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         Us Studies 1930s:     more books (25)
  1. New Ideas In India During The Nineteenth Century - Rev.John Morrison M.A D.D by Rev.John Morrison M.A D.D, 2010-02-15
  2. American Political Ideas - John Fiske by John Fiske, 2010-02-14
  3. A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century by Agnes M. Clerke, 2010-02-20
  4. Original NarrativeOf Early American History - J. Franklin by J. Franklin, 2010-01-28
  5. Rare Photographs of the Great Depression
  6. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION by Poul William Anderson , 2010-08-22
  7. Russia In 1919 - Arthur Ransome by Arthur Ransome, 2010-02-03
  8. The Condition Of The Colored People Of The United States - Martin R Delany by Martin R Delany, 2010-02-20
  9. The Segregated Origins of Social Security: African Americans and the Welfare State by Mary Poole, 2006-05-29
  10. Violeta Parra:By the Whim of the Wind by Karen Kerschen, 2010-05-05
  11. Defending Human Rights in Russia by Emma Gilligan, 2007-03-20

21. JAAS: Annual Meeting 1999
Culture' in Native American Educational Reform in the 1930s . Nakajima (Osaka Universityof Foreign studies) The Monroe Doctrine and us Diplomacy Toward
The Japanese Association for American Studies THE JAPANESE ASSOCIATION FOR AMERICAN STUDIES
    The annual meeting of this year has ended sucessfully. The 34th annual meeting will be on June 3-4, 2000, in Tezukayama University.

      ** presentations in English
      Taisho University International Center, Prof. Kenji Suzuki
      3-20-1 Nishi-sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-8470
      Tel/Fax: 03-5394-3039 June 5 (Saturday)
      10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers A
        Chair: Keiko Beppu (Matsuyama Shinonome College)
        Junko Kanazawa (Waseda University)
        "A Poet and the Civil War: Emily Dickinson" Masaaki Kusano (Nara Medical University)
        "Lafcadio Hearn: The Mainspring of His Writing" Tsuyoshi Ishihara (Kyoto University)
        "Between the Modern and the Pre-modern: Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad" Satoru Takashina (Akita Prefectural University) "The Choice of F. Harper, a Black Woman in the 19th Century"
      10:00-11:15 Presentation of Papers B
        Chair: Shinichi Shigihara (Tezukayama University)
        Jon Reed (Sanyo Gakuen University) **"Name of the Father: Freud, Lacan, the American Pornographic Film and Lite Beer from Miller"

22. Social Studies Links
Native American studies; National Geographic Maps and Geography Deal Network The GreatDepression, the 1930s, and the THOMAS us Congress on the Internet; World
Social Studies Links

23. American Studies At Utrecht: Web Enabled Courses
the us, Race and Labor in the us, 1865Present the Utrecht Internet project on AmericanCulture in the 1930s. See also American studies Research Guide at UU Arts
American Studies Program, Kromme Nieuwegracht 66, 3512 HL Utrecht, tel. +31 30 253 6034, fax. +31 30 253 6391
Web Enabled Courses
American Literature and Culture after 1900
(course code: 199200371) Race and Labor in the US, 1865-Present
cursuscode 200100080 World War I: The American Experience
cursuscode 200100079 Joods-Amerikaanse Literatuur
cursuscode 920706 Op Zoek naar Amerika: Inleiding in de Amerikanistiek
cursuscode 980069 The American West: Myth and Reality
doctoraalwerkcollege, cursuscode 980071 Moby Dick: Herman Melville and the American Renaissance
cursuscode 000073 American Culture in the Thirties
cursuscode 199600126 1930s Internet Project
Home Page of the Utrecht Internet project on American Culture in the 1930s See also American Studies Research Guide at UU Arts Library site. Last modified: 01 May 2002 (JV) /

24. Utrecht Crossroads Project: Links On The 1930s
us Supreme Court, Selected Historic Cases (Cornell, Legal The 1930s (Michigan HistoricalCenter); Popeye the Subject Maps in American studies Fields (Crossroads
American Studies Program, Kromme Nieuwegracht 66, 3512 HL Utrecht, tel. +31 30 253 6034, fax. +31 30 253 6391
Internet sources on the American 1930s
Art Literature Movies and Theatre Music ... Search Engines

25. Essays And Essays Writing Essays On Presidential Studies (U.S.) - 175-003
Papers On Presidential studies (us) Page 4 of 30. According to Leuchtenburg, aconstitutional crisis occurred in the 1930s when Roosevelt was increasingly
We have thousands of essays in this area! Below is a list in order of relevance to your search query. All of the following documents are ready for delivery TODAY and priced at only $ /page with a free bibliography! Use the Send Me This Essay link to access our fast, easy order form and receive any essay on this list TODAY!!!... Papers On Presidential Studies (U.S.)
Page 4 of 31 The Assassination of John F. Kennedy : There is a precise date associated with the fall of the modern day legend of Camelot
send me this essay

November 22, 1963. On this date, in Dallas, Texas; President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. At that point in history, secrecy was a common method of maintaining national security. It was the height of the cold war, an era of paranoia and covert operations. This 8 page paper examines two conspiracy theories that have been advocated in the years since the assassination. It also looks at the scenario of Oswald working alone. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Jfkassa.wps

26. U.S. Embassy, Seoul, Information Resource Center - About The USA
of State's American studies Website The us Civil War 18611865 A Nation DividedCivil War Battle A Guide to the Great Depression of the 1930s The Avalon

IRC Home

Its Resources
In The News Background on ...
The New Deal and world War II

An Outline of American History: Dept. of State Publication

The Library of Congress

Today in U.S. History: What Happened?

American Memory from the Library of Congress: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Dept. of State's American Studies Website

Basic Documents and Writings The Constitution of the United States (1787) The Bill of Rights (1787) The Declaration of Independence (1776) The Mayflower Compact (1620) ... National Archives and Records Administration Famous Speeches Douglass: Archives of American Public Address Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States Presidential Speech Archive Pre-Colonial Era Early America - from Outline of American History Introduction to 1492: An Ongoing Voyage Religion and the Founding of the American Republic - Library of Congress Columbus and the Age of Discovery ... The Columbus Navigation The Colonial Era The Colonial Period - from Outline of American History Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation The Birth of A Nation History of Jamestown ... Rare Map Collection - Colonial America American Revolution

27. SCURL North American Studies Group
books, are rich in North American studies materials. The library benefitted from adeposit of us official publications during the 1920s and 1930s.
Mitchell Library Address
North Street
website: The Mitchell Library is one of Europe's largest public reference libraries. It was founded in 1877 from the bequest of Stephen Mitchell, a tobacco merchant. As well as modern holdings of reference material, it has extensive collections of rare books and manuscripts and a number of special collections, many of relevance to the study of the USA and Canada, particularly in relation to the history of Glasgow and its trading links with North America. The Glasgow City Archives was established in 1964, initially to archive and catalogue the records of Glasgow Corporation; subsequently other records were added, including official and business records, and family and estate papers. Modern printed collections Present holdings, well in excess of 1 million books, are rich in North American studies materials. The American literarure holdings, while not very extensive, are quite strong in poetry and in 19th- and 20th-century editions, including the 2nd edition of Leaves of Grass (1856). The US history holdings contain some materials on slavery and on US immigration, especially of Scots. Much of the genealogical material is on open access. There are many volumes on cinema and on the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. Reference material includes US telephone directories and patents from 1931 onwards. Some US manufacturing and commerical directories are held. The library also subscribes to a range of current general and scholarly journals from North America.

28. USIA, U.S. Society And Values, October 1996 - AMERICAN STUDIES IN THE UNITED STA
and English departments during the 1920s and 1930s. American studies underwent itsgreatest transformation during the 1960s brought about by the us civil rights
By John F. Stephens
    An Introduction During its 60 years of formal development in the United States, American studies has established itself as a distinct interdisciplinary field that promotes a broad humanistic understanding of American culture past and present, encourages scholars from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas on America, and examines the ways American life relates to world society. American studies is simultaneously multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in character, serving as an arena in which scholars from a variety of disciplines share their particular areas of expertise, and as a staging ground for innovative topical pursuits. American studies includes the experiences, values, perspectives, concerns and contributions of the diverse groups that make up the United States, as well as their encounters and conflicts. It seeks to understand how diversity has been constructed in a nation of conquered peoples and immigrants, who come not only from Europe, but also Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Near East and Latin America. But American studies recognizes that Americans also participate in a larger cultural heritage, a shared system of beliefs, behavior, symbols and material objects drawn from multiple sources throughout the world and shaped by democratic ideals and practices, through which Americans give meaning to their lives. It explores differences and commonalities, while preparing students for citizenship in a diverse, democratic state.

29. Theology Postgraduate Islamic Studies
degree courses available and the opportunity to get in touch with us via thisweb site. Islamic studies has been taught at Birmingham since the 1930s.

30. Education Planet Store ,store,US History Lesson Plans
1945present) (58); Native American studies (67); Pre 89); us History - General (177);us History - Overviews (32). which gripped the United States during the 1930s.
Apr. 12, 2003 01:58 PST
Grade K - 2 Higher Ed. Search from over educational supplies by keyword and grade. Membership Log In User Name: Password: Welcome Education Planet Store helps teachers, parents, students and administrators find and purchase quality educational software, books, videos, maps, supplies and more! Featured Stores
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31. Studies In Intelligence
The us Army had military attachés in Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo in the1920s and 1930s. They stayed until the United States entered
Selection and training
The Orphan Branch General Miles indirectly blamed the Army's promotion policy for G2's inability to attract talented officers. After the war, he told Congress during the hearings on Pearl Harbor that military intelligence never attracted the numbers of top-quality officers that he would have liked. He acknowledged that, because many of the best officers preferred combat commands, "We did not have a free field for the selection of personnel, and quite rightly. We did the best we could with the personnel and the funds we had available."
Selection and Training
Reality was different. Knight and the upper levels of the Army's intelligence bureaucracy may have thought must have before you can make intelligence plans for the expedition."
    I was shown in to General MacArthur. He was seated at his desk, his jacket of a loud rancous [sic] tweed, smoking a cigarette. He looked at me considering, waved me to a chair and began pacing the room back and forth as was his custom when considering a problem, smoking furiously. He stopped in front of me. I rose. "You are very young to be going to Berlin."

32. Social Studies Curriculum - U.S. History Goals
they will have had significant exposure to world studies. have determined the optionsopen to us as we foreign and domestic policies of the 1920s and 1930s.
Curriculum Publication Sales Education Policies Agency Web Sites ... Publications
Social Studies Curriculum
Grades 9-12 Introduction...
Goals and Objectives:High School
United States History
The study of United States History builds on the eighth grade study of the History of North Carolina as an American State. From the eighth grade study of North Carolina History, students bring broad understandings of the founding and early national periods of our history. By having concentrated on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in their eighth grade study, students of this course can logically place their emphasis on the twentieth century. From earlier studies of the Constitution and the American frame of government, students bring broad understandings on which this study can build. Consequently, it is appropriate that this study emphasize the economic, social, and political developments of the twentieth century. By the time students arrive at this study of United States History, they will have had significant exposure to world studies. Whether their perspectives are cultural, geographic, or historical, they bring these to their study of our own nation's history. They discern that the political institutions of the United States had their origins in Europe and that European political ideas in colonial and revolutionary British North America were adapted and expressed in the founding documents of the United States. As they study United States History, students realize that essentially European ideas of government and society have become American as our society has become much more diverse and complex.

33. Faculty & Staff
School. Christine Bold. On Leave 20023. us studies (with particularinterest in the West, the 1930s, and literature by women); Theories
Christine Bold On Leave 2002-3
  • U.S. Studies (with particular interest in the West, the 1930s, and literature by women) Theories and examples of popular culture Cultural Studies
Peter Brigg
  • The contemporary novel Science fiction
Susan Brown
  • Victorian literature 20th-century literature by women Feminist and critical theory
Gregor Campbell
  • American literature Media studies
Elaine Chang
  • Anglophone postcolonial literature and theory, contemporary British fiction, critical theory, race and gender studies. Contemporary historical representation, culture and science
Romita Choudhury On Leave 2002-3
  • Postcolonial Studies, especially third world feminisms Autobiography, testimonials, and documentary writing

34. Faculty & Staff
1st class) Edinburgh; PhD London. Fields of Study us studies (with particularinterest in the West, the 1930s, and literature by women);
Name: Christine Bold
Rank: Professor
Office: MCKN 441
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 53269 Education / Degree:
  • MA (Hons. 1st class) Edinburgh PhD London
Fields of Study:
  • U.S. Studies (with particular interest in the West, the 1930s, and literature by women) Theories and examples of popular culture Cultural studies
Current Research:
  • "Writers, Plumbers and Anarchists: The WPA Writers' Project in Massachusetts" (book in progress). "'murdered by men': Memorial Sites across Canada" (collaborative work in progress). Feminist Memorializing. Revisionist History of Popular U.S. Westerns, c.1860-1920. Spying Women.
  • Selling the Wild West: Popular Western Fiction, 1860 to 1960. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1987. The WPA Guides: Mapping America. Jackson: UP of Mississippi, 1999.
Selected Recent Articles:
  • [Reprint] "'Under the very skirts of Britannia': Re-reading Women in the James Bond Novels," reprinted in The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader

35. Brasiliana Breakthrough: New Building Blocks Of A Brazilian-US Intellectual Arch
an important step in fostering Brazilianus cultural relations. The maturation ofBrazilian studies reached a new to learn that during the 1930s the Brazilian
T he Consortium in Latin American Studies
at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University
A Title VI National Resource Center for Latin American Language and Area Studies Translations and Other Book Projects
" "
[Books Published] [Forthcoming Books] "Brasiliana" Breakthrough: New Building Blocks of a Brazilian-US Intellectual Architecture by John D. French, Chair of the Editorial Committee Books by two famous Brazilian literary critics have appeared in the spring of 2002 as the fifteenth and sixteenth works in the series "Latin America in Translation/Em Traddución/Em Tradução" sponsored by the Carolina-Duke Consortium. These new works by Silviano Santiago and Roberto Schwarz, along with of Humberto Vianna’s The Mystery of Samba (UNC), represent an important step in fostering Brazilian-U.S. cultural relations. Such progress will be cemented with the creation of a "Brasiliana" imprint within the translation series. The maturation of Brazilian studies reached a new landmark in May 2002 with the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Brazilian Embassy, Duke University Press, and The University of North Carolina Press. In the words of Ambassador Rubens Antônio Barbosa, the Embassy’s funding of translations from Portuguese will offer to English-readers "a series of modern titles, elaborated by Brazilian authors, on the basis of research and methodologies developed in Brazil," in the humanities and social sciences. This initiative is part of a wide-ranging program of cultural and academic cooperation by the Embassy in recent years, which has included the publication of a 513 page volume entitled

36. Reading American Studies At The University Of Hull
and Gender studies, 1970Present; Arthur Miller His Life and Work; 1930s AmericanFiction; The American History Film; Women and Gender in the us, 1890-Present
Home Page Online Magazine Forum Book reviews ... Response form Reading American Studies at the University of Hull Updated Prof. John Ashworth
Department of American Studies
The University
Hull HU6 7RX
Tel: (01482) 465303
Web-site: BA (Hons) American Studies BA (Hons) American Studies and Drama, English, Gender Studies or History As one of the pioneers in the development of American Studies in Britain, the culture of the United States has been taught here for almost forty years. In that time, we have built up one of the finest collections of Americana in any British university library. American Studies at Hull was graded 'excellent' for its teaching when officially evaluated by the Higher Education Funding Council, and scored 23 out of a possible 24. The head of the assessment panel declared: 'This is education at its very best.' Confirming this assessment, The Times 'Best University Guide' of 2000 ranked us in the top five best American Studies departments in Britain.

37. Prof. Philip M. Taylor -- Institute Of Communications Studies
New expanded UK us edition, 1994. Films A Call to Arms Propaganda and Rearmamentin the 1930s, (British Historical studies in Film, No. 7) 1985.
Philip M. Taylor Telephone 0113 3435810
E-mail: See new links page on The Propaganda War and the War Against Terrorism Teaching
Research interests International communications; Military-media relations; Information warfare and psychological operations.
A brief biography of Professor Taylor.
New pages on Kosovo and the propaganda war Publications since 1990: books
  • Munitions of the Mind: War Propaganda from the ancient world to the nuclear age (Patrick Stephens, 1990). New and updated edition, Munitions of the Mind: a history of propaganda from the ancient world to the present era (Manchester University Press, 1995).
  • War and the Media: Propaganda and Persuasion in the Gulf War (Manchester University Press, 1992). New edition, 1998.

38. Academic Programmes: MA In United States Studies:Courses
of the Soviet Union made the us the sole the relationship between literature andpolitics in the 1930s. the close scrutiny of specific case studies, we shall
Home About the Institute
Academic programmes

Modern Constitutionalism
Site map

Academic programmes
MA in United States Studies - Courses The Institute of United States Studies is the pre-eminent forum for American studies in Britain. Founded in 1965, the Institute offers the longest established MA in United States Studies in Europe. From 2003-2004 a distance learning MA in United States Studies is available. Please note : these are the courses on offer in 2002-2003. There may be some changes to courses offered in subsequent years. American History on Film
Dr Melvyn Stokes
This course will focus on varied attempts to represent aspects of American history on film. Among the issues analysed will be: the Civil war, late nineteenth-century immigration, the coming of sound in the film industry itself, the Depression of the 1930s, the anti-Communist campaigns of the late 1940s and early 1950s, Watergate, 1960s radicalism, racial intermixture and the boom economy of the 1980s. In order to contextualise these questions, the course will also examine matters such as Hollywood's own view of its audiences, music and the movies, the production code administration, HUAC and Hollywood, and the role of ethnic and racial groups in American cinema.

39. Princeton Studies In International History And Politics
Princeton studies in International History and Politics Democracies The EuropeanInfluence on us Foreign Policy. World Political Economy in the 1930s and 1980s
University Press SEARCH:
Keywords Author Title More Options Power Search
Search Hints

NEW IN PRINT E-BOOKS ... HOME PAGE Princeton Studies in International History and Politics Go to Listing by Author Return to Series Menu File created: 12/6/02 Questions and comments to:
Princeton University Press

40. Social Studies
75 Social studies Sites. Primary Sources and Activities us History This page containsreproducible copies depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s and into
Social Studies Resources
From the Branciforte Junior High School Library

SCORE History/Social Science

History and Social Studies "American History Sites General History and Social Studies Sites

World and Ancient History Sites."
75 Social Studies Sites.

"Blue Web'n Applications."
K-12 History

"K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans" Primary Sources by Region
"A listing of over 3700 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other

primary sources for the research scholar."
SCORE: Grade 8 - U.S. History and Geography: Growth and Conflict U.S. History and Geography.
12 units from Colonial to Inventors.
American History Sites
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - U.S. History
Primary Sources and Activities U.S. History
"This page contains reproducible copies of primary documents from the holdings of the National Archives of the United States, teaching activities correlated to the National History Standards and National Standards for Civics and Government, and cross-curricular connections."
N.Y. Times Daily Lesson Plan American History

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