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61. Kinnelon High School
colleges and many technical schools require standardized test scores for untimed orextended time testing as indicated be accepted instead of the sat I. While

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The HSPT measures abilities in reading, mathematics and writing skills. To be eligible for a New Jersey high school diploma, students must pass all sections of the test. Eighth grade students will be given the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (GEPA). If a student does not meet district minimum standards on the eighth grade test, a program of remediation will be developed for that individual. Students new to the district, without previous HSPT/HSPA scores, will be tested based on their grade level according to state guidelines. HSPT/HSPA score reports will be mailed to parents. COLLEGE ADMISSION TESTING Most colleges and many technical schools require standardized test scores as one part of the data needed to consider a student for admission. Information on privately sponsored and community sponsored review courses for these tests is available in the Guidance Office. The following tests are among those used by colleges for admission, placement and/or scholarship consideration. PRELIMINARY SCHOLASTIC ASSESSMENT TEST/NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP QUALIFYING TEST (PSAT/NMSQT)
This test administered in October is a multiple-choice test with a student response section measuring verbal, writing and mathematical abilities that are related to success in college. It is designed to provide an early measurement of a student's aptitude for college level study; to provide test-taking experience; and to identify outstanding students who may then compete for National Merit Scholarships. This test is recommended for all college-bound juniors. High achieving sophomores often take this test for practice purposes. Only juniors are eligible for National Merit consideration. Registration for juniors is arranged through the Guidance Office

62. Testing Calendar
Nationwide testing. staff is available to help students coordinate the taking of severalnationallyadministered standardized tests, such as the sat I and
Home Academics Staff Student Life ... Athletics City-wide testing Students in the Chesapeake Public School system will take a variety of standardized tests throughout their careers, including the Literacy Passport Test, the Stanford 9 Test, and Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. For more information on these tests and a schedule of test administration at Indian River High school, visit the City-wide Standardized Testing Schedule, located in the Academics section. Nationwide Testing The guidance staff is available to help students coordinate the taking of several nationally-administered standardized tests, such as the SAT I and II and the ACT. Guidance counselors are also able to offer tips on test-taking and preparation. Visit your guidance counselor for more information. 2002-2003 SAT Administration Dates
Student registration packets can be obtained in the guidance office. Further details and information are found in the packet. Test Dates
(Saturday administrations) Test Registration Deadline Late Registration
October 12 SAT I and SAT II September 10 September 14 November 2 SAT I, SAT II, Language Tests and ELPT

63. Oakwood High School Guidance
about college planning, academic goals, standardized testing schedules, scholarship otherfacets of high school academics by the Oakwood guidance Department at




... PSEO
The Guidance Department web site will be able to provide students and their parents with information about college planning, academic goals, standardized testing schedules, scholarship possibilities, college visitation information and many other facets of high school academics. This site can be accessed from any Internet connection in the world, therefore allowing Oakwood students and parents to download some of the information provided by the Oakwood Guidance Department at any time with ease.
The guidance team, Jim Heikes Sudie Jacques Rich Curlett , and Paula Mays , works very hard to help students succeed on their path towards the future. They have put together information for this site that they believe will create an excellent supplement to their face-to-face counseling.
Noel Benford

64. Schools Weigh Importance Of Standardized Tests - News - The Daily Illini Online
the submission of either act or sat scores is a who scored below 27 on their actare also of students are disenfranchised by standardized testing, Vedvik said
Archives Contacts Friday, October 26, 2001 News News Story
Schools weigh importance of standardized tests
The Daily Illini
Some universities might be considering minimizing the importance of the Scholastic Aptitude Test in their admissions process, but many students applying to the University already don't take the SAT. The University, along with other state schools, gives prospective students the choice to submit either American College Test or SAT scores. Most Illinois high school students take the ACT because Illinois is an "ACT state," said Terry Rein, a guidance counselor at Champaign's Centennial High School. The ACT, dominates the midwest and much of the south, while the SAT is widely used on both coasts, where the majority of highly selective colleges are concentrated, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Because these colleges require prospective students to submit SAT scores, recent controversies about using entrance exams in admissions have generally focused on the SAT, according to the Chronicle. In the University's peer group, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the submission of either ACT or SAT scores is "a requirement across the board," said Ruth Vedvik, University admissions director.

For all information regarding standardized testing, you can contact the Educationaltesting Service (ETS Verbal Test Prep Tutorials (Psat/sat I/sat II/act).
Test Prep
Applications College Graduate School ... EDUFAX
for all the facts about your education
The EDUFAX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Archive
I am interested in SAT/PSAT/ACT..... Question #62:
  • Where can I get the PSAT/SAT/AP registration forms?
Answer #62:
  • For all information regarding standardized testing, you can contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, at (609) 921-9000. Most high school guidance offices also make registration forms available to students.
    EDUFAX provides Verbal Test Prep Tutorials (PSAT/SAT I/SAT II/ACT)
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have some learning differences which make standardized testing difficult for and thelevel of your standardized test scores Then your sat or act scores will be
Test Prep
Applications College Graduate School ... EDUFAX
for all the facts about your education
The EDUFAX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Archive
I am interested in SAT/PSAT/ACT..... Question #116:
  • I didn't get a great score on my ACT. What do I need to do to get into the college of my choice?
Answer #116:
  • Did you do any preparation before you took the ACT?
  • Do you know what sections gave you trouble?
Before you take the test again, you should find someone to tutor you in the areas where you need help. If you cannot afford a professional tutor, you can find a peer tutor or use a computer program or simply take a number of practice tests in a prep book and see what types of problems are giving you difficulty. Once you know where you need help, ask one of your teachers to work with you to clear up some of the problems that have been affecting your score.
You might also try the SAT. Some students do better on one test than the other, but everyone does better on both tests if they prepare. You should never approach standardized testing without knowing about the format and content of the test, the expectations for the levels of knowledge you need, and an understanding of how to pace your work so that you can accomplish the maximum in the time allotted.
You can find the best deals on the 'Net for PSAT/SAT/ACT prep software programs and tutorials through the EDUFAX site
It is also possible that you have some learning differences which make standardized testing difficult for you. If there is a serious discrepancy between the level of your classroom work and the level of your standardized test scores, you should speak with your guidance counselor about having an educational evaluation.

67. PHS Standardized Testing Information
booklets and practice tests are provided in guidance for the sat I, sat II, andACT college admissions Visit the Official Sites for the testing programs

Access to Student Records Class Rank Diploma Requirements ...
Promotion Requirements
Standardized Testing
PHS Home
E-mail Guidance Director
Poquoson High School students participate in the Virginia State Assessment Program. Ninth graders take the Stanford 9 Achievement Tests in the fall. Students take the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL's) end-of-course tests in English Reading and Writing (grade 11), World Studies I, World Studies II, United States and Virginia History, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. All tenth and eleventh graders take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in October. Advanced Placement tests are offered in May to students completing College Board AP courses. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is available to juniors and seniors. Registration booklets and practice tests are provided in guidance for the SAT I, SAT II, and ACT college admissions tests. Visit the Official Sites for the testing programs: ACT College Admissions Test Advanced Placement Testing Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) PSAT/NMSQT ... Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL's)
Contact: Director of Guidance PHS Home About PHS Academics ... E-mail Webmaster

68. Guidance Department
testing modifications on the sat I, sat II, and to take an exam using testing modificationscan Registration of a nonstandardized college entrance exam must
SAT -ACT Testing GIHS School Code: 332163 Information on Testing: Search Engines College Entrance Examinations The Tests: PSAT SAT SAT II ACT ... Test Taking Tips INFORMATION ON TESTING Educational Testing Service ACT Assessment Home Page PSAT/NMSQT Information Advanced Placement Program Information COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS Entrance exams are designed to compare a student's academic preparation and ability with the nearly 1.8 million students who apply for colleges each year. Although a student's high school record (grades, class rank, types of course taken) is the best single indicator of how well you will do in college, high schools can be very different in the courses they offer and in the ways they give grades. Standardized exams give students a chance to show colleges what they know and can do independent of their grades. College entrance exams are required by most four year colleges and universities and some two year schools. THE TESTS PSAT - The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test The PSAT is offered in October for the junior students. The test should be taken by all juniors who plan to attend college. Please talk with your counselor for registration details.

69. AEPP: Enterprising Educators
With bipartisan political support for standardized testing at both the state andfederal level Over 2.4 million students took either the sat I or act in 2001.
Fall 2002. Vol. 11, Issue 1
Learning Front and Center...
College Test Prep: A Market Worth Considering

Charles O'Hearn
Summit Educational Group, Inc
Boston, MA
In This Issue President's Message
Supplemental Services Update

From the Executive Director

Member News and Networking
Insurance Matters

Do you have a tutoring company that provides subject tutoring and little or no standardized test preparation? There are many reasons you should consider entering the college test preparation segment of the education industry. Most importantly, the underlying educational trends in the U.S. provide a strong foundation for this growing segment of the education industry, one that will continue to grow at an accelerated rate for at least the next 5-10 years. While we continue to search for the perfect college admissions test and the perfect high school state assessment, the current and future reality is that standardized tests are a permanent and increasingly important part of our educational landscape. With bipartisan political support for standardized testing at both the state and federal level, growing graduation rates, an SAT I that will be overhauled in 2005, more K-12 state assessment tests, and Bush's No Child Left Behind bill, the prospects for the college test prep market seem rosy. The college test prep market size is loosely estimated at around $250 million and expected to grow. Over 2.4 million students took either the SAT I or ACT in 2001. For comparison, consider that in 2001, there were approximately 2.8 million public high school graduates.

70. College Guidance standardized Testingsat, sat II, AP Information. act. TOEFL.
Kents Hill School
College Guidance Welcome to the College Guidance Office! Our mission is to work carefully and individually with each senior and postgraduate to ensure the smoothest possible college process and transition. Through a careful and thorough process, the college counselors encourage families and students to search for the right school, the right fit. We counsel students from many countries and backgrounds, and have experiences with college and university systems all over the world. Anne Richardson Director of College Guidance Joy Bonnefond Asst. Director of College Guidance Peter Hodgin College Guidance Tina Duplessis Registrar
Kents Hill’s College Guidance program begins formally in the eleventh grade, although the college counselors have been meeting informally with the ninth and tenth graders and their parents throughout their first two years. In eleventh grade, all juniors are enrolled in the Junior Seminar, a trimester course that meets once a week.

71. The Lovett School - College Counseling - Standardized Testing
school to high school, however, scores on standardized tests, such students withdisappointing performances on two satI testings ABOUT EXTENDED TIME testing.
Standardized Testing

Financial Aid Testing

Standardized Testing



Directions to Campus

The Lovett School Profile
Test Dates: 2000-2001 ... Back to Top STANDARDIZED TESTING ABOUT THE P.S.A.T The Preliminary Student Assessment Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT-NMSQT) is given in the 10th grade for practice and then is used as a qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship program in the 11th grade. The PSAT is a two-hour version of the SAT I and measures verbal, writing, and mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. All 10th and 11th grade students are registered by Lovett to take the exam. ABOUT THE SAT I The Student Assessment Test I (SAT I) is a three-hour multiple-choice test that measures the verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities you have developed over many years, both in and out of school. Your SAT I scores, grades, course selection, and other information about your academic background help college admissions officers evaluate how well prepared you are to do college-level work. Most colleges now affirm that they see the strength of your transcript (i.e., how challenging the courses you've chosen to take) and your grade point average as far better predictors of college performance than standardized test scores. Since courses and grading standards vary widely from high school to high school, however, scores on standardized tests, such as SAT I and the ACT, help colleges compare the ability of students from different schools.

72. PHS SAT/ACT Testing Links
The sat and act are standardized assessments that most colleges use (at Kaplan TestingPage Articles and information about the Psat, sat I, sat II, and act
SAT/ACT/Testing Links
ETS Code: 210-726
This page contains links to sites that may be helpful as you prepare to take admissions tests for college. If you have a useful site you would like added to this page, e-mail Patuxent High School and we will review and add appropriate links.
Graduation Requirements
College Requirements Competitive College Requirements College Links ... Financial Aid Links SAT/ACT Links Parent Resources Guidance Newsletter Main Guidance Page The SAT and ACT are standardized assessments that most colleges use (at least in part) to determine the potential success of a student at the college level. These links provide more information about these tests as well as study tips, test taking strategies and sample questions. However, NONE of these sites should take the place of a thoughtful discussion with your counselor about these issues. Each student has different needs and only an individual meeting can make sure that your needs are met. The ACT Information Page Information, strategies, and techniques for doing well on the ACT - a college admissions test accepted by most colleges in place of or in addition to the SAT. Kaplan Testing Page Articles and information about the PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, and ACT. Also includes free SAT test-prep software and college admissions information.

73. Academics
to announce the following grammar school standardized test scores state average with100% of GFA seniors testing. 20002001 College Prep sat Score Averages of
Belleville, Illinois
The college preparatory and grammar school TWENTY YEARS OF
O'Fallon, Illinois GFA Home About GFA Academics ... Visitors STANDARDIZED TESTS Up College Placement Course of Study IEP's ... Senior Orals [ Standardized Tests ] Student Placement Summer Institute Lower School Test Scores All Governor French grade school students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills annually. Upper School Test Scores All Governor French students are encouraged to take the ACT and SAT.
Many take Advanced Placement (AP) tests in one or more subjects.
The Governor French Academy is pleased to announce the following grammar school standardized test scores for the 2000-2001 school year. IOWA TEST OF BASIC SKILLS Grade Equiv. = At what grade level the average GFA student performs. For example, our average eighth grader scored as well as the national average tenth grader in the eighth month of school (10.8 Reading Skills). Reading Skills Language Skills Math Skills All Skills Grade Grade Equiv.

74. College Links
Parent Soup Education Central standardized testing standardized tests cause Review- The Princeton prepares students for the sat, act, Psat, GMAT
KeyCollege Partners College Info
Athletic Associations

Community Colleges
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As with scholarship searches, students are usually best served by examining free programs first. Under most circumstances, it's best to exhaust the free services first, turning to fee-based programs only after those alternatives are examined. KeyCollege Partners College Info
Athletic Associations

Community Colleges
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ACT Advanced Math SAT Workbook - A 256 page math workbook for the SAT/GRE/GMAT exams. Includes several test-taking strategies to help improve scores. CLEP College Admissions College Board Online Web portal site includes extensive information on college searches, SAT/ACT testing, financial aid and scholarships, as well as Online Applications The Educational Testing Service Network - Educational Testing Service Network is the gateway to definitive information about college and graduate school admission and placement tests including Advanced Placement, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and PRAXIS. The site provides sample test questions, test preparation, test registration, teacher certification, college and university links, financial aid and guidance and college planning. GMAT and Business School Information GRE - Web portal offers extensive information on testing, including the GRE.

75. Mrs. Giron, Guidance Department TeacherWeb Seniors
sent directly to the college from the testing center a Use the sat Test applicationor the sat Test Admission The act Test allows three score reports sent free
Mrs. Giron, Guidance Department
Home Guidance Announcements Orientation ... Email Mrs. Giron
Internet Links
SAT/College Board
Other Resources
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To search the World Wide Web, type your search words in the box below and click on the Search button:
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76. Fundación Colegio Americano De Quito
standardized Tests. act The American College testing program is a competitor to ETS Thetest is accepted in lieu of sat’s at most colleges in the US and may be
var javascript_version = 1.0; home school events directory ... handbook / tests Standardized Tests ECA is a recognized test center for the ETS (the Educational Testing Services) and ACT (the American College Testing). ETS offers the PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, and TOEFL exams. ACT offers the ACT test. ECA provides a variety of test dates to accommodate student needs. NOTE #1: All registration forms must be completed and turned in to the Guidance Office by the prescribed date. Payment must be made in U. S. dollars. NOTE #2: All application forms must be accompanied by official score reports mailed directly by ETS to the colleges. Each registration form provides four free reports. Forms to have additional reports sent are available in the Guidance Office. NOTE #3: In general, colleges will use the best standardized test scores reported to them. College Counseling Office
Campus Map

Online Classroom

... alumni
Manuel Benigno Cueva N 80-190 Urb. Carcelén

77. Introduction For Shorter College Admission Application
standardized testing. as beginning freshmen should submit scores from either theScholastic Assessment Test (sat I) or American College testing Program (act
Welcome to the Shorter College
Online Admission Application
Instructions To Applicants
Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the application. Return it signed and dated with an application fee of $25. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Shorter College. The fee is nonrefundable. An application is considered complete when the application agreement statement and application fee have been received by the admissions office.
Required materials should be sent to: Shorter College
Office of Admissions
315 Shorter Avenue
Rome, GA 30165-4298
Telephone: (800) 868-6980 or (706) 233-7319
FAX: (706) 233-7224
E-mail: Website: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Applications from international students should be submitted as early as possible. Before a decision can be made regarding acceptance the following information must be submitted:
  • Official translated transcripts from all secondary schools and/or colleges attended;
  • Official bank statement showing that the student has the funds to attend Shorter;
  • 78.
    Test Dates http// Center for Fair Open testingis an the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure

    79. Introduction
    Familiarize students/parents with the Psat, sat I, sat II, act exams. to four weekswith juniors to discuss curriculum, standardized testing, test preparation
    Quick Menu Admissions Upper School Middle School Elementary School Lower School College Navigator All School Library Technology Faculty Web Sites Parent Association Directions Arts Athletics News Advancement US Departments
    The goal of Cincinnati Country Day School's College Guidance program is to acculturate and assimilate students to the college admissions and college counseling processes. This process will begin in a student's freshman academic year and will continue developmentally through a student's senior year. Our aim is to slowly introduce to the students the terms, guidelines/timelines, nuances, and informational programs at age and grade appropriate times. We will prepare students in such a manner that their college application process is concluding early in their senior academic year and not just beginning then, which is often the case at other secondary institutions. Additionally, our intent is to counsel students to matriculate at the most holistically appropriate college or university, not necessarily the most selective college or university in which they are admitted. The following is a general overview of the four-year developmental college-counseling program Freshman Year
    Meet every other month with freshman at class meetings or after assembly to introduce them to terms and expectations.

    80. Guidance
    standardized testing. take the Terra Nova Test which is a combination of achievementtesting in Reading Scholastic Aptitude Test as a practice for the sat I and
    GUIDANCE OFFICE The Upper School Guidance Counselor is Mrs. Susan Smith, who can be reached by e-mail at . The Guidance Office is located in the front hall of the Upper School. Regular office hours are between 7:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each school day. Appointments with parents and students are also available before and after regular office hours upon request. GOALS:
    Through the Guidance Office at Walsingham Academy, we strive to:
    • Improve academic achievement, Enhance educational and career planning, Foster positive attitudes toward school and learning, Encourage personal responsibility, and Respect for self and others.

    The eighth and ninth graders take the Terra Nova Test which is a combination of achievement testing in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies and an ability test with a verbal and non-verbal component. The students meet individually with the guidance counselor who helps explain the scores and begins to assess college and career aspirations. The goal is always, however, to help the student realistically achieve at Walsingham with as little stress as possible. The tenth and eleventh graders take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test as a practice for the SAT I and II/ACT which are college admissions tests.

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