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         Texas Law Civil Code:     more books (15)
  1. Dorsaneo and Soules' Texas Codes and Rules: Civil Litigation by William V. Dorsaneo III, Luther H. Soules III, 1995-01-07
  2. Texas Annotated Civil Practice and Remedies Code: With Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and Related Texas Codes, with Statutory Amendments Throu (Lexisnexis Texas Desktop Code)
  3. Texas Local government code: As amended through the 1993 regular session of the 73rd Legislature : with tables and index (West's Texas statutes and codes) by Texas, 1994
  4. Texas Bankruptcy Manual: Code, Rules, and Case Law (Texas Law) by Jacqueline Varma, 1993-12
  5. O'Connor's Civil Practice & Remedies code plus 2001-2002 (O'Connor's Annotated Code Series) by David J Beck, 2001
  6. O'Connor's annotated Civil Practice & Remedies Code plus (O'Connor's litigation series) by Michol O'Connor, 1996
  7. Texas Credit Code Handbook (Business Practice Library) by Dan L. Nicewander, J. Scott Sheehan, et all 1992-08
  8. O'Connor's annotated Civil Practice & Remedies Code plus (O'Connor's annotated code series) by David J Beck, 2000
  9. Vernon's Annotated Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas: Volume 14 - Insurance Code by Vernon Law Book Company, 1952
  10. Vernon's Annotated Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas: Volume 9 - Election Code
  11. Cooper, Hensley, & Marshall's Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated, 2010 ed. (Texas Annotated Code Series) by Honorable John McClellan Marshall, Noel Hensley, et all 2010-03-19
  12. Texas & Federal Evidence Rules 2009-2010 Supplement (State Code Series) by Peter Nicolas, 2009-06-05
  13. Texas Civil Practice Statutes and Rules Annotated, 2009 ed. (Texas Annotated Code Series) by West, 2009-10-20
  14. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, 1994

1. The Texas Statutes
The Texas Statutes
These files include revisions to the Texas Statutes through the 77th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, 2001. Changes enacted by the 78th Legislature are not expected to be received from the West Group until June 2004, after which this site will be updated. Until then the Index to Sections Affected can be used to identify these changes. The Texas Legislative Council makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the data, and users rely on the data entirely at their own risk. The statute files are jointly maintained by the Texas Legislative Council and West Group.
Some text, especially tables and scientific formulas, may not be formatted correctly.
Frequently Asked Questions

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The Texas Constitution
If you do not have software that can decompress .ZIP files, you may download WINZIP from Tables of Contents: Download zipped A
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Agriculture Code
Alcoholic Beverage Code Business Corporation Act Code ... Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes (session laws and other major laws not listed above) Texas Legislature Online Legislation House Senate ... Top This site is maintained by Web Administrator

2. Texas Law Librarians
Interface for conducting legal research and reference activities on the Internet, with an emphasis on texas law texas law LIBRARIANS. This web site is designed Ethics and Professionalism, texas code of Judicial Conduct and of Appellate Procedure, texas Rules of civil Evidence, texas Rules
This web site is designed to act as an interface for accessing the legal research, reference, and administrative resources on the Internet which are of primary importance to Texas Law Librarians and Legal Researchers. It is divided into seven pages: Federal Sources of Information, Texas Sources of Information, International and State Sources of Information, Resources for Law Librarians, Legal and Business Forms, Reference Resources, and Related Sources of Information. A collection of links to unique and useful search engines appears at the bottom of this page. This page essentially acts as a site index. You may either click on one of the page titles in the "Site Index - Page Titles" [below] to quickly access a particular page listing and an index of its contents, or use the scroll bar to browse through the entire index. You may then click on the highlighted page title or an individual highlighted section to actually access the desired information. Search: Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Enter keywords...

3. Texas CAP FIX . ORG - Problem Law 41.008 Civil Code
files containing one entire code each are available for downloading. Rules of civil Evidence and former Rules of Criminal Evidence Univ. of texas Sch. of law superseded
Texas Business Owners:
How did this happen? Click here to see a real case and how this could happen to you. If you are not outraged at this, you should be.
  • Go to our Action Page and use the tools there to write to Texas congressional members, the governor, newspaper editors, and more.
    Let them know that you want to discourage silly lawsuits just like the next guy, but that it's just as important to keep a check on fraud and other malicious crooks.
    Tell them you want the teeth put back in the lawthat is, you want the punitive damage cap to be waived or eliminatedfor cases where there is "clear and convincing evidence" of malice or fraud.
Click here to write to
Texas Legislators to ask them to keep unethical malicious companies in check by letting a jury of their peers set punitive damages, not the asinine of the Civil Code

4. Texas Rules Of Civil Procedure
of civil Procedure, texas Rules of Evidence, and texas Constitution. Utilities code;Vernon's civil Statutes; Water code. TOP. Toll Free 1866-law-Disk (1-866-529
Currently Available Products California Statutes and Constitution Massachusetts Statutes, Session Law, Constitution Oregon Statutes and Constitution Colorado Statutes and Court Rules ...
System Requirements

Toll-Free Help
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Texas Rules of Evidence, and Texas Constitution
77th Legislative Session - 2001
The Complete Texas 2001 Disk is now available for immediate shipment. LegalDisk is again the first with a completely revised CD reflecting the thousands of changes implemented by the 77th Legislature. The single CD-ROM contains all of the current Texas Statutes including Vernon's, The Texas Constitution, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Rules of Evidence. Texas
Table of Contents
Texas Update Page
  • Top Quality at the Lowest Prices 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on All Disks No Monthly Fees Easy Navigation - Hyperlinked Table of Contents CD-ROM Automatically Installs To Your Hard Drive Network Compatible - Share With Your Entire Office Works With All Word Processors Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect Compatible Files Included Quick-Find Allows Easy Search For Any Word or Phrase Saves Typing and Time - Copy-And-Paste Any Portion To Your Documents Eliminate Books - Print Entire Contents or Any Portion FREE Internet Updates (For 1 year)

5. Texas Civil Procedure Law -
texas cases, codes, statutes, regulations, resources, and more, at texas Service of Process Rules. code of Judicial Conduct. Court Reporters Rules. texas civil Procedure law Links MegaLaw SERVE ... Submit a Link Official Case Law:
MegaLaw partners:
TEXAS CIVIL PROCEDURE Home Legal Research States Texas ... Texas Topics > Texas Civil Procedure Texas Civil Procedure Law Links
Texas Topics
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terms and conditions . See also the® is a registered trademark of, LLC.

6. Texas Attorney General
Administrative Divisions Administrative law Administrative Rules (links to TexasAdministrative code Child Support Evaders civil Litigation Divisions
Site Index Home Links Search Site Index ... Alphabetical Index
Divisions of the Office of the Attorney General
Administrative Divisions
Financial Litigation General Litigation
Natural Resources

... Criminal Law Update (CLU) Newsletter Custodial Death Report Financial Crimes
Habeas Corpus

Internal Security
... Child Support Complaint Form
2002 Tax Charts
Border Issues ...
Hard-to-Enumerate Areas
Alphabetical Index
Administrative Divisions Administrative Law Administrative Rules (links to Texas Administrative Code) Adobe Acrobat PDF files (help with) All Bond Counsel letters Border Colonia Geography Online Census 2000 Child Abuse (brochure and handbook) Child Support Evaders Civil Litigation Divisions Compact with Texans Office of the Attorney General

7. Texas Attorney General- News & Publications
Careful documentation by San Antonio law enforcement about criminal statutes areChapter 125 of texas civil Practice and Remedies code and section 101.70
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Nuisance abatement:
Civil enforcement can stop crime by Attorney General John Cornyn
One apartment complex owner faced with having his property shut down as a public nuisance told tenants: "If you are doing crack, then you'd better pack." His tough-on-crime stand is one I encourage for all property owners. Careful documentation by San Antonio law enforcement about criminal activities at a house in their jurisdiction eventually allowed the Office of the Attorney General and the San Antonio police to shut it down. Over two years, the San Antonio police wrote up more than 50 calls to the property, alleging assaults, shootings, drug sales and other criminal violations. Sergeant Tom Secraw, head of the Strategic Nuisance Abatement Program (SNAP), referred the site to the Civil Enforcement Section, Office of the Attorney General. Assistant Attorney General Thomas J. Patterson, chief of the section, took the necessary legal action to close it down. Texas' nuisance abatement statutes are Chapter 125 of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and section 101.70 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. These civil statutes authorize the Attorney General to bring suit against owners of property where there are numerous violations of the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, or the Texas Controlled Substance Act. An owner who allows criminal activities on a property may face financial loss if the Office of the Attorney General is forced to shut it down.

8. ILRG: State Of Texas
Business Commerce code Business Corporation Act civil Practice Department ofCommerce texas Department of Health texas Family law Homepage texas
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9. Kraft & Associates, Dallas Texas Attorneys At Law Personal Injury, Legal Referen
Medical Malpractice Summary of texas law. Municipal codes of texas Cities. texasAdministrative code. texas civil Practice and Remedies code. texas Constitution.
Click each topic for more information.
Birth Injuries

Cerebral Palsy is not a disease - it may be caused by negligence.

Diet Drugs

Have you suffered injuries from taking diet drugs?
Learn your rights when your home has this serious problem.

Online Resources
This page is very long, and is always under development. Please add it to your Favorites , and check back often. We would appreciate your suggestions
Use Control-F to search for specific items on this page. Collections of Legal Links
General Reference Resources
Legal Resources - Texas Agencies, Departments and Organizations ... Travel and Entertainment Resources Collections of Legal Links
General Reference Resources

10. AUTOPEDIA®: Auto Lemon Law Information, Statutes, Sites, Attorney General Offic
Lemon law information and consumer resources for all fifty states, with links to attorney websites.Category Society law Consumer Protection Lemon law...... (M; *U; *W); DC Lemon law - District of Columbia civil code, Department ofConsumer and Regulatory Affairs. (*W); TX - Lemon law - texas Statutes and
Lemon Law Information and Sites Welcome to the oldest and most trusted Lemon Law information site on the Internet. Winner of Yahoo Internet Life's 1998 4 Star Award with complete coverage of all Lemon Law Statutes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. There are essentially three sets of laws that apply to defective vehicles and products in the United States.
    1. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a Federal Law that protects the buyer of any product that costs more than $25 and comes with an express written warranty. Here is a summary of the Act in layman's language, and here is a more detailed explanation of the Act from the FTC. 2. The Uniform Commercial Code or UCC has been adopted in all 50 states and covers contracts dealing with the sale of products. 3. Summary of State Lemon Laws here and individual State Lemon Laws begin here
The following is intended to give you a general example of a State "Lemon Law." It is Section 1793.22 of California's Civil Code that makes up California's Lemon Law. REMEMBER, Lemon Laws and their application vary from state to state.

11. Texas Lemon Law Statutes
texas Lemon law Statutes. texas MOTOR VEHICLE COMMISSION code (ARTICLE4413(36) VERNON'S texas civil STATUTES) (LEMON law STATUTES).
Texas Lemon Law Statutes
General Warranty Complaints Section 3.08(i). Warranty Performance Obligations Section 6.07. Judicial Review - Appeal Section 7.01.
General Warranty Complaints Section 3.08(i). The owner of a motor vehicle or the owner's designated agent may make a complaint concerning defects in a motor vehicle which are covered by a manufacturer's, converter's, or distributor's warranty agreement applicable to the vehicle. Any such complaint must be made in writing to the applicable dealer, manufacturer, converter, or distributor and must specify the defects in the vehicle which are covered by the warranty. The owner may also invoke the Board's jurisdiction by sending the Board a copy of the complaint. A hearing may be scheduled on all complaints arising under this subsection which are not privately resolved between the owner and the dealer, manufacturer, converter, or distributor. Warranty Performance Obligations Section 6.07.

12. Pocket Litigator - EBookstore
The Pocket Litigator 2003 version of the California civil code is the 2003) ThePocket Litigator 2003 version of the texas Rules of law School Confidential,
Shopping Cart Home Search GO eBook Categories My Bookshelf My Account ... About Pocket Litigator
Welcome to Pocket Litigator 2003! We just released the 2003 editions of all of our federal rules eBooks (which include all amendments that became effective December 1, 2002) and several California eBooks (which include amendments effective through January 1, 2003). We also have a current (as of January 1, 2003) version of the Texas Rules of Evidence. Please take the time to register with us on our home page to let us know what titles you would like us to add, or to inquire about forthcoming titles.
United States Constitution with The Declaration of Independence

by Cribcard, Inc.
Finally, a fully linkable version of the United States Constitution with The Declaration of Independence. This version from Cribcard,...
Federal Rules of Evidence (2003)

The Pocket Litigator 2003 version of the Federal Rules of Evidence is the most litigator-friendly eBook available. Cribcard gives you multiple...
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2003)

The Pocket Litigator 2003 version of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is the most litigator-friendly eBook available. Cribcard gives you...
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (2003)

The Pocket Litigator™ 2003 version of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure which is the 2003 completely restyled version of the rules is...

13. Fact Sheet 02/12/02
are governed by the “open records” law the texas Public Information Act (texasGovernment code are also governed by the police civil Service code
February 12, 2002 Making records open at the Austin Police Department Background Each Austin City Council member has a duty under the United States Constitution and other federal civil rights laws to guard against a pattern or practice of police misconduct at the Austin Police Department. But neither council members nor the public have the tools to fulfill this duty without access to records of misconduct at the Austin Police Department.  Two different state laws govern police misconduct records in Texas.  All city and county records are governed by the “open records” law: the Texas Public Information Act ( Texas Government Code , Chapter 552). A few cities, including Austin, are also governed by the police Civil Service Code ( Texas Local Government Code , Chapter 143). 90+% of Texas Cities and Counties Open Police Misconduct Files For the vast majority of Texas law enforcement agencies – more than 1,000 police and sheriff’s departments including large cities like Dallas and El Paso and Sheriffs in Travis and most other counties – the only governing state law is the Public Information Act. This law contains long-standing constitutional and personal privacy protections that apply to all public employees, and protects files while investigations are open.   Records about investigations into police misconduct become public after the department has concluded its disciplinary proces s. Travis County Sheriff Margo Frasier testified to the Police Oversight Focus Group in 2000 that open records requirements neither hindered morale nor her ability to effectively manage her department, and that in one or two instances making records public may have stopped potential litigation once the would-be plaintiffs saw the officer’s story was corroborated.

14. Texas Laws
Links to the texas Family code, Education code, Alcoholic code, civil Practices and Remedies code, Category Regional North America texas Government law...... Concealed Handgun laws, Health and Safety code, code of Criminal Procedures,Vernons texas civil Statutes, Penal code. More texas laws. Featured Sponsor.
Threat Condition: Unique visitors since
March 7, 2003 Penal Code Laws relating to runaways and missing persons More Texas Laws Featured Sponsor Click on the banner to visit the TPC sponsors

15. Southern Methodist University School Of Law
Court Rules texas law. Web texas. Legislative Reference Library. Legislature.Attorney General Opinions. texas Register. texas civil Practice Remedies code.
Southern Methodist University School of Law
William V. Dorsaneo III
Chief Justice John and Lena Hickman
Distinguished Faculty Fellow and
Professor of Law
B.A., 1967; J.D., 1970

Information on This Page:
Personal and Professional Information
Biographical Description
CV List of Publications
Supreme Court Advisory Committee Recodification Draft, December 1997 Report of Task Force on Rules of Civil
Procedure, November 1993
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Articles Evolution of Texas Procedure 1836 to 2000
Legal Links to Other Web Pages Findlaw Law Journal Extra! Law Library Resource Xchange Legal Information Institute ... Recent US Supreme Court Decisions

16. Texas Good Samaritan Law
are defined under applicable state and federal law. of texas (Article 4590i, Vernon'stexas civil Statutes), unless 534.101, Health and Safety code, or unless
CHAPTER 84 Charitable Immunity and Liability Sec. 84.001. Name of Act. This Act may be cited as the Charitable Immunity and Liability Act of 1987. ANNOTATION See TLG, Ch. 191, Charitable and Religious Organizations , Ch. 290, Negligence Sec. 84.002. Findings and Purposes. The Legislature of the State of Texas finds that: (1) robust, active, bona fide, and well-supported charitable organizations are needed within Texas to perform essential and needed services; (2) the willingness of volunteers to offer their services to these organizations is deterred by the perception of personal liability arising out of the services rendered to these organizations; (3) because of these concerns over personal liability, volunteers are withdrawing from services in all capacities; (4) these same organizations have a further problem in obtaining and affording liability insurance for the organization and its employees and volunteers; (5) these problems combine to diminish the services being provided to Texas and local communities because of higher costs and fewer programs; (6) the citizens of this state have an overriding interest in the continued and increased delivery of these services that must be balanced with other policy considerations; and

17. Report For Texas
be approved by the board and the texas State Board of Amends civil code to createa cause of action that performed by physicians in accordance with state law.

18. Welcome To
texas Criminal law and Motor Vehicle Handbook. The complete texas Penal code, codeof Criminal Alcoholic Beverage, Business and Commerce, civil Practice and

19. Loislaw Texas Law Library
Courts of civil Appeals from 1891 to 1911 and 1949 to 1981; Courts of Appeals caselaw from 1981 texas Administrative code; Hyperlinks to all cited state and
Loislaw Texas Law Library
Comprehensive Primary Law on the Internet
The Loislaw Texas law library contains Texas primary law in the following databases. The databases are duplications of the law received from the Texas Courts, Legislature, Secretary of State or other sources.
  • Supreme Court case law from 1890 to present
  • Court of Criminal Appeals case law from 1892 to present
  • Courts of Civil Appeals from 1891 to 1911 and 1949 to 1981
  • Courts of Appeals case law from 1981 to present
  • Court Rules (State and Federal)
  • Texas Statutes
  • Current Legislative Acts
  • Texas Administrative Code
  • Hyperlinks to all cited state and Federal case law, statutes and administrative rules *
  • Cite checking for cases and statutes introduces Stevenson's Legal Forms and Practice Guide
for Texas as part of Loislaw's Premium Services series.
Stevenson's Legal Forms and Practice Guide for Texas features an extensive collection of "tried and true" Texas legal forms in several major practice areas for Texas attorneys with periodic updates being made. The forms also include practice guides, tips and/or case citations supplied by the authors.

20. Abortion Related Laws
Preborn Take an interactive quiz on texas law and the Unborn Child. Some of theanswers might surprise you! Feticide laws; California civil code; The Abortion
Laws regarding the humanness of the fetus

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