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         Tajikistan History Regional:     more detail
  1. Tajikistan in the New Central Asia: Geopolitics, Great Power Rivalry and Radical Islam (International Library of Central Asia Studies) by Lena Jonson, 2006-10-03
  2. Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan (Historical Dictionaries of Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East) by Kamoludin Abdullaev, 2010-05-16
  3. The Birth of Tajikistan: National Identity and the Origins of the Republic (International Library of Central Asia Studies) by Paul Bergne, 2007-06-15
  4. Central Asia: Aspects of Transition (Central Asia Research Forum)
  5. Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan by Kamoloudin Abdoullaev, Shahram Akbarzadeh, 2002-04
  6. Tajikistan: The Trials of Independence (Central Asia Research Forum) by Shirin Akiner, Mohammad-Reza Djalili, et all 1998-01-27
  7. The Resurgence of Central Asia: Islam or Nationalism? (Politics in Contemporary Asia) by Ahmed Rashid, 1995-04-15
  8. Ottoman Province of Damascus in the 16th Century by Bakhit,
  9. The International Politics of Central Asia (Regional International Politics) by John Anderson, 1997-09-15
  10. Central Asian Republics (Nations in Transition) by Michael Kort, 2003-12
  11. Russia and the Independent Nations of The Former USSR: Geofacts and Maps by William A. Dando, L. Jones, et all 1995-01-09

1. NPICenter / History Of NPICenter
history OF NPI CENTER 1993 Creation of the National center for patents and information Protection of Industrial Property Objects. history OF NPI CENTER Inventor of the Republic of tajikistan was awarded. 1997 - regional conference on "National system of protection
EAPO NPICenter NPICenter Protection of Industrial Property Objects
- Creation of the National center for patents and information:
Establishment of an independent state - the Republic of Tajikistan and the processes of transition of the economy to market relations brought into WW problem of creation of new governmental managing bodies, in particular, a body for realization of the State's policy in the field of the protection of the objects of industrial property became necessary.
In connection with this by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan No 242 from 28 May 1993 a. on the basis of the former Tajik Scientific and Research Institute of Scientific and Technical Information and Technical and Economic Research (TajikNIINTI) a National Center for Patents and Information was created, one of the main functions of which is the protection of the State's interests in the field of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks and service marks and other subjects of industrial property inside the country and abroad, and also a coordination of inventive activity. - Tajikistan joined the World Intellectual Property Organization and accessed to the most important international Agreements and Treaties in the field of industrial property protection.

2. World History Archives: The Social History Of Tajikistan
The social history of tajikistan. Hartford Web Publishing is not the author of the documents in World history The layers of motivation also include regional and ethnic competition.
The social history of Tajikistan
Hartford Web Publishing is not the author of the documents in World History Archives The history in general of Tajikistan
Some Thoughts on Tajikistan Uzbeks
Dialog on CenAsia list, February 1996. The involvement/role played by Uzbeks in the current crisis in Tajikistan. The Society of Uzbeks plays a cooperative role and does not represent all Uzbeks. Uzbeks have no common agenda. Concerning Ubekified Leninabad elite.
Tajikistan Situation
Dialog on CenAsia list, February 1996. Whether the problems are fundamentally rooted in power politics rather than ethnic relations. The layers of motivation also include regional and ethnic competition. Re. Boimatov. An impact on ethnic relations because political aspirations often pursued though efforts to mobilize people along ethnic or regional lines.
Part of Uzbek Military Leadership Backs Tajik Opposition

3. Tajikistan - News, Finance, Sport, Weather
Updating national and Central Asia regional news headlines, world news and financial markets. Links Category regional Asia tajikistan News and Media...... The Times of Central Asia. tajikistan regional News. Archival. Murgab. FeaturedSites. tajikistan in the 20th Century. Rewriting Tajik history. Phone Directories.
Destination Tajikistan
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Today's Tajikistan Weather Outlook
Financial Markets
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4. World Travel Guide - Tajikistan - History And Government
despite the reservations of the other two main regional powers, China and agreed betweenthe government and the UTO (see history above), tajikistan has an
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... Tajikistan
History and Government
History: Alexandria Eskate (Alexandria the Furthest). However, the mountains effectively spared it from the Mongols, although it was under their aegis.
Afghanistan ) which ultimately took care of the bulk of the fighting on the ground. The Americans made little secret of the fact that they intended to stay, despite the reservations of the other two main regional powers, China and Russia. For their part, the Tajiks were mainly concerned with the economic potential of the arrangement. The economy is in poor shape and many regions of the country have suffered food shortages following years of drought and economic dislocation caused by the civil war.
Government: Under the new constitution agreed between the government and the UTO (see History above), Tajikistan has an executive president who appoints a prime minister to lead a Council of Ministers. The legislature is the bicameral

5. ® ... Regional:Asia:Tajikistan:Society_and_Culture
country. The history of a National Catastrophe'shistory/ tajikistan in the 1920s by Rahim Masov. The
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  • Central Asian Organizations
    A list of organizations in Tajikistan.
    Ethnologue: Tajikistan
    Languages of Tajikistan. Part of Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 14th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; SIL International, 2000.
    Open Society Institute
  • 6. ® ... Regional:Asia:Tajikistan:Maps_and_Views
    Shows major components producers. Dushanbe Photographs and history of the capital of tajikistan.
    Languages: Chinese Deutsch Español Français ... More... (~70 Languages) Welcome to... Flights Lodging Cars Cruises ... Web Directories (2.5 Million URLs) Search Countries: Africa Asia Caribbean Central America ... South America Special Deals Continental Airline Vacations Future Vacations Delta (Airline) Vacations Hot Deals ... Priceline - Disneyland Deals Travel Info Advisories (USA Gov't) ATM Locator Driving Directions Embassies ... Weather Travel Products Foreign Currencies (Buy) Insurance Luggage, Apparel, Adapters Publications ... Sporting Goods NEW! Messaging Forums - Don't be shy! Click on the Forums tab above to exchange travel info with users worldwide. NEW! Hotel Specials and Destination Guides Caribbean Florida Mexico Hawaii ... Tajikistan
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  • Defense Industry Map of Tajikistan
    Shows major components producers.
    Dushanbe folder/...
    Photographs and history of the capital of Tajikistan.
    Major Ethnic Groups in Tajikistan
    Demographic map based upon the 1989 census.
  • 7. Tajikistan Civil War Asian / Middle Eastern History: Postwar From C 1945 - Centr
    Civil war Asian / Middle Eastern history postwar from c 1945 Central Asia Tadzhikistanhistory (Asia) Title tajikistan David Goulden regional Potenti
    Tajikistan Civil war Asian / Middle Eastern history: postwar from c 1945 - Central Asia Tadzhikistan History (Asia) Nassim Jawad
    Subject: Civil war Asian / Middle Eastern history: postwar from c 1945 - Central Asia Tadzhikistan History (Asia)
    Title: Tajikistan
    Author: Nassim Jawad
    Stephen Fothergill Labour's Re...
    Sally Hardy Region-Building...

    Myriam Erro Community Economic...

    David Goulden Regional Potenti...
    Gehrke Rudolf Anekdoten von F...

    8. 1Up Travel > Tajikistan > Cultural Institutions In Tajikistan
    In 1990 tajikistan had twentyseven museums, the fewest of any Soviet republic. Amongthe most notable are the Behzed Museum of history, regional Studies, and

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    Travel Reservations and Bookings
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    Tajikistan Tajikistan Cultural Institutions
    By the mid-1980s, more than 1,600 libraries were operating in Tajikistan. Of particular importance is the Firdavsi State Library, which houses a significant collection of Oriental manuscripts. In 1990 Tajikistan had twenty-seven museums, the fewest of any Soviet republic. Among the most notable are the Behzed Museum of History, Regional Studies, and Art, and the Ethnographic Museum of the Academy of Sciences, both in Dushanbe. There are also significant museums of history and regional studies in several of the republic's other cities. The republic had fourteen theaters in 1990. Only the three Baltic republics, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistanall with smaller populationshad fewer. The republic's film studio, since 1958 called Tadzhikfil'm, opened in Dushanbe in 1930. By the mid-1980s, it was producing seven or eight feature films and thirty documentaries per year for cinemas and television. The Soviet era saw the introduction of opera and ballet to Tajikistan, as well as the organization of Tajik-style song and dance troupes. Dushanbe's opera and ballet theater was the first large public building in the city; its construction began in 1939. Dushanbe also has theaters devoted to Tajik and Russian drama, as well as a drama school. There are theaters for music, musical comedy, and drama in several other Tajik cities as well.

    9. Tajikistan Situation
    of motivation involved power politics, yes, but regional and ethnic the brink ofcrisis merit scrutiny, especially given tajikistan's recent history.
    Documents menu Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 10:51:20 EST
    Reply-To: arichter@SOROSNY.ORG
    Subject: Tajikistan Situation
    Tajikistan Situation
    Dialog on CenAsia list, February 1996
    Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 10:51:20 EST
    As he suggests, those knowledgeable about the situation in Tajikistan acknowledge that there are several layers of motivation involved: power politics, yes, but regional and ethnic competition, as well. Anthony Richter Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 11:27:51 -0500
    In response to Anthony Richter's comments, I would like to clarify. In saying that the problems of Tajikistan are not rooted in ethnic relations, one must of course acknowledge that 1) the conflict has had a profound impact on ethnic relations, because 2) political aspirations have often been pursued though efforts to mobilize people along ethnic or *regional* lines. When people are disenfranchized or promoted, killed or protected because they belong to one group or another, it is inevitable that they will behave as if their primary political interest is ethnic or regional. However, if Boimatov entered Tajikistan after receiving support and endorsement from the government of Ozbekistan, I would consider this a matter of power politics. If his primary motivation is dissatisfaction with the Kolabi leadership's broad program of placing their loyal followers from Kolab region in positions of power throughout the country, this again is not so much a matter of ethnic relations but of power, and it is doubtless a disatisfaction felt not only by Ozbeks in Tajikistan but also by representatives of many ethnic groups and regions throughout the country.

    10. Education Planet Geography And Countries,Regional Resources,Asia,Tajikistan Less
    4) Home/Geography and Countries/regional Resources/Europe K12+ The country of Tajikistanwithin the inventive software, students research the history of shadow
    Apr. 11, 2003 17:40 PST
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    Found websites and other resources for ' tajikistan. Lesson Plans Books Software Maps ... Videos Find 'tajikistan' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' tajikistan Home/Geography and Countries/Countries Tajikistan (26) Home/Geography and Countries/Regional Resources/Asia Tajikistan (6) Home/Geography and Countries/Maps/Europe/Former Soviet Republics Tajikistan (4) Home/Geography and Countries/Regional Resources/Europe/Former Soviet Republics Tajikistan (11) Home/Government and Law/Government/Political Science/Governments/Comparative/Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Republics Tajikistan (11) Home Geography and Countries Regional Resources ... Tajikistan Sponsored Links Dushanbe, Tajikistan Hotels -

    11. Dushanbe, Tajikistan SIBMAS International Directory Of Performing Arts Collectio
    Muzej (Republican regional history and Art Museum)), ul. Aini 31 734012 Dushanbe,Telephone +7 (3772) 231 544 Special Collections Culture (tajikistan).
    International Directory of
    Performing Arts Collections and Institutions
    Dushanbe, Tajikistan
    Index: Institution names followed by are members of SIBMAS AN Respubliki Tadzhikistan
    Institut yazka i literatury im. Rudaki

    (Tajik Academy of Sciences; Institute of Language and Literature; Library)
    Date founded: 1951 Rudaki 21 734025 Dushanbe Telephone: +7 (3772) 21 342 Central State Archives of Cinematographic, Photographic and Audio Documents of Tajikistan ul. Negmatata Karabayeva 38/1 734018 Dushanbe Telephone: +7 (3772) 336 379 Central'nyi gosudarstvennyi archiv Tadzhikskoi Respubliki Biblioteka (Central State Archives of the Tajik Republic) Date founded: 1934 Negmata Karabayeva 38/1 734018 Dushanbe Telephone: +7 (3772) 39 571 Natsionalnaya biblioteka respubliki Tadzhikistan im Firdousi (Firdousi Tajik National Library) Date founded: 1933 Rudaki 36 734025 Dushanbe Telephone: +7 (3772) 274 726 Respublikanskij Istoriko-Kraevedceskij i Chudozestvennyj Muzej (Republican Regional History and Art Museum)) ul. Aini 31

    12. Browsing Regional Asia Tajikistan Category
    Related Categories regional Asia Regions Central Asia WorldSkip Guide to TajikistanDirectory of news Property Government Society history Maps
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    Categories: Arts and Entertainment
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    Regional: Asia: Regions: Central Asia

    CIA World Factbook
    General information about Tajikistan. Preview This Site Eurasianet Informative pages on Tajikistan, links. Preview This Site The European Union - Tajikistan Demographic, political, and geographic information.

    13. Kamol Abdullaev's Home Page
    Insecurity in Central Asia and the Caucasus A regional Challenge With MEDIA INTERVIEW2001 June “From the history of the tajikistanAfghanistan Relations
    Office: 340 Edwards Street, room 304, New Haven CT, 06520
    Home : 72 Mechanic Street, 2 nd floor, New Haven, CT, 06511
    Phone :    (203) 432-6016 (office), (203)624-4034 (home)
    Address in Dushanbe
    : A/ia 92, 734025, Dushanbe Tajikistan
    Web page
    Current position : Sumitomo Bank Visiting Fellow, Yale University
    Over twenty five years of experience in study and teaching modern history of Central Asia. Since 1992 a policy analyst and independent consultant in international non-governmental research organizations involved in education and conflict resolution in Central Asia. Since 1994 an active participant of the US-sponsored research exchange programs in the field of history and conflict resolution. Authoring and editing of 3 books in English and 3 in Russian as well as over 40 articles in English, Russian, Tajik, French, and Japan. EDUCATION TAJIK STATE UNIVERSITY Historian, teacher of history

    14. Artem's Resume
    Wrote and edited articles for regional (covering 12 of Tajik Slavic University, Dushanbe,tajikistan (1997present Law, Economical Theory, history and Theory of
    Main Biography Resume Photos Links Mail me
    Artem Alexandrovich Pashenko
    K. Cetkin 42-16 Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734018 phones: (992-372) 334745 (h), 245820 (w) e-mail: web-site:
    Professional Experience
    IREX/IATP, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (October 2001-present)
      Alumni Coordinator . Duties: planned, conducted and coordinated alumni activities. Encouraged participation of different ECA sponsored programs alumni. Maintained alumni personal and network contacts. Worked closely with IATP Country Coordinator on establishing of Alumni Advisory Council.
    Student Bar League of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (2000-present)
      Deputy Chairman . Duties: Organized and coordinated educational events, such as lectures on law for university students, workshops, conferences and training programs for NGO (non-governmental organizations involved in the field of law) and governmental representatives on republican and regional level. Responsible for fund raising unit coordination. Wrote grant proposals submitted and approved by ABA (American Bar Association) and CEELI (Central and Eastern European Law Initiative), Soros Foundation and OSI (Open Society Institute), UNHCR. Coordinated SBL activities with the regional consortium of Student Bar Associations of Central Asia.
    ACIE/ACCELS, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (1999-present)

    15. The Politics Of History In Tajikistan
    of the Samanids to 'Greater tajikistan' of today However, a special reading of historybased upon ethnic regional elites involved in the confrontation began to
    CONTENTS - Winter 2001
    Economics and Security in Central Asia

    Democratic Transition in Central Asia

    The Politics of History in Tajikistan
    Uzbek Foreign Policy

    Elections in Central Asia

    Bankruptcy Law in China

    World Bank and the Qinghai Project
    Book Review
    The Politics of History in Tajikistan: Reinventing the Samanids By Kirill Nourzhanov Kirill Nourzhanov received his PhD from the Australian National University in 1998 and is currently a Lecturer in the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (the Middle East and Central Asia) at ANU. He has published widely on Central Asian history and politics. During 2000-2001, he acted as an adviser to the Government of Tajikistan on parliamentary reform. His book Tajikistan: The History of An Ethnic State will be published by Hurst in 2001. Caption: Producing a nationalist version of history has acquired special importance for the leaders of independent Tajikistan as a means of reinforcing common Tajik identity, particularly in the aftermath of the civil war. The most recent campaign of this kind is the drive to reinvent and glorify the Samanids-a Muslim dynasty which ruled Mawarannahr and Khorasan during the 9th and 10th centuries A.D. The article will discuss the particulars of this campaign launched by President Rahmonov in March 1997 and the ways in which it contributes to the general political discourse in Tajikistan. Introduction On 9 September 1999-the 8 th anniversary of Tajikistan's independence-President Rahmonov opened an imposing memorial complex in the center of Dushanbe to commemorate the 1,100

    16. Plague_of_regionalism
    Given the history of regional conflict in that state, it is clear that a viable democracyand a stable state in tajikistan can only be built on the basis of an

    of the Central Asian states had a history of national the party fragmented sinceit had regional branches for The IRP in tajikistan has received a great deal
    July 27, 2002 Source: The Collapse of the Soviet Union When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the Central Asian states had independence thrust upon them. They did not actively seek it. Furthermore, there no were strong nationalist movements in Central Asia seeking independence. None of the Central Asian states had a history of national existence prior to either the Soviet Union or that of the Tsarist Empire. Hence, the primary source of loyalty of Central Asian peoples under the Soviet Union was not the Communist State. Rather, a multiplicity’s of loyalties existed and continue to do so. These loyalties range from the clan, tribe, family, republic and to Islam, with Islam having a powerful influence on social mores and identity. Upon independence, Islam competed with peoples loyalties to the new states. Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP) The IRP began as an educational group, not a political party, hence it had limited aims and objectives. The IRP leader in Tajikistan, Akbar Turajanzode, frequently stated that the IRP was not seeking the establishment of an Islamic polity, but a secular democracy. Thus the IRP has not tried to ‘Islamize’ Tajikistan. The IRP’s initial importance stemmed from emphasising that Islam was more important than regional or national affiliations.

    18. Central Eurasia Suggested Reading
    a political agreement but a regional economic transformation guide; Russian and CISpeace enforcement in tajikistan; Guide to Scholars of the history and Culture

    19. Tajikistan Archive
    As history Shifts, Central Asia Remains a World Apart of the Islamic Renaissance Partyof tajikistan 2/13 Expert Calls for Review of regional Drug Interdiction

    20. Regional: Asia: Tajikistan: Society And Culture -
    3. The history of a National Catastrophe tajikistan in the 1920s by RahimMasov. http//'s history/frame.html.
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    Annual Report: Tajikistan.

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