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1. TreeLink : The Community Forestry Resource
Comprehensive guide to urban forestry presents a tree identification guide, community forestry event calenders, and national arbor news. urban forestry. Research Technology Transfer, Arboriculture, Pathology, Physiology Benefits of Trees
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More News Trees dwindle as paving seeps over county City worried about beetle destroying ash trees A tree grows in Toronto Draft softens strict tree ordinance ... View all Tree Guides Flash Cards - Name that Tree! From and The Audubon Society PLANTS Database provided by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. From The National Arbor Day Foundation: Identify trees online using "What Tree is That?"

2. Urban And Community Forestry - USDA Forest Service
USDA Forest Service's comprehensive on-line resource for urban forestry Information in the southern Category Regional North America Science and Environment......A comprehensive online resource for urban forestry Information inthe south. Tree Ordinances, UF Manual, UF Calendar, UF Contacts

UF Manual


Contact Us

UF News
Coordinators promote conservation and management of forests and related natural resources in cities, with a focus on obtaining the highest social, environmental, psychological, and economic benefit.
As our cities grow larger and faster than ever before, urban forestry has become an integral part of building sustainable urban communities. "Vital Communities through Healthy Ecosystems" is the Forest Service emphasis for managing urban and community forests. Southern Center for Urban Forestry Research and Information Southern Region Urban Forestry Contacts Calendar of Events Publications and Resources ... 2002 Environmental Grant links and information.
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Last Updated: April 16, 2002

3. National Urban Forestry Unit
UK body, aims to raise awareness of the positive contribution that trees make to the quality of life in towns.
Trees and woods in towns
help make life better! Click the logo to enter the site

4. The Forest Where We Live: Glossary
Collection of forestry and general botanical terminology.
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Albedo: The measure of the solar reflectivity of a surface.
Backfill: To return the soil to a planting area from which it was originally dug. Bare-root seedling: A tree ready for transplanting that has had the soil removed from around its roots. Biofuels: The product of biomass conversion; can be used directly to provide heat or electricity. Biomass: In terms of energy production, biomass is wood and forest residues, crops and other plants, and animal manure.
Canopy: The cover of branches and foliage formed by tree crowns. Canopy Cover: A measurement of how much of an area is covered by the leaves in the crown of its trees. Carbon dioxide: (CO2) A colorless, odorless, non-combustible gas. Humans and all other living organisms give off carbon dioxide in respiration and decomposition. Trees and other plants absorb it and use it during photosynthesis. Also emitted as a by-product of burning fossil fuels. Chlorofluorocarbons: (CFCs) Man-made compounds used as refrigerants and cleaning solvents, often long-lived in the atmosphere. Coal: The most abundant fossil fuel, derived from prehistoric plant materials that were exposed to high temperatures and pressure.

5. Urban Forestry Consultants, Inc.
Pennsylvanian company offering preconstruction evaluations, tree inventories, value and damage appraisals, expert testimony.
Welcome to Urban Forestry Consultants' home page. on-line form Services include:
  • Managing Community Trees to Obtain their Optimum Current Benefits Pre-Construction Consultations Site Analysis Impact Statements Preparation of Specifications and Recommendations for Tree Maintenance and Planting Preparation of Tree Inventories and Tree Ordinances for Municipalities Assistance in forming Municipal Tree Committees Assistance in obtaining available Tree Related Municipal Grants Monitoring of Utility Line Clearance Value and Damage Appraisals for Documentation of Insurance or Legal Claims Forensic Arborist Qualified as an Expert Witness Training Programs
Robert D. Crusan, President/Owner
ISA Certified Arborist
Number PD-0085 Green-Related Links You are visitor number RD 1, Box 162-B Shelocta, PA 15774-9503
Phone: 724.354.2100 Fax: 724.354.2121 230 Patterson Rd Bethel Park, PA 15102-1108
Phone: 412.835.1000 E-mail:

6. Welcome To Clear Cut || Urban Forestry ||
Designing landscapes for the built environment.



7. Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
Includes Tennessee champion trees, landmark and historic trees, tree planting and pruning information, events calendar, and links to other urban forestry information.

8. Urban Forestry
Providing a foundation for a community working toward a fully functional urban forest. Benefits of an Urban Forest What is the Urban Forest?
Urban Forestry Providing a foundation for a community
working toward a fully functional urban forest.
2003 Arbor Month Activities
(in Adobe PDF format) LINKS Benefits of an Urban Forest
Urban Forestry Commission

Neighborhood Tree Liaison Program

Portland's Heritage Trees
... East Delta Park Tree Walk
(in Adobe PDF format)
Sabin Neighborhood Tree Walk

(in Adobe PDF format)
Sellwood Neighborhood Tree Walk

(in Adobe PDF format)
BROCHURES (in Adobe PDF format) Urban Forestry Program Pruning Young Shade Trees Guidelines Mature Tree Care Guidelines Tree Cutting Guidelines ... Dutch Elm Disease Benefits of an Urban Forest What is the Urban Forest? The 'urban forest' refers to all vegetation, both public and private, which is found growing in cities, towns, and communities throughout America. Portland is known for its large expanse of trees growing along streets and streams, in parks and natural areas, and in neighborhoods and residential yards. Shortly after Portland became incorporated in 1851, early pioneers began planting trees by the thousands. The first parks, Chapman and Lownsdale Squares and the Park Blocks, were set aside in 1852. In 1871, the Park Blocks were planted with hundreds of American elms, which add considerable beauty and shade to downtown. Today, thousands of trees and almost 10,000 acres of parks grace our city. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of city administrators and local citizens, these urban forest jewels continue to contribute to Portland's well-being. But, to assure the future existence of our urban forest, everyone must work collectively to protect and enhance these vital assets. Learning how to properly plant, care for and preserve your own trees is the most effective action any citizen can take.

9. Urban Forestry Lab. Exercise, Word Search Puzzles
Handson activities for exploring urban forests.
Go to the Table of Contents Return to Urban Forestry Publications and Information St. Paul Field Office Publications
St. Paul Field Office Alphabetized publications listing

Return to St. Paul Field Office home page

10. Cheyenne Department Of Urban Forestry And Cheyenne Trees, Caring For Trees In Ch
Dedicated to preserving the urban forest. Official website offering citizen assistance, city ordinance and seasonal information about Cheyenne trees.
F o r M a p C l i c k H e r e The Urban Forestry Operation
We have moved to:
520 W. 8th Ave.
Cheyenne WY 82001
Office Hours:
Mon.-Thurs. 6:30 am-3:30 pm Friday 6:30 am-12:00 noon
To learn about our mission please click here
For a list of links click here
Remaining Snow Drifts at the VA Grounds, from the Blizzard March 17-19, 2003. Watering Information for Trees
Hazard Tree Seminar and Trees / Drought / Xeriscape Seminar coming to Cheyenne this Spring

Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division - Year 2002 in Review
Yellowing needles on pines, spruce, fir, and juniper ... Check out a list of trees and shrubs that can grow in Cheyenne
Information for the Citizens of Cheyenne Property owners in the City of Cheyenne are required to maintain their private trees and right-of-way trees abutting their property, for the safe use of city streets, alleys, and sidewalks. Trees and shrubs overhanging the street and alley need to be pruned to allow a 13.5 feet clearance above the entire surface of the street or alley. Trees and shrubs overhanging the sidewalk need to be pruned to allow an 8 feet clearance above the entire sidewalk surface. Corner property owners need to provide a "sight clearance triangle" for vehicles at street intersections. Cheyenne Code

11. Urban & Community Forestry Financial Assistance Program
Auburn University, with support from the Alabama urban forestry Partnership, has completed the first phase selection of
Projects Awarded
Mr. Neil Letson
  • Local Governments Nonprofit Organizations Educational Institutions
What kind of community tree projects can be funded? Click here to download the application and guidelines
Are there other financial assistance programs that can help my community?

Low Bandwidth Connections -
(28.8 K, 33.6 K, 56 K dialup connections) Greenville Randolph County Mobile High Bandwidth Connections -
(T1, T3, Cable Modems, ISDN, DSL, ADSL) Greenville Randolph County Mobile Where can I get help with my community tree program? Alabama Urban Forestry Association Alabama Forestry Commission Forest Service (Region 8) Urban Forestry Newsletter ...
Back to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System website

12. Urban Forestry At Morris Arboretum
Provides technical expertise and professional support for urban/environmental programs in the midatlantic and northeastern area of the United States.
Morris Arboretum
Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Program

under contrstuction
Photo by Steven Goldblatt T he urban forest is the interaction of people and plants wherever they coexist. At one time a deep, old hardwood forest covered the eastern seaboard of the United States. The development of our cities and suburban communities dramatically altered this landscape. In its place, a new, urban forest has grown with cities which includes the dogwoods and crab apples in our backyard gardens as well as the street side plantings of maples and oaks and the expanses of our city parks. These small pockets of green dramatically impact our lifestyle by cleaning our air and our water and giving our communities a sense of pride, while cooling our homes in the summer. Trees and plants in our most urbanized and degraded neighborhoods produce a sense of community and vitality for all residents.
The Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Program was created to use the Arboretum's public garden, plant collections, and the expertise of staff to:
  • Educate a broad audience about the essential role plants play in the quality of our lives

13. ODNR Division Of Forestry
Ohio Division of Forestry offers this program to improve the quality of urban life. Find meeting announcements, and check out the message board.
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14. URBAN FORESTRY A Manual For The State Forestry Agencies In The
urban forestry This manual provides basic information for State forestry agencyemployees and others who work with communities on urban forestry.
URBAN FORESTRY A Manual for the State Forestry Agencies
in the Southern Region
The Urban Forestry Manual is being developed by the USDA Forest Service, Southern Region and Southern Research Station, and the Southern Group of State Foresters as an educational tool. This manual provides basic information for State forestry agency employees and others who work with communities on urban forestry. It can be used for self-guided learning, finding specific information on a topic and developing workshops and presentations. There are 16 units (chapters) in the Manual - at this time 9 units are on this web site. The other units will be added as they become available. Table of Contents Using this Manual
Using each Unit

Benefits and Costs

Role of the State Forestry Agency

Tree Biology

Urban Soils

Site and Tree Selection

Tree Planting

Tree Maintenance Tree Diagnosis and Treatment Trees and Construction Hazard Trees Urban Wildlife Urban Ecosystems Planning and Management Public Policy Working with the Public Send an e-mail to if you have any questions or comments related to the Urban Forestry Manual.

15. Southern Urban Forestry Associates
Southern urban forestry Associates has a wide background in urban forestry. SUFAstarted as the first company in Alabama to specialize in urban forestry.
Southern Urban Forestry Associates has a wide background in urban forestry. SUFA started as the first company in Alabama to specialize in urban forestry. We have grown to have clients throughout the Southeastern United States, including: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Find out more about SUFA and our associates, including their resumes. Find out more about the services that we offer. SUFA is organized as a collection of a wide variety of specialists. These specialties include: forestry, arboriculture, marketing, management, computer programming, fund raising and accounting. Our associates combine in various configurations to build a team to meet the requirements of many different projects. Find out how you can become one of our associates. One of our proudest accomplishments that has resulted from our team work is our Online Tree Inventory System. This system is a powerful tree inventory program that is hosted on an off-site server. In this manner, the user accesses the data using any standard web browser and does not have to any program or data on their computer or server. If you are desire more information about this system, please email us and we can set up a demonstration user identification name and password. We also have other materials for sale. We offer

16. The Forestry Major
urban forestry Emphasis. Emphasis is placed on the management of vegetation in and near metropolitan areas.
The Forestry Major Discipline Coordinator Jan Harms
Address: College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481
Fax: Satisfying the ever growing demand for forest products throughout the world, enhancing biological diversity, providing wildlife habitat, reducing global warming, meeting the expanding demand for outdoor recreation, and bringing the benefits of nature to the world's urban populations, are but a few of the exciting challenges of a career in forestry. The College of Natural Resources Forestry Curriculum offers you a selection of excellent courses preparing you for a variety of employment opportunites after graduation. About the Forestry Major Management Emphasis Forestry Faculty Urban Forestry Emphasis ... Recreation Emphasis F
Emphasis is placed on the business aspects of forestry including a strong focus on the manufacturing, marketing, and use of wood products. Selected courses in administration, communication, social sciences, and planning are required. Courses in the areas of wood utilization, forest products, and basic business are important elements of this emphasis. Graduates are employed in the various business areas of forest management and utilization and in public forest administration. F orest Management Emphasis
Emphasis is placed on the natural sciences basic to the study of forest environments and forest land management.The ecological, social, economic, and political aspects of management are stressed. Graduates are commonly employed as field foresters by a variety of public and private agencies.

17. Society Of Municipal Arborists: Professional Association
Also hosts the urban forestry Forum for online discussion of urban forestry, andpublishes City Trees, a professional journal where SMA publishes results of
Society of Municipal Arborists
  • Objectives
  • Officers and Executive Board
  • News and Notes: SMA 38th Annual Conference and Trade Show, Ithaca, NY - October 13 - 16, 2002
  • Committees ...
  • SMA Partners and Links
    SMA Objectives
    • To promote and improve the practice of professional municipal arboriculture.
    • To stimulate greater interest in the planting and presentation of shade trees and landscape plants
    • To promote public awareness of the beautification of urban areas through proper arboriculture practices.
    • To recommend and uphold a Code of Ethics.
    • To initiate and support scientific investigation of problems concerned with municipal arboriculture.
    • To sponsor an annual meeting and trade show devoted to the presentation and exchange of information of value to arboriculture.
    Society of Municipal Arborists
    Jerri LaHaie,
    Executive Director
    P.O. Box 641
    Watkinsville, GA 30677
    Phone: 706-769-7412
    FAX: 706-769-7307
    Website: Trees are the City index.html
  • 18. Dynamic Directory - Science - Agriculture - Forestry - Urban Forestry
    ACRT Institute of Arboriculture and urban forestry A practical and technical vocational job training school designed
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    Dynamic Directory Top Science Agriculture Forestry :Urban Forestry Description See also:

    19. Forestry Library Databases
    urban forestry 1980 present Indexes publications relating to the history ofurban forestry; urban forest legislation; the benefits of urban forests
    1980 - present
    Indexes publications relating to the history of urban forestry; urban forest legislation; the benefits of urban forests, selection and planting of trees; maintenance of the urban forest; planning and management; and urban forestry programs.
    All publications indexed are available at the University of Minnesota Libraries. To request materials, contact your library.
    List of journals indexed

    Help Keyword Terms to search
    Limit by:
    Earlier than is Later than
    Philip Herold
    , Editor and Compiler (
    Jean Albrecht, Former Editor and Compiler
    Laura Morales, Technical Support
    Forestry Library University of Minnesota B-50 Natural Resources Administration Building 2003 Upper Buford Circle St. Paul, MN 55108 phone: (612) 624-3222 fax: (612) 624-3733 Database powered by: Home University of Minnesota Twin Cities University Libraries Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Contact: Laura Morales Last revised: February 17, 2003

    20. WDNR - Urban And Community Forestry
    A Manual for the State Forestry Agencies in the Southern Region The urban forestry Manual is being developed by the USDA Forest Service, Southern Region and Southern Research Station,
    (revised 4/4/03)
    • 2003 Tree City USA / Tree Line USA Recognition 2003 Arbor Day/Earth Day Calendar now available on-line Outreach Services Strategies for All Communities Brochure Latest issue of Wisconsin Urban and Community Forests newsletter.
    Program Information (revised 11/21/00)
    • The Urban Forest DNR Urban Forestry Assistance Urban Forestry Program Resources
    Urban Forestry Staff (revised 5/29/02)
    • DNR Regions Contact Information
    Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council (revised 2/28/03)
    • Membership Meetings and Minutes Annual Awards Bylaws
    Grant Information (revised 12/20/02)
    • Urban Forestry Assistance Grants Eligible Projects Eligible Project Costs
    Resources (revised 3/13/03)
    • Urban Forestry Consultants DNR Publications Links to Organizations, Publications and Related Web Sites
    (revised 4/4/03)
    • Tree City USA - NEW! - Press Release and Photos 2003 Arbor Day Poster Contest
    Wisconsin's Champion Trees (revised 4/25/01)
    • Nomination Information Nomination Form List of Wisconsin's Champion Trees
    Tree Planting Quiz
    Last Revised: April 4, 2003 Friday April 04 2003

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