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         Theatre History:     more books (100)
  1. History of the Theatre by Oscar G. Brockett, Franklin J. Hildy, 2007-10-11
  2. Musical Theatre: A History by John Kenrick, 2010-03-25
  3. The Theatre: A Concise History (Third Edition)(World of Art) by Phyllis Hartnoll, Enoch Brater, 1998-09-17
  4. Living Theatre: A History by Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb, 2006-12-11
  5. Theatre Histories: An Introduction by Phillip B. Zarrilli, Bruce McConachie, et all 2010-02-05
  6. The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
  7. History of European Drama and Theatre by Erika Fischer-Lichte, 2004-05-10
  8. Scenic Art for the Theatre, Second Edition: History, Tools, and Techniques by Susan Crabtree, Peter Beudert, 2004-12-16
  9. A Cultural History of Theatre by Jack Watson, Grant McKernie, 1993-03-10
  10. Dance As a Theatre Art: Source Readings in Dance History from 1851 to the Present
  11. A History of the Theatre in Europe by John Allen, 1983-12
  12. A History of African American Theatre (Cambridge Studies in American Theatre and Drama) by Errol G. Hill, James V. Hatch, 2006-01-16
  13. Strike Up the Band: A New History of Musical Theatre by Scott Miller, 2006-11-09
  14. The American Theatre Reader: Essays and Conversations from American Theatre magazine

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2. Jack Wolcott's Theatre History On The Web
Optimized for a resolution of 800x600 A Resource for Theatre Historians and Students of the Theatre's History This site is has been maintained since 1996 to provide easy access to useful research sites throughout the world. theatre history on the Web was selected as a "Web Site of Note"
Optimized for a resolution of 800x600
A Resource for Theatre Historians and Students of the Theatre's History

3. Theatre History Resources From Artslynx
These pages offer articles, images and general information related to particular areas of theatre history of the ancient theatre and links to related sites. theatre history Cyberclass the syllabus, outlines of lectures and
Other Artslynx
Departments Include:
Theatre History Resources Send more link suggestions in this category to Richard Finkelstein See also: Theatre Organizations Artslynx Exclusive Materials This Month in Theatre History Artslynx Season Planner Timelines of History Prop Use History ... - Excellent resource! Atlantic Canada Theatre Loads of primary research materials relating to Canadian theatre history Maria Teresa Iovinelli's Performing Arts Links Includes an extensive collection of theatre history links BRITISH DRAMA 1890 TO 1950 A CRITICAL HISTORY by Richard Farr Dietrich - The entire text of this book is online. Wonderful resource! This site includes many articles and essays on Shakespeare and other classical genres. Theatre History Sites on the WWW - LOADS of links! THEATRON- Theatre History in Europe: Architectural and Textual Resources Online Performance in History - Site is in development Information Please Performing Arts Timeline Virtual Library of Theatre and Drama Very rich in resources for the Theatre researcher Musicals 101 - Great site. Lots of resources including a number that are history related.

4. REED Presents: WWW Links For Theatre History And Early Music
"All the World's a Stage" WWW Links for theatre history and Early Music
"All the World's a Stage": WWW Links for Theatre History and Early Music
Index to this page:
  • Mediaeval and Early Modern Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Other Theatre Resources
  • Play Texts ...
  • Local History Links
    • Mediaeval and Early Modern Theatre
    • The PLS , our own local medieval performance group, now has its own WWW page, with information on performances past and present. They will be posting information there as soon as it is available about the videos made at the 1998 Toronto presentation of the York Cycle. For reflections on and recollections of individual productions, you can visit the following sites: Steve Wright's overview of the whole event; Chad Engbers' page on the Catholic University of America production of pageant 19, The Slaughter of the Innocents ; the page of Duquesne University's Medieval and Renaissance Players ; and the Medieval Drama page at LeMoyne College , which has pictures of their production of the Nativity and the Adoration of the Shepherds.
    • Besides ourselves and PLS, other early drama groups also have established Web sites: EDAM offers a listing of all publications from the Early Drama, Art, and Music project (including articles in the
  • 5. Theatre History Web Sites
    theatre history Sites on the WWW. THEATRON (theatre history in EuropeArchitectural and Textual Resources Online) U. of Warwick, UK;
    Theatre History Sites on the WWW
    Oscar Brockett as Emperor, Hierapolis
    The Scenography Working Group of the International Federation for Theatre Research (FIRT/IFTR) will hold an International Conference on Scenography in Prague from June 18 to June 22, 2003. Discussions will be in English. The Conference will take place during the first week of the 10th Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, an event of world-wide recognition which you may wish to attend. Click here for more details
    General Information
    "The Machinery" a modern print by Jane Lydbury

    6. Theatre History Web Sites
    Sources of theatre history Information on the WWW

    7. Jack Wolcott's Theatre History On The Web
    theatre history on the Web has moved to a new server. Come on along, and be sure to bookmark the new location.
    Theatre History on the Web has moved to a new server.
    Come on along
    , and be sure to bookmark the new location.

    8. Theatre Resources: Theatre History On The Web
    Canadian theatre history Bibliographies. M. Musical theatre history Resources,a site maintained by Adam Czyk and the New Tuners Theatre, Chicago Ill.
    Theatre Resources
    Resources Dance Global Theatre Miscellaneous
    Indexes and Resource Sites

    9. Jack Wolcott's Theatre History On The Web
    theatre history on the Web has moved to a new server. Comeon along, and be sure to bookmark the new location.
    Theatre History on the Web has moved to a new server.
    Come on along
    , and be sure to bookmark the new location.

    10. Actors - Theatre History
    University Cybercourses by Patrick M. Finelli, University of South Florida, Tampa theatre history. Performance Theory

    Theatre Actors General
    • The Actor Site
      resources and forums for actors
      Books, magazine articles, teachers and classes, interviews, dvd movie reviews, and other resources about the Sanford Meisner Approach to Acting THE ACTORSOURCE HOMEPAGE
      Contact Information Agents, Casting Directors, etc.); how to get started in the field of acting; how to choose the right monologue for you; acting related newsgroups Bauman theatre forums
      emphasizing physical theatre styles in performance and actor training

    11. Jack Wolcott: Role Of Computing In Theatre History
    HomePage, To Jack Wolcott's theatre history on the Web. theatre history andComputing. The Role of Computing in Theatre Research A Retrospective.
    HomePage To Jack Wolcott's
    Theatre History on the Web
    Theatre History and Computing
      The Role of Computing in Theatre Research: A Retrospective
      Computing in the School of Drama was introduced in 1979 by Professors Jack Wolcott and Richard Devin. In 1984, Wolcott and Devin received the first of several grants from the IBM Corporation to pursue research into how computers might be used in theatre production and research. Additional grants were received from Autodesk and Generic CADD, and a great deal of support was provided by the Deans and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Devin, who left the University in the early 1990's to assume the General Managership of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, was responsible for introducing the computer into lighting design, drafting and general shop operations at the University. Through the generosity of the IBM Corporation, which gave the School of Drama one of its prototype machines, Devin was perhaps the first lighting designer in the United States to use a lap-top computer during technical rehearsals to assist in the lighting of a production. Dr. Wolcott, a theatre historian with a background in architecture and theatre technology, initiated several research projects with his students to learn how the computer could be used as a research and teaching/learning tool in theatre history. His work included research and development in prototypes of hypertext that preceded the World Wide Web and the HyperText Markup Language.

    12. Thechron
    Milestones of theatre history presented day by day, month by month. A fun resource for theatre educators, Category Arts Performing Arts Theatre History......This Month in theatre history February, 2003 ! Compiled Want to learnmore? This Month In theatre history Bibliography. Feb 1, 246th
    Other Artslynx
    Departments Include:
    This Month in Theatre History
    February, 2003 !
    Compiled and edited by Richard Finkelstein (Reprint if credited)
    Available online at:
    Comments / corrections graciously accepted See Also: THIS MONTH IN DANCE HISTORY
    See Also: Artslynx Theatre History Resources
    See Also: Artslynx Theatre Libraries and Research Resources
    See Also: Artslynx Musical Theatre Resources
    See Also: Artslynx Dramaturgy Resources Want to learn more? This Month In Theatre History Bibliography Feb 1 246th anniversary of the birth of British actor, John Philip Kemble 144th anniversary of the birth of composer Victor Herbert 13th anniversary of the opening of The Mirage Resort in Las Vegas, with Sigfried and Roy 99th anniversary of the birth of German designer, Teo Otto 85th anniversary of the Broadway premiere of Jerome Kern' s Oh Lady Lady 164th anniversary of the birth of playwright, James A. Herne 81st anniversary of the Broadway premiere of the musical review Pins and Needles Feb 2 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of The Dublin Gate Theatre, Hilton Edwards

    13. Globe Theatre History
    William Shakespeare's Theatre ~The Globe theatre history~ "the wooden O" Henry V

    14. Theatre History Page @ Theatre W/Anatoly
    Both classes are not theatre history courses, so, the history bground is important for analysis only.
    THR History * Images * Virtual Theatre * NEW: Don Juan stage directing and , all film theory pages will be collected @ TOPICS drama comedy postmodern + american age + self + future + others + death + resurrection + present + sex + past + communism generations FILM-NORTH VIRTUAL THEATRE
    [ advertising space : webmaster
    BANNERS + POPUPS + LINKS A little bit of periodization is @ Films for Kids Also, see History of Theatre? THR215 DramLit The 20th century drama THR413 Playscript Analysis
    directing board

    Welcome to directing message board
    directing's chat room

    Welcome to chat room
    2002 calendar
    Theory of Spectatorship webmaster Key Terms: Glossary Search Now: plays @ amazon var enabled = 'no'; Biomechanics Glossary: Click to View or Add Text. var enabled = 'no'; Testimonials: Click to View or Add Text. theatre books Mailing List Method for Directors? ShowCases: 3 Sisters Mikado 12th Night Hamlet ... Don Juan: Director's BOOK Connect with philosophy schools This page was built for images!

    15. Theatre History Cybercourse Splash Page
    © Copyright 19972001 by Patrick M. Finelli. All rights reserved. Thesepages are protected by United States and international copyright laws.
    Patrick M. Finelli Patrick M. Finelli

    16. Connected Courseware Theatre Resources
    University Theatre Arts Resources. Syllabi, lecture notes, images, books, videos and hyperlinks for Category Arts Performing Arts Theatre Education Internet Training......University Cybercourses Preview Course Pages theatre history Performance TheorySound for the Stage Caribbean Theatre Introduction to Theatre register.gif
    Connected Courseware
    University Cybercourses
    Preview Course Pages

    Theatre History

    Performance Theory

    Sound for the Stage
    Introduction to Theatre

    Course pages by keyword Textbooks General Books Shakespeare Resources
    CyberEdit: Writing, Editing, Translating
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    Original movie posters
    Special Orders:

    17. Children's Theatre History And Background
    A short history of children's theatre in the United States.Category Kids and Teens Arts Theater and Drama......A bit of History. In the United States, Children's Theatre's historyis relatively brief. It began to grow as a respectable branch
    A bit of History
    Charlotte Chorpenning
    Charlotte Chorpenning made tremendous contributions to Children's Theatre. Shortly after her husband died, she decided that she wanted to write plays for children. She was 60 then. She began working as the artistic director for the Goodman Theatre in Chicago where she stayed for 21 years. All the while was writing plays. In the time from when she began writing, until the day she died with a play in the works in her typewriter (literally), she managed to double the mid-century repertoire for children's plays by herself She typically adapted well known titles such as Little Red Riding Hood , or The Emperor's New Clothes to name a couple. This was primarily based on the premise that children would desire to go see plays that they recognize the titles of. This was the trend in TYA for quite some time, but has more recently veered away from that concept, and many more original works are being written. But Chorpenning saw a Universal quality in fairy tales and tended to adapt quite a few of them. In fairy tales she saw the archetypal issues of growing up, and if children could identify with a character, or characters, in a play, then they would have more interest in the play. This concept is quite true and followed even today. There is even a children's literary award given to playwrights called the Charlotte B. Chorpenning Award

    18. Musical Theatre History Resources
    Musical theatre history Resources. Some general historical informationregarding American Musical Theatre. Your comments and suggestions

    19. DBM Theatre NetSearch: American Theatre History By Donn B. Murphy
    AMERICAN theatre history This site is maintained by Donn B. Murphy, Ph.D.Professor of Theatre Emeritus Art, Music Theatre Department
    AMERICAN THEATRE HISTORY This site is maintained by Donn B. Murphy, Ph.D. Professor of Theatre Emeritus
    African American Theatre in Indianapolis, Indian - Freetown Village Theatre Troupe, Madam Walker Theatre Center, Asante Childrens' Theatre Chicago's Ethopian Art Theatre: 1922-1924 National Black Theatre Festival - Winston-Salem, NC National Conference on African American Theatre - Website ...

    MINSTREL SHOWS - Click on Popular Entertainment Arts below.
    Website: Registery of Theatres



    Illustrated posters and handbills

    VAUDEVILLE - Link to DBM NetSearch Popular Entertainment
    Link to DBM NetSearch Popular Entertainment
    INDEX Acting ... Washington, DC Theatre To the best of my understanding and memory, all images in this website are in the public domain, have been taken from shareware sources, and may be used without charge, so long as they are not altered or sold. Should this not be the case with any particular image, and should the creator want it removed from these pages, please contact me

    20. Theatre History
    These pages offer articles, images and general information relatedto particular areas of theatre history Ancient Theatre Today
    These pages offer articles, images and general information related to particular areas of theatre history:

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