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         Sports Dictionaries:     more books (100)
  1. Sports Talk: A Dictionary of Sports Metaphors by Robert A. Palmatier, Harold L. Ray, 1989-03-24
  2. Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology by Adrian Room, 2010-04-30
  3. A Dictionary of Sports Studies (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Alan Tomlinson, 2010-04-05
  4. The Complete Sports Dictionary by George Sullivan, 1993-11
  5. The Sports Junkies' Book of Trivia, Terms, and Lingo: What They Are, Where They Came From,and How They're Used by Harvey Frommer, 2005-10-25
  6. Dictionary of Sports Idioms by Robert S. Palmatier, Harold L. Ray, 1993-03
  7. Black's Dictionary of Physical Education and School Sport by Sarah Pinder, Alan Thomson, et all 2010-11-01
  8. The international dictionary of sports and games by J. A Cuddon, 1980
  9. Diccionario terminologico del deporte / Sports Terminology Dictionary (Biblioteconom¡a Y Administracion Cultural / Economy and Cultural Administration Library) (Spanish Edition) by Jesus Castanon Rodriguez, 2004-06-30
  10. Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine by Michael Kent, 2007-02-03
  11. A Who's Who of Sports Champions: Their Stories and Records by Ralph Hickok, 1995-05-22
  12. Dictionary of Sports Science by A & C Black Publishers, 2006-12
  13. Dictionary of the Sport and Exercise Sciences
  14. Rand McNally illustrated dictionary of sports by Graeme Wright, 1979

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Collection of free dictionaries for sports. Free Daily Horoscope Free Personal Astrology Profile. Dictionaries Collection of sports dictionaries. Sports Portals
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2. Basic Search
2. Sportspeak an encyclopedia of sport, Coppell,Bill, Sports Dictionaries, 796.03-COP-, Text. DICTIONARIES

3. Dictionaries
sports dictionaries Hickock Sports Sports glossaries, biographies, quotes, history,trivia, and more from Ralph Hickok, wellknown sports reporter, editor, and
  • Hickock Sports
    Sports glossaries, biographies, quotes, history, trivia, and more from Ralph Hickok, well-known sports reporter, editor, and author.
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Subject Areas

4. Sitemap
Olympic Games; Sports Directories; sports dictionaries; Collectiblesand Memorabilia; Sports Medicine; Women's Sports. Sports and Recreation

5. Sports And Recreation Dictionaries, Sports And Recreation Lexicon And Sports And
Sports and Recreation dictionaries that contain sports related termsand terminology. sports glossaries and sports dictionaries.

6. Index
the depatrment for dictionaries was taken over by Kunnskapsforlaget, which meansthat the latter is now also responsible for my two sports dictionaries. version/dictionaries/
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The dictionaries, a short summary
Owing to the reorganization that Universitetsforlaget underwent this spring, the depatrment for dictionaries was taken over by Kunnskapsforlaget, which means that the latter is now also responsible for my two sports dictionaries.
The books have not been changed in any way, and the ISBN-numbers are the same as before:
82-00-12781-8 for 'Den store Idrettsordboka' (the comprehensive sports dictionary') and 82-00-22775-8 for'Idrettsordboka' (for winter sports only). The respective prices of the books are still the same.
I have, however, registered that 'Bokkilden' charges NOK 268,- for 'Den store idrettsordboka'. Winter Sports Dictionary
(The contents of this book are incorporated in the Comprehensive Sports Dictionary.) Comprehensive Sports Dictionary NOK 189,-
(This book is sold out from the publishing company.) NOK 298,-
Olav Hem's Dictionaries

7. Materials Dictionaries - Modul Sports
Materialien zum Modul sports dictionaries Cambridge International Dictionary ofEnglish monolingual dictionary (English English) Web-Angebot (English),

sports dictionaries. Sports Dictionaries. (6 titles); sports dictionaries German. (1 title). Back to Start. DICTIONARIES

9. LISWA Online Catalogue /All Locations
Fiction 2001 1 Horse Racing Juvenile Fiction 3 Horse Shows Juvenile Fiction 20021 Horse Shows Juvenile Literature 2 Horse sports dictionaries Juvenile 1993 1,518,564/search/dHorse sports -- Dict
Horse Shows Western Australia HistoryHorse Shows Western Australia PeriodicalsHorse Shows Western Australia PhotographsHorse Sports ... Horse Sports Western Australia

10. Multi-Sport Or Not Sport Specific
Sports Concepts Golf products featuring the Club Caddie III, a golfers bestfriend. sports dictionaries A directory of sport dictionaries on the web.

11. Free Sports, Games And Fitness Dictionaries
Personal MD. sports dictionaries. Fitness and Wellness Dictionaries. OverviewPrivacy Policy ©2001 All Rights Reserved Bookmark this page

12. Translator’s Library
Martin's Press, ppb). sports dictionaries exist in many languages; asconcepts are usually very similar, the Duden technique can be used.
Translator’s library
Today, most translators use the Internet to look for new words, trivia, acronyms and such things. But as some still prefer looking things up in books, and as this is often a faster method I will give some tips on useful books and a few CD-Rom or DVD disks. Most of those are cheap paperback editions or can be found secondhand. Many of the authors cited have written other works of the same kind – look for them at or some other Internet bookshop. The age-old Duden Bildwörterbuch technique, meaning that the same images are used with identically numbered items in books in several languages, can often be used also with books that were originally not intended for this: Books like Reader’s Digest’s different manuals are often published with basically the same material and illustrations in many languages. The same goes for books on e.g. card games, sailships, weapons, etc. General information sources: Robert I. Berkman, Find It Fast: How to Uncover Expert Information on Any Subject Online or in Print (HarperResource Book, 2000, ppb., 400 p.)

13. Dicos Sports
French sports, Hobbies and Leisure dictionaries Director, The GlobeGate Project University of Tennessee-Martin French sports, Hobbies and Leisure dictionaries. Le baseball (fait par un etudiant, avec un glossaire francais/francais)
French Sports, Hobbies and Leisure Dictionaries
Le baseball (fait par un etudiant, avec un glossaire francais/francais)

Basebell - lexique francais/anglais

Art Resto - glossaire pour la restoration des meubles

Base Vergues (sailing vocabulary, multilingual)
TennesseeBob Peckham
Director, The Globe-Gate Project
University of Tennessee-Martin

14. • Specialty Dictionaries
The world's most comprehensive and authoritative language portal with every resource needed for language study, translation, brandnaming in 300 languages. Here you will find dictionaries and glossaries of specialized words in the English language. Shakespeare. Shipping. Slang. Sociology. Space. sports. Statistics. Telecom. Terrorism
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Specialty Dictionaries IN ENGLISH
Not even a native speaker knows all the words of his own language Technical vocabulary is used only by specialists and so is not generally known by non-specialists. Here you will find dictionaries and glossaries of specialized words in the English language. In case you cannot find the specialty dictionary you need on line, or need an off-line dictionary for some other reason, yourDictionary now offers the full line of Elsevier-Science specialty dictionaries on CD ROM and in traditional book form. New specialties and dictionaries are constantly being added to's Specialty Dictionary Department. If you do not see what you need today, return soon and you will find it here. If you do not find what you need, drop us a line and we will try to find it for you. The latest categories are marked by a • bullet.
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  • The Britannia Lexicon of Medieval History Castle Terminology English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs Encyclopedia of Marxism (glossaries) ... A Wordlist of English Feudal Terms See also Shakespeare

  • Horology
  • A Brief List of Watch Terms A Glossary of Watch Terminology Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH; Watch Glossary
  • 15. A Web Of Specialized On-line Dictionaries
    dictionaries of this type All, General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, sports,
    The Index by Specialized Categories The Categories
    Click the golden flowers to return here. Advertising Agriculture Architecture Art ...
    A Web of Linguistic Fun

    Insurance (Assurance)

    16. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Sports (Dictionaries & Glossaries By Subject)
    Looking for the best facts and sites on sports? This HomeworkCentral section focuseson 'dictionaries Glossaries by Subject' and 'dictionaries Glossaries
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    News, weather, sports, dictionaries, encyclopedia, reference sources, facts on file, FAQs, tutorials, and search engines. Over 20,000 links, many updated daily.

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    18. Dynamic Directory - Reference - Dictionaries - By Subject - Sports
    Top ReferenceDictionariesBy SubjectSports (4). Categories. Web Pages

    19. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Martial Arts Glossaries (Sports)
    This HomeworkCentral section focuses on 'sports' and 'dictionaries Glossaries bySubject' and 'dictionaries Glossaries' and 'Reference' and 'HIGH SCHOOL
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    Martial Arts Glossaries

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