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         Thai Asian Americans:     more books (21)
  1. That's My Food! - Down Home American-Asian Cooking by William Steele, 2009-06-02
  2. Thai Americans (We Are America) by Karen Price Hossell, Karen Price Hossell, 2004-05
  3. For Better or For Worse: Vietnamese International Marriages in the New Global Economy by Hung C. Thai, 2008-02-20
  4. Marital Acts: Gender, Sexuality, And Identity Among The Chinese Thai Diaspora by Jiemin Bao, 2004-11
  5. Keeping the Faith: Thai Buddhism at the Crossroads.(Book Review): An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Jim (American writer) Taylor, 2003-04-01
  6. Very Thai, 2nd Edition by Philip Cornwel-Smith, 2009-11-16
  7. Thai Immigrants to the United States: Saner Wonggoun
  8. The Thai Resistance Movement During World War II by John B. Haseman, 2002-03
  9. The Diary of Kosa Pan: Thai Ambassador to France, June-July 1686 by Visudh Busayakul, 2002-03
  10. THAI AMERICANS: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America</i> by Megan Ratner, 2000
  11. In the Mirror: Literature and Politics in Siam in the American Era by Benedict R. O'G. Anderson, 1985-06-01
  12. Great Thai Cooking for My American Friends: Creative Thai Dishes Made Easy by Yupa Holzner, 1989-04
  13. Oxford Picture Dictionary: English/Thai by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Norma Shapiro, 2008-09-15
  14. American Dykes in Bangkok by Sybille, 2010-02-12

1. Nation's Restaurant News: DIVERSITY AT WORK: ASIAN-AMERICANS.
An article that discusses asian American immigrants in the workforce.Category Science Social Sciences asian American Studies...... Annie Wong, described in a magazine story as the mother of thai food in when itcomes to the feeling of community that is so important to asianamericans.

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Nation's Restaurant News May 24, 1999 DIVERSITY AT WORK: ASIAN-AMERICANS.
Author/s: Gregg Cebrzynski Two words of advice to restaurant owners who hire Asian-Americans: Be patient. It takes a while for members of those ethnic groups, especially first-generation immigrants, to assimilate into American society, and it takes time for restaurateurs to understand the cultural traditions that guide their work lives. And though Asian-Americans are tireless workers, they have an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to own their own businesses, which in some cases can pose a problem in retaining them for long. That said, they are still a sought-after work force because of their determination to perform at the peak of their abilities. "I want more, but many of them are in business for themselves," says Leeann Chin, founder and board chairman of Minneapolis-based Leeann Chin Inc. "And there's not a big Asian population in Minnesota." The company operates three buffet restaurants and 45 takeout units as Leeann Chinese Cuisine. The chain has 1,500 employees, 10 percent of them Asian-Americans. It recently opened a restaurant in Detroit, and a sign in the window announcing the opening was enough to attract potential Asian-American employees.

2. Asian Americans In The Santa Clara Valley
asian americans. Santa Clara Valley Japanese. Korean. Mongolian. Vietnamese. Pacific Islanders. thai. Sister Cities
Asian Americans
Santa Clara Valley
The Basics

3. Asian Americans Discuss Stereotypes
Published by the MIT News Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1997 asian americans discuss stereotypes By Sarah H. Wright Suzy Wong " and Pam Prasarttongosoth (SB '97), a thaiAmerican, declaring with emotion, "I have no sense of place."
Published by the MIT News Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
November 26
Tech Talk Search MIT News ... MIT WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1997
Asian Americans discuss stereotypes
By Sarah H. Wright
News Office "Asian and Asian-American Experiences: A Forum on the Racial Climate at MIT," the second program in MIT's Race 2000 series, opened on a dramatic political note, with individuals standing to read aloud US laws that have discriminated against people of Asian descent. The November 20 program closed on an equally dramatic yet highly personal note as students and faculty shared their experiences in confronting issues of identity, class and interracial relationships. Panel members were moderator J. Emma Teng, instructor in history and foreign languages and literatures; James E. Chung, associate professor of electrical engineering and co-chair of the Committee on Campus Race Relations; Dr. Kristine A. Cha, a psychiatrist in the Medical Department; and Professor Mary Ni from Counseling Services at Boston University (formerly an assistant dean for residence and campus activities at MIT). Also on the panel were junior May-Li Khoe, sophomore Lei Wang and graduate student Anant Sahai, all of electrical engineering and computer science; Samit Chattopadhyay, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Cancer Research; and Anthony Ng, a graduate student in urban studies and planning.

4. Asian American Community
A website of online asian American resources community, culture, concerns, and contributions. asian Legal Defense and Education Fund. asian americans for Equality. asian americans United Midwest asian American Student Union (MAASU). thai Student Association (University
Asian American Community Links

Links to other Asian Pacific American organizations may also be be listed in the Culture or Concerns categories of the Asian American Cybernauts Page . Also feel free to submit a new link , if your organization is not listed here.
Arts Organizations
Civil Rights Advocacy Organizations
Cultural and Community Organizations
Educational Organizations
Media Organizations

5. Bridges With Asia Asian Americans In The United States
Most panelists suggested that Asians have an overall favorable impression of AsianAmericans. Nitya Pibulsonggram said that the thai, for the most part, look

6. Bridges With Asia Asian Americans In The United States
to form her own organization, the International United thai Leadership Council a discussionof the types of nontechnical knowledge that asian americans need to

7. Market Potential For Domestic Rice Varieties Among Asian Americans: Summary Repo
validation purposes. The household results were definitive in indicatingAsianamericans' preference for thai Jasmine. both on an
Market Potential for Domestic Rice Varieties Among Asian Americans: Summary Report
H.L. Goodwin, M. Edward Rister, Robert E. Branson, James W. Stansel, Bill D. Webb, Jim Bob Ward, and Karen Kunz*
Summary Report
November 1992
: Potential acceptability of domestically produced and processed rices to the growing Asian-American market is evaluated. A publicly documented protocol for assessing consumers' preferences among alternative rice varieties is a complementary product of this research. The latter is applicable to both aromatic and nonaromatic varietal development, augmenting the varietal screening prior to release for commercial production. Two domestic aromatic rices (Jasmine 85 and Cal A301) and two domestic non- aromatic rices (Lemont and Toro II) are evaluated in comparison to a representative imported Thai Jasmine brand. The domestic rices were obtained in rough form and then both friction and water milled; the Thai Jasmine was obtained in milled form via a commercial rice buyer to replicate market competitive conditions. Based on Census data and known preferences for Indica rices, the study focused on several ethnic groups in the general Asian-American population: Filipinos, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese. Japanese and Koreans were intentionally avoided because of their preference for Japonica rices.

8. CSU Libraries: Asian Pacific Americans
asian/PACIFIC americans SELECTED LIBRARY RESOURCES Panjabi americans. Samoan americans. Sansei americans. Taiwanese americans. thai americans. Vietnamese americans
    Search SAGE (to find books and government documents) Searching Tips
    Some general terms to use for your search are: ethnicity ethnic multicultural minority Americans Amerasians Asian American(s) Specific terms you may use include:
    Asian Indian Americans
    Cambodian Americans
    Chinese Americans
    East Indian Americans
    Filipino Americans
    Hmong Americans Hong Kong Americans Indochinese Americans Issei Japanese Americans Korean Americans Laotian Americans Nisei Oceanian Americans Pacific Islander Americans Pakistani Americans Panjabi Americans Samoan Americans Sansei Americans Taiwanese Americans Thai Americans Vietnamese Americans West Indian Americans Yonsei Any of the general or specific terms listed above can be combined with subject terms such as: identity, education, history, assimilation, biography, culture, statistics, literacy collections, literature, and authors.

9. CDC National Prevention Information Network - Resources By Topic
PDF files or for instructions on installing the Adobe Acrobat, click here!asian americans Pacific Islanders New Report Documents the thai National Programme

10. Beginning Library Research On Asian American Studies
asian Indian americans, Cambodian americans, Chinese americans, Hmong americans, Japanese americans, Korean americans, Pakistani americans, Samoan americans, and thai

Beginning Library Research on ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES
Stanford University Libraries contain many titles on the historical and contemporary experience of Asian Americans, making it an excellent place for students conducting research in this area. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Asian American, relevant titles are often dispersed throughout the general collection depending upon subject matter. Use Socrates , Stanford's online catalog to to locate books and other materials. Use the library's print or electronic indexes to locate journal and newspaper articles and published papers. Socrates can tell you what library materials Stanford owns and where they are located, allowing you to search by author, title, call number, organization, or subject. When searching Socrates , it helps to know the Library of Congress Subject Headings. One method of identifying the subject headings is to check the Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes. Another (online) method is to locate material you know is on your topic by doing an author (A) and/or title (T) search. Then look at the full display to see what

11. Asian American Culture - Resources For Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai
statistics of asian americans at colleges and law firms. asian American Resources Resources for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, thai, Vietnamese, Hmong

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  • Asian American Culture - Has information and reviews on Asian American history, publications, politics, and film.
  • Asian American Politics - Asian American candidates and issues. Topics include close Congressional races, voting records, Presidential elections, statistics of Asian Americans at colleges and law firms.
  • Asian American Resources - Resources for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian, and Indian groups in Chicago.
  • Asian Bayou: Louisiana Asian Community - Directory of Louisiana based Asian businesses, community events, and government officials in the region.
  • AsianGuy - Articles, opinions, and news stories that affect the Asian American community. Links to other Asian-oriented organizations and outlets.
  • Asian-Nation - Discussions on entertainment, news, culture, history, and society relating to the Asian American people.
  • Linda Wang - Links to various entertainment resources about Asian Americans living by the Pacific Ocean.

12. NIU Presidential Task Force On Asian Americans
Sponsors Presidential Task Force on asian americans and the Dance Department. 2012 pm – Lecture Series “Images of Female Sexuality in thai Discourses on

13. Chapter 61 Asian Americans
Chapter 61 asian americans. Demographics of asian americans Pacific Islander, not specified. thai. Other asian. (U.S.

14. NIU Presidential Task Force On Asian Americans
6 pm – Nang Nak (thai with English subtitles) asian and asian Student and FacultyOffice, Presidential Task Force on asian americans, Southeast Asia Club

15. | Atlanta & The World | Collaboration Among Asian-Americans Cuts Across is the The Atlanta JournalConstitution's Web site, featuring metro, state, sports, entertainment and business news for the greater Atlanta, Ga., area. the recently formed Governor's Commission on asian-American Affairs include Vietnamese, Chinese and Pakistani-americans. Taiwanese 1 453. thai 1 562. Vietnamese 23 996

News Metro Sports ...
Site map

[ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7/24/02 ] Collaboration among Asian-Americans
in Atlanta cuts across many cultures
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer Jenni Girtman / AJC At the ninth annual Asian Cultural Experience last weekend, Erika Atsumi Forman (left) and Richard Cravens Jr. combine traditional Japanese drumming with new technology as a part of the ZeRo Taiko Orchestra at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Some groups question minority loans to Asians.

At the Center for Pan Asian Community Services, a recording greets callers in four languages Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and English. Members of the recently formed Governor's Commission on Asian-American Affairs include Vietnamese, Chinese and Pakistani-Americans. Both illustrate the complex diversity of the metro area's growing Asian immigrant population, which reached nearly 136,000 in 2000, according to the census. Unlike the city's fastest-growing immigrant group Latinos community service organizations, businesses and government officials have found that there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to dealing with the Asian-American community. Latinos share a common language Spanish and religion, mostly Roman Catholic.

16. Asian American Studies Resources
Cambodian americans; Chinese American; Hmong American; Filipino American; JapaneseAmerican. Korean American; Pakistani American; South asian American; thai American;
Asian American Studies Resources
Flower Cloth of the Hmong,
Denver, CO: Denver Museum of Natural History, 1985.
Resources at Princeton
Associations and Organizations Asian Americans APA Electronic Publications ... Departments, Institutes, Programs, and Centers Resources at Princeton
  • Princeton University Homepage Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding - Ethnic Studies: Asian American Studies Library Homepage Library Catalogs ... Thai American Student Organization
  • Asian Americans
  • Cambodian Americans Chinese American Hmong American Filipino American ... Vietnamese American

  • Archival Collections and Museums
  • California Ethnic Multicultural Archives (CEMA) houses the following: Asian American Theater Company

  • Archives, Robert Billigmeier Collection (Japanese evacuation and relocation study-Tule Lake Relocation Center), the
    Chinese American Voters Education Committee, Inc. Archives, the Iris Chang Papers (Chinese American writer),
    Chinese American Political Association Archives, Michio Ito Collection (Japanese American dancer and choreographer),
    Genny Lim Papers (Chinese American playwright, poet, performance artist), Ester Soriano-Hewitt Papers (Filipina

    17. Asian Americans And The Identity Crisis
    Knowing these concepts must make me a thai. Does it? Ethnic Identity Among AsianAmericans. (p. 107122) in Rosa Hernandez Sheets Etta R. Hollins (Eds).

    18. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
    Features asian American entertainment news, history articles, interactive forums and quizzes.Category Society Ethnicity asian asian-American Arts and Culture...... asian Pacific americans by the Numbers New! SinoTibetan (Chinese, thai) • Malayo-Polynesian(Malay) • Southeast asian (Cambodian, Vietnamese).

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    19. Asian Americans
    Tran, KhanhTuyet. THE LITTLE WEAVER OF thai-YEN VILLAGE/CO BE TH-DET LANG thai-YEN.Children's, 1987. FAMOUS asian americans. Cobblehill, 1992. 920/S617ex.
    The Eye of the Dragon:
    The Culture, History, and Tradition of Eastern/Southeastern Asian Americans September 1999
    Compiled by D. Popham and B. Mueller
    Print Version
    Curriculum Laboratory
    University of Iowa
    Easy/Picture Books
    E/B191p Balgassi, Haemi. PEACEBOUND TRAINS. Ill. Chris K. Soentpiet. Clarion, 1996 E/B829s Breckler, Rosemary. SWEET DRIED APPLES: A VIETNAMESE WARTIME CHILDHOOD. Ill. Deborah Kogan Ray. Houghton, 1996 E/B942ss Bunting, Eve. SO FAR FROM THE SEA. Ill. Chris Soentpiet. Clarion, 1998 E/C545b Choi, Sook Nyul. THE BEST OLDER SISTER. Ill. Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu. E/C545h Choi, Sook Nyul. HALMONI AND THE PICNIC. Ill. Karen M. Dugan. Houghton, 1993 E/C545y Choi, Sook Nyul. YUNMI AND HALMONI'S TRIP. Ill. Karen Dugan. Houghton, 1997 E/G233my Garland, Sherry. MY FATHER'S BOAT. Ill. Ted Rand. Scholastic, 1998 E/H198b Hamanaka, Sheila. BEBOP-A-DO-WALK! Simon, 1995

    20. Asian Community
    many dimensions of thai culture. Wing Lue asian Museum WA - Devoted to preservingand presenting the history, art, and culture of asian Pacific americans.
    Introducing Discounted Conference Calling where The whole family can talk! Asian Community - Asian Americans for Community Outreach - CA - An Asian American non-profit organization that hosts volunteer opportunities and social events. Americans Helping Asian Children - CA - A charity foundation. Helps Vietnamese
    and other Asian children suffering from hearing loss and sends underpriviledged and orphaned Vietnamese children to school. Asian American Asian American Parent Association - CA - addresses K-12 education, encourages parents involvement and volunteerism, and promotes dialogue with schools, administrations, and community. Asian American Resources at the Smithsonian - DC - Asian American Resources in Chicago - IL - Sponsored by Loyola University, this comprehensive listing includes political, social, service, cultural, community, and religious organizations. Asians and Friends - NC - Social and educational group focusing on Asian, Asian-Americans, and friends. Asia Society - Nonprofit, nonpartisan educational institution active through multiple regional centers, with diverse programs to foster communications and understanding of Asia and its peoples. Asian Community Bulletin Board - NY - Convenient access to all the up-to-date news, services and current activities of the Asian community.

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