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         United Kingdom Geography:     more books (100)
  1. Silurian (Late Llandovery-Ludlow) Atrypid Brachiopods: From Gotland and the United Kingdom by Paul Copper, 2003-01
  2. A Reader's Guide to the Place-Names of the United Kingdom: A Bibliography of Publications (1920-89) on the Place-Names of Great Britain and Northern (Paul Watkins Medieval Studies)
  3. Union and Devolution: Territorial Politics in the United Kingdom by Jonathan Bradbury, 2011-06-21
  4. Regional Income Inequality and Poverty in the United Kingdom: An Analysis Based on the 1985 Family Expenditure Survey by Vani K. Borooah, Patrick P. L. McGregor, et all 1991-03
  5. United Kingdom: Geographical Case Studies by Chris Burnett, etc., et all 1995-10-05
  6. United Kingdom (Country Fact Files) by David Flint, 1998-05-30
  7. Pension Systems: Sustainability and Distributional Effects in Germany and the United Kingdom (Contributions to Economics) by Birgit Mattil, 2006-02-27
  8. United Kingdom (Our Country) by Christa Stadtler, 1993-04-23
  9. United Kingdom:A Social and Economic History of Modern Britain by John Wilkes, 1984-04-19
  10. United Kingdom (Countries in Our World) by Lisa Klobuchar, 2010-04-22
  11. Marine Nature Conservation Review: Sectors 15 and 3: Sealochs in North-West Scotland: Area Summaries (Coasts and Seas of the United Kingdom - MNCR Series) by F Dipper, C. Johnston, et all 2005-01
  12. Regional Cities in the United Kingdom, 1890-1980 by G. Gordon, 1986-01
  13. Law and Practice in the United Kingdom (Bulletin / The University Museum, the University of Tokyo) by J. McLoughlin, 1983-03-01
  14. Industrial Change in the United Kingdom

61. UK Directory: Europe/United Kingdom/Science And Environment/Geography
University of Southampton geography Department Information for undergraduates,postgraduates plus details of research projects being undertaken. Bid.
UK World Web
Home Europe United Kingdom Science and Environment : Geography University of Southampton Geography Department
Information for undergraduates, postgraduates plus details of research projects being undertaken.

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62. United Kingdom -
Answers, British Isles UK Zoom School Learn about the geography,of the united kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. Enchanted is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more.
U.K.'s Flag
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Label A Map of the British Isles
Location : The United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a country in Western Europe . It consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Capitals : London is the capital of the UK and of England. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Size : The UK covers an area of 244,820 sq km. Population : The population of the UK is about 59,511,464 (as of July 2000). Flag Britain's flag , sometimes called the Union Jack, is red, white and blue. Climate : The UK generally has a mild, wet, cloudy climate. Major Rivers : The major rivers in the UK are: the Thames (which flows through London, England), the Avon. Highest Point : The highest point in the UK is Ben Nevis, Scotland, which is 1,343 m above sea level. Lowest Point : The lowest point in the UK is the Fenlands, which is 4 m below sea level.
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63. United Kingdom Of Great Britain's Flag -
UK flag UK Zoom School Learn about the geography, of the united kingdom ofBritain and Northern Ireland. British Isles British Isles Label Me! is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more. U.K. Printout/Quiz
Quiz Answers
United Kingdom's Flag: The Union Jack Geography Pages
The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is sometimes called the Union Jack. This red, white, and blue flag was first used in 1801. The Union Jack is a combination of the flags of England (the cross of St. George), Scotland (the cross of St. Andrew), and Ireland (the cross of St. Patrick).
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Great Britain's Flag

Great Britain's flag.
Great Britain's Flag Quiz/Printout

Quiz/printout about Great Britain flag.
Label the countries and bodies of water of Europe. Answers UK: Outline Map Printout An outline map of U.K. to print. The United Kingdom Geographyof the UK. UK: Zoom School Learn about the geography, of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. British Isles: Label Me! Printout Label the British Isles. Answers Enchanted Learning Click to read Overview of Site What's New Enchanted Learning Home Monthly Activity Calendars Site map K-3 Little Explorers Picture dictionary K-3 Themes Rebus Rhymes Crafts PreK/K Activities Writing Cloze Activities Essay Topics Writing Activities Fiction The Test of Time Biology Animal Printouts Biology Label Printouts Biomes Birds ... Whales Physical Science Astronomy The Earth Oceans Volcanoes Languages French German Italian Japanese (Romaji) ... Spanish Geography/History Explorers Flags Geography Inventors Arts/Misc.

64. WIT Press Architecture & Human Geography
Online Catalogue Architecture Human geography VII (STREMAH 2001) Edited by CABREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, united kingdom Series Advances in
Quick search
Online Catalogue

Structural Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture VIII (STREMAH 2003)
Edited by:
C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
Series: Advances in Architecture, Vol 16
Maritime Heritage (MARITIME HERITAGE 2003)
Edited by:
C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK and T. GAMBIN, University of Malta, Malta Series: Advances in Architecture Vol 15 ISBN: 1-85312-964-X Published: Pages: Hardback Vintage Ports C. CLARK, University of Portsmouth, UK Series: Advances in Architecture Vol 17 ISBN: Published: Pages: Hardback Computational Acoustics in Architecture Edited by: J. J. SENDRA, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain Series: Advances in Architecture Vol 8 ISBN: Published: Pages: Hardback Earth Construction Handbook G. MINKE, Germany Series: Advances in Architecture Vol 10 ISBN: Published: Pages: Hardback Historical Buildings of Iran M. M. HEJAZI, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Series: Advances in Architecture Vol 2 ISBN: Published: Pages: Hardback Structural Design of Retractable Roof Structures Edited by: K. ISHII, Japan

65. NC Online | Text-only | Geography Locational Knowledge
of study sections for key stages 2 and 3 of geography require pupils to The two countriesof the British Isles the united kingdom, the Republic of Ireland;
Locational knowledge - examples of significant places and environments (key stages 2 and 3) The breadth of study sections for key stages 2 and 3 of geography require pupils to study a range of places and environments. The following are examples of significant places and environments. Key stage 2
Significant places and environments in the British Isles
  • The two largest islands in the British Isles - Great Britain, Ireland The two countries of the British Isles - the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland Parts of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland Capital cities - London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast The largest mountain areas in Wales and Scotland and the two largest in England - the Cambrian mountains, the Grampian mountains, the Lake District, the Pennines The three longest rivers in the United Kingdom - River Severn, River Thames, River Trent The seas around the United Kingdom - the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North Sea.
Significant places and environments in Europe
  • The two countries of the British Isles and their capital cities - the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland; London, Dublin

66. UKOOA - United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association - Education - Teacher's Re
Britain's Offshore Oil and gas, 1618, provides in-depth information about the industry,geography, geology. 2002 united kingdom Offshore Operators Association
Reviews Index
Secondary - reviews listed by organisation
To date 33 resources about oil and gas have been recommended. If you can suggest others please contact
The organisations sourcing material are listed below. Just click on a name.
Resource type: book booklet leaflet OHT sheets video poster activity pack
    Resource Target age Type Description Supports SATIS 8 - 14, Box 3 technology Resource Target age Type Description Supports A Landscape on Loan Describes the development of on-shore oil facilities Environmental Studies, Geography Gas from the North Sea A leaflet concerned with natural gas, from formation to uses Geography, Science Keeping moving: fuels from the service station
    KS 3/4 A booklet describing oil as a source of fuel for a variety of methods of transportation Science (Sc4) Oil and gas A set of 7 A2 full-colour wall charts on themes of oil and gas exploration, production, marketing, human resources and environment Science Oil and gas - the exploration business A set of 12 OHP transparencies and teachers' notes on how oil and gas were formed, the exploration process and related topics Geography, Geology, Science (Sc 3)

67. UKOOA - United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association - Education - Teacher's Re
Origins and search is useful for KS 4 geography and Science but more suited togeography. 2002 united kingdom Offshore Operators Association London Tel
Title Oil - its Origin and Use
Date Unknown
Resource Video Secondary Age 13-18 KS 3/4, post-16
Environmental Studies, Geography, General Studies, Science Aims of resource: To introduce oil and give a broad outline of the oil industry. Description A 26 minute video with notes. The video and related teachers' notes cover in 4 sections:
  • Origins and search - includes a summary of sedimentary rocks
  • Drilling
  • Refining
  • Distribution and Uses.
Comment Teachers: 'The teachers' notes are an excellent resource and very useful for non-scientist teaching General Studies.' 'Certain aspects are now dated, e.g. reference to the future use of heavy fractions in the production of lighter gasoline is now history.' 'Can be used for KS 3 and KS 4 Science, A-level Chemistry, GNVQ Advanced Science, KS 3 and KS 4 Geography, Environmental Studies and General Studies.' 'The student response at KS 4 and KS 5 was very positive. The video resource material proved popular for GCSE Science and Geography even though they appeared dated.' 'The refining section was very well received as revision material for A-level Chemistry and the Geography component of General Studies.'

68. The English-to-American Dictionary - Blurb - Geography
The Englishto-American Dictionary Blurb - geography It's fair to say thatthis is really a bit of a muddle. The united kingdom is a big country.
Blurb - Geography It's fair to say that this is really a bit of a muddle. The United Kingdom is a big country. It gets to do all sorts of neat things, like being in the United Nations , and the European Union and things. The United Kingdom is made up of Britain and Northern Ireland, and governed from London. So far so good. Most countries in Europe are members of an organisation called the European Union , which aims to help the region take advantage of economies of scale and cooperate for mutual benefit. Both the United Kingdom and Eire are members of this. I think it would be fair to say that the UK is one of the less enthusiastic members, generally dragging its heels on most issues.

69. WDCGC >> DEG >> United Kingdom
IGS Correspondent united kingdom. Dr Bryn P Hubbard, Centre for Glaciology, Instituteof of geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge
Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge
Directory of European Glaciology
United Kingdom
Research institutions are listed in alphabetical order , derived from web searches, the glaciology literature, and the IGS publication "Ice" . Use was also made of the "Directory of UK University staff who have carried out Arctic research" produced by the Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre , which was also based at SPRI.
See also the SPRI Library Catalogue
University of Aberdeen
  • Geography
    • Research: the dynamics of subglacial processes, climatic variability during the last Ice Age including global synchroneity of Late-glacial climatic shifts, luminescence dating of Quaternary events
  • Plant and Soil Science
    • Research: expertise in Montane and Arctic environments (eg work on Cairngorm snowbeds and on Svalbard), effects of environmental change on vegetation and soil at high altitude and latitude
    BAeSEMA Ltd, Glasgow
    The Queen's University of Belfast
    • School of Geosciences
      • Research: glacial sedimentology, glacial geomorphology and weathering (eg on ice caps in Norway and with rock glaciers in Iceland), structure of rock cracks and pores and their characterisation,
      University of Birmingham
      • Research: glacial hydrology, glacio-fluvial processes

70. Writers' Research Index > Geography And Culture > Places And Travel > United Kin
united kingdom (http// Statisticsand information regarding the geography, people, government, economy
Writers' Research Index
t he Forward Motion Community's recommended sites for writers Search for: Featured Novels breadCrumbs("",">>","index.html","None","None","None","0");
Writers' Research Index
Top Top Resources What's New Search ... Places and Travel United Kingdom
London Town
( A wealth of information for those thinking of visiting the capital of the UK, including all the major attractions and details of travel and accommodation. Sarajael Rate it!
Online Scotland
( Guide to accommodations, services and attractions. Find maps and links. Myamy 8.00 rating Rate it!
( Find bed-and-breakfasts around Scotland, all awarded four or five stars for quality by the Scottish Tourist Board. Myamy Rate it!
( The biggest and best mapping website for the UK. Includes all scales, down to street level, plus a considerable number of aerial photographs of particular areas. Sarajael Rate it!

71. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
1, 1801, when Great Britain and Ireland were joined. united kingdom Officialname united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

72. University Of Liverpool, Department Of Geography (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Institution University of Liverpool, Department of geography. Country unitedkingdom. Region Europe. Address Liverpool L69 3BX united kingdom.
Institution: University of Liverpool, Department of Geography
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
Liverpool L69 3BX
United Kingdom Contact: Director Phone: Fax: UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL SUMMARY INFORMATION Country where institution is located: United Kingdom Language(s) of instruction: English (1) Name of parent organization, unit and/or university:
University of Liverpool (2) Name of demographic teaching unit, faculty or department when that differs from (1) above:
Department of Geography (3) Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees awarded:
(4) Current course offerings in demography and related subjects:
(5) Current (or planned) recurrent short-term courses (i.e. approximately two weeks to three-six months) offered: (6) Number of teaching staff, full- and part-time:
Part-Time (7) Number of students completing each programme annually: (8) Yearly number of students enrolled in each programme: (9) Admission requirements for programmes(s): DETAILED INFORMATION Introduction: The University of Liverpool offers a Graduate programme leading to an MA in Population Studies after one year and a PhD after two or three further years of research work and thesis preparation. There is no provision for short courses. Programme emphasis and academic facilities: The programme emphasizes Third World Demography, especially Africa, and long-term demographic change. The graduate programme is a combination of demography and population geography. The department has very extensive

73. University Of Liverpool, Department Of Geography (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Institution University of Liverpool, Department of geography. Country unitedkingdom. Region Europe. Address PO Box 147 Liverpool L69 3BX united kingdom.
Institution: University of Liverpool, Department of Geography
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
P.O. Box 147
Liverpool L69 3BX UNITED KINGDOM Phone: Telex: Cable: UNIVERSITY Liverpool Source: Center for Demography and Ecology Information Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison UNPOPIN ID: 1012 : 3/31/98 4:02:40 PM )

74. United Kingdom (Great Britain) Travel Guide
geography united kingdom (GREAT BRITAIN) FACTS AT A GLANCE , OTHERTOPICS , geography. Name united kingdom (Great Britain). BACK TO MAIN PAGE.
help online - MY PROFILE - Login - CUSTOMER Login - AGENT Register - CUSTOMER Register - AGENT shopping cart RELATED PRODUCTS -UNITED KINGDOM- Independent Travele. HOTELS DESTINATION GUIDE SEARCH - SEARCH TOPICS - Tour packages Hotel accomodation Destination guides All Topics FREE E-NEWS subscribe to our FREE monthly e-newsletter GEOGRAPHY - UNITED KINGDOM (GREAT BRITAIN) : : : : : In-depth country guide coming soon. See city guides on previous page for currently available information. Geography Name: United Kingdom (Great Britain) BACK TO MAIN PAGE

75. CFO-MAIS Country Profile - United Kingdom
geography. united kingdom constitutes the greater part of the British Isles,a group of islands lying off the Northwest coast of mainland Europe.
GEOGRAPHY United Kingdom constitutes the greater part of the British Isles, a group of islands lying off the North-west coast of mainland Europe. It encompasses Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain refers to the union of England, Scotland and Wales. Its total land area is 244,111 sq. km. (94,252 sq. mi.). back to top CLIMATE Climate in Britain is temperate, generally mild and always unpredictable. Renowned for its rainfall, it is unusual for any area in the British Isles to have a dry spell for more than two or three weeks, even in summer months from June to September. However, it frequently rains in the mountainous areas of North and West Britain where temperatures are also cooler than in the south. back to top PEOPLE The English are a predominant ethnic group, constituting the majority of the population. Scots, Irish and Welsh also make up significant proportions. Since the early 1850s, a rapidly growing percentage of the country's population consisted of Commonwealth immigrants, particularly from India, the West Indies, Pakistan and Bangladesh. As of 1998 estimates, the total population of UK has reached 57,591,677, making it the 18th largest country in the world. UK has an ageing population. In 1998, about one person in six was aged 65 and over.

76. Atlas: United Kingdom
See also Shetland Islands map united kingdom Profile More Geographic InformationCountry Profiles; Flags; World geography; World Stats and Facts. US State
United Kingdom
See also: Shetland Islands map
United Kingdom Profile

More Geographic Information

  • Country Profiles
  • Flags
  • World Geography
  • World Stats and Facts ... Map Index
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  • 77. GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - History, Geography, Culture, Provinces And Citi
    Welcome. Your pass to London, to. London.
    Welcome to London Home Domain registration Web site design Web site hosting ... Accommodation London areas:- Online Shopping Adventures Central London Travel Shopping Mall Boroughs Map ... East London Tickets - Theatre, Movies etc Entertainment North London Concierge Desk Environmental Issues ... London Pass Greater London South East London Transport - Tube, Underground, Rail Home Improvements South West London London Pass Hotels ... Lifestyle Government Guides Corporation of London News Religion General London Pages Restaurant Guide London England Services History Story of London Shopping Site Map Maps Boroughs of London Social Awareness Leisure Maps The Office ... Who's New Tickets Concierge Desk Women's Edition London Pass Tourism Virtual London - Web cams Capital Calling Transport Qjump London Pass What's on BBC - Where U Live Boroughs of London City of London Bexley City of Westminster Newham Lambeth Barking and Dagenham Southwark Havering Tower Hamlets Redbridge Hackney Waltham Forest Islington Haringey Camden Enfield Kensington and Chelsea Barnet Hammersmith and Fulham Brent Wandsworth Harrow Merton Ealing Sutton Hillingdon Croydon Hounslow Lewisham Richmond upon Thames Bromley Kingston upon Thames Greenwich top of page

    78. King's College London Department Of Geography You Are In
    Search the geography pages King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS,England, united kingdom. Tel +44 (0)20 7836 5454. Last modified byCSM.
    Department of Geography You are in: Department of Geography Schools Home Maps
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    79. European Resource Centres - Education - The British Council United Kingdom
    geography maps; geography; countries; agriculture; the environment; water issues TheBritish Council is the united kingdom's international organisation for
    European Information on the Web The European Resource Centres for Schools and Colleges (ERCs) have been set up to provide information for the education sector. There are a number of Web sites that offer core European information that may be of interest to teachers and students. These web sites can be used as a starting point for project and curriculum work and many of them are multi-lingual. To help you to find the information that you need, we have grouped these sites into different categories. There is also a more detailed index available. General Education (curriculum)
    European Union Member States

    European Union Applicant States

    European Union Policy Areas

    Detailed Index General Education (curriculum)

    useful sites (teachers); useful EU sites (students); quizzes and games; statistics; art, architecture and music; festivals and stories; clothing; food; the sciences. Member States
    Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; UK; for all member states.

    80. Awesome Library - Local Information
    Topics Countries -geography -Regions -USA Afghanistan Africa Albania Algeria TurkmenistanUganda Ukraine united Arab Emirates united kingdom united States
    Awesome Talking Library Examples ... U.S. Department of Peace
    Here: Home Library > Local Information
    Local Information



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