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         Vermont Education Staff Development:     more detail

1. Office Of Instructional Development And Technology
Learning at the University of vermont. Center for Faculty development at Louisiana State University Department of education and staff development, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Dalhousie University's Instructional Development and Technology Sites Worldwide
Choose from the list below.
University Centres For Instructional/Faculty Development
  • Centre for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Scholarship, University of Canberra Academic Development Unit, LaTrobe University Centre for Higher Education and Professional Development, Macquarrie University Centre For The Study of Higher Education (CSHE), University of Melbourne Monash University Centre of Higher Education Development, Monash University Teaching and Learning Centre, Academic Staff Development, Murdoch University Queensland University of Technology Teaching and Educational Development Institute,
  • 2. Other Important Links
    with all constituents who have a stake in education. Visit VISMT's website to viewthe staff development Standards adopted by the vermont Standards Board for

    March 5, 2003 For more information on Vermont and National Education, visit these sites: STATE OF VERMONT

    • VISMT (a member organization of The Vermont Institutes) works with Vermont's schools and communities to transform science, mathematics, and technology education in order to improve the learning and the skills of all students. VISMT supports change in a systemic way by working with all constituents who have a stake in education. Visit VISMT's website to view the Staff Development Standards adopted by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators on November 15, 1999. Vermont Department of Education
      The Vermont Department of Education is a resource for information and links to education programs and initiatives around the state. VITA-Learn
      VITA-Learn (a member organization of The Vermont Institutes) is a non-profit, charitable corporation whose mission is to promote and encourage the use of information technology to meet Vermont's educational goals and standards. Vermont Interactive Learning Network
      The Vermont Interactive Learning Network (ILN) is a unique partnership among Verizon, the Vermont Department of Education, the Vermont Institute of Science, Math and Technology, and the 55 public high schools in the Verizon service region. The ILN will be available for course sharing between schools in cases where a student in one school wishes to take a course not available in their school but that is available in another school through the network. The ILN will also be used to provide technical assistance and networking between local educators, the State Department of Education, The Vermont Institutes, and other service providers that become part of the network.

    3. Vermont-NEA Home Page
    Professional association of state educators disseminates resources related to teaching. Find reading lists, benefit programs and job openings. Popular Pages Contact vermont Legislators. education Links. First Day Teaching Excellence. Contact vermontNEA staff. Contact NEA the pages of the child's development calendar.
    Welcome to Vermont-NEA
    Our last update: March 30, 2003
    Latest Additions...
    Propose a Convention Workshop
    Vermont-NEA Candidate Statements

    Changes in Educator Endorsements

    ESEA and Paraprofessionals
    Approaches to School Violence

    Popular Pages...
    Contact Vermont Legislators

    Education Links

    First Day of School Celebration

    Front Page Stories
    Vermont's Own Michele Forman
    Association Information... Award for Teaching Excellence Contact Vermont-NEA Staff Contact NEA Contact NEA ESP ... Vermont-NEA Partners
    Who We Are
    Opportunities for Educators
    Advice for Parents
    Support for Kids
    About YOU ! We are very interested to know who is visiting our site and what you think. Are you a parent? student? educator? surfer? citizen? all of the above? Please email your comments: Vermont-NEA is located at 10 Wheelock Street in Montpelier, Vermont 05602-3737. Phone: (802) 223-6375 Fax: (802) 223-1253. About the artist: Steve Barrows, an English teacher at Union-32 High School in East Montpelier, created the art on this page and on the pages of the child's development calendar.

    4. National Education Goals Panel Webcast
    a variety of models, including team teaching and inhouse development staff. LamoilleSouth Supervisory Union Topic Special education in vermont The Role
    IMPORTANT Viewing Notes
    : (1) viewing the webcast requires the free (current edition) RealPlayer software, click here to download and install the software; (2) please note that after downloading the software you must install it, simply downloading the software is not the complete process. If you need technical support viewing the videos, please direct your questions to
    June 1, 2000
    Burlington, Vermont, Trinity College Teacher Education Center Event Summary:
    On June 1, 2000, NEGP Chair Gov. Tommy Thompson (R-WI) and NEGP member and host U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords (R-VT) held a public hearing and received testimony regarding the important role of teachers in helping all students achieve. Presenters included educators and researchers in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont speaking about state and local efforts to train new teachers and offer effective professional development. Much state and national attention is focused on assessing student achievement; the Vermont hearing focused on what teacher policies are needed to secure a teaching force equipped to help students learn.
    Panel One
    Presenter: Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation

    5. Guide To Professional Development
    vermont's Statewide education. Information Technology Plan preservice teacher training and other staff development. Schoolsoffering teacher education must be prepared to deal
    Vermont's Statewide Education Information Technology Plan:
    Guide to Professional Development
    May, 1996
    Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
    Vermont State Board of Education
    Sally Sugarman, Chair Ross Anderson, Vice Chair Carolyn Baker Anne Rider Al Voegele Karen Saudek Becky Cassidy
    Interim Commissioner of Education
    Douglas Walker
    Interim Deputy Commissioner of Education
    William Reedy
    Vermont Information Technology Plan Management Team
    Ed Barry, Chairman RuthAnn Beers Fernanda Canales Anne Judson Chuck Knisley Carol Kress Gregg Martin Bob McNamara Molly Reed Bill Romond Frank Watson The State of Vermont Department of Education is committedto ensuring that all of its programs and facilities are accessibleto all members of the public, and that all activities and programsare non-discriminatory in design, application and performance.The Vermont Department of Education is an equal-opportunity agencyand does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color,national origin, gender, age, handicapping condition and/or disability,or sexual orientation. Table of Contents

    6. VPA - Executive Director Search
    background • Familiarity with vermont education. • Minimum of 5 years experiencein nonprofit administration, staff supervision and program development.
    Position Announcement Click here for a printer friendly Word version Position: Executive Director
    Organization: Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA)
    Location: Montpelier, Vermont The VPA is a nonprofit alliance of education leaders collaborating on mentoring and professional development while overseeing VPA sponsored activities in academics, athletics and fine arts. Organizational Goals • Focus on principals as academic leaders by providing member personal/professional support.
    • Collaborate with other educational organizations and coordinate educational activities for the VPA membership.
    • Political Advocacy/Public Relations
    • Build capacity (resources, people and structures) to realize vision/mission.
    • Oversee VPA sponsored activities in athletics and the fine arts.

    7. Staff Development
    Doug Wilson, Superintendent of education The staff development Department continues to work with others to provide staff development opportunities for all Board employees. staff development Network Partnership between 22 boards of education in Eastern Ontario and Queens University. vermont
    The Durham District School Board
    400 Taunton Rd. E. Whitby, Ontario L1R 2K6
    Staff Development
    Doug Wilson, Superintendent of Education Email: The Staff Development Department continues to work with others to provide staff development opportunities for all Board employees. Our objective is to help Durham educators and support personnel provide the best learning environments for our students. To do this the following programs have been developed:
    The Classroom Improvement Program is organized around the concept of providing teachers with researched based instructional approaches that promote higher student achievement.
    School Improvement:
    It is our belief that classroom improvement is school improvement and school improvement is classroom improvement. A number of programs that develop the leadership skills of all involved in education have been presented. It is only through collaborative effort that all the complex tasks necessary in education can be accomplished.
    Certification Programs:
    In an effort to provide opportunities for Durham educators to receive certificates from universities, a number of programs have been established:

    8. AEL Professional Development Opportunities : Welcome
    The vermont Department of education is offering development opportunities for Adulteducation and Literacy like to promote other formats for staff development.
    ESSENTIAL SKILLS Equipped for the Future (EFF) Services Provided in Vermont's AEL Learning Centers Adult Diploma Program Getting Ready to Work Professional Development Opportunities Building an Adult Education System Summer Study Report Management Information System CONTACT US AEL Staff Directory
    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Vermont Department of Education is offering a variety of professional development opportunities for Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) practitioners. This past year we worked with teachers and managers throughout the state to define these options. We hope that you will join us for a statewide workshop or request that we customize a workshop for your local area. We would also like to promote other formats for staff development. For example, ongoing focus groups, peer coaching opportunities and short-term product development groups are extremely effective platforms for professional growth. We look forward to working with you! Professional development opportunities: Statewide Workshops
    (Multiple Day and
    Single Day) Customized Workshops
    (Upon Request) Focus Groups, Peer Coaching, and More!

    9. Programs & Services: The General Educational Development (GED) Test
    PROGRAMS SERVICES. Services Provided in vermont's AEL Learning Centers. POLICY ADMINISTRATION. Building an Adult education System. AE staff Directory.
    ESSENTIAL SKILLS Equipped for the Future (EFF) Services Provided in Vermont's AEL Learning Centers Adult Diploma Program Getting Ready to Work Professional Development Opportunities ... Management Information System CONTACT US AE Staff Directory GENERAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT (GED) TESTING
    (Updated 1/21/03) Description Preparing for the Tests Sample Test Questions Testing Schedules and Requirements ... Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    The Tests of General Education Development (GED) are five tests that, when successfully passed, provide adults who did not finish high school with a second opportunity to earn a high school completion credential. Employers, the military, and college and technical educators and institutions recognize and accept the GED. The tests are designed to measure and represent the knowledge, skills, and understanding that current high school seniors would learn from their high school education. TOP Description
    The GED was originally developed in 1942 for returning World War II servicemen who had their high school education interrupted by the call to service. In Vermont, adults 18 and over, and students age 16 (with parental permission) may take the GED Tests if they are not enrolled in high school at the time they take the tests. In Vermont an average of between 1500 and 2000 persons, ranging in age from 16 to 60+, test each year. For more detailed information about the GED test, visit the national GED website at

    We also learned that employees often do not take advantage of these opportunities. and high school degree programs, staff development and management training (communication skills,
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    11. Staff
    an avid softball player for the vermont Department of education's team, writes forTeachers Writing Team and NSCD's staff development Standards for
    top of page
    Staff Directory
    Robert T. McLaughlin
    Executive Director
    Resume (Robert T. McLaughlin)

    Bob is founder and executive director of MC Squared and the National Institute for Community Innovations (NICI), both of which were launched in 1998. He serves as president of the newly founded International Graduate Center , which provides Master's and doctoral degrees in education. Bob co-founded and chairs the U.S. Department of Education's Digital Equity Network , co-chairs (with David Gibson, NICI's research and development director) the Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Consortium , and serves on the Association of Teacher Educator's National Commission on Technology and the Future of Teacher Education. Prior to forming MC Squared and NICI, Bob co-directed the Eisenhower Regional Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education Reform for the northeast and islands region for six years. He has served as a K-8 teacher and principal, started and directed Vermont's statewide workplace education and workplace literacy programs, and served as a Woodrow Wilson Administrative Fellow at a tribally controlled college on a North Dakota reservation and a historically black college in Maryland. He is an avid softball player for the Vermont Department of Education's team, writes poetry, and loves being with his family in a home they built ona hill overlooking the Green Mountains. Gina Amenta-Shin
    Technology Consultant
    Resume (Gina Amenta-Shin)

    Penni Aubut

    12. David Gibson
    1993 to present) in Montpelier, vermont, a K on establishing continuous improvementprocesses in staff development, higher education partnerships, and
    To contact this consultant, please write to or call (802) 229-1742 DAVID GIBSON
    Pursuing affiliations that include leadership, teaching, research and community service
    focused on creating and improving educational systems that span local, statewide,
    and regional boundaries, and in documenting the development of those systems
    for professional and public decision-makers.
    Teaching and research - Recent original research involves the development of an application of complexity theory for combining qualitative and quantitative methods in educational research. The method uses the STELLA computer software to build testable simulation models of the change process in schools. Teaching experience is regularly updated with graduate program teaching. Recent courses include: "Managing the Future," "Leadership and the Creative Imagination," "Developing Capacity for Action Planning," "Standards-Based Curriculum Development," and "Student-Centered Classroom Assessment."
    Publishing and disseminating new ideas.

    13. Central Vermont Adult Basic Education
    represented a significant boost to Central vermont Adult Basic education's familyliteracy family reading workshops, and in staff development activities.
    Award Recipient Central Vermont Adult
    Basic Education
    Barre, Vermont NBSF Grant Award: $908
    Gloria Netto and daughter Rose with
    Your Home Is a Learning Place
    by the National Book Scholarship Fund The National Book Scholarship Fund grant represented a significant boost to Central Vermont Adult Basic Education's family literacy project. Working in collaboration with the Barre City School District, CVABE targeted parents of children in kindergarten through second grade who were identified as at-risk of low reading scores. The program coordinator encouraged family reading as a form of immunization against low reading scores and risk-taking behaviors. The National Book Scholarship Fund provided the books needed for these families to read together. Materials were used during individual home visits, in small-group family reading workshops, and in staff development activities. The National Book Scholarship Fund also provided books that were used to develop two new children's libraries at local low-income housing residences. These books helped build the relationship between the resident librarians and the family reading coordinators who worked cooperatively to offer small-group workshops on family reading.

    14. Page Not Available
    vermont Department of education. 120 State Street Montpelier, VT 056202501 PAT ASHCRAFT. Director of staff development Shelby

    15. 2002-2003 Executive Council Members And Executive Director
    vermont Department of education 120 State Street Montpelier, VT 056202501 PAT ASHCRAFT Director of staff development Shelby
    2002-2003 Executive Council Members
    and Executive Director
    Executive Council Executive Director ASCD Strategic Plan Candidacy Forms for ASCD Office ... PEYTON WILLIAMS, JR., Ph.D. , President
    Retired, Deputy State School Superintendent
    Georgia Department of Education
    3380 Laren Lane SW
    Atlanta, GA 30311-3642
    , Immediate Past President

    (Retired) Assistant Superintendent, Franklin Special SD
    1000 Legacy Hills Drive
    Franklin, TN 37064 E-mail: RAY MCNULTY , President-Elect Vermont Education Commissioner Vermont Department of Education 120 State Street Montpelier, VT 05620-2501 E-mail: PAT ASHCRAFT Director of Staff Development Shelby County Schools 160 South Hollywood Street Memphis, TN 38112 E-mail: MARTHA BRUCKNER Associate Superintendent for Educational Services Millard Public Schools 5606 South 147 Street Omaha, NE 68137

    16. Our Partners -- Eastern LINCS
    New York State education Department Adult education, staff development and DistanceLearning 89 Washington Avenue vermont Adult Basic education 167 Main
    Eastern LINCS Partners Connecticut Bureau of Career and Adult Education
    Connecticut State Department of Education
    25 Industrial Park Road
    Middletown, CT 06457-1543
    Roberta Pawloski, Bureau Chief
    Representative Agency
    Capitol Region Education Council
    Adult Training and Development Network

    111 Charter Oak Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106 Delaware Delaware Department of Education
    Adult Education and Workforce Development
    P. O. Box 1402 J. G. Townsend Building Dover, DE 19903 Fran Tracy-Mumford, Ph.D., Adult Education Director Representative Agency Delaware State Literacy Resource Center Adult Community Education Network P.O. Box 639 Dover, DE 19903 Beth Cady, ACE Network Director
    District of Columbia
    State Education Agency Adult Education University of the District of Columbia 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW

    17. UNM College Of Education - Faculty & Staff Directory - Hallie Preskill
    Focus Program Evaluation and Research Methods, Training and development. MS, Elementaryand Special education, (1976 University of vermont, Burlington, vermont

    18. NESDEC- Related Sites
    Rhode Island Department of education vermont Department of National Center for educationStatistics (NCES Council (NSDC) National staff development Council (NSDC
    Related Sites NESDEC provides links to the following web sites to our visitors in search of information on educational issues. New England State Departments of Education
    Other Resources

    Links for Environmental Scanning Data

    Links to New England School Superintendent Associations
    Links to New England School Board Associations
    New England State Departments of Education:
    Connecticut State Department of Education
    Maine Department of Education

    Massachusetts Department of Education

    New Hampshire Department of Education
    Vermont Department of Education
    Other Resources: American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
    Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

    Education Research Information Centers (ERIC)
    Education Research Service (ERS) ... United States Department of Education Links for Environmental Scanning Data: The following links are provided as a service to our affiliate districts participating in our Environmental Scanning Workshops . If you have suggestions to add to the list, please

    19. AGI Education Staff
    7563 Cindy joined the AGI staff in July BA in Geology from Middlebury College in vermont. theProject Coordinator for AGI's education Professional development

    AGI Education Home
    EarthComm - High School IES ... Education Staff
    AGI Education Department Staff
    American Geological Institute
    Education Department
    4220 King Street
    Alexandria, VA 22302-1502 USA Mike Smith Director of Education
    EMail: Phone Fax
    Mike joined the AGI staff in February 1998. Mike has worked as an exploration geologist with Shell Oil Company and has taught Earth science and geoscience in private and public schools and at the University of Delaware. Mike served as Principal Investigator of the EarthComm and Investigating Earth Systems curriculum projects, and is currently directing AGI's teacher enhancement programs, minority participation program, annual conference for developers of NSF-funded K-12 mathematics curricula and dissemination centers, and Project CUES, a new middle school earth systems curriculum project being developed through funding from the National Science Foundation. Mike earned a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, an M.A. in Geology from Rice University (Houston, TX), and a B.A. in Geology from the College of Wooster (Wooster, OH). Matt Smith Education Programs Manager

    20. The Vermont Mathematics Partnership
    day project operations, planning project staff development and helping ImplementationDr. Marc Hull, vermont State Department of education Dr. Hull
    The Vermont Mathematics Partnership
    Brief Overview
    The overarching purpose of the Vermont Mathematics Partnership (VMP) is to enhance the mathematics performance of preK-12 students in Vermont. The VMP will improve mathematics instruction throughout Vermont, strengthen the systems that prepare and support teachers and school leaders, and make significant contributions to research and resources available to educators nationwide.
    As an outgrowth/extension of the VMI model , VMP will:
  • Extend the VMI from individual teacher leaders to entire schools and districts Expand the VMI to middle and secondary levels Extend the VMI to pre-service training of elementary, middle, and secondary teachers.
  • Partners
    Vermont Mathematics Initiative
    Vermont Institutes
    Vermont Department of Education
    Institutions of Higher Education University of Vermont Castleton State College Norwich University Partner Pre-K-12 School Districts Barre City South Burlington Hartford Milton (others to be named) Notes (1) The VMI as it is currently constituted, and with its current K-6 mission, will be continued, and will run in parallel with the VMP.

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