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         Teen Questions Issues:     more books (56)
  1. 100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents (Volume 1) by Elisabeth Henderson, Nancy Armstrong, 2007-12-01
  2. Unwrapped: Real Questions Asked by Real Girls (About Sex) by Gina Guddat and the F.I.T. Decisions Team of Experts, 2007-01-22
  3. A Question of Timing: Successful Men Talk About Having Children (The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Library) by Barbara A. Moe, 1997-01
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Online Gaming Addiction (Faq: Teen Life) by Holly Cefrey, 2010-01-15
  5. Love And Romance Teen Quiz Book by Arlene Hamilton Stewart, Annalee Levine, et all 2001-12-04
  6. The Teen Quiz Book by Annalee Levine, Jana Johnson, et all 1998-05-01
  7. The Real Question by Adrian Fogelin, 2009-09-01
  8. Teen Health; Key Q&A.(question and answers): An article from: NWHRC Health Center - Teen Health by Gale Reference Team, 2005-09-15
  9. Frequently Asked Questions About Staying Fit (Faq: Teen Life) by Michael R., M.D. Wilson, 2007-09-30
  10. Frequently Asked Questions About Gangs and Urban Violence (Faq: Teen Life) by Ann Byers, 2011-01-15
  11. ABC of All the Questions We Never Dare to Ask by Stefan van der Merwe, 2004-04-28
  12. Teen: Uncover the Real You: A Quiz Book by Editors of TEEN magazine, 2008-10-07
  13. How to Raise a Teenager Without Using Duct Tape by Jay BMT, MA, CCC Timms, 2009-12-01
  14. Rescue 101 (Sacred Youth Musical) by Dennis Allen, 2009-01-01

61. ParenTalk Newsletter: Preteens
A good selection of articles, written by various experts in child development and child psychology .Category Home Family Parenting Elementary Schoolers......The Preteen Years. School issues. Helping Your Child Succeed in the Worksheet Wasteland,by Thomas Armstrong, PhD; questions to Ask About Your Child's Teacher
TNPC Home ParenTalk Comments for TNPC
The Pre-Teen Years
Mental Development: Learning
School Issues

62. Conservative Freebies: Free Offers In Youth -- Teen Issues
Tell A Friend About Conservative Freebies Contact Conservative Freebies Help andFrequently Asked questions Post your Free Offers in Youth teen issues

New Offers!

Featured Items



Featured Freebies! Other great sites! Free Samples, Subscriptions, Catalogs and more for Catholics from Catholic Freebies! Free Offers in Youth Teen Issues:
  • Free Info Packet
    Abstinence Programs

    Offered by: Aim For Success Return to the Youth Category Home Account View Cart/Checkout Help ... Contact Us
  • 63. Teens Only!
    SEX, etc., a teen newsletter, is the online version of an on a broad range of healthand sexuality issues. as well as stories and a place to ask questions.
    Teens Only!
    This collection of electronic resources is just for teens. Selected as the Teen Page Pick of the Week
    Teen Zines: fiction and non-fiction written by and for teens
    Past Times:
    check out what's on TV, at the movies, or on the radio
    places to have fun on the web
    see how you can make a difference
    Real World:
    find books and info to help you survive school and the real world
    Teen Zines
    Midlink Magazine
    An electronic magazine for kids in the middle gradesgenerally ages 10 to 15. Teen Writers
    A place for teen writers to show off their work. Run by teens.
    NOTE: This link has been disabled, since the original site to which it points has been corrupted. (TWF, 12/03/2000) Return to Departments
    Past Times
    InSite The Electronic Voice for Teens
    THis site has a little of everything. You'll find advice about getting into college, information about your favorite TV shows, stuff written by teens, fashion info, sports news and a lot of other stuff. Teen Movie Critic
    Reviews and criticism on what is bad, okay, good or excellent in teen-oriented movies.

    64. Vagisil: Mom's Guide To Teens
    if your daughter won't discuss her feminine health issues with you? Your teen wantsher privacy through and may find it difficult to initiate questions about it


    Your daughter is growing up. Her body is changing. As both a woman and her mom, you are probably her most important influence. But you could probably use some help navigating through these teen years and issues.
    Adelaide Nardone, MD., a board certified doctor of obstetrics and gynecology and Advisor to the Vagisil Women's Health Center, offers this helpful advice: What if your daughter won't discuss her feminine health issues with you?
    How can you talk to her about sensitive feminine health topics?

    When should your daughter see a gynecologist?

    What if your daughter refuses to go to a gynecologist?
    Should you buy her feminine hygiene products, or let her do it?

    1101 Westchester Ave. White Plains, NY 10604
    User Agreement
    Privacy Statement News Room What if your daughter won't discuss her feminine health issues with you?
    Your teen wants her privacy. She is most likely embarrassed by the changes her body is going through and may find it difficult to initiate questions about it. Sometimes doing your job as a parent means finding a health care professional she can talk to, someone she can feel comfortable with. That person could be a pediatrician, family doctor, an internist, gynecologist or a specialist in adolescent medicine. How can you talk to her about sensitive feminine health topics?

    65. Full Circle Associates: Interactive Teen Sites
    limited to email submissions of questions, sites, and Voice an organization thatsupports teen in creation Page Links for students on civil liberties issues.
    Home About Full Circle Associates Resources
    Interactive Teen Websites Special thanks to the UPFORGRABS email list from the Benton Foundation for their leads for this list! Last updated 3/16/1999. There are many teen sites on the net and new ones everyday, including individual teen-created websites. Not many have incorporated a range of interactive, community-building elements. Chat is a popular interactive feature with online conferencing with bulletin boards a close second. Some are open to all and others are moderated (someone is assigned to either be present and moderate in the chat room or posts are screened before they go up on the web.) Interestingly, I did not find a huge number of interactive, issue-related teen sites in this cursory run-through. Below are some websites I identified with a quick search that are issue related, and some broader teen sites. For an overview of some of the potential elements of online connection, interaction or "community," please refer to the second part of the article Connecting: The Promise of Interactive Websites and Online Community If you have any suggestions for additions or changes to this list, please email

    66. Maternal And Newborn Health - Teen Pregnancy
    New issues (homeless youth) means new partnerships. Wendy Burgoyne, Panel questions. andthat various factors influence low birth weight in teen pregnancies.



    Sponsored by
    Best Start

    Resource Centre

    (funded by by the
    Ontario Ministry
    of Health), 180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1900 Toronto, Ontario Tel: 416-408-212 ext.2260 or 1-800-397-9567 Fax 416-408-2122 Speaker Panel Roundtable Speaker Dr. Alex McKay , Research Co-ordinator, SIECCAN Alexander McKay, Ph.D. is Research Coordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) and Associate Editor of The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. He is the author of Sexual Ideology and Schooling: Towards Democratic Sexuality Education. Dr. McKay is currently participating in an international comparative study examining the correlates of adolescent pregnancy in Western industrialized countries. To contact Dr. McKay or access the SIECCAN resources, call 416-466-5304 or email or Internationally, the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancies and Japan the lowest. Canada falls somewhere in between these two extremes. From 1987 to 1995, the rate of teen pregnancies increased in Canada and Ontario. Within Canada, the Northwest Territories has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and Quebec the lowest. Since 1995, there is indication that the rates may have decreased but current data is needed to verify this speculation. Dr. McKay reviewed some important facts about teenage sexual behaviour in Ontario:

    67. SPDP -- Summary Of Repro Health/Teen Issues
    teen Parent Provisions in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity issues. ofa minor parent’s living arrangement leaves open many questions.
    State Policy Documentation Project
    Summary of Policy Issues:
    Reproductive Health Provisions and Teen Requirements
    Table of Contents:

    Family Cap

    Minor Teen Parent Living Arrangement

    School/Training Participation Rules
    Abstinence Education Program
    This guide tracks the topics in the linked state-by-state and national reports regarding reproductive health provisions and teen requirements of The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (cited subsequently as the Act or as PRWORA). Each topic begins with an overview of the law and then follows with brief descriptions of specific issues. Within each description, the terms used in the linked reports are highlighted in bold typeface. Related CLASP publications are noted and are also electronically linked. We encourage SPDP users to print out this Guide to use as a resource while looking at the state-by-state and national reports.
    Background PRWORA includes a number of reproductive health provisions and teen requirements not included in prior law. One part of the Act establishes the welfare block grant, Temporary Assistance to Need Families (TANF), which mandates that states deny federal TANF assistance to minor parents unless they fulfill a living arrangement rule and a school/training requirement. These Congressional prohibitions directed at minor parents were among the few restrictions regarding whom a state could assist. The restrictions apply to the use of federal funds; states which chose to may utilize state funds to assist minor parents.

    68. Nightclub Operations Guide | The 21,000 Page Online Manual
    a new one Dealing with drug related issues - Booking entertainment you into trouble- The top 50 questions you need when to close the doors - teen nightclubs
    Professional Consulting? We provide nightclub-consulting services, which are flexible and affordable to the broad-spectrum industry! No high retainers, no long-term commitments, and no hounding you to spend money on "Quick-Fix" services or products, which are often frivolous in nature. Our telecommuting model allows our clients the luxury of working with us from anywhere, and at anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week! More info here FINALLY! A buyers guide geared to nightclubs and bars, and... Amazingly it's FREE! Direct access to the nations TOP nightclub product providers via 1-800, email, and www. Published 4-times per year, and mailed directly to your door! View all the details here! Welcome to! The official online guide to operating a nightclub or bar! Looking for a nightclub school? We believe this to be the closest thing to it, however you don't need to be here for 9:00 AM. Classes run 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, AND you can learn at your own pace!

    69. Prevent - Teen-Run Web Site Offers Info Parents, Schools Often Avoid
    Rights Protect Yourself, and answers teens' sexual health questions for teen Peoplemagazine. Papazian says the teens really drive the main issues covered on
    Health Headlines

    Get the latest news in prevention and health matters. This feature includes daily postings and recent archives to keep you up to date on health reports and wires around the world. Weekly Wellness
    Get informed with weekly wellness facts in a diversity of health topics from prevention to fitness and nutrition. Tips
    Great tips on what you need to know about keeping healthy and active all year round.
    Teen-Run Web Site Offers Info
    Parents, Schools Often Avoid
    E xcerpt By Rogene Fisher , A generation has passed since the Sexual Revolution, and kids, on the surface, seem more sexually savvy than ever, fueled by a high-octane, hormone-driven pop culture. Yet the issue of sex is still outside most parents' comfort zones, and kids, most likely, are not as savvy as we think when it comes to sexual health. Sexual health experts warn while our culture saturates itself in sex-laden images, it still couches sexuality in a moral context rather than dealing with it as a health issue.

    70. Evaluating Parent-Child Education Programs
    with your child or teen about issues related to Other possible questions for parentsinclude the following When talking with your child or teen about sexuality

    Today's Urgent Actions
    Write to Elected Officials Donate Today Rights. Respect. Responsibility.® Campaign Evaluating Parent-Child Education Programs
    Suzanne M. Johnson Vickberg, Ph.D., Director of Programs and Evaluation
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America

    Also available in [ PDF ] format.
    Family communication about sexuality is an important factor in young people’s healthy sexual development, but families do not always find it easy to communicate about sexuality. Planned Parenthood affiliates and other community organizations sometimes try to address this need by conducting educational programs for parents and their children or teens. It is important to evaluate programs to assess their effectiveness with your community. Evaluation results can help you revise the program for the next group. Tips on evaluation follow.
    • In parent-child workshops, at least two groups are involved in the evaluation process (parents and young people), and these groups will likely need separate evaluation tools. If one objective is to increase family communication about sexuality, the evaluation should go beyond assessing knowledge levels to determine how the program affected family dynamics or communication among family members.

    71. All The Pages
    abroad, how to work abroad, issues of working Interview questions typical interviewquestions and ideal teen fashion, clothing trends, fashion trends; Fashion

    Site Map

    72. Ask NOAH About: Gay And Lesbian Personal Health
    Basics Answers to Your questions About Sexual Health Information Center Transgenderedissues Gender Expressions Information Archives Youth/teen issues Gay and
    Ask NOAH About:
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Personal Health
    Gay and Lesbian Health Basics Specific Issues The Basics
  • Gay Issues
  • Lesbian Issues
  • Transgendered Issues ...
    Information Resources
    What is Gay and Lesbian Personal Health
    The Basics
    Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality - American Psychological Association
    Health Quiz - Seattle and Kings County Public Health Department
    The Healthy People 2010 Companion Document for LGBT Health - Gay and Lesbian Medical Association PDF File of 488 Pages)
    Gay Issues
    Health Concerns Among Gay Men - The Body
    Health Information for Gay and Bisexual Men - Seattle and Kings County Public Health Department
    Lesbian Issues Spanish Information
    Do Lesbians Have Unique Health Care Concerns? - National Women's Health Information Center
    Health Concerns for Lesbians - The Body
    Health Information for Lesbian and Bisexual Women - Seattle and Kings County Public Health Department ...
    Lesbian Health - National Women's Health Information Center
    Transgendered Issues
    Gender Expressions - Transgender Care Health Information Archives
    Transgendered People - Seattle and Kings County Public Health Department
    Transgenderism - International Foundation for Gender Education
    What is Gender and Who is Transgendered? - Transgender Care Health Information Archives
  • 73. California Teen Health
    Writing About teen Abuse http// express their frustrations,revelations, and questions on common healthrelated issues ranging from
    This section of our web site is designed to make it easier for adults to hear what youth have to say on health-related topics, directly from youth themselves Although most people in the adolescent health field are interested in hearing youth perspectives, it is not always easy to do so. We know that people across the state are documenting youth perspectives at conferences; through focus groups, interviews and surveys; and through stories, poetry, artwork, and other youth works. Yet until now there has been no easy way to access this information except sometimes in reports where adults have summarized youth perspectives. We started this web page with the vision of creating one place that people could go to find youth perspectives on health. In some cases we have identified web sites that present youth voices; in other cases we have obtained unpublished "raw" material from organizations that have documented youth voices. These youth voices are a captivating and refreshing change from conventional adult-written reports. How you can use this information:
  • Gather new ideas for programs and services by hearing youth perspectives.
  • 74. Teen Scene: Help Yourself
    written by and for teens, as well as a place to send specific questions or ask TeenGrowth (filled with advice about health and other personal issues).
    Teen Scene: Help Yourself! city home services departments mayor / council ... School Advice Self-help, advice and connections for teens General Advice Information and advice on a variety of subjects. Just ask! ADOL (Links and information on everything from health to homework) Go Ask Alice (Columbia University site with answers to questions on health, personal problems and can also ask your own questions and get an answer) Help Me, Harlan! (fun site with advice ranging from serious to silly) Sageous (You can ask them anything...honest! Even if it's about the Constitution, or killing bugs) Scambusters (This site will set you straight if someone tries to feed you a hoax, a rumor or a con game) Teen Advice (articles written by and for teens, as well as a place to send specific questions or ask for advice) Teen Advice Center (articles and specific advice about life, work, school, etc.) Teen Central (a place to receive advice, or to offer it)

    75. WWW Hmong Homepage Teen Feedback
    to help teens communicate with their peers about Hmong issues. and others) to respondto the questions at the may also want to check out the teen Peer Chatters
    WWW Hmong Homepage Teen Feedback
    This Teen Feedback page was proposed by Linda Lee (Leesntas Lis) and her friends from the St. Paul Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota to help teens communicate with their peers about Hmong issues. Each month (or so), we will post a new question related to being a Hmong teenager in the USA in this space. We encourage teens (and others) to respond to the questions at the e-mail address listed below. Linda and her friends will summarize the responses, and we will post them back to this page. You may also want to check out the Teen Peer Chatters page or the Teen Links page.
    Current Issue/Question
    What is your parent's idea of a traditional Hmong boy/girl? What is your idea of a traditional Hmong boy/girl? Can the two co-exist?
    Your e-mail address: (if any) Your response:
    Click to submit your response.
    A new program is getting started on this web page, called, Peer Chatters. The program consist of youth peer counseling each other and meeting new people ( to share thoughts ). This is not a dating line... I repeat this is not a dating line. Please summit your e-mail address and a short paragraph on how you can be a Peer Chatter Helper. I, myself will be gladly to be a Peer Chatter Helper. Send this to
    Past Issues/Questions and Responses
    What privileges do Hmong boys have that Hmong girls don't? Is it fair? What can be done to change this?

    76. Teen Workers: Questions
    questions? 1. What is the federal minimum wage for youth workers? AnswerEvery state has laws specifically dealing with child labor issues.
    U.S. Department of Labor [skip navigational links] Search Advanced Search A-Z Index Questions?
    1. What is the federal minimum wage for youth workers? Answer: The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The federal minimum wage is $5.15 per hour. However, a special minimum wage of $4.25 per hour applies to young workers under the age of 20 during their first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment with an employer. After 90 consecutive days of employment, or when the worker reaches age 20 (whichever comes first), the worker must receive the minimum wage of $5.15 per hour.
    Other programs that allow for payment of less than the full federal minimum wage apply to workers with disabilities full-time students , and student-learners . These programs are not limited to the employment of young workers.
    Where federal and state laws have different minimum wage rates, the higher standard applies. 2. I receive tips. Can my employer pay me less than the required minimum wage? Answer: Yes, if you receive tips, your employer can pay you less than the minimum wage in some states, how much less varies from

    77. Teen Paths - Contact Teen Paths
    or boarding academy to help modify behavioral issues and focus Email or Chat Livewith a teen Help counselor who will able to answer your questions.

    Our Mission


    Watch Video

    Spring Creek Lodge

    Online Tests
    Difficult Teen


    Helpful Tips

    Sex Addiction
    Drug info Drug Use Drug Review "Live" Chat ... Home Welcome to TeenPaths We're So Glad You're Here! Are You the Parent of a Troubled, Defiant or Self-Destructive Teen?
    Anger Stealing Depression Addictions Running Away Verbal/Physical Abuse Self-Mutilation Adoption Issues Low Self-Esteem Eating Disorders ADHD/ADD/ODD Negative peer group Drugs/Alcohol Sexual Issues Defiant Behavior Social Withdrawal Lying/Manipulation Failing/Quitting School Teen Paths is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to help families of struggling or out-of-control teens find the right time-proven qualified program, residential school or boarding academy to help modify behavioral issues and focus families on a path to success and loving relationships. All of our volunteer staff have had children in the programs we recommend here, and have so much valued the result, we wish to pass the information on to others. The programs offered are licensed, fully accredited and available for boys and girls from ages 13-17.

    78. Monster - Age Issues
    Welcome to the Age issues message board reentering the job market or changing careers,your questions and concerns 2/12/2003 93554 AM teen Jobs PHX_Gold_Boy

    79. By Girls, For Girls - A Project By And For Teen Girls - Health Issues - What You
    Health issues Media Literacy Sexual issues International issues Resources PreviousYears Message Board Commonly Asked questions 1. Is lupus contagious?
    What You Need to Know About Lupus What is Lupus? The Lupus Foundation of America defines Lupus as a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys. The body's immune system normally makes proteins called antibodies to protect the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. These foreign materials are called antigens. In an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between foreign substances (antigens) and its own cells and tissues. The immune system then makes antibodies directed against "self." These antibodies, called "auto-antibodies," react with the "self" antigens to form immune complexes. The immune complexes build up in the tissues and can cause inflammation, injury to tissues, and pain. Who does Lupus effect? What are the Symptoms?
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Joint swelling (arthritis)
    • Muscle ache (myalgia)
    • Persistent, Low-grade fever (less than 101° F)
    • Skin rash
    • Butterfly rash (across bridge of nose and cheeks)
    • Weight loss
    • Hair loss (alopecia)
    • Photosensitivity (sun or light sensitivity)
    • Mouth or nose sores
    • Pain in the chest on deep breathing (pleurisy)
    • Raynaud's Phenomenon (fingers turning white and / or blue in the cold)
    *If you are experiencing more that five of these symptoms consult your physician. Or visit the American Lupus Foundation web site at:

    80. Marriage At WholeFamily
    teen Get answers to your questions and question your answers from The WholeFamilyRoom Meet different members of real families; interact on hot issues .
    Welcome to the WholeFamily Marriage Center, your place for support, guidance and information to help you create a lasting and loving marriage. WholeFamily Centers WholeFamily Home Parent Center Marriage Center Senior Center Teen Center WholeFamily Room Search the Site
    ISSUES Breaking Up

    Extra-Marital Affairs

    Home Issues
    Work Issues
    Dr. Michael Tobin, Director
    Exclusive Experts
    The WholeFamily

    Dr. Mitchell Perry Center For Couples Communication
    The WholeFamily Dr. Gerald Epstein Center ... For Visualization WholeFamily Interactive Features Fly on the Wall! Observe counseling in action. Hear what happens in couple therapy. Real Life Dramas Think it only happens to you? Families in conflict reveal their innermost struggles to communicate. Family Soap Opera Join the Austin-Kutchinskys as they struggle to make their new blended family. Discussion Boards Ask the questions.

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