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         Web Quests Teach:     more detail

21. Lesson Plans -- Web Quests
Which one would you like to visit? How could you convince your familythat a trip there would teach you something? web quests Home,
Students Teachers Parents
Grades K-5
Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12 Astronomy/Space ... Geography History Ancient History U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
The Setting
Your family wants to take a special vacation. You get to decide where to go and what to see and do. What's the catch? The trip must teach you something. The pyramids in Egypt are neat and fun to study-but that's a long way to go. Are there any "wonders" like those in North America? Your mom says Mexico has some interesting pyramids, and you're curious about them. This sounds like a cool vacation! Then your sister chimes in. She wants to visit abandoned cliff dwellings in New Mexico. What are they like? What could you learn from visiting pyramids or ruins built into cliffs? Your Challenge
Where should your family go on vacation? First you need to find places in the United States or Mexico that have wonders. Which one would you like to visit? How could you convince your family that a trip there would teach you something? Pick a "wonderful" place and prepare a poster or a travel brochure that will persuade you family members to visit it.

22. Lesson Plan Format
Cool Schools. Phonics 4 Fun. web quests. Lesson Plans. Special Education. Maya Quest.Multiple Intelligence. Use Cartoons to teach Writing. Homework Help for students.
Professional Development Courses for Educators C OMING SOON! Harry Potter Teacher Resource Book Tournament of the Minds Nanny Connect PreSchool Class Connect ESL Cool Schools Phonics 4 Fun Web Quests Lesson Plans Special Education Kids World Interne t-ize your Classroom! 4th Grade Resources Learning Contracts The SCIENCE Pages Site of the Week Martin Luther King Jr Creative Teachers Corner Kids Down Under Harry Potter Kids Rules for Safety Online Chalk 'n Talk Computers Junior Webmasters International Challenge Maya Quest Multiple Intelligence Use Cartoons to teach Writing Homework Help for students Bulletin Boards Parents Corner Library Corner New Teachers Vi rtual Faculty Room Contacts Submit your Site Awards Gigglepotz Favorite Teaching Sites Teacher Created Materials ... 'Survivor' for Kids Free Email Accounts Contact

23. Web Quest Inservice
I also felt great about being able to teach my peers about web quests.It was great to take what I have learned in the ILT program
Artifact Report on Web Quest Inservice
click to see Inservice Problem Analysis Rationale ... Responsibilities Problem Statement Teachers at Denver Christian are looking for new ways to integrate technology in their classroom. As a student in the ILT program I have learned to create Web Quests for my classroom. I was asked by my superintendent to lead an inservice on Web Quests. Return to top Analysis of Situation While preparing this inservice I had to remember that each teacher has different levels of knowledge in regards to technology. With this in mind, my goal in developing this inservice was to create a presentation that explained: What is a Web Quest? Why use a Web Quest? Where to find Web Quests? How to build your own Web Quest? I decided that using Power Point for my presentation would help my audience get a clear handle on Web Quests. Return to top Rationale My slide show was aimed at teachers with a varying degrees of computer knowledge. With this knowledge I created a very basic slide show. The show was created using simple computer language. I also used as many visuals as possible. The show was also organized in very simple understandable layout. Return to top Results I was very happy with the results. The slide show made my presentation much easier and it allowed me to have more interaction with the audience. I also received many positive comments from teachers about the presentation. Some enjoyed the simplicity of the presentation, while others appreciated the new knowledge they had gained.

24. Davidson County Schools
web quests. Connecting Students to the World. Underground Railroad. Anotheropportunity to teach your students about the underground railroad.
Web Quests Connecting Students to the World Our collection of Webquests has been growing for a few years. They are great webquests but you may find that some of the links are broken. If you find that you cannot link to somewhere in your webquest, please let know so we can rectify the problem. Thank you. K-2 African Animals Weather for Kids The Ultimate Money WebQuest ... Other Resources for finding Webquests K-2 African Animals Lions and monkeys are two animals that live in Africa. You may have seen one of these animals at the Zoo. Today you are going to learn more about these two exciting animals. Weather for Kids (the Water cycle) Take a tour through the water cycle! Learn about what happens to a drop of water as it experiences evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. The Ultimate Money WebQuest!

25. Web Quests - Social Studies
Educational Links Library Resources JHHS Media Department •web quests•.web quests. Fight, the a Goverment webQuest. You teach the Decades.
Educational Links
Library Resources

JHHS Media Department

Web Quests Art ASL Biography Foreign Language ... Technology Social Studies
1920's: A Jazz Age Webquest
Ancient Civilizations Capital Punishment: Is it Ever Justified? 1960's Museum ... World Hunger

26. Web-quests
web Quest Matrix, This is a list of several web quests. Marry Me! web Quest. Iwonder what other traditions we can learn about and teach each other?
Web Quests Marry Me! Plan an Indian style wedding. Harry Potter Harry has challenged your school to a Quidditch match. Vacation Away Plan a vacation of your choice for your family. 5 Million Steps Go on a hiking trip to the Appalachian Mountain trails. Cinderella Examine the Cinderella stories from different cultures. Utopian Society Design a Utopian Society. By Way of Moon Defend or refute the space program of the early 1960's. Web Quest Matrix This is a list of several Web Quests. Marry Me! Web Quest
Marry Me
Indian Style!
A WebQuest for 7th and 8th Grade (Special Education) Designed by Angela Smith
Task Process Evaluation ... Teacher Page
Introduction You and your team members are wedding coordinators and work for a company called Cultural Weddings Are Us. Two Indian families have approached your company and are interested in having your team plan the future wedding of their son and daughter. The families want to know what a traditional Indian wedding would be like if your company planned it. The engagement of the son and daughter is going to take place soon, and the families want to be ready for the appropriate ceremonies. The main functions that the families are interested in are the engagement, the 'menhdi' party, pre-dinner parties, the wedding and the reception. Each team member will be responsible for learning a different aspect of traditional Indian weddings so your team can plan and demonstrate to the two Indian families what your company has to offer.

For those of us that teach fitness, this site could be of interest to you andyour students. The goal of this web quest is to have the students create a
WebQuests are inquiry-oriented activities where the learners gather informations in whole or in part from the Internet. WebQuests are usually qroup activities which are motivational in nature. There are two levels of WebQuests: short term and long term. Short term WebQuests are designed to introduce new users of the Internet to the pleasures and mechanics of the Web while acquiring new knowledge about a subject or topic. Short term WebQuests usually last between one to three class periods. Long term WebQuests last from one week to one month. Long term WebQuests are designed to extend and refine the acquired knowledge through the use of higher order thinking skills. Here are several examples of WebQuests that can work with our curriculum.
  • SPENDING HABITS - MONEY IN ACTION This new WebQuest was designed by Anne Sicheri of the North Salem (NY) School District for use with her 8th grade students. Students are challenged to create a student newletter on spending to help Uncle Charlie's nephews and nieces wisely spend their portion of his lottery winnings.
  • PYRAMID POWER This WebQuest challenges student to formulate the menu for a new fast food franchise that is nutritionally sound using the quidelines of the food pyramid. This site was created by Jake Hines and Kathy Croxall.

28. Web Quests
12, All About web quests http// a webBit Planning sheet andlots of web-Bits in 16, webQUEST PROJECTS - http//
Back to
For Teachers Home
Technology Home, School Home Church Home ... Math MATH REF# Title and Desdription THE ULTIMATE MONEY WEBQUEST
Besides those cool bank machines that spit out your money, just where does money come from? How do we get it, save it, and of course spend it? Students will visit the Lemonade Stand game and Kidsbank to read stories and become money-savvy, and then take online quizzes. They will learn how to make change, save and invest with the Changemaker game, at four levels of difficulty to accommodate all skill levels. CAN YOU MAKE CENTS OF ECONOMICS
Once again students will visit the Lemonade Stand, this time focusing on economics and how it affects our daily lives. They will also be participating in Econopolis activities to understand the language and workings of our economyplease note that the link to Econopolis is in-correct, and shoul d read http//

29. Technology Resources For Teachers
teachnology A web Portal for Educators http// web quests,Treasure Hunts and Hotlists Education World - Searching for Treasure on the Resources.htm
NY STATE VIRTUAL LEARNING SPACE Technology Resources for Teachers,
Students, and Parents Curriculum Projects
Internet Activities
PowerPoint Activities

Curriculum Weblists
Contact Information L EA Administrators
NYNET Resources Team

Collaborating Districts
Training Opportunities Workshops

Resources Tools for Schools Videos
NYS Learning Standards

About Us What is NYNET Resources
NYS Virtual Learning Space
Search Tools Student Resources ... Citing Resources in Educational Projects Search Tools Google Yahooligans! Teachers and students will enjoy this site. Many useful links. Ask Jeeves for Kids! -Type in a question and Jeeves will get you the answer.

30. Webquests.html
Sample web quests web Quest Collections Berks County, PA webquests; Bernie Dodge'swebQuest Hockey Salary Creator, Feudalism in Japan and Europe, teach the Way
Sample Web Quests Visit these sites to see WebQuests that other teachers have done!! (Several of the collections are arranged by subject area...)
Web Quest Collections: Individual WebQuests: Math English Science Social Studies Other Topics Baseball WebQuest Language Arts Webquests Science and Technology WebQuests Port of Entry Webquest (Immigration) ... Through the Eyes of an Artist
Interdisciplinary Webquests Subjects National Debt WebQuest Math and Social Studies Tuskegee Tragedy English and Social Studies

31. A Virtual Library Of Useful URLs - 371.3 WebQuests
9/11, Proverbs of One World, Use Literature to teach Tolerance, and and a little naturalcuriosity are the key ingredients in's web quests.
A Virtual Library of Useful URLs
WebQuests - Web-Based Lesson Plans Links arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification Compiled by I. Lee

004.67 World Wide Web Buddy Project: Teacher Resources . Site aims to help you integrate technology into the classroom with a 3-D model: Develop, Design, and Deliver. Includes a tutorial. Tips for meeting the six technology foundations suggested by NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) are included. Find out how to develop Web-based curriculum and to empower student learning with Web publishing. 004.67 World Wide Web Technology Toolbox 301.45 Afro-Americans - Segregation - Southern States - History - 1865-1951 The Impact of Jim Crow . Objective: Students will understand the content and impact of Jim Crow laws, connect Jim Crow laws with racial conditions of the 20th century, and practice persuasive writing. Designed for Grade 10 U.S. History. 301.45 Afro-Americans - Segregation - Southern States - History - 1865-1951 From Jim Crow to Linda Brown : A Retrospective of the African-American Experience from 1897 to 1953. Lesson plans for Grades 9-12, United States History and Government. 303.6 Terrorism

32. 5413 Web Quest
From Dodge's article Some Thoughts About web quests pay specific on a topic, researchappropriate web sites, develop your lesson, and teach it to the
Educ 5413: Teaching with Technology (SS1, 2001) Syllabus Schedule Assignments Links ... WebX
Web Quests
Background preparation: Read:
Some Thoughts About WebQuests by Bernie Dodge
WebQuests: A Strategy for Scaffolding Higher Level Learning
site: (
3. Look at examples of WebQuest lesson plans on the Web at this site: Inquiry Oriented Projects ( And here are a few example WebQuests you might want to review:
1. A Jurassic Puppets WebQuest (
2. An Internet for Teachers WebQuest (
3. The Aztec Adventure WebQuest ( From Dodge's article "Some Thoughts About Web Quests" pay specific attention to the part in which he describes the structure of a Web Quest Lesson, namely:
1. An introduction that sets the stage and provides some background information.
2. A task that is doable and interesting.

33. Index
teach Net Lessons, Lessons for all subject areas. Discovery School, teachNology,DESE Resources, Ed Helper, Puzzles, lessons, and web quests in all subject areas.
Assessment Lesson Live Cams and Virtual Tours ... top
Lessons Teach Net Lessons Lessons for all subject areas Discovery School Teach-Nology D.E.S.E Resources Ed Helper Puzzles, lessons, and web quests in all subject areas top
Web Quests Missouri Teacher Web Quests Written by Missouri teachers, listing Missouri Standards Bernie Dodge's Web Quest Page top
Student Work Quizstar Create your own Quiz Puzzlemaker Create puzzles: word searches, math puzzles, mazes, etc. MAP Attack- Hazelwood School Practice using Missouri Standards top
Templates TeacherWeb
Web Quest Template
Template with explanation and example for each part Power Point Templates Download backgrounds that are free. top

34. Educational Technology: Professional Development
Explore Filamentality, Treasure Hunts and web quests with your students.A plethora of resources for teachers and students is also available.

Professional Development Materials
Teaching with the Web Presentations
You're on the Internet now what? Explore Filamentality, Treasure Hunts and Web Quests with your students. A plethora of resources for teachers and students is also available. Filamentality - is a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners. So it helps you combine the Filaments of the Web with a learner's mentality (get it?). Filamentality was designed by the SDSU/Pacific Bell Fellows Applications Design Team/Wired Learning Web Quest - Visit the "WebQuest"web page at San Diego State University, EdTec Department. Triton Project - "The Triton Project" is a multi-partner educational collaborative that integrates technology with the standards-based education reform efforts of the San Diego City Schools to create new learning opportunities for students and teachers. Triton features a unique ocean-themed curriculum that utilizes the capabilities and unique appeal of modern technology to capture interest in core curricula, provide a highly interactive education program, and produce improved student achievement in elementary and secondary schools throughout the district.

35. Teacher Resources
Lists of web quests. web sites that incorporate new, lesson plans and informationregarding the ABC teach (http// web sites and theme
Teacher Resources
ETC Reference Media Activities ...
Spring Workshop Series Flyer
Curriculum Guides: Minnesota Science Museum - Great activities and links! Mosaic of Thought Resources Marco Polo Resources Integrating the Internet into Your Classroom Keyboarding information
Web Quests:
Thoughts About Web Quests Matrix of Resources
Web Quests on the Net
Sample Web Quests ... Lists of Web Quests
Web sites that incorporate new, lesson plans and information regarding the September 11th tragedy:
Hero Acitivities for Teachers:
Hero Activities for the Classroom Unsung Heroes: Year of Volunteers Project
Lesson plans, professional development, and other information for teachers:
ABC Teach (

36. Technology Integration In Education By Linda J. Burkhart: Middle School - Uses O
http// teach students to locate additionalinformation using specialized Consider web quests as an Alternative.
To Search or Not to Search
Middle School Students Researching on the Web
Problems with Searching for Middle School Students
  • Middle school students are just beginning to get a handle on researching, They are beginning to be able to pull information form well written, approved sources, but they have not typically had much experience with evaluating what makes a good source of information.
  • Searching can lead a student into areas that are inappropriate for them and to sites that contain biased opinions masquerading as facts.
  • When a middle school student attempts a search on a general search engine, much time can be wasted.
  • Most search engines produce results that are overwhelming with too much information to sort through.
  • Random searching perpetuates the myth: "If its on the Internet it must be true.
Follow the Big 6 Skills Information Problem Solving Approach
The Big 6 Skills from Dr. Mike Eisenberg and Dr. Bob Berkowitz

37. Jennifer Johnson's Classes : Web Quests
We will also have a web quest to help teach the students how to conduct and citeinternet research while we are working on the research Links to web quests
Jennifer Johnson's Classes
8th Grade Language and 7th Grade Social Studies Home About Homework Classwork Calendar Discuss
Web Quests
Instead of homework assignments, this page will give the students access to web quests that have been designed to guide their learning through various units. What is a web quest? A web quest is a lesson in which the student learning is conducted on the internet. A web quest might be a simple, single day lesson or a the main resource used for an entire unit. All lessons, worksheets and activities for the unit can be found on the internet. How will web quests be used in this class? In my class, we will have most of a whole unit on the web covering Greek Mythology . We will also have a web quest to help teach the students how to conduct and cite internet research while we are working on the research paper. I also have several short lessons planned. Eventually, all the webquests will be listed on this page, but currently they are under construction. Links to Web Quests: Greek Mythology Creation Myths Comment On This Page This Page was last update: Wednesday, April 9, 2003 at 10:11:23 PM

38. Arts Education
Music, Visual Arts. Artists, Drama and Dance. web quests, Sask Ed Links. ProfessionalOrganizations, Music. Virtual Music Classroom. Can teach Music Lesson Plans.
Qu'Appelle Valley Shared Services CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Arts Education Search Site by Grade Level and Topic Elementary Middle Level Secondary Interactive Sites ... Professional Organizations Music Visual Arts Artists Drama and Dance Professional Associations Elementary Lesson Plans

39. Web Quests
Student web quests. Allnutt. SPORTS QUEST. Bringing a new team to our city. Whatcan a school do without books? Using the Internet to teach Science. BUGQUEST
Student Web Quests
Bringing a new team to our city
Helping establish a new National Park for the US
Researching conflicts in History like the Indian Wars, Civil War, etc, studying stereotypes, points of view, etc
Planning a Mission to the Moon- An Internet Quest
Helping NASA find the new site for the Moonbase to be established in 2015. MuseumQuest What can a school do without books? Using the Internet to teach Science. BUGQUEST Finding Insects for scientists to add to the SPECIES HABITAT which is collecting plants and animals to avoid losing them as habitats such as the rainforest become extinct. Back to Allnutt Homepage

40. Web Quests
For one that was put together at a Canadian middleschool to teach students to avoidconsumer propaganda and pitfalls, click here. Resources about web quests.
Economics and Practical Living
for Middle-School Teachers
Summer, 2002 compiled by
Dr. Cynthia Harter
Director, EKU Center for Economic Education
Beckham Hall, Room 232
Samples of Web Quests
For a Web Quest with some economics content, click here For one that covers Career Exploration, click here For one that was made for 9th and 10th grade business students, click here For one that covers saving and investing, click here For one that was put together at a Canadian middle-school to teach students to avoid consumer propaganda and pitfalls, click here
Resources about Web Quests
The Web Quest Page
This is a great website for information about web quests! From the Web Quest Page, you can access various collections of web quests. Click here to see This site covers locating and evaluating web quests Return to Professor Harter's Home Page Return to EKU Center for Economic Education Home Page Return to EKU Department of Economics Home Page ... Return to Eastern Kentucky University Home Page

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