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         Triathlon Olympic Sports:     more detail
  1. Racing to the Finish: The Olympic Sport of Triathlon
  2. Gymnastics at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's triathlon
  3. Triathlon Training For Dummies by Deirdre Pitney, Donna Dourney, 2008-11-24
  4. TriLog (Sports Log) by Tim Houts, 2008-07-25
  5. Be Your Best at Marathon Running: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Games/Hobbies/Sports) by Tim Rogers, 2010-04-20
  6. South African Triathletes: Olympic Triathletes of South Africa, Conrad Stoltz, Dan Hugo, Lizel Moore, Mari Rabie, Kate Roberts, Megan Hall
  7. Ukrainian Triathletes: Olympic Triathletes of Ukraine, Yuliya Sapunova, Inna Tsyganok, Vladimir Polikarpenko, Andriy Glushchenko
  8. Olympic Gold Medalists for Chile: Fernando González, Nicolás Massú
  9. Simon Says Gold: Simon Whitfield's Pursuit of Athletic Excellence by Simon Whitfield, Cleve Dheensaw, 2009-10-01
  10. Mind Gym : An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack, David Casstevens, 2002-06-03

1. Reports Of Triathlon's Olympic Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated
the last emergency, when International triathlon UnionEuropean triathlon Unionsquabbles France-Press article on three proposed new olympic sports for the
Rudy Project D-3 Multisport Computrainer/

Reports of triathlon's Olympic demise are greatly exaggerated
By Timothy Carlson
IT Senior Correspondent
This report filed August 29, 2002

Just when triathlon thought it was safely in the Olympic family, news of a new threat appeared this week in the media. Or did it? Months after the last emergency, when International Triathlon Union-European Triathlon Union squabbles threatened to boot the sport from the International Olympic Committee family, a new alert materialized from an Agence France-Press article on three proposed new Olympic sports for the 2008 games in Beijing. AFP Irish writer Erskine McCullough wrote that the IOC is considering including golf, a Chinese martial arts called wushu, and seven-man rugby. The catch for triathlon is that under IOC President Jacques Rogge's new regime, the inclusion of any new sport must be matched by the departure of another sport. In his August 26 article, McCullough wrote: "The three facing the ax are believed to be triathlon, baseball and softball." ITU president Les McDonald told McCullough "If we are thrown out of the Olympics, it will kill triathlon as we know it. I simply see no logic in the plan. We are spectator friendly and television friendly. And we have a huge fan base throughout the world."

2. Pacific Sports LLC
Scores and results by IBM for sports and events at the Official Site of the Sydney 2000 olympic Games in Australia.
New Balance Buffalo Run
Metropolitan Bank Triathlon

City of Los Angeles Youth Triathlons

City of Los Angeles Triathlon
... Register now Read Bob Babbitt's 'Publisher Notes' about the Catalina Marathon in the current issue of Competitor Magazine. (PDF file) Announcing a new section on our website-We are now posting all of our monthly newsletters and event updates that we send out. Visit our Updates Page and check them out if you have not read them CTS is the Official Coach of Pacific Sports events and offers online training packages for all levels of experience. Led by Chris Carmichael and Lance Watson, CTS brings coaching expertise, product advice and endurance sports information to the athletic community via the world wide web. CTS works with a variety of athletes including four-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong and 2000 Triathlon Olympic Gold Medallist Simon Whitfield. If you are interested in an online training package offered by CTS, please visit the Official Pacific Sports online training site.

3. Olympic Sports - Triathlon
of easily accessed, international standard sports training facilities Victoria isTriathlon information on venues other features Venue olympic Park, Melbourne

4. Olympic Water Sports Info From World Wide Aquatics
For 2000 Sydney Olympics water sportsswimming, triathlon, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming schedule, results, team rosters, biographies, rules, links, how to watch the sport. From World Wide
At World Wide Aquatics, we know water sports. Check below for all the information you need to enjoy the
Water Sports played and won during the Sydney 2000 Olympics! Swimming Schedule/TV Results Swimming Central U.S. Team ... Gear Triathlon Schedule/TV Results Triathlon Central * U.S. Team ... Gear Diving Schedule/TV Results Diving Central* U.S. Team ... Gear Water Polo Schedule/TV Results Water Polo Central * U.S. Team ... Gear Synchronized Swimming Schedule/TV Results Synch Swimming Central* U.S. Team ... Gear * The "Central" pages are all about the sport, include background, history, rules, articles, results, links, sales and more! It will make your Olympic-watching experience even better!
There is something in the Olympics, indefinable,
springing from the soul that must be preserved.
Jesse Owens, Track and Field Magazine, 1936 On-Line Catalog Order by Item# Gift Certificates Shopping Cart ... Contact us right away with questions or comments about this web site!

There are also past olympic sports and sports recognised by the olympic Movement. Table Tennis. Taekwondo. Tennis. triathlon. Volleyball. Weightlifting. Wrestling. Biathlon


The current Olympic Games programme includes 35 sports and nearly 400 events.
There are also past Olympic sports and sports recognised by the Olympic Movement.
Click below to discover the sports and disciplines on the programme of the next Olympic Games.
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Summer sports:
Winter sports:
Aquatics Archery Athletics Badminton ... Skiing RECOGNISED SPORTS Climbing, bridge, golf, roller skating and surfing are sports that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Sports Federations (IFs) that administer these sports must ensure that their statutes, practice and activities conform with the Olympic Charter. Learn more OLYMPIC SPORTS OF THE PAST Tug of war, rugby, polo, lacrosse, and golf were once on the Olympic programme. Have a closer look at these sports and discover others that have become a part of Olympic history. Learn more WINTER SPORTS Discover the technique of all Olympic disciplines with flash animations.

6. Olympic Sports
a 39,000 square metre indoor sports stadium, provides a Preolympic table tennis trainingprecincts were training for tennis in Victoria triathlon Australia is

7. Guardian Unlimited Sport | Other Sports | Triathlon's Olympic 'oblivion'
More sports. triathlon's olympic 'oblivion'. Exclusive Money, drugs and voterigging allegations threaten the Games'
Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Life Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Dating Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home Football Cricket Rugby ... Help
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More sports
Triathlon's Olympic 'oblivion'
Exclusive: Money, drugs and vote-rigging allegations threaten the Games' newest sport with banishment and shame, says Steven Downes
Sunday December 16, 2001
The Observer

No sport has been expelled from the Olympic Games in the past 50 years, but triathlon - which was introduced only in Sydney last year - is on the brink of oblivion. Allegations of vote-rigging, financial irregularities and a failure to clamp down on drug cheats are all stacked against the swim-bike-run sport. Now, triathlon's top official, Les McDonald, is accused of misleading Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee's new president, in a desperate attempt to save the sport's status, by suggesting that a lawsuit against triathlon's world body had been settled.

ABOUT While taekwondo and triathlon both debuted as the newest olympic sportsat the Sydney 2000 Games, triathlon was literally the newest sport.

This site has links to information about the triathlon at the olympic Games This site is not affiliated with NBC Network or any official olympic Committee
Direct access Athens 2004 Torino 2006 Beijing 2008 International Olympic Committee Olympic Museum Lausanne National Olympic Committees International Sports Federations The International Paralympic Committee Olympic Studies Centre Olympic Television Archive Bureau World Anti-Doping Agency Olympic Spirit Right to Play OGKS
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The men and women who have gone down in Olympic history
Relive the exploits of the athletes who have become legends - sports performances, highlights... You will also find the results of all the medal winners in the modern Olympic Games.

Olympic medal winners
Olympians Sports, disciplines and Olympic events Access detailed presentations of all the Olympic sports and disciplines on the programme of the forthcoming Games. You will also see the list of Olympic sports which no longer exist. Sports on the Olympic programme Recognised sports Olympic sports of the past All the Olympic Games since 1896 Since time immemorial, the Games have enabled people from all over the world to come together in peace, respecting the principles of fundamental and universal ethics.

10. - Olympic Sports - Triathlon - SI's Richard Hoffer: "Watching" The Tri
SYDNEY, Australia The triathlon is supposed to be a grueling event. Listen to mystory I set out for the men's olympic event Sunday From sports Illustrated.


Sportsman of the Year

Heisman Trophy

Swimsuit 2001

Fantasy Central

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Multimedia Central

Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore "Watching" the triathlon
Following the race is almost as tough as competing
Click here for more on this story Latest: Sunday September 17, 2000 10:09 AM SYDNEY, Australia The triathlon is supposed to be a grueling event. Apparently, it's too much of three good things: a swim in the bay, a bike down the path and a jog up the street. My belief: Exercise is best in moderation. No need complicating a workout with that many changes of clothes. Anyway, agreed, the competition is tough. But I'm here to tell you it's not so easy to watch, either. Listen to my story: I set out for the men's Olympic event Sunday morning and quickly found myself trapped inside the course, ringed entirely by the cycling and running circuits. This was a problem in that I didn't feel I needed 2 1/2 hours to get a feel for the thing. That is, I had planned to leave a little shy of the medal presentation. From Sports Illustrated Images from the Games No letdown for Dream Team U.S., Chinese women produce another classic

11. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team - Thursday September 07
olympic History triathlon debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games. Back to the top.CNNSI, Copyright © 2001 CNN/sports Illustrated An AOL Time Warner Company.


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Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore
U.S. Triathlon Team
Men: Ryan Bolton Hunter Kemper Nick Radkewich Women: Jennifer Gutierrez Sheila Taormina Joanna Zeiger MEN Ryan Bolton Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: March 26, 1973 Hometown: Gillette, Wyo. Olympic History: Triathlon debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games Back to the top Hunter Kemper Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: May 4, 1976 Hometown: Longwood, Fla. Olympic History: Triathlon debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games Back to the top Nick Radkewich Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Jan. 10, 1971 Hometown: Orlando, Fla. Olympic History: Triathlon debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games Back to the top WOMEN Jennifer Gutierrez Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: April 28, 1967 Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Olympic History: Triathlon debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games Back to the top Sheila Taormina Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: March 18, 1969

12. Olympic Sports Overview
Equestrian; Debut Sport triathlon; Featured Competition Rowing Featured Competition Trampolineis one of two sports making their olympic debut this year.
General Sports Outdoor Activities
Share Your Experience
Print ... Email a Friend Olympic Sports Overview
  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon Debut Sport: Trampoline Individual: Men Only Individual: Women Only ... Featured Competition: Rowing

  • By Pamela Rice Hahn
    It's almost time for Olympic Fever. The kids will barely be back in school when from September 15 to October 1, 2000, most of us will be glued to our television sets, watching the games taking place in Sydney, Australia.
    The 2000 Summer Olympic Competition events fall within the following categories:
  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon
    Debut Sport: Trampoline
    Individual: Men Only
    Individual: Women Only
    Team Events: Men Only Team Events: Women Only Team Events: Men and Women Equestrian Debut Sport: Triathlon Featured Competition: Rowing
  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon This event isn't for slackers. It also helps if you're a morning person, too. Competition starts at 5:30 A.M. with a pistol shoot at a bull's-eye target 10 meters away. After that, there's the dueling and fencing for "first blood," where a single touch wins. Then it's on to the pool, where competitors swim a 200-meter sprint; stroke style is each competitor's choice. Without even taking time to dry off, competitors head to the equestrian arena where they each coax an unfamiliar horse around and over a course of fences. Then, after "resting" atop that horse for a bit, there's a final, two-mile cross-country run. The entire competition takes about 12 hours.

    13. Montgomery To Compete In Two Olympic Sports
    Carol Montgomery was confirmed for Canada's triathlon team last month. She was confirmed after an appeal to run the 10 000 meters for Athletics Canada last week. Canadian women have competed in two olympic sports before say, for a Winter olympics and a the ITU World triathlon Championships in April, ran her olympic Astandard qualifier
    home triathlon
    triathlon ...
    Montgomery To Compete in Two Olympic Sports
    July 15, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (
    Canadian women have competed in two Olympic sports before say, for a Winter Olympics and a Summer Olympics. But never has a Canadian woman competed in two sports in the same Olympics which is what Carol Montgomery intends to do.
    Montgomery was confirmed for Canada's triathlon team last month. She was confirmed after an appeal to run the 10,000 meters for Athletics Canada last week.
    The news came on Wednesday, four days after her devastating win in the ITU World Cup at Toronto.
    The Canadian Press reported that "Carol Montgomery will be the first Canadian woman to compete in two different sports at the same Olympics after being selected for the 10,000 metres on Wednesday."
    Montgomery, runner-up in the ITU World Triathlon Championships in April, ran her Olympic A-standard qualifier on the track also that month. But in Athletics Canada's final Olympic-selection race in June, Montgomery missed the mark when lapped runners remained on the track and caused confusion. She appealed, won, and now joins Tina Connelly as Canada's female entries in the 10,000.

    14. Is Triathlon's Olympic Status In Jeopardy?
    pages of sports sections of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Todayand around the country with ominous headlines triathlon's olympic status in
    Rudy Project D-3 Multisport Computrainer/

    Is triathlon's Olympic status in jeopardy?

    IOC threat to ITU rolls toward December 10 showdown in Lausanne
    By Timothy Carlson
    Senior Correspondent
    This report filed December 5, 2001

    After triathlon's splendid debut at the 2000 Games in Sydney, everything seemed on the fast track for the sport to remain on the permanent roster of Olympic events. Then, one week ago, an Associated Press story datelined London ran on the front pages of sports sections of the New York Times , the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and around the country with ominous headlines: "Triathlon's Olympic status in jeopardy." In the AP article, IOC officials stated they were concerned about "infighting" that has plagued the sport and expressed dissatisfaction that the ITU had failed to respond to two letters from the IOC asking to explain and respond to the accusations made by dissatisfied factions in Europe, Canada and Latin America. IOC director general Francois Carrard was quoted by the AP as saying: "These personal quarrels damage the credibility of the sport and the athletes." IOC sports director Gilbert Felli told the AP last week: "We are still waiting for them to give some explanation. We have not had a satisfactory response." When asked if the sport could be stripped of Olympic recognition and expelled from the Olympics, Felli refused to be reassuring and simply reiterated that the IOC had the power to do so. "The Olympic Charter says that the IOC can take that decision. It's a fact."

    15. Olympic Triathlon Links
    Links to news and other information about the triathlon event at the olympic Games.Category sports Events olympics triathlon...... Washington Post olympics triathlon News. olympic triathlon History. CBSsports olympic triathlon History. Other triathlon Sites. Inside triathlon.
    Olympic Triathlon Links Search the Net This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Triathlon at the Olympic Games. Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Official Olympic Triathlon Sites British Olympic Triathlon Triathlon Canada Olympic Triathlon News and Guides CBS Sports Olympics Swimming News CNN/Sports Illustrated Olympics Triathlon News ESPN Olympics Triathlon News NBC Olympics Triathlon News ... Washington Post Olympics Triathlon News Olympic Triathlon History CBS Sports Olympic Triathlon History Other Triathlon Sites Inside Triathlon Triathlon Internet Search Triathlon Stuff Ebay - Olympic Triathlon Check out the other Summer Olympic themes: Baseball Basketball Boxing Cycling ... Volleyball and Winter Sports Biathlon Bobsled Cross Country Skiing Figure Skating ... Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear See Also 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Links 2002 Salt Lake Games Links Olympic Games Links Michael Johnson Links This site is not affiliated with NBC Network or any official Olympic Committee var site="s12sirlinksalot"

    16. Carol Montgomery Qualifies For Olympic Triathlon And 10,000 Metres
    recovers remarkably from artery blockage Athlete qualifies for olympic triathlon,10,000 metres only months after surgery. BEVERLEY SMITH sports Reporter.
    TRIATHLON By Sport. Archery Badminton Basketball Canoe/Kayaking Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Gymnastics Judo Modern Pent. Paralympics Rowing Sailing Shooting Softball Swimming Table Tennis Tae Kwon Do Tennis Triathlon Trampoline Volleyball Water polo Weight Lifting Wheelchair Bball Windsurfing Wrestling Who has Qualified The Way to Sydney Olympic History New Sports ... Back to CAAWS Saturday July 8, 2000
    The Globe and Mail Veteran Montgomery recovers remarkably from artery blockage
    Athlete qualifies for Olympic triathlon, 10,000 metres only months after surgery BEVERLEY SMITH
    Sports Reporter Toronto Sometimes when she thinks about it, Carol Montgomery feels overwhelmed. At 34, she's on the brink of competing in her first Olympic Games. You would think that would be enough to make anybody's heart flutter. But Montgomery has more to think about than most. She could have lost her leg last year because of an artery blockage, but she cleared that hurdle with major surgery only six months ago. Despite it all, Montgomery has qualified for not only one sport but two at the Sydney Games: triathlon and the 10,000-metre run. Neither are sports for the weak of heart.

    17. USA Volleyball: Olympic Sports Links
    triathlon (triathlon Federation USA). LINKS Main · USAV Regions · USAV MemberOrganizations · Volleyball Clubs · olympic sports · Link Request Form

    USAV Regions

    USAV Member Orgs.

    Volleyball Clubs
    Olympic Sports ...
    Link Req. Form

    USA VOLLEYBALL OLYMPIC SPORTS LINKS USA Volleyball is pleased to give you a fast, easy way to find other volleyball and sports sites. Simply click on any of the links bellow to get to that site. To request a link on our site contact Brent Buzbee or complete our link request form US Olympic Sports Sites: Archery (National Archery Association) Badminton (USA Badminton) Baseball (USA Baseball) Basketball (USA Basketball) ... Wrestling (USA Wrestling) LINKS: Main USAV Regions USAV Member Organizations Volleyball Clubs ... Donations

    18. : Other Olympic Sports
    Swiss Surprise McMahon Wins Inaugural olympic triathlon American Gets Will Skip SydneyDefending olympic Champion Focuses Making the Cut Women's sports Hit New

    Good Morning America
    World News Tonight Downtown Primetime ...
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    Top Stories Volleyball Gold for Yugoslavia
    Cuba Captures Volleyball Gold

    Armstrong Wins First Olympic Medal

    Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, a three-time Olympian who had never won a medal, wound up with the bronze in the 33-mile time trial. Viacheslav Ekimov of Russia took the gold, while Jan Ullrich of Germany won silver.
    U.S. Wrestlers Win Silver

    Wrestling With Greatness

    Wrestling Giant Falls

    Seeing Double
    ... Poe and taekwondo here. Analysis Olympics Overview: Archery Olympics Overview: Badminton Olympics Overview: Cycling Olympics Overview: Fencing ... Olympics Overview: Wrestling Other News Ullrich Wins Cycling Gold Tour de France Champ Armstrong Finishes 13th Bumping Off Brazil Argentina Stuns Volleyball Powerhouse Brazil, Russia and Italy Advance

    19. Outside Online - Sports
    practitioners of the offbrand olympic sports who orbit out of obscurity and intothe network TV sunshine once every four years. triathlon in particular will
    DisplayAds("Top,Bottom,Right,Left1,Frame1!Top", "468", "60");
    DisplayAds ("Left1,!Left1", "120", "120");
    Outside magazine, June 2000
    Page: Triathlon, the arcane sport of masochists, is poised to hit it big, with a high-profile Olympic debut and two camera-ready hardbodies in a duel for glory. Will America fall for the seduction? John Brant
    Photography By Richard Corman Richard Corman
    I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Ebersol: Nick Radkewich prepares for the oxygen-rich, sea-level triathlon course in Sydney.
    ick Radkewich runs the Garden of the Gods in the shadow of Pikes Peak on a shimmering jewel of a Rocky Mountain morning, nine months before the first Olympic triathlon in Australia. The Garden of the Gods: serpentine canyons of carmine sandstone, daggering against a cobalt-blue sky. Once a refuge for Utes and Apaches, later a beacon to prairie-schooner pilgrims, now a Colorado Springs city park and convenient workout site for athletes from the town's U.S. Olympic Training Center. The OTC provides weight-room and dining-hall sustenance to starving-artist athletes such as Radkewich, practitioners of the off-brand Olympic sports who orbit out of obscurity and into the network TV sunshine once every four years. Triathlon in particular will be soaking up the limelight at this year's Games. Thanks in large part to the sport's enormous popularity in Australia, the men's and women's races will kick off the first two nights of NBC's Olympic coverage. The course, consisting of a 1.5-kilometer open-water swim, a 40-kilometer bike ride, and a 10-kilometer run (a mere fraction of the epic distance covered in traditional Ironman-length events), winds through Sydney Harbor and past the landmark Opera House. It's the stuff of telegenic dreams, and an auspicious image boost for a sport that in the United States has largely been dismissed as the monotonous pastime of obsessive-compulsive geeks.

    20. Zoot Sports® Sponsored Athletes - Ann Lantz
    spot on USA World Champs team! June Tinman triathlon olympic distance,Ft. Morgan, CO June - Cheyenne Mountain Sprint distance
    Age Group: 35-39 Lantz recently completed her first full year of triathlon competition, finishing 3rd overall in the Colorado Triathlon Series and 1st in the 35-39 age division. Ann says: "I competed all summer in the Zoot One Piece Suit! Wow! Who knew it would be so much fun to go fast, look great and to realize such success!"
    2002 Tentative Race Schedule and Results:
    1st Overall
    May - Bolder Boulder 10K: 1st in age group/33rd overall
    June - Lake Placed Triathlon - 2nd in age group
    * securing spot on USA World Champs team!
    June - Tinman Triathlon Olympic distance, Ft. Morgan, CO
    June - Cheyenne Mountain Sprint distance, Colorado Springs, CO
    July - Lake to Lake Triathlon Olympic distance, Loveland, CO
    July - Saturn Sprint Triathlon Regional Sprint Championships, Monument, CO: 1st in age group/3rd overall
    Colorado State Games (Colorado Tri Series):
    Aug - Boulder Peak Triathlon Olympic distance, Boulder, CO: 1st in age group/9th overall
    Sept - USAT National Olympic Distance Age Group Championships, Coeur d'Alene, ID: 5th overall/2nd in age group
    2001 Race Results:
    2nd in Age Group, 3rd Overall

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