San Paolo University Brazilian team of geology - San Paolo University Federico Gentile Italian team of exploration Cai Perugia Speleological Group

    33. Recreation/Outdoors/Speleology
    cave.html mySpeleo is a search engine for speleology scientific discipline Caving Ozark Caving is a general caving web
    Search: Category Description:
    Covers caving (cave exploring) and speleology (cave science). The term "spelunking" now refers to people whose approach to cave eploring puts themselves or the cave at risk. If you have no experience in cave exploring, try to find a local caving club or grotto and learn how to explore caves safely and with minimal damage to these non-renewable natural resources. When caving, keep in mind the National Speleological Society motto: "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time." Recreation Outdoors Speleology Biospeleology
    Cave Conservancies

    Cave Diving

    Cave Photography
    The National Speleological Society

    A not for profit organization dedicated to the study conservation exploration and knowledge of caves.
    UK Caving's Virtual Foyer

    This site is an entry point to some key caving web-sites in the UK. Choose a link from the list below.
    URL: Captain Cavemans TAG cave page Photos and info on caves and caving events in Tennessee Alabama and Georgia URL:

    34. Recreation/Outdoors/Speleology/Cave_Rescue
    Recreation / Outdoors / speleology / Cave Rescue. URL http// Cave Rescue Practice Article outlining modern
    Search: Welcome to, the comprehensive search portal dedicated to the arts. We have located some of the finest art and entertainment resources from across the Web and accumulated them into a single directory. Here you can choose from a wide variety of documents, reviews, articles, and Web sites about your favorite activities. Whether you enjoy film, Broadway shows, television, books, fine art, or travel, there is something here for you. As you peruse the directory, you will notice several categories pertaining to the arts. Feel free to navigate through these categories, from broad art-related topics to specific information on selected subjects. Our search portal also gives you the option to conduct a query using our intelligent search feature. Recreation Outdoors Speleology Cave Rescue Africa


    North America
    International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery

    Organisation based in USA with the aim to support all Public Safety Agencies in the rescue and/or recovery of victims in an underwater environment.

    35. Nearctica - Organizations - Adventure - Caving And Speleology
    Adventure Caving and speleology. Return to Organizations Main Page. Returnto Family - Caving. Return to Ecology - Habitats - Caves and Karst. general.
    Organizations - Adventure - Caving and Speleology Return to Organizations Main Page Return to Family - Caving Return to Ecology - Habitats - Caves and Karst GENERAL National Caves Association . An association of commercial cave operators. National Speleological Society . This societies web page also has links to its local member organizations. Lavender Cavers, National Speleological Society ALABAMA Birmingham Grotto, National Speleological Society Central Alabama Grotto, National Speological Society Huntsville Grotto, National Speleological Society ALBERTA Alberta Speleological Society ARKANSAS Boston Mountain Grotto, National Speleological Society North Arkansas Down Under BRITISH COLUMBIA British Columbia Speleological Federation Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group University of Victoria Caving Club University of Northern British Columbia Caving Club CALIFORNIA Diablo Grotto, National Speleological Society San Francisco Bay Chapter, National Speleological Society Southern California Grotto, National Speleological Society Desert Dogs Troglodytes COLORADO Northern Colorado Grotto, National Speleological Society

    36. Nearctica - Family - Caving - General Links
    You'll find a general introduction to caves and their formation, commercial cavesin the Ozarks, general maps of caves speleology in the National Park Service.
    Family - Caving - General Links Return to Caving Main Page Buy Books about Caves The Armchair Caver . Arthur Vause. Photographs and maps of caving trips. Beal . This commercial manufacturer of rope has an extensive section on just about everything you would want to know about rope. A Beginning Guide to Caving . Garrett Coffman. A great site with an introduction to caving for beginners stressing the right equipment to bring and the rules to follow during caving. You'll also find an extensive gallery of caving pictures. Canadian Biospeleology Page . A bibliography of books and papers on cave life in Canada. Captain Caveman. Alan Camp . Information and photographs of caves in Tennessee. . Thomas M. Iliffe. is devoted to studying the animals living in Anchialine caves. Anchialine caves are coastal caves formed in limestone or lava and flooded with seawater. None of the caves described occurs in the United States or Canada, but in the Bahamas and Mexico. However the pictures are so great and the animals so interesting that we are including the site in Nearctica . You can find information about specific caves and also about the animals that occur in them. Cave Conservation and Management Section . National Speleological Society. The National Speleological Society has given us a great page on cave conservation. The site includes current news and articles on cave conservation and links to other resources on the web related to saving and preserving the caves of North America and the world.

    37. General Travel Links
    Tips Netscape The Cave Page - Caves, Caving and speleology World Wide Web Everythingabout the Skyscrapers in Frankfurt and about Skyscrapers in general
    General Backpacking Travel Guide Books Money ... Misc
    TOP City.Net
    U.S. State Department Travel Warnings

    Photo Exhibitions and Archives: Travel
    Home Exchange with HomeLink International
    11,500 home exchange holidays in 50 countries
    Frugal Travel News
    Lots of different links for travelling
    Nalyd's Skyscraper Page
    TOP The Internet Guide to Hostelling
    Hostelling International

    VIP Backpackers Worldwide
    Best Places on the Web for Backpacking Info
    useful links
    TOP Lonely Planet Travel Centre
    Lonely Planet - Text Express

    Let's Go Travel Guides
    M ONEY
    TOP Foreign Exchange Rates VISA Home Page Master Card International ... Barclaycard
    TOP Travel Information Software Systems Book your flight direct here Marc-David's Airlines of the WEB Airline information on-line on the Internet Subway navigator
    TOP TravelASSIST - Online Travel Magazine Condé Nast Traveler John Labovitz's e-zine-list
    TOP Ski Maps! Great Towers Golf Related Homepages ... The Alternative Dictionaries slang, "dirty" words and other bad language HEALTHY FLYING With Diana Fairechild Information about Duty Free/Tax Free shopping Cyber Café Guide version 11.3

    38. PSC General Information
    general Information. Club, (PSC) is an independent, nonprofit, incorporated organizationdedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology.

    39. Section: 38 Earth Sciences
    organizations 38.09 Physical geography 38.10 Geology general 38.20 Palaeontologygeneral 38.30 Mineralogy 38.46 Karst phenomena, speleology 38.47 Glacial
    Section: 38 earth sciences
    Earth sciences: general
    History of the earth sciences

    Earth sciences: teaching, professions, organizations

    Physical geography
    Environmental ecology

    40. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Recreation > Outdoors > Speleology
    Alexa Home. Search Browse Choose a subject in Recreation.

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