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         Standardized Testing Sat & Act School Guidance:     more detail

Offers practice questions for school admission and professional certification exams. Includes sat, act, GED, CLEP, TOEFL, Lsat, GRE, and A+ prep.

82. Citibank Taking Standardized Tests
pay a small fee to take any of the standardized entrance exams. Princeton, NJ 08541Phone (609) 771 7600 E-mail The American College testing, Inc
Now is not the time to roll out of bed, throw on whatever's closest to you and make a mad dash to your testing lab. Standardized tests like the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) Assessment are important variables that can round out your college application or put you on shaky ground. Standardized tests are an important part of the admissions process at many colleges. These exams offer colleges a consistent measure of your academic potential against other students. So all other factors being equal, these tests are likely to heavily influence your chances of getting into a particular school. Your SAT and ACT scores need to be up to the standards of the university to which you're seeking admission. Some schools admit only those with the best scores and encourage students to take the test more than once. To ensure the highest possible score, it is very important to prepare for the tests. The Tests PSAT SAT 1 SAT II: Subject Tests ... Test Taking Tips The Tests There are several types of standardized tests. The two major tests used for college entrance exams are the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) Assessment.

83. University Of Richmond - Standardized Testing Requirements
office or the College Board and act calendars to that students DO NOT hold theirSATII subject at Richmond should complete all standardized testing by the

Contact Admission
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International Students
Standardized Testing Requirements
The University of Richmond's standardized test requirement may be met in either of the following ways: The SAT-I and two SAT-II Subject Tests in Writing and Math (level IC or IIC)
The ACT (American College Test).
  • Applicants are encouraged to take a third SAT-II subject test in a foreign language because it aids the language departments in determining placement. These tests must be taken by January (SAT-I and SAT-II) or February (ACT) of the senior year at the latest. Please consult with your high school guidance office or the College Board and ACT calendars to insure these tests are completed in a timely fashion. We strongly recommend that students DO NOT "hold" their SAT-II subject test scores under the Score Choice option as this delays the processing of their application. Students who apply for merit scholarships at Richmond should complete all standardized testing by the end of December of their senior year in high school. It is your responsibility to have official score reports sent to the University of Richmond.

84. Application Procedures
Test (verbal and mathematics) and sat II Subject OR; The American College TestingProgram (act Decision applicants should complete their standardized tests by
Application Procedures Application Deadlines and Fees All first-year applications must be postmarked by January 15 for regular decision review. For students who have identified Colgate as their first choice, we have two Early Decision options that are outlined in a section below. Colgate requires a $55 application fee. Requirements From Your School Colgate requires three written, subjective letters of recommendation: one from the school guidance or college counselor, and two from faculty who have taught the applicant in different major academic courses (English, social studies, foreign or classical languages, physical or biological sciences, or mathematics) in the sophomore, junior, or senior years. The application packet includes two forms to be given to faculty. Please bear in mind that teachers need adequate time to complete these forms. We will also require copies of the applicants transcripts from high school and for any college courses completed as well as a mid-year report for current seniors. Applying for Financial Aid All financial aid candidates must file the PROFILE of the College Scholarship Service and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1, plus any required supplements, in order to be considered for aid. Copies of federal tax forms are required to verify aid awards. Please refer to the

85. Standardized Tests
The sat is one of two standardized tests used by colleges locations, and study guides,or call Educational testing Service for general sat information at
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Standardized Tests
There are four main standardized tests you should be familiar with and take if you are considering going to college. If you are already in college and preparing to go on to graduate, business, law, or medical school, there are additional exams you'll have to prepare for. Check with your high school counselor or the schools you're interested in attending to find out what test or tests they require you to take. Also, ask your counselor, contact the testing agencies, or check your local bookstore for samples of past tests to become familiar with what to expect. You may also want to check out some of the other Other Internet Resources available on testing.
  • PLAN . The PLAN is the pre-ACT test taken by tenth-graders to help students estimate how well they will do on the ACT. It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic development, explore career/training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and post-graduation years. Talk to your high school counselor for more information or call the PLAN information line at (319) 337-1029. Additional information can be obtained from their web site at

86. College Places - Admissions, Search, Scholarships - Testing - Standardized
to know about each state's standardized test. Educational testing Service Networkis the gateway to placement tests including Advanced Placement, sat, GRE, GMAT
Testing - Standardized
Highlighted Sites - College Places :: Success. Make it happen with offers benchmarked tests, state-specific assessment exams, test prep resources, test timing, scoring, national student rankings and the best in educational toys, games and puzzles to the 6...

Other important links.
ACT, Inc. : Information for Life's Transitions : Educational Career Plannin...
ACT is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to measurement and research primarily in support of individuals making educational, career, and work place transitions....
California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE)...
Earn a High School Certificate of Proficiency (CHSPE) which is equivalent to a high school diploma in California....
Educational Benchmarking Inc....
FairTest: Introduction... ... :: Success. Make it happen with offers benchmarked tests, state-specific assessment exams, test prep resources, test timing, scoring, national student rankings and the best in educational toys, games and puzzles to the 6...

87. Guidance
a library of college guides, scholarship information, financial aid, and standardizedtesting. It is the same format as the sat I and is useful as an
Guidance @ Brentwood High
If you would like more information, call or visit or Guidance office. GUIDANCE PROGRAM National Tests

Curriculum Enhancement
School counselors foster excellence by helping all students to achieve their potential. They promote excellence through their work in four program areas: Individual Planning: Counselors meet individually with each student during the year. During the fall semester, focus is on academic progress and school adjustment. Counselors meet with seniors to assist in the college application process. In the spring, counselors assist students in developing their four-year plans and in requesting classes for the following year. Counselors also assist with individual assessment and test interpretation. Guidance Curriculum: Counselors make presentations to students through directed study halls. They provide classroom guidance, large group activities, newsletters, and transitions issues. Responsive Services and Individual Counseling: Counselors provide personal counseling, crisis counseling, small groups for interaction, and support team and 504 services. Small educational groups are provided to reinforce healthy life skills and support academic success System Support: Counselors coordinate and implement the counseling program by developing a partnership with the teachers, administrators, parents, and community leaders.

88. Application Components
The mean sat I score for students admitted to and reminded to submit reports of allstandardized testing to us as Board number is 3351, and the act code number
Latest News How to Apply... General Info... Admissions Details... Application Components Interviews Supplemental Materials Early Decision International Students... ... Dartmouth In Your City
Application Components
(Required of all applicants)
Personal Statements
Although there are no specific subject requirements, you are urged to undertake the strongest course of study available in your secondary school. Most applicants to Dartmouth present very strong secondary school transcripts that include four years of English and mathematics (usually through calculus), three years of social science and laboratory science, and at least three years of a foreign language. Your record of achievement in secondary school is also important in our deliberations. The majority of applicants present scholastic records that suggest they can successfully complete the academic work required by the College. While we have no minimum grade point average or class rank required for consideration, approximately 90% of those admitted rank in the first decile of their high school class.
Standardized Testing
All applicants to Dartmouth, including those who apply from foreign countries, are required to take either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) or the examination of the American College Testing Program (ACT). In addition, all applicants must submit the results from any three SAT II Subject Tests. All testing must be completed by January of the senior year in high school. If standardized testing is repeated, the Admissions Committee only considers your highest scores.

89. Standardized Test Information
standardized Test Information. sat/act Comparison A chart comparing recent sat scoreswith act scores sat Preparation A PowerPoint presentation developed

90. I KNOW I CAN Website
testing Sharpen your pencils. Below, we have listed two standardized tests that youneed to if the colleges you're interested in require the sat by contacting
B I KNOW I CAN Home Students Volunteers Donors ... Frequently Asked Questions Testing
Sharpen your pencils.

Colleges need a way to compare students from across the country that attend different high schools with varying standards. The way they do so is through standardized test scores.
We realize you've spent the better half of your time studying and taking tests. But none will be as important as your college admission and placement test(s). Colleges use these test scores to help determine admission. And while it's just one of the many tools used to determine your acceptance, the results are important.
Below, we have listed two standardized tests that you need to consider: the ACT and the SAT.
The best indication of how you will do in college is a measure of how well you can perform the skills necessary for college coursework. The ACT Assessment measures these skills in English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning. These areas are tested because they include the major areas of instruction in most high school and college programs.
Take the sample ACT test provided in the registration packet. In addition, sample questions and explanations of correct answers can be found on the ACT website, Knowing what to expect on the test day will allow you to feel comfortable and will improve your chances for performing better.

91. USMA Admissions> Apply> Prospectus> Steps To USMA> Step 6
West Point does not accept nonstandardized scores for is normally the scheduled FebruaryACT examination. For information on sat testing in your area, consult
Building 606
West Point, NY 10996
E-mail Admissions

Basic Requirements

Apply For Nomination

Start A File
WPE STEPS Prospectus by Mail Apply Online Complete testing
Standardized Tests (SAT/ACT) Candidates must take the standardized timed version of either the American College Testing (ACT) Assessment Program exam or the College Board Admissions Testing Program Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). We recommend that candidates take both tests. For more information, see West Point does not accept non-standardized scores for academic evaluation. ACT and SAT scores are updated electronically. By agreeing to electronic test score updates, you can speed the application process, especially if completing Early Action Plan requirements by the first Monday in December. DEADLINE: Candidates should check with their Guidance Office for the dates and deadlines for the ACT and the SAT examinations. The final date for taking the ACT for admission to the next West Point class is normally the scheduled February ACT examination. The final date for taking the SAT examination is normally the January SAT test date. Although not required for admission, Advanced Placement Examinations are considered in several subject areas to include mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, and social sciences. Results are evaluated for award of formal credit for course completion or scheduling individuals into higher level sections or classes.

92. MyFootpath
By assessing grades, student interests and test performance standardized Testingdetermines not only which test, sat or act, a student will score
The Admissions Strategy for Top Colleges... Click here for Inside Admissions! Only at!
OUR MISSION myFootpath combines technology with expertise to empower and connect families, high schools and colleges to improve the college preparation and selection process. WHAT WE BELIEVE
leverages Internet technology with professional expertise to empower students and their families by providing an online resource for testing, preparation and college admissions information that can make the critical difference in the selection and acceptance process. The Internet has become one of the best mediums to reach students‡with more than 17 million 13-22 year olds online. Combining technology with the expertise of some of country's leading college advisors, myFootpath provides unique guidelines for curriculum planning, standardized testing and college preparation and admissions. We help make a complex and highly competitive process simpler.
Need a strategy for college admissions? Click here for Inside Admissions! Only at

93. How To Apply
standardized Test results, forwarded to the College from the Entrance ExaminationBoard or American College testing Agency. are encouraged to take the satI or

    Requirements Early/info As a charter member, Muhlenberg College participates in the Common Application program, along with over 200 other selective colleges and universities across the country. Muhlenberg uses this form exclusively as the required application for admission. Candidates should begin their applications during the fall of their senior year in the secondary school. The complete application file must include the following: Application for Admission ( Common Application Form), completed in detail by the applicant and accompanied by the non-refundable $40 application fee; Secondary School Transcript , including seven semesters, (10 trimesters) and showing rank in class (if available); School Report , completed by the applicant’s guidance counselor, college advisor or headmaster; Teacher References, completed by two instructors who have taught the applicant in major academic subjects and Standardized Test results , forwarded to the College from the College Entrance Examination Board or American College Testing Agency. All candidates are encouraged to take the SAT-I or ACT. Additional subject test are encouraged as a supplement to a student’s high school record and other standardized test scores. These other tests should be chosen with academic experience and interest in mind and may be helpful in placing students into advanced levels of Muhlenberg work. Some students may also wish to be considered for admission under Muhlenberg’s newly adopted optional standardized testing policy (see "Standardized Tests" above). Details of that program are available from the Office of Admission and are included in each application packet.

94. Westside Lance
George W. Bush is a strong supporter of standardized testing and claims testing improvedthe Intelligence isn’t easy to measure, so the sat measures this
Standardized testing scrutinized
Jerad Peer News Staff To graduate from Westside High School, students are going to need more than an impressive grade point average. Times are changing and standards are on the rise. To graduate one needs to complete 80 hours of service learning, 210 credits (10 more than was needed in 1997), proficiencies for each class and a senior project: the one presentation that can make or break one’s glory and freedom. The graduating class of 1998 was the first to tackle these requirements. Before then, an impressive, or even non-impressive, grade point average could get students a high school diploma. “Before the change, the theory was that most schools required a 70% passing grade, whether it’s elementary school or medical school,” guidance counselor Dick Lundquist said. “You could’ve gotten 75% in half of your classes and 65% in the other half and still have graduated. That means you didn’t learn much from half the classes you took.” Standards are rising all over the United States, but many schools across the nation believe standardized testing is the way to go. President George W. Bush is a strong supporter of standardized testing and claims testing improved the educational system in Texas during his time as governor. According to Nebraska Education Association Today, test scores did raise in Texas, but the number of high school dropouts saw an even more significant rise.

95. Standardized Tests
counseling office, and you can also register online at forSAT I and II To see a typical standardized testing schedule for
STANDARDIZED TESTS Most colleges and universities require their applicants to take at least one standardized test for their consideration for admission. For most students, this usually means taking the SAT I: Reasoning Test (formerly called the SAT). Most selective colleges also require one, two, or even three SAT II: Subject Tests (formerly called Achievement Tests). If you live in certain parts of the country, the ACT may be the more common test. The ACT is another standardized test used for college admission. Most colleges and universities will accept either the SAT or the ACT. Sometimes the ACT can be taken instead of the SAT I, and sometimes instead of both the SAT I and SAT II. The ACT is a test which most students should consider taking at least once; by doing so, you could be giving yourself more options. For a comparison summary of the two tests, click here. Whatever standardized test(s) you take, remember that you are responsible for seeing to it that the respective testing agency forwards your score(s), in a timely fashion, to the colleges to which you will applying. Your test scores may or may not appear on your high school transcript, but even when they do, most colleges will still want an official report from the testing agency.

96. The Center For Guidance And Counseling
The guidance center is dedicated to fostering assistance with course selection, standardizedtesting, college planning financial aid, and schoolrelated issues.
Guidance Phone: Fax: College Code: 100469
Director of Guidance – Mrs.
Welcome to the Guidance Center at Cardinal Gibbons High School. Your counselors are available to assist you with academic and personal needs while providing resources for college and educational planning. The Guidance center is dedicated to fostering the academic development and personal well-being of all students. Our dedicated counselors and staff offer assistance with course selection, standardized testing, college planning, financial aid, and school-related issues. Every student is assigned a counselor who remains with that student throughout each year of high school. In this way the counselor is in an ideal position to get to know the student as an individual, follow the student’s progress, and help the student attain desired college and career goals. CGHS Counselors / E-Mail Mrs. (Students A-E) Bro. (Students F-L) Mrs. (Students M-Z) (Guidance Secretary) Need Help? Advice? Ask an expert! Broward’s 24-Hour Crisis Helpline 954-525-4636

97. Testing Information And Testing Links
Other testing information PLAN Sophomores are encouraged to This is a preliminarystandardized test that will give is the preliminary test for the sat exams.
Testing Information and Testing Links
Preparing for testing Here are some things for students and parents to keep in mind when preparing for tests. (provided by Harcourt Brace, makers of the Stanford tests) Students:
  • REST- Get a good night's sleep before a test. EAT- A good breakfast on the morning of a test is important. Test-taking uses lots of energy. LISTEN - Listen carefully to the directions that are giving for the test and follow them exactly. If the directions are not clear, ask the teacher to repeat them or to explain the directions again. TRY - Do your best. Even if some parts of the test seem hard, keep trying and don't give up.
  • DISCUSS - Help your child understand that a test provides a chance to show what he/she knows about a subject and how the teacher can best help the child to learn. SUPPORT - See that your child maintains regular study habits, but don't ask for extra study time for the standardized, state mandated tests. They cover more schoolwork than can be learned in a few extra hours. RELAX - Reassure your child about the test-taking experience. Students who are calm and sure of themselves do better on a test.

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