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         Violence Prevention & Enforcement:     more books (100)
  1. Violence Against Women: Law, Prevention, Protection, Enforcement, Treatment, Health
  2. Prevention of violence in correctional institutions by National Symposium on Law Enforcement Science and Technology, 1973-01-01
  3. Rights in concord: the response to the counter-inaugural protest activities in Washington, D.C., January 18-20, 1969; a special staff study submitted to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence by United States. Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement, 2009-10-26
  4. The Handbook of Community Safety, Gender and Violence Prevention: Practical Planning Tools by Carolyn Whitzman, 2008-04
  5. Law and order reconsidered; report of the Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence by James Sargent Campbell, Joseph R. Sahid, et all 2010-09-09
  6. Gang Cop: The Words and Ways of Officer Paco Domingo (Violence Prevention and Policy Series) by Malcolm W. Klein, 2004-01-13
  7. The rule of law: an alternative to violence;: A report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence by United States, 1970
  8. Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook, Second Edition by James S. CawoodCPP, Michael H. CorcoranPh.D., 2008-12-22
  9. Law And Order Reconsidered Report Of The Task Force On Law And Law Enforcement To National Commission On The Causes And Prevention Of Violence
  10. Handbook of Workplace Violence
  11. Violence Against Women, Vol. 1: Law, Prevention, Protection, Enforcement, Treatment, Health
  12. At Issue Series - How Can Gun Violence Be Reduced? (hardcover edition)
  13. Is Anyone Listening?: Accountability and Women Survivors of Domestic Violence by Rosemary Aris, Gill Hague, et all 2003-10-20
  14. Preventing Crowd Violence (Crime Prevention Studies)

1. Safe Schools And Violence Prevention Office Web Site
California Department of Education offering a variety of resources on highrisk students, gangs, and Category Regional North America United States California Education...... Opportunities California Healthy Kids Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use preventionTraining Opportunities Workshops for school and law enforcement staff School
California Dept of Education A-Z Index Search Help ... Resources Safe Schools
and Violence Prevention Family-Community Safe Schools
UPDATE 2/10/03!
The School/Law Enforcement Partnership announces the release of the FY 2002-03 Request for Application (RFA) . Due to mandatory state budget cuts, the total allocation available is $9.5 million. The Partnership may fund up to 29 grantees. The new due date
is April 11, 2003.
Unsafe School Choice Option Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action, 2002 Edition California Safe Schools Assessment
Data on school district safety
Program Alert

2000-2001 Results and News Release

1999-2000 Results
(pdf) Grants
Safe School Plans for New Schools Grant Funding

High-risk Youth Education and
Public Safety Program (SB 1095) Program Summaries and Funding Opportunities Grant Awards CDE Funding Opportunities California Healthy Kids Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention Training Opportunities Workshops for school and law enforcement staff School/Law Enforcement Partnership Support for schools and law enforcement working together Resources Resources for Coping with Tragedy and Bio-Terrorism Promoting Tolerance/Reducing Hate-Motivated Behavior Bullying Prevention Resources Counseling and Guidance Links List of web sites from Fontana Unified

2. Schoolviol.htm
Maintaining a Safe Environment The Role of Law enforcement in School violence prevention by Brett Carruthers, CSP Senior Loss Control Specialist
President Sanford A. Newman Deputy Directors Amy R. Dawson Brendan J. Fitzsimons Fight Crime: Invest in Kids From America's Front Line Against Crime: A School and Youth Violence Prevention Plan As an organization of more than of police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, crime survivors and leaders of police officer organizatons, we are determined to see that dangerous criminals are put behind bars. But anyone who thinks that jailing a criminal undoes the agony crime leaves in its wake hasn't seen crime up close. America's anti-crime arsenal contains no weapons more powerful than the proven programs that help kids get the right start in lifeprograms like school readiness child care, youth development programs for the after-school and summer hours, child abuse prevention, and intervention programs proven to help get troubled kids back on track. Yet today, inadequate funding for Head Start, school readiness child care, after-school youth development programs and counseling for troubled kids leaves millions of children at needless risk of becoming violent or delinquent teens and adult criminalsand leaves every American at needless risk of becoming a victim. We call on all public officials to adopt a four-part plan to dramatically reduce crime and violence, and help young people learn the skills and values they need to become good neighbors and responsible adults. While no plan can prevent every violent act, this common-sense planbased on our experience and the latest research about what really works to fight crimecan make all of us safer.

3. The Louisiana Commission On Law Enforcement Home Page
Provides information on important topics such as missing children network, juvenile justice and deliquency, violence against women, drug prevention, crime victims reparations and criminal justice statistics.
M. J. "Mike" Foster Jr.
Sheriff Kenneth Goss
Michael A. Ranatza
Executive Director
Director's Welcome
Louisiana ICJIS Louisiana Dept. of Justice Criminal Justice Awards Criminal Justice Awards are presented annually Planning District Directors LCLE Staff Federal / State Grant Programs Planning Districts Map You are visitor since 2/25/99 Mission Statement
Byrne Memorial Formula Block Grant Program Crime Victim Assistance Crime Victim Reparations D.A.R.E. Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program Louisiana Children's Network LA Uniform Crime Reporting Program Policy Planning Section P.O.S.T. Statistical Analysis Center Violence Against Women Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Victim/Elderly Services Directory
Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement 1885 Wooddale Blvd. Rm 708 Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Byrne Memorial Block Grant Program
Crime Victim Assistance Crime Victim Reparations D.A.R.E ... P.O.S.T. Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center Violence Against Women Victim/Elderly Services Directory

4. School/Law Enforcement Partnership
The Safe Schools and violence prevention Office School/Law enforcement Partnership.
California Dept of Education A-Z Index Search Help ...

Safe Schools and Violence Prevention

School/Law Enforcement Partnership
Family-Community Safe Schools
Cadre Activity Log (rtf)
Safe School Training Coordinators ... Safe School Training Dates
In March 1983, the California State Attorney General and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction created a partnership to model for how local education and law enforcement agencies can work together to ensure school safety and foster a positive learning environment conducive to learning. This formal partnership was endorsed by the California Legislature and the Governor ( Education Code Section 32250 et seq.). The School/Law Enforcement Partnership program is managed jointly by the California Department of Education's Safe Schools and Violence Prevention Office and the Attorney General's Crime and Violence Prevention Center
Program Summary
The purpose of the S/LE Partnership is to encourage schools and law enforcement agencies to develop and implement interagency partnerships, programs, strategies, and activities that improve school attendance, encourage good citizenship, and promote safe schools.

5. AsecureAmerica: Security Risk Management Consulting
Security consulting firm experienced in security management, security systems planning and design, information protection, law enforcement, crime and loss prevention, workplace violence prevention, and antiterrorism methods.
9209 Summer Breeze Ct.
Clermont, Florida 34711
352-243-2649 (Office)
352-243-2651 (Fax)

AsecureAmerica, helping America stay safe. Our consultants have been successfully solving security problems and managing security projects for more than 25 years. Our goal is to meet all of our clients' security risk management consulting needs. The Company's associated consultants have extensive experience in Security Management, Security Systems Planning and Design, Information Protection, Law Enforcement, Crime and Loss Prevention, Workplace Violence Prevention, and Antiterrorism methods. Our consultants are committed to staying on the forefront when it comes to understanding and employing state-of-the-art methods and technologies. They belong to many security and crime prevention related associations. Additionally, they are sought after to give presentations and often provide instruction on security risk management and crime prevention. We are particularly prepared to establish protection programs for critical infrastructures as identified in Presidential Decision Directive 63 (the Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive) that states, in part:

6. Violence And Injury Prevention (homicide-suicide) Website - (813) 974-4665
The USDA Handbook on It's real know what to do 1. What Is Workplace violence? Ensure that appropriate safety and law enforcement personnel have completed an onsite review

7. Workplace Violence Articles
Bullying/Mobbing; Cost/Financial Impact; Crime prevention/Law enforcement;Desk Rage/Employee on Employee violence; Dignity Respect;

8. Justice & Youth Grant Programs Home Page
Information on state and federal grants offered to cities and towns, nonprofit agencies and state agencies for the purposes of law enforcement, crime prevention, youthoriented drug, gang and violence prevention.
Welcome to the Home Page! The Policy Development and Planning Division . These state and federal grants to nearly 250 grantees, which include cities and towns, non-profit agencies, and other state agencies, are for the purposes of law enforcement; crime prevention; youth-oriented drug, gang, and violence prevention; and improvement of criminal justice information systems in the state. In 2001, the Unit administered 33 separate state and federal grant programs with a combined value in excess of $84 million dollars. Additionally, the Justice Planning and Grants Management Unit supports a wide range of state-level human service and criminal justice policy initiatives. The following is a comprehensive list of and topic areas. Each associated link gives a brief description of the program, the application process and the required reporting forms.

programs, including a workplace violence prevention program. Using this framework, OSHA research, information, training, cooperative programs, and enforcement. The cooperation and
JUNE 21, 1995
Draft # 5

A. Risk factors
B. Safety and health and prevention of violence programs
A. Management commitment and employee involvement
B. Written program
III. GENERAL PROGRAM ELEMENTS A. Worksite analysis B. Hazard prevention and control 1. General engineering controls 2. General administrative and work practice controls 3. Maintenance controls 4. Post-incident response IV. SPECIFIC PROGRAM ELEMENTS A. Psychiatric hospital/inpatient facilities B. Clinics and outpatient facilities C. Emergency rooms/general hospitals D. Home/field operations/community service V. TRAINING AND EDUCATION VI. RECORDKEEPING AND EVALUATION OF THE PROGRAM VII. REFERENCES VIII.ADDITIONAL READING IX. GLOSSARY X. APPENDIX A, CHECKLIST I. INTRODUCTION Violence is a major public health problem in the United States today, Novello (1992). The United States has one of the highest reported homicide rates in the industrialized world, a rate 10 times higher than England and 25 times higher than Spain, Wolfgang(1986). This is a problem that is spilling over into the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (1993), homicide accounted for 17% of the 6083 fatal work injuries in 1992, more than three deaths each day in the United States. Violence is the leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in women and the first, second, or third leading cause of death for all workers depending on the area reporting, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census on Fatal Occupational Injuries (1994).

10. Workplace Violence Articles
Bullying/Mobbing. Cost/Financial Impact. Crime prevention/Law enforcement.Desk Rage/Employee on Employee violence. Dignity Respect. Domestic violence.

11. School Violence Prevention: School Violence Prevention Links
include suicide prevention and education program as well as a violence prevention program school administrators, and law enforcement officials to prevent violence in schools.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Center for Mental Health Services

Related Links
  • American Psychological Association: Warning Signs
  • Center For The Prevention of School Violence
    Serves as a primary resource for dealing with the problem of school violence. The Center's focus is on ensuring that schools are safe and secure for every student, and conducive to learning.
  • Department of Justice
    Federal agency with responsibility to enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; provide Federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; administer and enforce the Nation's immigration laws fairly and effectively; and ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.
  • International Horizons Unlimited
    Educational organization specializing in problem solving and development of strategies, tools and technologies to produce/implement education and monitor effectiveness. Projexts include suicide prevention and education program as well as a violence prevention program
  • Knowledge Path: Adolescent Violence Prevention

12. Law Enforcement, Religious And Gun Violence Prevention Groups Call For Stronger
For Immediate Release 11/15/2001. Law enforcement, Religious and Gun ViolencePrevention Groups Call for Stronger Gun Laws to Increase Homeland Security.

This program helps stop family violence through its unique family intervention approach. Family violence prevention Services (FVPS) provides effective prevention and treatment services to families where FVPS is viewed by law enforcement agencies and the courts as a
FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION SERVICES This program helps stop family violence through its unique family intervention approach. Family Violence Prevention Services (FVPS) provides effective prevention and treatment services to families where aggression or violence is a problem. Separate counseling groups for men, women, and children meet weekly for 21 weeks. All groups are led by experienced, professional counselors. This approach is based on William Glasser's Reality Therapy. It emphasizes choice, consequences, and responsibility. Each year, less than 5% of the court ordered clients who complete the FVPS counseling program return to court on domestic violence charges. This low recidivism rate is characteristic of the program over the nearly two decades it has been in operation. FVPS is viewed by law enforcement agencies and the courts as a effective alternative sentencing program. The program has helped relieve overcrowding in the jails and keep men and women at home, on the job, continuing to do their part to support their families while they get the help that they need. Table of Contents: PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Family Violence Prevention Services (FVPS) is a privately operated, non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It consists of nine separate components which combine to provide effective domestic violence treatment and prevention services to residents of several western North Carolina counties. These components are as follows: (1) victim intervention, (2) court liaison, (3) men's therapy groups, (4) women's therapy groups, (5) children's therapy groups, (6) couple's therapy groups, (7) violence prevention projects in the schools, (8) information and referral telephone services, and (9) community information and education. The program is now in its eighteenth year of operation.

14. Law Enforcement, Religious And Gun Violence Prevention Groups Call For Stronger
Law enforcement, Religious and Gun violence prevention Groups Callfor Stronger Gun Laws to Increase Homeland Security. We have

15. The Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence
Center promotes the search for guncontrol solutions through alliances with law enforcement, educators, legal scholars and others. result of months of hard work by gun violence prevention advocates and forward-thinking legislators. October 25 will help law enforcement capture and prosecute terrorists and deter
//'','_blank','width=300,height=300,location=0,status=0,navigation=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0'); Campus Alliance To Prevent Gun Violence Clarence's Adventures Hechinger Speakers Bureau HSB Member's Forum ... Youth Action Network Gun Industry Legal Immunity The NRA is boasting that it is pushing a 'lawsuit shield for gun makers' in the new Congress. Click below to find out how a reckless gun-lobby backed bill will deny gun violence victims their rights. Report: Gun Makers and Dealers Knowingly Feed the Illegal Gun Market As Congress Moves to Immunize Gun Sellers, Evidence from Lawsuits Reveals Industry Misconduct Smoking Guns: Exposing the Gun Industry's Complicity in the Illegal Gun Market , discusses previously secret gun industry documents, statements from industry whistle-blowers, and sworn testimony from a host of industry executives obtained in lawsuits showing firearms industry businesses have actively and knowingly allowed guns to be sold into the illegal market. [ more Video from the Press Conference

16. Violence Prevention Task Force
school violence is increased by the lack of positive relationships between youthand law enforcement officers as well as by inadequate schoolbased prevention
DEPARTMENTS Administration Administrative Services Aging Behavioral Health Clerk of Courts Communications Community College Community Services Computer Services Controller's Office Cooperative Extension Coroner's Office County Chief Executive County Council County Manager District Attorney Economic Development Elections Emergency Management Emergency Services Engineering Division Fire Academy Fire Marshal Health Department Human Services Information Center Jail Jury Commission Kane Regional Centers Laboratories MR/DD M/W/DBE Parks Department Police Police Training Academy Property Assessment Prothonotary Public Works Recorder of Deeds Register of Wills Risk Management/Safety Sheriff's Office Special Events Treasurer's Office Utilities Veterans' Services SERVICES Birth/Death Records Boat Registration Bookmobile Center Child Protection Dog License Drug and Alcohol Elder Care Energy Assistance Fishing License Genealogy Health Dept. Services Homeless Hunger Hunting License Information Center Job Training Land System Sign-on Marriage License Med. Asst. Trans. Prog. Mental Health Mental Retardation Skilled Nursing Fac.

violence and child abuse enforcement grants; National and Training to Combat violenceAgainst Women Rape prevention and education; Education and training to end
About the Office What's New State-by-State OVW Grant Activities
Press Releases and Remarks
... Publications Questions?

(Note that this mail box cannot provide direct services or advocacy.)
Back to the Office Home Page

Back to OJP Home
Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act of 2000
DIVISION A - TRAFFICKING VICTIMS PROTECTION ACT OF 2000 DIVISION B - VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT OF 2000 Title I - Strengthening Law Enforcement to Reduce Violence against Women
Help is available
Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-787-3224 (TDD).

18. Office Of Drug Policy And Violence Prevention
The strategy involves a twopronged approach law enforcement agencies and bringshuman services to the area, encompassing prevention, intervention, treatment
Minneapolis Police Department
Builds Bridges to Latino Communities Through
Minneapolis Police Chief Robert Olson and Sgt. Giovanni Veliz address the first Latino Citizens Academy.
El Projecto Seguro
These issues, along with the obvious language barrier, led to the development of a crime prevention program for Hispanic communities. The project, El Projecto Seguro (The Safe Project) is supported by an $186,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. MPD proposed the following goals for the program:
  • Educate the Latino community through crime prevention programs. Increase the Latino community awareness about MPD. Improve relations between MPD and Hispanic communities. Recruit Latino community members to train others about MPD services. Build Latino trust of police to increase their willingness to report crimes.
Working Together
El Project Seguro was never intended to be a one-way educational street. The architects of the project specifically sought a union between MPD and Latino communities so that the learning and development channels traveled both ways.

19. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin,The: Violence Prevention. (Bulletin Reports). (book
Terms related to this article Books Reviews Blueprints for violence PreventionBook Reviews. FBI Law enforcement Bulletin,The Search this Magazine Go to Web

20. Health Education And Planning
Information on Domestic violence and Family violence is also available. TobaccoUse prevention enforcement Program.
Health Education and Planning Unit HIV/AIDS, Teen Pregnancy, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Tick-borne Illnesses Evelyn L. Kaufmann RN, B.S., Public Health Education Coordinator
387 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Voice: (845) 486-3410 Fax: (845) 486-3561 email:
Understanding the concept of germs/viruses, progressing to information on HIV/AIDS and/or teen pregnancy issues can be adapted to meet the needs of preschool through middle school aged children (following the basic mandated NYS Education's Department guidelines). Mandatory OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training for county employees is offered on specified dates throughout the year. Tick Borne illnesses , specifically Lyme disease programs, are offered to preschool ages through adult.
Injury Prevention and Violence Prevention Programs Brynie Cooper-Murphy, Public Health Education Coordinator

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