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         Teaching Resources Agriculture:     more books (100)
  1. Teaching the meaning and importance of agribusiness: (a teaching plan designed for use with "A reference unit on the meaning and importance of agribusiness") ... Agriculture and natural resources series) by Jasper S Lee, 1974
  2. Systems Approaches for Improvement in Agriculture and Resource Management by Kathleen Karah Wilson, Goerge E. B. Morren, 1990-04
  3. Agriculture and Natural Resources: Planning for Educational Priorities for the Twenty-First Century (Social Behavior and Natural Resources Series) by Wava G. Haney, 1991-06
  4. Dig in! Hands-On Soil Investigations by NSTA Press, Natural Resources Conservation Service, et all 2001-01-01
  5. Ecosystem matters : activity and resource guide for environmental educators (SuDoc A 13.36/2:EC 7/2) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1995
  6. Resource guide to educational materials about agriculture : a project of Agriculture in the Classroom (SuDoc A 1.11/3:ED 8) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1993
  7. Succeeding In The World Of Work, Career Clusters, Agriculture and Natural Resources; Architecture and Construction by McGraw-Hill, 2002-05-17
  8. Competencies needed by students in agriculture and natural resources education prior to student teaching (Professional series in agricultural education) by Raymond Andrew Garner, 1974
  9. Global change education resource guide (SuDoc A 1.11/3:G 51) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1996
  10. The Catalyst : a report from the Natural Resource Conservation Program (SuDoc A 13.131:) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture,
  11. Natural resource education guide : mid-Willamette Valley (SuDoc A 13.36/2:Ed 8) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1992
  12. Minnesota guide to educational resources about agriculture: A resource for K-12 educators : a project of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom by Jerry Simon, 1988
  13. Evaluation of agrarian reform educational support institutions: Final report : submitted to the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research Development by Milagros E Eusebio, 1982
  14. Undergraduate Education in the Sciences for Students in Agriculture and Natural Resources

1. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Agriculture Education
has been implemented, teaching resources, and lesson plans targeted towards particularUS states. Author United States Department of agriculture Subjects
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
Agriculture education
A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • Agriculture in the Classroom
  • Food and Farming Education Service
  • Homecoming
  • National Agriculture Library ...
  • Writtle College, Essex Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Agriculture in the Classroom
    Grassroots program aiming to raise understanding of the influence of agriculture upon the economy and society. Provides information on how the program has been implemented, teaching resources, and lesson plans targeted towards particular US states.
    Author: United States Department of Agriculture
    Subjects: agriculture education
    Location: usa
    Last checked:
    Food and Farming Education Service
    Includes a set of facts sheets on all aspects of UK farming intended for teachers at all levels. Topics include animal genetics and biotechnology, beef cereals, crop production, diversification, livestock, grass, horticulture, oilseeds, pigs, plant breeding, potatoes, poultry and sheep.
    Author: Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Country Landowners Association
    Subjects: agriculture education, animal genetics, biotechnology, british agriculture, consumer advice, crops, food production, horticulture, livestock, poultry, sheep
  • 2. NU IANR - Institute Of Agriculture And Natural Resources - Home Page
    agriculture Network Information Center
    Departments/ Units Directories Calendar Search ...
    Cooperative Extension
    Welcome Information about IANR Overview of Programs IANR Strategic Plan Discussion Board County Extension offices ... Points of Pride Timely Topics 2002 Farm Bill Resources
    For Nebraska producers

    USDA site

    House Ag Committee
    Confronting the possibility of agroterrorism: resources ... UNL-AgNIC Water Quality Web Resources
    UNL's water excellence program in partnership with AgNIC. A premier site for water resources information, including articles, links and other materials.
    Library of Crop Technology Lesson Modules

    A library of lessons related to crop technology and an unbiased focus on crop genetics engineering. Want to know how photosynthesis inhibiting herbicides work? Visit the library for the answer.
    Beef Cattle Production

    For tips and advice on managing cattle through the drought, visit NU Cooperative Extension's beef site.
    Latest News
    Irrigation Efficiency Is Important This Drought Year LINCOLN, Neb. — Irrigation water use will be a critical issue across much of the state this summer, a University of Nebraska irrigation engineer said.

    3. Resources For Teaching Sustainable AgricultureResources For Teaching Sustainable
    resources for teaching Sustainable agriculture Can be freely duplicated? Contact for ordering/info. CIAS Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS)
    Resources for Teaching Sustainable Agriculture
    A Supplement to "Toward A Sustainable Agriculture: A Teachers Guide"
    Sponsored by:
    Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
    School of Natural Resources
    College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    University of Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin Rural Development Center, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin Project Coordinator: Derek Leitzke
    Recommendations herein are the expressed opinions of the Wisconsin Rural Development Center and the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems and does not in any way reflect the opinions of the United States Department of Agriculture.
    Table of Contents
    Acknowledgments Introduction How to Obtain Materials How to Use ... Publishers/Resource List
    The purpose of this database of teaching materials on sustainable agriculture topics is to help instructors select teaching resources most suitable to their needs. This resource list can be used in conjunction with Wisconsin's teacher's reference guide, Toward a Sustainable Agriculture, which is targeted to high school instructors. However, this resource guide may be useful to grade levels other than high school. In Wisconsin, it also can be used in conjunction with a lending library, to be administered, at least initially, by the Wisconsin Association of Vocational Agricultural Instructors (WAVAI). While the lending library will make available some materials, others can be obtained through public libraries or by contacting organizations as noted.

    4. Home : Benson Institute
    Improving nutrition and agricultural practices of rural populations in the developing world by teaching improved farming techniques, and better use of locally available resources.
    Search Advanced The Institute Publications ... Morocco Home Welcome to the Benson Institute website.
    The Institute

    Learn about the history, goals, strategy, mission, and participants of the Benson Institute. Also find information on how to contact us.

    Delve into the three different publications of the Benson Institute.
    Field Work

    Find out what we've been doing in the several countries around the world.
    Get updated on the latest happenings at the Benson Institute around the globe.
    Featured article Diagnostic: Assessing the Food and Nutrition Situtation in Rural Guatemala
    A nutritional assessment of rural Guatemala with recommendations.
    Highlighted articles Guides for a Brighter Tomorrow Noticing the nutrition problems in her country, Tania Emilia Reyes Rivas determined that she would help solve the frustrating cycle of malnutrition and lack of sanitation that has spanned generations for many Guatemalan families. Compiling the Organic Farming Database Interns from Mexico come to Utah to use Benson Institute facilities for compling an organic database.

    5. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Guides, Tutorials, Teaching Materials: Tech
    the origins and evolution of agriculture and crop uk Last checked 20010328 MATTERMaterials teaching Educational resources Project established in
    BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    Guides, Tutorials, Teaching Materials: Technology, Engineering, Management
    Index Titles Descriptions
  • All You Can Eat
  • Applied Management Science: Making Good Decisions
  • Basics of Design Engineering ...
  • World Lecture Hall: Veterinary Medicine Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Food news, storage and preparation tips on fruit, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, information on nutritional and health benefits of a range of produce, and a selection of recipes. Users are given the opportunity to ask questions online which will be answered by an expert from the Produce Marketing Association.
    Author: Produce Marketing Association
    Last checked:
    All You Can Eat
    A guide to pesticides found in certain foods. A section titled Daily Fare shows how many pesticides are eaten in a typical day; fruit salad roulette reveals the pesticides in a typical fruit salad or individual piece of fruit; the EWG Supermarket selects a food type, listing pesticides and health risks involved; and a Kids Menu analyses pesticides eaten by children aged between one and five in a typical day. Tips for reducing exposure to such pesticides are included.
    Author: Environmental Working Group
    Last checked:
    Applied Management Science: Making Good Decisions
    Online course intended to provide decision makers and analysts with tools that provide a logical structure for understanding problems as well as mathematical techniques for solving problems. Topics and links cover the methodology of management science (operational research), optimisation, linear programming, decision analysis and formulation of network problems.
  • 6. Start Here (Mycorrhizas Webpage)
    Introduction to the structure, development and function of mycorrhizas, especially vesicular arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal associations. Includes illustrations, lists of Australian host plants, fungi associated with Eucalyptus and teaching resources.
    CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products . The use of information and images from this site for non-profit teaching purposes is encouraged, but they may not be republished in any form without written permission. Please read the and safety information provided. Most images are by Mark Brundrett, unless another photographer is acknowledged. Images cannot be published without permission from the photographer. The person who is the original source of images must always be acknowledged.
    Sources of Images and Information
    Much of this site are based on text and images from the introductory chapter of the book Working with Mycorrhizas in Forestry and Agriculture by Mark Brundrett, Neale Bougher, Bernie Dell, Tim Grove and Nick Malajczuk, published by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research in 1996. More information about the book is provided . This book contains much additional information about mycorrhizal associations including chapters on ectomycorrhizal fungi identification. Some diagrams from this book are available for you to download.

    7. Interactive Teaching Resources: Science, Technology And Society
    online course offered by Extension teaching at the students with the use of microcomputersin agriculture. utilizing and creating online resources, the class

    • Africa in World Perspective
    • American Environmental History
    • Extension Courses
    • Informational Society ...
    • Africa in World Perspective :This course is an introduction to Africa. While our attention and work is centered on the continent of Africa, at every major step we will be moving outward to the larger African world and Europe/North Americahence the title "Africa in World Perspective".
    • American Environmental History : Just what is "American Environmental History"? Didn't we have enough to try to understand in our history without a whole new discipline? This course will introduce students to this exciting and vital new field, beginning with pre-Invasion Indians and concluding with an assessment of the American environment today. Through readings and discussions we will examine a variety of influential issues and themes. Particular emphasis will be paid to politics (both domestic and foreign), gender, race, ethnicity and religion.
    • Extension Courses : An on-line course offered by Extension Teaching at the University of Missouri-Columbia is a regular University course conducted entirely over the Internet. Although the class does follow the semester calendar,students can participate from anywhere in the world, and the classroom is open 24 hours a day, allowing students to participate in the course at times convenient for them. On-line courses may be combined with traditional courses. If you are pursuing a degree, you should contact your advisor to make certain the course will apply to your degree program. On-line courses require access to a computer, a modem, E-mail, and the Internet. The instructor facilitates peer interaction between those enrolled in the course, and students are required to actively participate in class discussions in an on-line environment.

    8. Mycology Resources: Teaching
    Mycological resources on the Internet resources for teaching Sites for teaching and learning about fungi A basic introduction to mycorrhizae, with tips on how to select and use inoculum in your garden or landscape. WWW VL Mycology teaching resources. HOME ABOUT COLLECTIONS DIRECTORIES DISCUSSIONS GENERAL of the US Dept. of agriculture, Agricultural Research Service that focuses
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    About this search
    WWW VL: Mycology
    The entire WWW VL WWW VL Mycology: Teaching Resources
    Mycological Resources on the Internet: Resources for Teaching
    Sites for teaching and learning about fungi
    A practical guide to mycorrhiza
    A basic introduction to mycorrhizae, with tips on how to select and use inoculum in your garden or landscape. A Japanese version is also available.
    Alexopoulos textbook errata and additional index items
    Errata and additional index items for the textbook "Introductory Mycology," by Alexopoulos, Mims and Blackwell (1996) are available through Dr. Blackwell's web pages.
    American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
    The ATCC web page provides a searchable interface to their extensive holdings of filamentous fungi and yeasts, ordering instructions, and information about ATCC workshops and products.
    Biology of Mycorrhizas
    A good introduction to mycorrhizae, their functions and evolution.
    Centex Naturalist
    This site includes information on the flora and fauna of central Texas, USA. Jerry Evans has developed a nice guide to noncrustose lichens growing on trees at the Miller Springs Nature Center, and is developing a treatment of the mushrooms, too.
    Cryptogams in Depth
    Fred M. Rhoades maintains this collection of 3-dimensional images of fungi, myxomycetes, bryophytes, and lichens from Washington, USA.

    9. Resources / Earth Sciences
    Environment issues related to learning and teaching in the to manage conservenatural resources, improve sustainable agriculture, address problems
    CONTENTS Education
    General Higher Associations, Consortia, Networks (general) ... Research (general)
    Resources and International Courseware Directory
    Courseware GROUP 1:
    Health and Life Sciences
    Resources Courseware GROUP 2:
    Arts, Humanities

    Courseware GROUP 3:
    Social Sciences
    Resources Courseware GROUP 4:
    Earth Sciences

    Courseware GROUP 5:
    Resources Courseware GROUP 6: Resources Courseware GROUP 7: Resources Courseware Associations, Consortia, Networks Higher Education News ... Home
    Resources / GROUP 4: Earth Sciences
    .... for teaching, learning, course preparation and research 'And then came the grandest idea of all! We actually made a map of the country, on the scale of a mile to the mile!” ”Have you used it much?” I enquired. “It has never been spread out, yet,” said Mein Herr: “the farmers objected: they said it would cover the whole country, and shut out the sunlight! So we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well.' - From Lewis Carrol Resources / Earth Sciences Alberta U (CA), Soil Science Server

    10. Resources
    members of CPS. teaching resources. Websites With teaching resources. illustratedstorybook). agriculture in the Classroom (AITC). agriculture

    Plant Pathology Resources
    Ressources de Pathologie des Plantes
    CPS Members are encouraged to submit Teaching and Research Resources that may be helpful to other members of CPS. Teaching Resources Websites With Teaching Resources
    • Plant Pathology: Past to Present is an illustrated storybook describing the origin, relevance and science of plant pathology.The story unfolds as if told by Anton deBary, father of plant pathology, and is suitable for elementary and secondary students to adults. This link will take you to the storybook, which is hosted by the American Phytopathological Society. (Select "Education and Learning" and then "Plant Pathology: Past Present, an illustrated storybook).
      Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)
      . "Agriculture in the Classroom programs across Canada build an awareness and an understanding of sustainable agriculture and food systems by providing educational programs and resources to students and teachers." This website presents the AITC programs of individual provinces, and contains numerous Resource Listings for Teachers, often presenting the information according to the age of students, type of crops, etc.

    11. Team Approach To Teaching Participatory Group Process Involving
    Team Approach to teaching Participatory Group Process Involving. Natural resources and agriculture

    12. Institute Of Agriculture And Natural Resources
    College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources prepares professional leaders in the food, agricultural sciences, agribusiness, natural resources and human resources through its graduate and undergraduate programs. CASNR is the only college in Nebraska offering such programs in agricultural sciences and natural resources, with a total of about 40 degree programs, specializations and minors available.

    13. Victorian Education Channel - All Users: Browse
    Human Uses Environment Food and agriculture Site guide teaching resources IssuesSpinning DNA helix The structure of DNA Home What is biotechnology?
    All Users


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    CSF Top Level Choose a heading below to browse further. English as a Second Language English HPE Health and Physical Education ... The Arts
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    27029 resources found
    1. Biotechnology Australia - What is Biotechnology? - Materials of Gene Technology - What is DNA? - Structure

    Biotechnology Australia Logo What is Biotechnology? Human Uses Environment Food and Agriculture Site guide Teaching resources Issues Spinning DNA helix The structure of DNA Home What is biotechnology? Materials What is DNA? Surprisingly, while the DNA molecule is very URL: Last modified: ; File Size: ; More . . . 2. Biotechnology Australia - What is Biotechnology? - Materials of Gene Technology - What is DNA? - Structure Biotechnology Australia Logo What is Biotechnology? Human Uses Environment Food and Agriculture Site guide Teaching resources Issues Spinning DNA helix The structure of DNA Home What is biotechnology? Materials What is DNA? DNA double helix Inactive image Inactive image URL:

    14. Directories Of Agriculture-related Internet Information Resources
    Subject- and geographic-focused directories of agriculture-related information resources on the Internet, Category Regional North America Business and Economy agriculture...... Pathology entomology, Crop production, Soils, teaching resources). GENRES InformationSystem on Genetic resources relating to food, agriculture and forestry
    Agriculture Network Information Center Projects Directories of Resources
    Directories of Agriculture-related Internet Information Resources
    DIRAGIR points to subject- and geographic-focused directories of agriculture-related information resources on the Internet. The headings, based on a broad cut of the semi-hierarchical AGRICOLA Subject Category Codes , are organized alphabetically. The code associated with each heading is linked to its description. Ultimately we hope to include all germane, substantive efforts, as long as they are effectively organized, reasonably focused and actively maintained. Suggestions for additions may be sent to:
    Agricultural Economics (
    Agricultural Products Animal (
    Animal Science (
    • GENRES - Information System on Genetic Resources . Provides links to information about German, European, and International activities relating to food, agriculture and forestry genetics. Available discipline categories are: Plant Genetic Resources, Forest Genetic Resources, Animal Genetic Resources, Microorganisms, and Biological Diversity. Service categories are: News, Literature, Projects, Events, and Job Market.

    15. Kentucky Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    Trap CountsScoutInfo Online IPM in KYCrop ProfilesManuals FactSheetsAppleIPMFor the Homeowner Test Your Scout Skills teaching resourcesCo.

    16. NDSU College Of Agriculture, Food Systems, And Natural Resources -- Scholarship
    organizations student success Alumni search. NDSU agriculture NDSU ExtensionService ND Agricultural Experiment Station. 315 Morrill Hall Fargo

    NDSU Agriculture

    NDSU Extension Service

    ND Agricultural Experiment Station

    315 Morrill Hall
    Fargo, ND 58105
    Fax 701/231-8520

    17. Agriculture Home Page
    ePacks build better online courses agriculture Instructors! Featured resources atthe Ohio State University an indexed system of teaching resources for the
    WebCT Resources Academic Resources Faculty Resources Student Resources ... WebCT Quickstart Agriculture
    Whether you teach or study Agriculture using WebCT, you will be able to share ideas, tools, tips and resources with other WebCT users. Don't miss the many online resources we've assembled in the library
    Course Content Agriculture Instructors! WebCT now offers over 1,000 e-Packs in more than 30 subject areas. WebCT e-Packs are publisher course content that have been specifically designed for use with WebCT. See the e-Packs available for evaluation and adoption in the Content Showcase Students: Purchase an Access Code to the WebCT course suggested by your instructor. Featured Resources Spotlight On
    The Plant Dictionary
    at the Ohio State University: an indexed system of teaching resources for the discipline of Horticulture and Crop Science. It includes a great depth of information regarding plants, plant diseases and pests, horticultural history and much more. University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Computer Aided Learning (CAD) CAL is the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine Computer Aided Learning program. CAL projects are designed to supplement the veterinary curriculum offered by the School and provide the students with an alternative to traditional lectures.

    18. Forage Information System
    Extensive collection of resources on hay, pastures, silage, and the grazing animals. Forage plant Category Science agriculture Field Crops Grassland and Pasture...... contains information on ID resources, Grasses, Legumes CONTENT components includeResearch, teaching, and Extension web sites that post forage/agriculture jobs.
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    Short Courses/Workshops


    Web Courses


    The Edit Forage Species web segment contains a list of forage species from around the world. The GOVERNMENT web segment contains a list of government organizations from around the world. The UNIVERSITY CLASSES section contains information on forage classes taught at universities around the world. The WEB CLASSES section contains information on forage classes taught via the web at universities around the world. The SHORT COURSES/WORKSHOPS section contains information on forage short courses, workshops and conferences around the world.

    19. NPPC Resources: Teaching And Research Materials For Faculty.
    NPPC resources teaching and Research Materials for Faculty. Compendia (manyinclude case studies). Accounting NOW ONLINE! agriculture NOW ONLINE!
    NPPC Resources: Teaching and Research Materials for Faculty
    You may download and print any ONLINE documents free of charge with Adobe Acrobat. If you don't yet have a copy of this free software, click here:
    Case Studies
    Resource List Bibliographies
    Compendia (many include case studies)
    Each compendium has several components for instructors and their students. In the coming months, look for new materials in our Architecture and compendium. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations on content and organization.
    Additional Resources

    20. Center For Invasive Plant Management - K-12 Education
    Education teaching resources K12 Curricula. Weeds is a collection of activites forthe third grade classroom produced by the agriculture Education Foundation.
    Education: Teaching Resources K-12 Curricula A Kid's Journey to Understanding Weeds is a collection of activites for the third grade classroom produced by the Agriculture Education Foundation. Region II and VI are completed at this time. Includes a glossary of terms for each region, fact sheets and activities about different weeds, and a picture of each profiled plant. A Teacher Curriculum about Noxious Weeds has been developed by Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board. The curriculum is targeted at grades 6-12, and is accessible through the organization's education web page. The curriculum provides weed activity ideas as well as a written script slide presentation that provides background information about noxious weeds. The Wisconsin Fast Plants Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has created a plant growth and development curriculum for all ages with complete teaching guides and information covering a variety of Fast Plants topics and activities. Information about curriculum and materials can be found at Wisconsin Fast Plants. The Montana Weed Project Teachers Handbook was sponsored by the Montana Energy Education Council and the Missoula County Conservation District. The curriculum was developed by REAP (Resource Education Awareness Project) and is an interdisciplinary environmental weed education curriculum for educators of 5th through 12th grade students. This innovative program is available through the Missoula County Conservation District. There is a charge for mailing the curriculum.

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