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         Speleology General:     more books (33)
  1. Tales of Dirt, Danger, and Darkness by Paul Jay Steward, 1998-01
  2. I Wonder Why Stalactites Hang Down and Other Questions About Caves (I wonder why series) by Jackie Gaff, 2003-03-17
  3. The Longest Cave by James D. Borden, 1987-02-01
  4. Cave Detectives: Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave by David L. Harrison, 2007-04-26
  5. Studies of Cave Sediments: Physical and Chemical Records of Paleoclimate

41. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Recreation > Outdoors > Speleology > Urban Speleol
Urban speleology Subjects Recreation Outdoors speleology Urbanspeleology. Sort by Most Popular

42. Fédération Spéléologique De La Communauté Européenne
e) To encompass speleology in all its forms. SECTION 4 — STRUCTURE OF THEFSCE Article 9, The FSCE is composed of a general Assembly and a Bureau.
STATUTES ADOPTED DURING THE CONSTITUTIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN UDINE (ITALY) SEPTEMBER 8, 1990 1st Modification 28 October 1995 (Enniskillen, IRL) (This is a translation of the original French statutes.) Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 The FSCE has its headquarters in Brussels. Article 4 The FSCE is covered by the International Union of Speleology Article 5 The proposals of the Speleological Federation of the European Community are : Article 6 Article 7 Article 8 Each country is free to decide its own procedure for selecting a delegate. Article 9 The FSCE is composed of a General Assembly and a Bureau. Article 10 The General Assembly is composed of one delegate from each member country. Article 11 Article 12 Article 13 GENERAL ASSEMBLY Article 14 Article 15 Article 16 Article 17 Article 18 Article 19 Article 20 Article 21 Article 22 Article 23 Article 24 Article 25 Article 26 The financial resources of the FSCE may come from: OF FSCE Article 27 Article 28 Article 29 In case of dissolution the belongings of the FSCE will be shared between the member countries, these are in the proportion of the fees paid since the entrance into the FSCE. Article 30 Article 31 Article 32

43. Manchester University Speleology Club
University speleology Society; South Wales Caving Club; Easegill online, courtesyof Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club; The Mendip Caving Group. general caving
Home Members Gallery Calendar ... Awards Links
Some of the best in Caving links
Caving clubs
General caving information
Shops and caving gear
More URLs?
If you think that I'm missing any important URLs then please let me know This page was last modified Fri, 31-May-2002 22:05:25 BST by

44. Manchester University Speleology Club
Apparently the general response at the hut was one of apathy, but Ash and Phil wereprovided with the necessary equipment for sheep rescue, and told to phone

45. Geography12virtlib
Salt Tectonics. Scales Internet Links. Seismology. speleology - general.Tides. Topographic Maps - Internet Links. Tornadoes. Toxicology. Tsunamis. subject libraries/VL-geography12
GEOGRAPHY 12 The topic outline below corresponds to the Geography 12 Course Outline. This resource page has two main objectives. It is intended to be a supplement to the text and course materials provided by the classroom teacher while encouraging the use of electronic media by students and staff. The web sites included are by no means intended to be all inclusive but they can provide access to useful information and they will often lead to additional information through links included on these pages. See the end of the outline below for a list of some general Geography links and some sources of Geography journals. (This page was created by Mr. R. Dencer, Yale Secondary School Library, May, 2000 and wa supdated May, 2001)
1. The Nature of Geography (Themes)
Definitions of Geography History of Geography The 5 Themes of Geography The 5 Themes of Geography ... What is Geography?
2. The Nature of Geography (Systems)
ATMOSPHERE Atmospheric Chemistry Atmosphere Atmosphere (NASA) Atmosphere - Structure and Dynamics Earth's Atmosphere Earth's Four Spheres BIOSPHERE Biosphere 2000 Project Biospherics Earth's Four Spheres Living In The Biosphere ... Man and the Biosphere: Species Databases HYDROSPHERE Earth's Four Spheres Hydrosphere internet links Hydrosphere I Hydrosphere II ... The Water Planet Earth LITHOSPHERE Crust and Lithosphere Earth's Crust and Lithosphere Earth's Four Spheres Lithosphere ... What Is The Lithospere?

46. General Knowledge Quiz 2002
40. What does rauchen verboten mean in English? 41. Which prime ministerpresided over the 1926 general Strike? 42. 78. What is speleology? 79.

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General Knowledge Quiz
Christmas 2002
The children will be answering these questions under test conditions at the start of next term. It's for fun. Ignore it, or go for it over the Christmas break. RCB 12/02 Front Page About Orwell Latest Contacts ... Photos

47. The National Park Service Cave And Karst Program--Links Page
Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS) is the international body for caving and speleology. runsthe affairs of UIS between the 4yearly general Assemblies held
There are many exciting resources available for more information about caves including: Caves and Caving Web Sites Children's Books about Caves and Bats General Books about Caves and Bats Additional Print Resources ... Additional Governmental Resources Caves and Caving Web Sites American Cave Conservation Association

The American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) is a national, non-profit association dedicated to the protection of caves, karstlands and groundwater. American Cave Museum

The American Cave Museum and Hidden River Cave are open year round located in the town of Horse Cave Kentucky.
For more information visit call:
Or write:
The American Cave Museum
131 Main Street

48. XXIII General Assembly, Nice, France, 20-24 April 1998
disciplines should be included to solve karst aquifer problems theoretical and engineeringgeology; sedimentology; morphology; speleology; hydrological mapping
HSB2: Water resources engineering and mangement
04 Resource development and management in karst aquifer systems
Convener: Prof. Dr. Ognjen Bonacci , Hydrological Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Split, Matice hrvatske st. 15, 21000 Split, Croatia; Tel: +385-21-303-341, Fax: +385-21-524-162, E-mail: OBONACCI@GRADST.HR
Co-Convener: Dr. Antonio Pulido-Bosch , Dpto. Geodinamica, Faculty of Science, Universidad de Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain; Tel: +34-58-243-362, Fax: +34-58-243-362, E-mail: APULIDO@GOLIAT.UGR.ES also at: Dept. of Hydrogeology and Q.A., Faculty of Experimental Sciences, University of Almeria, 04120 La Caada (Almeria), Spain; Tel: +34-50-215465, Fax: +34-50-215465 The importance of the karst aquifers is ever increasing for many reasons. The main are increasing water demands and deepening of karst water pollution problems. The following scientific and engineering disciplines should be included to solve karst aquifer problems: theoretical and engineering geology; sedimentology; morphology; speleology; hydrological mapping; theoretical, applied and engineering hydrogeology; geomorphology; geography; hydraulics; coastal karst problems; aquatic chemistry; theoretical and engineering hydrology, environmental exploitation and planning; geophysics engineering; ecology; forestry; agriculture; analyses of the influence exerted by man's activities in karst on the changes in the water regime and on the environment etc.

49. Electronics In Speleology
CREG) (very interesting platform for electronics in speleology). http// electronics in general) http//perso
Home Who is AGH? Working Area Hölloch Exploration ... Links!
Electronics in Speleology
Use of elecronics in speleology :
  • Registration of high-level water Mapping of cave entrances with GPS (Global Positioning System) Electronic gadgets for surveying Cave radio for rescue purpose Flash lights for use in caves
The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höllochforschung AGH has made several experiments with cave radios. 1997 we organised a Workshop on Electronic Techniques in advance of the 12th International Congress of Speleology in Switzerland. Other interesting links to electronics related pages: Cave Radio and Electronics Group (CREG) (very interesting platform for electronics in speleology) (cave electronics in general)
(new cave radio design of our french friends)
Für weitere Informationen wende Dich bitte via e-mail an uns © by AGH, 27. Dezember 1999

50. Urban Speleology (U.S.)
US URBAN speleology, While time. Some of the places described are freelyaccessible to the general public, while others require permission.
While dealing primarily with the Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twin Cities), Minnesota area, which has a unique spelean resource, I hope to expand the coverage to other areas over time.  Some of the places described are freely accessible to the general public, while others require permission. I do not conduct tours nor do I run a club, so I must regretfully decline the numerous requests I receive to take people on trips. TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR OF BASSETT CREEK A photo sequence of Minneapolis' famous subterranean stream. Do alligators really live there? ATOMIC BOMB CAVE SURVEY
In the early 1960s, the local firm TKDA surveyed the caves of the Twin Cities for suitability as fallout shelters. In many cases, the resulting maps are the only maps of of the caves available. I plan to place some of the more interesting samples of the draftsman's art on-line, but here is an example from West St. Paul, the so-called Lyman Brown Cave, rated to hold 1774 persons in the case of nuclear catastrophe. Would you be one of the lucky few? THE SMUGGLER'S CAVE PROJECT
We have recently embarked on the exploration of yet another cave in the Fort Road Labyrinth. We were the first to explore Stahlmann's Cellars, in the 1990s, but this cave was more of a challenge. Take a voyage beyond the microbial veil and the insane boredom of everyday life.

51. BENAVENTURE : Speleology
Climbing speleology Canyoning Mountain bike Via Ferrata Special works Acrobaticworks Material renting This service The groups are in general of 8 people.
Home Contact Us... Climbing Speleology Canyoning Mountain bike Via Ferrata Special works Acrobatic works Material renting This service gathers the supply of a professional guide of the activity, collective material (ropes, straps, snap hooks, ladders...) and individual material (waterleg, longes, material of descent and climbing on rope, helmet with acetylene lighting..., possibly boots and overalls) for each person.
The groups are in general of 8 people.
We offer three types of services according to three profiles of customers :
CLASS 2 CAVES : Corresponds to a public of very young children (6 to 10 years). The groups are on average of 8 children plus an adult guide, the duration of the visit varies from 1 to 2 hours.
The adapted sites are the cave of la Baume de Laissac, the cave of Bouche Rolland, the cave of Seintels (with protection of the access by assurage on rope)... CLASS 3 CAVES : This service is primarily made on the site of Salles la Source on the cave known as of the delta de Salles la source.
It presents the characteristic of a varied and sporting course (well of 10 meters, small climbing, over drop in handrail, walk in the gallery of the underground river...).

Title KARST HYDROLOGY AND PHYSICAL speleology. Subject(s) HYDROGEOLOGY GEOLOGY+Copy Availability Contents general Comments AC 4293 Added Entries Author

53. General Notes
It is not rare find strange passages to half road with the speleology, along theDonatoZeni route need crawl for any meters along a burrow to 100 m. from earth
Main page News Climbing routes How to reach... General info Historical info Geology Rescue Photos ... Intro The technique of typical climb of Bismantova is, on the classical difficulties, characterized from holdes to "brick," comfortable for the feet but fatiguing for the hands. Nuts and friends are not very usable date the conformation of the rock that presents itself compact and deprived of cracks, not at random the first climbers of Bismantova applied strange artifices and also to the camps out for overcome particularly hard pulls. Famous the episode of Nino Oppio that in the 1940, on the street that carries his name, for be able to overcome a passage launched around to a set tree any meters more aloft a tied up hammer to the rope The protections are generally good or excellent on the sporting streets, but on the streets more draughts less you frequent are not rare find old men normal nails or from artificial. It is not rare find strange passages to half road with the speleology, along the

54. Old Ottawa South - General & Tourist Information Intro
beaches, fishing, canoeing, camping, biking, skiing, skating speleology (or cave TourOttawa A general site providing information on accommodation, dining

55. 1Up Travel - Travel Links - Outdoors - Speleology
mySpeleo is a search engine for speleology, scientific disciplinethat is Ozark Caving - Ozark Caving is a general caving web site designed to

Maps Sightseeing Travel Warnings ...
Travel Reservations and Bookings
More Categories Introduction Topography Local Life Local Cuisine Local Holidays Festivals-Events Embassies Administration News Stand Worth a See !! Sight Seeing Maps Flags Shopping Eating Out Recreation Travel Essentials Country Facts Geography People Government Economy Communications Transportation Military Search 1Up Travel
You are here
1Up Travel Travel Links
Travel Directory Links
Budget Business Camping ... Pets
Other Links for Outdoors Category Adventure Clubs Boating Camping Canoe and Kayaking ... Web Portals
Websites related to Outdoor Travel Links (Outdoor Speleology) Outdoor - Speleology
  • The Virtual Cave - Contains pictures of the many kinds of cave speleothems by an award winning cave photographer.
  • Alt.caving FAQ - This list of frequently asked questions is a dynamic document, and will be extended and modified as needed to best serve the alt.caving community.
  • California Underground - Interactive web site based on the "California Underground, our Caves and Subterreanean Habitats" from the Oakland Museum of California
  • Captain Cavemans TAG cave page - Photos and info on caves and caving events in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia

56. WebCave - Virtual Library
Australian Links. general Links, What is Caving http// Victorianspeleology http// Western Australia,
Virtual Library
Following you will find the WebCave Virtual Library links. We have found them very interesting and hope that you will receive as much enjoyment from these links as we have.
Contributions welcome! Please feel free to email us with your links to caving related sites. Library Areas: Australia America Other Countries General Photos ... Caving Games Australian Links
General Links What is Caving
A to Z of Walk About Australia
Queensland Crystal Caves
New South Wales Abercrombe, Jenolan and Wombeyan Caves
Caving in NSW
Tasmania Tasmania Caves Victoria The Princess Margret Cave locations/VICPrincessMargaretRoseCaves.shtml Victorian Speleology ... Western Australia Western Australian Speleology

57. GSG Bulletins General Index 1989-2001
GSG Bulletins general Index 19892001. A-Bomb Shelter, 4(2)4. A'Chrois, 4(5)10;5(1)4,10. InnerwickCastle, 5(1)4. International Congress of speleology, 4(2)56.
GSG Bulletins General Index 1989-2001
A-Bomb Shelter A'Chrois Abbey Burn Abbeymill Burn Abercorn Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Aberdour Aberfeldy Abergavenny Abhainn a'Chnocain Abode of the Clouds Abu Simbel Access 2000 Accidents, Cave Ach a'Chorrain Achiltibuie Achmelvich Achmelvich Bay Achmore Acnaidh, Allt ACPO Adiau, Grotte de l' Afghanistan Africa After Dinner Hole Agaric Fly Agen Allwedd,Ogof Aggtelek Show Cave Agua, Cueva de AHS Cave AHS Cave Ahu Kinapu Ahu Tepeu Aiguille, Mount Ailwee Cave Airthrey Hill Mine Alabaster Road, the Alaska Alba Ale Water Algae Allan Ramsay Hotel Allt a'Chalda Mor Allt a'Chalda Mor Stream Cave Allt an Inbhire Cave Allt an Leth-beinn Allt Bar Allt Coire Sheileach Allt Coire Sheileach Cave 1 Allt Coire Sheileach Cave 2 Allt Coire Sheileach Cave 3 Allt Coire Sheileach Cave 4 Allt Mor Stream Allt na Glac Moire Allt na Pairte Allt nan Uamh Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave New Shaft at New Shaft at Sink Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sump 4 Allt Priomh Uamha Allwedd, Agen Almond, River Alsh, Loch Alt Bar Alum Pot Alva Silver Mines Amanita sp.

58. KARST`2000 Symposium
general Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration – MTA. SESSION G, Karst Geomorphology and speleology. SESSION T, Geothermal Karst. HALL A.
MARES OTEL Pamucak Mevkii 48700 Marmaris – Muðla – Türkiye Phone + 90 252 455 22 00 pbx
+ 90 252 455 41 00 pbx Fax e-mail
Exhibitors UNESCO – Division of Water Sciences Hacettepe University – UKAM American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM International Association of Hydrological Sciences – IAHS General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works - DSÝ International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration – EÝEÝ Rimbach Publishing Inc. General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration – MTA
Exhibition Hall Day-long exhibitions will be held in Neptun Hall, Mares Hotel on 18-19-21 September 2000.
DATE September 16, 2000 VENUE Mares Hotel, Marmaris
IAH Karst Commission Meeting (14:00-18:00)
IGU Karst Commission Meeting
UIS Karst Commission Meeting
DATE September 18, 2000 VENUE Mares Hotel, Marmaris
Res Man Med* Project Meeting * Resource Management in the Karstic Areas of the Coastal Regions of the Mediterranean
Project Number: ERB 3514 PL 961494 Res Man Med Partners
Desmond McConville Margaret Savage CREDCO LTD., IRELAND

59. Science
of speleology from Cluj, the Faculty of Biology and Geology University of Clujand other scientific institutions. The opening speech was made by the general
Romanian Version
SCIENCE - INFO April 23, 1998
Round table April 27, 1998
Conference The Cave from Movile (Dobrogea) - a Cave Beyond Time . The organizers were the NCR - UNESCO, the Romanian Academy, "Emil Racovita" Speleology Institute of the Romanian Academy. The event was held in the headquarters of the NCR - UNESCO. It was attended by scientists and members of the Academy, specialists from the Speleology Institute and the Geography Institute of the Romanian Academy, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Research and Technology, the Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment Protection, researchers from the Geology Institute, from the National Institute of Marine Geology, reporters from radio and TV.
June 11, 1998
Meeting concerning the MOST Program (Management of Social Transformations), organized by the National Commission of Romania - UNESCO and held at its headquarters. Members of the teaching staff of the Sociology departments of several universities in the country took part in this event, as well as specialists from research institutions of social sciences and the general secretary of the NCR - UNESCO, who is a focal point of the MOST Program in Romania. The objective of the meeting was the establishment of the Romanian National MOST Liaison Committee. After several discussions and proposals the members of the National Romanian Committee were elected: ten highly trained specialists in the field and an executive secretary. The medium term program of the Romanian National MOST Liaison Committee was also drawn up.

60. Cavers Mailing List
discussion of techniques and tactics of cave passing, caving equipment, scientificmessages related to speleology, questions of general development of
Russian Speleo Info Centre
This document is available also in Russian:
The charter of the Cavers Mailing List
The Cavers Mailing List (CML) has been created in May, 1993 as an open forum to assist the contacts and information exchange among speleologists and cavers of ex-USSR. CML is moderated, i.e., there is a moderator whose opinion should be observed. The usual language is Russian. English is allowed. It is a duty of the moderator to publish the charter every three months. All messages concerning speleology or caving are not breaking the charter if they are not offensive for anybody from the subscribers. It is forbidden to publish the non-textual information, as well as messages larger than 20K, without a permission of the moderator. The descriptions of expeditions, discussion of techniques and tactics of cave passing, caving equipment, scientific messages related to speleology, questions of general development of speleology and caving etc are welcome. The use of the notations accepted in others maillists is welcome: if the Subject field begins with "[H]", it is a request for the help, with "[Q]" it's a question, with "Re:" it's an answer to someone's earlier message. The use of the symbol '>' in the beginning of the lines of quotations is also welcome. The Subject field of official messages begins with three stars (***) what it is forbidden for other messages.

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