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21. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Story Of Thanksgiving At
Author's Review, About the Author. teach the Meaning of thanksgiving to SmallChildren – The Story of thanksgiving Nov 14 '02 Author's Product Rating
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Story of Thanksgiving
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Read Review of Story of Thanksgiving Review Summary About the Author
Teach the Meaning of Thanksgiving to Small Children – The Story of Thanksgiving
Nov 14 '02
Author's Product Rating
Wonderful way to teach the story to pre-schoolers
none for me The Bottom Line Nancy Skarmeas has written a wonderful introduction to the Thanksgiving story for the 2-5 year old set! Full Review The Story of Thanksgiving by Nancy J. Skarmeas. Why do I like this book? It tells the story of the Pilgrims, Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving very plainly in a way that young children can understand. But at the same time it is not condescending or judgmental. The story also shows respect for all participants. Are there any problems with this book? Nancy Skarmeas has written a wonderful introduction to the Thanksgiving story for young children. As we prepare for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, I would encourage you to share this story with your own children. I know I will be. Publisher: Candy Cane Press ISBN: 0-8249-4164-0 Price: $6.95

22. The Kentucky Post
Parents must teach children value of gratitude Yet more and more I hear peopleproclaim that of all of the holidays, thanksgiving has become a favorite.
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Parents must teach children value of gratitude
In a culture that increasingly is marked by its ingratitude and a society that believes it is entitled, the idea of giving thanks seems to run at cross currents. Yet more and more I hear people proclaim that of all of the holidays, Thanksgiving has become a favorite. It speaks to our core. It answers a yearning. Consider some of the remarks I've heard: "I find myself looking forward to Thanksgiving because it's a day to stay home." "I hope nobody ever starts a tradition of exchanging Thanksgiving presents."

23. Education World ® - Curriculum: The Thanksgiving Story: The Pilgrims Revisited
is full of useful materials for exploding myths about the Pilgrims, the Indians,the Mayflower, and the First thanksgiving. Whether you teach kindergarten or

Professional Development Center
Archives: VIEW ALL ARTICLES The Arts ... Archives Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
The Thanksgiving Story: The Pilgrims Revisited
The Internet is full of useful materials for exploding myths about the Pilgrims, the Indians, the Mayflower, and the First Thanksgiving. Whether you teach kindergarten or college, you'll find valuable information and teaching tools on the WWW. This week, Education World explores the best of those online resources. As another Thanksgiving approaches, are you looking for new ways to present the same old stories? Look no further! Education World has found a variety of Web sites that provide fascinating information about the hearts and minds of the faceless historical figures behind this traditional American holiday...
What better place to begin a search for fresh information about Thanksgiving than at Plymouth Colony the place where the Pilgrims' lives in the New World began? Nowhere are those lives more real, more visible, or more current than at Plimoth-on-Web , an online living-history museum of 17th century Plymouth, Massachusetts. This Plimoth Plantation site allows visitors to tour the 1627 Pilgrim Village of New Plymouth, to see, as well as read about, the lives of the Pilgrims. In this authentic reproduction of the Pilgrim's Massachusetts settlement, you can stroll down the town's first main street, read the plans of the original "zoning board," and view the houses of the early English settlers. Or you might want to attend the March Cattle Division to learn how property was distributed among the colony's residents.

24. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center
Education World helps put thanksgiving in perspective and challenges students to“think about thanksgiving.” Included Lessons that teach science, math

Lesson Planning Center
Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ...
Lesson Planning Center Each week, Education World editors provide a reproducible sheet for teachers to use to motivate student writing. Click to go to the Writing Bugs Archive Check out Education World's weekly Internet Scavenger Hunt! This ready-to-print activity engages students in learning about timely topics as they visit sites created just for them. Click to go to our Scavenger Hunt Archive Current Lessons Five Lessons Teach Students to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, is just around the corner. To celebrate, Education World offers five lessons to teach about trash and the importance of recycling. Included: A Mother's Day gift idea, recycle games, worms, scrap paper projects, more! What is the Most Serious Problem Facing Earth?

25. UNL NU For Families - Time Together - Thanksgiving
Parents and grandparents not only have an occasion to enjoy thanksgiving wehave a chance to teach thanksgiving - to help our children understand and
NU for Families
Enjoyable Time Together - Family Activities
Thanksgiving Is A Time For Teaching

Thanksgiving has become a day of football, fun and food. It is also a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to teach family values. In the hectic pace of modern life, Thanksgiving is one of the few times during the year when most families all sit down at the same time - to eat, to talk and reaffirm the common values that hold us together as a family and as a nation.
Parents and grandparents not only have an occasion to enjoy Thanksgiving - we have a chance to teach Thanksgiving - to help our children understand and appreciate the significance of family bonds, faith and American values.
No one wants children to think of this day as a celebration of gluttony or a TV sports endurance test. How children view this day depends in large part on what we emphasize as important.
Since the first Thanksgiving observed by the Pilgrims, this holiday has remained basically a home and family celebration. At a period when many people feel that traditional home and family values are at risk, Thanksgiving is a time to confirm the importance of what this day really means.
Here are 10 suggestions to make this day more meaningful:
1. Everyone should have some part in preparing the meal. Even the smallest child can help. Mashing potatoes, setting the table, making decorations are not just Mom's job - these tasks allow everyone to be an important part of the celebration.

26. Teachers In Focus - How To Teach About Religious Holidays
See the Legal Resources sidebar.); Have students create a thanksgiving poster incorporating Itis perfectly acceptable to teach about this act which is highly
Inspiration and Insight for Educators A Web site of Focus on the Family About Us Press Jobs
... Press Releases Support the Ministry Donate Online Monthly EFT Volunteers Creative Giving ... Research Papers Family Policy Councils State Councils Legislative Action Contact Your Legislator Archives Teachers in Focus How to Teach About Religious Holidays by Eric Buehrer A few years ago, an elementary music teacher in a school near Grand Rapids, Mich., told me a sad story. For years she did not think she could teach her students religious Christmas carols. Instead, she taught them "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman." She then learned that the law allowed her to teach the children traditional carols. As she started a lesson on Christmas carols, she explained to the children that they were going to learn some songs about Jesus Christ. Some of her students gasped in disbelief. When she asked them why they were so shocked, they explained that they thought she was swearing. To her surprise, the teacher realized these children didn't even know that Jesus was a real person. They only thought it was a name used for cursing! Without understanding Christianityat least in its broadest outlinesit is impossible to understand either American culture or history. Yet many teacherseven Christian teachersare reluctant to teach about religion in their classrooms. In addition to a general squeamishness about the topic, most teachers do not understand that the law allows them to teach about religion in the classroom.

27. Thanksgiving Activities For The Classroom - Ideas, Lessons, Art,
teach your students Gratitude with these lesson plans for the classroom. Use theseThanksgiving Story Starters to motivate your students in their writing.

28. Thanksgiving
Jean wanted to teach some basic knowledge about thanksgiving and explain the storyto the kindergartners in the simplest way possible and actually she gave me
Barrie Wexler
Mini-unit - Thanksgiving Unit Overview Hand Tracing Turkey Cornbread and Butter Fall Thanksgiving Turkey ... Bibliography
Mini-Unit Overview
In my kindergarten classroom the week before and the week of Thanksgiving, I will be conducting four or five lessons focusing on skills of reading, art, math, social studies and science/health. Each activity will involve use of fine and large motor skills whether the children are participating cooperatively in the whole group or working individually at their tables. reasons for eating turkey on Thanksgiving, students will begin to understand and associate this holiday with other ideas and concepts besides what they already know. I realize that sometimes when I think of certain holidays an image comes to mind that really does not have that much to do with the actual holiday itself, such as the Easter bunny for Easter. I would like the children in my classroom to see Thanksgiving as much more than just a picture of a turkey and I hope to achieve this goal in the next few weeks. The children will be introduced to the Thanksgiving story and will be able to create their own story by drawing, cutting, listening , sharing and using open-ended thinking skills. Jean and I designed a book of six pages which told the Thanksgiving story in a small simplistic fashion. The students have to color in each page of the story and then order the pages from the fist event to the last. This sequencing instruction allows the children to practice counting skills and understand the concepts of before and after. When they read this book to their parents or explain the events we discussed in class, the students will demonstrate knowledge of ordinal numbers and have a much more concrete idea of how to set up a story.

29. ALFY - TLC - Thematic Units
Internet Activities for thanksgiving. thanksgiving Recipes (All Grades) Teachmath and language arts skills to your students through cooking activities.
Lycos Zone Home Family Zone Teachers Zone You are here: Teach Thematic Units Thanksgiving
Internet Activities for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Recipes (All Grades)
Teach math and language arts skills to your students through cooking activities. Cooking activities are also a great way to get parents involved by having them volunteer ingredients or help in the classroom during the day of the cooking. Thanksgiving recipes can be found at this site.
Thanksgiving Songs (Pre-K-1)
Thanksgiving songs for young children can be found at these sites.
Thanksgiving Cut and Paste (Pre-K-1)
Young students will enjoy cutting out and assembling a Thanksgiving mouse and Pilgrim at these sites.
Class Book or Newsletter (Pre-K-1)
These Thanksgiving-related pictures can be downloaded and colored for a class book or newsletter. Ideas for Thanksgiving class books include: Voyage of the PIlgrims, The First Thanksgiving, and Adventures on The Mayflower.

30. ALFY - TLC - Thematic Units
You are here teach Thematic Units thanksgiving.Related Resources for thanksgiving.
Lycos Zone Home Family Zone Teachers Zone You are here: Teach Thematic Units Thanksgiving
Related Resources for Thanksgiving
Buy the Book
Thanksgiving Day
Author: Gail Gibbons
Description: This book describes Thanksgiving with examples from the past and the present. The information is presented in a way that young children can understand Thanksgiving.
Grade Level: Pre-K- 1st Grade
Activity: (Use Activity #1)



Buy the Book
What is Thanksgiving? Author: Harriet Ziefert Description: Little Mouse is introduced to the meaning of Thanksgiving by helping prepare a Thanksgiving Feast. Grade Level: Pre-K-1st Grade Activity: sec3/k2/unit3/UNIT3-K- Lesson1.html Buy the Book Arthur's Thanksgiving Author: Marc Brown Description: Arthur learns about the meaning of Thanksgiving when no one will agree to be the turkey in the play that he is directing. Grade Level: 1st-2nd Grades Activity: Buy the Book Samuel Eaton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy Author: Kate Waters Description: This book details the daily routine of a pilgrim boy in the 1620's at Plimoth Plantation.

31. The Holiday Zone: Thanksgiving Arts And Crafts
Explain that in the United States many people cook turkey for thanksgiving dinner.teach or review basic game terminology (ie Make a circle. Sit down.
Gobble, Gobble, Cook Me! This is a Thanksgiving adaptation of Duck, Duck, Goose. Players sit on ground in large circle. One player is chosen as the turkey. The turkey must then select a cook who will try to catch him or her and roast him or her for Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey walks around the circle, patting each student lightly on the head and calling each student either "Gobble" or "Cook me!" As long as the turkey says, "Gobble," he or she is safe. When the turkey calls "Cook me!," however, the player tagged must jump up and chase the turkey around the circle. If the cook catches the turkey, the turkey must go sit in the center of the circle (the roasting pot). If the turkey sits in the cook's spot before the cook tags him or her, the turkey is safe, and the cook becomes the next turkey.
To use this game in an ESL or EFL setting . . .
  • Teach the vocabulary phrases, "What sound does a turkey make?" / "A turkey says, 'Gobble, Gobble." Discuss sounds made by other animals.
  • Explain that in the United States many people cook turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Teach or review basic game terminology (i.e. Make a circle. Sit down. Eun-soo, you begin. Eun-soo is walking around the circle. Eun-soo is patting Min-kyung on the head. Eun-soo says, "Gobble." Min-kyung was not chosen. Eun-soo is patting Gyu-ri on the head. Eun-soo says, "Cook me!" Eun-soo runs around the circle. Gyu-ri jumps up and chases him. She is not fast enough. Eun-soo sits down in Gyu-ri's spot. Eun-soo is safe. Gyu-ri is now the turkey.)

32. Thanksgiving Creative Drama Lesson
The Feast thanksgiving Day Feast I invented this game on the spur of the momentlast thanksgiving when a scheduling change obliged me to teach a Kindergarten
Discussion Preparation The Feast Thanksgiving Day Feast I invented this game on the spur of the moment last Thanksgiving when a scheduling change obliged me to teach a Kindergarten class for which I was not prepared. It combines thinking and learning about the way the Pilgrims might have lived with exploring the senses. Obviously it works best around Thanksgiving. Discussion When was the first Thanksgiving? Who celebrated it? What sorts of things do you eat at Thanksgiving? What sorts of things do you suppose the Pilgrims ate at their feast? (Corn, Venison, Fish, Bread, Turkey, Squash, etc.) Where did they get it? Did they go to the store and buy a turkey? (No, they shot it.) Did they go to the bakery and get some bread? (No, they baked it from flour they ground themselves.) Did they get corn out of a can? (No, they grew it.) Did they get fish from the freezer? (No, they caught them.) Back to top. Preparation In a few minutes we are going to pretend we're Pilgrims. We're going to make, and then eat, the first Thanksgiving Feast. But first, let's practice pretending in a new way. We're going to have to pretend to feel things, and even to

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34. Thanksgiving - RcJonlin
It might be more difficult, however, to teach children about the first thanksgiving,an event that happened centuries ago to people these kids never knew.
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1789 Thanksgiving
How to cook a Turkey Contest
Recent Entries

Contest Closed
LOCAL EVENTS More events Deadwood Dining Set the Perfect Holiday Table We all want our holiday parties to be perfect. We plan a wonderful menu and cook and clean for days in advance. But many people spend all their time and energy on the food, and neglect the other important aspects of a party. Table decor and room arrangement are just as important as good food to the success of a gathering. Table Decor Feeding a Crowd for the Holidays Enjoy stress-free holiday entertaining no matter how big the party If you're cooking for a large crowd this holiday season, friends or relatives or a combination of both, there's no need to panic. Entertaining a group of 15 or more guests can be relaxing, enjoyable, and yes, fun. With careful menu planning, advance preparation, and easy-to-make and easy-to-maintain dishes, anybody can enjoy themselves in a crowd.

35. Lesson Plan: Imagine Me At The First Thanksgiving
It integrates many other subjects across the curriculum. The focus ofthe unit is to teach kindergartners why we celebrate thanksgiving.
Imagine Me at the First Thanksgiving Unit: Thanksgiving Grade: Kindergarten Objective : The students will imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like and then draw a picture of themselves at the First Thanksgiving for a class book. Materials Imagine by Alison Lester -white construction paper -crayons Procedure 1. Ask the students some review questions about the First Thanksgiving. As a class discuss key points of it. 2. Ask the children if they know what the word imagine means. Listen and respond to several suggestions. 3. Read the story Imagine to the class. Before each page have them imagine in their minds what they think each of the different places looks like. Discuss how the picture in their minds might differ from the picture in the book. Discuss how we can be a different person or be in a different place if we use our imaginations. 4. Do a simple relaxation procedure, such as relaxing each part of their body. Then have the children close their eyes and imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like. Describe to them some things they might see, such as a table, food, Pilgrims and Indians. After they have a picture of the First Thanksgiving, have the class imagine themselves there. Are they a pilgrim or an Indian? What are they doing?

36. Lesson Plan - Strawberry Thanksgiving
are what the Native Americans use to explain why things are and also to teach valuesand lessons to their children. Either read Strawberry thanksgiving to the
CELEBRATIONS Subtopic: Strawberry Thanksgiving Grade Level: Author: Angela Armstrong Justesen Background: The Native Americans, specifically , the Narragansett and Niantic tribes, located in the New England States, have celebrations for each moon of the year. They have thirteen moons, and thirteen thanksgivings. At these thanksgivings, they give thanks for their bounteous harvests, their families, and traditions. The Strawberry Moon is the early summer moon. Strawberry Thanksgiving takes place during mid to late June and reflects different kinds of celebrations. Not all tribes participate in this celebration. Strawberry Thanksgiving is celebrated wherever strawberries are grown, and each tribe celebrates it differently. Some tribes opt to celebrate privately, with only the family, tribe, or a few tribes attending. Others opt to make it a public celebration in which both Native American people and non-Native American people attend. This way of celebrating provides the non-Native Americans with an opportunity to learn about and participate in Native American traditions. Their thanksgiving is a celebration of the Native American harvest and how grateful they are to be able to have such a bounteous harvest. They also celebrate their crafts, food, music, and dance. All four things are represented in abundance at the thanksgiving festival. There are artisans trying to sell their crafts, many traditional foods are prepared for consumption, and each tribe has its own music and dance to coincide with the thanksgiving celebration.

37. Connect -Thanksgiving And Us
I learnt that what I learn from these young explorers is of far more significancethan what I teach them. At the thanksgiving feast I asked six and seven year
document.write(''); This Page Search Google MSN Yahoo Excite Alta for Discussions Editorial News Forum ... Current



... Next Issue Monday, Nov 26 2001 Thanksgiving and us
Sunanda Vashisht Sunanda Vashisht was born in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, India when Kashmir was known for its unparalleled natural beauty and not as a cauldron of fear and terror. She did most of her schooling in Delhi and dabbled with several professions before moving to U.S last year. she is currently pursuing higher studies here. she likes to introduce herself as an explorer because she wants to spend all her time in this world exploring unknown. Writing for her is a cathartic experience. She can't remember when she began writing first but she does know that writing has always helped her to be at peace with herself and with the world around her. In the culture I grew in, there was no Thanksgiving Day celebrated. In fact I barely knew about thanksgiving until recently when I arrived in United States of America. For me Thanksgiving initially meant four much awaited for holidays when one could take a break from hectic schedule and slow down for a while. For most of my friends who are Indian Americans or NRI'S or whatever is the politically correct term to use, Thanksgiving meant hitting the malls in wee hours after the holiday and hunting for good bargains. I could not believe how materialistic I had become. In the 10 minutes that I had given myself to thank God for something, I was only thinking of things I did not have. I never paused to thank God for the wonderful things I had been given in life. I sat down with a heavy heart and pondered on the degradation that sets in as we land in adulthood.

38. Insignificant Thoughts - Thanksgiving, PC Style
That's no lesson to teach children. Oh, and let not your heart be troubled. I ofcourse have an alternative, that had thanksgiving meant anything whatsoever to

39. Kaufman Children's Center For Speech Language And Sensory Disorders
feast, shop for the feast, and help with the preparation of at least one of the dishesyou will be making for your thanksgiving feast. Try to teach your child

Language Activities

Kaufman Speech Praxis Materials
Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration
Suggested Reading
Arthur's Thanksgiving
by Marc Brown The Legend of Bluebonnet
retold and illustrated by Tomie dePaola Little Bear's Thanksgiving
by Janice Brustlein Arrow to the Sun
by Gerald McDermott Turkey on the Loose
by Sylvie Wickstrom Thanksgiving Day
by Gail Gibbons Sometimes it's Turkey, Sometimes it's Feathers by Lorna Balian Our thanks to staff member Carol Afflerbaugh, M.A., CCC/SLP for these great ideas! THEME: I Thank You 1. Make and/or put a large November calendar on the refrigerator for your child. Put a special sticker or decoration on the square for Thanksgiving. Tell your child we will be celebrating this special day with friends and family. Help your child cross/mark off the days until Thanksgiving. Talk about the month, the days of the week, activities you will do or have done each day, and count how many days before Thanksgiving. 2. Point out Thanksgiving decorations, cards, pictures, and advertisements to your child. Let your child help decorate your home for Thanksgiving. 3. Using pictures, teach your child the vocabulary for Thanksgiving: turkey, pilgrim, Indian, corn, feast, thank you, holiday, and the names of the foods you will enjoy for your thanksgiving dinner, such as turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberries. that are round. Show and tell your child how circles are round. Compare them to squares and other shapes that have straight lines. What would happen if a bus had square wheels?

40. Presenting American Culture To Students: Thanksgiving Day
This year my intention was to teach my students about thanksgiving, and I thoughtthat one of the best ways to do this would be to invite an American friend
Karen's Linguistics Issues This Month's Articles Previous Months Send Email Presenting American Culture to Students of English: Thanksgiving Day
by Dr Antonio R. Roldán Tapia
Alhaken II High School / University of Córdoba, Spain , December 2001 INTRODUCTION Teaching and learning English in many European countries means having a British-centred view of the language, its speakers and their culture(s). It is something to be expected because of the short distance between the UK and the continent, and because of the influence of publishers based in Britain. I do not want to say that this is wrong, but it gives students a restricted knowledge of the language and its culture. By taking a look at popular textbooks, it can be noted that students can only find a little information about the States, like the American flag, a picture of the White House and something else....hamburgers and cola. The purpose of this article is to share how other native speakers’ cultures can be learnt at school, independently of the textbook we are using. Because of my personal and professional experience, I have tried to teach my students about the USA and American culture.

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