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1. Think Quest Stock Market Game
What is the Stock HOME BASIC_S - stock market activities teach. search find the most popular books, videos and

2. Stock Market Teaching Theme
stock market theme for your classroom! Why Study The stock market? More Hands On activities. Web Quests ©2002 teachnology, Inc. All rights reserved. teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is a
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... Stock Market Stock Market Theme Clip Art
  • Animation Factory Cool Clips: Currency Free Clip Art Network: Money Money Clip Art ... Selection of Money Clip Art
  • Resource Materials
  • Cash 'n' Carry™ Wallet Investing Strategies Take Stock™ Board Game
  • Downloads
  • All Ten to Win CoolTick MarketBrowser Space King
  • Sites For Background Information
  • Edustock First Step Investing Fun with Investing Market Radar ... Stock Market Studio
  • Hands On Activities
  • Buy Low / Sell High Fool's School Stock Market Competition Why Study The Stock Market?
  • 3. Stock Shakers Investment Advisory Group
    investing direction market timing wall street stock market free quotes stock picks market analysis street Stages of learning activities can teach kids money skills as they grow
    stock quotes stocks info equities news investing trend direction market timing wall street stock market free quotes stock picks market analysis street bias 401k ira mutual funds retirement portfolio
    Stocks T


    Equities Market Data
    Symbol Lookup

    Markets Overview

    Market Momentum

    Market Indices
    ... Support Page 52 week highs nsye nasdaq amex otcbb 52 week lows nyse nasdaq amex otcbb Volume nyse nasdaq amex otcbb percent advances nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb percent declines nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb price advances nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb price declines nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... Signal Logic Stock Shakers Investment Group Bookmark Stocks Shakers Now! § Buying stocks has been a perilous undertaking of late the trend in US equities channeling has been to the downside bias. As contrarians we can create profits trading with bear spreads and various other styles of option trading in current market conditions. The bottom does not feel very sound to us here at Stock Shakers Dot Com. The floor of this market feels more like a quicksand filled pit pulling any and all mass exerting pressure on it down into the mysterious abyss. We here at stockshakers will continue to sell into the rallies and buy put options on any companies that have negative pressure Over $6 trillion in cash value has vanished in the last 30 months, testing even the most time-honored financial theories.

    4. Education World ® : Curriculum: Stock Market Games Bring Math To Life is dedicated to offering their customers the widest selection of Christian Books at the best prices and with the best service available, including popular items like PLAYING THE market GR 512 and many other items.
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    ... Math Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
    Stock Market Games Bring Math to Life
    Are your students in the market for meaningful math? Check out these on-line stock market simulations! Included: A fourth-grade teacher and her students talk about a fun and educational on-line stock market game!
    • Which pays higher interest rates, Treasury Bonds or Treasury Bills?
    • What is a P/E ratio?
    • What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
    How many of those questions, from the Investing for Kids Financial Quiz , can you answer? Bini Easley's former students at Kahakai Elementary School in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, could probably answer them all! Those students acquired their knowledge of stock market terms and turns by participating in the CNBC Student Stock Tournament (SST) in Easley's fourth-grade classroom. The CNBC SST , a free on-line stock market simulation, is a ten-week activity designed to teach students in grades 4 through 12 about investing, money management, and responsible decision making. Each team of students receives a virtual $100,000, which they use to create a stock portfolio. Based on their research of market trends, economic conditions, and business news as well as on personal preferences students select and trade common or preferred stocks listed on the New York, American, or Nasdaq stock exchanges. Portfolios "earn" interest and "pay" commissions, and students make and lose virtual money while adhering to the same rules and regulations that govern actual traders.

    5. The Math Forum - Math Library - Stock Market
    to teach the principles of saving and Klopfer, Chiu; ThinkQuest Junior activities,examples, problems situations in investing (a stock market simulation game
    Browse and Search the Library
    Math Topics Applications/Connections Professional ... Math of Inv't/Finance : Stock Market

    Library Home
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  • Good News Bears (GNB) Stock Market Project - Resource for Science Education (RSE)
    An interdisciplinary Web-based Interactive Stock Market Learning Project specifically designed for middle school students and teachers. Students learn to recognize and use terms related to market activities; use research tools on the Web to make informed decisions in developing stock portfolios; track and manage portfolios of stocks; recognize the effect that economic indicators, company management, political climate, foreign relations, and other variables have on the stock market; analyze stock data in relation to the fluctuating indicators. Includes Stock Market Math, a project where students learn to calculate commissions and costs for buying and selling stock. more>>
  • The Stock Market Game (SMG2000) - Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education (SIFEE)
  • StocksQuest
    An educational and interactive site offering free global stock games, especially for educators and contest organizers. Integrated into this global stock market simulation are lesson plans, stock guides, and online investing resources. See the MyStocks Tour.
  • 6. Math Forum: Teacher2Teacher - Q&A #4152
    Fun activities to teach about the stock market, saving money, banking,etc. Level Late Elem. (35). Math topic stock market. Ed. topic activities.......

    7. Going For Broke--Investing In The Stock Market
    "Going for Broke Investing in the stock market" is just one more stock market project designed as an entry level project where students will learn the ABC's of the stock market. will explore the stock market through a variety of activities designed to teach the history, terminology, tactics
    "Going for Broke Investing in the Stock Market" just one more stock market project designed as an entry level project where students will learn the ABC's of the stock market.
    Grade Level Learning Goals Objectives ... Author
    Grade Level
    Introduction This project is a series of assignments that hopefully will unravel the mystery of the stock market by defining and explaining frequently used terms, exploring the historical and ethical side of the stock market and learning some theory and strategy through a simulation of investing in the stock market.
    Learning Goals
    In these assignments students will explore the stock market through a variety of activities designed to teach the history, terminology, tactics and strategy, investment theory, portfolio maintenance, and ethics that are critical to a
    fundamental understanding of how the stock market works. A variety of skills will be employed including basic math skills, graphic and data interpretation skills, reading comprehension skills that require an analysis of news about the economy, the stock market, and the company and its industry, and lastly writing skills that include writing a summary of their investment experience. back to top
    • The students will recall and use key stock market terms The students will appreciate the history and tradition of the stock markets The students will understand the important role of ethics and laws pertaining to the stock market The students will interpret data and graphs

    8. Using The Internet In Economics Lessons
    teaching Page to develop lessons and activities using the web project used frequentlyto teach both economics IDEA stock market project HS For a stock market
    Using the Internet to Teach Economics:
    An Idea Page
    Students at all levels get excited about using the web and can benefit from using the web for up-to-date information. Recommended grade levels are shown, but you should tailor the project to your students. At the end, we even have a couple of web projects for K-4 As students become more advanced at web use, they can begin to create their own pages. Any of the following ideas can be developed for advanced students by having them work in teams to create a Web Virtual Collection or Exhibition on the topic to share with others. Reminder: One of the most important things you can do for your students is help them learn to evaluate information! Have them ask: Who provided this information? What are his or her qualifications? Is this information consistent with what experts say? Does this information reflect a particular viewpoint? What are the other viewpoints? What can I learn from this web page? Here are some sources of information on this: Evaluating World Wide Web Information
    Evaluating information found on the Internet

    Criteria for evaluation of Internet Information Resources
    For these exercises, the search tools of the Web will be very useful. Any of the following projects can be enhanced by finding more supporting information. The students can do most of this! A web site that links all of the major search sites is found at

    9. Economics Resources For College Teachers
    Links to disciplinespecific websites within economics, with links to online college course material.Category Science Social Sciences Economics Education......This page is a collection of information and web links showing activities to usein economics classes and sites of stock Trak(TM) stock market Simulation stock
    Economics Resources for College and University Teachers
    General Econ Info Links

    Macro Data, Employment
    International Data Government Budgets and Debt ... Why Study Economics? This page is a collection of information and web links showing activities to use in economics classes and sites of other teachers of economics. For some specific suggestions about how to develop web projects for class, see our Web Teaching Ideas Page . If you have web pages for your classes or a website of teaching information that could be linked here, please let me know. Additional economics data sites are listed on the Economics Information page. Comments about EcEdWeb University of NE at Omaha Department of Economics.
    General Information Sites
    Links to economic information
      EcEdWeb extensive annotated links to economics data sources, journals, and related information.
    Directory of Ph.D. programs in Economics
      This directory is based on the list of all Ph.D. programs in Economics (U.S. and Canada) in Peterson's Guide, and provides links to nearly all of them.
    Directory of Publishers
      Includes Academic Publishers, Computer Book Publishers, Scientific / Technical / Medical (STM) Publishers, Electronic Publishing Companies, Online Publishing Projects, and Other Commercial Publishers.

    10. NIE Lesson Plans
    Arts Over 200 activities which teach language arts This program also has activitiesfor math and of Pigskin Geography The stock market Game - Sponsored

    11. - The Stock Market Game
    SMG WORLDWIDE. The stock market Game. activities GALORE! activities Galore! fastpaced and engaging as MTV and is designed to teach 4th 12th graders about the principles of selecting

    Check Stocks
    AP Wire Yellow Pages Jobs ...
    Make us your home page

    SMG WORLDWIDE The Stock Market Game
    Activities Galore! Order Form
    Dear Educator: We are offering excellent teaching aids to assist with your classroom approach to the SMG WORLDWIDE. Each guide or video is available to you for $5.00 plus $2.50 postage and handling, except Learning from the Market and the SMG Teacher’s Guide to the Internet, which are $15.00 including shipping and handling. If you wish to order, please complete the attached coupon and mail to Gail Angelo, NIE, 235 Pinelawn Road, Melville, NY 11747-4250. Please make checks payable to Newsday In Education. Purchase orders are not accepted. The Stock Market Game Guide , prepared by the Advisory Council of the Foundation for Teaching Economics in cooperation with the Securities Industry Association, consists of 18 lessons that give students a broad understanding of a newspaper’s financial pages, the organization and importance of the market for stocks, the role of profit and many other concepts. These lessons provide opportunities for students to practice basic skills of reading, discussing, problem solving and calculating while learning about economics. This guide can be easily adapted for fourth grade through college. Economics and the Stock Market Game is a 217 page soft cover text prepared by the Joint Council on Economic Education in cooperation with the SIA, that provides the structure and framework for relating basic economic concepts and principles to securities markets, and enhances the use of the Stock Market Game as an educational tool. This is aimed at students in ninth grade through college.

    12. Spreadsheets Teaching Theme
    stock market. More activities. Fitness Web Quest; Millam99WebQuest; stock marketMath; Water Cycle Web Quest. teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with
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    ... Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Theme Our Tutorial "Excel In the Classroom" Downloads
  • Excel Recovery Excel Report Builder Family Finances Microsoft Excel Viewer ... Quick View Plus
  • Rubrics
  • Embassy Quest...Destination Unknown Spreadsheet Rubric Spreadsheet Rubric Spreadsheet Rubrics
  • MS Excel Add-Ins
  • Brainy Betty CB Express Excel Monthly Calendar Geoscience Excel Templates ... XLStatistics
  • Sites For Background
  • Easy to use Excel Spreadsheets Epinions: Spreadsheet Applications Spreadsheet Web Stephen Bullen's Excel Page ... The Spreadsheet Page
  • Graphing Activities
  • Class Survey Sheet (Scale) Make A Bar Graph Make A Line Graph Make A Pie Graph ... Math Surveys
  • Tutorials (Beginner)
  • A Way to Excel Excel 97 Tutorial Learning Lotus 1-2-3 Version 5.0 for Windows
  • 13. High School
    Student activities $19.95 Macroeconomics Student activities. 153; across the Curriculum Use stock market simulations to teach students economic
    Shop by Grade Level Elementary School Middle School High School
    Shop by Discipline Basic EconEd Toolkit Economics Personal Finance Mathematics ... Shipping Information
    High School
    The Great High School Economic Education Package

    Three essential publications
    Economics in Action

    14 activity based lessons that make economics come alive
    Capstone: The Essential Economics Resource

    One of our most popular publications revised and updated for 2003.
    Beyond Economic Growth

    Meeting the Challenges of Global Development Sale Price: $20.00 Students explore and practice decision-making skills in relation to life, school, and work. Financial Fitness for Life: Bringing Home the Gold Grades 9-12 Help students apply economics and decision-making skills to the real world of earning and spending an income, savings, using credit, and managing money. Advanced Placement Economics A unique college-level economics course for high school students. Focus: High School Economics Second Edition A basic economics curriculum for high school students. Use stock market simulations to teach students economic principles.

    14. Learning From The Market: Integrating The Stock Market Game™ Across The Curricu
    stock market simulations teach students economic Assessment activities include journalwriting, multiple For information on The stock market Game™, contact
    Shop by Grade Level Elementary School Middle School High School
    Shop by Discipline Basic EconEd Toolkit Economics Personal Finance Mathematics ... Shipping Information
    Learning from the Market
    • The stock market
    • Personal investing
    • Company research
    • How the economy effects investments
    • How investments effect the economy Table of Contents Introduction
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    15. The Stock Market Game
    clubs, lunch or rainy day programs, after school and gifted student activities. 11)How and what specifically can The stock market Game teach to the
    More than
    a Game
    FAQ Teacher's FAQ
    1) What is The Stock Market Game?
    SMG is a highly successful motivational, interactive, and interdisciplinary educational program that stimulates learning about economics, finance, and the American economic system. It consists of a 10-week simulation that allows participants to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in the stock market.
    2) Who can participate in The Stock Market Game?
    Anyone interested in learning more about investing can participate. Although the program is primarily used in grades 4 through 12, potential investors from all walks of life benefit from practicing first with SMG.
    3) Why should my class participate in The Stock Market Game?
    SMG helps your students learn and understand the stock market, and the costs and benefits involved in investing, decision making, and other related economic concepts. It has cross-curriculum benefits and can help participants learn important life skills such as budgeting, decision making, and personal finance. 4) What distinguishes The Stock Market Game from other investment simulations on the Web?

    16. The Stock Market Game
    SMG can be used to teach many of the to SMG program materials, curricula and activities,are included available to teachers registered for The stock market Game
    More than
    a Game
    Teaching Community
    Sample Lesson Plan
    Curriculum Resources MEETS EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS The Securities Industry Association of Economic Education is committed to making The Stock Market Game program a meaningful educational activity with definable and measurable benefits to students across many required disciplines.
    SMG can be used to teach many of the Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, developed by a coalition of organizations under the auspices of the National Council on Economic Education. Click here for more information on how The SMG meets Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics SMG program materials have also been correlated to the National Standards for Business Education developed and released by the National Business Education Association (NBEA), and to the discussion draft of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics prepared and released by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).
    These three documents, with correlations to SMG program materials, curricula and activities, are included in The Learning Resource Center, available to teachers registered for The Stock Market Game.

    17. Education World ® : Curriculum: Play A New Stock Market Game-for Teachers Only!
    this tournament is designed to teach you the will have access to the site's activities,lessons, glossary kinds of information about the stock market and the
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    National Budget Simulation

    Young Investor Web Site


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    Teacher Resources : Mathematics

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    Other Articles This Week ... Technology Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
    Play a New Stock Market Game-for Teachers Only!
    Do you need a break from soggy bathing suits and sandy sneakers? Why not spend a little time on the stock market this summer? Join the MainXed Teacher Stock Market Tournament! If you've ever considered using an online stock simulation game in your classroom but aren't sure you know enough this tournament is designed to teach you the game and the ins and outs of the stock market in a non-threatening environment. You could win big prizes too! Do you often find yourself wondering why the coolest Web sites are just for kids? Students seem to have all the online fun! Why oh, why is youth wasted on the young? Well, wonder and whine no more! It's summertime and that makes it your turn to rock and roll at least at MainXed it does.

    18. Activities
    on the Web, Ask and Expert, Science/Math stock market Games Typing. General activities. allages can access these easyto-understand lessons that teach the basic
    Online Activities Activities are going on in the classroom all the time. Creating activities is a main strategy for classroom teachers to integrate the Web with their student's learning. Here are some sites to find online activities. Geography General Activities History Language Arts ... Typing Internet Treasure Hunts CyberBee Treasure Hunts Cybersurfari : The Internet Treasure Hunt. Black History, Past to Present (A treasure hunt) Tracking Alexis de Tecqueville Interactive Educational Activities for the Classroom Science/Math Who Wants to Win $1,000,000: This is a math and science game based on the TV show with a very similar name. Question topics include physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and geometry. Batter's Up Baseball: This site requires students to correctly answer Math problems in order to advance runners around the bases and score runs. You will need to Flash plugin to play this game. Science Education at Jefferson Lab : General emphasis on Math/Science for all grade levels.

    19. ProTeacher! Economics Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades K-6
    and consumers through highinterest activities source. plan that uses simulationto teach students about stock market Concentration Game - A printable game in

    [Click Here]
    to search tens of thousands of ideas
    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Social Studies
    Economics Social Studies - Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source
    EcEd Web
    - Economics curriculum materials and lessons for K-12 educators source
    - A graphic organizer, brief article, activity ideas, discussion questions, and web links for teaching about economics source
    Economics and Geography Lessons
    - Use children's literature to teach economics and geography concepts. Here are 32 children's books with accompanying activity ideas source
    Economics Lesson Plans
    - A collection of high-interest lesson plans about goods and services, bartering, interdependence, scarcity, supply and demand, opportunity costs, production, consumption, and taxation. Some lessons use children's literature source
    Economics Lessons
    - A large collection of challenging lessons and simulations about economic concepts including fiscal policy, demand, trade, markets, opportunity cost, scarcity, and more source
    The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Information for Educators
    - A large collection of lesson plans with printable PDF student booklets about international trade, interest, government debt, exchange rates, and the history of money. Scroll down further for other education resources

    20. Stock Footage In Mouthage Scott Shuger
    The stock market coverage is riddled with the usual another honcho fearlessly sayingthe market is beginning a More activities That teach Tom Jackson, More
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    today's papers A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
    Stock Footage in Mouthage
    Scott Shuger
    Posted Tuesday, April 18, 2000, at 4:44 AM PT
    USA Today
    , the Los Angeles Times , and New York Times lead with yesterday's stock uptick. And the Wall Street Journal puts it at the top of its front-page biz news box. The Washington Post puts that below the fold and goes instead with the last day of global finance meetings in Washington, D.C. The essential indeterminacy of a one-day market move is lurking just below the papers' veneer of comprehensive explanation. Take the headlines: USAT sees "BATTERED MARKETS SURGE," while the LAT says "MARKETS REGAIN SOME GROUND, BUT WORRIES REMAIN." And while USAT claims that one of the forces behind yesterday's rally was strong earnings reports from the likes of Ford and Merrill Lynch, the NYT observes that those reports came out before the U.S. markets opened, whereas they didn't surge until the afternoon. The stock market coverage is riddled with the usual blather from experts. The

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