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         Traffic Laws & Safety Driving:     more books (54)
  1. The traffic safety impact of California's new Drunk Driving Law (AB 541): An evolution of the first nine months of experience by Raymond C Peck, 1983
  2. Traffic Law and Highway Safety: A Digest of the Traffic Laws of NC & a Guide to the Principles and Practice of Safe Driving by State of North Carolina, 1954
  3. Police to target driving dangers.(City/Region)(Officers will watch for speeding, impaired drivers and violations of seat belt laws): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Unavailable, 2010-02-08
  4. Driving While Calling -- What's the Legal Limit?: An article from: State Legislatures by Matt Sundeen, 2001-10-01
  5. Eyes on road, hands on wheel: from November 1 it is illegal to talk or text on hand-held mobile phones while driving, but using hands-free devices is permitted. ... BIZ): An article from: NZ Business by Unavailable, 2009-10-01
  6. Traffic law and highway safety;: A digest of the traffic laws of North Carolina and a guide to the principles and practice of safe driving; drivers handbook by Edward Lane-Reticker, 1962
  7. Florida traffic laws: Everyday driving laws you thought you knew by James V Knowles, 1987
  8. Human Factors in Traffic Safety, Second Edition by Robert E., Ph.d. Dewar, Paul L. Olson, 2007-04-20
  9. Mobile Phones And Driving
  10. Frequently Asked Questions About Driving and the Law (Faq: Teen Life) by Greg Roza, 2010-01-15
  11. Drunk Driving: An American Dilemma (Studies in Crime and Justice) by James B. Jacobs, 1992-12-15
  12. Traffic Accidents: Causes and Outcomes
  13. Highway Code 1999 (Driving Skills) by Driving Standards Agency (Great Britain), 1999-02
  14. Law Enforcement Driving by James H. Auten, 1989-03

1. Berkshire County Traffic Safety Home Page
Here are some traffic safety laws we d like you to know. driving Safely in Maryland
Safe Communities
of the

Phoebe T. Sugarman, Director
Traffic Safety Home Page
Jane M. Swift, Governor
Nancy J. Luther, Exec. Director Social Norming Updated
This site updated frequently. Check in often.
Feeling Lucky?
Check out the
traffic safety statistics for selected
Berkshire County towns. Pittsfield Lenox Great Barrington TRAFFIC SAFETY HOME PAGE INDEX Traffic Safety Questions and Answers Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to us by e-mail at: The Berkshire Country Regional Community Traffic Safety Program is a Safe Communities program, sponsored by the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau. Safe Communities is a program created to help communities address their own traffic safety concerns and problems. Our goal is to reduce traffic crash injuries, fatalities, and economic loss. Visit the Safe Communities service center for ideas and resources. How Can We Help Make Your Community Safer?

2. Welcome To AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety
Review tips and download brochures about air bags, car seats, and safety standards. From the National Highway traffic safety Administration. Child Passenger safety. Child safety Seat Recalls Search Child Passenger safety laws. One Minute safety Seat Checklist Proper Child safety Seat Use Chart. Buckle Everyone.
2:26:26 EDT Saturday, Apr 12, 2003 What's New (Please Select One) Expanded Photolibrary: Over 400 Photos! 2003 Research Projects Approved for Funding AAA Foundation E-Newsletter Issue #3 Unlicensed to Kill, the Sequel (577 KB PDF) DWI Screening Research Report (1.1MB PDF) AAA Foundation E-Newsletter Issue #2 How to Handle Glare for Safer Driving at Night (613KB PDF) Identifying Unsafe...Lead to Fatal Car-Truck Crashes (2.0MB PDF) In-Progress Research Projects Update Drunk Driving: Seeking Additional Solutions (1.1MB PDF)
A website devoted specifically to senior citizens and driving safety
AAA Exchange - fostering communication on important issues such as traffic safety.
View REAL TIME road weather conditions, weather radar, forecasts, and more.
Spring is here! Wear a helmet while you view the Foundation's Searchable Photo Library.
All of the Foundation's videos are digitized and on line for free viewing.
Road Rage
Could your anger get you in trouble? Check out our popular

3. IIHS-HLDI | Teenagers
teenagers don't buckle safety belts even when adults driving them are using belts;December 20 , 2000 Best worst state traffic safety laws some states do
Teenage drivers have the highest death rates per mile driven among all age groups, followed by elderly drivers, and young adult males. The Institute closely follows trends in teenage crash rates and researches ways to reduce young driver and passenger deaths and injuries. If you're concerned about reducing crash risk for beginning drivers, check these resources for tips. Teenage Passengers in Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Summary of Current Research , Allan F. Williams, December 2001. An IIHS publication in PDF format only. Most studies of motor vehicle crashes involving young people focus on drivers. However, much of the problem involves young people traveling as passengers. This report summarizes the current state of knowledge concerning teenage passengers and motor vehicle crashes. Topics covered are the contribution of teenage passengers to the overall problem, the heightened risk when teenage passengers are transported by teenage drivers, characteristics of crashes involving teenage drivers and passengers, and the effects of passenger restrictions in graduated licensing systems. A joint IIHS and NHTSA publication in PDF format only.

4. MDSHA: Traffic Safety Laws
safety by Staying alert and giving driving your full attention. Showing courtesyto other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists; Complying with our traffic laws
Home Business With SHA Public Meeting Calendar AASHTO TRNS*PORT ... Public Meeting Calendar Search In Whole Site Business With SHA Keeping Current SHA Services Improving Our Community Explore MD Safety Property Owner Updates Employment Opportunities About Our Organization Events Home Traffic Safety Laws Welcome to Maryland
Here are some Traffic Safety Laws we'd like you to know. Driving Safely in Maryland
We hope your stay in, or trip through, our state is pleasant and safe. Our highways are among the finest, and safest, in the nation. You can help us preserve our outstanding highway safety record and better insure your own safety by:
  • Staying alert and giving driving your full attention. Showing courtesy to other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists Complying with our traffic laws and heeding all traffic signs, signals and markings Avoiding driving aggressively
Maryland has adopted a number of important traffic safety laws to ensure the safety of our citizens and visitors:
With us if you can;

5. MDSHA: Safety
Home. safety. traffic Signal Brochure laws. traffic signal brochure;driving in Work Zone; traffic safety laws; Maryland Adult Seat Belt Law;
Home Business With SHA Public Meeting Calendar AASHTO TRNS*PORT ... Public Meeting Calendar Search In Whole Site Business With SHA Keeping Current SHA Services Improving Our Community Explore MD Safety Property Owner Updates Employment Opportunities About Our Organization Events Home Safety

6. Motorcycle Safety Month
List of speeding and reckless driving laws driving. See also the "keep right" and urban speed limit law lists. The state name is a link to the traffic laws traffic And safety FAQ.

7. Effect Of Drunken Driving On Traffic Safety
Effect of Drunken driving on traffic safety. Dr. VS Batra* and Dr. RB Lal Bedi** Though the laws to check the drunken driving do exist in India but there is
Sign the Resolution
Feedback Search ... Drugs and Driving
Effect of Drunken Driving on Traffic Safety
Dr. VS Batra* and Dr. RB Lal Bedi**
** Jallandhar (Pb.) India
The driver's task on the road is very tough. During the journey, he has to overtake many slow vehicles, allow faster vehicles to overtake, move parallel to other vehicles in the adjacent lanes and Co-op. with heterogeneous traffic which cross the road at random. He has to maintain his presence of mind to take many important decisions in a split of a second. His task becomes all the more challenging in situation of high density traffic and at peak hours. A drunken driver cannot perform his task without risk and would endanger traffic safety. Alcohol affects the Central Nervous System of the driver. Even at a level of 0.05 percent alcohol in blood, the sense of judgement is impaired and the ability to control steering is affected. It is an established fact that abuse of alcohol results in increased incidence of traumatic vehicular injuries and deaths. Effect of drunken driving on traffic safety has been discussed in this paper. Recommendations have been made for reducing accidents on Indian Roads due to drunken driving.

8. Lycos Homepage > Motoring > Driving And Safety > Driving
drink driving, including a range of information about rally events and news. ReasonableDrivers Unanimous A site promoting traffic safety and creating laws
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  • AAA - An American site providing online access to hoards of information regarding insurance, finance and lots more.

9. Driving In Germany- Traffic Laws & Regulations
GENERAL laws. traffic drives on the right and passes on the left. However, youmay not use a child safety seat in the front seat if there is an airbag.
Home Getting Around Germany Driving Below is a rather complete overview of the German traffic code based on my interpretation. This information is from a variety of sources including the 1987 Fahren Lernen driver's education manual and the 1993 official Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung (Road Traffic Ordinances) distributed by the Federal Transport Ministry as well as numerous contributions by readers. Special thanks to Tino Haderlein and Wolfgang Meyenberg for their review of these pages. CONTENTS
  • Licensing General laws Right-of-way Speed limits Parking regulations Urban traffic regulations Traffic calming zones Autobahn traffic regulations Special prohibitions Accidents
The most important section here for foreigners is the right-of-way discussion. LICENSING If you are visiting Germany and will not be establishing residency, then your current driver's license is valid in Germany indefinitely. If you will be residing in Germany, your driver's license is valid for six months from the date when permanent residency is established. After that, you will have to obtain a German driver's license. (If your residency will be for longer than six months but less than one year [you will need proof of this], you can obtain a six month extension to use your existing license.) If you're using a foreign license to drive in Germany, you're supposed to carry an official translation of your license in addition to the license itself, but if you speak the language well enough, I've found that you should be OK. If you should get into a situation where you need to have a translation, you can get one from the ADAC automobile club for about €40. If you want to have a bit of "insurance", you can take care of this before arriving by getting an International Driver's License (IDL) in your home country. In the US, these are available from AAA for about US$20. (My recommendation: get an IDL before you go better safe than sorry.) Keep in mind that an IDL does not replace your official driver's license it is just a translation of it in an internationally recognized format. You must carry your official license with your IDL.

10. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Impaired Driving Program - July 2
Culturebased Handbook to Promote traffic safety Awareness, is are the appropriatesafe driving information messages (US traffic laws, practices, and
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Impaired Driving Program
JULY 2001
What's New Enforcement Legislation
Program Support
... Upcoming Events PARTNERSHIPS AND OUTREACH Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) TEAM's mission is to provide effective alcohol service training in public assembly facilities and promote responsible alcohol consumption that enhances the entertainment experience while reducing alcohol related incidents both in facilities and on surrounding roadways. The Coalition has its own website, which provides information on current members, future training sessions and background information on TEAM. The collegiate facility alcohol management training program, " TEAM on Campus ," is currently on hold. The coalition is analyzing some information collected from colleges to help determine the best implementation strategies. The committee will develop those recommendations in the near future. Future plans of the TEAM Coalition include continuing the national, statewide and collegiate facility alcohol management training program. TEAM will also be developing a new fan education component for the TEAM Training package. These materials will support TEAM training, so that fans are educated on a facility's alcohol policies and practices. For more information about TEAM, contact Ms. Chris Neal, TEAM Executive Secretariat, 301-656-3100.

11. Young Drivers - Traffic Safety Facts 1996
Summary of important laws and court decisions concerning drunk driving.Category Society Law Legal Information Drunk driving...... of Transportation National Highway traffic safety Administration. and court decisionsconcerning impaired driving. Illegal Per Se laws; Administrative Per Se
Summary Of Important Statutory Provisions And Court Decisions Concerned With Drunk Driving
U.S. Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
. This document contains state-by-state provisions and court decisions concerning impaired driving. Include are summaries regarding:
  • Illegal Per Se Laws Administrative Per Se Laws Alternative Pre-Adjudication Licensing Action Illegal Per Se Based on Blood or Breath Anti-Plea Bargaining Laws Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) Laws Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints Implied Consent Law Applies to Drugs and Alcohol Color-Coded Licenses for Persons Under 21 Years Old Refusal to Submit Chemical Test Admitted into Evidence Chemical Tests - Serious Personal Injury or Death Mandatory Chemical Tests in Deceased Drivers Alcohol Concentration Reporting on Deceased Drivers Mandatory Criminal Sanctions for DWI Offenses Mandatory Licensing Action DWI Offenses States with Lower BAC Levels for Youthful DWI Offenders Vehicle Impoundment or Confiscation for a DWI Offense Vehicle Impoundment or Confiscation for Driving While Suspended or Revoked for a DWI Offense Alcohol Breath Ignition Interlock Device Laws Victims' Compensation for a DWI Offense Death Related DWI Offenses (Vehicle Homicide) Habitual Traffic Offender Laws Happy Hour Laws or Regulations Beer Keg Registration Laws Dram Shop Liability (Commercial Servers) States Approved for 410 Funding
DESCRIPTIONS OF ALCOHOL DIGEST SUMMARY TABLES SUMMARY TABLE 1 . This table contains information on the following topics.

12. - Traffic Laws
Drivers safety Technology traffic Training Truck driving Schools Trucking BooksSubmit YOUR link Click for more information, HOME Enforcement traffic laws.
Device Drivers Resources Advertise About Us ... Enforcement Traffic Laws
SUB-TOPICS OF Traffic Laws Informal Laws


Can speeding be justified?
PDF and Word formats , with readers' comments.)
Establishing speed limits—a case of "majority rule"

Is tough enforcement the best way to improve traffic safety?

Enforcement Traffic Laws
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13. - Informal Laws
Drivers safety Technology traffic Training Truck driving Schools Trucking BooksSubmit YOUR link Click for more information, HOME Enforcement traffic laws
Device Drivers Resources Advertise About Us ... Traffic Laws Informal Laws
Informal vs. formal traffic laws

Safety, not tickets, should be focus of policing

Enforcement ... Traffic Laws Informal Laws
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14. Governor's Highway Safety Bureau - Traffic Enforcement
be avoided if motorists better observed traffic laws and showed booster seats andchild safety seats. include aggressive, distracted, drowsy driving and driver

News Programs Crash Data ... Clipart
Traffic Enforcement
The Facts:
In 2001, there were 477 fatalities and more than 91,000 injuries and $6.3 billion in economic loss from motor vehicle crashes on Massachusetts roadway.
Many motor vehicle crashes could be avoided if motorists better observed traffic laws and showed more patience behind the wheel. The effects of crashes could be reduced or prevented with greater use of safety belts, booster seats and child safety seats.
The best-documented causes of motor vehicle-related fatalities in Massachusetts are alcohol use (50%) and speed (36%). Other causes include aggressive, distracted, drowsy driving and driver inexperience/error.
Safety belts reduce the risk of death or serious injury in a crash by half. Yet in 2002, only 51% of Massachusetts residents buckled up as compared to 75% of the nation’s drivers.
This portion of the GHSB web site includes information on the following causes of motor vehicle crashes. Click on any of the following topics for more information.
A Partnership for Safer Roadways One way to achieve safer roadways is to increase enforcement of traffic safety laws. The GHSB is working with state and local police, and community and business groups in the following ways:

15. Governor's Highway Safety Bureau -
its statewide initiative to promote safe driving this holiday stepup enforcementof our traffic laws over the said James P. Jajuga, Secretary of Public safety.
November 2001 News Release: Safe Driving: It's Not a Crash Course
News Programs Crash Data ... FAQ
November 2001 News Release: Safe Driving: It's Not a Crash Course
Governor's Highway Safety Bureau
Urges Safety on Roads For Thanksgiving Holiday
Ten People Died on Massachusetts Roads During Thanksgiving Holiday Last Year
- To help ensure a safer Thanksgiving holiday on Massachusetts roadways, the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau (GHSB) announced on behalf of the Swift Administration $650,000 of grants and technical assistance for additional traffic enforcement by 43 police departments and the Massachusetts State Police. Ten people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts during the 2000 Thanksgiving holiday period, more than any other holiday last year. "The safety of Massachusetts families is one of my top priorities" said Governor Jane Swift. "More than ever this year, people will be driving to Thanksgiving get-togethers, making it even more important for all of us to pay attention to our driving. I want the citizens of the Commonwealth to know that our state and local police will be working hard to help make this holiday a safer one on the roads." As part of its statewide initiative to promote safe driving this holiday, the GHSB recruited more than 250 local police departments and the Massachusetts State Police to sign up for

16. Bicycle Laws And Safety Guidelines - NH Highway Safety
Enroll your child in a bike safety education program if one is traffic laws Applyto Bicycles. has the same rights and privileges of persons driving cars; the
NH Highway Safety Agency Publication New Hampshire Bicycle Laws and Safety Guidelines sponsored by New Hampshire Highway
Safety Agency Prevent Bicycle Accidents A Message for Parents A bicycle is not a toy. It's a vehicle! Males are five times more likely to be killed as bicyclists than females. More than half of all bicyclist deaths occur to school age youth (ages 5-17). Most bicyclist deaths result from bicycle-motor vehicle collisions. But injuries can happen anywhere - in parks, bike paths, and driveways and often do not involve motor vehicles. Head injuries are the most serious injury type and are the most common cause of deaths among bicyclists. The most severe injuries are those to the brain that cause permanent damage. Studies have proven that bicycle helmet use can significantly reduce head injuries. How can you help stop these tragedies?
  • Buy your child an approved bike helmet. Purchase one that has a sticker inside certifying the helmet meets standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation and/or the American National Standards Institute (ANSIZ90.4).
  • Let your child help pick out the helmet because it must be worn every time he/she rides. If you're a rider, buy one for yourself, too, and set a good example by wearing it. Also encourage your child's friends to wear helmets.
  • 17. Traffic Injury Research Foundation
    percent of Canadians believe aggressive driving is a thirds want enhanced enforcementof traffic laws to deal the second annual Road safety Monitor, released

    18. Aging Well Village - Safety - Driving Well - Safety Precautions For Drivers Age
    providing the latest information about traffic laws, road signs and after a lifetimeof driving, firsttime Association, Inc.), the National safety Council, Inc


    Driving Well

    Fire Safety Checklist

    Home Safety Checklist
    Safety Precautions for Drivers
    Age 50 and Older
    By Philip LePore

    Your Vision
    Driving safely begins with seeing clearly. As you age, glare becomes a greater problem. It takes longer to see clearly after you are briefly blinded by strong light. Sunglasses can help on bright days. So will avoiding glare by not driving at night or into the late day sun.
    In the third (50-75) and fourth (75+) ages of life, cataracts and other vision problems can develop quickly and undermine your visual acuity and the clarity needed for safe driving. Regularly scheduled eye exams are helpful in detecting eye conditions potentially detrimental to your driving safety.
    Scheduled eye checks also keep your vision prescription up to date and ensure that your glasses or contacts remain comfortable to wear. Care for Your Eyes has more information.

    19. General Vehicle Safety
    Do not impede your reaction time by driving when tired or Common Sense Do not riskyour safety to save to rude or obnoxious drivers by violating traffic laws. 13/Sec13-01.html


    General Vehicle Safety Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death and crippling injury in the United States. Traffic safety laws are important components of vehicle safety, but the most important aspect of vehicle safety is the driver. IMPORTANT:
    All UTSA employees who operate a motor vehicle for company business (whether a company vehicle, rental vehicle, or personal vehicle) must possess a valid state driver's license for their vehicle's class. The University Police Department is responsible for regulating moving vehicles and bicycles on university property. In addition all vehicles and drivers thereof must comply with UTSA Parking and Traffic Regulations. To ensure driving safety, follow these driving practices:
    • Never drink and drive. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. Obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals. Respond to dangerous driving conditions as appropriate. Maintain a safe distance between your car and any car in front of you. Allow at least one car length for each 10 MPH (e.g., three car lengths if you are driving 30 MPH). It should be noted that the maximum speed limit on the UTSA Campus is 20 MPH and less in some areas. The speed limits are clearly posted. Keep your eyes moving to avoid fatigue, especially if you plan on driving for a long period.

    20. Arizona
    To increase the statewide safety belt / child safety seat (CSS To achieve and maintaincompliance of traffic laws such as aggressive driving, speeding, and
    var page=2;
    Frequently Asked Questions Impaired Driving
    Seat Belts and Children

    Key Components of the Highway Safety Plan (HSP) include: Alcohol and Other Drugs / Youth Enforcement (AL/YA) - To reduce the number of crashes in which alcohol or drugs are primary contributing factors.
    Occupant Protection (OP) - To increase the statewide safety belt / child safety seat (CSS) usage rate of motor vehicle occupants and to increase public information and education of the benefits of seat belt / CSS usage for adults and children.
    Police Traffic Services (PT) - To achieve and maintain compliance of traffic laws such as aggressive driving, speeding, and red light running. Enforcement must be consistent, impartial, and uniformly applied to all street and highway users.
    Traffic Records (TR) - To develop a comprehensive data processing system that brings together the engineering, enforcement, educational, medical, behavioral health, prosecution, judicial, correctional systems, and emergency response disciplines.
    Emergency Medical Services (EM) - To continue to support rural providers with emergency medical services (EMS) equipment.

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