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         Tax Reform:     more books (100)
  1. Frontiers of Tax Reform (Hoover Institution Press Publication)
  2. Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone, 2009-08-31
  3. Fundamental Tax Reform: Issues, Choices, and Implications
  4. Tax Reform in Open Economies: International and Country Perspectives
  5. Fundamental Issues in Consumption Taxation (AEI Studies on Tax Reform) by David F. Bradford, 1996-01-01
  6. United States Tax Reform in the 21st Century (Volume 0)
  7. Tax Reform in the 21st Century (Series on International Taxation) by John G. Head Richard Krever, 2009-07-13
  8. Toward Fundamental Tax Reform by Kevin Hassett, 2005-05-25
  9. The Challenges of Tax Reform in a Global Economy
  10. Investment, Vol. 3: Lifting the Burden: Tax Reform, the Cost of Capital, and U.S. Economic Growth by Dale W. Jorgenson, Kun-Young Yun, 2002-05-01
  11. Tax Reform: The Rich and the Poor by Joseph A. Pechman, 1989-12
  12. Company Tax Reform in the European Union: Guidance from the United States and Canada on Implementing Formulary Apportionment in the EU by Joann Martens-Weiner, 2010-10-29
  13. Real Tax Reform: Replacing the Income Tax (American Enterprise Institute studies in fiscal policy)
  14. Using Taxes to Reform Health Insurance: Pitfalls and Promises

1. Tax Reform - Internet Opinion Poll & Information
includes summaries of major tax reform proposals
Would You Like to Shut Down the IRS with a Mouse?
Table of Contents Read Summaries Cast Your Vote Email Congress
Many Americans think it's time for a change in the tax system.
Here you can read a brief summary of each of the tax reform proposals,
then send your vote to Congress.
This site may be your best chance to improve the tax system in America and
make the IRS OBSOLETE!
Hot Site Award
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2. Tax Policy & Reform Groups
Skim a comprehensive list of groups concerned with tax reform and oversight, plus those involved with state and federal tax policy research. Tax Policy Reform Groups. tax reform Oversight. Internet and eCommerce
Internet and e-Commerce
Tax Policy Research State Tax Policy Tax Associations ... World Bank Group
Internet and e-Commerce
Tax Policy Research
State Tax Policy

3. Welcome To Tax Reform
The tax reform Entry Point website has been retired. Enquiries relating to tax reform should be directed to the Australian Taxation Office at

4. Law And Legal Issues About Current Lawsuits And Lawyers
Information, arguments, and grassroots efforts to improve the U.S. federal tax system, particularly through drastic overhaul.
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Trying the Child Custody Case

Among the most difficult enterprises in family law is the trial of a custody case. When parents cannot agree on custody of a child, a court must determine with which parent the child will live.
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5. Green Tax Shift Headquarters Ecological Tax Reform Ecotax Eco-tax Pollution
tax reform or Fiscal Reform? Presentation at the Special Commission Proposal for the Amendment of the Constitution No. 175A, de 1995 Deputy Minister, Finance Ministry
Ecological Tax Reform Environmental Tax Shifting
The Green Tax Shift
Shifting taxes away from human initiative
and onto monopolization of natural resources,
pollution and government-granted privileges instead
What's New Policy Statements Organizations
Support us securely online! Tax Shift Classics Commentary Tax Shift Background... Green Tax Policy Breakthrough in Scotland ... Democracy, EarthRights and Ecotaxation presentation by Alanna Hartzok at the Senegal Seminar Introductory Environmental Tax Shift article A Distributional Analysis of an Environmental Tax Shift gives a look at one way of shifting taxes, and what the effects might be. Environmental Taxation Conference , April 2002 New BC's cogent look at Tax Shifting
The Environmental League features Tax Shifting as a Key Environmental Issue Take this quiz and Test Your Knowledge on Taxes, Subsidies and Natural Resources
  • Two splendid articles by Michael Jessen, both on tax shifting. These are suitable for a general audience not already familiar with the idea. Here's the first and here's the second
  • Important Study on the Green Tax Shift applied to British Columbia
  • Learn About the Amazing Sky Trust!
  • 6. PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgian Tax Reform Web Site
    Information about the Belgian tax reform, corporate and personal taxation, 20012005.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium
    Corporate tax reform Personal tax reform About us ... Events Welcome to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgian tax reform web site. This web site is presented by the corporate tax and the personal tax departments of PricewaterhouseCoopers. It provides you with information on the Belgian tax reform. The impacts on corporate taxation and personal taxation are explained in different sections. Our goal is to provide you with the right information to enable you to maximise the effects of the Belgian tax reform. Please visit our " latest news " section for the latest tax reform developments. For general information concerning the Belgian personal income tax system, please visit our dedicated section
    Make sure you have all the information you need on the latest developments !
    Please enter your e-mail address below to receive our newsletter about the Belgian tax reform
    Personal Tax reform Estimate the impact of the tax reform on your salary
    2003 updated Terms of use Privacy statement Email webmaster

    7. ATR | Americans For Tax Reform
    ATR believes in a system in which taxes are simpler, fairer, flatter, more visible, and lower than Category Society Issues Economic Taxation Organizations......PRESS RELEASE Taxpayers to Washington Before Hiking Taxes or SlashingTax Cuts, Look at Gov't Waste More Details here PRESS
    PRESS RELEASE: Taxpayer Group Telegraphs Offensive Against Gov. Guinn's Tax Hike More Details here...
    PRESS RELEASE: Tobacco, Fatty Foods, Now Firearms? Time to End the Farce. More Details here... PRESS RELEASE: More Details here... PRESS RELEASE: The Georgia Senate Has Shown Tax Hikes Are Not Necessary - Why Does the House Insist on New Taxes? More Details here... More news here...
    Support the Second Amendment from Frivolous Lawsuits
    By Matthew Clark
    Click here for the full story!
    USO-sponsored Site Allows You to Send an E-mail of Support to Our Men and Women in the Middle East! Click here for more!

    8. Tax Reform 2000
    Shows how to evolve to a 10% flat tax. Proposes simple tax reform measures and supports specific Category Society Issues Economic Taxation Flat Tax...... use it. Cast your Vote (inside) for tax reform! New 15% Voluntary FlatTax (1040EZ) Proposal. Enter Here. This is a hit counter only.
    The Present Tax system is a mess ! It is inordinately wasteful, just plain unfair, and a major source of political corruption. Our plan is simple and long over due . Rather than wait for Congress to devise the perfect tax reform, we propose to reform the tax code one tax form at a time. Using the 1040EZ and 540EZ short forms as a basis, we show how over 70% of taxpayers could be offered a simple six line tax form that it is voluntary. Taxpayers if they choose can simply use the current 1040 and 540 Long Forms, which would remain unchanged. This proposal is endorsed by the National Taxpayers Union , and was given top priority in the finance and taxation committee of the National Silver Haired Congress . We follow up with a series of simple common sense reforms which could provide a 10% flat rate tax for those who chose to use it. Cast your Vote (inside) for Tax Reform! New Voluntary Flat Tax Proposal Enter Here This is a hit counter only privacy

    Any of the major congressional tax reform proposals the Armey-Shelby flat tax, the Schaefer-Tauzin Category Society Issues Economic Taxation......All tax reform Plans Compare Well to Current System. Any of the majorcongressional tax reform proposals the ArmeyShelby flat
    All Tax Reform Plans Compare Well to Current System
    Any of the major congressional tax reform proposals the Armey-Shelby flat tax, the Schaefer-Tauzin national sales tax, and the Nunn-Domenici USA Tax System would lower a typical middle-class family's tax burden, according to a Tax Foundation analysis. Senior Economist Arthur Hall has calculated a specially selected Tennessee family's tax burden under the various tax reform plans, comparing these burdens with those under the current income tax system. The Joneses, Bob and Susan and their two dependent children, were selected as a typical middle-class family. The Foundation analysis shows that in tax year 1997 Bob and Susan Jones would have a tax liability of $3,967 under the current federal income tax system ( see chart 1 ) . (The indirect effects of business taxation on individuals are not included in the accompanying table.) However, under the USA tax plan formally introduced by Sens. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) and Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) that liability would fall to $1,792 ( see chart 2 Under the flat tax plan introduced by Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas) and Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), at a 20 percent rate the Jones's tax liability would be $3,518 (

    10. The Conscience Of Alabama Call The Arise Office Or Email Us To
    Alabama Arise website. A page of links to a few articles on tax burden distribution in Alabama.Category Society Issues Economic Taxation...... Knight Income tax reform Plan 5/22/02. Protecting Alabama's Estate Tax5/21/02. tax reform Resolution, Episcopal Diocese of AL 2/23/01.
    the conscience of Alabama Call the Arise Office or email us to schedule an up coming Issue preview for the 2003 legislative session. Arise Search: Up


    In Alabama the working poor pay a higher percentage of their income in sales tax on food. Alabama Taxes Unfair 1/27/03 Alabama Taxes Unfair 1/08/03 Business Tax Revenue 8/12/02 Knight Income Tax Reform Plan 5/22/02 Protecting Alabama's Estate Tax 5/21/02 Tax Reform Resolution, Episcopal Diocese of AL 2/23/01 Arise Income Tax Plan 2000 5/26/00 Three Bill Comparison 3/24/00 Plan For Income Tax Fairness 2/11/00 Principles of a Sound Fiscal System 2/11/00 Arise Income Tax Proposal Talking Points 2/4/00 A Plan for Progressive Tax Reform in Alabama (PDF format only) Earned Income Tax Credit for Alabama 10/9/99 (Rob Collins) Reducing AL Income Tax 4/14/99 (CBPP) P.O. Box 612, Montgomery AL, 36101~ Ph 334.832.9060 ~ Webmaster

    11. California Tax Reform Association
    A small non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California. CTRA has advocated for many years Category Society Issues Economic Taxation Organizations......The California tax reform Association (CTRA) is a small nonprofitorganization based in Sacramento, California. CTRA has advocated
    926 J Street, Suite 710
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Ph: 916.446.4300
    Fax: 916.444.6611
    The California Tax Reform Association (CTRA) is a small non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California. CTRA has advocated for many years for fair taxes in the context of a healthy public sector. CTRA is primarily supported by lab or, p ublic health, education, and law enforcement groups. CTRA has worked on a variety of tax policy issues - usually focused on equity and social fairness. CTRA has conducted focus groups and polling on tax policy issues and has developed expertise in both the policy and political aspects of tax policy in California. Read the new reports "Bill Aims to Hike Business Tax Burden", Sacramento Bee, February, 27, 2003 Commercial Property Study Charts Commercial Property Study REVENUE PACKAGE FOR 2003-04 ... The Empire Has No Clothes:
    Infrastructure, Sprawl, Local Government Finance and the Property Tax
    What's Wrong with the Commercial Property Tax

    For more information on budget cutting options that are good for California's environment:
    The 2003 Green Watchdog Report
    (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    How to Cut $1 Billion Out of the General Fund while Protecting the Environment Projects of CTRA in cooperation with Green Capitol Project Friends of the Earth , and CalPIRG

    12. ATR: Policy Issues: Flat Tax & Tax Reform
    Below you will find a repository of all materials ATR has releasedto the public pertaining to The Flat Tax tax reform. Please

    13. Tax Reform Effects
    Associated Press analysis of how the 1999 tax reform plan would affect Tennesseans financially.
    The estimated impact of Gov. Don Sundquist's tax reform plan on certain taxpayer groups: Single person under 65 earning $20,000 -Sales tax savings: $256.53
    -Income tax: $715.49
    -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $107.32
    -Total cost: $351.64 Single person under 65 earning $50,000 -Sales tax savings: $420.83
    -Income tax: $1,924.95
    -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $538.98
    -Total cost: $965.13 Single person over 65 earning $15,000 -Sales tax savings: $246.05
    -Income tax: $265.78
    -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $39.87
    -Total savings: $20.13 Married couple under 65 filing jointly earning $40,000 -Sales tax savings: $539.82
    -Income tax: $1,281.69 -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $192.25 -Total cost: $549.62 Married couple over 65 filing jointly earning $30,000 -Sales tax savings: $460.30 -Income tax: $542.97 -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $81.45 -Total cost: $1.22 Single adult with child earning $30,000 -Sales tax savings: $460.30 -Income tax: $992.97 -Savings from itemizing federal taxes: $148.95 -Total cost: $383.72

    14. Tax Reform Entry Point
    The tax reform Entry Point website has been retired. Enquiries relatingto tax reform should be directed to the Australian Taxation
    The Tax Reform Entry Point website has been retired. Enquiries relating to tax reform should be directed to the Australian Taxation Office at

    15. Tennesseans For Fair Taxation
    Group that supports state tax reform to reduce Tennessee's dependence on sales tax and distribute tax burden more equitably.
    redirect to:

    16. Connecticut Tax Reform Project
    Grass roots campaign for property tax fairness, based on Proposition 13 in California.
    Connecticut Tax Reform Project Citizens and taxpayers of the State of Connecticut who have had enough of:
    • Uneven and unfair property tax assessments.
    • The annual State and Town Budget battles.
    • State and local spending on projects and services we didn't vote for.
    • Our towns and cities being burdened with un-funded State mandates.

    What we propose:
    • To bring to the State Legislature, a proposition, herein referred to as proposition CT13, to amend the State Constitution to bring proposition CT13 into law.

    What is proposition CT13? Proposition CT13 Annotated Version
    What Started this?

    Letter To The New London Day

    Is there any basis for this proposition?
    • Yes. Proposition CT13 has it's roots in California's Proposition 13, which was enacted in 1978. The California proposition came to be for the same reasons as we are trying to enact it here in Connecticut. Property assessments being raised as much as 600%.

    17. Tax Reform Political Leaders' Views
    School Choice. tax reform. tax reform. Candidates' views . Background

    18. Tax Reform - Internet Opinion Poll & Information
    Learn About tax reform. DID YOU KNOW that the Cost of Complying with theCurrent Tax System is Nearly 50% of what the IRS Collects in Taxes?
    Learn About Tax Reform DID YOU KNOW... that the Cost of Complying
    with the Current Tax System is Nearly 50% of
    what the IRS Collects in Taxes? Fortune Magazine
    Table of Contents Read Summaries Cast Your Vote Email Congress
    This Internet Opinion Poll may be your best chance to improve the tax system in America and make the IRS OBSOLETE! T A B L E - O F - C O N T E N T S FLAT TAX Summary Problems with Current Tax System NATIONAL SALES TAX Summary Read about the Benefits of Tax Reform VALUE ADDED TAX Summary Email Your Congressman Do We Need Tax Reform? Email Your Senator Cast Your Vote for Tax Reform The information presented here was compiled from articles written by Fortune Magazine, Business Week, and Forbes Magazine. As new reform proposals or modifications occur, we will try to included these. If you have corrections, comments or would like to submit articles, send e-mail to

    19. Tennessee Tax Reform Calculator
    An interactive web site where users can see how tax reform will affect them. Just enter income, filing Category Society Issues Economic Taxation Organizations......Enter your annual income (completely confidential), filing status, and numberof dependents to see how tax reform in Tennessee will affect you.
    You've landed here for one of two reasons:
  • You resized your window and presto... here you landed. This is a quirky thing that only happens in older Javascript-enabled browsers. You can return simply by clicking here. Or, you landed here directly and never saw the Tax Reform Calculator. If that is the case, then you are using a browser that either does not support Javascript, or has Javascript turned off.
  • The Tax Reform Calculator is a Javascript-based program.
    • Please enable your Javascript or upgrade your browser in order to use the Tax Reform Caclulator. If you cannot upgrade your browser, be sure to check out TFT's on-line facts and resources which will help you determine the effect tax reform will have on you.
    Tennesseans for Fair Taxation Home Page

    20. ME3's Sustainable Minnesota - Tax And Incentives Program And Ecological Tax Refo
    Other Resources on Ecological tax reform (by date if possible). Environmental TaxReform The European Experience Center for a Sustainable Economy, July 2001;
    ME3's Tax and Incentives Program Resources ME3's Tax and Incentives program seeks to marry the goals of environmental improvement with a fair and efficient taxation system. Significant research work has been completed on the economic implications of restructuring Minnesota's tax system to one based, in part, on environmental taxes. Currently, work is focused on bringing ideas into practice through legislative initiatives. ME3 is grateful for the generous support of the W. Alton Jones Foundation and the Joyce Foundation for this project. Legislative Initiatives 2001-2002 Session of the MN Legislature
    Cleaner Vehicles and Cleaner Fuels
    Energy Savings through Greener Buildings and Technologies
    Clean Electric Energy Production

    About 70 percent of Minnesota’s electricity is produced in coal-fired plants. "Grand-fathered" boilers, (those built before the 1970 Clean Air Act), pollute 2 to 10 times more than those required to meet New Source Performance Standards. ME3 will support legislation that grants personal property tax exemptions for power plants based on environmental and efficiency improvements at those plants. ME3 supports investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and special expensing rules for "clean" repowering of existing plants, and incentives for renewable energy through tax credits for small-scale wind and solar generators. 2000 Session of the MN Legislature
    Omnibus tax bill

    ME3 wrote and sponsored a provision in this bill that rewards employers with a 30 percent income tax credit for their cost in providing transit passes and vanpools for their employees. The legislation was signed by Governor Ventura making Minnesota one of only a few states to offer such tax credits for transit. In November 2000, ME3 received the SmartGrowth Wise award at the Commuter Choice Awards for our efforts in promoting the credit. The tenth annual award ceremony was sponsored by Metro Commuter Services (formerly Metro Ride Share).

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