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         Virginia Military Schools:     more books (76)
  1. THE RECALL YEARBOOK 1949 AUGUSTA MILITARY SCHOOL, VIRGINIA by Cadet Corps Of Augusta Military, 1949
  2. THE RECALL YEARBOOK 195 AUGUSTA MILITARY SCHOOL, VIRGINIA2 by Cadet Corps Of Augusta Military, 1952
  3. THE RECALL YEARBOOK 1951 AUGUSTA MILITARY SCHOOL, VIRGINIA by Cadet Corps Of Augusta Military, 1951
  4. THE RECALL YEARBOOK 1950 AUGUSTA MILITARY SCHOOL, VIRGINIA by Cadet Corps Of Augusta Military, 1950
  5. A special report to the Board of Visitors of the Virginia Military Institute on the history of agricultural education in Virginia and the Virginia Military ... Virginia by the School of Applied Science; by Jennings Cropper Wise, 1914
  6. Sunrise of the Virginia Military Institute as a school of arms;: Spawn of the Cincinnati by Jennings C Wise, 1958
  7. (Color Reprint) 1960 Yearbook: Fishburne Military High School, Waynesboro, Virginia
  8. (Color Reprint) 1932 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia
  9. (Color Reprint) 1929 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia
  10. (Black & White Reprint) 1972 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia
  11. (Color Reprint) 1958 Yearbook: Fishburne Military High School, Waynesboro, Virginia
  12. (Color Reprint) 1972 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia
  13. (Black & White Reprint) 1930 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia
  14. (Color Reprint) 1930 Yearbook: Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, West Virginia

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  • 2. The Resurgence Of Military High Schools By Evan Gahr
    are not reform schools. As Colonel Bob Miller, dean of the Fork Union military Academy in virginia says, sounding more
    By Evan Gahr S he came of age in the 1960s when the cultural elite considered the military oppressive and authoritarian—the jackboot of American imperialism worldwide. Today, Gail Paroda cherishes the nation’s armed forces. The military, after all, rescued her son Andy—without firing a single shot. Andy was not plucked from a foreign land. He was languishing in dangerous territory in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, smack in the middle of his local public school. He had bad grades and no positive influences. Before things worsened, Paroda decided to enroll Andy in the all-male Valley Forge Military Academy—one of approximately 35 military high schools nationwide that help whip faltering or under-achieving students into shape. In its advertisements, the Wayne, Pennsylvania school promises to teach students to speak a foreign language: "Yes, sir." D to a B average. Equally important, his mother has said, he acquired a sense of right and wrong. "Students are used to saying and doing whatever they please. What we preach here is civility and manners," says David Bouton, headmaster of the Benedictine High School, a military day school in Richmond, Virginia. "You have boys used to outlandish attire, and suddenly everyone is in the same uniform—no one stands out. Suddenly, conformity and uniform are the standards. This comes as a real culture shock, but those are the very same things that cause the bonding." The schools take great pains to emphasize that they are not reform schools. As Colonel Bob Miller, dean of the Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia says, sounding more like a diplomat than a soldier, "We don’t take anyone with a relationship with the law." What military high schools do provide, however, is the discipline that many teenagers need. The schools provide both a refuge from the public schools and an antidote. Instead of peer pressure to have sex or take drugs, the peer pressure at military high schools is to behave. These are lessons the kids learn early. About half the military academies begin in middle school, some even earlier.

    3. GreekPages | Schools
    virginia military Institute VMI Lexington, virginia, Kappa AlphaOrder. Alumni Chapters. Inactive Chapters. Phi Delta Theta.

    4. NSCC/NLCC Links Introduction: Military Schools And Academies
    Provides a High School and College Preparatory Education. virginia military Institute. Located in Lexington, virginia. Additional Links. Additional Links to schools not listed above.
    Home Links Military Schools Inclusion on this list does not infer endorsement of the institution by the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

    5. VMI: Club Sports
    Currently, VMI club teams compete against other schools in boxing, ice hockey VirginiaMilitary Institute, Lexington, VA 244500304, 540.464.7230 Contact VMI.

    6. Salute! America's Military Academies, Schools, Colleges, & Institutes
    Existing military Academies, schools, Colleges, Institutes means both male and female students may participate in the school's military program. College Station, Texas. virginia military Institute. Lexington, virginia. Unofficial Alumni Website
    means both male and female students may participate in the school's military program. Other schools either admit only males, or they also admit females but do not permit them to participate in the military program.
    Federal Service Academies
    United States Air Force Academy
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Association of Graduates

    Falcon Pride: A Cadet Parent/Family Network

    Air Force Sports
    United States Coast Guard Academy
    New London, Connecticut
    CGA Parents Association

    USCGA Alumni Association
    United States Merchant Marine Academy
    Kings Point, New York United States Military Academy
    West Point, New York
    Association of Graduates United States Naval Academy Annapolis, Maryland USNA Net: A Parent's Network Navy Sports Center: USNA Athletic Association
    The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina
    Charleston, South Carolina Unofficial Citadel Alumni Website Association of Citadel Lawyers Association of Citadel Dentists North Georgia College Military Program Dahlonega, Georgia Norwich University Corps of Cadets Northfield, Vermont College Station, Texas

    7. Military Schools And Colleges
    top North Carolina. Fort Bragg Institute for military Assistance. John F. KennedySpec Warfare Center. top virginia. Alexandria US Army Center for Public Works.
    AR 600-8-104 AR 351-1 and DA Pamphlet 351-4
    (List Revised 05 December 2001)
    1. A list of authorized training Certificates and Course Completion Certificates (Resident and Non-Resident/current and discontinued) are listed below by location of the school. 2. Training from other branches of the armed Services, i.e. Navy, Marine, Air Force, National Guard and Army Reserve, are authorized for filing. If you still have questions after reviewing the list click here and ask us.
    Click on a location for school information:
    Alabama Alaska Arizona California ... Washington Alabama Fort McClellan: Chemical School Polygraph Institute U.S. Army Training Center Military Police School NCO Academy (Chemical) Drill Sergeant School Fort Rucker: U.S. Army Safety Center Aero Medical Center Aviation Medicine NCO Academy (Aviation) NCO Academy (Military Police) Redstone Arsenal: Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School Maxwell, AFB:

    8. Long Gray Lines: The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839-1915, By Rod Andre
    schools offer some instruction in military tactics. Instead, southern colleges organized themselves on a military basis much like West Point, Annapolis, virginia military
    184 pp., 61/8 x 91/4, 15 illus., append., notes, bibl., index $29.95 cloth
    ISBN 0-8078-2610-3 Published: Spring 2001
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    Long Gray Lines

    The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839-1915
    by Rod Andrew Jr.

    Much of what little study there has been on southern military education has addressed the concept of a distinctive southern military tradition. The idea of a southern military tradition is a prominent but not universally accepted theme in the historiography of the South. Some historians claim that due to geography, frontier conditions, incessant warfare, slavery, and cultural notions of honor, the South developed into a remarkably militaristic society, fond of military display, preoccupied with war and notions of martial glory, and holding up military service and military training as honorable activities for males.[2] John Hope Franklin attributed the antebellum South's fascination with military schools to this military tradition and to the South's growing defensiveness and pugnacity as it perceived a growing threat to the institution of slavery. Other historians, such as Marcus Cunliffe and Don Higginbotham, have since denied that the antebellum South was a uniquely militaristic society, and they have pointed out that, at least initially, the military college was a northern innovation. They even deny Franklin's assertion that military schools were very popular in the South before 1861.[3] The debate over the distinctiveness of southern militarism often bogs down in statistical comparisons of how many southerners and northerners attended West Point, sectional representation within the officer corps, the actual effectiveness of local militias, and similar issues. Confusion over the definition of

    9. American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Asks Virginia Military Institute To Stop S
    As a state school, virginia military Institute cannot Bunting, III, ACLU of virginiaLegal Director by schoolsponsored religion in secondary public schools.

    10. Armed Forces Network : Military Guide : Professional Development: Military Schoo
    Forces Network Professional Development military schools Academies North Georgia College State the nation, along with virginia military Institute (VMI), The Citadel,
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    Quick Reference Installations Equipment Guides Publications ... Professional Development North Georgia College and State University is unique in that it serves as a military college for its Corps of Cadets and as a liberal arts academic institution for all its students. Program Overview North Georgia College and State University is both an academic and a leadership institution. NGCSU students receive an excellent college education with the opportunity to participate in the Corps of Cadets, which offers an intensive leadership environment that teaches students to apply their knowledge in interpersonal relations and in influencing collective activity. It is this pervasive leadership environment that makes North Georgia College and State University unique, and it is here that cadets exercise responsibility and authority and learn both directive and persuasive forms of leadership. They learn to compel and inspire the cooperation of others. They develop leadership styles that complement their physical and mental attributes and learn through experience what works best in different situations. Students have opportunities to reinforce success, to learn from mistakes and to strengthen techniques that will make classroom knowledge applicable to the challenges of life. At North Georgia College and State University, cadets learn hands-on leadership skills that will give them an edge over their contemporaries upon entering the job market.

    11. American Civil Liberties Union : Religious Liberty : Religion In Schools
    Seeks ACLU Help in Ending Sponsored Prayers in Public schools (05/17 Lynchburg ruledtoday that schoolsponsored prayers at the virginia military Institute are

    12. - All Things Considered (NPR), 'Military Schools Tout ELibrary Is T
    Colonel, FMS B.A., M.A., virginia military Institute, (http// Enrollment up at military schools. Lyman Ward military Academy Up Enrollment Up

    13. School Buttons
    Southern military schools su189kgmtn.jpg (50152 bytes), SU-189 KINGS MOUNTAIN military;B\M su-409vmiROB.JPG (31544 bytes), SU-408 virginia military INSTITUTE; B
    Civil War Military Antiques M ILITARY SCHOOL B UTTONS Click Here For Southern Schools Click Here For ... Schools S outhern M ilitary S chools NOTE: Numbers refer to "Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons Bicentennial Edition by Alphaeus H. Albert" All buttons coat size unless otherwise noted. SU-189 KINGS MOUNTAIN MILITARY;
    Nice wear, with gold in the background.
    SOLD!! SU-189 KINGS MOUNTAIN MILITARY; Same with slight push
    SU-408 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE; Loaded with gold!!
    Northern Military Schools Waterbury.
    SU-157 HIGHLAND CADETS , Worcester, Mass
    SOLD!! NORWICH UNIVERSITY 1-Piece Cuff Size , B/M: Blank SOLD!!

    14. Virginia Secretary Of Public Safety
    in the departments; to visit and inspect the schools at reasonably frequent intervals;and to establish schools of the virginia military Advisory Council.

    Public Safety Initiatives

    VA Ctr. for School Safety


    Virginia Exile
    State Preparedness

    Public Safety Services
    Victim Services


    Action Reports
    Agency Listings ... Boards and Commissions Secretary of Public Safety Marshall Biography Project Management Academy Home Page Quicklinks ... My
    Public Safety Boards and Commissions
    To save time, you may go directly to the board or group that interests you by using the links in the Table of Contents below. Alcoholic Beverage Control Correctional Education Corrections
    Criminal Justice Services ... State Police (STARS) Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Duties of the Virginia ABC Board include: To buy, import and sell alcoholic beverages other than beer; control the possession, sale, transportation, and delivery of alcoholic beverages; determine the location of government stores established or operate; enforcement of tobacco laws within the Commonwealth and appoint agents and employees required for operation. Board of Correctional Education Duties of the Board of Correctional Education include: To adopt and enforce all necessary rules and regulations for the management and operation of the schools in the departments; to visit and inspect the schools at reasonably frequent intervals; and to establish schools of the appropriate grades, level, and types in the institution comprising the department.

    15. GT Transfer Equivalency Catalog: V Schools
    V schools. Choose the school at which the courses are taught Valencia CommunityCollege. Valley Forge military Coll. virginia Commonwealth Univ.
    OSCAR Web Georgia Tech Transfer Equivalency Catalog Last Updated: April 3, 2003 V Schools [ Main ] page...

    16. AMCSUS
    The virginia Women's Institute for Leadership is associated with the Senior militaryColleges and is a full member of the Association of military schools and

    17. AMCSUS
    with more than 6,000 academies and more than 600 military schools in the militarytraining started in 1919.). 1839, virginia military Institute, VA, founded.

    18. Education | Insiders' GuideĀ® To Virginia's Blue Ridge, 7th Edition
    Lynchburg has several prep schools, including the virginia Episcopal School andthe is also a way of life at two military boarding schools in the

    Colleges and Universities

    Shenandoah Valley

    Roanoke Valley

    East of the Blue Ridge
    East of the Blue Ridge
    I f natural beauty inspires learning, it is no wonder that the Blue Ridge is lined with some of the finest colleges and universities in Virginia. Shoot, why stop there? The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech have both been cited by national publications for their academic excellence. Tech, in the heart of the New River Valley, took a leading role in establishing one of the world's first electronic villages, while "Mr. Jefferson's University" in Charlottesville continues to turn out leaders in medicine, law and business. Every major city in the Shenandoah Valley has at least one college or university, and the area has several college preparatory, parochial and military boarding schools. The Roanoke Valley is home to Roanoke College and Hollins. Excellent prep schools include North Cross and Roanoke Catholic. Harrisonburg, the seat of Virginia's leading agricultural county of Rockingham, bustles with academic activity. James Madison University, Eastern Mennonite University and Bridgewater College are within a few miles of each other. To the south, in historic Staunton, are Mary Baldwin College, a Presbyterian-affiliated school for women, and Stuart Hall, Virginia's oldest Episcopal preparatory school for girls. In addition to Mary Baldwin College, several esteemed private women's colleges are in the mountains and foothills of the Blue Ridge, including Hollins College in Roanoke, Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg and Sweet Briar College in Amherst.

    19. Separate But Equal: Segregation In The Public Schools
    6. Should the Court have ordered the immediate integration of public schools in1954 9. Could virginia have created a femaleonly military school that would
    Separate But Equal?
    The issue: Does the Constitution allow states to segregate schools or other public facilities on the basis of race or sex? Introduction The issue of whether public facilities may be segregated based on race first arose in the context of transportation, not education. In the 1896 case of Plessy v Ferguson , the Supreme Court concluded that a Louisiana law requiring whites and blacks to ride in separate railroad cars did not violate the Equal Protection Clause. In an opinion that reads as though written by someone from Mars, Justice Brown wrote that the law did not "stamp the colored race with a badge of inferiority" and that any such suggestion is "soley because the colored race chooses to place that construction on it." In a famous and eloquent dissent in Plessy , Justice John Harlan argued, "Our Constitution is color blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among its citizens." Beginning in the 1930s, the NAACPunder the leadership of African-American attorney Charles Hamilton Houston began its assault on the "separate but equal" doctrine announced in Plessy. Houston chose to concentrate his efforts on segregation in public education, where he thought the adverse effects of the enforced racial separation could be most easily demonstrated. In 1938, Houston persuaded the Supreme Court that Missouri's refusal to provide legal education for blacks within its own borders (Missouri sent its qualified black law students to neighboring states' schools, paying the tuition) denied blacks the equal protection of the laws. In subsequent victories in the Court, the NAACP gave teeth to the "equal" part of separate but equal: states would have to ensure that separate educational programs were truly equal in terms of resources, reputation, and other measures.

    20. The American Senior Military Colleges
    At all of these schools you can earn a This home page is dedicated to these additionalmilitary colleges and Here you will learn about virginia Tech with its
    [Feedback to Webmaster]
    The American Military Academies
    It seems like everyone in the U.S. knows about the three most famous American military academies, the
    But the three academies are NOT the only locations in the United States where one can obtain a college education in a military surrounding.
    The Old Guard parades in Washington DC
    There Are Also a Number of
    for the person who is interested in a full military lifestyle while receiving an excellent education.. At all of these schools, students who are members of the Corps of Cadets live in a full-time military environment. At all of these schools you can earn a commission in the United States Armed Forces. This home page is dedicated to these additional military colleges and universities. Here you will learn about
    • Virginia Tech - with its Corps of Cadets Option
    • The Citadel
    • Virginia Military Institute
    • Mary Baldwin College - Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership [that is, its Corps of Cadets option]

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