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81. Groton Public Schools | IList: Reference Desk
Lester's Citing Cyberspace and Janice Walker's composition Research on 1918) editionof a classic style manual American Heritage Book of English usage The 1996
GPSweb Home Central Office Schools District Information ... Search GPSweb GPSweb Quickfinder GPSweb HOME CENTRAL OFFICE - Superintendent of Schools - Assistant Superintendent - Media Technology Services - Instructional Services - Personnel - Fiscal Management - Pupil Personnel Services - Groton Board of Education SCHOOLS - Fitch Senior High - Cutler Middle - Fitch Middle - West Side Middle - Charles Barnum - Claude Chester - Colonel Ledyard - Eastern Point - Groton Heights - Mary Morrison - Noank - Pleasant Valley - S.B. Butler - William Seely SCHOOL-TO-CAREER DISTRICT INFORMATION TEACHER RESOURCES FAMILY RESOURCES OUR COMMUNITY GPS IN THE NEWS iLIST Internet Guide SEARCH GPSweb
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82. Online Research: Writing, Books, & Language
by HW Fowler, Another classic writing/usage guide, now on MLA style, If you are writingin humanities or of special interest to English composition students and
Online Research
Language Children Dictionaries Book Reviews French Education Links Encyclopedias Book Sellers Spanish On-line Courses Quotations E-Zines Teaching Word Origins Libraries/E-texts Writing Humanities Art Government History Literature Film Psychology Philosophy Myth Music Sociology Theology/Bible Poetry Physical
Sciences Astronomy Biology Computers Medicine Physics/Math Chemistry Engineering Popular Science Lists of Educational Links Education Index An annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web BBC Online - WebGuide Another annotated guide to the best educational sites on the Web - with a British slant, of course. Study WEB Searchable collection of over 15,000 research quality URLs Scholars' Guide To WWW Great resource for scholarly research on the Internet Education World Searchable education-oriented database of the web UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet Categorical education-oriented list in the following areas:
  • Biological Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Geosciences
  • Liberal Arts ... LibrarySpot Very large list of libraries and other reference sources H-Net Information and resources for all those interested in the Humanities and Social Sciences Resources in many educational areas, updated monthly
  • 83. Commonly Used Shorthand For Dictionaries
    ie style manuals disagree on the use of periods. NB This is capitalised. Commentaryand usage suggestions on Latin abbreviations found on the web
    • Common Latin Abbreviations (Current usage/news)
      Commentary and usage suggestions on Latin abbreviations found on the web...
      • Latin Abbreviations (University of Michigan, US) All of these antiquated Latin abbreviations at one time had an important purpose. They functioned as a secondary, parenthetical language which sifted through, evaluated, qualified references for the reader. Eighteenth-century scholars used all of these designations as a way of talking to each other in code, telling each other what to expect from their sources. It was a natural mode of discourse for themthey all studied Latin, of course. Abbreviations of Latin Expressions (English Plus+, US) In standard writing, use the English equivalent or write out the whole word. Some common Latin expressions (University of Edinburgh, UK) Nowadays many publishers discourage the use of these Latin expressions and their abbreviations in footnotes and endnotes (presumably because so few people know what they mean!), but some publishers (Oxford University Press, for example) seem to insist on them. Anyway, these are the most commonly used in references, footnotes etc., should you come across them, or feel the urge to start using them yourselves. Abbreviations (Capital Community College, US)

    84. - New Sites Added
    at My Facts File Grammar style; site contains biographical information, extensivecomposition lists, essays reports Listed at Internet usage Snapshot; Top
    Search Net My Facts Page My Virt. Encyclopedia My Virt. Newspaper ... HOME
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    Week of May 2, 1999
  • Address Directory - Politicians of the World - Mailing addresses for the prime ministers, presidents, monarchs, and provincial governors of 194 countries. Phone, fax, e-mail, and Web addresses are added as available.
    My Facts File Postal Infomation Resources
  • U.S. Surname Distribution - Take a look at this surnames database to find out whether your last name (if it's among the 50,000 most common) is more prevalent in Minnesota or Florida. Helpful for someone trying to determine a starting point for a genealogy project.
    My Facts File Genealogy Resources
  • Paint Shop Pro 5 - Introduction - tutorial for this popular graphics editor
    My Virtual Encyclopedia Computer - Software
  • PowerPoint in the Classroom - Written for K-12 students, this tutorial covers all the basics and more of using the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. This Microsoft-related site also includes tutorials on other Microsoft programs such as the e-mail software program Outlook Express, the Web browser Internet Explorer 4, and the Web site editor.
    My Virtual Encyclopedia Computer - Software
  • Lockerbie Trial Briefing - site provides a background and a timeline and coverage of the trial being held in the Netherlands of two Libyans accused of the 1988 crash of Pan Am's flight 103. It provides information about the legal charges and includes the petition and much more.
  • 85. NJPEP: Virtual Academy (New Jersey Professional Education Port)
    homework help Contents Language Arts Literacy Elementary Middle High School General. Elementary See also TeenSpace, which has a homework help section.
    Homework Help

    Language Arts Literacy
    Middle High School General Elementary
    Book Reports Online help on writing a third grade book report. Reading Planet Create stories, illustrations or word puzzle games (from RIF - Reading Is Fundamental). Middle School Reading Planet Create stories, illustrations or word puzzle games (from RIF - Reading Is Fundamental). High School
    Internet Public Library
    An online library with a plethora of resources. See also TeenSpace , which has a Homework Help section. LibrarySpot , off StartSpot (see also MuseumSpot CinemaSpot , and more spots!). All kinds of libraries, almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and more. from the King County Library System , Washington. Sections such as: and Mythology General ABC's of the Writing Process Helpful hints and resources for prewriting and all writing processes.

    86. Grammar
    of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usageI put of English scroll down for Grammar and composition links
    American Heritage Book of English Usage
    - "With a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms, this valuable reference work is ideal for students, writers, academicians and anybody concerned about proper writing style." Antagonyms - Visit this page for fun with words. Do you know what an antagonym is? Common Errors in English - "The aim of this site is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business, and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak." Daily Grammar - "Daily Grammar sends you e-mail messages with a grammar lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day. You can look at all the lessons in our Archive section. Doctor Grammar - Your Rx for writing ills. New Elements of Style - A classic reference book concentrating on rules of usage and principles of composition. New EnglishCLUB Grammar - This site includes grammar lessons for EFL/ESL students. Some of the lessons also have grammar exercises for you to test what you have learned. And if you still don't understand something about grammar, just ask a question in the Grammar Help Forum.
    English Language Club - ThinkQuest New Focusing on Words - "A rich source of information that will enhance your English-vocabulary skills! Experience the wonder of words by focusing on the Latin and Greek elements used in English."

    87. Other Education Sites
    Time magazine's site, timedaily. Elements of StyleWord usage principlesof written composition and form. Shakespeare on the Web.
    EDUCATION SITES Illinois Teacher Re-Certification Information Parents Guide to the Internet The Chronicle of Higher Education N.E.A. Today [On-line Magazine] ... Help with research papers and writing reports
    EDUCATION ARTICLES Illinois Teacher Re-Certification Information Teaching Language to Children What's the Secret to Teaching Reading? Characteristics of Preferred Learning Styles ...
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    88. Guides To English, Writing And Grammar
    Lynch Alphabetical directory of grammar explanations, style guidelines, and usagesuggestions, created by Grammar and composition questions answered
    Guides to English, Writing and Grammar

    89. Dr. States's Computer Parent - Family And Kid Resource Center
    Society; Elements of style word usage and principles of written compositionand form; Shakespeare on the Web. Complete

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    90. Ask An Expert Services For Language Arts Teachers
    your questions about grammar, usage, composition or editing Curriculum materialsfor composition and literature
    zfp=-1 About Education Secondary School Educators Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Secondary School Educators
    with Melissa Kelly
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects BUYER'S GUIDE Before You Buy
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    Ask an Expert Services for Language Arts
    Guide picks
    Ask the Folklore Expert
    Questions on folklore are answered by the UCLA Folklore and Mythology Archive. Ask Grammar Ask grammar questions but first, check extensive resources which include a few audio files. Ask Miss Grammar Ask grammar questions, but first check extensive resources. Editorial services are advertised. ESL Help Center Message Index ESL/EFL teachers post answers to questions about grammar, writing, vocabulary, idioms, and slang. Grammar Now Submit your questions about grammar, usage, composition or editing in an online form and get your answer back within one to twenty-four hours. The Shakespearean Homework Helper will not give you answers, but she will direct you to resources where how can find them.

    91. Tech Comm At IIT: Courses: COM 421: Policies
    at least one firstyear college composition course Center, where the staff will explainusage conventions and 4, style, Sentences have a clear structure that can
    COM 421: Policies At the beginning of the semester, familiarize yourself with policies about important aspects of COM 421. The following information may be found on this page (scroll or click to jump down to a topic). Due Dates
    Due Dates for all assignments and other homework are listed in your instructor's syllabus for your section. Assignments are due on the day specified unless you have previously arranged a different date with the instructor. Some instructors allow late papers without penalty, some penalize late papers by lowering the grade, and others do not accept any late papers. Be sure to review your instructor's individual syllabus for the specific policy observed in your section. Major projects must be completed by the date assigned. During the first several weeks of the course, most homework assignments will emphasize readings and drafts. You should be familiar with assigned readings when you come to class, so that you will be prepared to participate in discussions. During the last half of the course, your homework will emphasize writing assignments for grades. Format for Written Assignments
    The first page of all written assignments should follow these guidelines (unless your instructor specifies otherwise): Firstname Lastname top line, aligned flush right, Helvetica or Arial font, size 12

    92. Top Picks - French Grammar Books - About The French Language
    A very abridged version of Le Bon usage, this book 4) Manuel de composition françaiseAs the title
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help French Language Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    French Language
    with Laura K Lawless
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Find it! Search, A-Z + topic index, Q+A Daily French: Word, Lesson, and Quote French Gestures ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Guide Picks - Top French Grammar Books There are hundreds, maybe thousands of French grammar books available, each claiming to be the "best," the "most concise," the "most complete," etc. Obviously they can't all be the best, and in fact one of them must, by definition, be the worst. How do you know which is which? Well, that's where I come in - I have more than a dozen French grammar books, many of which I use regularly, and others which I might as well throw away. Here are my favorite grammar books: the ones that I use every day as well as those I've grown beyond, but keep because they once helped me so much. (The parentheses indicate the working language(s) of each book.) Le Bon Usage
    Originally published in 1936, this is the bible of French grammar - the most thorough French grammar book that exists. It has been republished more than a dozen times and is a must for fluent speakers. This is the book that native speakers refer to when they want to understand or explain some aspect of French grammar. (French)

    93. EPSY1003reading10
    in which the practice of composition is combined principal requirements of plain Englishstyle and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles
    Chapter 10
    How to Find Help Online

    Bull, K. S., Harrist, R. S., and Kimball, S.
    a. Read this module and do what it says to do.
    Learning Objectives
      Identify the kinds of surrogates which provide help online.
      Identify and explore searchable libraries and Internet databases.
      Explore specific sites which provide help on the Internet.
      Explore general sites which provide help on the Internet.

    Performance Objectives
      Conduct a search and find three articles in an area of interest which you can use in another course. Post the links and describe how you will use them.
      Use one of the general sites to help you with a homework problem in one of your courses. Post a description or your experiences. Use one of the specific sites to help you with a homework problem in one of your courses. Post a description of your experiences. Write five multiple choice questions which test the content of this module. Items should be above the knowledge level in Bloom's taxonomy. Some of the items may be used on the course exams. If you are unsure about Bloom's Taxonomy levels and writing test items read Writing Items for Assessment

    94. English
    sentence variety, punctuation, verb tense, modifiers, and usage. of ideas, and MLAstyle documentation. be subdivided into grammar, composition, journal, and
    English 10 Mrs. Sussman

      Course Description: Tenth grade English incorporates literature, vocabulary, PSAT prep, grammar, composition, and research.
      • The study of classic world literature will develop critical reading skills and encourage self-awareness by connecting universal themes and world problems to our own belief systems. We will expand our understanding of literature by making inferences and recognizing attitude, tone, and mood. It is important to keep up with the daily reading assignments, as you will need to know literary content to participate in classroom discussions and activities. Vocabulary will be taught both through outside reading and the vocabulary workbook. It will focus on understanding words in context and in their natural usage. We will also practice word associations and forming original sentences. PSAT prep will expand into analytical reading and analogy. We will do intensive work with practice PSAT tests in class.

    95. Everett Public Library
    Tutorials · Identify Your Learning style · Math Anxiety section for writers inComposition courses – featuring a question about English usage or grammar.
    Calendar of Events Catalog Databases Northwest Collection ... City of Everett - Washington Study Skills Reference Home All Study Skills


    All Study Skills TOP Manhattan College Counseling Center
    Links to Mental Health Resources
    This site includes:
    · General Study Skills
    · Increasing Your Reading Effectiveness
    · Improve Your Memory The Study Skills Help Page Strategies for Success
    This site by Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Study Skills Coordinator for the Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University. This site includes: · The Study Skills Course at MTSU (Middle Tennesssee State University) · Strategies for Success · Ten Tips You Need to Survive College · Getting the Most from Taking Notes · Getting the Most from Reading Your Textbook · Strategies for Taking Any Tests · Checklist for Discussion or Essay Tests · Reasons to Examine a Returned Test · Memory Principles · Time Management · Setting Goals · Learning Styles · Some Tips for High School Students · Links To Other Study Strategies University of Texas Reading/Writing/Study Skills Lab This site includes: · Reading Comprehension/Speed Reading · Study Skills · English as a Second Language · Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

    96. Florien High School Library
    Gives the principal requirements of plain English style, the rules of usageand principles of composition most commonly violated.
    Florien High School Library
    Florien, Louisiana
    Suzanne Leitz, Library Media Specialist
    Find the answer
    Maps Bibliographic Style Guides Newspapers ... Louisiana
    The Old Farmers Almanac - weather, gardening, cooking, wisdom Fast Facts
    Global Statistics

    Almanac of world statistics. "There's a large collection of data at this site, ranging from country profiles (provinces and main cities) to the highest mountains in the world, to a list of all countries in the world with their capitals, surface area and population."
    (Includes almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) The Living Almanac of Disasters
    Almanac of famous or noteworthy fires, earthquakes, and accidents (train wrecks, airplane crashes), organized by date. [TOP]
    Bibliographic Style Guides:
    APA Style Bibliographic Entries APA: Citing Information from the Internet and the Web Library of Congress: Citing Electronic Sources MLA: Citing the Bible as a source ... Noodle Tools
    Quickly and correctly site your bibliographic sources. Research Advice (includes interactive forms for citing electronic and other sources) R.I.G.H.T.S.

    97. E 306: Rhetoric And Composition
    E 306: Rhetoric and Composition Policy Statement Unique number:
    Place and time:
    Instructor: Laura Kramarsky
    Office: Parlin 403
    Office hours: MW 10-11:30am
  • Goals
  • Materials and Textbooks
  • Grades
  • Format for Papers ...
  • Grades and Grading (DRC Policy) Goals: E 306 Rhetoric and Composition is a course in argumentation that will enhance your understanding of academic writing and public writing and give you practice in producing it. You will learn how:
  • to identify, evaluate, construct, and organize effective arguments.
  • to read critically.
  • to conduct library research and document sources.
  • to produce an clean, efficient style and adapt it to various rhetorical situations.
  • to edit and proofread carefully.
    [back to top]
    Materials and Textbooks: For this class you will need:
  • Lunsford, Andrea and John Ruszkiewicz. Everything's an Argument.
  • Hairston, Maxine, and John Ruszkiewicz. The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers. 5th ed.
  • Postman, Neil. Amusing Ourselves to Death
  • E306 Web:
  • Class website at
  • 98. Before You Buy An Inventors Log Book
    and the words, Do Not Reproduce appears for confidence usage. Mead CompositionNotebooks Generic
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Inventors Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Mary Bellis
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS 20th Century Inventions History of Computers/Internet A to Z Inventions ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Before You Buy An Inventors Log Book An inventor's log book is used to record the progress of your inventing. You should start using one the moment you think of an idea for an invention. However, your log book must be of a certain type. You can buy a specially printed inventor's log book. You can also buy a generic bound notebook. The most important thing is that the pages of the notebook cannot be added or subtracted without that being evident.
    Before Buying Specially Printed Log Books
    Look for features like sequentially pre-printed numbered pages, fade-away backgrounds, spaces for you and a witness to sign and date, and instructions on how to use the journal to record your invention. Also look for pages with blue-lined grids for easy drawing. Some log books have special copy features; copy drawings on a light copier setting and the grid pattern fades away for preparing patent application drawings, or copy the drawings on a dark setting and the words, "Do Not Reproduce" appears for confidence usage.
    Engineer's Journal
    (Included in starter kit)
    Scientific Journal
    (created by Bob DeMatteis)

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