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         Stamp Collecting:     more books (100)
  1. Stamp collecting: Modern history in the mail by Uberto Tosco, 1973
  2. Stamp Collecting (Illustrated Teach Yourself) by Leon Norman Williams, Maurice Williams, et all 1975-04-01
  3. Stamp Collecting by Kenneth F. Chapman, 1969-07
  4. Collecting Postage Stamps by L.N. and M.; [Editors of The Stamp Lover, The British Philatelist] Williams, 1953
  5. Collecting Postage Stamps by L.N. and M.; [Editors of The Stamp Lover, The British Philatelist] Williams, 1953
  6. Stamp collecting (Here is your hobby) by Frank Cetin, 1962
  7. Beginning Stamp Collecting by John Holman, 1993-06-14
  8. Guide to Stamp Collecting Software and Collecting on the Internet by William F. Sharpe, 1997
  9. Introduction to Stamp Collecting by Colin Narbeth, 1970-11-12
  10. Orchid Stamp Collecting by H.S Wilshaw, 1982-12
  11. Beginner's Guide to Stamp Collecting by Kenneth W. Anthony, 1971-06-01
  12. The international guide to stamps and stamp collecting: Includes the answers to 1200 questions most often asked about stamps by Douglas Patrick, 1962
  13. Collecting Stamps by Paul Villiard, 1975-06-03
  14. How about stamp collecting by John Craven, 1979

81. Practice
Marc shares hobby of stamp collecting. Includes philatelic links.
Shadow's Stamp Page
Stamp Collecting for hobbiest of all ages... START TODAY - Share Your Knowledge with your child.
Links to interesting postage places.
Other Interesting Links
PBA Bowling News
Ladies Bowling News
The Internal Revenue Service
Test Your Temperament
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82. Coin Collecting Stamp Collecting Software Coin Values Stamp Values Keeper Deluxe
Coin Collecting and stamp collecting software, from HobbySoft, since 1982. CoinCollecting, Currency Collecting, and stamp collecting Software by HobbySoft.
Coin Collecting, Currency Collecting, and Stamp Collecting Software by HobbySoft
Coin, stamp, and currency collecting involves organizing and keeping track of hundreds or thousands of items. We offer software programs that record and automatically evaluate every item in your collection. You need only enter a stamp catalog number or a coin/banknote denomination and our software does the rest, automatically providing you with the appropriate:
  • coin values stamp values currency values standard reports custom reports want lists
Backup and restore capability protects your data. Annual Market Value Updates keep your collection values current, and include the most recent version of your software program, with all the latest enhancements. We are always improving our software!
What makes HobbySoft the best choice
for coin, currency, and stamp collectors?

83. Junior Philatelists
This Web Site is for all beginners in stamp collecting. You're never too youngor too old to get started and this is your home page. stamp collecting Kits.
Our Stamp Den
Welcome to Stamp Collecting
Tips for the Beginner

World Records in Stamps

Write an Article or Tell us About Your Collection
Best Offer on the Internet

"How To" Articles by Ken Stewart
Albums - Glassine Interleaving

Buying Stamps - Kiloware and Mixtures

Buying Stamps - New Issues

Great Deals are Often Not What They Seem
... Used Catalogs and Stamp Books More Articles Artcraft FDC's My Other World U.S. Revenues - I Love them! What to Collect ... Donations This Web Site is for all beginners in stamp collecting. You're never too young or too old to get started and this is your home page. Need advice? You can get it here. (sorry, we don't answer questions on the value of stamps) Write an article on stamp collecting or tell us about your collection or yourself and have it published on the Internet? Go ahead, we'll publish it. Need to order a stamp collecting kit to get started or order some stamps? This is the place. Find other collectors to swap stamps with and much more. Before you leave sign our guest book and make a comment. Bookmark this page so you can come back often. Stamps etc. for sale

84. Gwen's Whatnots And Whosits
Gwen shares her family's view on homeschooling, and information on her children's passions golf, barbies, and stamp collecting. From a Christian perspective.
Banner thoughtfully provided by my good "online" friend,
Lori, of Lori's Country Home and Graphics Brian and Gwen-Easter 2001***Sarah, Nate and Hannah-Easter 2001 More pictures of us, at Pioneer Village Hi! This page is the little "piece of my mind" you always hear people saying they are going to give you. Although I don't have much to spare, here it goes! My name is Gwen, and I am a transplanted Texan who found herself in the middle of farm country (Nebraska to be exact). I love it here, although after 15 years I still haven't gotten used to the weather changes! I have three wonderful children: Sarah, Nate and Hannah. I also have a wonderful, fantastic, helpful, marvellous, handsome great, awesome husband, Brian (who, by the way, is typing this for me, so please disregard the previous hogwash! Anyway, this site was created so we could share with you, a little bit of our family's interests, which for all of us, include Homeschooling, the Independent Baptist Christian Faith, the family in general and much more! Our kids' pages tell a little bit about them, and what their interests are. Each of our children has unique interests, ranging from Sarah's passion for stamp collecting, to Nate's obsession with golf and Hannah's fun with Barbies! Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often! Be sure to bookmark our site (control+d) before you leave, and please tell your friends about our site! Thank you!

stamp collecting help site with plenty of information and help for all levels of stamp collecters.
Princess Diana Limited Offer STAMPS, RAILWAYS, MODEL RAILWAYS, POSTCARDS, COINS, AUTOGRAPHS, BANKNOTES, COMICS, TRADING CARDS ETC. WHAT EVER TAKES YOUR FANCY! CLUB PAGES ADDED FREE! PUBLISH YOUR ARTICLE HERE FREE!. WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? QUEEN VICTORIA ITEMS. PRIVATE COLLECTION FOR SALE Stamps arrive nearly every day on your mail! Learn about these stamps. Learn about the Country they come from . There are many Old Postal History (letters) , all have a story to tell. Stamps have been around for over 160 years! This is YOUR Guide. By request the site is expanding to cover other collecting interests. Last update: 20th March 2003 Do YOU want to know more about stamp collecting? Collecting Show LISTINGS from Around the World. Is Your Event There? UPDATED JAN ALL Philatelists (Stamp Collectors) Stamp (Philatelic) Clubs. World Wide LISTING with information What is Postal History? It can be inexpensive and fun thing to collect ... ADD YOURS NOW Does your group or event want a mention? This is YOUR SITE Help others by letting me know of any great sites you have found to do with collecting, or if you have any suggestions about this site. Any collecting groups wishing to be mentioned or mention a forthcoming event. It is

86. Stamp Collecting & Coin Collector Software. Asset Management Inventory Software.
Manage coin collections with CoinManage, CurrencyManage and Roman Coins on CD.Category Shopping Antiques and Collectibles Supplies Software...... Image of US Stamp, Main Screen StampManage 2002 stamp collecting Software,StampManage 2002 is our new program for managing your stamp collection.
StampManage CoinManage CurrencyManage AssetManage ... Links Welcome to the home of Liberty Street Software Selling fine inventory software over the Internet since June of 1997. FREE Upgrade to version 2003. All purchases of CoinManage 2002, StampManage 2002, AssetManage 2002 and CurrencyManage 2002 will receive a FREE UPGRADE to version 2003 of each product. This offer applies to all bundles as well. New versions of all products will be ready in the 2nd quarter of this year. StampManage 2003, AssetManage 2003 and most bundles will increase in price so you can save money by purchasing now as opposed to waiting for the new versions. StampManage 2002 StampManage 2002 is our new program for managing your stamp collection. StampManage includes a huge datebase of US stamps, complete with images. StampManage uses the SCOTT™ numbering system. Check out our demo to see the powerful features and ease of use you will not find in any other stamp collecting software. [More Info] [Purchasing Options] [Download Demo] CoinManage 2002 ... CoinManage 2002 is a complete program for managing your coin collection. Virtually every feature important to coin collectors has been incorporated into this program. CoinManage automates the tedious data entry chores associated with cataloging your collection, allowing you to concentrate on your hobby. CoinManage is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner, yet feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users.

87. George Pike's Stamp Page
Information on stamp collecting activities and resources in Pittsburgh, PA and western Pennsylvania.
George Pike's Stamp Page
Welcome to my WWW site on stamps and stamp collecting in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. This site also features material that I have available for sale or trade and my want list. I'm not a dealer, I actually consider myself a slightly-beyond-novice collector of US singles and US Postal Cards. But rather than simply post a home page with my offers and want list, I thought I would create a resource about philately in Pittsburgh. Let me know what you think. May 10, 2000 George Pike
Pittsburgh, PA
APS 180271
Philatelic Resources in the Pittsburgh area.
Stamps for Sale
My Philatelic Yard Sale. listings
Links to other philatelic resource sites Joe Lufts Philatelic Resource on the Web Chuck Hendricksen's Philatelic Links Scott Kitchen's Stamp Collecting Page Arthur Ward's Encyclopedia Of Stamps and Philatelic Links ... Amazon.Com Auctions CancelNations Philatelic Supersite Back to my home page

88. Stamp Collecting Software. US And Canadian Stamp Values And Images
and images Massive Database of US and Canadian Stamp Information. StampManage andGum information. USA Stamp Data, Canadian Stamp Data.
Home [ StampManage ] CoinManage CurrencyManage AssetManage Roman Coins on CD ... StampManage - Canada Edition StampManage 2002 North American Edition (USA/Confederate States/Canada/Canadian Provinces) Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / NT (4 or higher) / 2000 / ME / XP
Media: CD-ROM only (The program is too large for Electronic Distribution) Canada-only version of StampManage now available at eBay, Click Here for information FREE Upgrade to version 2003. All purchases of CoinManage 2002, StampManage 2002, AssetManage 2002 and CurrencyManage 2002 will receive a FREE UPGRADE to version 2003 of each product. This offer applies to all bundles as well. New versions of all products will be ready in the 2nd quarter of this year. StampManage 2003, AssetManage 2003 and most bundles will increase in price so you can save money by purchasing now as opposed to waiting for the new versions. Purchasing Information Download StampManage Demo (37Mb) Five reasons why you should consider StampManage Reason One: StampManage uses the SCOTT™ numbering system When adding stamps, simply type the SCOTT

89. Stamp Collecting
Books for Collectors stamp collecting A to Zee » Books » stamp collecting We presenta selection of books that we are sure will benefit you as a collector.
Books for Collectors: Stamp Collecting A to Zee Books » Stamp Collecting
We present a selection of books that we are sure will benefit you as a collector. Just click on the title or cover image of any book for further details.
Stamp Catalogs

United States Stamps

All About Stamps: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Philatelic Terms

by: Wayne L. Youngblood
September, 2000
List Price:'s Price:
You Save: prices subject to change. The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philatelics (Serial) by: R. Scott Carlton June, 1997 List Price:'s Price: You Save: prices subject to change. Political Campaign Stamps by: Mark Warda September, 1998's Price: prices subject to change. Stamp Collecting by: Stephen R. Datz October, 1999 List Price:'s Price: You Save: prices subject to change. Stamp Collecting For Dummies® by: Richard L. Sine September, 2001 List Price:'s Price: You Save: prices subject to change. Stamp Investing by: Stephen R. Datz

90. Education And Philately
Unique collection of over 100 postage stamps from various countries on the topic of education. Offers more than 100 philatelic links on stamp collecting for children, teaching with stamps and the development of philately.
Welcome on Education International web Site Sorry, but our web site use frame technology... Please use a frame capable browser Download one at or Microsoft

91. - Library : Stamp Collecting Equipment
internet time. stamp collecting Equipment ?
user name password
new user sign up here
NEWS : News Archives New Issues Publications British Library Newsletter ARTICLES : Exclusives Cinderella Thematics General ... Specialised TOOLS : Currency Converter Perpetual Calendar internet time Stamp Collecting Equipment Stamp collecting is one of the most basic hobbies one can take up without having to splurge on extensive or expensive equipement. A stamp collector can get by with hardly any equipment at all, save for some of the basic handytools, like a pair of tweezers, that most of us would have at home anyway. There are a number of these tools that will be of help you as a stamp collector, regardless of the skill level you might be at, and a list of them has been provided below. Almost all of them are of low cost and thus, easy on the pocket. In fact, most of them have got a relatively long working lifespan and will therefore last you for several years without you having to worry about getting maintenance work done on them. Some of these handytools are used for examining the stamps in detail and under scrutiny, while others are basically for the handling and storage of stamps. Magnifying Glass Perforation Gauge A Pair of Tweezers Stamp Hinges or Mounts ... UV Lamp Magnifying Glass This is used for the detailed and thorough examination of stamps and is not just an aid for those of us who are myopic. ;) Do not underestimate the power a single small magnifying glass can possess. With practice and patience, you can and will be able to spot flaws or mistakes in the stamp's print by simply using this rather understated magnifying glass.

92. Swap, Trade, Exchange Used And Mint Postage Stamps, Stamp Collecting, Stamp Coll
Swap postage stamps online.Category Recreation Collecting Stamps......Swap stamps, used postage stamps, stamp collecting, stamptrader lists, mint postage stamp, stamp collectors.

93. American Topical Association - Welcome!
The American Topical Association serves over 6000 members in 90 countries. It is now the largest philatelic society devoted to a specific phase of stamp collecting.

Topical, or thematic, stamp collecting is the fastest-growing arm of the stamp-collecting hobby today. The American Topical Association serves members in 90 countries. It is the largest philatelic society devoted to a specific phase of stamp collecting. Organized in 1949, the ATA has over 50 years of service to its members. The ATA is the best source of information, fellowship and inspiration in the topical field. YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN !
ATA Central Office has moved to Texas
. Please check the Contacts listing for the new address and telephone numbers.
The Roosevelts
Check Dalene Thomas's Postal Stationery column in the March / April 2003 issue of Topical Time for a listing of the latest topics on stationery. Color scans of some of the material discussed can be seen at the link.
Need an ATA logo for your webpage? Feel free to use either of these
Coming in the May / June Topical Time.....
With America now at war, the May-June 2003 issue of Topical Time features a review of U.S. postage stamps remembering the conflicts in which the United States has been involved. Published in full color, the stamps encompass the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War.

94. USPS - News: Philatelic Releases
Issued At The American Philatelic Society STAMPSHOW 2002 August 13, 2002 Stamp Release 02050 Night Friends Highlight National stamp collecting Month August 12
Home Grow Your Business Keyword/Search Keyword/Search Philatelic News
The main Postal News page has changed location. It is now located at . Please update your bookmarks.
2002 Archive

95. DIY Article
DIY What's Your Hobby Episode DWH120 stamp collecting StampCollecting From stamp collecting; Knitting Episode DWH-120,,2058,3046,00.html
Home Categories Automotive Home Improvement
Project Index
Newsletter ... Episode DWH-120 Stamp Collecting
From " Stamp Collecting; Knitting " Episode DWH-120
The paper surrounding this stamp from Lichtenstein is called a "souvenir sheet" in the world of stamp collecting.
A common passion is the glue that helps three longtime friends "stick" together: Fred Kuntz and Ursula and Emery Nasady each have a different interest and style of collecting. The three, all members of the Long Beach Stamp Club, enjoy meeting routinely at each other's houses to enthusiastically discuss and show off their latest acquisitions. They say sharing anecdotes and the history of each stamp enriches the hobby and gives it greater meaning.
  • Fred Kuntz, who collects stamps from all over the world, limits his collection to stamps issued between 1840 and 1940. Luntz says adults should obtain books to educate themselves about stamps before limiting their collections to a specific interest.
  • Emery Nasady's rare collection of stamps from Lichtenstein are his pride and joy. Nasady subscribed directly to the Lichtenstein post office to obtain most of his collection, but he says any collector can have great success from auctions or other collectors.
  • Ursula Nasady offers this advice for removing a used stamp: first, she cuts a square from the envelope around the stamp (taking care not to cut too close to the stamp's edge). Next, she soaks the envelope portion in a small amount of water for 15 to 20 minutes to remoisten the glue and loosen the stamp. Although Nasady places the stamp in a drying book, she says placing the stamp face down on newspaper will dry the stamp as effectively. When the stamp is dry, she mounts it as part of her collection.

96. A.J.'s Encyclopedia Of Stamps & Links: Specialized Collecting
Links to sites with information on topical stamp collecting.

's Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links
Specialized Stamp Collecting
Read Books Angels


"A detailed analysis of, accompanied by indexes to, the people and things depicted on all 1,355 postage stamps issued by the US Government from 1847 through 1980. ...
Public Service Announcement
DOT's Transportation Security Administration
effective 7/18/2002 has openings for transportation Screeners, Supervisors etc. at over 1200 airports in the USA with an effort to fill them by Nov. 2002! - though they will continue as long as neccessary.
First Things First
Characteristics of stamps


Christmas Seals
Easter Seals
Fake (not forged) Stamps
Local Issues ...
First Day Covers
Catalogs, Books and Supplies
Cachet Makers and Subscription Services
Postal History
The Posts
The Military
Types (ATM postage, joint issues, postal labels ...)
General Resources
Maximum cards (Maximaphily)
Picture postcards (Cartophily)
Postal Stationery
Topical or Thematic Collecting
  • Introductions
  • The Arts
  • Events
  • Organizations, Peoples, Personalities
  • 97. The Postal Store
    Stamp Issues. Release Schedule. stamp collecting. Philatelic Glossary. Resources. PressSheets. stamp collecting. Stamps On Stuff. State QuartersGreetings From.

    98. Ned Kelly: Australian Ironoutlaw || Stamp Collecting
    issue. The stamp designs commemorate federation and the Irish contributionto the development of the Australian character. Because
    Issued: 3 May 2001 Irish Post celebrates Irish heritage in Australia
    The set of sheetlets comprises The Land of Promise and Rebel Spirit each of which features two of the four stamps in the issue. The Land of Promise sheetlet captures the emotions of emigration, Rebel Spirit captures the emergence of the Australian identity with images of Peter Lalor and Ned Kelly. Brad Webb
    Ned Kelly:
    Australian Ironoutlaw Max Stern and Co.
    234 Flinders Street
    Port Philip Arcade
    Victoria 3000
    Telephone Facsimile 03 9650 7192 The stamps were designed by Marketing Tree / Passmore Design in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately we cannot supply you with visual material for you site at the moment but nearer the issue date we will send you some material. We are currently developing a web site which should be in operation around the date of issue. If not the stamps will be featured on the An Post site. If there is any further information you need please let me know.

    99. The Trinidad And Tobago Philatelic Page. Stamps Collecting History Postal
    Promoting Trinidad and Tobago stamp collecting as a means of learning about its culture and history.
    New Issues (New Section) Bit of the month (March) ... Maps.
    Comments: Send e-mail to E. Barrow. Site last updated on; 1/Mar./03
    New Issues updated This site seeks to encourage collectors of Trinidad and Tobago stamps and postal history, primarily as a means of learning about the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago. and cannot be used without express permission.

    100. Surfing The Net With Kids: Stamp Collecting
    The best stamp collecting sites for kids, teachers and families,from the United Feature Syndicate. stamp collecting. Email this
    ...Click Here for Menu... ~~ Home ~~ Add Games to Your Site Free Email Book Clubs Book Store Calendar Discussion Forum Free Content Applets Games Jokes Newsletters Postcards Printables Screensavers Suggest a Site Tell a Friend Top Ten Pages Topic Directory ~~ Search this Site ~~ Arts, Crafts, Music Computers, Internet Games, Hobbies, Sports Geography Holidays, History, Bios Language Arts Math Parents, Teachers Preschool, Kindergarten Science, Animals Link to Us From my Mailbox My Bio Ad Rates Write Me Visit Me in My Office Subscribe to the free "Surfing the Net with Kids" newsletter and get educational website reviews in your email box every week.
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    Stamp Collecting Word Search

    Stamp Scrambler

    Stamp Concentration

    Stars and Stripes Stamps Jigsaw
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