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         Switzerland History:     more books (100)
  1. An Outline History of Switzerland: From the Origins to the Present Day by Dieter Fahrni, 1987
  2. Metre Gauge Railways in South and East Switzerland (Railway histories of the world series) by John Marshall, 1974-06-27
  3. History of Electron Microscopy in Switzerland by GÜNTER, 1990-11-01
  4. The Reformation in Germany and Switzerland (Cambridge Topics in History) by Pamela Johnston, Bob W. Scribner, 1993-06-25
  5. The Movado History by Fritz Von Osterhausen, 2000-01-01
  6. The Philosophy of History in France and French Belgium and Switzerland by Robert Flint, 2010-03-07
  7. The History of the Campaigns 1796-1799: The History of the Campaign of 1799 in Germany and Switzerland by Anonymous, 2010-04-08
  8. The History of the Protestant Reformation, in Germany and Switzerland, and in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, France, and Northern Europe: Reformation in Germany and Switzerland by Martin John Spalding, 2010-02-16
  9. Britain, Switzerland, and the Second World War by Neville Wylie, 2003-07-17
  10. Geneva Zurich Basel: History, Culture, & National Identity by Nicolas Bouvier, Gordon A. Craig, et all 1994-06
  11. Let's Swallow Switzerland: Hitler's Plans against the Swiss Confederation by Lotti N. Eichhorn, 2001-09-28
  12. Dance and ballet in Switzerland (Information. Music and dance) by Jean Pierre Pastori, 1988
  13. The Identity of Geneva: The Christian Commonwealth, 1564-1864 (Contributions to the Study of World History)
  14. Early Modern Democracy in the Grisons: Social Order and Political Language in a Swiss Mountain Canton, 1470-1620 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) by Randolph C. Head, 2002-05-09

61. History Of Little Switzerland, North Carolina By Timberline Properties
history of Little switzerland. Little switzerland Real Estate AGodwin Family Tradition .. Julian Davis Godwin, Sr. of Orlando
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
History of Little Switzerland "Little Switzerland Real Estate...
A Godwin Family Tradition......"

Julian Davis Godwin, Sr. of Orlando, Florida was the first licensed real estate broker and developer of the Little Switzerland area in the 1950's.
Jann Godwin, Real Estate Broker; specializing in Little Switzerland vacation rentals and real estate sales.
Office location in nearby town of Spruce Pine
89 Walnut Avenue, Spruce Pine, NC 28777
With breathtaking views around every corner, waterfalls, wildflowers, gem mines, unique lodging and dining and with many things still handcrafted and homemade, we're one of the last true escapes for relaxation, cool temperatures and clean mountain air. We're located between Asheville and Boone at Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 331.
Little Switzerland received its name from early summer residents of the area who thought the scenery resembled that of the Swiss Jura Mountains.

62. 1Up Travel > History And Culture Of Switzerland.
switzerland Get complete information about the history and Culture of switzerland.Swiss culture has contributed notably to literature, art, and music.

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Country Flag ... Travel Warning History During the Germanic invasions that swept over the Western Roman Empire in the 4th century AD, the Burgundians and the Alamanni conquered Helvetia. The Protestant Reformation in Switzerland started in 1518, when a country pastor named Huldreich Zwingli began to denounce the sale of indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church. During the 1790s, the French Revolution spread to Switzerland; the French continually intervened in support of Swiss revolutionaries, a group that sought to promote political reforms and the establishment of a strong national government, and in 1798 the revolutionaries occupied all Swiss territory.

63. (NMBE) Earth Sciences - Mineralogy And Petrography
end of scale) in Miocene fluvioterrestrial minerals near Bernhardzell, Eastern switzerland. inthe Binntal, Valais, where the Bern Natural history Museum is

64. Swiss Genealogy On The Internet : Swiss History
Short notices on the epochs from BC to current days. Compiled by K. Augustiny, includes a chronological Category Regional Europe switzerland Society and Culture history...... A good and short book on Swiss history in English Dieter Fahrni An Outlinehistory of switzerland. From the Origins to the Present Day.
Swiss Genealogy on the Internet
Swiss History
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Swiss History, But Were Afraid to Ask
compiled by K. Augustiny
The "inevitable" chronological table
  • The Pre-Roman Era
  • The Roman Era 58 BC - 400
  • Towards Quadrolinguism ...
    The "inevitable" chronological table
    This text is accompanied by 3 maps:
    Idiomas in Switzerland . The distribution of the 4 official languages in Switzerland (cf section 3 Towards Quadrolinguism
    80 KB JPG-file!
    The Confederation 1536 - 1798 (cf. sections 7 - 11).
    528 KB GIF-file!
    Switzerland and its Cantons in 1995 (cf. sections 11 - 16).
    275 KB GIF-file!
    Map 1 and 3 were copied from D. Fahrni (1994).
    Map 2 is from Putzger Historischer Atlas (1961) and was put to our disposal by courtesy of Cornelsen Verlag Berlin. Return to top of page
    The Pre-Roman Era
    Hunters, gatherers, lake-dwellers, but not yet William Tell!
    The Roman Era 58 BC - 400
    Caesar et consortes, Wilhelmus Tellus non cumerat!
    Towards Quadrolinguism
    All the same name: Wilhelm, Guillaume, Guglielmo, Guglielm (and William too!)
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    used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in World historyBeneluxand switzerland Page 1 of 2 next. Used $15.95 Trade Paper List
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    World History

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    Benelux and Switzerland
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    Used Trade Paper List Price $22.00 The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age by Simon Schama Publisher Comments Schama explores the mysterious contradictions of the Dutch nation that invented itself from the ground up, attained an unprecedented level of affluence, and lived in constant dread of being corrupted by happiness. Drawing on a vast array of period... read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $13.00 by Mike Dash Publisher Comments In the 1630s, visitors to the prosperous trading cities of the Netherlands couldn't help but notice that thousands of normally sober, hardworking Dutch citizens from every walk of life were caught up in an extraordinary frenzy of buying and selling. The... read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $29.95

    66. History And Organisation Of IAESTE Switzerland
    history and Organisation of IAESTE switzerland. history. switzerlandwas one of the nine West European countries who met three years
    contents only (for printing) General Model History ... Members
    History and Organisation of IAESTE Switzerland
    S witzerland was one of the nine West European countries who met three years after the second world war in London at the Imperial College with delegates of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. It was recommended that a central organisation should be established to control the interchange of technical students in the various countries and that this permanent organisation should be called THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE EXCHANGE OF STUDENTS FOR TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE (IAESTE). The geographical coverage was soon to spread to most of Europe and beyond, as new countries were admitted into membership. In Switzerland the first exchanges took place with students from the ETH Zurich, but gradually other Swiss universities and technical colleges joined in. Over the last 50 years IAESTE Switzerland has been a regular member of IAESTE International , has hosted several General Conferences, has experienced the ups and downs of economic crises or political turmoils and contributed considerably to the smooth running of this world-wide organisation.
    I AESTE Switzerland is governed by the National Committee which comprises representatives of universities and engineering colleges, industrial, student and alumni associations. The National Committee usually meets once a year in November to review past results and decide on future policy. It cooperates with about 20 universities and technical colleges all over Switzerland. All current work is done centrally by the National Secretariat which is attached to the

    67. Genève Tourisme
    Sports section 4. history of Geneva. Archaeological traces Genevaa little history (by Louis Binz, Professor at the University).

    68. 404 Not Found
    The history of Direct Democracy in switzerland Kris W. Kobach, Law professorat the University of Missouri (Kansas City) School of Law.
    Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache Server at

    69. Aikido In Switzerland: The History Page
    The history page. The below information come from The Aiki News Encyclopedia ofAikido by Stanley A. Pranin. The roots of AIKIKAI HOMBU Aikido in switzerland
    The History page
    The below information come from The Aiki News Encyclopedia of Aikido by Stanley A. Pranin The roots of AIKIKAI HOMBU Aikido in Switzerland can be traced to a Swissair pilot named Mickey Schooning who frequently flew to Japan in the 1950s and 60s. Schooning had earlier seen Minoru MOCHIZUKI in Geneva in 1951 and was impressed with his technique. He began to study at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in the late 1950s. Together with Freddy JACOT-DESCOMBES , a flight engineer also with Swissair, and Willy Frischknecht, a carpenter, Schooning was instrumental in introducing aikido in Switzerland with direct ties to the Aikikai Hombu. This Swiss group invited Nobuyoshi TAMURA and Mutsuro NAKAZONO from France for seminars in the 1960s and Hiroshi TADA was also an occasional visiting instructor. Willy Frischknecht hosted Nakazono for several months c. 1971. At that time, the organization unifying aikido in Switzerland was called the UNION SUISSE D'AIKIDO . Its teachers came from a variety of backgrounds and were only loosely connected through their organization. Nonetheless, the Union was well embedded in the official sports establishment. To this day, it is the only aikido organization in Switzerland eligible for government subsidies for physical education due to its affiliation with the Judo Federation.

    70. Switzerland -Berne (National History Museum)
    Email switzerland, Berne (National history Museum); Fribourg(Natural history Museum);. switzerland Fribourg (Natural history Museum);.
    N A T U R A L H I S T O R Y M U S E U M S A N D R E S E A R C H C E N T E R S E mail: Museums NatureQuest net SWITZERLAND Berne (National History Museum); Fribourg ( Natural History Museum Where: Summary Description with Links:
    Natural History Museum

    Collection(s): The organizational structure of the Museum, in terms of its collections, is as follows through these online Departments
    • Earth Sciences - The origins of the Earth Science collections of the Natural History Museum of Bern can be traced back to at least 1721, when three (3) large quartz crystals from the Zinggenstock (Grimsel area, Bernese Oberland) were given to the Library of Bern.
      • The Mineralogy and Petrography section contains:
        The Systematic Mineral collection (of about 30,000 specimens) is the principal and best documented collection. Notable here are Swiss Alpine minerals, minerals from the Lengenbach quarry, and other Swiss locations (about 2000 Swiss localities represented). Other strongly represented regions and countries are the U.S.A. (766 localitites), Germany (626), Italy (411), France (254), Mexico (190), Austria (165), the Cech Republic and Slovakia (combined 171 localities) and Rwanda (36). There are about 1000 gemstones in the collections. This collection is currently being computer inventarized.

    71. WWW VL Labour History: Germany Through Switzerland
    Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv (Zurich). The largest labour history collectionin switzerland. Extensive holdings information. Online catalogs.
    WWW Virtual Library
    Labour History
    Go to:

    What's New


    Other Institutions

    This Virtual Library
    Whole Site More Options Help Other Virtual Libraries on this Server: Women's History Economic and Business History Also on This Server: Labour History News Labour History Journals LabNet Asian Labour ... and more... The WWW Virtual Library: W3VL Overview W3VL Alphabetical W3VL Central Database W3VL: History Overview ... The W3VL History Network Maintained by: Jenneke Quast for the International Institute of Social History Institutions: Germany through Switzerland Germany Greece Hungary India ... Other Institutions Germany Societies
    • . List of publications. Updated . Directory.
    National Repositories and Guides Archives, Libraries, Research Institutions

    72. Livingston - Switzerland - Facts - History
    Corporate, history,
    Livingston Switzerland - Facts help contact search sitemap Corporate - locations - Belgium Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Spain Switzerland United Kingdom - other areas - Asia Pacific Scandinavia Middle East / Africa Americas Central/Eastern EU Service Calibration IT Products Topics ... Support Quick-Jump IT Products Special Offers Events Press Room Jobs Forum Contact deutsch english Livingston Switzerland
    Equipment Rental

    Equipment Sales

    Calibration Management

    In 1967, the Livingston Hire Company evolved from a firm originally founded by J. Livingston Hogg to represent large American producers of gauges. The company became the first and only appliance rental company in the European market. Later in the 60s, the young company achieved its first sizeable contract with Cable and Wireless, convincing the banks to back the plans of this growing enterprise. The firm's proximity to two railway stations, King's Cross and St. Pancras, helped convert Livingston staffers into movie stars for a day. British Rail was filming a commercial at these stations for its Red Star Service. Since Livingston Hire used the service for long distance rail travel, some employees were featured in the commercial. In those early years, warehouse management systems were fairly primitive, using chalkboards to track stock and inventory. Soon, though, these methods were replaced by more modern overhead projectors which displayed information on video screens. This way, an employee could update information on a transparency, which could be viewed by other employees from their work station.

    73. Switzerland & The Holocaust Assets -- History
    The following are links to selected sites on the Web related to thehistory of the Second World War and of the Holocaust. United
    This website was started in June 1997 and was updated for the last time in July 2001. It is archived here as a historical reference.
    Homepage Updates Press Review Documents History Credits Websites The following are links to selected sites on the Web related to the history of the Second World War and of the Holocaust. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Simon Wiesenthal Center

    The Holocaust Memorial Center

    Yad Vashem
    - The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
    Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum
    and Educational Center
    L'Chaim, A Holocaust Project

    B'nai B'rith Interactive

    Holocaust Studies Center, Bronx High School of Science

    Responses to the Holocaust
    : A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
    The Holocaust in Historical Context
    Holocaust, the World must remember Hitler and the Final Solution Nazi Concentration Camps 1933-1945 ... Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation , founded by Steven Spielberg in 1994, dedicated to archiving interviews of Holocaust survivors. Snap's Holocaust Resource Center The Holocaust History Project Holocaust-Era Assets Records and Research at the US National Archives and Records Administration Judaica from the Digital Librarian Holocaust Survivor Oral History Project Cybrary of the Holocaust Auschwitz-Birkenau: photographs Holocaust Archive Project ... Holocaustforgotten Page , by Ursula Grosser Dixon, an Holocaust survivor.

    74. Switzerland: Fire Ecology And History Research In The Southern Part Of Switzerla
    Fire Ecology and history Research in the Southern Part of switzerland.(IFFN No. Forest Fire history of this Century in Southern switzerland.
    Fire Ecology and History Research
    in the Southern Part of Switzerland (IFFN No. 15 - September 1996) Introduction
    In Switzerland most forest fires occur in the southern part, a small region of 4000 km (9.8% of the total national area) with a forest cover of 44% (176,000 ha). An average of 740 hectares of woodland in southern Switzerland burn annually, generally during the dry winter period, but recently also during the summer seasons. The typical vegetation under the climatic conditions in this region are chestnut forests on acid soils, deciduous broadleaved mixed forests on limestone and beech forests at altitudes between 800 and 1300 m a.s.l.. In 1992 the FNP Sottostazione Sud delle Alpi (FNP SdA), a branch station of the Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, started its research on forest fires by creating a wildfire database including all information available on forest fires in southern Switzerland. Since that time several research topics about forest fires and their management have been under study at the FNP SdA. In this first contribution about forest fire research in Switzerland we will report on the ongoing studies on fire ecology and fire history research in the southern part of the Swiss Alps which are being conducted at the FNP SdA in close collaboration with other Swiss research groups.

    75. 2002FOOTBALL Football Wc2002 History
    In the quarterfinals, switzerland went down 75 to Austria in the highest-scoringgame in World Cup history, while defending champs Uruguay beat England 4-2,1739,stories_1954,00.h

    76. ScienceLink : Topic : Computer History And Switzerland
    By Topic Computer history and switzerland. Fall 2001 will bringto light an extraordinary collaboration between switzerland and

    Computer History

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
    Science Media

    By Topic : Computer History and Switzerland Fall 2001 will bring to light an extraordinary collaboration between Switzerland and the Computer Museum History Center on the evenings of :
    October 17, 2001, in Palo Alto, CA, with a fascinating conference and
    October 23, 2001, in San Jose, CA, with the Fellow Awards ceremony and an eventful surprise. In the meantime, the eventful mystery will unravel right here over the course of a few episodes... Where Computing History Lives
    Computer Museums in Switzerland

    Early Computer Mouse Encounters
    Innovators of the Future (Next episode : November 2001).
    Reserve the dates and stay tuned for the continuation of our serial! is presented by: Home Top

    77. ScienceLink : Topic : Computer History And Switzerland - Part 2
    By Topic Computer history and switzerland Part 2. COMPUTER MUSEUMSIN switzerland August 28, 2001. This coming october will see

    Computer History

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
    Science Media

    By Topic : Computer History and Switzerland : Part 2
    This coming october will see an exciting collaboration between the Computer Museum History Center CMHC ) in Mountain View - in the center of the Silicon Valley - and Switzerland. The CMHC is giving new life to computer-related artifacts and has been presented in Part 1 In Part 2, let us look at how computer history is being displayed in museums and private collections throughout Switzerland. The First Swiss Computer (1955)
    The first computer ever built in Switzerland - the ERMETH or " Elektronische Rechen Maschine der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule" - is currently on display at the Technorama in Winterthur. Designed and built by the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich ETHZ ), the ERMETH was in use from 1955 to 1963, when it was replaced by commercial transistor technology.
    ERMETH computer
    Computer Science at ETHZ
    In the late 1970s

    78. Anglo Irish Bank - Switzerland
    Our Vision. Our history. Our Location. Annual Report. Chairman's Statement. SwitzerlandHome. Anglo Irish Bank (Suisse) SA 7, Rue des Alpes CH 1201 GENEVA.
    Geneva: Our History
    Timeline Where we are
    Anglo Irish Bank is represented in the following locations:
    • Switzerland Austria Ireland USA UK Isle of Man

    Please contact us for more information on Anglo Irish Bank (Suisse) SA. Legal Statement Sitemap Contact Us Search ... Switzerland Home Anglo Irish Bank (Suisse) SA
    7, Rue des Alpes
    CH - 1201 GENEVA

    79. Hotels Grindelwald, Switzerland - Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald
    history First Generation. Johan and Rosa Hauser-Marti (1907-1956).Over 90 years of hospitality In 1904 the foundation stone for
    English Deutsch Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald . CH-3818 Grindelwald . Tel +41 (0) 33 - 854 57 57 Contact Us Reservation Home Hotel ... Philosophy History The Past Recent Past Nowadays Slide Show Jobs ... Partners History - First Generation
    Johan and Rosa Hauser-Marti Over 90 years of hospitality
    In 1904 the foundation stone for Hotel Belvedere was laid and the construction commenced and in 1907 the hotel opened for its first summer season. In 1909 a second wing was added. Between 1939 and 1945 the hotel was taken over by the military and turned into a military hospital. The Hausers were keen on hotel catering and gathered valuable experience during their stays in Egypt and other countries.

    80. Brooklyn Public Library /All Locations
    Num Mark SUBJECTS (17 of 7) Year Entries 28 Found 1 switzerland history.16 2 switzerland history 20th century. 4 3 switzerland,505,713,715,778/search/d?swi

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