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41. Career Center
testing. standardized TESTS AT CARTERSVILLE HIGH school Several different standardizedtests are We recommend that students take the sat or act once or twice
Several different standardized tests are administered at Cartersville High School during the school year. A description of each test is provided below. School board policy requires that parents must pick up test scores. Please contact the Guidance Office for additional information. Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-9)
The SAT-9 is given to all 9th and 10th grade students in the spring. This test measures achievement in reading, written expression, mathematics, social studies, science, and information processing. It provides valuable information about an individual student's strengths and weaknesses.
PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
The PSAT is essentially a practice test for taking the SAT. The PSAT may provide important information concerning a student’s individual weaknesses, which can be remediated before he/she takes the SAT. The PSAT is given to all sophomore students free-of-charge. College bound students are encouraged to take the PSAT again during the junior year. The cost of the PSAT is approximately $9.00 for juniors. Eleventh grade students may sign up for the PSAT in the Guidance Office. The PSAT is administered only ONCE during the school year. Don't miss it this October. Those students who are seeking to participate in the National Merit Scholarship competition must take the PSAT in the junior year. It is also a required part of the Governor's Honors Program evaluation criteria. Please refer to the National Merit/Achievement Scholarship Program and the Governor's Honors Program.

42. PSTO Parent Grade-Level Meetings
to high school, Governor's school, standardized testing, graduation requirements highschool level testing, resume writing. pm, Jr/Sr Info sat/act prep, college
Oak Ridge High School Parent Teacher Student Organization
Grade-Level Parent Meeting Information
Parent Grade-Level meetings
are co-sponsored with the Guidance Department to provide information to parents about ORHS. Parents meet with other parents of same-age students to discuss topics of interest and concern. Meetings are held on Tuesdays from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the ORHS Library. Evening meetings are also held throughout the school year. A guidance counselor facilitates the discussion and answers questions. Topics are flexible, but have covered such areas as transition from middle school to high school, Governor's school, standardized testing, graduation requirements, the college application process, registration procedures, and student stress. Meeting reminders or schedule changes will be sent if you provide an e-mail or mail address at the first meeting or contact the appropriate coordinator directly.
Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen October 1, 2002 Seeking Scholarships
Financial Aid Resources
Beware of deadlines
Motivating your Senior!

43. Guidance Office
VHS guidance. 20022003 standardized testing Schedule. Dates, Test. May 5-9, AdvancedPlacement testing. 2002-2003 sat and act Test Dates. sat Dates, act Dates. Oct.
VHS Guidance
2002-2003 Standardized Testing Schedule
Dates Test September 9-13 Georgia High School Graduation Test October 1-2 Georgia High School Writing Test October 19 PSAT/NMSQT November 11-15 Georgia High School Graduation Retest March 4-5 Georgia High School Writing Retest March 24-28 Georgia High School Graduation Test April 28-May 16 End of Course Tests May 5-9 Advanced Placement Testing
2002-2003 SAT and ACT Test Dates
SAT Dates ACT Dates Oct. 12 Sep. 28 Nov. 2 Oct. 26 Dec. 7 Dec. 14 Jan. 25 Feb. 8 Apr. 5 Apr. 12 May 3 Jun. 7 Jun. 14

44. -> Home -> Guidance
These include the standardized testing and Reporting (STAR) test that Scholastic AchievementTests (sat I and sat II), and the American College Test (act).

45. Guidance And College Placement
standardized testing. Admiral Farragut Academy has been designated a national testingsite for the act higher than the national average on both the sat I and the
Guidance Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who reports directly to the Director of Guidance. Each faculty advisor is responsible for eight to ten students. Beginning in grade ten, the College Placement Office begins the formal college search. This becomes increasingly intensive through the first semester of the senior year at which point all applications have been filed on behalf of the student.
Standardized Testing
Admiral Farragut Academy has been designated a national testing site for the ACT, SAT I, and SAT II. Juniors and seniors are required to test on six occasions to benefit from score improvement. In addition, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT every October. The entire student body is administered the CAT (California Achievement Test) on an annual basis. International students are required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) during the first semester of the senior year for college placement purposes. A typical senior class earns a mean score of ten to fifteen percent higher than the national average on both the SAT I and the ACT. The average TOEFL score for the class of 1997 was 598.
Dual Enrollment
The dual enrollment program allows students to earn both high school and college credit for their course work. Courses are offered on our campus and taught by Farragut instructors who are also adjunct faculty members at the

46. Manchester High School Guidance And Career Center
with resources and strategies for taking standardized tests Board and administeredby the Educational testing Service (ETS sat Information from the College Board.
Standardized Tests There are many non-profit organizations that help students raise their standardized testing scores. In addition, there are many resources on the internet that give students strategies for taking tests. The links below will provide the students with resources and strategies for taking standardized tests. ACT An independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to measurement and research for those making educational and career transitions; administrates a widely taken college admissions test. AP Exams The Advanced Placement (AP) program, sponsored by the College Board and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), offers secondary school students the opportunity to participate in challenging college-level course work while still in high school. Students can receive credit, advanced placement, or both from thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the AP program. Each exam consists of multiple-choice and free-response sections. Most exams are three hours long and cover two semesters of college-level work; those that test one semester of work are generally two hours long. There is a fee for each exam. Thirty-one AP courses and their corresponding examinations are offered. College Board Online National association of schools and colleges offering services and programs in the areas of assessment, guidance, admission, placement, financial aid, curriculum, and research.

47. Falls Church High School
standardized testing for Test Day – Important tips for test day for the sat andACT Educational testing Service Home Page – Peterson’s – www
7521 Jaguar Trail - Falls Church - VA - 22042 - 703.207.4000 Return to previous page Standardized Testing SAT/ACT/TOEFL TESTING INFORMATION – Register for SAT/ACT, get study College Board Test Dates – A listing of national test dates and registration deadlines for SAT I and II, PSAT, and Advanced Placement Exams.
SAT Online Registration
– College Board offers the capability of registering for the SAT online.
ACT Home Page
– Frequently asked questions about the ACT, test dates, test centers, strategies, and sample questions.
ACT Online Registration
– Register online for the ACT.
Web Ware for the SAT
– A free service of Stanford Testing Systems, Inc. that includes a diagnostic of the SAT I for students to use. This diagnostic is based on the SAT I found in College Board's free booklet Taking the SAT I
SAT Question of the Day
– College Board has a question of the day from the SAT I complete with an explanation.

48. Guidance Center
standardized testing. Proficiency Test. testing Centers. Registration online andother helpful information for the sat can be found atCollegeboard sat.
Standardized Testing
Proficiency Test
This test was developed for all Michigan high school students to replace the MEAP Test. It is a four part test that measures basic skills in math, science, reading, and writing.
This test is a good indicator of how a student will perform on the SAT or ACT. If a student scores in the top 2% they may be recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Foundation. This is a very impressive honor that may lead to many scholarship opportunities. Find out more about the PSAT at College board PSAT.
All colleges require either the SAT or ACT. The ACT test is commonly taken by all college bound students in the spring of their junior year. Students may take these tests as many times as they want, and colleges will generally use their highest score. These tests are important, and should be studied for.
American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Dates ACT SAT Registration Deadline Registration Deadline Test Date Test Date Sept. 20, 2002

49. Standardized Test Information
testing Good information on testing What parents should know; standardized collegeentrance you review the math and verbal skills tested on the sat 1.
Standardized Test Information.
    The original ACT Web Page.
ACT TEST DATES 2001-2002, 2002-2003 College Board Online College Board Online 2001 - 2002 Tests Dates College That Do Not Require the SAT or ACT ... Educational Testing Service
    A valuable site for testing information.
Frontline : Secrets of the SAT Secrets of the SAT. Why the national obession with the SAT test. And how fair, reliable and democratic is it? Kaplan Pre-College Information
    Great information on PSAT, SAT, ACT tests, test scores and what they mean, recentering, sample test questions, and much more. : Test Preparation Download free software for test prep. Testing
    Good information on testing: What parents should know; Standardized college entrance tests; help prepare your child for college and types of tests.
SAT Prep Help A good resource to work on your vocab.
SAT Question of the Day
SAT Learning Center Your online source for real SAT preparation. Top 10 Tips
    Some good advice for test day.
Vocab.SAT You aren't ready unless you know these 150 words. Research has shown that there are words that consistently appear on the SAT and are consistently missed. Get 150of them now. Because the SAT is half verbal, you cannot do well without a solid vocabulary. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prepare for the test. There are some words the College Board likes to use more than others. The reason: students consistently miss them. We have collected 150 of the most popular words and made quizzes to test your knowledge.

50. Spirit Volume 12, No. 6
to begin planning their schedule of standardized testing for college with their advisorson a tentative testing schedule signed the satI, act, and/or sat-II so
About the Academy Directions and Map Contacts Directory ... Staff Development GUIDE To Higher Education Volume 12, Number 6 February 1, 2003 College Bound
College Admission Criteria
Junior Seminars Instituted
During this semester, juniors will meet several times in small groups with Mrs. Albright to begin formal work on the college admission process. A Junior Bulletin will also be posted on the website with important information and reminders for juniors. Standardized Admission Tests
Activities Record
Financial Aid Process

The standard form everyone must use is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA, the HOPE Application Form, or the e-HOPE registration is also required to qualify for the HOPE Scholarship in Georgia public universities. Some private colleges require the Profile in addition to the FAFSA. Colleges may have an institutional financial aid application as well. Students should check the requirements of each college to be sure all paperwork has been filed by their given deadlines. Guidance Information on Website
A Guidance page is posted under Upper School on the Athens Academy website. Senior and Junior Bulletins are posted there as well as some useful links to college and scholarship information. Listings of summer opportunities and contests and competitions for which we have received information are also posted.

51. Spirit Volume 12, No. 3
Another is to plan your personal standardized testing schedule, making sure you registerfor at least one satI in the junior year and sat and act The sat-I
About the Academy Directions and Map Contacts Directory ... Staff Development GUIDE To Higher Education Volume 12, Number 3 November 1, 2002 College Bound
College Application Season
Seniors are fully into the process of collecting college application forms, writing essays, and requesting letters of recommendation from the faculty.
For efficient handling of the paperwork, it is important for everyone to follow the procedures discussed at the Senior College Night in September. The process is outlined in detail in the College Planning Guide distributed to juniors last spring. The Guidance Office mails all the documents for each application (application, recommendations, transcript, and a return card) in one envelope from the school. Materials are also photocopied before they are mailed. We feel this procedure reduces the chances of application materials being misplaced or misfiled in the process.
With the proliferation of online applications, we must adjust our procedures for those submitted electronically. Students must be sure they have printed any counselor forms or personal signature pages included at the end of an electronic application. Those can be sent with the transcript and recommendations from the Guidance Office. It is imperative that students notify the Guidance Office when they have submitted an application online so that we will know to send a transcript and any other required documents.

52. Parker Standardized Test Guides
Parker standardized Test Guides. Test act Home Page; act National testing informationfrom Scholastic Aptitude Tests sat Collegeboard Online; sat Tests; Dates of
Parker Standardized Test Guides
ACT Test
ASVAB Compass Test PLAN Test ... SAT Test
Wisconsin School Performance Advanced Placement American College Test Scholastic Aptitude Tests Kaplan Test Preparation
PLAN test
If you are planning on taking the ACT test then the PLAN test is for you!
Why should you take the PLAN test?
The PLAN test is a preparation test for the ACT
The PLAN covers the similar information as the ACT: English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning
The PLAN provides test questions in the same format as the real ACT
Your PLAN test score provides you an estimate of your future ACT score
4. The test is offered to both Sophomore and Junior students This test is a great way to practice for the real deal !! This test will be offered one time only !!

53. Congresswoman DeLauro's Website
Applicants may choose to notify the sat/act testing centers to sat scores are 500Verbal and 520 Math with a a strong performance on the standardized act or sat
Visiting DC Links Grants Casework ... Internships Service Academy Nominations Public Documents
Dear Applicant: The following information is meant to assist you in completing your application for a nomination to a United States Service Academy from U.S. Representative Rosa L. DeLauro. Please review this information carefully to assure that your file is completed properly and on time.
Nominees to the service academies MUST BE United States citizens and applications to Congresswoman DeLauro's office must be PERMANENT residents of Connecticut. Candidates must be at least 17 years old, but not have passed their 23 rd birthday by July 1 of the year of admission. (Candidates for admission to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy must be at least 17 years of age, and not have passed their 25 th birthday, before July 1 of the year of admission.) Candidates must be unmarried and have no legal obligation to support any dependents. These stipulations have been established by the service academies. Prior to applying for a nomination, each candidate must contact the academies directly to request a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire. Upon the completion and return of this form to the academy, you will be informed of academy requirements, such as physical examinations and physical aptitude tests. It is also recommended that each candidate plan to visit the academies to meet with admissions representatives, speak with cadets, and to view the facilities.

54. Standard
she is still encouraged to participate in a standardized testing program By havinga standardized set of test scores for solely on the results of the sat or act
Baker High School Guidance Standardized Tests/Preparation Click here for test dates/registration information Most high school College entrance tests It is rare for any college to base its admission decisions solely on the results of the SAT or ACT scores. Decisions are made based on all the information available to a college including the high school transcript, teacher and counselor recommendations, personal statement, resume, interviews, and test scores. At each college, the weighing of these factors varies, but the high school record is almost always the most important single factor for consideration for admission. SAT I: Reasoning Tests College Board web site. SAT II: Subject Tests Students cannot take both the SAT I and SAT II on the same date. PSAT: Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test The PSAT is taken in October of the Junior year. Registration is done through the Guidance office approximately one week prior to the test date. The PSAT offers students the opportunity to participate in a standardized testing situation that is less stressful for the student; that PSAT scores are not reported to colleges and universities. PSAT scores are used as qualifiers for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Test results are given as a verbal score, a math score, and a National Merit Selection Index. ACT: The American College Testing Program TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language For the student whose primary language is not English, the TOEFL offers a way to be competitive in the college application process without being penalized for a deficiency of English vocabulary. Applications are available in the Counseling Center.

55. Expert: Students Can Plan To Succeed On Standardized Tests
Expert Students can plan to succeed on standardized tests. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Forinformation about upcoming sat and act testing times, students and
Purdue News
March 1998
Expert: Students can plan to succeed on standardized tests
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Taking a college entrance exam can be one of the most stressful times in a student's life, but a Purdue University expert says it doesn't have to be. Doug Christiansen, director of Purdue's Office of Admissions, says taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) does not have to be a nerve-racking experience. Test results from the SAT and ACT are one of the tools colleges and universities use to determine which students to admit. "Everyone can set themselves up for success on these tests," Christiansen says. "However, you can't spend a week cramming, go to bed early the night before, eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test and expect to have fabulous success. The best preparation happens over time." He suggests:
  • Taking college preparation courses (English, math and science) during all four years of high school. "Stay in academic courses throughout your high school career," Christiansen says. "Even if you've fulfilled your school's graduation requirements, keep taking solid college prep classes. Continuing to improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills will do nothing but help you when test time rolls around."
  • Making math comprehension a priority. "You really need to understand the fundamental principles of mathematics," he says. "If you are struggling with any part of it, retake the class and ask for help."

Back to the top. standardized testing SITES. http// http// to the top. COLLEGE SEARCH IN CYBERSPAC

57. TRIO - Articles - Surviving Standardized Tests
What Are standardized Tests copy of the Information Bulletin, contact the EducationalTesting Service school counselor for full information about the sat and act
Home Need Help? Surviving Standardized Tests Don't Forget To. . .
  • Note that test registration deadlines precede test dates by about six weeks Register to take the TOEFL test if English is not your native language and you are planning on studying at a North American college Practice your test-taking skills with Peterson’s SAT Success , Peterson’s ACT Success , and Peterson’s TOEFL CBT Success (all available with software) Contact the College Board or American College Testing, Inc., in advance if you need special accommodations when taking tests
What Are Standardized Tests?
College Board SAT Program
ACT Assessment Program
Preparing for the ACT Assessment, a booklet that contains a complete practice test, an answer key, and general information about preparing for the test. You may also be interested in Peterson’s ACT Success Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
The TOEFL test is used by various organizations, such as colleges and universities, to determine English proficiency. The test is mainly offered in a computer-based format (TOEFL CBT), although the paper-based test is still offered in some areas. Eventually, the TOEFL test will be completely computer based. The TOEFL tests students in the areas of listening, structure, reading comprehension, and writing. Score requirements are set by individual institutions. For more information on the TOEFL test, and to obtain a copy of the Information Bulletin , contact the Educational Testing Service. Peterson’s

58. Testing Services
The act or sat may be taken on a national test Credits may be earned through thefollowing standardized testing programs Advanced Placement Program (AP);
Testing Services
Catalog Stuservices Enter Search Term:
Search Concordia:
Search WWW: Student Services Concordia University participates in the national educational testing programs listed below.
American College Test or Scholastic Assessment Test
Completion of the ACT or SAT I is required of all applicants who have fewer than 12 college credits to transfer. The ACT is preferred, but the SAT is also accepted. The ACT profiles (test results) help students make decisions about college and career plans. They are used in academic advising and course placement, as appropriate. Entering students should take the ACT or SAT during their junior or senior year of high school, if possible. The ACT or SAT may be taken on a national test date at a national test center or by appointment at Concordia University's Admission Office. However, students who wish to participate in intercollegiate athletics must take either test on a national test date at a national test center. For further information, contact any high school guidance counselor or Concordia University's Admission Office.
Credits Earned Through Standardized Tests
Credits may be earned through the following standardized testing programs:
  • Advanced Placement Program (AP)

59. Test Info Main
Like it or not, standardized testing has become part of shortened versions of theactual sat act They provide a realistic practice testing experience that

60. Admissions And Enrollment: Standardized Tests
Average Scores on sat and act Examinations Increase Slightly (9/6/96 Truth in testing'Undermined by Average Scores of Students on standardized Admissions Tests

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STRATEGIES AND TRENDS STANDARDIZED TESTS Yale Researchers Design College-Admissions Test Said to Measure Creative and Practical Skills OPINION: I Can't Get No SATisfaction Average SAT Scores Hold Steady, While ACT Scores Slip Group Objects to Naval Academy's Use of SAT Scores in Screening Applicants ACT to Stop Flagging Scores of Disabled Students Who Need Extra Time on Test ... Removing the 'Scarlet Letter' OPINION: Debate Over the SAT Masks Perilous Trends in College Admissions College Board Approves Major Changes for the SAT OPINION: The Third Time I Took the GRE OPINION: Why We Need the SAT SAT Is Set for an Overhaul, but Questions Linger About the Test U. of California Faculty Wants to Drop SAT by 2006 Civil-Rights Groups Blast Florida's Use of SAT Scores in Awarding Scholarships ... TColleges Debate Whether Dropping the SAT Makes Them More Competitive OPINION: Optional SAT's at Bates: 17 Years and Not Counting OPINION: Lafayette's Comfort Level Is Higher With SAT's Average Scores on the SAT and the ACT Hold Steady Texas Law Limits Use of Standardized Tests in Graduate Admissions COUNTERPOINT: Admissions Tests: Not Perfect, Just the Best Measures We Have

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