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         Thompson David New World Exploration:     more detail

1. Untitled Document
david thompson 17701857 In Comparison, Lewis and Clark were Tourists He has been called the worlds greatest land geographer. suggests a "new" representation of what david thompson might have that had dominated western exploration since John Cabot the and understand the new world showed the scientific
David Thompson
In Comparison, Lewis and Clark were Tourists He has been called the world’s greatest land geographer. Certainly no man of his time saw the rivers, lands, and peoples of the western reaches of North America with such clarity of vision. His precision maps remained the official maps of western Canada for a hundred years, and his perceptive writings have enabled subsequent generations to envision the first nation peoples of the early fur trade and to know the ways of a world long since vanished. Yet, less than a hundred years ago, his name was hardly known. Even today, there is no known portrait of David Thompson, and we remain unable to imagine a picture of him other than by dwelling on his known similarity to two other historical figures: John Bunyan and John Philpot Curran.
No likeness of David Thompson exists. The famous geological explorer, Joseph Burr Tyrrell, while editing Thompson's diaries for the Champlain Society, received correspondence from one of Thompson's six daughters that claimed her father had an "excellent likeness" to John Bunyan. The famous 17th century English writer and preacher. J.J. Bigsby, a British Army surgeon and geologist, who sat next to Thompson at a North West Company banquet in Montreal, in 1820, reported in The Shoe and the Canoe, published in 1850, that the famous explorer "greatly resembled [John Philpot] Curran, the Irish orator." Based on these assertions, this computerized composite suggests a "new" representation of what David Thompson might have looked like while mapping and measuring Canada during the first half of the 19th century. [Computerized image rendered by Hart Broudy and Peter Reitsma via David Anderson]

2. Explorers
exploration of the new world. Explorer Project. http// projects. http// html. david thompson Compton's Encyclopedia On-line http// www.
UP Exploration of the New World
Explorer Project
Lesson plan with links for students to make a research pop-up book. The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide
Brief account of travels of explorers through time. Timeline of adventures is included.
Teacher' Guide of Geography activities.
Create a compass, an astrolabe., a quadrant. Identify navigational instruments, parts of a ship, and more...
Discoverers Web Listing of many links to explorers. The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide Timeline of exploration and links to many explorers. Explorer and Navigation Printable Print worksheets for creating a compass, an astrolabe, a quadrant, a globe, name parts of a ship, and more. Memorable Canadians - Explorers An excellent collection of explorers of Canada.

3. Lewis And Clark: Maps Of Exploration 1507 -1814
Voyage of discovery to the North Pacific ocean, and Round the world (1798 and octant,regulated Lewis’s chronometer, and devised a new type of david thompson.
To the Western Ocean: Planning the Lewis and Clark Expedition
part 3
A Voyage of discovery to the North Pacific ocean, and Round the World . London, 1798. The Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History
, he embarked on a mission to survey the coast of the American Northwest and search for a water connection to the eastern part of the continent. He produced superb charts of the Northwest coast and wrote a lengthy account of his voyage, A Voyage of discovery to the North Pacific ocean, and Round the World
was unable to make it past the sandbar blocking the mouth of the Columbia. However, Lieutenant William Robert Broughton succeeded with his smaller ship, the Chatham . Broughton advanced nearly 100 miles to a site opposite present-day Portland, Oregon.
Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; In the Years 1789 and 1793. London, 1801

4. Exploration And Exploitation Of New Fruit And Nut Germplasm
thompson, M.M. 1993. exploration and exploitation of new fruit and Vavilov informed the western world about the wild populations join Calvin Sperling and david Ramming on a second
Index Search Home Table of Contents Thompson, M.M. 1993. Exploration and exploitation of new fruit and nut germplasm. p. 155-160. In: J. Janick and J.E. Simon (eds.), New crops. Wiley, New York.
Exploration and Exploitation of New Fruit and Nut Germplasm
Maxine M. Thompson
  • Exploration in Central Asia
  • Plant Exploration in China
  • Plant Exploration in Eastern Europe ...
    Secondly, the lengthy quarantine process required for many fruit species has discouraged breeders from introducing new germplasm. Clones are usually retained for virus testing at the Quarantine Center at Glenn Dale, Maryland for 6 to 10 years. Many do not survive at the Center due either to propagation failures, cultural problems or, diseases such as fireblight on pears and apples. However, progress in facilitating movement of plants through quarantine is promised now that this facility is being managed jointly by the National Germplasm Resources Laboratory (NGRL) and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA (APHIS) and more funds and staff are being allocated for this important facet of plant introduction.
    Exploration in Central Asia
    Apple exploration in the Soviet Union.
  • 5. European Exploration Of Canada
    david thompson explorer and mapmaker. of new France visit an online museum of lifein new France. Outline Maps Collection outline maps of the modern world.
    European Explorers of Canada
    [a student built page - by Matthew Gilbert] St. Brendan Vikings John Cabot Jacques Cartier ...
    a Quiz

    Saint Brendan [Brendan the Navigator] Vikings
    John Cabot Jacques Cartier Martin Frobisher Henry Hudson Samuel de Champlain

    6. David Thompson
    Descriptive listing of 1012 new map images added to the david Rumsey Collection December 15, 2001
    You are in: Museum of History Hall of North and South Americans David Thompson
    Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske. 6 vols. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1887-1889 was the "most-quoted" biographical source for 19th and early 20th America. Appleton's, due to its age, reflects the bias and prejudice of late 19th Century America. It is also estimated that 100 to 200 of the 35,000 biographies are entirely fictitious. Additionally, the OCR technology used to transfer the text to the web was, at best, only a 99% accurate. We rely on volunteers to edit and update these historic biographies on a continual basis. If you are interested in editing and updating this biography please Click Here
    Virtual American Biographies
    Over 30,000 personalities with thousands of 19th Century illustrations, signatures, and exceptional life stories. welcomes editing and additions to the biographies. To become this site's editor or a contributor Click Here or e-mail Virtualology here
    A B C ... Z
    David Thompson
    Start your search on David Thompson
    Other educational search engines:
    Ask Jeeves for Kids

    7. Explorers Of The World
    John Ross, Sir John Franklin, david thompson. The Age of exploration Curriculum Guide,Biographies of European explorations European Explorers in the new world ,

    DISCOVERY.CA DISCOVERER'S WEB BIOGRAPHY.COM ... Saint Brendan Lists of Explorers: National Library of Canada - List of Explorers Museum of Civilization - Explorers Discoverers by alphabet Discoverers Web European Explorers Resources ... Explorers - Nice site with lots of information Explorers Site - many links Explorers Link Site Explorers of the Millennium - excellent Explorers Theme Page The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide Biographies of European Explorations of America Early Explorers ... Return to top Individual Explorer Sites Vasco Núñez de Balboa Vasco Núñez de Balboa - History Vasco Nuñez de Balboa - Netherlands Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Site Pacific Ocean Balboa: His Great Discovery Vasco Núñez de Balboa - history Vasco Nu ez de Balboa and pictures Balboa Balboa - Germany Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Sight Pacific Ocean Vasco Nunez De Balboa by Thomas Quimby Vasco Núñez de Balboa The Great Explorers East Hampton Middle School ... Return to top J ames Cook BBC Education: James Cook Discovery School: James Cook The explorer Captain James Cook Captain James Cook ... Return to top Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert Zoom Explorers: Sir Humphrey Gilbert Image of Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert ... Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage To Newfoundland, 1583

    8. English Books > Children's/Teenage > Historical - Exploration & Discoveries
    Captain Cattlin Towards new Zealand Chisholm Christopher Columbus in world LiteratureNagy ISBN 0300089678 Columbia Journals thompson, david; Hardback; Book ISBN

    English Books

    German Books

    Spanish Books

    Sheet Music
    ... Children's/Teenage Index of 1085 Titles
    First page
    Prev Next Last page ... AA Journeys of the Great Explorers Burton, Rosemary Cavendish, Richard Stonehouse, Bernard Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0749531894 Account of Timbuctoo and Housa Territories in the Interior of Africa by El Hage Abd Salam Shabeeny Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0714610542 Across the Top of the World Delgado, James P. (Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Mu Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0714127353 Across The Top Of The World: The Quest For The Northwest Passage Delgado, James P. Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0816041245 Acts Of Discovery: Visions Of America In The Lewis And Clark Journals Furtwangler, Albert Paperback; ; ISBN: 0252063066 Admiral Of The Ocean Sea: A Life Of Christopher Columbus Morison, Samuel Eliot Illustrator Raisz, Erwin Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 1567311431 Admiral Of The Ocean Sea: A Life Of Christopher Columbus Morison, Samuel Eliot Paperback; ; ISBN: 0316584789 Adventures In Ocean Exploration: From The Discovery Of The Titanic To The Search For Noahs Flood Ballard, Robert D. With Mcconnell, Malcolm Hardback; Book;

    9. - Discovery And Exploration
    Unknown Shore The True Story of How the First English Colony in the new world WasFounded Ships of Discovery and exploration. On the Road with david thompson.

    10. Area And International Studies               : University Of Vermont
    thompson, Margo Modern and Contemporary European Art OF PHILOSOPHY Christensen,david Philosophy of also the Accounts of new world exploration and Conquest.

    11. What Do Winston Churchill And Sir Alexander Mackenzie Have In Common??
    no superior in the history of American exploration. . Wester friends Simon Fraserand david thompson), Canada would Highlanders, moved to the new world, only to
    Short and Sweet:
    Tips for living the abundant life
    What Do Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Mackenzie Have in Common
    Sir Alexander Mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable persons of North American wilderness history and, indeed, as one of the greatest travelers of all time. His transcontinental crossing predated (and indeed inspired) the more famous Lewis and Clark American expedition by twelve years. Even Bernard De Voto, the well-known Utah-born historian said of Mackenzie, "In courage, in the faculty of command, in ability to meet the unforeseen with resources of craft and skill, in the will that cannot be overborne, he has had no superior in the history of American exploration." I remember singing around the YMCA Camp Elphinstone and Camp Howdy campfires: ‘This Land is your Land, This Land is My Land, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake Waters,…from the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver Island, this Land was made for you and me". ’ In Mackenzie was realized the dream of a Canada stretching from sea to sea. Beneath the lion and the unicorn supporting the coat of arms of Canada are the Latin words: A MARI USQUE AD MARE, taken from a Biblical text, ‘He shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. Without Alexander Mackenzie (and his Nor’Wester friends Simon Fraser and David Thompson), Canada would have lost her entire Pacific Coast, being shut off from any access to the sea. In 1764, Alexander Mackenzie was born in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, a windswept, rugged island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. When Alexander was ten, his mom died. Neighbours, knowing he had memorized long passages from the Bible, predicted that Alexander would become a clergyman. Through the local pastor’s library, he learned about astronomy and the use of telescopes. At age 13, Alexander tabulated all the animal and plant life in the Hebrides, and he and his pastor tried unsuccessfully to get it published in London.

    12. World Space Congress Astronotes: Daily Updates
    Colorado Springs to Albuquerque, new Mexico. One selfdescribed peace Leonard david. world Space Congress Women and Couples Ideal of the 2003 Mars exploration Rovers with a tiny
    World Space Congress Astronotes: Daily Updates

    October 19 World Space Congress NGST: The Name Game Much to everybody’s surprise, the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) was anointed with the name: The James Webb Space Telescope, after the space agency’s second administrator. That decision is thought to have come from the top, courtesy of current NASA chief, Sean O’Keefe, who holds the highest regard for Webb’s administrative skills. The space agency points out that, while the late James Webb is best known for his managerial skills in shaping the Apollo Moon program, he also spurred into being a vigorous space science program. He was responsible for more than 75 launches during his tenure, including America’s first interplanetary explorers. Here at the World Space Congress, however, specifically among astronomers, the NASA-picked name falls flat. Christening the super-observatory the James Webb Space Telescope has irked the space science community. They would have preferred the scope be named after an astronomer, taking after the Hubble Space Telescope example. Edwin P. Hubble was a staff astronomer at Carnegie Institution’s Mount Wilson Observatory. The general picture of the universe established in his work remains at the heart of present-day cosmology.

    13. Exploration List-Orrin Schwab Books
    .$40.00. 18. Mills, david. THE ENGLISH IN AFRICA. 33. Taylor, WIlliam. FOUR YEARS'CAMPAIGN IN INDIA. new York Phillips Hunt, nd. 35. thompson, George. Lists/Miscellaneous Lists/travel & exploration.
    Orrin Schwab Books To order, call 800-823-9124, or e-mail Home Main Inventory Page World Exploration List Last updated April 3, 2003 1. Baker, DeVere. THE RAFT LEHI IV: 69 DAYS ADRIFT ON THE PACIFIC OCEAN. Long Beach, Califonia: Whitehorn Publishing, 1959. 357p. Shelf wear, else near VG in d.j. with chips and tears to edges. The author sailed from San Diego to Hawaii on a homemade raft to show that ancient Americans could have used the same methods. ...........................................................$15.00 3. Bilstein, Roger E. STAGES TO SATURN: A TECHNOLOGICAL HISTORY OF THE APOLLO/SATURN LAUNCH VEHICLES. Washington, DC: National Aeronautics Admin., 1980. 509p. Some wear to spine and edges. Softbound edition. There is a spill-stain to the top right corners of the first 20 or so pages. Scarce edition. ......$85.00 4. Bolton, Herbert E. CORONADO, KNIGHT OF PUEBLOS AND PLAINS. New York: Whittlesey House, 1949. 491p. Some wear to spine and corners, else near VG. ....................................$25.00 6. Briggs, Walter. WITHOUT NOISE OF ARMS: THE 1776 DOMINGUEZ-ESCALANTE SEARCH FOR A ROUTE FROM SANTA FE TO MONTEREY.all Flagstaff, Arizona: Northland Press, 1976. 212p. First edition. Shelf wear, else VG in d.j. with slight tears to edges. An excellent book about Spanish exploration in the American Southwest. .......................................$25.00

    14. William Irwin Thompson Was Born In 1938 In Chicago Illinois, The Son Of Irish Pa
    Architect david Spangler, Author; Brother david SteindlRast thompson is the author/editorof The Imagination Earth An exploration of the new Planetary Culture
    William Irwin Thompson:
    A Brief Biography
    William Irwin Thompson was born in 1938 in Chicago Illinois, the son of Irish-American parents, a Roman Catholic mother, Lillian Fahey Thompson, a native of Chicago, and a Presbyterian father, Chester Andrew Thompson, born on a farm in Indiana. The family moved to Southern California at the end of World War II. After graduating from Los Angeles High School in 1957, he went on to earn the B.A. at Pomona College in 1962. His formal education continued at Cornell University, where he held a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (M.A. [1964]; Ph.D. [1966]). He became a member of the faculty in Humanities at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965 and remained until 1968, when he left MIT to teach at York University in Toronto (1968-1973). Although he has held various other visiting appointmentsat Syracuse University, the University of Hawaii, University of Toronto, Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, and the California Institute of Integral StudiesThompson has since remained outside of academe. In Passage About Earth (31), Thompson writes about individuals from the ‘60samong them Ralph Nader, Buckminster Fuller, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, John Lillywho "left institutions behind to become institutions in their own right." In over thirty years of sustained intellectual brilliance, Thompson himself has become such an institution.

    15. Explorers Of The World
    population, the environment, life in the new world or Europe. Explorers of new worlds MatthewHensen ; Simon Fraser ; Marco Polo ; david thompson ; Hernando de

    Grade 6 Explorers Project A Webpage for the World Explore the net - Learn about Explorers Introduction Explorers have always been adventurous people. Their motivations vary from the desire for wealth and fame to a quest for knowledge. Some expeditions are more successful and others more dangerous, but all are interesting! By completing this unit, the student will have met the following expectations of the Ontario Curriculum Grades 1 - 6 - Social Studies : Grade 6 Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers. -identify early explorers (e.g., Viking, French, English) who established settlements in Canada and explain the reasons for their exploration (e.g., fishing; fur trade, resulting in the establishment of the Hudson's Bay Company); -identify technological developments and cultural factors that led to the exploration of North America; -identify some of the consequences of Aboriginal and European interactions (e.g., economic impact of the fur trade on Aboriginal peoples; transmission of European diseases to Aboriginal peoples). -construct and read a variety of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and models for specific purposes (e.g., to trace the routes of the explorers);

    16. Seacoast NH History - Contact Era
    as a teenager in Gorges household, david thompson was assigned a bond seems to haveformed between thompson and the he learned how to survive In the new world.
    Movie Classics Portsmouth Navy Yard Local Politics John Smith's New England Historic Houses The Grave Site Wentworth-by-the-Sea 375th Anniversary Portsmouth's Bad Boy Black History Framers of Freedom Smuttynose Murders Seacoast Women Isles of Shoals "Old Ironsides" John Paul Jones Early Images Brewster's Rambles Prehistoric Era Contact Era Colonial Era Revolutionary Era SEARCH OUR SITE More History Visitors crossed up and down New Hampshire's tiny coastline for centuries, perhaps for millennia, before the first foreign settlers arrived, but who, where and when? Stone markings in Hampton might be ancient Viking runes carved before Columbus stumbled upon the New World. Soon after Columbus, traffic along our shores increased steadily. Years before the Mayflower arrived in nearby Massachusetts, there were as many as 200 ships making the transatlantic trek each year. They came from Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark and from England. They were, for the most part, fishermen drawn to the incredibly fertile waters here, or trappers and loggers in search of America's vast untapped resources. But they made no permanent settlements, or if they did, left little evidence of their passage. Like Native Americans, early Seacoast visitors had a gentler touch, taking only what met their needs or filled their ships, then moving on. These visitors came to the Piscataqua River region, not for religious freedom, but for adventure and for wealth. Only the promise of significant profit could spark such expensive transatlantic journeys. These "outer space" missions from Scandinavia and Europe required all the planning of a modern day NASA flight. Crewman took great risks. Investors expected results.

    17. Pathfinder Explorers
    921 HEY. Pedro Menendez de Aviles. thompson, Kathleen. 921 MEN. A picture bookof Christopher, Adler, david A. 921 COL. Pioneers. Explorers in a new world.
    for Explorers
    This pathfinder will help you find information about Explorers on the Internet, in the Grandhaven Library , and using Online Resources. You may search as many places as necessary to gather information for your research. Grandhaven Library Resources Online Resources Internet Sites
    World Exploration
    Discovery and Exploration
    Age of Exploration
    Use the name of your explorer, last name then first name (example: Columbus, Christopher
    Grandhaven Library Resources:
    TITLE AUTHOR CALL NUMBER Explorers who found new worlds Anderson, Dale, 910 AND Exploring the land Cullen, Derek. 910.4 CUL Magellan : Macdonald, Fiona. 910 MAC Marco Polo : Macdonald, Fiona. 910 MAC Zebulon Pike : Sanford, William R. 921 PIK Explorers and explorations. Protter, Eric. 910 PRO French explorers of North America Abodaher, David J. 910.4 ABO Great explorers Grosseck, Joyce.

    18. Pathfinder For Children's Authors
    The Amazon Trail, 582. Grand Teton National Park, Petersen, david, 917.9 PET. thompson,Kathleen, 975.9 THO. Trailblazers. Explorers of the new world, Softkey, CD 920.
    P a t h f i n d e r for Explorers
    This pathfinder will help you find information about your explorer on the Internet, in the Wascher Library, and using Online Resources. You may search as many places as necessary to gather information for your research.
    Wascher Library Resources
    Online Resources Internet ... Sites
    Great Explorers
    Explorers of America
    Discovery and Exploration
    Specific Names of Explorers
    If using an encyclopedia you will need to look up your explorer by his/her last name.
    Example: Columbus , Christopher
    Wascher Library Resources
    Individual Explorer Books Title Author Call Number Hispanic Americans Yoder, Carolyn 325 YOD Rivers Markham, Lois 551.48 MAR Arctic Expedition Salisbury, Mike 574.5 SAL Undersea Mission Jensen, Antony 574.5 JEN The Amazon Trail Grand Teton National Park Petersen, David 917.9 PET Women Explorers in Africa McLoone, Margo

    19. Vicar Street
    rock washing over from the new world, thompson recognized something Human Fly (1972),marking thompson's emergence as a 1983), an exuberant exploration of the
    forthcoming events Aiken promotions are proud to present... Richard Thompson
    @ Vicar St. March 14th
    He's already achieved more as a songwriter and instrumentalist than most musicians could do in a lifetime. His sound is familiar, with ties to practically every Western genre and many that lie beyond our horizons, yet also unlike anything else you've ever heard. His colleagues, ranging back to
    Jimi Hendrix and up to today's young giants, unify through time in admiration of his accomplishments. And so it is hardly surprising that Richard Thompson, nonpareil guitarist and perceptive observer of life's persistent ironies, has produced another masterpiece The Old Kit Bag, scheduled for release on February 3rd 2003 by Cooking Vinyl. What's perhaps most remarkable about this album by one reckoning, his twenty-fifth, without even counting the six he recorded as a member of Fairport Convention is its distillation of all that precedes it in his catalog. For more than thirty years Thompson has grown as an artist by carefully paring his work down to its essence. As a culmination of this process, Kit Bag, recorded in spare trio format with minimal overdubs, is a textbook lesson on how to convey layers of meaning with minimal gestures. More than that, and more to the point, it's an offering to listeners who appreciate music that's rich on substance and stripped of glitz. Kit Bag opens like a pocketbook filled with gems: images of innocence lost among tombstones on "Gethsemane," of distant love remembered on "A Love You Can't Survive," and demons unleashed by ignorance on "Outside of the Inside," and lyrics "war whoops and secrets under the trees, estuary smells coming up on the breeze, perfect, endless days like these" that glitter and spill like diamonds over velvet.

    20. Children's Books / History & Historical Fiction / Africa
    of Mali (African Civilizations) Carol thompson / Franklin Watts Migration of Africansto the new world James Haskins Songhay Empire (First Book) david, Phd Conrad
    Home Children's Books / Africa
    Browse our most popular titlesfrom 1 to 59.
    The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt
    Cynthia Shearer / Greenleaf Pr / June 1989
    African Beginnings

    Shaka : King of the Zulus
    Diane Stanley(Illustrator), Peter Vennema (Contributor) / Mulberry Books / February 1994
    Bound for America : The Forced Migration of Africans to the New World

    Can You Spot the Leopard? : African Masks (Adventures in Art)
    Christine Stelzig, Fiona Elliot / International Book Import Service, Inc. / October 1997
    Great Zimbabwe (African Civilizations)
    Mark Bessire / Franklin Watts, Incorporated / April 1999
    Nelson Mandela : A Hero for Democracy (Great Lives Series)
    Rebecca Stefoff, et al / Fawcett Books / October 1994
    Cleopatra (World Leaders : Past and Present)
    Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler / Chelsea House Pub (Library) / April 1987
    How We Know About the Egyptians (How We Know About Series)
    John James(Illustrator), Louise James / Peter Bedrick Books / December 1997
    Crisis in Rwanda (New Perspectives)
    Charles Freeman / Raintree/Steck Vaughn / October 1998
    Native Artists of Africa : Visits the Workshops of Five Tribal Artists (Rainbow Warrior Artists)
    Reavis Moore, LeVar Burton / John Muir Pubns / May 1995

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