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61. Home Work Tutor - All Areas Of Language, Grammar, Spelling, Books, Authors, Lite
GRAMMAR AND style NOTES. ONLINE English Grammar. ELEMENTS OF style ElementaryRules Of usage, Elementary Principles Of composition, etc.

Authors Literature E-Text ... TRANSLATOR - URL or text - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Dictionaries-Thesaurus

National Council of Teachers of English
- Extensive
! Language Tools - Collection of Search Engines
Library Resources by Libraries and Librarians
- mainly for higher education
Semantic RHYMING Dictionary
Library Spot - Major site

Journalist's Guide
- Finding statistics on the internet
The First Hypertext Edition of The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Online Publications (teacher) BIBLIOMANIA: THE NETWORK LIBRARY The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books - children's book review journals for school and public librarians. The Otis Index - ONLINE BOOKS Search NOBEL Prize in Literature Winners 1901 - 1998 Reading Rainbow - PBS - Lavar Burton Young Adult Literature Young Adult Literature - Kay E. Vandergrift Children's Author Directory - Inkspot A Collection of Biographical Sketches LSU Libraries Webliography- AUTHOR GUIDES Internet Public Library ... Project Bartleby - Poetry Great Writers - Nobel Prize Winners - Authors Children's Book Authors Who Visit Schools The Read In!

62. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: English Language Arts (HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND)
Reading; Grammar; Research; Rhetoric; Sentences; style; The Writing Antonyms;Words usage; Homophones Connotation; Resources WRITING TECHNIQUE composition;
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English Language Arts

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  • Critical Reading
  • Grammar
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  • 63. Academic Support Center • Online Resources
    The American Heritage Book of English usage. Psychological Association Online (clickon APAstyle Helper Advanced composition for Non-Native Speakers of English.
    Home Mission Tutoring Computer lab ... Hours Resources Students with disabilities To faculty Conduct MWCC Home
    Online resources
    To better assist distance learning students, and all independent learners, the staff of the Academic Support Center has developed online support in the form of self-paced PowerPoint tutorials and links to appropriate Web sites. PowerPoint Presentations Learning to Love the Research Paper... Or at Least Learning to Do It Well Tutoring 101: New Tutor Orientation The following Web sites are appropriate for students enrolled not only in math, writing, and literature courses, but in any course that requires writing an essay or a research paper. We have also included several useful sites for English as a Second Language learners. Purdue University Online Writing Lab Writing Center at the University of Richmond The Elements of Style (complete text) by William Strunk, Jr. The American Heritage Book of English Usage Common Errors in English return to top Writing research papers How to Organize a Research Paper and Document with MLA Citations (click on "MLA Style")

    64. LASF/Links: Resources For Students
    English grammar, style and usage, reference sources spelling, grammar, homonyms,punctuation, style, and capitalization. Writing composition Links a dozen
    Links: Education Resources for Students
    Reference Materials
    General Topics/Multi-Subject

    Art/Humanities/History/Social Science

    Science Fair Help
    Quick Search using KidsClick!

    Reference Materials
    Old Farmer's Almanac - electronic version of the famous annual edition
    - Over 60 classic novels, dictionaries, and important classic non-fiction works. All full text searchable HTML. -
    provides a broad spectrum of educational Internet services to K-12 teachers, students, parents, librarians, and school administrators. Student resources are well-organized and broken down into elementary/middle/high school levels.
    Dictionary List -
    Just about every dictionary on the Internet is here. Browse the list or use their search page to look up a word.
    - over 450 dictionaries indexed at OneLook Dictionaries Fast Finder
    Dictionaries and Glossaries
    - includes foreign language dictionaries, acronyms, and more; grouped by language or by subject Educators Net - use the Site Index to discover a wealth of links to many reference tools Encyclopedia Britannica - search the famous encyclopedia, read reviews of the Web's best sites, timely articles from leading magazines, and Books in Print.

    65. English 126: Grammar Resources On The Internet
    Online Version of Elements of style by Wm. Covers the Elementary Rules of usage,Principals of composition, Words and Expressions Commonly Misused.
    Daniel Kies
    Department of English
    College of DuPage Modern English Grammar
    English 126 Email Form
    English Grammar Resources on the Internet
    By Cheryl Clark
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    What Is This?
    Privacy Change Your Name ... Mail this page to a friend W riting term papers, essays or research papers used to mean you had to spend time at the library. Once there, you would lay claim to an entire table so you could lay out encyclopedias, dictionaries, English books to help with punctuation and sentence structure. Now, term papers and writing assignments are as easy as turning on your computer. With a good word processor and a connection to the Internet, an A on your homework or a job promotion for your presentation is only a keystroke away. T he Internet can be a wonderful source of information for anyone who is looking for help with English or in writing letters, stories or essays. Of course, the best idea is to go straight to a search engine such as Infoseek, Yahoo or Alta Vista for help. A large number of the sites related to grammar are linked to each other. Everything is available on the Internet; grammar rules and examples of each; colleges that contain lessons and tests; explanations of punctuation rules and sites that merely 'talk' about the English language and the rules governing it. There are even sites that have all of the above. I have attempted to find a large sampling of the previously mentioned web sites that deal with grammar, punctuation, and writing.

    66. St. Andrew's Library Page Site Map
    Thesis/Support Essays; Principles of composition; Revision Cultivating Heritage®Books of English usage; Guide to grammar and writing; Strunk's Elements of style.
    St. Andrew's Library Page Site Map Main page

    67. Teen ExSites - Morrisson-Reeves Library
    Elements of style Rules of usage, principlesof composition, matters of form, misused words and
    Suggested Sites for Teens

    Help! Homework
    Where do you go when you need all the answers and you need them fast? I don't know either, but if you're looking for some help or inspiration on your homework these sites might be the place to start. (If you find the site that answers all your questions, let us know - we're still searching.) Schoolwork Ugh!
    From art to writing and whatever comes in between, plus email the librarian and a section on how to do research on the 'Net or in your local library. World Factbook
    People, economy, military, geography, government, communications, transportation and transnational issues for countries all over the world from A to Z. Views of the Solar System
    Free reference info. on just about everything.

    68. K-12 Educational/Technology Links
    Discovery School, Sci4Kids. Elements of style word usage and principles ofwritten composition and form. Shakespeare on the Web.
    K-12 Homework Help and Links Alfy - The Kids Portal Playground Kids Web . Information targeted at the K-12 level, with links to lists of material on various subjects. American Memory The Math Forum Math resources site. Bartlett's Quotations Passages, phrases, and proverbs; alphabetical list of authors. NASA B.J.Pinchbeck's Homework Helper National Geographic Society Chemistry help -what matters with matter. National Wildlife Refuge System Classroom Connect Outdoor Life Network The Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway. Links to math and science for educators and students in grades 9-12. Sanford-Art Education Resources Discovery School Elements of Style word usage and principles of written composition and form. Shakespeare on the Web Complete works, searchable database.

    69. Bel Canto, Bella Lingua: The Italian Connection
    actually a marriage of consummate vocal technique and the beauty of composition. Severalfairly recent champions of the bel canto style of singing usage of ci
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Italian Language Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Italian Language
    with Michael San Filippo
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Audio Lab Hand Gestures How To's ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Bel Canto, Bella Lingua: The Italian Connection Part 1: Operatic Singing Style More of this Feature Italian Song and Speech
    Join the Discussion "Can anyone recommend places to go for information about private opera/vocal coaching in Italy?"

    Related Resources Italian Culture/Heritage
    Italian Music
    Musical Notation Origin Bocelli Sings From Other Guides International Folk Music Italian Music Italian World Music The Tarantella Legend Elsewhere on the Web Appreciating Opera Bel Canto Connection Verdi Centennial by Simi K. Valley The term bel canto beautiful singing , has probably meant different things at different periods in music history, but its origins are shrouded in the past. The vocal works of Mozart , as well as such Italian composers as Donizetti Bellini Rossini and the early works of Verdi , are considered to fall under the rubric of bel canto . These composers crafted vocal works with long, often florid, phrases that showcased the singer's vocal prowess and pyrotechnic capabilities. Both long, sustained

    70. English Department Web Sites Page
    Elements of style by Strunk White This is of usage and Elementary Principlesof composition. This is explanations of grammar rules and usage by subject
    Home INTECH Guest Book Menus ... Search English Department Web Sites Page English I English II English III English IV ... LA Standards

    71. K12> COOL Back-To-School Tools
    principal requirements of plain English style.' Includes Elementary Rules of usage,Elementary Principles of composition, Words and
    Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 11:28:33 -0400
    Subject: COOL Back-To-School Tools
    COOL Back-To-School Tools

    "Back to School"
    While these three little words have been known to strike terror
    into the hearts of many youngsters, the mere mention of the
    phrase can also provoke otherwise sedentary adults to break
    into spontaneous dances that would do Michael Flatley proud.
    Such are the many-splendored joys of school books and teacher's dirty looks! But the learning curve might be just a bit easier this time around with the help of our hand-picked collection of some of the best reference links on the Internet . We've picked sites that are not only easy for students to use on their own, but also provide the sort of quality information that is reliable enough that parents can bookmark the site and then sneak off for a quiet cup of coffee after dinner. And we should point out that we did not find suitable sites for all school subjects, notably all-inclusive pages for biographies, science or sports to name a few. For information

    72. English A/B
    Strunk book, that gives the rules of usage and elementary principles of composition for English to the process of writing and style of literature
    Academic Upgrading/ Diploma Challenge - English A/B Biographies Grammar and Composition Listening/Speaking/Viewing Mythologies, Folklore, and Legends ...
    Links to Internet Sites

    Academic Upgrading and Employment Preparation
    Academic Upgrading/Diploma Challenge - English A/B
    Biographies Biography Page
    Over 25,000 biographies of famous people, past and present. Based on the PBS TV series, "Biography". Well Known People Who Happen to be Canadian

    Organized by categories, this is a listing of famous Canadians, from historical to contemporary figures, with useful links to other Internet sites focusing on those individuals. Lives, the Biography Resource
    Links to thousands of biographies of deceased celebrities, politicians, monarchy, and other famous names. A special section is devoted to Canadian biographies. Memorable Canadians

    73. English Composition II
    to avoid a monotony of style;; demonstrate an under the header Memory Adjustingyour memory usage. the number and frequency of serious composition errors (eg
    English 1020
    Composition II Course Information Course Description:
    A composition course in argumentative writing, including invention, organization, style, and revision. Critical reading and thinking will be addressed through students' writing. Research skills and documentation will be introduced. Course Objectives: Students will be able to
    • select a topic and limit it sufficiently; write specific thesis statements that will preview the contents of their entire papers; demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between the thesis and the outline organize formal topic and sentence outlines write a draft using an outline; analyze their papers for errors in content, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling, and then revise their themes; analyze their papers to avoid a monotony of style; demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and content of the introduction, the body, and the concluding paragraph of their papers; prepare legible final drafts and to proofread their papers; write an argumentative thesis and organize their material to support their thesis;

    74. E-Reference
    Strunk’s Elements of style The classic reference book on writing, withrules of usage and principles of composition.
    Durango High School Library e-Reference Library e-Reference Library Catalogs Online Subscription Databases Library FAQs ... 9-R Home netLibrary GO Explain DHS Virtual Library GO Explain e-Information Links Listing Quick Reference Websites Listing 24/7 Virtual Reference GO Explain Homework Help Listing netLibrary GO DHS Virtual Library GO 24/7 Virtual Reference GO Denver Public Library
    Reference questions answered by email
    within 24 hours Information Links ACLIN

    Christian Science Monitor

    City of Durango
    Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Quick Reference Websites Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations This 10th edition contains more than 11,000 quotations from classic literature The complete text of the updated Encyclopedia Britannica and related Web resources CIA World Factbook Detailed and comprehensive profiles of countries throughout the world InfoPlease Almanacs Access to 10 content-area almanacs, with an atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia MapQuest Includes a comprehensive world atlas of printable maps for countries throughout the world Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary Easy access to the popular dictionary with the option to add a “dictionary button” to browsers Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus Access to the well-known thesaurus with related language resources Roget’s Thesaurus Offers search and browse options, and access to the American Heritage Dictionary

    75. Writing Tips/Tools
    You’ll find rules of usage, composition, a guide planning, writing, rewriting,style, publishing, and styles

    76. English
    The Elements of style The official rule book for proper English! Learn theelementary rules of usage and the principles of composition.
    "Doing What's Best For Kids!"
    You are Here at Our " English Page ". Home Up Next GoRacine Portal ... Table of Contents Comments to: ENGLISH HOMEWORK HELP
    Poetry Stuff
    This site has simple explanations of the basic poetry forms, including ballads, haiku, limericks, odes and sonnets. It also contains a dictionary includes of such terms as onomatopoeia and assonance. Glossary of Poetic Terms
    What's the difference between blank verse and broken rhyme? Iambic pentameter and tetrameter? Tautology and pleonasm? This site, which has extensive hyperlinked definitions, tells all. LITERATURE Young Adult Literature
    This index site links to English and language arts pages. help you learn You can locate books by author, learn about literary giants, or read book reviews. Literature Resources for the High School and College Student
    This index will guide you to only the best and most useful literature Web pages for high school and beyond and includes links to research pages, online literature databases, poetry, short stories and all periods of literature from pre-Middle Ages to the 20th century. Shakespeare: Chill with Will There are comprehensive study guides. You can also learn about the life of Will, hear famous Shakespearean quotes in RealAudio, or take a virtual tour of the Bard's hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon. Don't miss the Humor and Insults section too!

    77. Reservoir Middle School, Newport News, VA
    various topics, such as the alphabet, writing, composition, english as of grammaticalrules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage.
    Web Resources The Internet has the information you're looking for, whether you're interested in homework help, technology, or an encyclopedic range of topics. Check out some of these sites! All Purpose K-12 Sites
    • Internet Public Library Youth Division : Available are Story Hour, Books Online, The World of Reading, Ask the Author, Doctor Internet, A Writing Contest and more. Learning Network : Explore an extensive collection of tools, activities, and resources designed for teachers, students, and parents. Pitsco's Ask-An Expert : Features more than 200 Web sites and e-mail addresses to link you and your students to the knowledgeable in dozens of areas.
    Fun and Educational Local and Community Information

    78. Power To Learn | Web Sites, Books, Videos, And Other Resources
    Citation style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources, a term paper, researchpaper, or school composition. tips, links to useful homework sites, and hints,2626,--4-5042513_11_305-2-5000060---
    Help-FAQ About Power to Learn Contact Us Subject Resources ... Other Subjects View K-4 Parent Educator All COMPOSITION Resource Types: = Web Site = Book = Video = Other Web Site Characteristics: = Contains Further Links = Contains Advertising = Fast Internet Connection Recommended American Psychological Association Another standard reference site especially good for science projects.
    Audience: 9-12, Parent, Educator
    Submit a Review
    Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources By the University of Alberta, this site includes links to other Internet citation guideline sites as well as providing a wide ranging set of citation examples.

    Audience: 9-12, Parent, Educator
    Submit a Review
    International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) created this site with links to a variety of Internet citation guideline sites.

    Audience: 9-12, Parent, Educator

    79. Power To Learn | Web Sites, Books, Videos, And Other Resources
    when writing a term paper, research paper, or school composition. here for writingtips, links to useful homework sites, and The Columbia Guide to Online style,,2626,--4-5042310_11_305-2-5000013---
    Help-FAQ About Power to Learn Contact Us Subject Resources ... Other Subjects View K-4 Parent Educator All WRITING GUIDES Resource Types: = Web Site = Book = Video = Other Web Site Characteristics: = Contains Further Links = Contains Advertising = Fast Internet Connection Recommended American Psychological Association Another standard reference site especially good for science projects.
    Audience: 9-12, Parent, Educator
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    Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources By the University of Alberta, this site includes links to other Internet citation guideline sites as well as providing a wide ranging set of citation examples.

    Audience: 9-12, Parent, Educator
    Submit a Review
    Great Sites for Children: Literature and Language Compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, these links designed for parents, but useful to students and teachers, include classic children's stories, places to get writing advice, and sites that publish children's writing.

    80. Homeschooling In Wild And Wonderful West Virginia!!!
    The Elements of style (1918 edition) Strunk and White's classic guide for composition. ofEnglish grammar rules and usage examples, followed by computer
    English and Foreign Language Pop-up Grammar English Basics Worksheets Greek 'n' Stuff Grammar Gorillas ... Greek 'n' Stuff
    Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas , need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know, a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal. Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Be sure to try the interactive quizzes. The Pop-up Grammar project is an online English grammar instruction site. The project utilizes JavaScript to assist students in developing essential
    English grammar skills. Students may test their English grammar ability by
    taking several interactive grammar quizzes. Pop-up Grammar will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
    English Basics
    , Volumes 1-2 New!
    These are worksheets. Elementary Grammar Twenty-two grammar topics and two appendices make this Web page an ideal cyberplace to review English grammar, and a fine reference to bookmark. On-Line English Grammar This grammar has been put on-line by Anthony Hughes and is available free of charge for anyone to use. English Grammar Clinic!

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