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         Suicide:     more books (99)
  1. My Son . . . My Son . . .: A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss, or Suicide by Iris Bolton, 1983-06
  2. Understanding Your Suicide Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart (Understanding Your Grief) by Alan D. Wolfelt PhD, 2009-08-01
  3. Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? by Jon Klimo, Pamela Heath, 2006-06-10
  4. The Events of October: Murder-Suicide on a Small Campus by Gail Griffin, 2010-09-30
  5. Someone I Love Died by Suicide: A Story for Child Survivors and Those Who Care for Them by Doreen T. Cammarata, 2009-08-24
  6. Suicide Assessment and Treatment: Empirical and Evidence-Based Practices by Dana Worchel Ph.D., Dr. Robin E. Gearing Ph.D., 2010-04-29
  7. Suicide and Its Aftermath: Understanding and Counseling the Survivors (A Norton professional book) by Edward J. Dunne, John L. McIntosh, 1987-07
  8. The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide: Guidance for Working With Suicidal Clients by Thomas E., Jr. Joiner, Kimberly A. Van Orden, et all 2009-01-15
  9. Suicide Assessment and Treatment: Empirical and Evidence-Based Practices by Dana Worchel Ph.D., Dr. Robin E. Gearing Ph.D., 2010-04-29
  10. Suicide and Its Aftermath: Understanding and Counseling the Survivors (A Norton professional book) by Edward J. Dunne, John L. McIntosh, 1987-07
  11. Suicide and the Soul (Dunquin) by James Hillman, 1998-03
  12. Grief After Suicide: Understanding the Consequences and Caring for the Survivors (Series in Death, Dying and Bereavement)
  13. Suicide: A Study In Sociology by Emile Durkheim; Translators John A. Spaulding And George Simpson; Editor And Introduction George Simpson, 1951
  14. Leaving You: The Cultural Meaning of Suicide by Lisa Lieberman, 2003-04-08

61. Chris's Suicide Help Page
Personal page from a police officer in Arizona.Category Health Mental Health Disorders suicide Personal Pages......Chris's suicide Help Page. Are you thinking about suicide? Are you knowyou. If you need help .. suicide and Abuse Help Links.
LinkExchange Member Free Home Pages at GeoCities
Chris's Suicide Help Page
Are you thinking about suicide? Are you worried about a family member, or friend commiting suicide? I have links to hotlines and support groups. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (USUALLY A TEMPORARY PROBLEM) My name's Chris, and I know first hand what suicide does to people. When I was twelve my father commited suicide. Then at the age of nineteen my best friend commited suicide. I have learned to deal with the pain, loss and suffering. Now I want to try my best to prevent it from happening to others. I'm twenty nine years old and work as a police officer in Southern California .My goal is to help people realize there are people who care. Don't get caught in the moment. Their is so much to life. People do care about you and do love you!!! 1. Why do people attempt suicide? People usually attempt suicide to block unbearable emotional pain, which is caused by a wide variety of problems. It is often a cry for help. A person attempting suicide is often so distressed that they are unable to see that they have other options: I want to help prevent a tragedy by endeavoring to understand how they feel and helping them to look for better choices that they could make. Suicidal people often feel terribly isolated; because of their distress, they may not think of anyone they can turn to, furthering this isolation. Suicide effects your family,your friends, and others who know you. If you need help......

62. Personality Disorders
Information resources, chat, and support for people suffering from mental illness.
Personality ..Disorders Treatment Medication ... View Guestbook NEWS: EMERGENCY CONTACTS 1-800-SUICIDE in the U.S.
Teenagers, call Covenant House NineLine,
Look in the front of your phone book for a crisis line.

Click here for Suicide Helpline Directory. Welcome to the Personality Disorders and suicide online resource center. Hope you enjoy your stay. Forum is now live ! You may participate in a community of people who need support, just like you. Feel free to investigate. Click! If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the contact form. If you would like to link to this site, please use the contact form. I can provide you with a button. Thank you to all of the people that have made this site possible. Thank you for all of the visitors and all of the compliments. I am very greatful to all of the nice people who have given me suggestions, code, graphics, and emotional support. Another note. The site does not have many colors. This is not a mistake in your web browser. This is the theme.

63. San Francisco Suicide Prevention
San Francisco suicide Prevention Website.Category Health Mental Health Disorders suicide......SFSP Logo. ©2001 San Francisco suicide Prevention,

64. CNN - Kevorkian Delivers Body After Attending 34th Suicide - Aug. 6, 1996
Medical examiner: Kevorkian patient wasn't terminally ill
Autopsy shows she died from lethal injection
August 7, 1996
Web posted at: 11:55 p.m. EDT PONTIAC, Michigan (CNN) A woman whose body was wheeled into a hospital by Dr. Jack Kevorkian died from a lethal injection of drugs and was not terminally ill, the Oakland County medical examiner said Wednesday. Elizabeth Mercz, 59, died Tuesday, a day after traveling from Cincinnati to Michigan with her 30-year-old son, according to Kevorkian's attorney, Geoffrey Fieger. Mercz was the 34th person known to have died in Kevorkian's presence since 1990. "They gave us information about the patient's name and age and told us she had Lou Gehrig's disease and that was it. They took off," said Dr. Michael Dargay of Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital. Kevorkian was accompanied to the hospital by Dr. Georges Reding, a psychiatrist who has joined his cause, Fieger said. Mercz was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival in a wheelchair, Dargay said. Kevorkian told the doctor she suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disorder known as Lou Gehrig's disease. There were indications Mercz suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease, "but it wasn't anywhere close to being terminal," the medical examiner said.

65. BBC NEWS | Technology | Net Grief For Online 'suicide'
Tuesday, 4 February, 2003, 1318 GMT Net grief for online 'suicide'Did virtual buddies contribute to Mr Vedas' death? Condolences
You are in: Technology News Front Page Africa Americas ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to UK Tuesday, 4 February, 2003, 13:18 GMT Net grief for online 'suicide'
Did virtual buddies contribute to Mr Vedas' death?
Condolences have been pouring into a website set up in tribute to a young man who died online. Brandon Vedas, a 21-year-old computer expert from Arizona, USA, killed himself with a lethal dose of prescription drugs in January while chatting to online buddies. In a macabre twist to the story, a transcript of his final hours found by his family a week after his death shows that his online friends egged him on to take more and more drugs. The cocktail of prescription drugs which killed Mr Vedas, who spent much of his spare time on the net, included Klonopin, Methadone and Restoril. Online boasting Questions are being asked about how much liability should be taken by the man's online companions and by the internet service provider which hosted a chatroom dedicated to a discussion of drugs. Many of the online community who knew Mr Vedas only as Ripper have sent their condolences to his family.

66. CNN - Kevorkian Assists In New Suicide - May 8, 1996
Kevorkian assists in new suicide
May 8, 1996
Web posted at:12:55 a.m. EDT PONTIAC, Michigan (CNN) The Right to Die Coalition of Canada confirmed Tuesday evening that one of its members, 53-year-old Austin Bastable of Windsor, Ontario, has committed suicide with the assistance of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Information on Bastable's history, including past and present illness, was not immediately available. The news came after Kevorkian's third day of testimony in his third assisted suicide trial. He testified Tuesday ( 2.0M QuickTime movie ) that he disregarded an injunction ordering him to stop assisting suicides when he helped two women take their lives in 1991. "An injunction is invalid if the act is legal," he said. Kevorkian's lawyers objected when the injunction was introduced by prosecutors. They argued it was inadmissible because the state had never charged Kevorkian with violating it. Although Oakland County Circuit Judge David F. Breck agreed with the defense, his ruling was overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals. Under cross-examination by the prosecution, Kevorkian argued that the Michigan Supreme Court and the appeals court were corrupt.

67. MEDLINEplus: Suicide
Topics. suicide. Contents of Seniors Teenagers. Search MEDLINE for recentresearch articles on suicide • General • Assisted suicide. You
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Assisted suicide

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68. Growth House: Guide To Death, Dying, Grief, Bereavement, And End Of Life Resourc
Resources for bereavement and grief, death and dying, death with dignity, euthanasia, hospice, palliative care, suicide, terminal illness, AIDS, HIV, and related topics.
"The Internet's leading portal for end of life care" Category: Hospice and home care AIDS and HIV: General AIDS and HIV: Asia-Pacific Cancer Health Resources: General Children dealing with death Death and dying guides Death with dignity Eldercare and seniors Estate planning Funeral planning Grief: General Grief: Family settings Pregnancy loss and infant death Improving quality of care Pain management Palliative care Professional resources Suicide San Francisco Bay Area You can install this search engine on your own site for free. Get the code!
Most Popular:
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What's New [ more what's new Growth House Radio outpatient palliative care services within your own healthcare system. financial implications of promoting excellence in end-of-life care. End Stage Renal Disease is using Growth House content management systems to project their findings to the widest possible audience. Wit Film Project has chosen Growth House as the provider for a new web site supporting a national effort to improve end-of-life training in medical schools.
Our Mission:
Growth House, Inc., provides this

69. Forward Page For Youth Suicide
The information contained helps you understand the suicidal process, recognize the warning signs, Category Kids and Teens Teen Life suicide...... Publishing Guidelines. Facts About Youth suicide. (If you are Youthsuicide and What You Can Do About It. The risk that a youth you
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70. Depression Resource, Have A Heart's Suicide Help
Articles to help those with depression and thoughts of suicide better understand what they are going through.
A Rest Stop from Depression and Thoughts of Suicide These articles will help you better understand your depression and thoughts of suicide. Depression knows no bounds of gender, age, geography, race or religion; nor does Have a Heart's Home. All who are depressed are welcome here, to rest, to heal. It has taken me 17 years to put these words in print. My hope is that here at Have-a-Heart's Home you find relief from your depressive response, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts. If you suffer major (clinical) or manic depression and have strong suicidal urges,
please seek the help of a professional therapist! Understanding Thoughts of Suicide Please read this first
Emotional Thought Stopping
Bipolar Disorder: Tempering the Mania of Manic Depression
Cognitive-Emotional Self-Help
Evolution of Consciousness, Emotions and Depressive Response
Combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
Have a Heart's Home, The Book - Learn More
The Book - Now you can have the comfort of Have a Heart's Home at your side anytime!
Cognitive-Emotional Self-Help (Index)

A suicide resource including self assessment software, suggestions, news about suicide online, resources Category Health Mental Health Disorders suicide...... } pDESKJET €+ } SelfHelp info, survivors, visual art suicide PREVENTION TRIANGLE,book AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE MHN 3-Stars! suicide PREVENTION TRIANGLE (SPT).
There are three necessary
and sufficient conditions
for a suicidal event to occur
1) There must be sufficient psychological pain or "psychache"
2) The wish to die must be greater than the wish to live
3) A self injury method must be available.
A self injury behavior cannot start if any one of these is missing.
You can describe your psychache in main menu NO. 17
The Addict, drawing
Everything you want to know about suicide, its various explanations, "death with dignity", visual art images dealing with suicidal themes. Includes free on line self assessment! This information is more readable by people long before, or well after, a suicide event. For people on the verge of killing themselves now, please...CLICK BELOW SUICIDE HELP URLS Bowling for Columbine
Seven shootings
Look for images of self injury themes in most main menu items

72. Suicide Loss FAQs
Some frequently asked questions about suicide survivors.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
Suicide Loss FAQs
An informational resource for suicide grievers.
Tony Salvatore
Springfield, PA, USA VISIT NEW GREATER PHILADELPHIA SOS WEB SITE See also: Some FAQs for Those New to Suicide Loss
Antagonism towards Suicide Grievers

Some Myths of Suicide Loss

How to Prevent Suicide Grief: Guide for Providers
  • How can friends help suicide grievers? What causes a suicide? It is the outcome of severe stress generated by a serious personal crisis. Risk increases as the crisis, or the individual's perception of it, worsens. Feelings of control and self-esteem deteriorate. Shame and guilt lead to self-alienation and isolation. Suicidal individuals also experience chemical imbalances. Most notably a depletion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that inhibits self-harm. Acute suicidality diminishes choice. The individual's options are to endure or end utter agony. Suicide is completed when the psychological pain is so unbearable that death is seen as the only relief. What is a "suicide griever"?
  • 73.

    74. SuicideCommando
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    75. Survivors Of Suicide
    Time heals all wounds is not necessarily true for survivors of suicide. The griefof suicide survivors is unique. Grief following a suicide is always complex.

    76. Ghost Riders: Suicide & Alan Vega & Martin Rev
    Fan site includes discography and information about their solo careers. In French and English.
    Ghost Riders:
    SUICIDE - Alan Vega - Martin Rev
    if you want no frames : go Ghost Riders: Suicide, Alan Vega, Martin Rev Suicide Discography compilations ... Links
    Music Index

    77. MSNBC Inside The Mind Of Suicide Terrorist
    Martin Fletcher looks at the psychological makeup of suicide terrorists.

    78. - When No One Knows Your Pain - A Place Of Hope & Compassion For Th
    Offering direction for immediate crisis intervention and emotional support for those who are gravely Category Health Mental Health Disorders suicide......Emotional support for severe clinical depression, vitamin and antidepressanttherapy treatments for clinical depression, suicide prevention and crisis
    Intervention So that no one has to die. I realize if you are here, your life
    may be in danger.

    You may feel that you can't go on
    another moment, another day.
    Life may be absolutely unbearable.
    You may want to just close your eyes
    and cease to exist.
    But death does not come so easily. And although you cannot bear it, you still live on - your heart still beats, your breath ceaselessly enters... You need help You need the torment to end one way, or the other.
    How will you make it through this terrible time in your life ? How can you believe you will ever be cured ?
    Let this site and others like it, be the living proof of a new life that exists for you, yet unseen. You can believe in those of us who have been there before you. Hear our voices calling to you in the darkness. We have all been there where you

    79. Ghost Riders: Suicide & Alan Vega & Martin Rev
    Translate this page Ghost Riders suicide - Alan Vega - Martin Rev if you want no frames go GhostRiders suicide, Alan Vega, Martin Rev. suicide. Discography. compilations.
    Ghost Riders:
    SUICIDE - Alan Vega - Martin Rev
    if you want no frames : go Ghost Riders: Suicide, Alan Vega, Martin Rev Suicide Discography compilations ... Links
    Music Index

    80. Apollo Movie Guide's Review Of Suicide Kings
    Review, links, and cast information.

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