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         Web Quests Teach:     more detail

1. Web Quests
Teachers are really excited about teaching children units using the internet andweb quests. Not sure what a web quest is or how they are used to teach children



Tour A Webquest
Teachers are really excited about teaching children units using the internet and web quests. Not sure what a web quest is or how they are used to teach children? Then take a tour of our classes. Explore a different country. Dive into the ocean and discover the sea life. Be a museum curator. How? A web quest. It can guide your students through the process of locating information on the web. then give them directions for a fantastic project. Not sure if you can create a web quest? Take a look at what we've created. Follow ours, then make your own. It's GREAT! Come visit our webquests

2. Education Web Pages
web quests teachnology Matrix of Examples Web Quests Internet Projects HighSchool Web Quests Specific Topics Human Biology Arizona's Interactive Page. Web Pages.htm
Education Web Pages:
(With emphasis on Science Education) Teacher Organizations: U.S. Department of Education Illinois State Board of Education National Science Teachers Association National Science Foundation ... Center For Inquiry Based Learning Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans: Discovery Channel Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans Page 7-12

Ask Erick

Links to lots of Lesson Plans
Across Disciplines
Professional Resources: Science Teaching
Activities Book

A tutorial

Science Explanations
Science History
Misc. Links: Teachers Net (good science ideas)
Arizona's Interactive Learning
Hundreds of Science Pages Busy Teacher (lots of good info) Demonstrations/Labs/Projects: Hands on Science(High School) UN-L Science Education (Go to Teacher Resources) East Troy Online Labs: Composting ... More Demos Web Quests: Teach-nology Matrix of Examples High School Web Quests: Specific Topics: Human Biology: Arizona's Interactive Page Genetics: Gene School (Great Page!)

3. Web Quests
Writing a webQuest for your Classroom A 9-step approach to writing web quests. teach-nology- The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is a registered
Best Sites


Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Computing ... Creating a WebQuest - Includes a concept map. Social Science WebQuest Inservice - A primer for Social Studies Teachers, but useful for all teachers. WebQuest Evaluation Form WebQuests for Learning - One of the best source on the Internet for learning about Web Quests. WebQuests in our Future - A nice article that provides a rationale for the use of Web Quests. WebQuests: Designing Online Curriculum Modules That Promote Engaged Learning - A great source for those who wish to jump into the use of Web Quests. WebQuest Page - An easy to read FAQ. Webquests and Resources for Teachers - Over 50 examples of subject specific Web Quests. Writing a WebQuest for your Classroom - A 9-step approach to writing Web Quests.

4. Science Web Quests
Links to over 250 science web quests listed alphabetically!
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Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Computing ... Next 50 Science Web Quests Participate in the discussions on our message board Teaching K-6 Teaching Middle Level Teaching High School ... Link To Us
Teach-nology - The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology is a registered trademark.

5. Web Quest Generator
Conclusion Effective web quests have a built in mechanism for student reflections. teachnology- The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is a
Best Sites


Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Web Tools For Educators Web Quest Generator Directions: A Web Quest is a method used to engage students in inquiry based learning. A web quest is meant to guide students through a process of inquiry through a set of assigned tasks that lead them to a conclusion, or that results in a product. Fill in the sections below with required information for each step. Be specific and clear. You may want to use a bulleted format in some sections or use a format will be easy for students to read and comprehend what is expected. Be sure to save your work in a file you create. STEP #1: HEADING AND TITLE Subject: Teacher Name: Title Of Web Quest: STEP #2: PICTURE Apple Crafts Going Up Science Global Web Gymnastics Hands World Studies Monkey Around Surfs Up Teacher People Web STEP #3: CONTENT OF WEB QUEST Introduction: The introduction is a means of providing the students with background information that is intended to be a springboard for them to begin the process of inquiry.

6. Web Quests
Math. Math. webquests page. teach-nology. Math web-quests
Web Quests and other
Wonderful Sites! Explore the Planets The Nine Planets View the
Solar System
Solar System Live! ... Exploring the Planets Math Math
web-quests page
Teach-nology Math web-quests ... Mrs. Dean's Math Homepage The Civil War The Civil War Gazette A Civil War Journal Writing Articles for a Civil War Newspaper North vs South ... Links to more GREAT webquest sites

7. Building A Website Teaching Theme
Places To Make Free webpages 100 Megs Free; Geocities; Homestead; Hypermart; Other Free web Services. web quests A Traveler's Graphic Journal;
Best Sites


Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Theme Categories: Computers

Language Arts
... Building A Website Building A Website Theme Our Tutorial "Creating A Web Site For Your Students" Animated GIFs
  • Animation City Animation Factory Best Animations ... TheShockZone
  • Resource Sites
  • iBoost iBoost Experts Find A Name For That Site Quick! Free Interactive Content ... Links Manager
  • Backgrounds
  • Background Boutique Background Central Background City Coolpapers ... Free Backgrounds
  • Rubrics
  • Preformatted Rubric Available General Rubric Generator Rubric For Evaluation Web Evaluation for Primary Grades ... Website Design Rubric
  • Interactive Sites For Students
  • Create Your Own Lissa's HTML Help for Kids Webmonkey For Kids
  • Web Design Beginner's Tutorials
  • HTML for Beginners HTML For Rookies HTML Help Central Tips, Tricks, How-To and Beyond
  • 8. WebQuests
    web quests. topic started 5/21/01; 105237 AM We will also have a web quest to help teach the students how to conduct and cite internet research
    WebQuests WebQuests are among the most fascinating applications on the Internet for K-12 educators. Student centered and inquiry based, a WebQuest challenges students to explore the web for information and it is an excellent way to integrate the Internet into the classroom. Traditionally WebQuests have an introduction, a process, a task, a list of resources, a conclusion, and an evaluation. Bernie Dodge and Tom developed the WebQuest model in early 1995 at San Diego State University March. Bernie Dodge's WebQuest Page Virginia Teachers - I have begun listing the Virginia Standards of Learning numbers in red. Art and Music Careers ESL English ... The Architect's Chair - (6-8) With a partner, students will use the internet to; "sit in the architect's chair," as they design a home beginning to end. The Art of Culture - (9-10) This WebQuest explores four cultures and examples of their art. You are a museum curator who has the responsibility of creating an exciting display that will exemplify the meaning of the culture you have studied for weeks. ArtQuest - (9-12) This Web Quest has students writing about art form may different angles.

    9. WPS Home Page WPS Home Page About WPS NewsBeat Departments
    Site This site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the webQuestmodel to teach with the web.web quests for grades K - 12 and adults.$4



    District E-Mail

    Facility Schedule

    Literature Webquests What is a WebQuest? Why would I want to use a WebQuest in my classroom? Where can I find WebQuests on the Internet? How do I create my own WebQuests? How do I assess students' work? What is a WebQuest? A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet, optionally supplemented with videoconferencing. There are at least two levels of WebQuests that should be distinguished from one another. (Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University) Level One: Short Term WebQuests The instructional goal of a short term WebQuest is knowledge acquisition and integration. At the end of a short term WebQuest, a learner will have grappled with a significant amount of new information and made sense of it. A short-term WebQuest is designed to be completed in one to three class periods. Level Two: Longer Term WebQuest The instructional goal of a longer term WebQuest is extending and refining knowledge. After completing a longer term WebQuest, a learner would have analyzed a body of knowledge deeply, transformed it in some way, and demonstrated an understanding of the material by creating something that others can respond to, on-line or off-. A longer term WebQuest will typically take between one week and a month in a classroom setting.

    10. WebQuestIntro
    As homeschoolers we also know that there are many ways to teach differentconcepts. We don't have to duplicate school. Thus, web quests!
    Return to Home2Teach
    What is a WebQuest?
    The internet has made its way into our lives and our education! As homeschoolers we also know that there are many ways to teach different concepts. We don't have to duplicate school. We don't have to depend on worksheets. We don't have to rely on answering the questions at the end of a chapter. We know that USING what we learn is the way to cement it into our brains. Thus, WEB QUESTS!
    There are many, many sites that have excellent web quests. They all have basically the same setup: Introduction
    Conclusion The following site has an excellent explanation of the different sections of the Web Quest and is a wonderful resource to write your own Web Quest. Building Blocks to Web Quests A Web Quest About Web Quests: (Elementary) A Web Quest About Web Quests:
    (Middle School and High School)
    Now that you have an idea about Web Quests, here are links to sites with Ready to Use Web Quests. Have your child look through with you and decide where to quest. OR look for a quest that will support what you are currently studying. Bernie Dodge's Web Quest Page UCI Summer Institute/Web Quests More WebQuests Cool Lessons ... Kathy Schrock's Web Quests
    As you can see from the links, there are lots of sites and lots of web quests. We thought you might like to see some that we have either tried, or examined and sound interesting!

    11. Mr. Turssline's & Mrs. Leslie's 4th Grade TeacherWeb Web Quests
    web quests. web quests for Grades K 5 for all subjects. web QuestGenerator http//,
    Spelling Words Homework Links ... Calendar
    Web Quests
    Web Quests for Grades K - 5 for all subjects.
    Hurricane Web Quest
    Web Quest Generator
    Happyday Inn Space Hotel
    Online Tests
    Yahooligans! - Search Engine Designed for Kids. Sites selected by the YAHOO! Inc. staff.
    To search the World Wide Web, type your search words in the box below and click on the Search button:
    Last Modified: Tuesday November 12 2002 © 2000-2003 TeacherWeb, Inc.

    12. Emints: Re: Native American Web Quests
    anyone know of any really good Native American web quests that includes the Plains,Northwest Coast, Eastern Woodlands, and the Southwest? I teach 5th grade.
    Re: Native American Web Quests
    From: Karen Terrill (
    Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 12:13:51 CDT Lyn,
    I also teach fifth grade. This is the address of the Native American Webquest my students are working on. It covers each region very well. Hope this helps.

    >>> "Lyn Simmons" <
    Does anyone know of any really good Native American web quests that includes
    the Plains, Northwest Coast, Eastern Woodlands, and the Southwest? I teach
    5th grade. Thanks a bunch- Lyn
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    13. Introduction To Mini-Quests
    they teach, not just economics. The MQ model can be used to create lessons for anysubject area and any grade level. *For more information about web quests,
    Introduction to Mini-Quests
    The Internet has the potential to revolutionize education in this century. The vast and current resources available on the web provide exciting possibilities for new types of learning. But how can we structure that learning so it works for both students and teachers? As the Economics for Tomorrow project got underway, we talked with teachers to find out how the Internet is currently used in their schools. We needed to know what concerns they had about using Internet resources for classroom instruction and what would motivate them to use these resources to a greater degree. What we learned provided the impetus for the development of a lesson model called Mini-Quests. What Is a Mini-Quest?
    The Mini-Quest model is an adaptation of the Web Quest model. It was developed to address specific concerns that teachers expressed about using the Internet for regular classroom instruction. These concerns and the specific solutions that the Mini-Quest model provides are summarized in the table below.
    Need/Reality How Mini-Quests Meet This Need
  • While the web provides vast resources for in-depth study, many teachers are more comfortable using an Internet activity that doesn't ask students to search the web.
  • 14. WVIZ/PBS Educational Services - Web Quests
    or neighbor) who is skilled in a craft or trade and can teach the craft or Pleasesee the Resource section of these directions for helpful Internet web sites.
    Create a "Masterpiece"
    A WebQuest for Grades 7-12
    Doris J. Kostal (Greenbriar Middle School)
    You are about to become an apprentice! What is an apprentice? In Colonial America, people learned crafts and trades from one another. The person skilled in the craft or trade was called the master. The person who learned the craft or trade from the master was called the apprentice. Your project will be considered a modern-day master/apprentice project (not colonial). You will choose a person who is skilled a craft or trades and can teach the craft or trade to you. This person is the master, and you are the apprentice. Your craft or trade is your "masterpiece". This project will offer you the opportunity to work closely with a family member or friend and learn a new craft or trade. Enjoy the quality time you spend together!
    You will learn a craft or trade from a family member or friend. Photos and notes will be taken as you learn the craft or trade showing all major steps involved, including photos of you working with your master. You will also research Internet websites regarding the history of your craft or trade. You will write a thank you/invitation letter to your master, along with a 5-7 paragraph composition detailing the steps and history of your craft/trade. There will be a formal school presentation of your display board, composition, and masterpiece. I hope you will learn a new skill, enjoy the time with your master, and have fun in the process!

    15. WVIZ/PBS Educational Services - Web Quests
    She comes up to you and asks for your help because she wants to try out for ateam. You have volunteered to teach her how to play your favorite sport.
    Be A Coach
    We have a new student in our school and her name is Little Miss Rossman. She likes to run and jump and has a lot of energy. But, did you know that she knows nothing about sports? She comes up to you and asks for your help because she wants to try out for a team. You have volunteered to teach her how to play your favorite sport. Using the Internet, research your sport and find facts that can help Little Miss Rossman become a good player. Remember to get the rules of the game, the equipment used, and the playing field conditions. This information will enable you to become a coach to Little Miss Rossman. Once you have all your information, you will present it by creating a Power Point Presentation.
    Part 1: Copy and paste information from the Internet to Microsoft Word. Use the following guidelines: Downhill Racing
    by: Miss Rossman
    • Add a title in Word Art at the top of the page. Use a byline with your name Format your page to be double-spaced and follow classroom policies as to size and font style. Adjust your margins as needed. Your notes must fit on one page. Make sure you use Print Preview.

    16. EDIS 771: University Of Virginia; Directory Of Webquests
    a multisource activity using poetry to teach vowel sounds for guiding students asthey engage in human brain quests. to using the Atoms and Molecules web quest
    Our Web Quests
    Welcome to a directory of web quests that have been created by graduate students in EDIS 771: Reading In Content Areas at the University of Virginia. We hope you find this site informative and useful.
    elementary middle school high school professional ... social science
    Elementary School Web Quests
    Designed for children in grades K-6, these web quests cover an array of topics and can be used in various subjects, including language arts, science, and social science.
    Author Title Grade Description Karen Goebel Visiting the Native Americans Students try to convince time travelers to visit one of several native American tribes. Haley Stone Egypt Students work in groups to create an ABC book or HyperStudio stack on ancient Egypt. Allison M. Scott Endangered Elephants Become an investigative reporter and create your own news article on a fascinating mammal the endangered elephant. Kimberly Colley The Endangered Species Act and the Perigrine Falcon Explore the effect of the endangered species act on the comeback of the perigrine falcon.

    17. Content Area Reading - Dr. Estes [P R O F F E S S I O N A L W E B Q U E S T S]
    Content Area Reading Professional web quests. Mace This quest organizes severalvaluable web sites concerning Alderson. A guide to help teach the contributions
    Content Area Reading - Professional Web Quests
    Professional WebQuests
    Click on the links below to view the professional WebQuests created by your classmates.

    18. Mrs. Couture’s Web Quests
    Mrs. Couture's web quests. Why teach Technology. Enhancing Literacy withTechnology. Butterfly web Quest, Dairy Farm web Quest. Zoo web Quest,
    Mrs. Couture's Web Quests Why Teach Technology Enhancing Literacy with Technology Butterfly Web Quest Dairy Farm ...

    19. Web Quests And Scavenger Hunts
    of WebQuests How do you use a WebQuest? Using a WebQuest in your classGood orientation WebQuest generator from
    WebQuests and Scavenger Hunts
    Follow the Aztecs into History

    Filamentality from Pacific Bell

    Tells about WebQuests, Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts
    Set up a WebQuest

    Pacific Bell site for setting up a WebQuest or Scavenger Hunt (Take the tour!)
    Examples of WebQuests

    How do you use a WebQuest?

    Using a WebQuest in your class: Good orientation
    WebQuest generator from

    Cooperative Learning Dictionaries/Grammar ... Home

    20. Web Quests
    California at Irvine have developed web quests that engage THE web QUEST PAGE INTRODUCTIONAND COLLABORATION In the using the webQuest model to teach with the

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