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         Speleology General:     more books (33)
  1. Speleology: Caves & the Cave Environment by George W. Moore, G. Nicholas Sullivan, 1997-06
  2. Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria by Petar Beron, Trifon Daaliev, et all 2006-11-30
  3. Karst Hydrology and Physical Speleology by Alfred Bogli, 1980-06
  4. Speleology the Study of Caves by George W. Moore, G. Nicholas Sullivan, 1981-06
  5. Caves of Northern Thailand by Pindar Sidisunthorn, Simon Gardner, 2007-02-01
  6. Caving: Sport, Cave, Speleology, Cave rescue, Urban exploration, Caving organizations, Pit cave, Cave diving, Outdoor exploration
  7. Cave: Sea cave, Rock shelter, Grotto, Speleology, Glacier cave, Anchihaline caves, Caving, Cave Conservancies, Cave Research Foundation, Cenote, Flowstone
  8. Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms (Imax) by Michael Ray Taylor, Ronal C. Kerbo, 2001-03-01
  9. Cave Sleuths: Solving Science Underground (Science On The Edge) by Laurie Lindop, 2004-08-13
  10. Dark Life: Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-Eating Cave Bugs, and Other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth and Outer Space by Michael Ray Taylor, 1999-04-09
  11. Venturing Underground: The New Speleo's Guide by Ben Lyon, 1984-07
  12. The Wilderness Underground: Caves of the Ozark Plateau by H. Dwight Weaver, 1992-06
  13. Beneath the Mountains: Exploring the Deep Caves of the Asturias by David Rose, Richard Gregson, 1987-06-01
  14. Trapped!: The Story of Floyd Collins by Robert K. Murray, Roger W. Brucker, 1982-12-31

81. Luege Xpedition
Accepted by the International Union of speleology (UIS), in the general Assemblyat the 12th International Congress of speleology (La Chauxde-Fonds
X-Camp X-Mountain X-Bike Espeleología ... X-Menu UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries by Carlos Benedetto Accepted by the International Union of Speleology (UIS), in the General Assembly at the 12th International Congress of Speleology (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 1997). Modified by the General Assembly in the 13th International Congress of Speleology (Brasilia, 2001). Future translations or modifications of this Code should be done taking this English text as base.
UIS supports the international activities of speleological societies, caving groups and karst scientists because they are important for:
- discovering new caves and extending the exploration of previously known caves;
- investigating their contents, for example, minerals, biota and archaeological and anthropological remains;
- distributing the knowledge of karst and caves throughout the world;
- enabling the exchange of safe caving practices and;
- assisting in the protection and preservation of caves and karst.
To avoid misunderstanding by indigenous and local people, government and local and national caving organisations in the country in which the proposed cave exploration or scientific investigation is to take place. The UIS Bureau has prepared the following recommendations.

82. VIA Rail Canada / VIA Adventures Expeditions

83. Geographylinks
Geography Countries. general RESOURCES Geography - general References. Alexandria Digital Library The Geography - general Resources Geography Hub Geography
Geography - Africa
Africa - Art and Culture
Africa - Internet Links I
Africa - Internet Links II
Geography - Asian Studies
Asia - Encyclopedia References
Asia - Internet Links I
Asia - Internet Links II
Asia - Internet Links III ...
Third World
Geography - Countries
Countries of The World
Country Indicators For Foreign Policy ...
Your Nation
Health Canada Information For Travelers
Pan American Health Organization
Red Cross Operations By Country
US Center For Disease Control
Australia Department of Foreign Affairs Country Factsheets
Country Commercial Guides
Country Reports On Trade and Economic Policies
Energy Use and Production ...
World Trade Organization
Development Studies
European Union
United Nations Development Programme
International Statistics Agencies
National Statistics Agencies ...
US Census Bureau
Africa I
Africa II
Asian Studies ...
Western Hemisphere
Denmark ...
United Kingdom
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs
Canadian Department of State
UK Foreign Consular Office
US Department of State ...
US State Department

84. Cultural Heritage Of The Australian Alps: Speleology
On discovering a new cave. Geo JunAug 1987, 9(2)88-94. The author provides ageneral introduction to the world of caving, and the study of caves, speleology.
Babka, S On discovering a new cave Geo : Jun-Aug 1987, 9(2):88-94 The author provides a general introduction to the world of caving, and the study of caves, speleology. He then describes the discovery of Mutmut Cave at Yarrangobilly in 1986. (MS) Speleology ; Caves Yarrangobilly Caves NSW ; Mutmut Cave NSW Barrow, G (ed) ; Gale, J John Gale's Brindabellas and Australian alps vi + 61p; illus : ISBN 0959687726 Queanbeyan newspaper editor John Gale made two lengthy journeys into the high country in 1875 and 1903 and he subsequently wrote of his experiences in his newspapers. The Brindabella Range, Cooleman Plain, Long Plain, Yarrangobilly Caves, Kiandra, the Goodradigbee and Murrumbidgee Rivers all feature in his experiences. His narratives reveal much about the nature of life in these areas at the time, and about the areas themselves. (MH) Alpine areas ; Grazing ; Mines and mining ; Recreation and leisure ; Natural landscapes Brindabella NSW ; Brindabella Range ; Cooleman Plain NSW ; Long Plain NSW ; Yarrangobilly Caves NSW ; Kiandra NSW ; Kosciusko National Park NSW ; Namadgi National Park ACT Calnin, D

85. VSA Links To Other Cybercaving Sites
Inc. Australian Caves and Karst Information. Australian Speleologyresources. general Caving and Karst Information. The Cave Page. The

Victorian Speleological Association Inc.
Links to other cybercaving sites
Victorian Orgs Victorian Info Australian Orgs Australian Info ... General
Victorian Caving Clubs and Organisations
Caving Club of Victoria Inc.
(Corporate member of ASF)
Victorian Limestone Caving Team
(Provisional corporate member of ASF)
Victorian Scout Caving Team
(Associate of ASF, Affiliate of VSA)
LaTrobe University Mountaineering Club
(Affiliate of VSA)
Melbourne University Mountaineering Club
(Affiliate of VSA)
Adventure Guides Australia

(Affiliate of VSA)
Friends of Buchan Caves Inc.
(Volunteer group of Parks Victoria)
Cave Rescue Victoria Inc.
Victorian Caves and Karst Information
The Caves and Karst of Victoria at Geoff Hammond's Victorian Speleology pages.
has information about caves and karst in Victoria
Parks Victoria
has information on tourist caves and public access caves at Special Places - Caves . There is also information on parks and reserves which contain caves, such as Buchan Caves Reserve Mount Eccles National Park Lower Glenelg National Park and Mount Napier State Park
Australian Caving Organisations
Australian Speleological Federation Inc.

86. IGCP/IGCP299/1991/part7.htm
BULGARIA Prof. YY Shopov Section speleology Department of GeneralPhysics Sofia University Sofia 1126, A.Ivanov 5 Bulgaria. Dr. LT
Qureshi Hayat
Water Resources Division
GPO Box 1096
Darwin, N.T. 0801
Australia AUSTRIA
Dr.Karl Mais
Inst. F. Hohlenforschung
Am Naturhist Museum
1070 Wien, Messeplatz 1/10/1 Austria BULGARIA Prof. Y.Y. Shopov Section Speleology Department of General Physics Sofia University Sofia 1126, A.Ivanov 5 Bulgaria Dr. L.T.Tsankov Section Speleology Department of General Physics Sofia University Sofia 1126, A.Ivanov 5 Bulgaria Kl.I. Burin Section Speleology Department of General Physics Sofia University Sofia 1126, A.Ivanov 5 L.N. Georgiev Section Speleology Department of General Physics Sofia University Sofia 1126, A.Ivanov 5 Bulgaria Dr. G.Baltakov Dept. of Geomorphology Sofia University Sofia 1000

87. Speleology In The Caves Of The Causses
copyright©cevennes évasion. speleology Set off to discover a marvellousuniverse the underground world of the Grands Causses !
Set off to discover a marvellous universe : the underground world of the "Grands Causses"!
The limestone lets water infiltrate, and slowly over thousands of years, and underground network of caves and potholes, etc...has been created, to the delight of the speleologists.
Initiated or beginners, everyone can pratise this sport of discovery. How to practise this sport
Accompanied by qualified instructors who provide all necessary equipment
List of instructors

88. Romanian Speleology Home Page
Romanian speleology Home Page. The aim of this page is to providegeneral information about Romanian speleology. Karst Studies and
Romanian Speleology Home Page
The aim of this page is to provide general information about Romanian speleology.
Karst Studies and Problems: 2000 and Beyond (a Friends of Karst conference) - 2nd Circular - and Final registration form An outline of Romanian Karst Speleological Institute at Cluj and Bucharest The biospeleology in Romania Facts about Emil Racovita Speleological events Romanian Speleological Federation Piatra Altarului Cave - the album Movile Cave Romanian speleoclubs on Internet Other links to Caving WWW Sites can be found here. [Home] [Introduction] [ISER] [Biology] ... [Movile]
Author: Bogdan P. Onac
Made: December 1, 1995
Changed: January 9, 2000

89. Bill Storage - Speleology
speleology. Speology is the study of caves. If you're interested in the generaltopic of cave exploration, visit the National Speleogical Society at www.caves
Speleology Speology is the study of caves. If you're interested in the general topic of cave exploration, visit the National Speleogical Society at Caves and Cavers Gallery Great Caves and Cavers Appalachian Caves Caves in Granite Lechuguilla Cave ... Archival Gems restored cave photos from a shoebox in my closet Oaxaca Cave Artifacts Speleogenesis and Hydrology A long paper written by Doug Medville and me on structural and stratigraphic influences on the process of aquifer solution channel enlargement and cave development in Appalachia. Lots of photos and plots. Speleology and Caving Techniques These are articles written by John Ganter and me, mainly for the National Speleological Society, updated and reformatted for this site. Aging Carabiners evaluates the suitability of aluminum carabiners for use in caves, and should make you have second thoughts about leaving carabiners in caves. We discuss corrosion test results, and use material science and engineering to propose some alternatives. Using the Tools of Science and Industry to Build a Comprehensive Caving Safety Program looks at caving myths and standard practices from the perspective of standard scientific/industrial safety analysis methods. It challenges the belief that accident awareness has significant value in the avoidance of accidents.

90. Romanian Directory
general Pages RomanianAmerican Yellow Pages; Romanian Echoes; Romanian SpeleologyHome Page; Romanian Top 100; Romanian Yellow Pages; RomaniaByNET; RomClub; Start!
Directory Arts / Literature
Business / Finance

Computers / Tech

General Pages

Title KARST HYDROLOGY AND PHYSICAL speleology. SPRINGLERVERLAG, Pages 284 P. ContentsGeneral Comments AC 4293 Added Entries Author Added Entry Abstract

92. Personal Information: Jasminko MULAOMEROVIC
of interest BosniaHerzegovina , Subjects of interest History of speleology , Generalinterest , Art expresion underground , Archaeology , Address B. Zenuni
Countries of interest:
Bosnia-Herzegovina ,
Subjects of interest:
History of speleology , General interest , Art expresion underground , Archaeology ,
B. Zenuni 6/IV
71000 Sarajevo
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93. Speleology
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Newsletter You've got info! Help Site Map Visit related sites from: Family Education Network Encyclopedia speleology [sp E l E u j E Pronunciation Key speleology , systematic exploration of caves , popularly called spelunking. It includes the measuring and mapping of caves and reporting on the flora and fauna found in them. One application of speleology is the tracing of the movement of underground waters to prevent water pollution. See R. Pinney, The Complete Book of Cave Exploration (1962); D. R. McClurg, The Amateur's Guide to Caves and Caving (1973); W. R. Halliday, American Caves and Caving (1974); R. D. Ford, ed., The Science of Speleology Speke, John Hanning spell Search Infoplease Info search tips Search Biographies Bio search tips About Us Contact Us Link to Infoplease ... Privacy

94. VIA Rail Canada / VIA Adventures Expeditions

95. Caves And Caving In The UK
Comprehensive guide to caving in the UK includes everything from biochemistry and slang for cavers to speleological association and artist links.
Caves and Caving in the UK
"When I try to imagine a faultless love
Or the life to come, what I hear is the murmur
Of underground streams, what I see is a limestone landscape."
W.H. Auden,
"In Praise of Limestone"
Cave Regions
Caves Caving Caving.UK
UK Caving Virtual Foyer

Yet Another Caving Foyer

UK Cave Registry
UK National Caving Organisation
National Bodies Special Interest Groups British Cave Research Association (BCRA)
National Caving Association
National Association of Mining History Organisations

Bat Conservation Trust
Cave Diving Group Cave Rescue Organisation ... Librarians Clubs Expeditions World-wide sites Other cave-related sites Expedition Seminar proceedings Spain: Matienzo and Picos de Europa Akakor Cuetzalan Expedition Research: caving ... LUSS in Canada Spain Imperial College Caving Club in Slovenia Exploration database
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96. Participants In March 97 Trip
Participants in March 97 trip
Name Address City, State ZIP Home phone Work phone FAX e-mail role in project Notes Dates of participation Dean A. Hendrickson 6301 Amberly Place Austin, TX 78759 deanhend@mail.utexas. edu Principal investigator Driving personal vehicle and receiving mileage reimbursement from grant March 6 - 26 1997 James C. Brown 448 Parma Center Road Hilton, New York 14468-9313 jbrown@vx195 technical diving and caving needs PRC parking permit March 5-27. March 6 - 26 1997 Thomas M. Iliffe 8 Cadena Dr. Galveston, TX 77554 Diving, collection of biological specimens, sorting and identification of aquatic cave invertebrates, collection of water chemistry data needs PRC parking permit March 5-27. March 6 - 26 1997 Thomas L. Morris 2629 Northwest Twelfth Avenue Gainesville, Florida 32605-5105 n/a n/a n/a Technical Diving, Caving, Biologist Needs PRC parking permit (2 days only Mar 5-6). Driving personal vehicle. To be reimbursed mileage from grant. Bringing nephew, Colin Morris, who will not be on any kind of grant support March 6 - 26 1997 Jean Krejca 1411 Marie Street St. Charles, IL 60174

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