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         Volunteer Opportunities General Teach:     more detail
  1. The American Way to Change: How National Service and Volunteers Are Transforming America by Shirley Sagawa, 2010-04-09

1. Internships, Apprenticeships, & Volunteer Opportunities: The Riley Guide
volunteer opportunities links June 2002 CoOp / Internships / Study Abroad Some internships sites which focus on a particular field have been included within the various pages. for internships, volunteer opportunities, teaching opportunities, study opportunities, this site of general information, internship requirements, teach for America. teach For America
The Riley Guide: Preparing for A Job Search or
Job Listings
Internships, Apprenticeships,
links March 2003 Internships / Co-Op / Study Abroad
Volunteer Opportunities
You should also check all of our other Job Listing Sites
Co-Op / Internships / Study Abroad
Some internships sites which focus on a particular field have been included within the various pages. You should also be aware that many employers like Ford post internship opportunities on their corporate home pages. Use the Employer Research page to target them.
Best Bets for Student Work Exchange
...this list has been put together by the Center for International Education at the University of California, Irvine. "assist students to find these exchange programs, as opposed to permanent career positions abroad. This page contains links to work abroad related web sites, as well as listings of some of the better-known programs that exist."
Case Western Reserve University Career Center
...some areas are limited to CWRU students only, but they also point to many more resources. Summer jobs start on the front page, but check Experiential Education for some more ideas.
Council on International Education Exchange you are considering international studies or internships, you may want to check out the programs and services offered by this organization. No, they will not find you a job nor provide housing if you are enrolling in a university program, but they will help you fill out the forms, give you lists of housing locations and potential employers, and support you in other ways. They charge a fee for their services, but the facilitation should be well worth it.

2. One Small Planet - General Information On Work, Study, Volunteer And Travel Oppo
volunteer opportunities Assistance with elderly at Senior Day Center, making crafts, etc. Could get training from Alzheimers staff to go to schools and teach the general public.
One Small Planet General Information on Work, Study, Volunteer and Travel Opportunities Abroad
Working Abroad Study Abroad
Volunteering Abroad
Travel Abroad
Working Abroad
Working abroad can prove a very educational and rewarding experience for those looking for adventure. There are many types of overseas work but to simplify, lets break it down into five basic categories: To determine which category your should aim for, you must do a realistic evaluation of your qualifications. For example, if you do not yet have a BA or equivalent degree, you may be limited to working temporary low-skill employment such as being a nanny or working at a resort or working under the table without a visa. Obviously if you have an advanced degree and are fluent in the language of the country you are aiming for, you stand a much better chance of landing a professional job. This is especially true in Asia where many Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians are finding their fluency in English and an Asian language to be a highly sought-after skill in the business community. As you are planning your international job search, be realistic in your expectations and don't make the mistake of thinking that it will be easier to get a good job overseas than at home - it's not. While it may be pretty easy for anyone with a BA to land a job teaching English in Asia, that doesn't necessarily mean it is a job you will do well at or even enjoy. Remember that you never get something for nothing and thinking you will cash in on a foreign job is not a good strategy for international employment. After all, there is a reason that salaries are higher in certain parts of the world - either the cost of living is higher or the conditions are difficult and justify the "hardship" pay.

3. Wanna Volunteer Your Time/Skills And Help This Paralympic Sport Grow? - Here Are
to help find funders and develop relationships for future growth needs, and toeither write, or teach how to volunteer opportunities with general Help.

What Is Goalball? Who Can Play? How To Start ... Site Map Volunteer Opportunities
In the Sport of Goalball
Across the USA
To help us match you with the right volunteer opportunity regarding Goalball in your community, please contact us today, and let us know what you'd like to do, and what you are able to do. We have numerous volunteering options in our data bank, from transporting visually impaired players to games, to giving you the opportunity to help coach or ref while learning the skills to become a goalball coach or ref in the future, to general "help where needed" or Nonprofit administrative work. We will match your interests with the opportunities in our database and match you up with volunteer opportunities in your community that fit your need, and allow you to help Goalball thrive in your community. To find out what you can do to change the world, by helping improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired, and helping them get involved in sports in their communitiesand perhaps realize dreams they didn't even yet know they could ever achieve, please, look through the listings below, find the right one for you, and then contact us today. You, and your efforts, can and will make a difference. Various Goalball teams and programs all around the United States are in need of YOUR help. You can be a part of greatness! You can help a Goalball team in your community grow, and help it thrive, rather than simply survive. Some of the players on the team you help out might very well be the next (or current) world Goalball champions or Paralympians!

4. Contact Us
Some of the many volunteer opportunities that will be available general Maintenance. teach a class ( computer, crafts,
Volunteer Opportunities The Whitehouse Library is funded by donations, grants, and fund raising. The library is in need of many volunteers. Share your talents with us. Some of the many volunteer opportunities that will be available:
    General Maintenance Teach a class ( computer, crafts, gardening, art, etc.) Landscaping Sorting books
We want to hear from you. Send us your comments, suggestions, or questions using the form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email address Your comment, suggestion, or question

5. MoS | General Info | Volunteer Opportunities
Offer specific guidance in areas of expertise Support members in thinking aboutcareer and college opportunities Adult mentors do NOT have to teach in a

Back to list of available positions
Computer Clubhouse Mentor The Computer Clubhouse is a model after-school learning environment where young people explore their own interests and become confident learners through the use of technology. The Clubhouse is designed as a "drop in" environment where young people have complete access to computer technology and resources to help them create, gain confidence and find their niche. The Clubhouse offers a vibrant environment with state-of-the-art computers and a variety of software and technological tools for use on projects in the visual arts, video, robotics, music and web and graphic design. OUR NETWORK'S GUIDING PRINCIPLES: - Support learning through design experiences - Help youth build on their own interests - Create an environment of respect and trust - Offer resources and opportunities to those with limited access to technology - Create a learning environment where young people develop technological fluency Responsibilities:
A Computer Clubhouse mentor is anyone with an interest in learning more about technology and working with young people. Mentors, like our members, are diverse in age, background, interests and technological experience. Mentors generally are asked to do the following:

6. Volunteer Opportunities
The following is a description of organizations that need volunteers. The organizations are ordered by the type of service they provide to the community. to obtain a list of volunteer opportunities (Special Events, Mentoring Activities, Public Update, network and teach skills related to computers. general Purpose Train teens

7. Volunteer Opportunities
volunteer opportunities volunteers can assist with special events, tutoring, implementing programs, coaching and spending time with youth in general. Maybe teach
Contact: Deborah Beyer
Phone: (616) 382-6800
Fax: (616) 382-4108
Mailing Address: 605 Howard St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Web Site:
Agency Description: A volunteer non-profit organization whose goal is to create, develop and nurture mentoring relationships between caring adults and children ages 5-18 to help each child become a socially competent, responsible and caring adult. One-to-one matches and group activities available. Adult mentors must be 17 years of age or older. Description of Volunteer Opportunities: Spanish-speaking children enrolled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program may be matched with Spanish-speaking mentors. Others may choose to expose their mentees to the Hispanic community and its culture through individual activities and attendance at events of their choosing. Adult mentors and their assigned children plan and schedule their own activities, except for school-based and other site-based group activities and group Bridge activities arranged by the agency. Annual Activities and Events: Fall hayride/square dance
Winter lock-in at the YMCA
Informational displays at such events as Bronco Bash, Black Arts Festival, etc.

8. Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Office Assistants Assist with general office duties during The ARC will have manyvolunteer opportunities such as is an interactive way to teach children bike
Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Complete a Volunteer Application This directory provides a list of City Departments that may be in need of volunteers. Select a Department... Cultural Affairs Fire Health Police Public Works General Opportunities
Office of Cultural Affairs
Columbia Festival of the Arts Internship: Assist in coordinating special projects and programs such as Festival of the Arts, Arts Express Newsletter, public art programs and general office duties. For more information call 874-6386.
Fire Department Safe Kids Coalition The purpose of the SAFE KIDS coalition is to keep children safe from preventable childhood injuries. A volunteer is needed 4-12 hours per week to maintain a mailing list, mail meeting reminder cards and other occasional mailings, do some typing and filing, and set up the meeting room for the monthly meeting when available. Some computer skills necessary. Volunteer would be stationed at the Fire Administration Building on Orr St. Interview required. Contact Battalion Chief Steven Sapp, 874-7557 or

9. SafePlace Volunteer Opportunities: Direct Service Positions
LIFE SKILLS COMPUTER CLASS INSTRUCTOR teach very basic computer skills Training,Participation in general volunteer Training plus short training with the Life

Hotline Volunteers

Support Center
Return to Volunteer Home A Direct Service Volunteer is any volunteer who works directly with agency clients. These volunteer positions provide direct service to SafePlace clients, friends, families and the community at large. Disability Services ASAP Volunteer Hotline/Family Shelter Advocate Legal Advocate Life Skills Computer Class Instructor ... Sexual Assault Hospital Advocate DISABILITY SERVICES ASAP VOLUNTEER: Volunteers for the ASAP program assist in educating children and adults with disabilities about personal safety. This includes participating in role-plays with educators and students, assisting with program evaluation for the sessions, and assisting Educator with parent and teacher presentations and/or children's trainings. Daytime hours available, Monday through Friday. Persons with disabilities strongly encouraged to inquire. Age 18 and older Qualifications First two sessions of SafePlace General Volunteer Training ASAP program training Supervisor

10. American RedCross: Palm Beach County, Florida Chapter
with Puppet Shows and RadioControlled Robots teach fire and a disaster to answertelephone queries from the general public. Other volunteer opportunities.

11. Global Volunteers USA Press Release (4/15/99)
There are opportunities for all medical and public health beyond the postcard images as a volunteer on Rarotonga teach first aid and provide general care at
International Service: Our Profile

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer in USA
News Releases
Contact Communications Department
Global Volunteers Brings International Development Expertise
to U.S. Communities, Addresses Growing Immigrant Needs

What in the world is new? Plenty, if you're interested in lending your health and medical expertise and learning about your neighbors in distant lands, according to Global Volunteers, the nation's premier nonprofit volunteer-service organization.
Service-learning travel - also known as the "volunteer vacation" - is a concept that resonates with Americans. More people are seeking out short-term volunteer opportunities as a unique way to give of themselves, and experience a new culture by working side-by-side with local residents.
Throughout the year, there are volunteer service opportunities for medical and public health specialists. Global Volunteers works in partnership with local people, respecting their priorities and methods of providing care. This sustained interaction with local citizens results in improved local healthcare capacity for the entire community. Opportunities for Health and Medical Professionals China: Medical volunteers share information about current medical practices, learn about centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine, teach conversational English to nurses and doctors, and participate in seminar classes on various health and medical topics. There are opportunities for all medical and public health specialties.

12. Southeast Morris Chapter - Volunteer Opportunities
are short job descriptions for many volunteer opportunities. family caseworker, canteenworker, or general volunteer. volunteers needed to teach community as
Southeast Morris Chapter
Madison, New Jersey
Home Donate Volunteer ... Search this site Chapter Services Transportation Disaster Biomedical Armed Forces Support ... National ARC Web Site

Volunteer Opportunities
All Red Cross chapters rely on volunteers to plan, organize, and deliver Red Cross services. There are a wide range of opportunities from calligraphy to computers to answering telephones to accounting. One is sure to fit your interests, skills, and hours of availability. Why not donate a little of your time and give back a little to your community! Listed below are short job descriptions for many volunteer opportunities. Call the Southeast Morris chapter at 973-377-0455 or email f or more information or to discuss how you might best help. Areas where we can use volunteers include:
Volunteer Job Descriptions
Administrative Assistance
Staff Aide — chapter house receptionist one morning or afternoon per week.

13. Eden Prairie High School: Volunteer Opportunities
general types of volunteer opportunities are listed below. Clerical support dataentry (we can teach); Read books to tape Can be done at home;
Volunteer Opportunities
There are many opportunities for part-time, one-time or long-term involvement in areas throughout the high school. Please indicate your areas of interest. Not all areas are currently looking for volunteers at this time.
General types of volunteer opportunities are listed below. Current known openings are listed on the PTO pages.
  • Share talents, hobbies, occupations: Speaker Coach Odyssey of the Mind: Assist with problem solving. Tutor: Resource room tutors, or tutor English as a second language students during school hours. Serve on District Advisory or Curriculum Committee: Usually a long-term commitment. Help with Parent/Teacher conferences: Call parents to confirm conference schedules. Student Activities: File, type, one-time projects, sports registration; collect tickets at game. Help in the Media Center: File, shelve books, etc. Provide transportation for resource speakers: One of two time commitment. Chaperone field trips: 9th grade to Valley Fair; 10th grade to zoo, etc. One Time Projects: varying time/task slots.
  • 14. Chilliwack Community Services: Employment/Volunteer Opportunities
    volunteer opportunities for Interpreters/Translators. using settlement based curriculum,teach English language general Wage Rate $22.89 /hour This position
    Volunteer Opportunities for Interpreters/Translators Accepting applications from fluently bilingual individuals specifically Vietnamese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Arabic. Full training (scheduled for late November 2002) is provided at no cost. Apply to: Sukaina Rehmtulla, Immigration Settlement Worker at: JOB POSTING November 25, 2003
    DAYCARE / PRESCHOOL WORKER TLC DAYCARE AND PRESCHOOL CASUAL POSITION (Very regular hours through Jan-Feb 2003, on call thereafter) Position Summary:
    To provide child care and / or preschool program assistance for children of young parents on a casual basis, from to 6 years of age. Qualifications:
    Please submit resume to
    : Pam Fry Chilliwack Community Services 45938 Wellington Avenue Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2C7
    Fax (604) 792-6575 Closing Date : December 6, 2002
    Services For Families, Adults and Youth

    15. UCSD International Center: Volunteer Opportunities
    What follows is a general description of the volunteer opportunities available and Cookingin America Class Help teach one class to international spouses.
    Volunteering International Students International Scholars ... Related Sites Volunteering Friends of the International Center Volunteer Opportunities Host Family Program
    American English in Action Tutor Program

    Wednesday Morning Coffee
    ... Oceanids Volunteer Opportunities at the UCSD International Center
    "Did you know that UCSD has…
    • more than 4,300 international students, researchers and faculty from all over the world? Approximately 800 students preparing for or returning from study abroad each year? Over 1,000 volunteers actively contributing to international exchange through the International Center?
    The UCSD International Center welcomes students, staff, faculty, and members of the community as volunteers. As a volunteer, you can have an on-going personal contact with one person or meet new international students and scholars every week. What follows is a general description of the volunteer opportunities available and the level of involvement for each program. For more information, call 534-3730. Host Family Program
    Provide overnight hospitality to new-to-UCSD international students and scholars who have just arrived in the United States. We coordinate the information exchange between your and your visitor and provide resource materials.

    16. Volunteer Opportunities At Weill Medical College Of Cornell University
    must be certified professionals) teach women how volunteers provide general supportand comfort and more information about volunteer opportunities at NewYork
    Advanced Search
    To volunteer at NewYork Weill Cornell Medical Center, contact us at:
    Volunteer Services Department

    525 East 68th Street
    New York, N.Y. 10021
    There are over 180 departments and programs at the NewYork Weill Cornell Medical Center that utilize the services of volunteers. The following list will give you a brief overview of the areas as well as demonstrate the diversity of volunteer opportunities available. Some assignments will involve direct patient/client contact, while others focus on more clerical program support. Availability of assignments will vary depending upon the needs of a particular department or program at any given time. Admitting
    Good interpersonal skills needed for this busy location. Assist patients with multiple aspects of registration. General administrative duties include: reception, answering phones, filing, faxing, and duplicating. Adult Recreation
    Help improve frail elderly patient's quality of life through conversation, arts and crafts activities, games, and assisting with minor grooming

    17. GOSERV - About GOSERV - General Information
    take an active role in protecting themselves from harm, to teach citizens what todo in the event of a crisis, and to expand volunteer opportunities that will
    California Home GO SERV Home About GO SERV General Information ... Site Map
    My CA
    Page Contents
  • Goals
  • Role
  • History
  • About GO SERV's Programs ...
  • Unified State Planning
    GO SERV's Goals are to:
    • Invigorate California's strong ethic of civic responsibility and rich tradition of community involvement.
    • Ensure a serious role for service and volunteerism in meeting California's educational, health, public safety, and environmental challenges.
    • Connect Californians from diverse backgrounds and experiences to find solutions to problems together.
    • Nurture the growth and emergence of Californian's next generation of community and professional leaders.
    Back to Top of Page GOSERV's Role is to:
  • Call on Californians to become involved in their communities and challenge institutions to create and support service and volunteer opportunities.
  • Connect people to service and volunteer opportunities in their communities that address important social and environmental issues.
  • Make grants to nonprofit and public agencies that support and expand opportunities for Californians of all backgrounds to help meet the State's key challenges through meaningful service and volunteerism.
  • Provide training to ensure quality and innovation in service and volunteerism programming in order to have the greatest impact on people and communities.
  • 18. Directory On International Voluntary Service
    general volunteer Centres, NonProfit Resources, Youth Thai-American International- teach English in States International volunteer opportunities Progressive
    Directory on International Voluntary Service
    Click here to access the mirror site of the Directory in Belgium, maintained by the Association of Voluntary Service Organisations
    Please refer to the AVSO mirror site above, as THIS SITE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Thanks! (June 7, 2000) Mutual Links and Awards WARNING WEB SITE
    Main Menu
    Clicking on the >> will return you to this menu! Short-term voluntary service
    The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
    Service Civil International - SCI
    Youth Action for Peace - YAP ...
    European Resources
    Short-term voluntary service
    The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
  • Bulgaria
    Canada (Quebec)
    Czech Republic
    Administrative general administrative help including assisting the Elderly) hasunlimited volunteer opportunities available. volunteer to teach seniors basic
    Home Live Webcasts Live Traffic News ... Tech Sat. Apr 12, 08:06AM Report Breaking News:
    Call 1-800-5NEWS42 Ask The Experts Round Rock Express K-EYE NEWS Featured Links Having A Baby KEYE Investigates News Stories Sports Weather Tech News LIVE Traffic Cams LIVE Webcasts K-EYE TV Program Listings Click-A-Card Contact Us! KEYE Job Openings COMMUNITY Eye on Events Tour Our Studios Volunteer Opportunities Wells Fargo / Greater Austin Chamber How can my company give back? RESOURCES Featured Links Find a JOB Health Homework Helper How Stuff Works
    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Volunteer Opportunities Volunteers Needed on Election Day: Will you Help? Adopt A Highway
    Your organization can adopt a two-mile stretch of highway by calling the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) at 512-832-7004. A local coordinator will help you find a stretch that is appropriate for your group's location and size. Once your highway section is officially adopted, TxDOT will post two signs featuring your organization's name to mark the beginning and end of your stretch. You'll also receive all the instructions and information you need to begin keeping Central Texas beautiful. The Arc of the Capital Area
    The Arc of the Capital Area is a nonprofit organization that provides services and support to children and adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

    20. Teach Abroad Program Opportunities
    As well, there are lots of incredible opportunities, in general, to go TeachingEnglish may not be a specific focus; instead, you might volunteer in a
    Program Search
    General Programs TEFL Programs TESL Programs General Programs
    TEFL Programs

    TESL Programs
    What are Teach Abroad Programs?
    What types of programs are available?
    What are Teach Abroad Programs?
    A variety of Teaching programs abound for those individuals interested in bringing their linguistic, communicative and cultural skills and efficiencies abroad. While some programs require formal teaching experience, the majority of Teach Abroad programs do not. Many Teach Abroad programs focus on English Language training. TEFL Programs (Teaching English as a Foreign Langugage) usually involve teaching English to people in their country of origin. TESL Programs (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) typically entails teaching English (in English-speaking countries) to immigrants or to people for whom English is not their native language. As well, there are lots of incredible opportunities, in general, to go abroad and share in educational experiences. Teaching English may not be a specific focus; instead, you might volunteer in a classroom, orphanage or office. Maybe you just got out of school, or maybe you have been out of school for years (or decades!). Either way, when/if you decide to share your abilities and insights through a Teach Abroad program, you can undoubtedly make an impact and touch the lives of many people while abroad. Top
    What types of programs are available?

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