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         Square Dancing:     more books (101)
  1. The Complete Book of Square Dancing by Betty Casey, 2000-06-01
  2. Square and Folk Dancing: A Complete Guide for Students, Teachers, and Callers by Hank Greene, 1984-11
  3. Square Dances of Today and How to Teach and Call Them by Richard Kraus, 1950-06
  4. The Square Dancing Encyclopedia by Bill Burleson, 1977
  5. Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids) by Debbie Dadey, Marcia Thornton Jones, 1997-03
  6. Square Dancing by Clayne R. Jensen, 1973-06
  7. Square Dancing in the Ice Age by Abbie Hoffman, 1999-07-01
  8. The story of square dancing: A family tree (Sets in order handbook series) by Dorothy Shaw, 1965
  9. Basic calls for advanced and challenge square dancing: The 1979 callerlab lists for A-1 advanced level, A-2 advanced level, C-1 basic challenge level by Milt Strong, 1980
  10. Square Dancing in Wisconsin - A Historical Anthology by Agnes Thurner, 1998-08
  12. Square Dancing in Hell by Martin R. Riehle, 2004-08-10
  13. Square Dancing Everyone by Myrna Martin Schild, 1987-06
  14. The history of square dancing by S. Foster Damon, 1957

1. Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM. The Premier Internet Portal To Western Squa
Internet portal presents topical directory, articles, call lists and definitions.Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......Western square dancing DOSADO.COM. The Premier Internet Portal to Western SquareDancing! The Original Community Page for Modern Western square dancing.
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The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing Home Clubs Articles Call Lists ... Resources
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"We think that you have a great site, and refer to it often, and we also recommend it to other dance leaders and dancers who are looking for information , supplies or music. Thanks for what you do. You certainly save me alot of time and make my extremely busy life go smoother!!!" - - Carol Belk, Mississippi
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2. Alaska-Yukon Square & Round Dancing
Yukon, Alaska. Complete listing of clubs, schedules, and contact information.Category Arts Performing Arts Folk Dancing square dancing Clubs......AlaskaYukon Square Round Dancing. Welcome to Square Round Dancing in Alaskaand the Yukon Territory. On the Road with George Pam. square dancing.Com.
Fairbanks Juneau Palmer and Soldotna. In the Yukon Territory dances are held in Whitehorse Special Events are also held at various times and places throughout the year. Alaska's only Square Dance Shop is located in Anchorage. A few handy links to some sites of interest to dancers are also included. Last updated 6 April, 2003 Dance schedules may change with the seasons or occasionally be canceled.
A call ahead could avoid a disappointment.
Area code for Alaska is 907. Area code for the Yukon Territory is 867.
Dance information is as accurate as I can get. If you know of
any events not listed, or that have changed, please tell Charley
To learn how to join the fun of dancing click here ANCHORAGE:
432 E. Harvard Ave. Phone number at the hall is 278-9714.
e-mail: Charley.
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Sunday - 3 p. m. DonEll Dancers, phase III-VI rounds. 333-2837 or 248-0823. Monday - 6:30 p. m. Chugach Mountain Range Cloggers. 337-7495 or 338-0559 or e-mail Dave.

3. A Brief History Of Square And Round Dancing - DOSADO.COM
The Original Community Page for Modern Western square dancing
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing Home Clubs Articles Call Lists ... Resources
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A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing
By Herb Egender
It is difficult to trace exactly the roots of our modern square and round dancing, for they are deep and varied. Certainly, the taproots go back to our English and French ancestors, but there are traces of Scottish, Scandinavian, Spanish, and other elements. One might speculate that the dance itself began as an imitative art, i.e., early man imitating some of the ritualistic dances of the animals. Historically, dance seems to have reached its low point during the days of the classical Greek, when it was looked upon as an ignoble activity. Aristotle was supposed to have said, "No citizen should pursue these arts (music and dance) so far that he approaches professional status," and relegated such activities to slaves, freedmen and foreigners. The great Roman, Cicero, said, "Nobody dances unless he is drunk or unbalanced mentally." Italy saw the renaissance of the dance in the 15th century, but France may be said to be the Mother of the modern art. Many of our dance terms show this French connection, including the call dos-a-dos, which means back-to-back. Unquestionably, the English ancestor of our modern square dance was the great Morris dance. It was an exhibition dance done by trained teams of Morris dancers - six men (women did not participate) in two rows of three. Later on, in the 17th century, country dances became all the rage in England. Many were longways or line dances, and some believe that the contra got its name either from a mispronunciation of "country" or from the fact that the dances were done in two, opposing lines. At the same time, people did "rounds for as many as will", some of which resembled the choral dances often danced in the naves of English churches.

4. Square Dancing -- The Art Of Making Friends
Listen to square dancing music and learn about web hosting opportunities with this domain name.
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5. International Association Of Gay Square Dance Clubs
of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. Gay square dancing is high energy dancing.
A Lesbian and Gay Organization The term "IAGSDC" and the logo are trademarks of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. What is the IAGSDC? Recent additions Some History Activities of the IAGSDC ... Other Gay Information Servers
The IAGSDC is the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs, a lesbian and gay organization that is the umbrella organization for gay square dance clubs in the United States, Canada, Japan and Denmark, formed by and for lesbians and gay men in their community and for their friends. Membership in IAGSDC clubs is open to all square dancers, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. Gay square dancing is high energy dancing. Since many gay square dancers can dance both the man's and woman's parts, they tend to be strong dancers with an excellent sense of position and set orientation. The IAGSDC is active in the world of Modern Western Square Dancing. All IAGSDC clubs dance the Callerlab specified levels of Modern Western Square Dancing.
Recent additions
  • The Independence Squares of Philadephia, Pa have a new web address. (April 2003)
  • 6. Square Dancing - Searchable Database For Square Dancing Clubs.
    Search the square dancing Database by date, state, city, caller, cuer or theme for Square Dance clubs. Square Dance and square dancing Search Database
    Square Dance and Square Dancing Search Database
    Inside you will find a Square Dancing Searchable Database for clubs , maps, links, pictures, slide shows - both music and pictures, screen savers, video, a guest book, dancing greeting cards and other information related to square dancing.
    Square Dancing - Click here to Enter - Square Dance
    Mike Argue Square Dance Caller
    This site was started to promote Square Dancing Clubs and Square Dancing in Northwest Indiana and Illinois, since that time I have added Pictures, Music, Slide Shows, Screen Savers, Maps, Clubs, Greeting Cards, Desktop Themes, my calling Calendar, Email List and a Guest Book. Most recently I have added a searchable data base for clubs by date, state, city, caller, cuer, club name, or theme. I have started to include Links to Dance Clubs in Indiana and Illinois. Mike Argue is the Square Dance Caller for Happy Swingers Dancing Club in Chicago Heights, Illinois and the Wrong Ways Dancing club in Hebron Indiana, I am also the webmaster for this page.
    square dancing
    dancing dance dancing ... square dancing

    7. Colorado Square Dancing Icons & Clipart (page 1 Of 5)
    Five pages of square dance art, including icons and animated GIFs.Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......square dancing Icons Clipart. This is Page 1 of 6. geocities free home pageinformation. 96©Colorado Front Range square dancing, last revised Aug. 2001.
    This is Page 1 of 6
    A few of them are mine and the rest were gathered up around the Web.
    Thanks for stopping by Come back anytime.
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    This Square and Round Dance WebRing site is owned SD Graphics Want to join the Square and Round Dance WebRing Skip Prev, Prev, Next, ... List Sites
    Share these icon pages with others;
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    Have any suggestions, comments or icons you would like to share?
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    8. McCloud Dance Country
    square dancing, round dancing at the base of beautiful Mt. Shasta in McCloud, CA featuring hardwood floors, dance packages, instructions, lodging, and banquets.
    The McCloud Dance Country has moved to: You will be redirected in 3 seconds, please update your bookmarks or favorites!

    9. Square Dancing & Round Dancing -
    Articles, website links, and discussion groups.Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......square dancing is a great way to meet new people, get exercise, and have lotsof fun! I met my husband and my best friends through square dancing.

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    10. Referrals To Square Dancing Today Magazine
    Welcome to the square dancing Today website! more . square dancing Today isowned and produced by Grand Square, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation.

    11. Square Dancing In The San Francisco Bay Area
    Classes, clubs, callers, promotional and informative articles.

    12. The Florida Dance Web
    Caller Mike Argue provides square dance graphics, greeting cards, club lists, greeting cards and photographs. Square Dance square dancing in Northwest IN IL
    FDW Cookbook
    In The State Of Florida First time visitors click here
    To return to this page, simply click on the banner at the top of any page in this network
    Menu Buttons Search for:
    Click on the links in this column to learn more about our activity in Florida
    Florida State Conventions 52 National Convention 53 National Convention 54 National Convention 55 National Convention The Calendar of Events shows a listing of special dances throughout the State of Florida. If you are a visitor, go here to see what is happening. Club officials and special dance promoters, go here to enter the information about your coming event. The American Caller's Association is an alternative to the CALLERLAB Association. Click here to visit their website. Click here to find out if the email you just received is true or just a hoax Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Click on logo

    13. "Square Dance", "Round Dance", "Square Dancing" & "Round Danci
    Square and round dance discussion forums; calendar of events; databases for clubs, associations, and Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......Square Dance, Round Dance, square dancing, Round Dancing, squaredancing,rounddancingSquare Dance Callers, Round Dance Cuer Information Pages.
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    14. Articles And Links For Square Dance History
    A collection of articles on the history of square dancing, calling, and costuming.Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......Articles and Links Relating to the History of square dancing square dancingThe Historical Geography of an American Folk Custom Richard MacKinnon;
    Articles and Links Relating to the History of Square Dancing
    We hope this list is helpful to anyone who has an interest in the history of modern square dancing. These articles can be found on various web pages throughout the United States. In the interest of saving your time, all of the articles have been copied to our server. If you know of any other historical sites or articles let us know. Back to Home page

    15. Challenge Square Dancing's Home Page
    Challenge lists and definitions, articles on Challenge dancing.Category Arts Performing Arts Dance Folk Dancing square dancing......Challenge square dancing's Home Page
    Your browser does not support frames. Please go to the main page or to the list of topics to continue.

    16. Eric Henerlau - Modern Square Dancing/Home Page
    Teaches square dancing, line dancing and mixers for novices and groups. Services, FAQ, related links, and contact details.
    Eric Henerlau has been teaching and calling Modern Square Dancing since 1980. Eric has taught thousands of people how to square dance through classes and individual party dance events. He is an accomplished caller at all levels from beginners through C1. Eric also cues Phase II level Square Dance rounds. He is a member of Callerlab and former chair of the Advanced Quarterly Selection Committee, and currently serves as Vice President of the Square Dance Callers Association of Northern California.
    Eric travels throughout the western United States, calling for open dances, festivals, and private parties. He has created and led programs in schools for 4th graders, 6th graders and high school sophomores, teaching hundreds of students each year the basics of Modern Square Dancing.

    17. Challenge Square Dancing: Myths And Responses
    Challenge square dancing Myths and Responses. by amount. Myth 2 Thehighest 'level' of modern western square dancing is C4. 99% True.
    Challenge Square Dancing: Myths and Responses
    by Clark Baker (myths proposed by Nasser Shukayr) The following interchange was a subject of discussion at the recent Berkshire weekend and I was asked to post it. On AOL, there is a western square dance discussion group. On that group, this list of myths was posted and one of the readers forwarded it to me, and offered to post my reply back to that list. While I assume that it happened, I have received no feedback one way or the other. The vast majority of people I know DO NOT dance the Challenge programs, and many people really know very little about these programs. In the absence of hard facts, myths sometimes arise. The following are some myths I've heard about the Challenge programs. (Don't know where I heard 'em, I just heard 'em). Before you read my answers, you should think about each myth and what it would say about the people in that part of the activity if it were true, and if it were false. Why would such a myth get started? Why does it get propagated? Should anyone care if it is true? Myth #1: At C-1 and above, most dance activities are secret and by invitation only, to prevent the problem of dancers showing up who can't do the calls.

    18. Front Door
    Information on square dancing and square dance clubs for people with disabilities (mostly developmental disabilities, but some wheelchair groups).

    US Handicapable
    Square Dance Association For information about Handicapable Square Dancing, press the link or the button above. Email: Emery Manor Email: Last Edited:

    19. Bozeman Folklore Society
    An all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of traditional cultures, with a special focus on country and square dancing and fiddle music.

    Dancing Music Dance Weekend ... Contact Us
    The Bozeman Folklore Society (BFS) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of traditional cultures. The BFS is an associate group of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS). You can help; Contact Us with your comments and suggestions or to work on events. Please check our Dance Schedule to learn more about Bozeman Contra Dances. This page last edited: Wednesday, May 22, 2002

    20. History Of Square Dancing (Index)
    a fantastic new way to tell your friends about square dancing! Obviously, these lessons must be provided by you
    "Geschichte und Erbe von Modern American Square Dancing" in deutsch
    History and Heritage of
    Modern American Square Dancing
    A summary of the essays by Dorothy Shaw, Bob Osgood and Kenny Reese. The "Oldtime Songs" (Music of America's Past) can be displayed by courtesy of Wayne Erbsen, Native Ground Music . If you are interested in music of America's past you should visit Wayne's pages. Most of the pictures and other sound files have been kindly supplied by the California Heritage Dancers (CHD) Virginia Reel and Lady Round The Lady by Dick Meyers could be presented by courtesy of RTV Comm. Group Some short passages had to be translated from German into English, so take my apologize if they sound a little bit 'bumpy'. Your feedback is more than welcome. If you have any corrections or suggestions concerning the history of square dancing, feel free and drop in an email

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