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         Vikings Homework Help:     more detail

1. Vikings Homework Help
at Tameside Central Library have searched the web for sites that can help you withyour homework. World of Vikings, A guide to resources on the internet.
Updated: 16 May 2002
The Librarians at Tameside Central Library have searched the web
for sites that can help you with your homework.
Check out our grading system!

ikings Encarta Encarta's Viking article and multimedia images Leif Ericsson Biography of Leif Ericsson , the Viking who discovered America Jorvik Viking Centre All about the Jorvik Viking Centre in York - you can even listen to viking sounds! World of Vikings A guide to resources on the internet Medieval Scandinavia Were the Vikings really that bad? Find out at Medieval Scandinavia Viking Network Web An interactive resource for students
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2. Resources For Social Studies Homework Help
homework help. Do you know a good site BJ Pinchbeck's homework helper "If you can't find it Interactive Learning Network - Learn a subject, solve homework problems and more.
Free Stuff Free Software Free Games Get Paid To Surf ... Make Money Resources for Social Studies Homework Help
Updated February 15, 2003
This page provides links to resources for help with school assignments, projects, and daily homework. Click on a topic from the site index below to find the resources you need. If you are a teacher and are linking this site to your classroom page, let me know what topics your class is studying, and I will add resources specifically for your students. My e-mail address is Click here to get 250 free business cards from VistaPrint!
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3. Homework Help For Kids
Stuck with your homework? This is the place to be
Homework Help Homework Help Web Pages Almanacs Animals Biographical Information ... Writing a Research Paper For additional information and resources, check with a librarian!
Homework Help Web Pages

4. Amsterdam History Projects
Offers homework help for studies on Early Humans, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, vikings, Celts, Maoris, Incas and Mayas.

Grade 6 Projects
Grade 5 Projects
Welcome to our Ancient History Projects on the Web
Graphic based on a lithograph "Side View of the Great Sphinx,
Pyramids of Geezeh" by David Roberts Introduction: Grade Five and Six students from The International School of Amsterdam have worked on several investigative projects in 1996-97 and 1997-98. In Spring 1997 grade six students spent a month studying Ancient Egypt . They worked in pairs or in threes studying different aspects: the geography, the history, religion, the social structure and daily life and technology. Following the Egyptian project, students chose another civilization they wanted to learn more about. The choices included the Romans Greeks Celts Vikings ... Incas , Aztecs, Chinese , Etruscans, Maoris , and North American Indians. The groups then made a presentation to their classmates using multi-media authoring tools and in August 1997 a number of their projects were added to our Grade 6 Social Studies Web Site with links to other Internet resources and related school projects.

5. Homework Help At
Explore Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the vikings, and much more! See more links like this! Live homework help
AnswerPoint ArtsPoint FirstPoint HistoryPoint ... Teachers' Place
Search > Catalog
Keyword Title Author Search > Websites
All sites ArtsPoint AnswerPoint LibraryPoint KidsPoint HistoryPoint TeensPoint
Get a Library Card Contact Us Ask a CRRL Librarian ... Home Feature Article
Ending Term Paper Turmoil

It's supposed to take weeks to research and another solid week to write and rewrite. It counts as a huge part of your final grade, and you're already late getting started. Sure, you know what the teacher wants perfection or something close to it. But, how to get there? In the beginning, there is the topic. It shouldn't be too big. American History is not a great choice unless you plan to write an encyclopedia.
Read entire article
all of the homework articles
Find it on the Web:

Favorite Poem Project
The Favorite Poem Project encourages everyone to enjoy poetry.

See more links like this!
The Internet Public Library Youth Division Explore art, science, fun stuff, reference, and much more on the Web.
See more links like this!
Your Weight on Other Worlds Find out what you'd weigh on other planets.

6. Town Of East Gwillimbury - Library Webguide - Homework
homework help on the Internet Rome, China, the vikings, and the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.
This page has moved.
Please update your bookmark to: (You will be redirected automatically)

7. Vikings & Saxons Homework Help
The vikings A good site for children . Send an e-mail to help is part of the Woodlands Junior School Kent website.
Homepage Pokemon Journey Site Map Jokes and Brain Teasers ... Cool Kids Zone YOU ARE HERE Homepage Site Map Homework Index History ... Science Vikings and Saxons ROMANS VIKINGS SAXONS Vikings
The Vikings
The Vikings A superb site from Snaithe Primary School in East Yorkshire.
Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from?

Who were their gods and goddesses?

Where did the Vikings go on their travels?

What evidence have we that the Vikings were settlers?
... BBC Vikings
From beliefs to invasions, find out what really happened in Viking history. The Vikings
A good site for children . Saxon and Viking Gods
Information and pictures of the Saxon and Viking gods Houses
The Vikings lived in rectangular houses with walls made of turves, upright timbers, wattle and daub or stone. They were usually one room with a cooking fire in the middle. The smoke escaped through a hole in the roof.
A Viking Town House
Viking Artefacts Back to the top Can't find what you need?

8. Homework Help
Resources homework help volunteer teachers will help get you Page - algebra andgeometry help from high World of the vikings - runes, ships, museums, and more
Homework Click on a topic below. Resources

9. Whitehall Vikings - Homework Help Links
homework help. Do you know a good site Tell us. Click Here. Free ServicesAsk Dr. Math Submit question or search through the archives help/cover.htm
Homework Help Do you know a good site Tell us. Click Here Free Services
Ask Dr. Math
- Submit question or search through the archives
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
- "If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it."
Interactive Learning Network
- Learn a subject, solve homework problems and more.
*Some services are fee based.
**Some pages load fairly slow.
- This site has just about everything you could ever want to study about.
Mr. Mierz's Front Page Tutorials
- Learn how to add drawing and animations
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10. Whitehall Vikings - Links
Tell us. Click Here. Student Toolbox The Arts, homework help, Parents. Colleges/Universities,Language Arts, Reference. Computers/Technology, Math, Schools MI.
Links Do you know a good site Tell us. Click Here Student Toolbox The Arts Homework Help ... New - Patrick's Link Collector

11. WebSmart Homework Help
OneStop homework help Try These Sites First! Africa Ancient Incas Maya Greece Rome Egypt Celts China Mesopotamia vikings General Sites
Search Home
Homework Help
One-Stop Homework Help : Try These Sites First! (Or try: Science Math Literature Countries ... Music and Art
History African American History Native Americans Prehistoric Humans Ancient Cultures ... Explorers
African American History (See also African American Biography
General Sites
Slavery Amistad ... Civil Rights General Sites
The African American World
African American History from About.Com

AFRO-American Almanac

Black Facts Online
Universal Black Page
The Amistad Case
Africans in America: Journey through Slavery
American Slave Narratives: an Online Anthology

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project

Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives
... Slavery and Abolition
Underground Railroad
The Life of Harriet Tubman National Geographic's Underground Railroad Site National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Jim Crow Laws
The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
Little Rock 9, Intergration 0? (part of Black History on the Web)
Civil Rights
National Civil Rights Museum Online
Census Bureau's African American Statistics

12. Homework Help - Social Studies Pages
The World of the vikings; The vikings; Byzantine Medieval Links Index; Castlesof World Geography homework help @ Discovery School; The 50 States of the United
Social Studies
Table of Contents
General Sites
American History Sites
World History
Geography ...
General Sites
  • WWW Virtual Library History Resources
  • The Cornell Theory Center Arts and Social Sciences Gateway
  • Discovery School's A-to-Z History
  • Open Directory Project - Society: History ...
    American History
  • KidsClick! American History
  • Open Directory - History: United States
  • POTUS: Presidents of the United States
  • Civil War Archive ...
    World History
  • World History Compass
  • Governments on the Web
  • Wonders of the World
  • The Vikings Home Page ...
    Geography - States and Countries
  • World Geography Homework Help @ Discovery School
  • The 50 States of the United States
  • Stately Knowledge from the Internet Public Library
  • Postcards from America - 50 State Travel Adventure ...
  • U.S. State Dept.- Background Notes - provides information on geographic entities and international organizations
  • The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
  • Black History Internet Resources from Queens Library
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures ...
  • Odyssey Online - a journey to explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African Cultures
  • Mrs.Donn's Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations Site Index
  • 13. Homework Help--Site Map
    ALPHA LIST OF homework help TOPICS Click on a letter Bats Bears Bees Beetles Bibliographyhelp Biographies Biology Era Vicunas Vietnam War vikings Violence in
    Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
    Homework Help-Site Map
    Click on a letter or use the scroll bar on the right of the screen to move to a specific location: [A] [B] [C] [D] ... Z A

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    Affirmative Action

    Africa, Ancient African American History ... Anteaters Antelope Anthropology Ants Apartheid Apes April Fool's Day ... Athletes Atoms Australia Authors Avalanches Aztecs B Baboons Badgers Bats Bears Bees Beetles Bibliography Help Bioenergy Biographies Biology Habitats Birds Birds of Prey Bobcat ... Bubonic (Black) Plague Business Leaders Butterflies C Calculators Calculus Calendars California Gold Rush ... China, Ancient

    14. Homework Help And Kids Links
    Topics Math War Menu -
    General Homework Help Biomes Government Maps ...
    General Homework Help
    Homework Heaven
    Infotrac for Kids
    need library barcode to enter
    Kids Click!!
    National Geographic Homework Help
    Schoolwork Ugh!
    Yahooligans School Bell
    ALA's Cool Site for Kids
    ALA Parent's Page ALA 700+ Great Sites Ask Jeeves for Kids Berit's Best Sites for Children Favorite Web Sites for K-12 students Kids Click!! Kids Corner Nassau Library System Kids Page OnLion for Kids (NY Public Library) Yahooligans Biomes Amazon Interactive

    15. Homework Help
    http// This very inclusive site covers explorersfrom the ancient Egyptians through the vikings to Magellan and Columbus.
    Explorers Kid Info

    This is the site. It contains biographical information on explorers plus links to other sites.
    Discoverers Web

    Has detailed information on most of the explorers of the New World.
    European Explorers Resources on the World Wide Web
    This is just one aspect of this far-reaching website created in Canada for educational purposes. The section on explorers has short biographies of all the major explorers and links to other sites.
    This very inclusive site covers explorers from the ancient Egyptians through the Vikings to Magellan and Columbus.
    Great Neck Library 159 Bayview Ave Great Neck, NY 11023 Tel: (516) 466-8055

    Ancient Greeks Greek sites to help. Inventors homework helper If you are lookingfor an inventor The vikings - Explore a Viking village, find out who the
    web hosting provided by Direct i HISTORY HELP History Homework help CLICK HERE FOR HISTORIC PEOPLE, FAMOUS PEOPLE. INDIAN HISTORY, FREEDOM FIGHTERS.. WORLD HISTORY sites / LINKS:- HyperHistory A Unique clickable chart covering 3,000 years of world history. Encyclopedia History Timeline - Useful history timeline. Helpful for history projects. Famous Rulers - Present and Past, lists heads of State from many different countries. World History - A great site to do American and World History . Renaissance History - Excellent source for finding information on the Renaissance. History Net - A wonderful site to find good information on World/American history. HistoryWizard Search for resources and information about historical periods Modern World History: -Historical events from 1919-1945 including European politics, World Wars, and the Depression etc. Includes over 30 animated maps. History's Happening - A wonderful site every aspect of history. History Online - A terrific site with history timelines, which they just keep on expanding.

    17. At-renfrewshire Portal - Learning And Work Section
    Maths. ~, BBC Bitesize site provides maths help for 1113 year olds and for 14-16year olds. Projects. ~, South Ayrshire web site homework club provides vikings.
    document.write("Today is "+dayname+", "+dat+" "+mnthname+" "+yr);
    Learning and work - Homework help
    This section of the portal aims to help with school, assignments and homework.
    General homework sites
    Pre-school education BBC Schools section is comprehensive and caters for pre-school through to 16+ age ranges. The pre-school section contains links to Teletubbies, Tweenies, Little Animals Activities Centre, CBeebies, Bowns, Snapdragon and Tweenies Cymraeg. Channel 4's 'The Hoobs' provides various interactive activities designed to help children learn more. Little Animals Activity Centre , produced by the BBC, caters for the age range 4-8. It features a series of animated characters taking kids through various activities. Topmarks Education 'Learning through play ' aims to prepare children for school through play. There are also other activities to help children learn. Primary education BBC Schools 4-11 section provides subject coverage in geography, history, languages, literacy, numeracy, PSHE and science

    18. Homework Help: High School Subjects - Social Studies / World History / The Middl
    The vikings Learn about the Viking culture – their fierce wars on Europe, thebrave explorations of the New World and their complex and beautiful art and

    19. Homework Help
    News Links Special Reports Winds of Change Golden Apple homework help Sister Cities BadgersUW Superior Yellowjackets Home Teams Minnesota vikings Green Bay

    Top Stories



    Daily News Alert
    Site Map

    College Athletics
    Big Ten Athletics

    University of Minnesota Gophers

    UM Duluth Athletics

    University of Wisconsin Badgers
    ... UW Superior Yellowjackets Home Teams Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Minnesota Twins Milwaukee Brewers ... Milwaukee Bucks Explore Sports American Basketball League DanceScape Nascar On Line Negro Baseball League ... USA Gymnastics Please help us keep this section accurate. If you find that one of these web sites has moved or shut down, please let us know KBJR-TV and Granite Broadcasting

    20. Homework Help - Children's Department, St. Thomas Public Library
    Sports. Geography History (900999) Anicent Cultures, Maps, MiddleAges, vikings, World Facts, Pioneers. General homework help Sites.

    Welcome to St. Thomas Public Library's Homework Help for Children!
    Here are some great sites to help you find information for your school projects. These sites are arranged just like our non-fiction books in Dewey Decimal Subject Areas.
    Just remember, that internet sources should not be a substitute for books. Whenever you are working on a project or writing a paper you need to have information from lots of different sources; because you can not trust the accuracy and truthfulness of all internet sites
    World Book Encyclopedia (031 WOR) This is the online version

    Saints and Different Religions.
    Social Sciences

    Clothing, Drugs, Holidays, Human and Civil Rights, Rainforest.
    Dictionary and Thesaurus.
    Animals, Canadian Scientist, Endangered Species, Geology, Natural Disasters, Plants, Science Fair, Space and Weather.
    Arts and Recreation Painters, Styles of Art and Sports Anicent Cultures, Maps, Middle Ages, Vikings, World Facts, Pioneers.

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