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         Theatre Behind The Scenes:     more books (38)
  1. Theatre (Behind the Scenes) by Judith Anderson, 2009-09-10
  2. Behind the Scenes: Theatre and Film Reviews from the " Transatlantic Review "
  3. Theatre Design: Behind the Scenes with the Top Set, Lighting, and Costume Designers by Babak Ebrahimian, 2006-09-25
  4. Behind the Scenes in a Theatre by Elizabeth Grey, 1969-05
  5. A Life In The Theatre - Behind the scenes and between the lines of the world's most celebrated dramas, as presented on the world's most famous stages by Tyrone Guthrie, 1959
  6. Behind the Scenes Theatre & Film Intervi by MccrindleJoseph, 1971
  7. Behind the Scenes Theatre and Film Intervi by Joseph F Mccrindle,
  8. Behind the Scenes: Theatre and Film Interviews by Joseph (editor) McCrindle, 1971-01-01
  9. Behind the scenes: Booth's theatre by Oliver Bell Bunce, 1872
  10. Behind the Scenes in the Theatre by elizabeth grey, 1969-01-01
  11. Back-stage;: A survey of the contemporary English theatre from behind the scenes, by Philip Godfrey, 1933
  12. The business of show business: A guide to career opportunities behind the scenes in theatre and film by Judith A Katz, 1981
  14. Theatre Magic: Behind the Scenes at a Children's Theatre by Cheryl Walsh Bellville, 1986-01-01

1. Faculty Of Fine Arts: 1510 3.0 - Theatre Behind The Scenes
FA/THEA 1510 3.0 theatre behind the scenes (Crosslisted to AK THEA 3131 3.0) printed Lecture Schedule
Faculty Of Fine Arts
Rm. 318 Centre for Film and Theatre, 736-5172,
FA/THEA 1510 3.0 Theatre Behind the Scenes
(Crosslisted to: AK THEA 3131 3.0) Differs from
printed Lecture Schedule Term Section LOI Type Meet Cat No. Days Time Room Instructors F A EN STDO T CFT 157

Theatre programs and course offerings . contact Mr. Jeff Wittman, Program Coordinator, at (434) 5448353 or. e-mail Mr. Wittman at Theatre Program Website
The Necessary Stage (M1 Youth Connection)
PEER PLEASURE - Behind the Scenes Daniel Teo
Think about theatre and then think about the teenagers in Singapore. Somehow there is a jarring dissonance there – it just doesn't gel well. With M1 Youth Connection aiming to bring theatre to young teenagers, some skeptics have already mouthed their disbelief. With the whole furore about the lack of creativity in Singaporeans, the intangible human imagination has become all so chic to talk about again. Calls to become an Arts renaissance city were sounded around the tiny island while school curriculums were revamped to give a boost to the staid Singaporean students. With all the hullabaloo in the background, I wandered down to the Drama Center to talk to the students involved in the M1 Youth Connection regarding the excitement over this arty farty contraption we call theatre. In due time, I cornered four young adults to talk about their involvement in the youth festival. Jeremy Lim, 15, and Mabel Tan, 16, from East View Secondary and Khirunnisa Abdul Rahman, and Grace Auyong, both 15, from Bukit Batok Secondary gamely pondered my questions over chicken rice and the inferno heat. All were first timers at theatre except for Khirunnisa who were a veteran at performing in school events and all were suitably nervous about students handling every aspect about the show. While The Necessary Stage did give them 12 hours workshops about the basics of acting, the responsibility of an entire performance resting on their small shoulders was certainly a daunting prospective.

3. Behind The Scenes At Kennedy Theatre
Behind the Scenes A backstage tour of Kennedy Theatre reveals complex preparationsas a program famed for its Asian presentations tackles a devilish Western
Behind the Scenes
A backstage tour of Kennedy Theatre reveals complex preparations as a program famed for its Asian presentations tackles a devilish Western drama
by Jennifer Crites University of Hawai'i, Malamalama magazine, January 2001 Standing on the stage at Kennedy Theatre at UH Manoa, I am torn between two roles. The amateur actor within me looks out at the empty auditorium and imagines a packed house on opening night. When I turn around, I'm a theater patron gazing at a maze of curved plywood ramps that rises, roller-coaster-like, from the stage floor as the complicated set for a musical fairy tale. The stage is cavernous, stretching 80 feet deep and looming 70 feet high. Hanging from a grid of metal bars at the ceiling is a cyclorama (curved canvas projection screen), which can be lowered during a performance like a giant guillotine blade severing audience and actors from backstage flotsam and jetsam. Faust , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's epic poem in which the old and scholarly Doctor Faust sells his soul to the devil in return for infinite knowledge, power, youth and worldly pleasure. Seldom will a director stage both parts of

4. Theatre Behind The Scenes - NWMSU Department Of Communication, Theatre, And Lang
theatre, Behind the Scenes Coming Soon! activities organizations home. currentseason. theatre productions. performance facilities. past productions.
News Majors Course Offerings Scholarships ... Alumni Behind the Scenes
Coming Soon! current season theatre productions performance facilities past productions ... Northwest

5. TDFPlaybyPlayvolume5number4
theatre behind the scenes on TV THE TONYS On Sunday, June 3 from 800 to 900 pm,tune into PBS (channel 13) for a behind the scenes look at the making of a
Play by Play's Annual
Summer Theatre Guide
Pointy Ears and
Strange Appetites:
Bat Boy The Musical
Boogie Down Bronx!

Verbal Ingredients
at Hunts Point Romeo and Juliet Free Production for Teens New York's Longest Running Show: The Fantasticks What's Playing Where? Play by Play's Guide to Getting There Cheap Volume 5, Issue 4 Summer 2001 Poetry and Hip Hop at Hunts Point by Tanisha Love Ramirez 11th Grade, Hostos Lincoln Academy H.S. There's talent in the Bronx, and a lot of it. The last Friday of every month, The Point, part of the Hunts Point Cultural Center , holds a poetry and Hip Hop show called Verbal Ingredients. It features an open mic show open to any poets or Hip Hop artists who just want to show what they've got. It's a great place to make yourself seen and heard. If you're shy, it's a place to sit back on a Friday night and enjoy great music and powerful words. I was supposed to review two shows at Hunts Point Cultural Center on one night (Verbal Ingredients first and, after the intermission, the one-woman comedy at BAAD!, the theatre across the street), but I went to Verbal Ingredients first and never got to the second show. I was hooked by the great music, moving poetry and enthusiastic crowd.

6. Markham Little Theatre,Behind The Scenes
Markham Little theatre, Markham, Ontario, Canada Markham's award winning live theatre company
Markham Little Theatre
Behind The Scenes Home About Us Playbill Photo Gallery ...
Many people are involved in our productions and only the cast and the ushers are usually seen by the audience. On this page we would like to introduce just a few of our wonderful crew. Most of these pictures were taken during our "crazy day" - namely the Sunday before we open. After a couple of months of rehearsal and preparations at various offsite locations, this is the day that we are first able to enter the the theatre and it all comes together. On this one day we erect and trim the set, arrange lighting and sound, finalize costumes and set dressing and, hopefully, have time for a run-through on stage. It's quite an exercise in teamwork! Click HERE to see a short animation of the set construction for our production of
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

Rene and Will using the chopsaw. Rene's famous shirt and pants contain a history of our productions in the paint!

7. National Theatre : Behind The Scenes At The NT : How The National Works
Backstage. behind the scenes at the NT How the National works.

8. American Collection: Welcome
Teaching resources, lesson plans, author profiles, and behindthe-scenes production news on the films that will be seen on the Mobil Masterpiece theatre series.
The Series American Literature Resources Student Magazine NCTE The Series American Literature Resources Student Magazine NCTE

9. Page Title
Community theatre group located in Baltimore. Site has upto-date information on shows, history and a behind-the-scenes look at the current show.
Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Virtual Tour!!
Please choose and click a path below...
Please contact the Webmaster, Matt Cordner, by clicking below...

10. DVD - Best Prices At NexTag For Behind The Scenes - Theatre,
behind the scenes theatre, Sculpture and Photography at NexTag. Compare best prices for behind the scenes - theatre, Sculpture and Photography DVD (as low as $17.98).

11. Wimborne Drama : Amateur Dramatics Company Based At The Tivoli Theatre
The resident amateur dramatics society, based at Wimborne Minster's art deco Tivoli theatre. Programme, archives and behind the scenes information.
Welcome to Wimborne Drama on the Web! We are the resident amateur dramatics company based at Wimborne Minster's beautiful art deco Tivoli Theatre and stage three productions each season. Last updated: 28th March 2003

12. 404 Not Found
You are in Shell Connections Partners Groups Royal Lyceum theatre behind the scenes Youth theatre. behind the scenes Youth theatre.

13. Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, West Midlands, UK
What's On guide, forthcoming productions, history and background and behind the scenes information as well as details on how to book tickets
This site uses Frames - if your browser does not support them, you can still use the two buttons above
to find out what's on This Week and Next Week, but you will not be able to view the rest of the site properly.

14. Southwold Summer Theatre - Behind The Scenes
Summer theatre feature behind The scenes, with Carol Carey, Michael Chance, Moyna Cope, Stephen Hancock, Gerry Hinks, Natasha Joseph, Katie Mountain, Derek and Sidi Scott, Caroline Wildi you enjoy these little peeps behind the scenes and that they whet your appetite for Falkingham, loves Southwold with its unique theatre, appreciative audiences and happy atmosphere.
I hope you enjoy these little peeps behind the scenes and that they whet your appetite for the treats in store this year. Just select a name to catch a personal glimpse and then click on the nearest Cast List button to return to the top. Kathy
Carol Carey
Michael Chance Moyna Cope Stephen Hancock ... Caroline Wildi Stephen Hancock
Stephen loves Southwold (and Jill Freud!) where he is reminded of his early days in Rep after training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. His first contact was when Jill engaged his daughter in her first job as an actress in 1988. His favorite on-stage partner is Jill "because we've played husband and wife in so many plays". He is deeply grateful to her for inviting him to Southwold so often. Do any of our viewers remember when the wheel came off in "Out of Order" one night? - This was Stephen's most terrifying experience (see Friends' Newsletter November 2000). We, the public do respond strangely to our cast when we meet them in the street and "Oo, you look just like yourself" must have stumped him for a suitable response! When the final curtain of the season falls, Stephen makes for the nearest bar and/or prepares to enter that great green-room in the sky.
-Who sent shivers down our spines with her mesmeric portrayal of Agatha Payne in The Old Ladies last year, directed by her favourite Anthony Falkingham, loves Southwold with its unique theatre, appreciative audiences and happy atmosphere. She joined the company at the time Jill took it over, so has lots of memories. I am mystified by Moyna's most amusing experience which was "The first time I had to do 'The Grave Yard Run'." But someone, somewhere will know exactly what she's referring to. However, I can relate precisely to her most terrifying experience which was in The Old Ladies: "I suffer badly from vertigo and this was a huge problem on the two-tier set. I literally had to hypnotise myself!"

15. Concordia Theatre Online | Behind The Scenes | Latest News
What even fewer people notice are the numerous volunteers who make surethat the theatre is ready for each show and that it runs smoothly.
SHOWGUIDE INFORMATION OFFSTAGE BEHIND THE SCENES ... COMMUNITY MESSAGEBOARD latest news we need you!! theatre history theatre stats stage database ... messageboard interactive tour SENDING OUT A MESSAGE ...
Many people when they watch a show don't appreciate the amount of work involved in bringing a presentation to the stage. The months of planning, rehearsals and effort from the cast and production team who give up their time for your entertainment.
What even fewer people notice are the numerous volunteers who make sure that the theatre is ready for each show and that it runs smoothly. From the moment you enter the Concordia Theatre they are there, showing you to your seats, pouring your drinks, working the stage. These people spend much of their free time devoted to all aspects of the theatre to make sure that when you visit you don't notice them.
Why not become part of the theatre's team and share in the excitement and rewards that only live theatre can achieve, simply click here and fill in a request form!

16. Mariner Theatre, Marinette Wisconsin Dolby DTS
Profile of the theater, featuring dolby surround and DTS surround sound. Includes behind the scenes information, and a schedule of upcoming movies.
"Providing the area with the movie technology of the future
and Putting the Experience back into the movies"
2000 Ella Court * Marinette, WI 54143 * (715)732-9364
Downtown Marinette Behind the County Courthouse
Please let us know how we can make your movie experience even better
You may comment by: E-MAILING THE THEATRE

Adults: $6.00
Children 2 and under admission is free
All shows before 6pm $4.50
Show Times * NO PASS FEATURE NOW SHOWING The Pianist (R) Presented in Dolby Digital 149 minutes Daily 5:00, 8:00 Sat/Sun mat 2:00 Winner of 3 Academy Awards Best Actor Best Director Best Screenplay "The Hunted" (R) 94 minutes Presented in Dolby Digital Daily 7:00, 9:00 Written by Wisconsin Native Art Monterastelli Starring Benicio Del Toro Tommy Lee Jones "Piglets Big Movie" (G) Presented in Dolby Digital EX 75 minutes Daily 5:20 Sat/Sun mat 12:20, 2:00, 3:40 From The Projectionist Favorite Links MovieFone HollyWood E! OnLine Dolby Digital ... Movie Quest CyberZone, Inc

17. Concordia Theatre Online | Behind The Scenes | Theatre History
Music Work begins on the expansion of the stage facilities Audiences packed in tosee one of the first ever productions at the Concordia theatre, The Concordia
SHOWGUIDE INFORMATION OFFSTAGE BEHIND THE SCENES ... we need you!! theatre history theatre stats stage database messageboard interactive tour
The exterior of the old Moore Eady factory in Stockwell Head
Volunteers busily working on the auditorium
The auditorium rake taking shape
View of the original 1972 stage as it nears completion
The upper foyer just days before the first performance of
"The Sound of Music"
Work begins on the expansion of the stage facilities
Audiences packed in to see one of the first ever
productions at the Concordia Theatre
The Concordia Theatre for its 28 years since opening its doors is steeped in history and events. It all started with one man's idea of a dedicated place in his hometown for societies to present productions, that and much more… Problems started for the Baptist Concordia Operatic Society (BCOS) back in 1969 when the company found itself homeless after their performing home, the George Ballroom, closed for re-furbishment, which did not include a stage or a place for amateur dramatics. Producer for the society David Goodman told the Leicester Mercury in April 1969 that a simpler, less extravagant production: "If we have to move to a smaller place we will have to alter our choice. There is no chance of moving to either of the cinemas in town and the technical college is only available for use during the term time." Stuck for a venue it was the extreme idea of Fred Robottom (BCOS secretary) of purchasing an old derelict hosiery factory near the town centre and converting it to a theatre.

18. Welcome To The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, Tennessee!!!
Current production calendar, behind the scenes, coming attractions, online ticket sales.
var orphon = new Image; orphon.src = "siteart/orpheum_on.gif"; var orphoff = new Image; orphoff.src = "siteart/orpheum_off.gif"; var broadon = new Image; broadon.src = "siteart/broadway_on.gif"; var broadoff = new Image; broadoff.src = "siteart/broadway_off.gif"; Upcoming Shows
You're Invited!

We invite you to take part in our 75th Anniversary schedule of events. In the early 1920's the Grand Opera House stood on the corner of Main and Beale where the Orpheum Theatre now stands. The Theatre presented speakers including Helen K...
Click to read complete article.

Event News

The 2003 Fall Broadway Season tickets are NOW ON SALE! To purchase season tickets visit the Orpheum Box Office at 203 South Main, the Orpheum counter at Davis-Kidd ...
Click to read all.

Click below to join
our free newsletter.
Contact The Orpheum Theatre
For More Info: e-mail Company Info For Web Info: e-mail webmaster publishing and hosting by 305 Spin

19. Behind The Scenes
behind the scenes The creative. . JAMES DUNNE Interpreter theatre companiesare far more willing to accept sign language now.
How to guides Behind the scenes Legal Eagle INTERACTIVE StageTalk THEATRE INDEX Venues Openings Production News LINKS Theatre Guides Companies (Pro) Companies (Am) Youth Theatre ... TV and Radio The Stage turns the spotlight on those who work backstage... MICHAEL FRANCE

"Most embarrassing moment? Walking on stage with my trouser fly down." NATHAN MARTIN

" I started playing the piano when I was nine. I was always used at school and college. Now I have played in most of the major cabaret venues in London and New York. " SHEREEN HIBBERT
Wardrobe Assistant

"I started out wanting to work in fashion, but I’ve found this job allows me to be much more creative." JAMES DUNNE:

" Theatre companies are far more willing to accept sign language now. Often they used to feel threatened, thinking that an interpreter would be distracting or wouldn't be able to do the show justice.

20. The Stage | Behind The Scenes | The Theatre Photographer
behind the scenes, THE theatre PHOTOGRAPHER. Name Jon Trippett Age24 Place of work Various Position theatre Photographer. Short job
How to guides Behind the scenes Legal Eagle INTERACTIVE StageTalk THEATRE INDEX Venues Openings Production News LINKS Theatre Guides Companies (Pro) Companies (Am) Youth Theatre ... TV and Radio THE THEATRE PHOTOGRAPHER Name
Jon Trippett
Place of work
Theatre Photographer Short job description:
Portrait photo-graphy, mainly 35mm, on location and in studios. One goal is to expand into Web site design, providing a service for actors to show their portfolios on-line. How did you get started?
I studied English and Drama at the University of London, becoming involved with In Medias Res theatre company. I became aware that there are lots of important jobs besides acting and how crucial it is to have a slick publicity machine behind a production. Previous jobs/experience:
I worked as a magazine photographer for a year, and also did on tour photography for Rosican Productions, fringe theatre and the Edinburgh Festival. I do Web design, which pays well, so I can provide a cheaper service to struggling actors.

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